What does water in your dreams mean

What Does It Mean To Dream About Water? 12 Common Interpretations

What does dreaming about water mean, generally speaking?

The element of water is heavily associated with emotions, and that includes when it's in our dreams. As professional dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells mindbodygreen, just as we can see our reflection in water in our waking lives, water in dreams offers us a different kind of reflection.

"Generally, water will reflect your emotional state, because like water, emotions are very fluid," she explains, adding that the state of the water, how you're feeling in/about the water, and what the water itself is doing are all important factors to pay attention to.

Water dreams can also represent the creative or spiritual side of yourself, Loewenberg notes. "Creativity, like water, is fluid," she adds.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of water dreams, depending on what kind of water or scenario you're specifically dealing with.

12 common water dreams and their interpretations:


Tidal waves

Going with the line of thought that water dreams are related to emotions, to dream of a tidal wave, then, will often signify major overwhelm.

As Loewenberg explains, tidal waves threaten disaster and pull things out to sea in their wake. "So it could be some very emotionally overwhelming situation that's pulling you, threatening to pull you away from your normal peace of mind or even your normal routine," she notes.


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Another common water dream is to dream about drowning. As professional intuitive Catharine Allen previously wrote for mindbodygreen, this and other dreams about death could be related to a past life. It could also, however, be related to an area in your life where you feel like you're metaphorically "drowning."

Loewenberg adds we often use phrases like, "I'm drowning in work," or "I'm in over my head," and so this dream is like your subconscious playing out this feeling of being "in too deep," as it were.



If you're dreaming about rain, it's often direct imagery related to your emotions, and specifically tears, according to Loewenberg. If you're in the middle of a torrential downpour, for instance, you could be dealing with a lot of grief or sadness. Or, let's say you're standing out in the sun and a light shower comes down (aka a "sunshower"). This would indicate happy tears, or that you're experiencing a full breadth of positive emotions.

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Muddy water

If you were to dream of muddy or stagnant water, such as a muddy puddle or a murky pond, Loewenberg says this is a telltale sign of sadness. "Muddy water in dreams usually represents something upsetting or negative that is dirtying up an otherwise clean psyche," she explains, adding that you could likely be feeling negative lately.


Clear water

If murky or muddy water indicates a negative mood, clear water, on the other hand, would indicate you're feeling emotionally clear and can "see" things well. And we're not talking about literal sight but rather emotional clarity and ease.


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Contained water

Dreaming of water that is contained may have to do with how well you're containing your emotions, Loewenberg says.

As opposed to a vast, open ocean, dreaming of something like an aquarium or fish bowl can mean you're keeping your emotions in check but can also symbolize keeping your emotions "bottled up," or even repressed. This is especially true if the fish bowl looks unkempt or stagnant, which Loewenberg says means you haven't been tending to your emotional well-being. The opposite is also true, though, and a clear and clean fish bowl would mean you have a good handle on your emotions.


Water leaking

Loewenberg notes that water dreams can be really prevalent for people who menstruate and relate to the menstrual cycle itself. "If you're on the verge of starting your cycle," she says, "you might see water leaking from the ceiling, or you might see a tub or a sink or other vessel beginning to overflow with water, representing your uterus."


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If you're dreaming of floodwater, according to Loewenberg, this would indicate there's some situation in your waking life that is getting increasingly worse and affecting you emotionally more and more each day. "Just as the water rises, so, too, does your emotional reaction to whatever's happening," she adds.



Fish are a very common spiritual and religious symbol, and when fish show up in dreams, they're often in water. Loewenberg previously told us that fish dreams can relate to pregnancy or fertility; "fishing" for something in your life; and even feeling like a fish out of water, depending on what the fish is doing.

Fertility can also relate to creative fertility, she notes, with the fish in this case representing something you're creating from your emotional landscape (which is represented by the water in the dream).


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Other animals in water

Aside from fish, other animals may surface in the water in your dreams as well. In the case of scary animals, such as an alligator or a shark, Loewenberg notes that this often indicates fear that is beginning to surface within you. If things are surfacing in the water, that can mean something within you is surfacing as well.


Traveling across water

Sometimes we dream that we're traveling somewhere, and in the case of traveling across water by boat or ship, Loewenberg notes that these dreams often have to do with relationships. "A ship or a boat will be commenting on a relationship more than any other vehicle because it travels on water, and water tends to represent the emotional self," she explains.


Breathing underwater

And last but not least, Loewenberg says, dreaming of breathing underwater is another common dream theme. According to her, breathing underwater in a dream is a sign that you may be dealing with something that's very emotionally difficult—but you have a good handle on it and know you will get through it.

How to work through this dream.

If you've been having a lot of dreams about water and you want to work through them, the good news is there are plenty of ways to do so. The main thing, according to Loewenberg and other dream experts, is to get a clear sense of the emotion that's being conveyed through this dream, and getting a handle on that emotion in your real life.

"Your dreams will show you—in a brutally honest fashion—how you're dealing with, reacting to, and managing your emotional state," Loewenberg says. And as therapist and dream expert Leslie Ellis, Ph.D., previously told mindbodygreen, one of the best ways to ensure those emotions bleed into your dreams is by setting aside time to work through your emotions before you go to bed, especially if your dreams have been stressful in nature.

"Do make time to constructively deal with the sources of your stress," she says, adding, "If there is a difficult conversation you need to have with a friend or family member, don't put it off. If you are feeling unprepared for something, put in the time."

Both Ellis and Loewenberg also recommend dream journaling, which is a great way to get a written record of your dreams down so you can remember them better, start noticing patterns, and make subsequent adjustments in your life to deal with what's coming up in your dreams.

The takeaway.

Dreams are a powerful part of our lives that can easily go unnoticed or even forgotten. The more you start paying attention to your dreams about water, the more they can reveal about your emotional state—plus what you can do to get your emotions in a better place.

Did You Dream About Water Last Night?

In your dream, you see yourself in a beachfront restaurant, looking out the large windows at the ocean waves below. The waves are turbulent, but you feel safely out of their reach. In all of your dreams about water, you are an observer who notices the waves but doesn’t go near them.

Water dreams are common, and they carry deep, primal significance. Of all the dream symbols, water seems to be the universal sign of subconscious thoughts and emotions. Jonah was swallowed by a fish in the water. Noah built an ark to survive the flood of the earth.

Water plays an integral role in numerous pieces of literature, art and mythology. Drowning in the water is one of the most common ways people fear dying, but consuming water is also necessary for life and health. Is there any wonder we have nightmares and dreams about water?

Whether the dreamer is in the water, near the water or far from the water, the key is to uncover what a dream about water reveals during waking hours.

“In the language of dreams, water often represents our emotional life, the feelings we have under the surface, while the solid ground represents what we knowingly communicate to others,” writes Cynthia Richmond in her book, Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life.

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Why dream about water according to the dream book: interpretation of dreams about water

The images and signs that dreams give us are not always obvious and as clear as possible for interpretation. The appearance in a dream of a glass of fresh spring water can cause a banal thirst: in this way the body hints at its desires and needs. In another case, the answer to the question of why water is dreaming about in a dream book can give important clues that will help you make the right choice in time, avoid dangerous situations and solve the problem in your favor.

We have collected the most interesting interpretations of the leading authorities in this field. In order to understand your situation as accurately as possible and get much-needed advice, remember all the circumstances of the dream, what you did with water, what feelings you experienced. All these details are necessary to interpret the sign more accurately and accurately.

Water in Miller's dream book

Clean water is associated with various positive aspects: success, prosperity, entertainment. Dirty water in a dream, on the contrary, means problems, sadness, danger. Falling into such water is a series of serious mistakes, because of them you will suffer greatly. Drink water in a dream: fresh - to the implementation of the most daring plans, mineral - to great luck, muddy - to illness. If in your dream a white boat floats on clear blue water, you will be disappointed. The dream in which you wet your feet after walking on damp ground warns: do not lose vigilance, gather your will into a fist, otherwise you will not be able to cope with the trials of fate, poverty, illness and other problems will overtake you. A dream about a ship filled with muddy water is interpreted in a similar way. But if water floods your home, get ready to fight evil (you will give in to it if the water starts to leave). Perform physical exercises in the water - to the unexpected awakening of love and passion. This relationship will have a happy ending if drops of water fall on your head.

If clean, clear water is the leitmotif of sleep, this is a good sign. In reality, events will develop according to your scenario, as favorably as possible, there are good prospects ahead. Sometimes the dream scenario may change, and you will have to completely immerse yourself in clear water, swim in it. In this case, know that in life you will soon have a love adventure that will bring pleasure.

Water in Tsvetkov's dream book

According to the expert, if you happen to see a full bath of clean water, then you will soon have to organize a magnificent holiday. Love adventures are promised by a dream in which you satisfy your thirst with clear, clean water from a bottle.

Water in Vanga's dream book

As the soothsayer explains, water is a symbol of change, development, progress, deliverance from sins. If in a dream you drink fresh, cool, pleasant water, then in reality the world will be updated and cleansed, many people (including you) will connect to this process and be resurrected in a new quality. Dirty water is associated with problems, difficulties in relationships with others. In order not to stain your soul with negativity, be patient, behave kindly. After a dream in which water floods your home, expect a real stream of news. One of the messages will radically change your self-perception and relationships with people.

Glory and important achievements are foreshadowed by a dream in which water pours down on a person from above, but if you happen to drown in clean and cool water, remember this dream in the morning. He says that in life it is worth learning to let go of the reins, to stop trying to control everything around, to resist what is happening. Stubbornness in this situation only hurts.

The coming battle for well-being is predicted by a dream in which clear water is covered with small ripples. You will have to fight for your desires and dreams, but this will only make the victory sweeter.

Water in the Islamic dream book

Pure water in a dream symbolizes joy, prosperity; muddy, on the contrary - grief, disappointment. A lot of water dreams of a rich harvest. If you drink water in a dream, pay attention to its color, quality and temperature: clean, pleasant, cool water in a dream promises a happy life, which you will come to through a series of trials; very hot - to the disruption of a planned trip or disappointment in a friend whose help you were counting on; musty - various problems; yellow - health problems; black - eye diseases up to blindness.

Water in Freud's dream book

The main meanings of water are everything related to conception and orgasm. A jet or stream of water is a symbol of ejaculation. If you are attracted to someone, then in a dream you will pour water; if to a specific woman or man, then you will pull them out of the water. Do you splash water in your sleep? It means that you are striving for ejaculation, and also you have sexual fantasies that you yourself do not really understand. A person who in a dream jumps into the water, enters it or goes ashore, dreams of procreation in reality. Swim in the water in a dream - to pregnancy in the near future (for women). In addition, such a dream personifies the pleasant sensations from the caresses of a loved one. Anyone who suffered from enuresis in childhood can also see himself in a dream in the water. Narcissists obsessed with their health and fitness will stare into the water while they sleep. But people who experience problems with the functioning of the reproductive system will dream about how they drink water.

Water in Loff's dream book

Basically, the meanings of such dreams are favorable. For example, if you dreamed of a clean stream, you will soon have to go on a hike in nature. Bathing in clear water is a sign that you should finally trust a person with whom you have known for a long time, but whom you can’t let close enough to yourself.

When in a dream you drink clean water, experiencing pleasure, wait in real life for words of consolation that will actually come in very handy.

If a woman sees clean water flowing from a tap, she will have to make a difficult choice.

Water is a symbol of change, development, progress, deliverance from sins. Photo: pixabay.com

Water in the dream book of Nostradamus

This interpreter believes that sleep has a rather negative meaning. If you dreamed of clean water, one of the relatives would fall ill in reality. But for a woman, swimming in clean water in a dream portends a large amount of money or the emergence of a new permanent source of income.

Water is a symbol of life. If it seethes, then the time has come for complex experiments and discoveries up to the emergence of a new teaching or science. A giant ball filled with very clear water promises good weather, which will be of great benefit to the agricultural sector. Litigation or slander, which will change the public mood and personally your faith in tomorrow, promises a dream about a fly at the bottom of your glass of water. Water with blood predicts the birth of a great man under the sign of Scorpio. Walking on the water accompanied by carps - to aggravate relations with Japan, but without violence or military conflict. But to go under water and communicate with dolphins at the same time - to your discovery of a nation, the existence of which was not known before.

Water in Hasse's dream book

The author of the book offers an interpretation of several common situations in a dream. So, if there was clean water in the stream, and even more so if you had a chance to drink from it, the dreamer will have to make a profit. If you dreamed of a bucket of clean water, you will have to part with loved ones and relatives for a while. A whole clear lake is a dream that portends fun entertainment, pleasure and good times.

Water in Azar's dream book

If in a dream you see a waterfall with clear water that runs down from a cliff - be careful, the disease is waiting for your child. For men, a dream about a fast mountain river with clear water portends a change of work and even a complete change in the field of activity. And for a woman, boiling clean water indicates that she will soon have to take part in a risky project. However, the result can be very positive.

Water in the Esoteric Dream Book

Water is associated with emotions. If clean water is in a dream, then everything will be fine: good health, success in business. Dirty water in a dream promises a negative: problems with work, things that you would not like to do.

Astrologer's comment

Elena Kuznetsova, Vedic astrologer:

If you see pure water in a dream, it can be assumed that this is a projection of your inner world. And it is very important to remember what happened to this water (that is, to you) in a dream. If some pollutants got into the water right in front of your eyes, then in reality you should be more careful and try to stay away from toxic people. If there were circles on the water, or it seemed to be muddled, it means that someone is spreading gossip about you or trying to harm you. If water brings pleasure, satisfies thirst - everything is calm and good in your life and it is definitely moving in the right direction.

I dreamed about water, what water is dreaming of, find out the meaning of sleep - Dream Interpretation on Rambler / horoscopes

Why dream about water according to Vanga's dream book

Water is a symbol of change, resolution of contradictions, evolution, renewal, washing away of sins and oblivion.

  • Drink clean cold water in a dream - in reality the world will be renewed, and you will be involved in this process of purification and resurrection in a new capacity, along with many people around you.
  • If you dreamed that water was pouring down on you, then this is an omen of the coming wave of cosmic influence on you, which is unreasonable to resist.
  • If you manage to find harmony with the cosmos, then you will become a great person and become famous throughout the world.
  • Seeing muddy water is a sign of trouble, the complexity of situations and relationships with people. Show kindness and patience, otherwise you will stain your soul with unworthy impressions.
  • If in a dream you saw water flooding your house, then in reality expect a stream of news, one of which will radically change your sense of self and relationships with people.
  • To drown in water - in reality to resist the natural course of events, as a result, to tear one's health and shorten one's life.
  • To dream of circles or ripples on the surface of the water - you will hardly endure the coming changes, but by standing in this turbulent stream of the event, you will gain power over yourself and other people.

I dreamed of water according to Miller's dream book

Seeing clean water in a dream portends that a joyful prospect of prosperity and pleasure awaits you.

  • If the water is cloudy, you will be in danger and discouragement will take the place of joy.
  • If you see that the water has flooded your house and is rising, it means that you will fight, resist evil, but if you see that the water is decreasing, you will succumb to a dangerous influence.
  • If you walk on damp ground and feel that your feet are getting wet, this portends troubles, illness and poverty that will force you to solve difficult tasks, but you will be able to prevent them with your vigilance. The same interpretation can be applied to the muddy water that fills the ship.
  • Falling into muddy water is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes and will be painfully upset by this.
  • Drinking muddy water portends illness, but drinking clean and fresh water is a sign of a favorable end to the wildest hopes.
  • Going in for sports in the water means a sudden awakening of love and passion.
  • If you dream that splashes of water fall on your head, this means a passionate awakening of love, which will end happily.

The next dream and subsequent events in real life are reported by a young woman who studies dreams in this way:

“It is not known how in the dream I ended up in a boat floating on clear blue water towards the pier, which seemed to me snow-white. The next evening I had a delightful guest - a young man who stayed with me beyond the time prescribed by my mother, and I was severely condemned for this.

Blue water and a beautiful white boat in the distance were symbols of disappointment.

Water in a dream according to the dream book of Nostradamus

Water is a symbol of life.

  • Seeing crystal clear water collected in a huge bowl - this dream portends favorable weather, which will bring many benefits for agricultural work. Drinking water and seeing a fly at the bottom of a glass - this dream means a lawsuit, litigation or slander that will change the mood of society and its faith in tomorrow.
  • Walking on water and seeing flocks of carps - this dream suggests that relations with Japan will be brought to a critical point, but it will not come to violence or a declaration of war.
  • Walking underwater and talking to dolphins is a harbinger of discovering a previously unknown nation to the world.
  • Seeing strongly seething water is a sign of the birth of a new teaching or science, a favorable period for discoveries and complex experiments.
  • Seeing water with blood - this dream portends the birth of Scorpio, who will become a great man and declare himself publicly.

Seeing water in a dream according to Loff's dream book

Water plays a huge role in the history of mankind. Whether it is a deep freshwater lake, a river that brings life, or an ocean that swallows people, water is both friend and foe. If the dream contains this significant symbol in any form, it is extremely important to understand its role.

Water in dreams is a strong symbol, because very often its appearance coincides with the highest point of feelings.

If other objects have a relaxing effect, then a babbling stream flowing through a meadow enhances this effect. If some symbols give rise to a feeling of fear or anxiety, then the stormy ocean enhances it. Water has a symbolic, primary meaning, according to which it either ensures the existence of life, or keeps a secret, is fraught with danger. It is a reflection of the human experience with water.

At the dawn of mankind, hunter-gatherers quickly realized that water is the central ingredient of life. They die much faster from thirst than from hunger. It was even more important to know where the water was, for it made it clear where the food was. However, with the spread of trade, water became a necessary evil, which was fraught with unknown dangers.

Traveling by water was dangerous and mysterious, as sea creatures, storms and rough seas claimed the lives of many travelers; contaminated water affected livestock and spread disease.

Emphasizing the positive outlook on water, it should be noted that it is often a symbol of new life, restoration of strength and energy. Water, in controlled amounts or in a controlled environment, almost always evokes this feeling in the sleeper. Managed water is the key to problem solving.

If there is a lake in the dream, is the entire coastline within sight and likely reach? If you dream of a river or stream, then have they overflowed their banks, and can they, in your opinion, be overcome in the usual ways? These are all examples of managed water.

  • Water presented in this way often indicates renewal. For example, a traveler and tired, dreamer suddenly comes across a stream.
  • A place where you can freshen up and gain strength to continue your journey, close at hand. Perhaps the dreamer is sailing on a boat, slowly sliding on the surface of the water. The sleeper must be looking forward to a respite from worldly worries or is trying to create such an opportunity on purpose.
  • Unmanaged water creates anxiety. Raging rivers, rapids and boundless lakes reflect the uncontrollability of the circumstances in which the dreamer is.
  • Still, deep water that seems refreshing can also create feelings of anxiety. The reason for this is the danger potentially lurking in the darkness and the lack of knowledge of what is in the depths.

Taps are an exception to the above general statements. In a dream, it is important to determine whether the crane is controlled by a dreamer or another person and for what purpose this is done.

  • If the dreamer is not operating the faucet effectively, it can be assumed that he feels he is not in control and unable to cope with simple circumstances, or, even worse, perhaps there is no water in the faucet.
  • If the tap is controlled by another person, it can be concluded that the dreamer feels that his position, whether good or bad, is determined by the whim of the other. This whim can make you feel significant discomfort or comfort, depending on whether it comes from an unpredictable boss, lover, or other significant person.

Why dream of water according to Tsvetkov's dream book

  • To drink clean, cold - fortunately, health;
  • cloudy, warm - to the disease;
  • to walk in troubled waters is a disappointment for the better;
  • immersion in water - get into a personal quandary;
  • dive headlong - avoid danger.
  • get wet - shame in love, betrayal and collapse of personal plans;
  • wash - to joy, liberation;
  • pour - to shame, mistake;
  • to water - to loss;
  • look at the waterfall - a terrible meeting;
  • splashed on the head - unexpected passion;
  • draw water - grief;
  • to draw water from the River - to money from someone;
  • from the well - unfortunately; drink warm water - unfortunately, illness;
  • to see something underwater is the past;
  • pops up - resumption of relationships or litigation, regret about the past;
  • cm. Scoop;
  • (flowing from a well) - loss of property;
  • misfortune with loved ones;
  • (flowing from where it is not supposed to flow) - troubles depending on the place of the leak: from the wall - troubles from the husband or in the family;
  • from the ceiling - from the authorities;
  • from under the floor - trouble from enemies or betrayal of friends;
  • from pipes - slander and slander against the sleeping person.

Water according to Ayurvedic dream book

It is a symbol of birth.

Psychologist's comment about the dream about water

“Water symbolizes the flow of life and life itself (“living” and “dead” water), changes, purification. In a psychological sense, it is a symbol of the unconscious, as well as repressed emotions. If in a dream you are immersed in water, this may indicate your desire to receive clues from the subconscious or relive the accumulated emotions. A dream with streams of water indicates that you are overwhelmed with experiences inside, and emotions tend to come out.
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