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[ sen-der ]

/ ˈsɛn dər /

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a person or thing that sends.

a transmitter of electric pulses, as in telegraphy.



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Origin of sender

1150–1200; Middle English; send1, -er1

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Sendak, sendal, send away, send down, sendee, sender, Sendero Luminoso, send flying, send for, send in, send-off

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broker, dealer, exporter, operator, retailer, seller, shipper, shopkeeper, trader, trafficker, vendor, wholesaler, businessperson, consigner, handler, jobber, marketer, salesperson, storekeeper, tycoon

How to use sender in a sentence

  • My children learned very early how important receiving the notes meant to the senders.

    Hints From Heloise: The handy hair dryer hint|Heloise Heloise|January 22, 2021|Washington Post

  • In charging papers, the FBI said that during the Capitol riot, Caldwell received Facebook messages from unspecified senders updating him of the location of lawmakers.

    Self-styled militia members planned on storming the U.S. Capitol days in advance of Jan. 6 attack, court documents say|Spencer Hsu, Tom Jackman, Devlin Barrett|January 20, 2021|Washington Post

  • My email provider on my desktop application will allow me to right-click and block all future emails from the unwanted sender, and also delete all current emails that maybe I haven't read yet.

    Hints From Heloise: Check with credit card company if worried about security|Heloise Heloise|January 19, 2021|Washington Post

  • In 2020, we saw a vast increase in the usage of email marketing as the volume of senders skyrocketed.

    Five email marketing predictions: Continuing trends and new opportunities|Guy Hanson|January 5, 2021|Search Engine Watch

  • In one instance, a sender disguised such a GIF as a message of support.

    A journalist had a seizure while playing ‘Cyberpunk 2077.’ Then she helped change the game.|Elise Favis|December 31, 2020|Washington Post

  • That Snapchat deceptively told its users that the sender would be notified if a recipient took a screenshot of a snap.

    ‘The Snappening’ Is Real: 90,000 Private Photos and 9,000 Hacked Snapchat Videos Leak Online|Marlow Stern|October 13, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • The sender and receiver pay the driver a few hryvnia—the Ukrainian currency—on either end.

    On the Bus: Ukraine’s Frontline Express Across the Battle Lines|Ted Phillips|September 8, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • But police had never heard of  "Kassim, A. " — the name written as the sender.

    Burundi’s Black Market Skull Trade|Margot Kiser|January 26, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • I would just return everything to sender, and closed out the P.O. box.

    Brie Larson On ‘Short Term 12,’ One of the Year’s Best Films|Marlow Stern|August 25, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • Gifts from others are allegedly returned to the sender with a polite note from the royal family.

    6 Things We Know About the Royal Baby’s Future Style|Erin Cunningham|July 22, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • A letter-form which enables the sender to address his Seniors more abruptly than he would dare to do without its assistance.

    On Patrol|John Graham Bower

  • There is always, of course, the broad spirit of a cable which depends on the temperament of the sender.

    Gallipoli Diary, Volume 2|Ian Hamilton

  • To find out that the sender of the League letters had fair hair narrowed the search down a little.

    The Gold Bat|P. G. Wodehouse

  • There was an opinion among some of the people that the letter should not be stamped by the sender.

    Auld Licht Idylls|J. M. Barrie

  • So you see these actions are likely to revert to the sender, even if they are successful.

    The Hidden Power|Thomas Troward

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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun One who sends.
  • noun In telegraphy and telephony, the instrument by means of which a message is transmitted, as distinguished from the receiver at the other end of the line; also, the person transmitting. See curb-sender.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun One who sends.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun Someone who sends.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • noun set used to broadcast radio or tv signals
  • noun someone who transmits a message


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

to send + -er.


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  • Maybe the sender is a relative of any Fairfax PD officer?

    What Happens When Gerry Connolly Gets on Email

  • Obviously, with something like this, the identity of the sender is the most important thing.

    A Bland and Deadly Courtesy

  • The email I read states that the sender is prepared to accept the proposition, given proper evidence, that blacks have lower intelligence than whites, on account of their genetics.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judging a Person Based on a Single Forwarded Personal E-Mail

  • You only get back the rejected emails, errors and replies, you don't see all the ones that hit other people successfully. if you own the site, all the emails going to that site where the sender is unknown is probably hitting the admin account.

    Jean's Knitting

  • Munsell said a court order similar to the one Hudson issued last week cannot be obtained with respect to the other five videos until the anonymous sender is identified.

    Judge issues gag order in Tony Alamo custody cases

  • The email I read states that the sender is prepared to accept the proposition, given proper evidence, that blacks have lower intelligence than whites, on account of their genetics.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judging a Person Based on a Single Forwarded Personal E-Mail

  • The file sender is not reachable at the given URL.

    FilesOverMiles Shares Files Browser-to-Browser Without Limits (Sort Of) | Lifehacker Australia

  • We can infer intelligence from the message content, regardless of whether the sender is human.

    Behe: ID rescues Common Descent

  • We can infer intelligence from the message content, regardless of whether the sender is human.

    Behe: ID rescues Common Descent

  • But I know the sender is really right here in Beaverton, because s/he actually picked up a previous envelope from MY DESK and re-used it once.

    Calculator of the Month Club

What is Sender Reputation: Definition - Definition

Sender reputation is an assessment of the quality of email campaigns, which depends on their frequency, scale and interaction with subscribers. Based on it, email providers decide whether to deliver emails to users or not. Unfortunately, there is no single metric to measure this indicator. However, choosing a reliable email service will save you from worrying about the reputation of the sender.

In this video you will learn how to check sender reputation using Mail-Tester. nine0003

Why sender reputation matters

  • Affects email deliverability
  • Protects users from fraud
  • Determines the success rate of campaigns
  • Affects email deliverability. Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others evaluate sender reputation when delivering emails. And it is formed on the basis of such metrics as authentication, openability, the number of deleted messages, the number of non-existent addresses, and so on. nine0012
  • Protects users from fraud. Email providers use sender reputation to detect and stop the actions of cybercriminals who are trusted by people. Fraudsters disguise themselves as successful brands in order to extract personal information from subscribers, such as bank card numbers, passwords, and so on.
  • Determines the success rate of campaigns. A good sender reputation indicates that subscribers like the brand's emails. Therefore, if the reputation score drops, it's time to find out the reasons and take action. nine0012

What affects the sender's reputation

  • Volume and frequency of mailings
  • Spam complaints
  • Spam traps
  • Bounce
  • Interaction with users
  • Unsubscribes
  1. Volume and frequency of mailings. The number and frequency of messages sent during each email campaign plays an important role. If you have a new IP address, then the sender's reputation will be even lower. However, do not overdo it with mailings - a huge number of letters look suspicious to ISPs, so they can add the IP to the blacklist. nine0012
  2. Spam complaints. This metric shows the number of emails marked as spam by subscribers. Getting into the spam box is the worst case scenario in email marketing.
  3. Spam traps. They look like real email addresses, but they don't belong to a real person. The presence of such addresses on the mailing list signals to ISPs that the company is not using a mailing list subscription strategy. Therefore, the accounts of such brands are blocked and blacklisted. nine0012
  4. Bounce. Soft bounces are temporary issues that are independent of the sender's actions. But hard bounces indicate the presence of fake addresses on the mailing list, which is bad for the sender's reputation. Learn more about the bounce rate in this article.
  5. Interaction with users. The way users interact with emails indicates the value of email newsletters. If subscribers open letters, send them to friends and share them on social networks, this means that they are interested in brand mailings. But a low open rate indicates that users are ignoring the company's messages and may even delete it next time. nine0012
  6. Replies. An increase in the number of unsubscribed users means that email campaigns are irrelevant or their frequency annoys the audience.

How to check sender reputation

Tracking the above factors gives an overall picture of the sender's reputation. And for more specific information, we recommend using tools such as Mail-Tester and SenderScore.

Mail Tester

nine0002 This tool analyzes emails for spam words, files with prohibited content, technical problems, and so on.

  1. Copy the random address.
  2. Create a new address book in your SendPulse account and add the address from Mail-Tester. If necessary, add a personal email or corporate address to the list. Then create a campaign and send it to a test mailing list.
  3. Go back to Mail-Tester and check the results. nine0012


This service provides information about the domain from which emails are sent and verifies the SSL certificate, a protocol that digitally associates a cryptographic key with company information.

  1. Add an IP address or domain name.
  2. Evaluate the received metrics.

How to improve your sender reputation

  1. Validate your mailing list
  2. Clean your mailing list 9 regularly0012
  3. Use a 2-Step Subscription
  4. Warm up your IP
  5. Increase email open rates
  6. Allow users to choose
  7. Create relevant content
  • Validate the mailing list. If you have collected a mailing list for a long time, but have not sent a mailing to it, check the addresses. Thus, you will clean it from invalid addresses, spam traps and addresses with errors. Validation will help you maintain a good sender reputation. nine0012
  • Clean your mailing list regularly. Monitor how subscribers interact with emails. If your potential customers do not open brand emails for a certain period, then send them a reactivation email. If that doesn't work, remove their addresses from the mailing list.
  • Use a 2-step subscription. A two-stage subscription prevents non-existent addresses from being added to the mailing list and helps you interact only with interested users. nine0012
  • Warm up your IP. The new IP address is also called "cold" because it has not yet won the trust of the ISP. Getting a good sender reputation takes a lot of time. To warm up your IP address, increase the mailing volume gradually. Keep in mind the quality and relevance of email campaigns.
  • Increase email open rates. Track your open rate. Remember, the sender's name, subject line, and preheader form the first impression on the subscriber. Experiment to find variations of these elements that will best grab your audience's attention and increase open rates. nine0012
  • Allow users to choose. Give the audience the opportunity to choose the frequency and type of email newsletters. Also, ask subscribers to share personal information to create more personalized emails.
  • Create relevant content. Despite all the technical gimmicks, delivering valuable content is the key to success in email marketing.
nine0002 Updated: 09.09.2022

What is the sender's name | Unisender

The sender name is the name from which the user receives an email or SMS. The letter signature of the sender in the SMS message, as well as the clear name of the sender in the "from" line in the letter from your company, provide certain advantages for your business:

  • company identification - the recipient of the SMS or email will immediately see which company it came from a message, which will reduce the likelihood of your message being deleted or sent to spam; nine0012
  • brand promotion - when receiving messages with the letter signature of the sender, users will remember your brand and recognize it from other sources;
  • convenient search - when the recipient decides to take advantage of your offer, he can easily find a message from your company on his phone or in the mail thanks to a clear and memorable signature;
  • a positive assessment of the company's image - companies whose sender's signature is clear to recipients are treated with great confidence by potential customers. nine0012

Thus, when receiving a message on his phone or mailing list from your company, if there is a friendly sender name, the user will immediately understand from whom he received the message and what to do with it next.

7 rules for creating a sender's signature

The sender's name is the face of your company. You can use several name options as a signature:

  • from the company - this option is suitable for the first acquaintance with your potential client; nine0012
  • from the brand - having the necessary information about your customers, analyze what is important for them: the brand name or the product you offer;
  • from myself - an option for communicating with potential clients, managers of the recipient company, business partners;
  • on behalf of an employee is the best solution for communicating with a potential client assigned to a specific employee.

Choose different sender signature options for the first acquaintance with the client and for those with whom you have been cooperating for some time. Avoid using fake names if you are talking personally, as this may negatively affect the openability of your emails and messages. nine0003

In order for the sender name to benefit your business, you need to follow the simple rules for creating it:

  • Uniqueness. The sender's signature must be unique so that your message can be distinguished from hundreds of others.
  • Legality. Study the legal framework so that your name does not contradict the laws of your country.
  • Specifics. Avoid general concepts and names in your signature, be specific: use the company name, brand, own name. nine0012
  • Compliance. The sender's name should be relevant to your company's line of business in one way or another.
  • Recognition. Use the sender's signature, which can be easily recognized at a glance.
  • Clarity. Do not use dubious or incomprehensible names; for letters with general information, it is better to choose a clear name - info, support, office.
  • No spam tricks. Do not use phrases from the category "Win a prize", "Get a bonus" and others in the name column. nine0012

In mailing lists, it is better to use names with your company's domain after @. This will allow the recipient to immediately find out who exactly the letter came from. This solution is especially useful if your state has several employees responsible for a particular email subject, thanks to the company domain, it will be easier for recipients to identify the sender.

How to change the sender's signature in the SMS mailing list?

In order for your recipient to see a specific company or brand name instead of a phone number, first of all, you need to register on a special service that provides such services. Mobile operators also often offer phone number signing services. nine0003

The UniSender SMS and email service provides its customers with the ability to change signatures. But before you create the sender name itself, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for signing numbers in force in the territory of the selected country.

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