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Gaming Comforters to Match Any Bedroom's Decor









gamer pattern black and white - gaming design black Comforter

by dotsandlines99

$135. 00$94.50


Dungeons and Dragons Dice Comforter

by bjscarrigan



Appa Sunset Flying Bison ATLA Comforter

by Jakesout



Retro Video Game Comforter

by Tammystribe



Dungeon Master D20 Tabletop RPG Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios



Pride Transgender D20 Tabletop RPG Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios



Pinball Arcade Gaming Machine Vintage Gamer Patent Print Comforter

by GrandeDuc



Gaming Comforter

by Ronan Lynam



Pride Bisexual D20 Tabletop RPG Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios

$129. 00$90.30


Burning Poker Cards Comforter

by FantasyArtDesigns



Rocket League Rule number 1 Comforter

by Boztik_Designs



Colrful D20s Comforter

by twopips



Gaming Pattern Comforter

by dayone



Just Five More Minutes - Video Games Playstation Controller Comforter

by Crispy Joy



Roll the Dice Light Rainbow Comforter

by Spookish Delight



Just a few more minutes | Gamer Gaming Comforter

by Anziehend



snake blacklight style Comforter

by trendira

$129. 00$90.30


Appa Night Sky Flying Bison ATLA Comforter

by Jakesout



gaming pattern - gamer design - playstation controller symbols Comforter

by ohaniki



Appa Sunrise Flying Bison ATLA Comforter

by Jakesout



Neon Safari Lime Green & Black Comforter

by Azure Designs



Twilight Wolf - White Comforter

by Art & Be



wolf blacklight style Comforter

by trendira



Samurai X Comforter

by TxzDesign



Neon Video Game Accessories Pattern Comforter

by Anziehend

$129. 00$90.30


Retro gaming machine Comforter

by ilustrata



Vintage gaming seamless pattern with joysticks gamepad gorilla in virtual reality headset broken gamepad retro arcade game machine pocket console vintage illustration Comforter

by The Home Of Love



Retro Blocks Video Game Color Pattern Comforter

by Anziehend



Invaded BLACK Comforter

by GrandeDuc



Rogue Class D20 - Tabletop Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios



Mind Flayer Comforter

by Gallery 94



Pinball Arcade Gaming Machine Vintage Gamer Patent Print Comforter

by GrandeDuc

$188. 00$131.60


Armored Bear Companion Comforter

by Gallery 94



Pride Asexual D20 Tabletop RPG Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios



Owlbear (Typography) Comforter

by Gallery 94



Slot Machine Comforter

by Jessica Torres Photography



Reboot III BLUE Computer Circuit Board Pattern Comforter

by GrandeDuc



Video Game Controllers in Grey Comforter

by Spookish Delight



Can't Hear You I'm Gaming - Video Gamer Headset Comforter

by Anziehend



Druid Class D20 - Tabletop Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios

$129. 00$90.30


Ms. Pac-Man Comforter

by La Manette



Praise the sun Dark Gaming Souls Video Game Soulsborne Comforter

by melisssne



Pride Lesbian D20 Tabletop RPG Gaming Dice Comforter

by Birch + Bat Studios



Gamer For Life Comforter

by Pop Culture Fanatics


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TOP 23 best computer games that are useful for a child

Some parents do their best to protect their child from gadgets, but it will not be possible to completely exclude them from the life of the child. Yes, this is not necessary. Today we are watching how the world is changing. Study, work, communication - everything is possible online. It is difficult to imagine a successful person without computer skills.

Since the child spends time with gadgets, let him play useful games that develop logic, imagination and concentration. Professional psychologists do not speak out against developing computer games. It is important to strike a balance between virtual reality and real life.

Educational computer games

Video games for kids are not always mindless time killers. There are interesting computer applications that develop logic, thinking, and also introduce the basics of programming. We have compiled a selection of the coolest and most iconic ones. Take note.


Indie games are applications that are created by one developer, without campaigns and with a minimal budget.

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D world rendered with colored pencils. In the game you need to collect stars. To do this, the gamer draws objects and objects with a virtual pencil. The trick is that everything drawn obeys the laws of physics. In the process, the player solves puzzles, trains logical thinking, ingenuity and ingenuity.


Rather not a game, but an educational project. Simple and nice interface. The acquisition of programming skills will be useful to everyone. This project aims to do just that.


Educational games that introduce the basics of programming. By controlling a cute robot and solving puzzles, the child trains thinking, ingenuity, and develops useful skills.


Another tutorial on programming. Genre - RPG. The main character will have to seize the lands, while the plot is quite good-natured, there is no cruelty in it. The gamer chooses which programming language to learn in the process. Regardless of the choice, comes the understanding of the basic principles. From level to level the game becomes more difficult, new skills are developed.


A monkey walks across the field. You need to help her collect bananas. To do this, the player makes a chain of commands and launches their execution. From simple to more complex - the child learns the basic basics of programming.


Teaches the basics of robotics and program creation, contributes to the formation of logical thinking skills. First, the player solves simple robot control tasks, then moves on to more complex ones. The gamer is required to have an initial level of C++ language proficiency, so the service is not suitable for early school age.


Scratch is a service with which you can create animated applications. Age rating - 8-16 years. The children learn to use the programming language on the example of games and cartoons. You can share your work with members of the Scratch community. Thinking, logic and creativity develop.


Hopscotch is an iPad app that teaches programming. Nice interface, accessible and understandable to the child. Lovely characters, nice graphics. It will be interesting for boys and girls, starting from primary school age.

Interesting computer games

Learning by playing is great. But sometimes you just want to have a good time. The creators of computer games have taken care of children's leisure by developing colorful, exciting quests, tests and puzzles. Such games contribute to children's development. Good story, nice graphics and the ability to play with friends.


A game based on famous cartoons. The child will be able to meet the characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Dory, Up, Cars and Ratatouille. Playing as a character, the gamer goes through various tests. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends.


Another nice game with good graphics. The main character is a fox. Passes tests, looks for clues and clues, jumps a lot and defeats villains. Collectibles, hidden secrets, a huge wardrobe - the toy will captivate children of primary school age for a long time.


A colorful game where the main character is a little girl in a magic hat. She goes to explore the galaxy, for this she needs fuel. Not simple, but magical. It is located inside the hourglass, which the villains are hunting for. The child will have to pass the test and outwit the enemies, using ingenuity.


Rayman is a cute character, the protagonist of the series. He is waiting for adventures in the magical worlds in which the villains rampage. Rayman fights fearlessly, unleashing flying strikes in all directions. The game was awarded the title of "Platformer of the Year" and received many other prizes.


Adventure of a snake in a three-dimensional world. A bright and exciting game in which the character obeys the laws of physics. At the initial stage, management seems difficult, but in the process, an understanding of how it works comes. The player masters the skills and enjoys his own progress. Task: learn to move like a snake, pass obstacles and avoid traps.


The goal of the game is to develop a dinosaur park. You need to manage employees, take care of pets and interest visitors. And you can also travel in time and bring dinosaur eggs from the past. A beautiful economic strategy that teaches planning, strategic thinking and just gives joy.


Another economic strategy. The player will have to develop a marine-themed park. The game begins with a small room and a few simple fish. Building a strategy, the gamer gradually creates a large oceanarium with numerous species of marine life. The game develops business thinking and organizational skills.


Classic Monopoly in a new version. The player will have to build his own business empire. Buying up enterprises and assets, selling unprofitable businesses, making a profit, paying taxes - everything is for real. Fascinating economic strategy for children and adults.


It takes place on Halloween. The player will have to beg for sweets together with the character, find friends and collect costumes. All this will help him become a powerful warrior and resist the forces of evil. But there is one condition: you must be at home before midnight so as not to receive punishment from your mother. Beautiful and kind toy.


Platformer and puzzle at the same time. Together with an elderly professor and his friend Snail, the player travels through time. Using logic and ingenuity, you have to understand what needs to be changed in the past in order to correct the mistake in the future. The game is in English with Russian subtitles, so the child will have to learn to listen to foreign speech or quickly read Russian text.

Board games

No matter how useful computer games are, a child’s time with gadgets should be controlled. Board games can be a worthy alternative - no less colorful and exciting. If you choose the right desktops, not only children, but also adults will be carried away.


Subjects studied: social science, mathematics, economics.

At the beginning of the game, each participant receives a profession, information about the necessary expenses and money for the first time. In the process, players build a business, make investments and make mandatory payments. You have to plan a budget, make decisions and quickly calculate in your mind. The game promotes the development of useful skills and teaches the basics of business.


Subject studied: mathematics.

At the beginning of the game, the participants lay out a stack of cards in the center of the table - Olympus. Players take turns adding a card to the deck, solving a math problem. Sometimes you need to add 10, and sometimes you come across a more difficult task, for example, rounding the current mark to the nearest multiple of 10. You have to quickly calculate in your mind, be attentive and resourceful. Great game for a group of friends.


Subject: history.

The game consists of cards with dates of historical events from the emergence of Rus' to the present. Players, making a move, must answer the question of what happened before or after this event. Cards are laid out on a time axis. A great way to repeat major dates with friends.


Competitions in logic, mental calculation, knowledge and speed of reaction. The game consists of cards with different tasks. Players lay out the first card, and everyone begins to think about the answer. Whoever guesses first closes the card with his hand and voices his version. The one who gives the most correct answers wins.


Subject studied: Russian.

Learning Russian is difficult and rather boring. A colorful game will make the task easier for schoolchildren. The game consists of three sets of cards with different difficulty levels. You can use all at the same time or select the desired level. A funny character is depicted on a part of the cards and a term from the Russian language is written. On the other side, sentences or phrases are printed. While making moves, the participants repeat the basics of the subject in a fun and relaxed way.

To summarize

Play is the natural state of a child. Through the game, children explore the world, study its patterns, master various skills. The task of parents: to captivate with truly worthwhile toys. Computer games can be useful, they are excellent simulators of logic, mindfulness, ingenuity. Properly selected board games turn out to be less exciting and educational. Diversify your leisure time, choose what suits your child and play with the whole family.



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Valencia, Venezuela

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