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HealthfulChat is offering this Bereavement and Grief Chat Room, these bereavement and grief forums and this bereavement and grief social network specifically for bereavement and grief peer support. Experiencing a loss can make you angry, depressed, and utterly miserable. Hopefully, you will have people who care around you to hold your hand and cry with after the loss happens. However, this constant support from family and friends can only last so long. Eventually, these loved ones have to go back to their daily lives, and you are left to deal with this grief seemingly on your own. This can make you feel that you are all alone coping with a loss so big that it feels as if the world is closing in around you. Although the aide of grief counseling and other services are extremely important in the healing process, HealthfulChat also believes that the caring and supportive ears of others who truly understand your feelings of loss is sometimes the best treatment out there.


Losses such as the death of a loved one, miscarriage, still birth, losing a job, divorce, or even relocation can cause symptoms of grief. Furthermore, "There is no set length for the grieving period; in intense cases grief can last for several years or more."1. Perhaps you have been grieving the death of a close loved one, such as a spouse or child, and this dark and lonely feeling inside of you has been festering for years with little improvement. There may be loved ones around you who, try as they might, cannot possibly comprehend what you are going through or why moving on with your life is so difficult for you. Here at HealthfulChat, we truly understand that everyone grieves at their own pace; no matter how long it has been since your loss, you need a supportive environment of empathy to make it through. This is the philosophy of HealthfulChat, and why we have created this bereavement and grief peer support network.


Studies show that social interaction can help you prioritize your grief, and may help you heal faster. For example, "Stay active and social - While withdrawing from activities and relationships may seem the natural course of action for someone experiencing grief, staying engaged can actually provide an important source of distraction, allowing the bereaved to focus on something other than their loss."1 Whether you are or are not ready to be social in the world outside again, perhaps the anonymity of the internet, and sharing your feelings of loss with others who can truly identify with you will help you get through your grief and start living your life to the fullest again.


Bereavement and Grief Self Help Aid

HealthfulChat has dedicated this page to encouraging you to meet, greet, share and support with others. It offers you, not only a 24-hour Bereavement and Grief peer support Chat Room, but bereavement and grief peer support forums and a bereavement and grief peer support social network to keep in touch with new friends made. We hope you consider joining this bereavement and grief online support network. By taking the first step to help yourself by searching for assistance online, then furthering your exploration by finding this bereavement and grief support network shows that you are ready to feel better - the bereavement and grief portion of this web site might be just what you need to begin doing so.



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The services provided by HealthfulChat are designed to support, not replace any professional medical help you may currently be receiving.

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How to Date a Widower?

Dating a widower does not seem like an easy task. Although men are considered strong, they can also feel deep emotions and be very sensitive. That is why you should not rush things with them, and make them feel comfortable and calm in your company. Help them get over their loss and indulge in a new relationship.

Advice on Dating a Recent Widower

Men who have lost their wives recently are quite sensitive and emotional, so you have to be extremely careful with them. Try not to ask several unnecessary questions and bring back painful memories. On the contrary, try to cheer them up, be supportive, and help them move on faster.

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Fights, cemeteries and molten metal: the strangest

Fights, cemeteries and molten metal: the strangest | Perito

Chats and channels along the borders in telegram: collected all the main in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Finland and Norway

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Argentinaganiaspaniaspania -Buliviyurapyurapvorchili

Date of 12.2016


Anton Dyakonov


Do you also try to have time to write down your desire on a piece of paper, burn it, throw the ashes into a glass of champagne and drink it while the chimes are striking? Believe me, this customary tradition in Russia looks very strange from the outside. The Perito editors decided to find out what strange New Year traditions there are in other countries of the world.

Australia: noisy New Year.

Australians, who are among the first to celebrate the New Year, like to celebrate this holiday loudly. Exactly at midnight, the street explodes with screams and the noise of drums, fireworks, and also ... pots and pans. In a word, any object that can be hit properly will be a good help in celebrating the Australian New Year.

Chile: celebration at the cemetery

In the Chilean town of Talca, it is customary to spend New Year's Eve at the cemetery. It is believed that in this way the spirits of deceased friends and relatives will be able to participate in the celebration. New Year's Eve is a family holiday, right? The people of Talka simply went to the end in this matter.

Another, not so gloomy, New Year's tradition is to eat a spoonful of lentils at exactly midnight. They believe that in the coming year it will bring work and prosperity. So nobody cares if suddenly you don't like lentils. Better not to love her with money than in poverty!

Peru: New Year's Eve Fights

Every year at the end of December, the people of the Peruvian Andes gather for the Takanakuy festival to fight properly. Everyone can participate in battles - men, women, and even children. It is not uncommon for fighters to enter the ring after a fair amount of drinking. And although the picture may not be much different from some particularly disadvantaged region of Russia, the festival has a completely bright and New Year's overtones: Peruvians believe that after all the fights they will be able to spend the next year without excessive aggression, disputes and contradictions. The holiday ends with a general ritual dance.

Ecuador: Burning of an effigy of the old year

In Ecuador, it is a common New Year's custom to burn "anjos bejos" (Spanish for "old year"), full of life-size dolls stuffed with burning materials. They are dressed in second-hand clothes, and instead of faces they make papier-mâché masks. And it can be masks of celebrities and politicians. On the evening of December 31, residents carry their dolls to the city center, beat them with a belt for all the hardships of the past year, and then set them on fire. While the effigies are burning, they jump over them - it is believed that this will help in getting rid of all the troubles.

While the effigies are burning, “vyudas” (“widows” of the old year) are collecting donations for the funeral of their spouse. Their role, as a rule, is played by young guys dressed in bright and frivolous women's clothes. "Vyudas" behave cheekily, hug, strive to kiss a potential donor and, in general, do not give the impression of grieving widows. After midnight, the "widows" go to bars and clubs, and the old year is left to burn out on the streets.

Central America: colored underwear

In the countries of Central and Latin America, great importance is attached to underwear, in which they are going to celebrate the New Year. So, in Bolivia, they wait for the onset of midnight in yellow underwear, and as soon as the clock strikes, they change into any other clothes. It is believed that this will bring in more money in the coming year. And in Mexico, they believe that meeting the New Year in red underwear will help you find love.

Bolivia: coins in baked goods

In Bolivia, coins are baked into New Year's sweets. Anyone who finds such a coin will have good luck in the coming year (but may have to treat broken teeth).

Spain: 12 grapes

Eating grapes during the chiming clock is one of the oldest and most beloved traditions of Spaniards. You need to eat one grape and make one wish for each stroke of the clock. Whoever manages to eat all 12 will be lucky in every month of the coming year.

Argentina: papers away!

Many people throw away old calendars on New Year's Eve, but the Argentines go further - here on the eve of the holiday they throw away newspapers, magazines, old forms, unnecessary statements and other documents. Right into the windows. On December 31, the cities of Argentina are engulfed in a real storm of papers, and by midnight they cover the streets like snow. By throwing away old papers, you get rid of the burden of the past, Argentines believe.

Another local tradition is related to travel: it is believed that if you run around the house with an empty suitcase in your hand, then the coming year will be rich in travel. There is a similar tradition in Colombia, but there people carry empty suitcases all day long.

Romania: Talking to Animals

Talking to your pet can sometimes help relieve stress. In Romania, however, such conversations are more likely to cause it: there is a belief that on New Year's Eve some animals acquire speech, and woe to those who hear an answer from them! It is believed that after this unfortunate talker, failures will haunt the whole year. However, we dare to suggest that if you heard a human speech from an animal, then something has already gone wrong and there is no need to worry about future failures.

We like to think that we know everything about this world. It seems to us that by the time two more new iPhones come out, we will be able to unravel all the mysteries of the universe. However, the truth is that we really don't know anything. We can't even agree on what happens to us after death. Will we rot in the earth for eternity, or will our soul be resurrected and ascend to heaven? Fortunately for us, there were many spiritual pioneers who took it upon themselves to lift the veil on this mystery and became those who could communicate with the dead.

1. Photographs with the souls of the dead were meant to fool grieving widows

We modern people with fancy selfie devices often forget what a real miracle photo is. We can take the past and put it forever in a tiny box or a bunch of albums that bring tears and emotions to our mothers when they look through them every time they come or visit us. But as with any technology that looks more like magic than reality, it only took about five minutes for someone to turn photography into just another way to fool people.

In the good old days, every photo looked like a poor-quality, low-resolution image.

You couldn't take a picture without some strange smudges or shadows intruding into the frame. And, of course, it didn't take long for people to start claiming that these spots and shadows were actually ghosts and/or other supernatural beings. It wasn't long before—namely, at the end of the 19th century—photographs of the souls of the dead became a trend, for a reason that is a little more depressing than, say, what made selfie sticks so popular. After the end of the Civil War, there were many grieving Americans in the United States who wanted to keep something of their dead loved ones as a keepsake. The creators of the photographs with the souls of the dead promised to make contact with the dead in exchange for gratitude for helping to heal someone's heartache ... and a lot of money.

One of the most notorious swindlers in this area was William Mumler. In the 1860s, visitors to his studio often found themselves photographed with the souls of long-dead relatives. Over time, Mumler became more and more famous; somehow he even managed to survive several attempts by skeptics to debunk his photos. At the height of Mumler's career, even Mary Todd Lincoln fell for him, wanting to take a photo with her late husband, Abraham Lincoln.

The resulting photograph became world famous and, at the same time, put an end to the Mumler affair. The claim that he had photographed Lincoln's ghost attracted the attention of several influential critics, including renowned showman P. T. Barnum, who went to court to expose Mumler. The judges quickly discovered that the amateur photographer was also an expert burglar, breaking into people's homes before photo shoots and stealing photographs of deceased relatives. Mumler then placed these photographs on a glass plate hidden inside the camera, resulting in his famous photographs of the souls of the dead. And he probably would have gotten away with it if not for Barnum's intervention.

2. Edison and Tesla tried to communicate with the dead by telephone

The invention of the telephone in 1876 was a revolution in communications. You no longer had to wait days or weeks for your uncle's welcome messages sent by telegraph. With your phone, you could hear the voice of distant relatives in real time and ask how many of your cousins ​​died of cholera that morning. However, some used the phone not for this purpose at all, but in order to contact the dead.

One of those who tried to reach dead ancestors by phone was Thomas Edison. In 1920, he made people gasp in surprise, declaring that he was "building an apparatus for communicating with individuals who have left this earth."

Unfortunately, Edison did not have time to bring his idea to life due to his death, while he left us no plans, no prototypes, not even a hint that he managed to establish contact with some kind of ghost. It was not until many years later that someone found parts of his diary, in which he outlined the theories about the spiritual world and the principle of operation of his device.

However, Edison is not the only scientist who dreamed of creating a device for communicating with the souls of the dead. Another enthusiast and madman was Nikola Tesla. He described the experience of establishing contact with the other world, which occurred when he fiddled with a device that translated electromagnetic waves into sounds. However, the noises he picked up scared the hell out of him. “My first observations frightened me, there was something mysterious in them, maybe even supernatural,” Tesla explained. Listening to his "spiritual radio" for many years, Tesla convinced himself that he heard "human voices that spoke in an incomprehensible language." He concluded that these people were "from another planet."

3. Psychography and ghosts

There are so many questions we would like to ask ghosts - where treasures are buried, the identity of their killers, and so on. For this reason, the idea of ​​psychography (or automatic writing) was something of a godsend. People no longer had to wait for hours for a medium to interpret the tapping of a ghost, they simply took a pen and literally extended their hand to the silent spirits.

One of the most famous practitioners of this art was Pearl Curran. At 19In 13, she summoned the ghost of Patience Worth, a 17th-century pilgrim killed by Native Americans, after playing with the Devil's Board for a while and suddenly felt compelled to write a message: “I lived many moons ago. And I came again. My name is Patience Worth."

Instead of burning down her house and fleeing, Pearl went berserk, and for almost ten years, Patience revealed her story to the world. As it turned out, she showed literary talent. By hand, Curran Patience wrote many poems and novels, and the couple soon began publishing their own magazine and published five volumes of literary works. What a blessing that Curran's hand turned out to be possessed by such a talented writer and not just a boring ghost.

There was also Helen Smith, a medium who claimed to have traveled the astral planes with the help of her spirit guides, Leopold, and a dead Italian sorcerer named Cagliostro. As the queen of delirium, Smith went much further than Curran: she not only wrote down the stories of dead farmers, but also drew strange symbols, which, according to her, were transmitted to her by long-dead Martians who contacted her through astral travel. The fact that these works were found by linguists to be similar in structure to French is, in our opinion, a great coincidence.

It's easy to call all these people scammers, but there is plenty of evidence that these poor living souls often couldn't help themselves. This automatic writing was nothing more than a stream of consciousness, slightly upset or depressed, or an ideomotor effect, a phenomenon in which people, convinced that they are subconsciously persecuted, begin to write crap that they are not able to recognize as their own words. And then what is more terrible: ghosts or a corrupted subconscious?

4. Jolly Victorian Ouija

In the 1800s, Spiritualism was the hottest religion. Instead of constantly kneeling, praying and feeling guilty for some transgression, during séances, Victorians held hands and tried to get in touch with the other world.

Ouija is always depicted in films as a horrific event during which someone accidentally opens a portal to a serial killer's dimension instead of gaining access to heaven where his late grandfather lives. However, the early séances were fun. They were veritable theatrical spectacles, with voices out of nowhere, floating tables, automatic writing, and musical instruments played by ghosts.

An Ohio farmer went so far as to build a "spirit machine" equipped with instruments such as drums, guitars, trumpets, bells, and tambourines. For what? Because the spirits told him to do it. Basically, he started his "garage" band with a grateful undead, and witnesses claimed that when he started playing the violin, other instruments rose into the air and joined him. And although it was a clear deception, the farmer never took money from visitors for the opportunity to watch this action.

Another feature of the sessions was the tables that "came to life" and began to rise and sway. People believed in all this, so the famous scientist and inventor Michael Faraday had to step in to disprove this spiritualist nonsense. He quickly exposed the mediums who moved the tables with their hands during the séances.

5. Ectoplasm

What's the creepiest way a ghost can contact you? A message on the bathroom mirror? Soaring over the bushes outside the window? No, ectoplasm, a sticky substance with which the dead inform you of unfinished business.

In the middle of the 19th century, many mediums were faced with the fact that during the seances, a viscous substance was released from their holes, resembling the face or body of the deceased, with whom they were trying to establish contact. They explained this by the fact that the spirits left behind a part of their essence, interacting with the material world.

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