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See get a move on.


get something going. Start something, get something into full swing. For example, Once we get production going we'll have no more problems. This usage also appears in when the going gets tough, the tough get going, meaning that difficulties spur on capable individuals; the first tough here means “difficult,” whereas the second means “strong-minded, resolute.” For example, That problem won't stop Tom; when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Also see swing into action.


Make someone talkative or active, as in Once he got her going on her grandchildren, there was no stopping her. [Colloquial; late 1800s]



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How to use get going in a sentence

  • This is going to be the Game of Thrones of U.S. Senate races.

    The Golden State Preps for the ‘Red Wedding’ of Senate Races|David Freedlander|January 9, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • Music is a huge part of the tone of Black Dynamite overall—going back to the original 2009 movie on which the series is based.

    ‘Black Dynamite’ Presents Police Brutality: The Musical|Stereo Williams|January 9, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The questions going through my mind are: How on earth are there Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers in the heart of Paris?

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Our Duty Is to Keep Charlie Hebdo Alive|Ayaan Hirsi Ali|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • But I think Steve Austin has to team up with a Japanese holdout to stop a nuclear bomb from going off or something.

    ‘Archer’ Creator Adam Reed Spills Season 6 Secrets, From Surreal Plotlines to Life Post-ISIS|Marlow Stern|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • It opens with Huckabee's dramatic recollection of going through security at the airport.

    Huckabee 2016: Bend Over and Take It Like a Prisoner!|Olivia Nuzzi|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • That it is a reasonable and proper thing to ask our statesmen and politicians: what is going to happen to the world?

    The Salvaging Of Civilisation|H. G. (Herbert George) Wells

  • "I don't know whether I am going to like this or not--this coming to live in town," thought the little pig.

    Squinty the Comical Pig|Richard Barnum

  • All my musical studies till now have been a mere going to school, a preparation for him.

    Music-Study in Germany|Amy Fay

  • And now I am going on to a review of the broad facts of the educational organization of our present world.

    The Salvaging Of Civilisation|H. G. (Herbert George) Wells

  • Then both the partners laughed together—pleasantly and cheerfully, as men who are going to receive money, often do.

    The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 2(of 2)|Charles Dickens

get going - Wiktionary


get going (third-person singular simple present gets going, present participle getting going, simple past got going, past participle (UK) got going or (US) gotten going)

  1. (intransitive) To leave, or depart.

    It is quite late, I'd best get going before sunset.

  2. (intransitive or transitive) To begin or commence.

    We'd better get this project going. If we don't get going on it soon, we won't finish in time.

  3. (transitive) To excite intellectually.
  4. (transitive) To arouse sexually.
    • 1948, Journal of Clinical Psychology: Monograph Supplement
      During the preliminaries I, as usual, "got her going" by irritation of the clitoris, among other things.
    • 2010, Kyell Gold, Out of Position, Kyell Gold, →ISBN, page 46:

      Besides, it's always seemed necessary to get him going. Now, tonight, it's more out of habit, because when I get a paw past his pants, he's already rock hard and it's clear that he got himself going without my help.

    • 2014, Gina Frangello, A Life in Men: A Novel, Algonquin Books, →ISBN, page 278:

      Later Irv would claim her skin trembled—really fucking vibrated—under his hands as though she were an overcharged electric blanket, as though she could send off sparks and shock him, and how that really got him going.

  5. (intransitive) To talk passionately without interruption.
    • 1987, Klaus Burghardt, Great Commonwealth Stories, Ernst Klett Sprachen, →ISBN, page 29:

      Once she got going about my wages and everything else she had to pay out. She couldn't keep the wolf from the door, she said.

    • 2013, Joe Colicchio, As Told By Monk, First Edition Design Pub., →ISBN:

      Mo was doing most of the talking and even though he's a good guy, once he gets going about Betty you can forget it for the rest of the night.

    • 2013, Kempton Mooney, The Committee, FKM Books, page 222:

      “He's always got a story and when he gets going, you aren't going to bring him back for a while.”

  6. (transitive) To cause someone to talk passionately without interruption.
    • 1999, Irena Vrkljan; Sibelan Elizabeth S. Forrester; Celia Hawkesworth, The Silk, the Shears and Marina; Or, About Biography, Northwestern University Press, →ISBN, page 47:

      I got him going about the moon or stars, he would fall into that trap, he forgot about his questions and for hours talked to me about the universe.

    • 2009, Wayne Caldwell, Cataloochee: A Novel, Random House, →ISBN:

      Then she'll start in about seeing all these robins we've been having lately, and next thing vou know she's quoting 'ere a sparrow that tails and that gets her going about that king turning into a bird in Daniel.

    • 2014, R J ODonnell, France, the Soul of a Journey, Troubador Publishing Ltd, →ISBN, page 110:

      The visit to La Devinière got her going about her great childhood deprivation

  7. (intransitive, of a baby) To cry or bawl loudly.

9 books to get you started



1. Focus

"Maximum Concentration" by Lucy Jo Palladino

Why read. Psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino is a leading American specialist in the problem of attention disorder. She knows a lot about the attention deficit, distraction, procrastination, and perfectionism that keep us from being effective. At the heart of her book are eight strategies for working on yourself: they will help change thinking, become more focused and attentive not only for adults, but also for children.

Quote: “Because of the plasticity of the adult brain, you need to be smart about what you do and learn. Human skills are constantly recorded by the brain. We used to think that the brain determines behavior, but in fact, behavior also affects the human brain.”

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2015, 336 pp.

2. Choose the main thing

“Essentialism. The path to simplicity Greg McKeon

Why read. Until the 20th century, the word "priority" (from Latin prior - first) was always used in the singular, which is logical: the first can be one thing. Today we are trying to balance between five to ten priorities. But it's impossible and unnecessary to deal with all this, says British-American business coach Greg McKeon, a blogger at the Harvard Business Review. And he tells how we could “edit” our own life, that is, remove everything distracting, unnecessary and unpleasant from it.

Quote: "There are three deep-seated beliefs: 'I have to', 'It's all important', 'I can do both'. " To accept the essence of essentialism, one must replace this false logic with three truths: “I choose,” “only a few things matter,” and “I can do anything, but not everything.” These simple truths… will allow you to invest in life to the maximum.”

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2015, 256 pp.

3. Be Courageous

"Be the best version of yourself" by Dan Waldschmidt

Why read. The author of this book survived business success at 22 and a suicide attempt at 25. He now runs a company that solves complex problems for organizations around the world. He also runs ultramarathons and prefers non-standard solutions in everything. Dan Waldschmidt shares in this book his personal experience of losses and achievements, analyzes the stories of dozens of famous people - politicians, athletes, businessmen and notes: it is not outstanding intelligence that makes us successful, but strength of mind, determination and strength of character.

Quote: “I have found that all successful people share the same four qualities: 1. They are not afraid to take risks. 2. They are disciplined. 3. They are generous. 4. They know how to get along with people. In other words, they are purposeful and human.”

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2015, 208 p.

4. Understand yourself

“What is stopping you?” Sue Hadfield

Why read. Another reason to analyze your successes and mistakes, dreams and reality, goals and meanings and understand what is going wrong, and most importantly - why? Englishwoman Sue Hadfield tells stories - her own, those of her friends and acquaintances - and explains what slows us down and where to draw inspiration.

Quote: “Honest assessment of your ideals and principles will help you accurately answer the question why you have a feeling of dissatisfaction with life ... What values ​​are most significant to you? Are these the values ​​that guide you in life? The most accurate way to answer this question is to remember what other people's behavior you approve (or condemn).

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 240 pp.

5. Learn a profession

“Take it and do it! 77 Most Useful Marketing Tools by David Newman

Why read. The ability to promote goods and services is in high demand today. Experienced American marketer and business coach David Newman knows how to teach this. He delivers his ideas in 77 chapters of tips and how-tos, explaining where to find new customers, how to work in social networks and how to build trust in the brand. And offers a specific step-by-step plan for launching a marketing program. This clear, well-structured book will be useful for self-employed and small business owners.

Quote: “Your promotion strategies are doing their job if:

  • you are doing what no one else in your industry is doing;
  • your clients can't help but recommend you to their friends;
  • others (including competitors) think you are "crazy";
  • others (including competitors) are AFRAID of repeating this”;

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015, 368 pp.

6. Train memory

“Memory does not change. Tasks and puzzles for the development of intelligence and memory” Angels Navarro

Why read. A cute collection of 95 fun picture exercises to train your memory at any age. In addition to practical tasks, the Spanish psychologist and psychotherapist Angels Navarro included a short story about the types of memory and a selection of useful strategies for memorizing and inventing his own mnemonic techniques with the book.

Quote: "There is no such thing as good or bad, short or long memory, only good or badly trained memory."

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2015, 160 pp.

7. Understanding Motivation

The Psychology of Motivation by Heidi Halvorson and Tori Higgins

Why read. Why do two talented people striving for the same goal (for example, to become scientists) achieve very different results? Because one is more focused on winning, achieving success, and the other is more focused on avoiding failure. Which of these two motivations - achievement or avoidance - dominates you? How does it affect our life choices? And how to become successful by combining both types of motivation? Social psychologists Heidi Halvorson and Tori Higgins draw on a wealth of scientific research to explain how to do this.

Quote: “Motivational fit is not a dirty trick played on the inexperienced customer. Whether you're talking about mugs, computers, electric grills, study after study shows that when consumers feel it's the right thing to do when choosing a product, they're much more satisfied with the choice."

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2014, 272 pp.

8. Laugh

“To all the good things! Toasts with drawings by Alexei Merinov»

Why read. To look with a smile - sly or sad - at your life, at relationships with friends, family, work and employers. A new project by the cartoonist of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, winner of the Golden Ostap festival, awards from the magazines Smena and Ogonyok Alexei Merinov.

Quote “Our best friends are our parents. Only they criticize you in the eyes, and praise you behind the eyes, and not vice versa. For parents!

Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, 2015, 180 pp.

9. Understand Principle

The Way It Works by David McAuley

Why read. While you are enthusiastically working on yourself, show this book to your growing child. One of the most popular encyclopedias in the world will help a 10-12-year-old student to understand the principles of operation of hundreds of mechanisms and devices - from a spring to an aircraft. Not necessarily he will become a physicist or a programmer after that. But understanding that the most complex subjects are essentially simple and explainable will certainly add to his confidence in his abilities.

Quote “The devices discussed in the book are grouped not by scope, but by the similarity of their principle of operation. The result is quite funny: the plow is next to the zipper, and the hydroelectric power plant is next to the dental bur.

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2014, 400 pp.

Text: Alla Anufrieva Photo Source: Getty Images

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  1. Gamedev for export: what are the features

    Gamedev for export: what are the features

    Artyom Dorokhin, CEO of Obelisk Studio, is our guest today.

    Nostalgia for the first FarCry and trying to figure out how to start a career with the level editor. We discuss the history and art of Obelisk Studio and try to understand how to make game dev for export.

    How can I get an order for the Love, Death and Robots project and communicate with Fincher on the phone? How do art studios get their commissions from gaming industry giants? Why is it worth installing all programs in English for a career in game development? More on that in today's episode.

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  2. Level design for cooperative games

    Level design for co-op games

    Our guest today is Ilya Chushkin, a level designer at Saber Interactive who has worked on World War Z: Aftermath, Snowrunner and other games.

    We talk about game design in all its manifestations: from VR to the latest innovations. We discuss why a designer needs to design an Artstation page, what is the difference between PVP and cooperative levels, and where is it better to work first: in small companies or corporations?

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    Leaders: Semyon Okorokov;
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    Sound engineer - Nikolai Lozovsky.

  3. Character Creation Approaches

    Approaches to character creation

    Our guest today is Nikolai Tsys, a character artist who has taken part in the projects Darksiders III, DOOM Eternal and many others.

    Discussing how DOOM III artwork blew artists' minds and how to learn design from YouTube screenshots. We dive into the details of creating monsters for games and movies: technical and creative. We give advice to newcomers in this field and immerse themselves in the incredible history of working on DOOM Eternal.

    The season was made with the support of the XYZ game development school: http://bit. ly/3wD5TZF

    Learn level creation, narrative and game design:

    Leaders: Semyon Okorokov;
    Editor - Danil Makhov;
    Producer - Ksenia Fedorova;
    Sound engineer - Nikolai Lozovsky.

  4. Gaming overclocking

    Gaming overclocks

    Today we close the season with a nostalgic dialogue about our favorite games.

    Discussing what the "uncanny valley effect" is and why Dark Souls is a blow to the psyche. We recall the first consoles and rage with cheaters in Tekken 3. We share laughter from PewDiePie let's plays, tears over deaths in The Last of Us and adrenaline from horror. And most importantly, we recommend a lot of cool and non-trivial games.

    By the way, one of the heroes of the issue is a pagan god, because he passed the helicopter from Vice City and said that it "was easy. "

    Sponsor of the season - online school of drawing and computer graphics CG LAB:

    Worked on the release by:
    Presenters: Alexandra Lomonosova, Leonid Lozovsky, Ilya Kovalenko, Daniil Vlasenko; Editor - Danil Makhov; producer - Ksenia Fedorova; sound engineer - Nikolai Lozovsky.

  5. What is the phenomenon of the "Romance Club"?

    What is the phenomenon of the "Romance Club"?

    Our guest today is Arina, the screenwriter of the short story "Theodora" and Yuliya, the artist of many short stories.

    Comparing the Romance Club to the bookshelf and the comic book industry. We tell you how a visual novel script is written inside the application and why it takes an average of 1.5 years to complete it. Where do romantic stories come from, which have tens of thousands of fans all over Russia? What are the secrets of the high engagement of this game? And why are all the romance novels not about love and sex, but about personal dramas and the hero's journey? All this in the issue.

    Sponsor of the season - online school of drawing and computer graphics CG LAB:

  6. Mushroom Wars and how the Russian world of mobile games lives

    Mushroom Wars and how the Russian world of mobile games lives

    Our guest today is Andrey Korotkov, CEO of Zillion Whales, the game studio that created Mushroom Wars.

    Understanding the evolution of programming engines and the mobile games market. We are trying to understand why the audience loves cartoonish art and how to make money on games.

    Today we have an issue-an example of how ornate the history of the studio can be: agreements with Apple, the rejection of cross-platform and the desire to create Warcraft III on mobile.

    Sponsor of the season - online school of drawing and computer graphics CG LAB.

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