How to get over someone who doesn t like you

Here's How To Get Over Someone Who Doesn't Like You Back

Unless you’re a dating wizard and can find your soulmate after two swipes (TBH, good for you), then there’s a good chance you might end up meeting someone and liking them a whole lot more than they like you. While, yeah, it sucks when that happens, you can’t force someone to develop feelings for you. Feelings aren't intentional. They just happen. And that’s precisely why figuring out how to get over someone who doesn’t like you back is so difficult. You can’t force them to love you any more than you can find a cure for how to not like someone.

If someone doesn't like you back, it means that they are not right for you. You might not be able to understand why that's the case now, but eventually — a few weeks or months from now — you'll look up and realize that it's true. As NYC-based relationship expert Susan Winter previously told Elite Daily, a crush is all about the fantasy, which is why it’s hard to face reality when you’re crushing on someone. “A 'crush' is the lowest rung on the relationship scale. It's more of a mental dalliance than it is anything real,” she said. “Crushes lie in the land of fantasy. We 'imagine' an incredible romance with this person. Yet, we don't know enough about them to know if that's even a reality.”

Unreciprocated feelings can often be more about what we are trying to prove to ourselves than the person to whom we are professing our love. When you like someone who doesn't like you back, the most important thing to realize is that nobody else determines whether or not you are lovable. It is so important to know how to get over someone you like (especially if they don’t like you back) so you aren't counting on them to prove your self-worth, and here's how you can make that happen.

You Can Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back By Distancing Yourself

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First of all, let’s assume your crush has clearly communicated that they are not interested in you. Blunt, but honest. If that hasn't happened but you aren't catching any signals from them, clear that business up first. You might feel like you are setting yourself up for rejection, but all you're actually asking for is a little bit of clarity. And while you might feel initial embarrassment, you'll get over it soon. Once you know for sure that your crush doesn't like you back, then you should probably cut off contact with them, at least for a little bit.

According to Los Angeles-based psychotherapist and relationship expert Rhonda Richards-Smith, it may seem like a nice idea to remain friends with a crush, but this may not be the healthiest path for you moving forward. “When an unreciprocated connection remains in a gray area, it only extends your healing process even further,” she tells Elite Daily. “Instead of waiting for the other person to do so, make the commitment to set and maintain firm boundaries when it comes to communication, including social media. Do not shy away from sharing your boundaries with the other person and others around you so they can also support you on the journey ahead.

If you keep talking to the person who doesn't like you back, it'll be like digging a finger into a new wound. Give your sadness a little bit of time to heal by making plans throughout the next week. Schedule coffee with friends, sign up for a new student special at a yoga studio, or hunker down in a new project. Think about anything else besides a relationship so you remember all of the wonderful things you can do by yourself or with friends.

You Can Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back By Revisiting Your Feelings

Obviously, you don't want to dwell on a person when you are moving on from them, but you do need to do a good emotional cleanse in order to heal and move on. After you've taken some time to do everything else but think about them, revisit your feelings about your unrequited crush, and let them all out. Write and talk and think about them until you're absolutely exhausted of them and get so bored with the process that you start to question why you liked them in the first place.

If you need to wallow, that's totally fine. As Dr. Martha Tara Lee, a clinical sexologist and founder of Eros Coaching, previously told Elite Daily, “Painful as it is, it is better to feel fully as part of the process of healing as opposed to suppressing, repressing, and avoiding feeling." Friends can be good listening ears, but it’s always good to ask someone before emotionally dumping on them, as you don't want to treat your friends as therapists constantly. (And if you want to, that means you might benefit from seeking out an actual counselor! Something to think about.)

This is the time to write out all of the embarrassing emails that you would like to send the person to tell them how you feel. Whatever you do, don't send them — it will make both you and them feel bad — but pretending like you can say it to the person also does have cathartic benefit.

You Can Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back By Figuring Out What You Want

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When you like someone who doesn't like you back, it can feel like you are pinning all of your hopes to a single person. The reality is that if you are looking for a relationship with this person, it probably means that you are looking for a relationship in general. Can you figure out what it is about this person that made you want a relationship with them, and look for that in someone else? Once you know that, you can manifest what you want in your ideal relationship.

Writing down every single thing that you dream about in a relationship can provide you with some amazing clarity that will make you realize how the person you had unreciprocated feelings for couldn't fulfill all of them. (Presumably, you want a relationship with someone who is just as crazy about you as you are about them.) It will also help you understand why it was important to meet with and connect with this person in the first place.

Maybe it seemed like they would be a great artistic collaborator, and you know that you would like to date someone in the future whom you could make art with. Maybe you envied their home or their close relationship with their siblings. Maybe you had great intellectual conversations. Now you know that you want someone whom you can have a home with and who is your intellectual match. Maybe they are really funny, and you know that being with a comedian would make you happy. Sure, you crush doesn’t like you back, but that person you liked will still be able to provide you with some important information about what you do want out of a relationship.

You Can Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back By Boosting Your Own Ego

Turn up Lizzo and put on your favorite outfit, because there’s no better way to leave a crush in the past than by prioritizing self love. According to Kylie O’Driscoll, a licensed therapist at Berman Psychotherapy, “One of the best ways to get over someone who isn’t interested in you is to recognize all the strengths and wonderful characteristics you have. It is fairly easy to throw yourself a pity party when someone’s feelings don’t match yours.”

However, you can’t let those feelings win. “When this happens, you are probably not thinking about how great you are, and more likely thinking about what you’re lacking,” O’Driscoll adds. “By focusing on your values and strengths, you have the opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re worthy.”

Gather your closest pals and ask them all to say nice things to you. You’ll be surprised what a solid support system can do for you when you’re feeling down. And remember: You are amazing and definitely don’t need Skyler from your accounting class, no matter how badly you’re crushing.


Susan Winter, relationship expert

Rhonda Richards-Smith, psychotherapist and relationship expert

Dr. Martha Tara Lee, clinical sexologist and founder of Eros Coaching

Kylie O’Driscoll, licensed therapist at Berman Psychotherapy

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28 Tips for Letting Go

Having a new crush can feel fantastic. You look forward to seeing them and feel energized, even euphoric, when you spend time together. Depending on the situation, there might even be a chance that the feelings are mutual.

When your relationship with your crush doesn’t go anywhere, you might feel, well,crushed. And that feeling is far from fantastic.

Maybe your crush involves someone off-limits, such as a married friend or professor. These crushes are pretty normal, but they’re still tough to get over, even when you know from the start you can’t get involved.

You might feel even more devastated when your crush is available but doesn’t return your feelings.

In the end, it may not matter why your crush goes unfulfilled: The heartbreak still feels the same. If you’re having a hard time moving on, these 14 tips can help.

Before you can begin getting over a crush, you have to admit it. It’s common to deny romantic feelings at first, especially if you’re crushing on a good friend, your supervisor, or anyone you consider out of reach.

Acknowledgment and acceptance are important first steps in the healing process. Crushes are normal, even ones on people you know you’d never pursue.

Pushing down your feelings can prevent you from working through them in productive ways. Instead, they might linger, causing more heartache.

“Accepting how you feel and allowing yourself space to emotionally process and release those feelings can help you begin to feel differently about a person and eventually move on,” explains Kim Egel, a San Diego therapist.

The agony a crush can cause is pretty universal.

If you never tell your crush how you feel, you may not face actual rejection. But it still hurts when your hopes come to nothing.

Fortunately, crushes usually don’t last long, although you might feel like you’ll be miserable forever. It’s pretty common for the strength of your feelings to decrease within a few weeks or months.

The amount of time it takes to get over a crush can vary, though. You can take care of yourself in the meantime by:

  • getting enough sleep and physical activity
  • supporting yourself with positive self-talk
  • trying out the healing benefits of massage or yoga
  • spending time in nature

Crushes often involve idealization, especially when you don’t know the person well. You might focus on their positive traits, paying less attention to the things that aren’t so great.

Although you and your crush may get along fabulously in some ways, time often reveals sharp contrasts in key values. Maybe you’re vegan and they eat meat, or they’re very spiritual and you’re not.

“Being transparent with yourself will serve you well here,” Egel says. “Looking truthfully at the reality of the situation is essential for moving forward.”

Set aside the things you like about them for a moment and ask yourself about their other traits. Do they align with what you want in a long-term relationship?

A crush that doesn’t go anywhere shares similarities with rejection and unrequited love. However temporary a crush might be, it involves real feelings and real pain.

Take the time to sit with these feelings. You may need more time to come to terms with deeper emotions from longer-lived or more serious crushes.

Allow yourself to look back on moments when you felt sure they returned your affection, sparks you felt, or the dates and intimacies you hoped for. This is a grieving process, so it’s okay to feel sad and frustrated or wonder why things couldn’t work out.

It’s important to express your feelings so you can work through them. But lingering on them can keep you from taking steps to develop a relationship with someone who’s available and romantically interested.

Talking about your crush constantly or spending a lot of time revisiting the pain of rejection makes it tough to move on.

When you feel trapped in a negative thought cycle, try:

  • mindfully accepting feelings that come up, then letting them go
  • mentally “setting aside” distressing feelings until you can explore them productively
  • distracting yourself with your favorite activity

If you’re having trouble working through emotions, sharing them with someone you trust can help. They can help you get more perspective, especially if you’re trying to honestly explore how strong they are or consider reasons your crush isn’t an ideal match.


  • talking to loved ones
  • talking to someone you trust who also knows your crush
  • writing out your feelings in a journal or letter, which you don’t have to send

If you’re already in a relationship

People in committed relationships can still develop crushes. This can be a confusing and distressing experience, but it’s not uncommon, and it doesn’t mean you need to break up. It can help to talk to your partner about the crush. Explain that you’re working through it and don’t want to act on it.

Being honest can strengthen trust and lead to a deeper bond. What’s more, if the crush is a mutual friend, you might choose to see them a little less. Your partner may not understand why if they don’t know what’s going on.

It’s OK to admit it: It’s tempting to look at a crush’s recent photos or see if they’re dating anyone. But once they turn you down or you decide not to pursue them, it’s best to limit your digital involvement.

FOMO — that unique fear of missing out that social media tends to cause — happens with crushes, too. Using social media to peek into their life makes it easy to fantasize about sharing that life.

Staying digitally connected to a crush through Facebook or Instagram can, accordingly, worsen feelings of sadness about missing out on a life with them.

You don’t need to take permanent action, such as unfriending or blocking them, but it can help to unfollow them and avoid things like:

  • checking for new posts or comments
  • snooping for relationship status updates
  • posting things designed to attract their attention

While you’re at it, remind yourself that social media posts are often edited, idealized snapshots — not accurate portrayals of daily life.

When you spend time with someone and share vulnerabilities, it’s easy to develop feelings of closeness and attraction. These positive feelings can develop into a crush, even when the other person is romantically unavailable.

Traits such as kindness, intelligence, and a great sense of humor can fuel a crush. But you don’t have to date someone to continue enjoying these aspects of their personality.

Don’t deny the positive feelings they evoke. Instead, consider them a benefit of your existing bond if it feels like something you can realistically do. Many people believe romantic love represents a pinnacle of relationship achievement, but you can have strong, close relationships without romance.

Forming a friendship when romance isn’t possible can be a great way to stay close to someone you care about — when you gointo it with the right attitude.

A friendship built on the mindset of, “Well, if we can’t date, I guess friendship is the next best thing,” may not work out. If you go into the friendship secretly hoping they’ll eventually like you back, you might both end up hurting in the end.

Instead, value friendship for its own merits, not as a less appealing alternative to a relationship. All relationships can have significant benefits, and friendship is just as essential to life as romance. Some consider it even more essential.

Telling your crush how you feel is generally a judgment call on your part. If you’re close friends, you might worry about losing their friendship and decide to wait for the crush to pass.

If the crush is mutual, though, telling them how you feel could kick off a relationship. Even if it’s not mutual, most adults can handle disclosure of romantic feelings with grace and compassion. After all, they’ve probably experienced something similar themselves.

If they turn you down, it’s best to just go on treating them like you typically would. Avoiding them might suggest something’s not right between you, which could lead to workplace difficulties or questions from friends.

Giving yourself a little distance can help soothe the sting of rejection. If you tend to spend a lot of time together, explain you want to stay friends but need some space for the time being. This is a healthy response, one they’ll likely understand.

You might feel frustrated, annoyed, and confused over why they can’t give it a shot with you, especially if you’re close friends. Remember: You can’t force attraction or love, and they can’t help their feelings any more than you can.

When trying to work through any relationship grief, from a failed crush to a nasty breakup, distraction is key.

It can seem like everything reminds you of your crush, especially if you’re friends or have a lot of common interests. This often hurts even more, since you can’t turn to your favorite music or shared activity.

If that’s the case for you, now is the time to try something new. Take up a new hobby you’ve wanted to try. Start a new show instead of nostalgically (or miserably) watching a show you enjoyed with your crush.

Friends and family who know what you’re going through can also help take your mind off your crush by offering emotional support and suggesting new distractions.

Developing feelings for someone new can serve as one type of distraction. While there’s nothing wrong with tossing yourself back into the dating pool, try to do so with intention and clarity.

For example, identify what you want in a partner beforehand. Asking yourself what you found attractive in your crush can provide some insight here.

If you have a pattern of moving from crush to crush, try looking at what lies behind this. Immediately redirecting unrequited feelings toward someone else unlikely to return them isn’t the most helpful path to moving on.

If you keep developing crushes that don’t work out, it might help to explore possible reasons for this, on your own or with a therapist.

Spending time on activities you enjoy won’t eliminate your romantic feelings, but it usually helps increase self-love and confidence. It can also help improve your mood and overall well-being.

It’s easy to fall into patterns of thinking that suggest you’re incomplete without love or a relationship. But it’s possible to be content, even happy, without a partner.

You absolutely don’t have to give up on finding love. Working on becoming your best self and regularly doing things you enjoy can help you live a rewarding life until you dofind someone who’s right for you.

Therapy can help when your normal function is compromised, Egel suggests. She explains therapy is often a good option when you struggle to do things you usually would or have a hard time finding joy in your daily life.

Talking to a therapist can also help when you:

  • feel trapped in negative thoughts
  • struggle to meet self-care needs
  • feel persistently sad, lonely, or hopeless
  • feel overly anxious when you don’t see or hear from your crush

If you’re trying to get over a crush, take heart in the fact that most people have been where you are. Crushes are common, and you’ll probably go on to have several more.

Just remember: A failed crush has nothing to do with your worthiness or who you are as a person. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as incompatibility with the person you fall for.

Realizing there’s no chance of a relationship doesn’t always prevent a crush, or help you get over one.Whatcanhelp is time. It may not seem like it right now, but before long,your feelings likely won’t feel so intense. They might even fade completely.

Crystal Raypole has previously worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy. Her fields of interest include Asian languages and literature, Japanese translation, cooking, natural sciences, sex positivity, and mental health. In particular, she’s committed to helping decrease stigma around mental health issues.

How to stop thinking about a person: 5 tips from a psychologist



Author Alexander Artamonov

April 23, 2022

Obsession with a former partner or a person who does not reciprocate can unsettle, but it is not so difficult to cope with it

Dramatically broken relationships and broken hearts in the practice of psychologists are quite common. Often, after unpleasant events, the image of a person does not leave the head for a long time, and disappointment only feeds constant thoughts about him. But sooner or later, a new life will begin - we tell you how to bring this moment closer and benefit from experiences.

  • Why a person does not get out of his head
  • How to stop thinking about a person
  • What to do if nothing helps
The material was commented on by:

Margarita Eremina, psychologist, psychotherapist at the Center for Cognitive Therapy;

Svetlana Makhova, psychotherapist, specialist of the service for the selection of psychologists Alter

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Why a person doesn't get out of your head

You want to forget about a person, but he doesn't get out of your head. You do not find a place for yourself from these obsessive thoughts. It may seem that you are going crazy - but psychologists say that in general this is a completely normal state.

Margarita Eremina, psychologist, psychotherapist, Center for Cognitive Therapy

“For a person, a relationship does not end when a physical separation occurs. There is a natural process of mourning. We can continue to have dialogues with this person in our head, constantly remember him. This does not mean that there is something wrong with us. After all, most likely, we are talking about someone significant, about a person with whom we had an important relationship, an attachment was formed that cannot disappear in one moment. If the relationship was long, then this period of mourning can last about a year. Gradually, the acute phase will inevitably pass - then you can begin to change your life: try new things and meet new people.

Svetlana Makhova, psychotherapist, specialist of the service for the selection of psychologists Alter

“A person can not get out of your thoughts because of the Zeigarnik effect. This is a phenomenon in which unfinished actions and events are deposited in memory in the first place. In the case of another person, this works if you have unfulfilled expectations from him, which either have not yet been fulfilled, or which are not destined to happen in principle - as in the case of a breakup or unrequited love.

In addition to situations related to romantic relationships, a person may not get out of your thoughts for several other reasons:

  • if you are involved in solving the problems of another and expect mutual help from him;
  • if you feel guilty towards another;
  • if you are impressed, intrigued by someone, but could not understand him;
  • if you expect certain things from a person.”

How to stop thinking about a person

The first step is to accept the fact that constantly thinking about a person in such a situation is natural, and stop forcing yourself to get rid of such thoughts

© Nik Shuliahin/Unsplash

1. Stop forcing yourself not to think

“The first step is to accept the fact that constantly thinking about a person in such a situation is natural, and stop forcing yourself to get rid of such thoughts. Often such memories and thoughts can be painful. But it is important to allow yourself to live through this pain in order to move on. It is perfectly normal if the memories can come in a painful wave from time to time. The main thing is that each time these waves become smaller, and one stage of mourning is replaced by another.

2. Accept the current situation as a fact

In order to overcome difficulties, you must first come to terms with their existence. For example, if we are talking about a breakup, you need to accept that it happened, let the person go and start living on.

Svetlana Makhova:

“It is very important to mourn what has been lost, to grieve that it never happened. Accept the fact that this person is no longer in your life. Our expectations generate potential for action. And this potential does not dry up until we either consciously give up what we want because of irrelevance, or we don’t get it, that is, we don’t close the gestalt. Suppressed emotions, unexpressed resentments, remorse and guilt often do not give us the opportunity to act: either get closer to a person or let him go.

3. Reflect on relationships

It is important to structure your thoughts about a person and make them part of your experience

© Giulia Bertelli/Unsplash

Often in such thoughts a person appears as the sum of his own extremes - either bad or good. Often this picture is not true and confuses us. It is important to structure your thoughts about the person and make them part of your experience.

Svetlana Makhova:

“If you are going through a breakup, take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. In one, express your indignation, write down everything that you could not get in this relationship. In another column, write about what was good for you with this person and what you lost. Thanks to the experience you had with him, here is a list of what is important to get in a relationship - it will come in handy when you start building new ones.

Margarita Eremina:

“It will be useful to find answers to questions about what was important in these relationships. What is missing now? What was not said, not spoken? What are the exact moments you return to in your thoughts?

4. Let go of the thought that it happened because of your qualities

Very often, people who experience rejection or a relationship breakup start looking for the reason in their shortcomings

© Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Often people who are faced with rejection or a breakup of relationships begin to look for the cause in their shortcomings. This is a simple explanation that is easy to accept, but it does not always correspond to the truth and sometimes only prevents you from drawing the right conclusions from the situation.

Svetlana Makhova:

“People who were often told in their childhood, “You will get what you want if you behave well, do what you are told,” are especially inclined to think like this. ” In adulthood, they continue to believe that if they behave well, then no one will be able to refuse them. But it's important to realize that there is no correlation between failure and being "good." We may be refused because the other does not have the opportunity, he does not want or cannot give what he wants. Refusal is the will of the other, which must be respected. And remember that a direct rejection empowers us - we have a chance to knock on other doors.

5. Don't count on reciprocity by default

Some people tend to think that if they help another person, that person should reciprocate. But often in life everything is much more complicated, and if we do not get what we expect from a person, then we fixate on him.

Svetlana Makhova:

“A person may not be able or willing to pay the price you expect from him in gratitude for his help. Therefore, before entering into a relationship, it is important to be clear about mutual expectations. The same rule applies when you are intrigued by someone. Do not fantasize about what he meant - instead, just ask the person about his intentions, express your feelings to him.

What to do if nothing helps

If the acute phase of mourning does not go away, then depression can set in, and the sooner help is sought, the sooner the person will feel better

© Cottonbro/Pexels

It's been a long time, but the grief never passed, the obsessive thoughts about the person did not disappear, and perhaps only became even more painful. What to do? Experts agree that it is worth going to a psychologist.

Margarita Eremina:

“If the acute phase of mourning does not go away, depression can set in, and the sooner he seeks help, the sooner he will feel better.”

Svetlana Makhova:

“A psychologist will help you express your feelings, find the source of potential — your hidden, but never fulfilled desires, and close the gestalt — let go or fulfill what you want.

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How to forget a man you love but who does NOT love you???



9000 9000 #3

not to be stacked to cocked on it, just keep on living

don’t feed yourself with hopes - it’s clear that nothing will happen ..

by the way - I’ve had it for more than a year, it’s hard, of course, very . ... but I need to continue to live somehow .. Which I do . The truth has not found anyone better - it will not be easy, but you should not get hung up on it.



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9 2008, 00:46




give HE what he needs and he will not leave you)


80214 :10


Next. Change your style of clothing. External changes are the beginning of internal changes. Wearing sportswear? now dresses, heels and a business suit! And vice versa. You need to love yourself. Pamper, entertain and give gifts. Distract yourself with shopping therapy? change your wardrobe? helps a lot, buy a new perfume, change your hairstyle or hair color. Sports, fitness, but not to the point of exhaustion, but for pleasure. Hobbies, entertainment, cinema, solarium. YOU NEED TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, first of all for yourself! You must LOVE YOURSELF! You are alone! Urgently, right today, start going to the gym, fitness club or swimming pool, go for a massage. You need to tone yourself up. Both externally and internally. And loads will help you distract from thoughts about him. How do thoughts about it come? immediately to sports, fitness or jogging! LITERALLY! Thinking about him means that you don't care, and that you are relaxed.

Remember your hobbies in your youth! You will probably find something harmless. You better know. Didn't have time to do it? Start now! Seriously! Hobby ? great deal! Remember that you have friends? go visit! Now attention! Crying, moaning and complaining can only be us, here. Write, cry, snot, but ONLY IN LETTERS HERE!


He's scanning you, don't forget! No matter how badly he speaks of you, he is flattered by your attention. He knows everything about you, and don't try to figure out how. And the more you hide and encrypt from him, the higher his interest in you will be, the faster he will learn all your news. It's boring with losers and whiners. But if you change yourself the way it is written here, you will have a real chance.

Now about prohibitions. In no case should you: 1. Drink alcohol, use drugs. OK ? wine, cognac at the bar, a glass of vodka at a birthday party? Please. You can not suppress your longing with vodka and drugs, or use them out of boredom. 2. You can not lose heart and yearn! Should these feelings arise? immediately for a run, or to the gym, for a massage or a solarium, to visit or a hobby. IMMEDIATELY, at the first symptoms! 3. You can not flirt with men or try to drown out an old love with a new one! Men simply do not exist yet, because old relationships must die out, heal and be forgotten. Otherwise, you will get a layering of one feeling on another, you will start to compare, find inconsistencies or correspondences, in short, everything will go wrong, you will not be able to soberly assess the situation and as a result you will again find yourself next to a person who, according to mature reflection, you don’t need. NO SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS WITH ANYONE!



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9, 25 2008, 07:34





Everyone wants to love and be loved.

It's just that someone succeeds, like it's given by nature, but for someone... at least break into a cake, but no, it's not.


I have a similar situation, only the object of my love got married 1.5 months ago.

How did you feel? Oh, it’s like death... then it began to move away, gradually returning to life... Now everything has more or less stabilized :), but sometimes it “squeals” a little in the chest))

It should be so, love is given for that, so as not to pass immediately and without a trace ..

Of course, you will worry, for some more time... there is no exact date.

But, as Solomon used to say.. "this too shall pass"...:-))

Life goes on




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        Your feigned joy will be perfectly perceived: "I will perceive everything as well." And that's it. But in your heart you want a completely different reaction

        Tips for changing your image and going in for sports, IMHO, will help with falling in love, and not with old love. If it was love, passion, then yes, the new emotions that overwhelmed you will push the old ones into the background. What if you don't forget? If all so beautiful in new clothes with a new hairstyle and a new hobby, and only one thing in your head - the desire for HE to see what you have become?



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        Less, now for you. I have long understood that one should not blame fate for what it saves us from. Remember the song: "if the bride leaves for another, it is still unknown who is lucky." It's the same here, only with the groom.)))))) And in general, things are not what they seem (there is a parable, which is called that - read it). Well, you don’t know what they actually saved you from, even though it seems to you now that they took it away. They saved you!!! From more suffering. It took me quite a long time to understand this.
        So it is necessary, it means that for you there is YOUR person, even if you have not met him yet. You have to accept life as it is. What is there??? Yes, probably a lot: I hope your parents are alive and well, you yourself are healthy, you have a roof over your head, food too (many are deprived of this), education, work, appearance and all this you have achieved yourself !!! Is it so little that one man, or rather his absence, crosses everything out? Is it fair??? No. THERE IS NO REASON TO FEEL UNHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))))
        And the film "Secret" I also strongly advise you, only it is in different translations. I advise you to download from here This is a good translation - enjoy the film and get inspired exactly. At least think about it and reconsider your settings.))))))))) Good luck and don't get sour!!!))))))))))))









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