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Best To Do List Products 2022: For Creators Who Want to Stay Organized – Blogging Tips & Events for Content Creators Everywhere

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I’ve tried and failed many times to complete a yearly planner. I give up after a few weeks or forget I bought one in the first place. Ultimately, I became more organized after discovering and investing in small, but highly efficient accessories. The best to-do list products aren’t big and flashy–they’re small, within arm’s reach, and usually affordable. I personally swear by a small-ish whiteboard and set of markers to keep myself in check but there are plenty of other items that provide just as much satisfaction for Type A creators or those who wish to be.

Generally speaking, the key to completing a checklist is ensuring that every part of the process is organized, especially the beginning. For that reason, these standout products are well-reviewed for their ability to help people make sense of their schedule. From uniquely designed notepads to mix-and-match sticky notes to classic desktop whiteboards, here are 11 products that’ll get all of your tasks closer to the finish line.


Sweetzer & Orange.

Sweetzer & Orange Magnetic Notepad Planner

For those who want something minimal at home, this notepad comes with a magnetic backing so you stick it to the refrigerator and keep your to-do list in plain sight.

$6.99 at Amazon

Lulu Office.

Lulu Office Desktop Dry Erase Whiteboard

Traditional whiteboards tend to take up a lot of space but this one can sit pretty on your desktop and within arm’s reach for when you need to jot down something fast.

$18.99 at Amazon



Circle Stickers

If you already have something to write your to-do list on, get even more micro with color-coordinated stickers to separate tasks into different categories.

$10.99 at Amazon

Bliss Collections.

Bliss Collections Daily Planner

This notepad comes undated so you can start using any time of year. And as you can see, it encourages you to track everything from your appointments to your meals to your water intake.

$11.99 at Amazon


BestSelf Weekly Action Pad

Reduce anxiety and save a notebook or two with this productivity pad that includes a column layout for your tasks.

$19.99 at Amazon To-Do Planner

Here’s another undated option with space for schedule, priorities, to-do list, and shopping list. Plus, each page is perforated so you can take it out if you’re on-the-go with minimal space.

$22.95 at


Morandi Colored Gel Ink Pens

If stickers aren’t your jam, invest in a set of retractable pens to color coordinate and prioritize every item on your to-do list.

$9.99 at Amazon

Erin Condren.

Erin Condren Hourly Sticky Notepad

Plan your day by the hour with this simple and efficient notepad.

$5.50 at Erin Condren

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. Sticky Note Trio

If you’re a sucker for Post-Its, at least keep them organized with this mix-and-match set for to-dos, reminders, and notes.

$20 at Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Desk Pad

Map out your entire year with this undated, tear-off calendar that can double as a mousepad.

$12 at Rifle Paper Co. 

Marie Mae.

Marie Mae Meeting Notepad

Each sheet in this perforated notepad is designed to help you remember important meeting notes and action items to complete afterward. Check out the to-do list pad and sticky notes too!

$10 at Marie Mae

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The To-Do List Formula: How to Create Stress-Free Task Lists That Work is written for those who want to increase their efficiency. It will help you create workable to-do lists that contain the essentials but are free from the superfluous, help you reach your goals, and even boost your motivation. With the help of the author's methodology, you will be able to correctly prioritize, complete tasks on time, correctly assess your workload and optimally allocate time and effort. Increasing efficiency while reducing stress is possible with the advice of Damon Zachariadis. nine0003

About the Author

Damon Zachariadis is a performance expert, founder of a content marketing agency, and author of books on effective planning and willpower development. Owner and author of, a site dedicated to optimal planning in everyday life.

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The To-Do List Formula: How to Create Stress-Free Task Lists That Work is written for those who want to increase their efficiency.

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