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Inspiration is something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create. Nevertheless, I think and believe that there is much more to this word. Inspiration is something that motivates you to be better and do better.

Different things inspire different people. There is so much inspiration in this world and I think it’s crucial you know what inspires you.

To me, my greatest inspiration is God because I know he has reasons and plans for forming me. 

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts, and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. (AMP Version)


Jeremiah 29:11 
Here are 10 things that inspire me

Ambition can be defined as being eager or hungry to aspire and accomplish something; it is one thing I can’t get enough of. When I read about people who are full of ambition, it gets me excited and inspired. Especially those who have achieved a lot and continue to push for more out of choice. For me, it is an attractive trait for anybody to have. And it keeps me going even when I don’t feel like continuing after having a bad day.


My past is a form of inspiration to me because I look at it in the right context. A lot of people see their past as a bad place they never want to return to; some obese over it so much they are still living in it. And their present actions reflect that. 

But when I see the past, even the parts I don’t like, I use it as a source of inspiration.

Doing new things

I am the type of person who rearranges my room every 6 months or so because I can get bored with the layout if it stays for a long time. I like trying something in a new way, with a new approach, a new idea, etc. Doing something new is a source of inspiration to me, too much of the same can eventually get too mundane.   


Challenges can be very hard in life. If you are not the most enthusiastic about challenging yourself constantly, then it may not be a source of inspiration for you.

For me, being challenged and going out of my way to push to the next level is inspiring.

Sometimes life needs changes because things have become stale or too predictable. Challenges break that mould, and the ideas and excitement that come with it create inspiration.

My parents 

Love is an amazing thing; the support and respect and magic that it provides never fails. The love, support, and hard work from my mum to raise, shelter, educate and nurture me are commendable and I know I am lucky to have her. Her love for me inspires me to keep pushing in life. 


Everywhere I have lived or find myself in this life I have had great friends around me. They have helped me through tough times and celebrated with me in good times. They have shown me the kind of love that exists through respect and mutual adoration. Their love inspires me.  


There are a lot of people who need help in our world and there are a lot of people out there doing their best to give it to them. Every time I see someone working hard to create change, reach out to the less privileged, and make life better for people I am inspired and honored to be part of the things that I can be.


I don’t necessarily mean religion, although that is part of it. The faith I’m talking about here is the ability to have faith when times are hard. Faith that I will win; faith that life will move on and things will be fine in some way, somehow, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time. That is inspiring and it inspires me a lot.


To me, adventure is an exciting and remarkable experience. I love visiting new places that I have never been to before, seeing new things. It inspires me. What gives me inspiration is enjoying the calmness of Gods creation. I like hills, green vegetations which opens my heart to my inner creativity. It helps see pattern in Gods design that surrounds us.


You know that look on someone’s face when they are smiling and their eyes are bright and their body language is open and jovial; that full of happiness is inspiring to see. It’s awesome. It’s contagious and also inspiring. Those happy moments, those beautiful smile inspires me.  

These are the things that inspires me; what inspires you?

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31 Things That Inspire Me

As I count down to my 31st birthday I’m thinking about how awesome my life is. Things aren’t always roses and sunshine – but that’s life man – and I know that when I’m able to take a step back and think about all that I have, I’m lucky.

So, without order or priority here is a list of things and people that inspire or have inspired me in my life. I hope that maybe they inspire you too and that you’re as lucky as I am.

1. Love: In any and all contexts, love is an amazing thing. The support and respect and magic that it provides never fails.

2. Community: When a group of people comes together because they like something, believe in something, support something or want to create positive change I am inspired and want to be part of something great as well.

3. My Parents: Their love and support and hard work to raise, shelter, educate, push and nurture me is commendable and I know that I am lucky to have them.

4. My Friends: No matter where I have lived in my life I have had great friends around me. They have helped me through tough times and celebrated with me in good times. They have shown me the kind of love that exists through respect and mutual adoration.

5. My Granny: She was a great lady who loved and was loved. I miss her still and always will. She (and my gramp) took me in when I needed them and showed me love in a hard time when I was just a kid trying to figure things out. She was funny and kind and tough and caring – we were all lucky to know her.

6. Music: Great songs move people. The creativity and talent that it takes to make music amazes me in a wonderful way.

7. Great Writing: I don’t care what the subject matter is. Great writing makes me want to write and makes me want to be a better writer. Writing isn’t just a gift or something people are good at, it’s hard work and I am inspired by great writers who continue to work hard at their craft.

8. Story Telling: Whether it’s done in song, writing, movies, TV or told to a small group of friends around a camp fire with drinks in hand – I love story telling and the passion and laughter and emotions that come with it.

9. Charity: There are a lot of people who need help in our world and there are a lot of people out there doing their very best to give it to them. Every time I see someone working hard to create change or make life better for people I am inspired and honoured to be part of the things that I can be.

10. Batman: Yes he’s a fictional comic book character, but he’s more than that. Now he is legend. He is immortal in our culture and the stories and humanity and emotion that have been written and told are layered and real and deep and flawed – just like real life.

11. Perseverance: Life ain’t easy man. It knocks us down and drives us backwards. But when people decide that they won’t let that stop them, when they pick themselves back up and move forward towards their dreams and goals – that’s inspiring!

12. Leadership: Great leaders bring something to the table that you sometimes can’t put your finger on. Their passion and trust and respect and ability to bring people together and get them to work towards a common goal is amazing.

13. Sport: I’m not talking about sports individually. I’m not talking about hockey or baseball or basketball, I’m talking about the spirit of sport – the perseverance and drive and desire and hard work that it takes to be the best and compete and practice to be better because you love something.

14. People Who Smile At Strangers: I don’t really know how to explain this one. It just is. I know nobody is in the mood to smile all the time. But people who have smiles available when they pass strangers on the sidewalk – they are awesome.

15. Teachers: I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to teach me and my classmates back in the day. We were trouble makers and smart asses and we were there every single friggin’ day. I’m pretty sure kids have been like that forever. Good on the people who choose to dedicate their lives to helping us learn something.

16. Volunteer Coaches: Whether you coach hockey, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, debate, chess, tennis or track & field – you inspire me. Much like teachers, it takes something special to want to give your time to a bunch of other people’s kids and help them to become better at something. It takes time and heart and patience that not all of us have.

17. Emergency Service Professionals: Police, Fire, EMS – whichever. If you put your life on the line on a daily basis to help protect and save lives you are a story of inspiration. And I thank you for everything that you do.

18. Art: I’m not visually artistic. I don’t have a keen eye for the details that make fine art fine. But I know that there are people out there who have amazing abilities to look at a blank canvas or wall or computer screen and see the potential that it has. You all make me wish I could do it too.

19. Beauty: I’m not talking about people as an example. I’m talking about the little things that are beautiful. Flowers and sunshine and the way nature presents pictures to us in real life that sometimes can’t be translated into photographs or paintings.

20. Web Developers: I’ve tried to learn a little bit of code and I know that it’s something I could probably learn more of. But to see people who can punch the keys and write the code and create a website that I want to spend time sifting through is pretty amazing.

21. Dreams: I’m talking about the kind of dreams that people work towards in their life. Travel and careers and homes and creating things – seeing people go after their dreams is inspiring.

22. Healthy People Who Live Life: Some people seem to take their health so seriously that they forget to have fun. Some people neglect their health so much you think their fun might kill them. But those people who can mix the 2, who have fun with their friends and live their lives and make healthy choices along the way inspire me to make decisions that are better for me.

23. Entrepreneurship: The decision to strike out on your own with an idea and plan and something to provide to the world is a tough one. And sticking with it, employing other people and making it work is both exceptional and inspiring.

24. Faith: I don’t necessarily mean religion, although that is part of it. I mean the ability to have faith when times are hard. Faith that right will win. Faith that the sun will rise and life will move on and things will be okay in some way, some how, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time. That is inspiring.

25. Farmers: They are often unappreciated. They work hard. They don’t get rich. They provide the food and fuel that we need to survive. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s pretty awesome when you put it in perspective.

26. Survival: When times get hard, and I’m not talking about 1st world problem hard, I’m talking about war and abuse and famine – the people who survive and triumph and never give up are more amazing than they know.

27. Differences: There are a lot of awesome things about people. And one of them is that we aren’t all the same. We like different things, think different things, believe in different things – and for the most part we have it in us to come together and live. Our differences are a great thing.

28. Forgiveness: Sometimes in life people don’t get along. Sometimes it’s because of differences. Sometimes people make hurtful decisions. Whatever the case, the ability to forgive and move on and live our lives is something special and when it happens fully, without resentment – it is special.

29. Happiness: You know that look on someone’s face when they are smiling and their eyes are bright and their body language is open and jovial – that full on happiness is inspiring to see. It’s infectious. It’s awesome.

30. Clarity: Those moments when all the thoughts of the world and your job and stress and life just disappear and you can think about the bigger picture and what’s important in your life. I’m thankful for those moments and what they bring. There is inspiration to be found in those moments.

31. The Internet: It’s true that it’s not all made up of cat videos and rainbows and hugs – but even still, the internet is so full of possibilities and information and amazing things that I can’t help but be inspired by it.

There we have it. A list of 31 things that inspire me in my life and make me want to live it the best that I can for me. That means something different to all of us, and that’s totally okay. Heck, it’s even inspiring!

Be awesome out there friends – we can continue to inspire each other and live great lives.

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5 things that always inspire a person

There are certain things in people's lives that, despite all the difficulties and hardships, will always inspire a person. These pleasant little things of human nature will constantly make our world a better and happier place.

Life often presents us with surprises, and it happens that they are not entirely pleasant. And when it seems to us that our hands are completely giving up, ordinary people around us can come to our aid. Thanks to their simple actions, sincere kindness and support, all bad things immediately go away.

Seeing and feeling a genuine desire to help us, we begin to feel fantastic inspiration, which breaks all our blues with a storm of positive emotions. So, what are these inspiring things that can destroy entire mountains?

5 things that always inspire a person


The ability to forgive is one of the most inspiring things in our world. There are even special techniques and group trainings that help people truly forgive others and themselves. After liberation from the pain that corrodes consciousness, people are completely transformed, even outwardly. The ability to forgive in no way makes a person weaker than the one he forgave. Forgiveness means that a person understands that being in the power of resentment, anger and pain, he only makes worse for himself.

Coming back to the same thing, feeling hatred or judging oneself for something, a colossal vital energy is spent on constantly immersing oneself in negativity. When you sincerely forgive a person, you seem to approach him on a new level. These are strong feelings. It is better to forgive and let go, and then direct your energy only in a positive direction.


Listen and empathize, this is a special distinguishing feature of a reasonable person. Therefore, psychologists, as one, emphasize the importance of truly listening and hearing your interlocutor. Even if you just listen to someone, you will already make it easier for him, and maybe even allow the person to understand his problem himself.

The simplest and at the same time effective assistance is listening to a person, listening to his feelings and emotions. People who are able to enter into someone else's situation, feel and empathize with something, not only inspire us, but in a sense even heal us with their warmth and respect. No wonder they say that if you speak out, it will immediately become easier. And here it is important that the one who listens to you also understands you.


Love is the brightest, most emotional and simply inexhaustible source of inspiration. Speaking of love, we mainly mean love between people, love for our relatives and friends, love for nature.

However, one should not deny that with love one can photograph a sunset, cook dinner for a loved one, collect children for school, etc. Even the work that is familiar to us can be done with love, unless of course we like this work. Watching someone doing what they love is really very motivating and inspiring.


Unfortunately, there are so many people in our world who believe only in what they can see or hear. They categorically refuse to go beyond their usual worldview. But there are those who have learned to believe in what cannot be touched or what cannot be seen. They believe in kindness, or in self-sacrifice for the sake of peace on earth. They believe that everything, including our world, can be changed for the better.

They protest and fight for it, and they get it. For them, this is real, even if all the arguments and evidence, as well as thousands of skeptics, will say otherwise. It is these inspired people who change our world.


Help comes in all sorts of forms. For example, you can help an elderly woman to cross to the opposite side of the road, give a hand to a fallen passer-by, or comfort a friend in difficult times. Contrary to the notion that people who lend a helping hand to others are reliable spineless individuals, modern research shows that the most successful people are the most generous givers.

For example, the most successful people in our world organized The Giving Pledge campaign, to which they bequeathed more than half of their fortune to the needs of humanity. Take a look around and you will undoubtedly find examples of amazing human responsiveness in situations requiring help and support.

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The best way to find your inspiration and not succumb to the autumn blues

Success ideas / Secrets of success

Have you ever wondered what inspiration is for you and what role it plays in your life? What inspires you the most and how can you use it to your advantage?

If you try to make a list of things that inspire you personally and use it in practice, this will open many new doors for you. The rise in productivity, new motivation, and most importantly - the joy and pleasure of what has been done. Want to try? Recommended! It is checked up on own experience.

Where to look for inspiration

A wide variety of things can inspire you – people, places, cities, books, movies, music, videos… whatever. Check out my list of places that inspire me below. Maybe he will inspire you to make your own!

This list is endless. In each paragraph, you can select one thing for yourself, as shown in the example, or you can select several (the more, the better). We can also add new categories. Explore yourself - and such research will bear fruit, believe me.

A 100-day week as a quick way to find inspiration and more

What is a 100-day week? This is a specially designed program to work on yourself for a duration of 100 days. This is not the first time that Armen Petrosyan, the author of the “Live Interestingly” blog about productivity, has been holding 100 days. He prepared an author's online course that will help you achieve your goals at the start, develop the skills of mindfulness, productivity, creativity and clarify your values. The most pleasant thing about this course is that it does not require any super efforts, overcoming oneself and other things that sharply throw us out of the comfort zone. All changes are carried out thanks to your conscious work on yourself. Just 1-2 hours a day will be enough!

And of course, among the skills that the 100 day trainee trains is the ability to inspire yourself and inspire others.

How to find inspiration yourself

The first thing you need to do is to realize what inspiration means to you personally. Then, throughout the day, pay attention and focus on what has been a source of inspiration for you. Do this exercise for a week and you will have a list of things to inspire. Don't stop there and get in the habit of writing inspirational things down on your special list. You will be surprised how many things in the world can motivate you.

Thanks to him, we can easily avoid depression, apathy and just a bad mood. Inspiration awakens in you the ability to do more, better and better. This is an increase in your productivity and an opportunity to overthrow mountains.

The key is to keep your list ready and remember to use it. And the best part is, it's endless. This is not a candy that you ate, enjoyed instantly and forgot. This list will be constantly updated, and you can use inspirations at least every day.

Consider the example of

My favorite city is my native Kyiv. It's just full of places that inspire me. First of all, these are places associated with certain periods of life. University, library building... How atmospheric it is inside! It seems that you can sit down for a book for many hours in a row and not be distracted by anything. The place of the first job is historical, quiet and calm, the center is practically the heart of the city, st. Shelkovichnaya at the crossroads with the street. Darwin, as well as a park on Silk Street, where, just like in a library, you can sit quietly on a bench, thinking about new projects or reading a book without being distracted.

There is one composition that particularly inspires me - Ennio Morricone "Le Vint, Le cri". Memories with her come from school, nothing special, but every time I listen to it, I seem to be reborn, filled with energy and can get down to business with a vengeance. There is also quite a bit of classical music on this list.

Lately, I have been very inspired by the short stories of the contemporary Ukrainian writer Nadiyka Garbish, namely her “Stories before Kavi”, “Stories before Chocolate”. I have read each story several times. But it is with their reading that my day begins with inspiration

The poem I reread most often is by Rudyard Kipling. If (in the original or translated by S. Marshak). A very deep, strong and extremely inspiring verse, which shows how much more work lies ahead on yourself, and also inspires you to take care of yourself, and not others, spend time developing yourself, and not reading a Facebook feed about how someone lives another.

Recently, the film "Peak" about an alien who ended up on Earth in complete confusion has been very inspired. His eyes show the life of people, as if from the outside, in a very simple, understandable comic form. It makes you think about really important things and about those that society has artificially made important, about the stereotypes and laws of society (or different nations), and this applies not only to religion, but also to views on other things. How important it is to understand how limited we are in the "world" in which we live (a house or an entrance, a city or a street, even if we take the whole country - and the world is so much wider, more diverse and more amazing than we think about it!). It inspires to expand the boundaries of knowledge, travel more, communicate more, open up to the world more.

Every morning I start by watching one of 2 videos (alternating between them) - Secret to you (from the creators of the film "Secret"), and What's Your Purpose? - Greatest Motivation (Les Brown & Eric Thomas). They give a charge of motivation and inspiration for almost the whole day!

Oddly enough, more than anything else, I am inspired by the rain.

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