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168 Questions to Ask Friends That Are Fun, Personal, and Deep


Time for a BFF quiz.

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Ready to achieve BFF status? Take your friendship to the next level with these fun, personal, and juicy questions to ask friends.

No matter how many years you’ve known your friend, there’s always something new to discover about your BFF. And part of being a best friend, means finding new ways to show you care. Friendship questions are the perfect way of building on an already stellar friendship.

Quiz your pals with deep questions that allow you to understand what makes them tick. You can also find out more about their personality with fun questions that cover the basics, like favorite Hollywood superstar and current Netflix obsession. We’ve rounded up some of the best questions to ask friends, ranging from silly to serious, that are sure to bring out all the feels and spark a stronger bond.

But of course, your BFF didn’t become your ride or die overnight. Knowing what kinds of questions to ask your friend group, including your newest friends, will help you cultivate closeness with everyone in your circle. You’ll find the deep questions to ask a new friend are perfect for a bond that’s just beginning.

So, grab your bestie for a best friend questions video date, or pull up this list of 168 questions the next time you’re hanging with your friend group. You’ll be surprised by how much there is to learn about people, no matter how far into the friendship you are!

In this article:

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Fun questions to ask friends

Juicy questions to ask friends

Deep questions to ask a new friend

Personal questions to ask friends

1. What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?

2. Who do you look up to the most, and what qualities do you love about that person?

3. What’s your biggest fear?

4. What’s your love language?

5. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?

6. What’s your all-time favorite memory?

7. Who was the last person to make you cry and why?

8. Where do you hope to be five years from now? Ten? Fifteen?

9. When have you felt the most proud?

10. When have you felt the most challenged?

11. Have you ever been bullied?

12. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?

13. Out of all your family members, who are you closest to?

14. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

15. What do you think happens when we die?

16. Do you want to have kids one day? How many?

17. What's your earliest childhood memory?

18. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

19. Do you believe in soulmates?

20. When you can't sleep, what keeps you up at night?

21. What has your hardest goodbye in life been so far?

22. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

23. What’s a talent you wish you had or that you’re working on?

Fun questions to ask friends

1. Which celeb would you want as your other BFF and why?

2. What do you do when no one else is around?

3. What's the best present you ever received? Who gave it to you and why was it so special?

4. What's the last thing you watched on Netflix?

5. What do you consider the ultimate comfort food?

6. If you could only have three things on your life bucket list, what would they be?

7. Would you rather be an expert at one thing, or pretty good at many things?

8. What’s your favorite thing you own and why?

9. Have you ever had your fortune told?

10. Would you rather order in or eat out?

11. What was the first movie you remember seeing in theaters?

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12. What’s your favorite TikTok video?

13. What’s been your most questionable haircut and/or fashion moment?

14. If money was no object, what would you buy?

15. When was the moment in your life you laughed the hardest?

16. What do you do when no one else is around?

17. Where do you want to travel the most?

18. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

19. What book has impacted you the most?

20. What’s your favorite movie romance? commercial?

21. What are the qualities that attract you most in a love interest?

22. You just won $10,000 — what are you going to do with the money?

23. What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?

24. What's your favorite way to exercise?

25. Do you like roller coasters?

26. What is your most hated chore and why?

27. What's your favorite holiday and why?

28. If you were going to get some ink, what would you choose and why?

29. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

30. If you had to choose only one, would you pick a dog or a cat?

31. Do you believe in aliens?

32. If you were President, what's the first thing you would work to change in this country?

33. If you had to live in another time period, what would you choose?

34. What foreign language(s) would you want to master and why?

35. What's your all-time favorite dessert?

36. Do you believe in ghosts?

37. What’s your survival plan during a zombie apocalypse?

38 If you were an animal, what would you be?

39. If you had to create an alter ego for yourself, who would it be and what would you name them?

40. What’s your No. 1 karaoke song?

41. Have you ever been on a blind date?

42. What was your AIM screen name, or your first email address?

43. What’s your favorite piece of random trivia?

44. What was your first concert?

45. Which decade, in your opinion, had the best fashion trends?

46. If a song played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

47. What’s your skincare routine?

48. Did you ever go to summer camp?

49. When’s the last time you got to really experience nature?

50. Do you feel that you’re young at heart, or an old soul?

51. What does your name mean, and why was it given to you?

52. What’s an unexpected movie that makes you cry?

53. What flavor of ice cream best represents your personality?

54. What’s the one snack you can’t live without?

55. What’s the first place you’d go to in the mall?

56. What’s the scariest or most thrilling roller coaster you’ve ever been on?

57. What’s the last song you listened to?

58. Which item in your closet is your favorite?

59. What is your key to a cozy evening in?

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60. What’s the last video game you played?

61. What’s the last thing TikTok convinced you to buy?

Juicy questions to ask friends

1. What's the last lie you told?

2. Who was your very first crush?

3. What's the best compliment you've ever received?

4. What do you consider your best physical feature?

5. What are the top three things that stress you out?

6. What are the top three ways you deal with stress?

7. When was the last time you were jealous and why?

8. Do you believe in monogamy?

9. If you choose to get married one day, what would your dream proposal scenario be?

10. What would your dream home look like?

11. When’s the last time you felt inspired to create something?

12. How did your parents meet?

13. Who’s been your favorite teacher?

14. What are your favorite childrens’ names?

15. What did you dream about last night?

16. What do you think you’ll be like in old age?

17. What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?

18. What’s something you’d consider unforgivable?

19. What’s the most loved you’ve ever felt?

20. Have you ever experienced a “friendship breakup”? What did it teach you?

21. Who was your first friend, and are they still in your life?

22. Would you ever consider being in a long-distance relationship?

23. What do you think the best way to resolve conflict is?

24. Do you feel that you have a healthy relationship with social media?

25. Is there a time when I made you feel particularly well supported?

26. How can I be a better friend to you?

27. What does friendship mean to you?

28. What qualities do you look for in a best friend?

29. What’s the most important thing I should know about you?

Deep questions to ask new friends

1. What are your pronouns?

2. What would be your perfect day? Plan it out from waking up to bedtime.

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3. What’s your zodiac sign?

4. What’s your Enneagram type?

5. On vacation, are you the relax-by-the-pool type or a get-up-and-go adventurer?

6. Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

7. What college major are you thinking of choosing and why?

8. If you could only listen to one singer or band for the rest of your life, who would you choose?

9. What's your go-to dish when you have to make dinner?

10. Are you a superstitious person?

11. What’s your favorite board game to play?

12. Who’s the best movie villain?

13. Who’s your favorite follow on TikTok? On Instagram?

14. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

15. If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what would you choose? What words do you think your friends would choose to describe you?

16. Do you have any phobias?

17. What are your top three biggest pet peeves?

18. What's your favorite color and what's your least favorite color?

19. What would your dream vacay consist of?

20. Are you competitive?

21. What’s a tough experience that you learned and grew from?

22. What’s your relationship with your parents like?

23. Do you most often follow your heart or your head?

24. What’s the most unexpected or unusual thing on your bucket list?

25. What was your last romantic relationship like?

26. What’s a value you’re unwilling to compromise on?

27. What's your absolute dream job?

28. If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

29. What TV show do you turn on when you just want to zone out and feel better?

30. What was the last movie you watched in a theater?

31. If you could time travel, where would you go?

32. What do you usually have for breakfast?

33. What's your favorite plant or flower?

34. What’s your favorite season and why?

35. Who always makes you laugh?

36. What do you think your best quality is?

37. What is your definition of success?

38. What’s your most-watched movie?

39. Do you have any hidden talents?

40. What’s the best thing you’ve dressed up as for Halloween?

41. Would you rather live by the ocean or in the mountains?

42. What’s the longest trip you’ve taken?

43. Are you a right brain or left brain person?

44. What is your most-used emoji?

45. What’s a bad habit you’re trying to break?

46. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

47. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

48. Do you like to recharge alone or around other people?

49. What’s the best museum you’ve ever been to?

50. When can we hang out again?

51. Which fictional character do you most relate to?

52. What would your ideal friend hangout include?

53. What food do you absolutely hate?

54. Do you believe in your horoscope?

55. What’s your most used emoji?

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Best Hypothetical Questions to Ask

📖  Content:

  • 🤓  What Are Hypothetical Questions?
  • ⭐️  Best Hypothetical Questions
  • 😂  Funny Hypothetical Questions
  • 🤯  Deep Hypothetical Questions
  • 👍  Good Hypothetical Questions

Asking hypothetical questions in daily conversations keeps your talks alive. It’s not only entertaining but also allows asking more personal questions without being too awkward about it.

And if you’d ask hypotheticals, don’t forget to listen and react to what your conversation partner says. Let them do the talking and show interest in their responses.

What Are Hypothetical Questions? 🤔

Hypothetical questions are questions that do not correspond to reality but are based on a scenario presented. Most of the time, hypothetical questions are about what you would do or choose in a particular situation, such as “What would you do if you caught your partner cheating?”.


Which makeup article are you?

Eyeliner, lipstick, or something else? If you were a makeup article, which one would you be? Find out with this quiz.

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Sometimes a brief story is presented and then asked what you would do. Another typical example of hypothetical questions is moral dilemmas. In moral dilemmas, you have to choose between at least two options, which are equally ethically reprehensible or unpleasant.

But don’t worry, not all hypothetical questions are dark and sad. There are also a lot of fun ones.

Best Hypothetical Questions ⭐️

To be honest, I like all of the questions. It was pretty hard to choose the best ones. Anyhow, here are some of the best hypothetical questions. Don’t forget to give an honest answer!

1. You catch your best friend cheating on their partner. Their partner is also a good friend of yours. Would you tell your friend’s partner that you saw them kissing another person? Why, or why not?

That’s quite a dilemma. Either option may have a bad outcome. What do you think is the right thing to do in this situation?

2. What’s the worst job you would never want to do? Would you take this job if you’d get paid 100k/Week?

100k per week is a lot of money. Would it be worth the money doing a job you hate profoundly?

N e w !


3. What if you weren’t allowed anymore to make your own decisions and had to choose a person to make them for you? What person would you choose and why?

Not being able to make your own decisions sucks. However, which person do you think would make the best decisions for you?

4. If you could domesticate one wild animal, which animal would you choose?

I’d love to have a pet koala bear. 🐨

5. If you were elected president, what are the first things you would change?

As a leader of a country, you have great power. What would you do with it?

6. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you buy and why?

I’m sure you can think of more than just one thing. However, what thing has the highest priority for you?

7. You are doomed to be haunted by a ghost for the rest of your life. However, you can choose which dead person the ghost is. Who would you choose as your ghost?

Who do you think would be the best ghostly company?

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8. Your best friend has just murdered someone for a good reason and asks you for help to get rid of the body. Would you help them disposing the body, or would you turn them in?

Through thick and thin - how far does your friendship go?

9. If you were a superhero but could only have superpowers that weren’t already taken, what powers would you choose, and what would your superhero name be?

So the classics like being able to fly, turn invisible, or being super strong are already taken.

10. If you had to make one species go extinct, which species would you choose and why?

If I had to eradicate one species, it would be spiders for sure.

11. You’re walking in a forest and discover a black suitcase. Inside it holds one million dollars and a piece of paper stained in blood with a single word “Don’t”. Would you take the suitcase or leave it?

Haven’t we learned from Horror movies that this is a very bad idea?

12. What would you do if time stopped for 24 hours?

Would you do something exciting or just laze around at home and have a day off?

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13. If you were required by law to get a full-body tattoo, what would you get tattooed and why?

I would turn myself into an avatar.

14. What do you think the future will look like? What changes do you think we will see in the next 100 years?

Think about good and bad changes. What would our environment look like, and what changes in technology would there be?

If you could improve any aspect of yourself (i.e., intelligence, fitness, etc.) but you had to decrease another aspect of yourself, what aspects would you increase and which would you decrease?

Is there something you would like to be better at? And in which area would you be okay with being a little worse?

16. What laws would you abolish if you could, and which laws would you create?

How do you think the world would look like with the changes you make?

17. Would you rather travel the world for the rest of your life (only staying in one place for one month) or never leave your home state ever again?

“Home sweet home” or “My home is where my heart is”?

18. If you could change one thing about the human body, what would it be?

What body parts could need improvement?

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19. How would your life change if you knew you were immortal?

What crazy things would you try out?

If you had to speak at a TEDx conference this instant, what would you talk about?

Would you talk about something personal in your life or about a specific topic you know a lot about?

21. There’s a new pill on the market that makes you 30% more intelligent. A side effect is that you will lose all your hair (eyelashes, eyebrows, body hair included). Would you take it?

I mean, no body hair would be fantastic. Give me a wig, fake eyelashes, and an eyebrow pencil, and I’m fine.

22. If you could instantly become an expert in one thing of your choice, what would you choose?

For me, it would be something creative, like playing guitar or drawing. What would be your choice?

23. If reincarnation was real, what would you want to come back as?

Would you want to be an animal or a human?

24. You’re going for a hike with your friends. Suddenly a bear shows up. You freeze up and hope that the bear will go away if you don’t make any quick movements.
It becomes clear that this strategy doesn’t work. The bear approaches you and comes closer and closer to you. What do you do?

What would be the best strategy to survive?

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25. If you had the chance to rename yourself, would you do it? If so, what name would you pick?

Do you like your name? If not, here’s the chance to find a new one.

26. If anyone killed your pet, what’s the first thing you would do?

I don’t even want to think about that.

27. If you were given 1000 dollars and told that you had to spend it today, what would you buy?

Would it be something practical or luxurious?

28. If you could go back and be any age you want for a month, what age would you choose?

My teenage years were absolutely not my favorite ones by no means. However, it would be cool to have pajama parties with my best friend at the time once more.

29. You are driving on a stormy night and see three people waiting for a ride on the side of the street.
You decide to help. However, you can only take one with you. Who would you choose if the first one was your mother, the second the love of your life, and the third a stranger who is hurt and needs medical help?

Is this an easy or difficult decision for you?

30. If you had the opportunity to save your sibling’s life by jumping off a 40 story building onto a blow-up pad that boasts a 95% survival rate for you, would you jump?

So there’s a 5% chance that you are going to die. Would you take the risk?

31. If you could be famous, what would you want to be famous for?

Have you ever dreamed about being famous?

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32. If 2020 was a movie, what would be the title be?

What genre would you choose?

33. Would you rather sleep in a haunted amusement park crawling with deadly huge snakes or sleep in a haunted hospital with huge tarantulas?

I have a phobia of spiders, so I’ve made my choice. What about you?

If you could hear what someone is thinking for a day, who would you choose, and why?

I would really like to know what my cat thinks throughout the day.

35. You’ve just woken up from a loud noise in your house. It seems that someone tries to break into your house. Do you call the police and wait for help, or do you take some actions yourself?

My initial thought was to call the police immediately. That’s what you probably should do. However, what if they have guns? Shouldn’t you first try to prevent them from breaking into your home? Or maybe it would best to hide in a room? On the other hand, if they could break into your home, there would probably also be able to break into another room where you’re hiding. And what are the intentions? Do they just want money, or are they murderers? It’s really not that easy if you think about it longer.

Funny Hypothetical Questions 😂

Now let’s get into the fun stuff. Here are some light-hearted and funny questions to think about.

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1. What would you do if you walked into your house and saw your parents having sex on the couch?

What should someone do in this kind of situation? 🙈

2. The zombie apocalypse is here. You can choose one household item as a hand weapon. Which one would you choose?

Kitchen knife, a pan, mixer… What could be useful in a zombie apocalypse?

3. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with a stranger who has extreme farting issues?

Well, your options are limited because you’re literally trapped.

4. If you could be an animal for one day, which one would you choose and why?

Which animal has the best life, in your opinion?

5. If you could choose one person from history to be your imaginary friend, who would you pick and why?

Let’s go back to medieval times, pick someone random and get to know everything!

6. If someone offered you 1000 dollars every time they punched you in the face, how many times would you want to be hit?

In my country, there is free health insurance, so bring it on. 😄

7. If you had to marry any fictional character, who would you choose, and why?

That’s a difficult decision.

8. You are at your crush’s place and have to take a big dump. There’s no way to hold it in, so you go to the toilet. Unfortunately, you have shat so much that you’ve clogged the toilet. What do you do?

Would you tell them right away or try to fix it on your own? And what would you do to fix it? One thing is sure - I would definitely sink through the ground.

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9. One night you’re 6-year-old child comes up to you and asks how babies are made? What do you say?

Would you tell them about “the birds and bees”, or would you take a more realistic approach?

10. Someone offers you one million dollars if you chop your thumb off with a saw. What would you do?

Ouch. This would take some willpower for sure.

11. If you could rename one thing, what would you rename it?

Has it ever happened to you that you read a word over and over, and at some point, it seems completely strange to you? Maybe you can come up with a better name for it.

12. You’re on a first date, and everything is great. You find that person very attractive, and they have a great personality. The only thing that bothers you is that they have really bad breath. Would you still date the person, and would you tell them? If so, how would you tell them?

As grown-ups, we should be able to talk about stuff like this. However, it is still is uncomfortable to have this conversation. Would you tell them right away or wait and tell them at a later point in time?

13. If Jurassic Park was real, would you visit it?

That’s a clear yes for me. I guess… 🤔

14. What would you do if you bumped into Harry Styles on the street?

Even if I don’t really like his music - god damn, this man is beautiful.

15. Would you rather get uglier or dumber?

What’s more important to you? Looks or intelligence?

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16. If one day you woke up and were the opposite sex, what would be the first thing you would do?

I think we all have the same thought in mind.

17. What chunk of history would you like to see in a video to get to know the truth of this time?

Choose wisely.

18. If you had to rename the seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), how would you name them?

I love this kind of question. Get creative!

19. If you could make a piece of clothing that had any kind of superpower, what kind of power would it have, and what would you do with it?

Would you choose something supernatural or something practical like a hat that magically gives you any haircut you want?

20. What two animals would you like to switch the sounds they make?

How about a meowing bird and a chirping cat?

21. If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

What genre would it be? Jazz, Pop, Rock…?

22. What if you could switch lives with someone for a day? Would you do it? If so, who would you choose?

Would you rather switch lives with a famous person or a normal person?

23. If you could relive the last year, would you change any decisions you made?

Do you regret something you did or did not last year?

If you had to wear the same outfit for the rest of your life, what would you wear?

Would you prefer something comfy or fancy?

25. Which fictional character would you like to be friends with, and why?

I would go with Kim Possible. She’s a legend.

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26. If you had a clone of yourself, what would you want it to do?

Imagine meeting your clone for the first time! It must be super weird. And would the clone feel like a clone, or would they think they are me? What if I’m the clone and I don’t know it. 🤯

27. If you could call your fifty-year-old-self and have a twenty-minute conversation, what would you talk about?

Are there any questions you would like to ask?

28. If they were making a movie of your life, what actor would you choose to play you and why?

Would you choose the actor based on their appearance or personality?

29. If you weren’t able to feel any physical pain and couldn’t ever get seriously hurt, what would you try out?

Would you try out some extreme sports or other risky stuff?

Would you rather have a tree in your back garden that produces any fruit of your choice or a domesticated dinosaur of your choice?

You could save a lot of money if you hadn’t to buy fruits anymore. On the other hand, having a pet dinosaur sounds pretty epic to me. You can have a lot of fun with it, like riding or cuddling it.

31. If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be and why?

New Girl, Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, etc. Would you go with a classic sitcom or a recent Netflix sitcom?

32. If animals became as smart as humans and could speak, what out of the following jobs would suit which animals? Accountant, teacher, general practitioner, and mail carrier.

That’s a fun question. Explain your decision. What makes these animals suitable for these jobs?

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33. If you had to replace shaking hands with a new greeting instead of shaking hands?

Because of the pandemic, maybe you’ve already come up with a creative idea for greeting gestures? How do you like shaking hands in general? Do you like it, or would you like to replace it with a new gesture forever?

Who would you choose to be your lover, a werewolf, a vampire, an alien, or a zombie?

Next question: How do you imagine your sex life with this particular lover?

35. If you were a plant, what plant would best suit your personality?

A cactus, Bonsai, orchids, palm tree,… There are a ton of plants out there. Which one are you?

Deep Hypothetical Questions 🤯

This list contains thought-provoking questions about life and also some moral dilemmas.

1. You have the choice between being immortal and unhappy or living happily for another 30 years. What would you choose?

Every human being is, to some degree, afraid of their own death, which is entirely normal because we all have a natural urge to survive. However, is your anxiety so high that you would accept living unhappy for eternity?

2. What would you do if you knew you are going to die next week?

Well, I don’t know about you, but first, I would most certainly have a couple of panic attacks. But what comes after that? Would you spend time with your family and friends? Would you travel or do something you always wanted to do but were too afraid of?

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3. What would you ask if you could phone with your future self from the year 2050?

Would you really want to know? What if you don’t like the answer? And how would your life change if you got an answer to your question?

4. If you could find a cure for one disease, which one would you choose?

There are so many horrible diseases I would like to cure. Dementia, Cancer… It’s difficult to choose only one, isn’t it?

5. If you could travel back in time and give your parents advice on how to raise you, what would you say to them?

I hope your parents were and are decent people. If not, here’s the chance to express your feelings about them. However, even seemingly perfect parents make mistakes. What would you tell them, and what would you do differently in raising your children?

I guess the initial reaction of most people is yes. However, there are many factors that determine whether we intervene or not intervene. For example, I’m a petite woman. Suppose I noticed a rather aggressive man making a racist comment. In that case, I’m pretty sure I would not intervene for my own safety. It’s definitely a heated topic. What do you think about it?

7. What if you had a friend that spoke to you the same way as you speak to yourself? Would you stay their friend?

Excellent question! That’s a great way to find out if you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself.

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8. What if you could remove one memory from your life? Would you do it? And if so, what would it be?

There’s a saying that goes, “We are our memories.” Good and bad memories change us and help us grow as human beings. However, wouldn’t it be beneficial to be able to delete traumatic events? What do you think?

9. If you could ask one question and be guaranteed a truthful answer, what would you ask?

Choose wisely because you are only allowed to ask one question.

10. What do you think would a world without borders look like?

What do you think would change to the positive and what to the negative?

11. How would your life change if you wouldn’t care about what other people think about you?

How much do you care about what other people think about you? If you’re like me, then you care too much. I really try to work on that. Think about what you would start doing or stop doing if you just didn’t give a f*ck.

12. You’re on a summer vacation with your family. Your teenage daughter and your 11-years-old niece are running down to the beach to swim. You notice that a storm is looming on the horizon, and the water looks rough. You tell them to get out of the water, but it’s too late. You hear both of them screaming. If you don’t help them, the chances are high that they are going to drown. However, who would you save first? Your niece, who is a bad swimmer, or your own daughter that you love with all your heart?

This could be a life-death situation. If you decide to save one person first, it is unsure if you had enough time to save the other.

📖 Suggested read: First Date Conversations ❤️

13. There’s a psychopath at your house who forces you to kill either your 60-years-old mother or a random child to save your own life. Who would you kill?

An Artificial Intelligence would choose the 60-year-old mother without a doubt because she is older and has a lower life expectancy. However, we are no computers and have emotions. What would objectively be the right thing to do, and what would you do?

14. You’re going for a walk and see a sad old man sitting on a park bench. You decide to sit down next to him and start a conversation. The old man tells you that he has cancer and is planning to kill himself tonight. He doesn’t have any family or friends and wants to leave all his money to you. What do you do?

Would you accept the money, or would you try to talk him out of it and get him help? However, if you were to notice a car accident, you are obligated to render aid. If you don’t do it, you can get punished. Wouldn’t it be the same with this situation?

15. If you could end all war for good by killing one innocent child, would you do it? Why, or why not?

I mean, killing one person to end all war on earth? It kind of would make sense to do it. However, could you really kill a child? Could you live with this guilt?

16. What would the world be like if humans did not have the ability to lie?

How would this affect society, and how would it affect your personal life? Isn’t it sometimes better not to tell the truth to not hurt the feelings of others?

👉 Suggested read: 250+ Questions to Ask a Guy: The Only List You'll Need

17. If you could speak to one person from history, who would it be, and what would you want to tell or ask them?

Would it be a person that you despise or a person you sincerely admire?

18. How do you think will Artificial Intelligence change our lives in the future? What positive and negative effects could it have?

How could AI improve our lives, and could it possibly be a danger to us?

If you could create a new planet, what would your perfect planet look like?

That sounds exciting! Maybe you could invent new animals and plants. What laws would you introduce, and what would life look like on your planet?

20. You’ve died. A fantasy creature gives you a choice between being reincarnated as a dog, living as a ghost on earth, or just stay dead without any consciousness. What would you choose?

Dogs seem to have a happy life, assuming they live with nice people. So I’d probably go with that.

21. You are watching a movie and find out that the movie is about your life. Would you watch it to the end, knowing that you would see when and how you will die?

Would you want to know where life leads you?

22. If you could grant one wish to another person, who would you give it to and why?

I believe, if you spread happiness, happiness will return to you. Which person, in your opinion, would deserve it the most?

23. You’ve just died.
You never believed in god and considered yourself as an atheist. Now that you’re dead, you’ve found out that god exists. You literally stand at the front door of heaven. Do you think god would open the door?

Do you believe in god? If so, do you think god accepts everyone or just believers?

Suggested read: Interesting Questions

24. If the world would die tomorrow, but you could sacrifice yourself to save it, would you do it?

That would be the most heroic act I can imagine. Though I doubt that I could do it. Can you imagine doing it?

25. If you had to choose between saving your beloved pet or the person you hate, who would you choose?

This question is not that easy to answer.

26. If you could go back in time, what event would you want to witness?

Would you like to go to the Woodstock Festival or any other concert by a musician who is no longer with us?

27. If you could give phobias to people, what would you give to whom?

Do you have any phobia(s)? Wouldn’t it be great to be magically freed from your anxiety?

If all animals would be able to talk and communicate with humans, would you eat them?

The chances are high that you personally never have to kill an animal for food. There are other people that do the job. But still, knowing that these animals can talk and somebody has to kill them, would you still eat them?

29. If you could solve one world problem, what would it be and why?

That’s a tough choice. Which world problem do you think needs to be solved most urgently?

30. If you had to choose between killing one human or 100 puppies and kittens, who would you kill?

Killing 100 puppies and kittens would take you a lot of time and also a lot of emotional pain. However, would you still do it to save one human life?

👉 Suggested read: Funny Questions to Ask - Conversation Starters

31. How would your life change if you knew the date and time of your death?

Do you think you would be more relaxed or more stressed in life knowing when you’re life is going to end?

What would you do if you had to choose between living in wealth but suffering from a chronic illness which causes you constant physical pain or living in poverty but not having a chronic illness?

Would you accept chronic pain in order to live a life of luxury?

33. How would our world be like if electricity had never been discovered?

Think of all the things in our life that need electricity to function. Also, think about what your daily life would be like and the limitations you would have to contend with.

34. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

This question is probably one of the hardest for me. You really have to know what you want in life to answer this question.

35. Would you rather know the uncomfortable truth of the world or believe a comforting lie?

Something in the middle would be great. But that’s not an option here. What would you choose if you had to?

Good Hypothetical Questions 👍

Here you find more good hypothetical questions to think about.

1. Someone offers you 10 Million Dollars if you give up your phone forever. Would you take it?

Life without a cell phone is hard to imagine these days, right? Is it worth giving up your phone for the rest of your life to live in wealth?

👉 Suggested read: Questions for Friends: Deepen your friendship

2. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you choose and why?

Not being able to smell, taste, see, feel, or hear? What sense would you be willing to give up?

3. What would you do if you had the ability to turn invisible for two hours a day?

Where would you go? Would you run around naked in public?

4. You have the option to bring one extinct animal back from the dead. Which would you choose and why?

There are many cool extinct animals, like dinosaurs, mammoths, saber-toothed tigers,… What consequences could it have to bring back one extinct species?

5. If you had to give up your phone, laptop, or headphones for the rest of your life, which one would you give up and why?

For all of them, there is a good reason to keep them. However, which of them is the least important to you?

6. If you could travel back in time for one day. Where/when would you go and why?

How far back in time would you like to travel? The 90’s, 80’s or way earlier, such as the 18th century?

7. What if you used every moment of your life productively?

Do you also suffer from procrastination? Think about all the things you could have already had accomplished by now if you didn’t put off your tasks so often.

8. What if you were locked in a dark room for 30 days? (You get food and water). What would you do to stay sane?

A couple of days in isolation and sensory deprivation is tough. I’m pretty sure the majority of people would go insane. Is there something that could help you stay sane for those 30 days?

Suggested read: Topics to talk about

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Do you have a favorite travel destination? And would you like to stay there for good?

If you could be a Marvel superhero for a day, which one would you be and why?

What would you do with those superpowers?

11. If you could become fluent in one language of your choice this instant, what would it be?

Why would you want to learn this language?

12. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?

I hate doing household chores. So I would probably choose to eliminate vacuuming.

13. If you could remove one company from the world, which one would you choose?

Amazon, Zalando, Alibaba… There many big companies out there that aren’t the most ethical ones. What are your reasons why you have picked out one specific company?

14. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?

Self-love and body positivity are great movements. However, if you had the chance to change something you always were insecure about, would you do it?

15. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?

Everybody has some good and some bad personality traits. What’s good and evil is for every person differently. Maybe you are shy and would like to overcome it (or you’re totally okay with it). Even though it’s just a hypothetical question, and your bad personality trait won’t go away by magic, maybe answering this question gives you a push to try to work on yourself.

🤓 Suggested read: 200+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Explain your decision.

17. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Do you have one all-time favorite song that you could listen to over and over again?

18. If you could make yourself never need to sleep, would you do it?

If you would do it, what would you do with the extra time?

19. You can pick any 3 people in the world to be stuck on an island with. Who do you choose and why?

Would you also pick celebrities that you admire or just close friends or family?

20. If you lost the ability to see all colors except one, which color would you want to see?

In other words - what’s your favorite color?

How would your perfect life look like?

That’s a great question to think about. It’s always good to know what you want your life to look like.

22. Would you rather be able to speak all of the languages in the world fluently or know how to play all of the instruments?

What sounds better to you? Travel around the world without language barriers or starting a promising music career?

23. You get to pick one household chore to never do again for the rest of your life. Which one is it?

As mentioned earlier - I’d definitely choose to eliminate vacuuming.

24. Would you rather live in the future or the past? And why?

Both have their advantages.

25. If you could switch body with one of your friends for a day, who would it be and why?

Which of your friends has the most exciting or most chill life, in your opinion?

👉 Suggested read: List of the best first date ideas

26. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose, and why?

That’s a difficult one. We can never know for sure if the best age has yet to come.

27. If you could get away with a crime, what crime would you commit, and why?

I would rob a bank. And yes, they say, “Money doesn’t make you happy”. That’s something rich people say. Being financially stable definitely contributes to a healthy and happy life.

28. If you never had to work again, how would you spend your time?

You could invest more time in your hobbies. And if you don’t have any, you have plenty of time to try out new things and find out what you like.

29. If you could keep only three things from your home, what would you pick and why?

Pets do not count as things.

30. If you have a lifetime supply of one illegal thing legal, what would it be?

Tough question.

31. If you had to write a book, what would it be about?

Do you have something you’re really passionate about and would like to share with the world? Share your dreams with the intelligent reader!

Imagine meeting a very attractive person in a bar. You ask them how old they are. They tell you that they’re 25 years old. You start talking to each other, and you feel emotionally and physically very attracted to them. They have the same feelings for you. After some time, you start a relationship, and you two are very happy together. One day they tell you that they lied about their age. They aren’t 25 but 15! (You are 28 years old). What do you do?

Would you end the relationship or find a way to make it work? Would it make you a pedophile because of the big age difference?

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33. It’s the year 2050, and the first hotel on Mars has just opened. Someone offers you a free trip to Mars. You would be one of the first civilians visiting mars. Would you accept the offer?

Would you like to be one of the first people visiting mars?

34. If you could only see three people for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Who are you closest to?

If you could neglect one personal hygiene routine (e.g., brushing your teeth, washing your hair,…) without any negative effects to your image or health, what would you choose?

It would definitely be shaving for me. I hate it.

Are you looking for more good hypothetical questions? Here is a list of great “What would you do?” Questions: 👉 What would you do?

If you are looking for more profound questions, then you should check out this question lists: 👉 Philosophical Questions

Questions for Friends: Strengthen Friendships

📖 Content:

  • Relationship Questions
  • Questions about You
  • Fun Questions
  • “What would you prefer?” questions
  • Interesting questions
  • Deep questions

It's a fact that hours of talking help strengthen friendships. But if you don't know how to come up with conversation starters, don't worry.

From fun, easy, ice-melting first time questions to deep, emotional questions, we've got a huge list of questions for you and your friends to suit all tastes! nine0019

60 questions to help friends get to know each other better

How well do you know your friends? Make your conversations meaningful by asking meaningful questions.

Questions about relationships

Use these questions to tell your friends about past and current relationships.

  • How old were you when you first kissed?


    Which Avatar: Waterway character are you?

    Find out which adorable Avatar 2 character you are! nine0019

    Start Quiz

  • Who was the last person to break your heart?

  • What is the most repulsive thing about a potential partner?

  • Do you like to be left alone or comforted after a fight?

  • What features must be present in your partner?

  • Would you choose intelligence despite someone's appearance?

  • How do you best connect with others? nine0019

  • Top 3 nos when it comes to relationships?

  • Do you regret your relationship decisions?

  • 5 things that make a relationship successful?

Questions about you

Get your friends to talk about you. This is the easiest way to truly get to know their innermost thoughts, values ​​and their personalities.

  • What do you love most about yourself?

  • Is there a person who inspires you?

  • Do you ever regret what you did in the past?

  • What makes you happiest? And the saddest?

  • Do you have a fear of speaking in public?

  • What household chores do you secretly enjoy doing?

  • Do you have a family tradition that you promise to continue?

    N e w !


  • What hobbies are on your to-do list?

  • What are you a specialist/expert in?

  • What is your favorite scent?

  • Are you comfortable going to a restaurant alone?

  • Do you have a culinary specialty?

  • Do you have a collection that nobody knows about?

  • Do you have a hidden tattoo?

  • Are you free to express your opinion? nine0019

  • What is your favorite place in the world?

  • Do you have a dream car?

  • What is your earliest memory?

  • What are you most afraid of?

  • What do you miss when you think about your childhood?

Fun questions

Use these fun questions if you need to break the ice a little before asking more serious questions.

  • Which game application do you use the most? nine0006
  • Do you have a favorite superhero?
  • What conspiracy theories do you believe?
  • Are you in love with a movie villain?
  • What's the strangest thing you've watched on the Internet?
  • What websites do you visit daily?
  • What is the dumbest thing you have ever agreed to do as a challenge?
  • Can you survive without social networks? If you only had one account, what platform would it be on?
  • Do you believe in the paranormal? nine0006
  • If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

“What would you prefer?” questions

“Which would you prefer” questions are not only easy to ask, but also easy to answer. These questions reveal what your friends really like and don't like.

📖 Here are 250+ questions to get to know someone

  • Coffee or tea?
  • Cookies or cakes?
  • Cinema at home or at the cinema?
  • A grand wedding or a quiet ceremony with a round-the-world honeymoon trip? nine0006
  • Book or listening to music?
  • Diet or exercise?
  • Rubber boots or flip flops?
  • Write your thoughts on paper or speak out loud?
  • Skip breakfast or dinner?
  • Put on your torn shirt or buy a new one?
  • Dancing alone or with other people?
  • Pinterest or Twitter?
  • Beer or cocktails?
  • Go hiking or swimming?
  • Shark or zombie death?

Interesting questions

Want to know how your friend's brain works? These questions will give you clues.

  • Do you have a strange recurring dream?

  • If you could learn a language fluently, what would it be?

  • What day will you never forget?

  • How close are you to your colleagues?

  • If you could have a dinosaur or dragon as a pet, which one would you choose? nine0019

  • Did I do something for you that you will never forget?

  • What was the last thing you did for the first time?

  • If you were given the right to erase one holiday, what would it be?

  • Have you done anything on your wish list?

    📖 We offer you: 400+ great questions about icebreakers

  • What was the most impressive event you attended?

Deep questions

It's hard to just blurt out questions about a friend's hopes and dreams, beliefs and opinions. Sometimes it takes the right time for this to get your friend ready to open up to you.

So, when should you start asking serious and deep questions? Are there any unspoken rules here? There are 3:

1. Nothing is forbidden

You can talk about anything from the most disgusting food you have ever eaten to the most unpleasant things you have ever done. If you and your friend have already bonded over boogers or what you'll be doing during a zombie apocalypse, then you can probably dig deeper and talk about serious topics. nine0019

2. You can cry, laugh or hiss at each other

If you or your friend let your emotions run wild without judging each other, this is also the perfect time to get to know each other better.

3. You kept each other's secrets for a long time.

There's a reason why some people consider socializing with friends to be free therapy.

Sometimes serious questions can open closed wounds or bring back an injury. Also, sometimes it can highlight a person's trust issues. nine0019

We offer you: How well do you know me? Questions

If you know deep down that you can be trusted with any secret a friend shares with you, then your friend will probably feel safe telling you something he/she has kept so dearly.

15 Serious Questions to Take Your Friendship to the Next Level

If you answered yes to all 3 of the above rules, then you are ready to challenge and go deeper. You can start with these big questions:

  1. What moment in your life are you most proud of?
  2. If you could quit your job today and do anything, what would it be?
  3. Were there certain moments in your childhood that have shaped you today?
  4. What do you regret the most?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  6. What do you value most in friendship?
  7. Do you suspect what will be your future cause of death?
  8. Was your life hard? nine0006
  9. What keeps you awake at night?
  10. If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?
  11. Do you believe in miracles?
  12. Do you have a weakness that you are trying to overcome?
  13. Would you prefer burial or cremation?
  14. What are the 3 things you are most grateful for today?
  15. Are you satisfied with your life right now?

What questions can you ask your friends (to yourself, difficult, funny).

This is the truth that everyone needs to hear. Acquaintance and friend are not the same thing. According to dictionaries:

So let me ask you. How well do you know your friends? Are they really your friends or just "acquaintances"?

Sometimes we have shy friends who don't communicate well. Or maybe we just want to get to know them better and have a good time with them.

But whatever your reason, we'll get you ready. If you need to talk, start with these questions to ask your friends.

14. Right now, if you were to die, what would you leave me in your last will and testament? nine0019

15. Think of someone you suspect or know doesn't like you. What do you think this person thinks of you?

16. If you were sentenced to death, what would your last meal be like?

19. What will you choose. Wear shoes every second for the rest of your life or never be able to wear shoes again?

21. If I were to summon you with black magic, what 5 items would I need in each corner of the pentagram?

24. If you could never sleep or eat again, what would you choose? Why? nine0019

25. If you could do anything during the day without consequences, what would it be?

32. When you poop at home, do you take your pants down to your ankles, or do you take them off completely?

36. If you could have lunch with any three people in history, who would they be?

38. If you were a fart, would you rather be "loud and proud" or "quiet but deadly"?

39. What do you do with your shopping cart when you're done with it at the grocery store? nine0019

40. How many second graders do you think you could fight off before being overpowered?

41. When you poop in a public toilet, do you soar like a bird, build a nest, or just sit down?

42. What would I not believe in you?

43. If you were a chair, who would you like to sit on you?

44. Would you rather be able to play all musical instruments or be fluent in all languages?

45. Would you rather be buried or cremated? nine0019

46. What do you believe that most people don't?

47. If you could choose a day to relive over and over again, what day would it be and why?

48. If you could ask one question and get a completely honest answer, what would it be?

49. How dare you?

50. If you were a kitchen appliance, what would it be and why?

51. Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

52. If you were given a million dollars today, how would you spend it? nine0019

53. What places do you visit that you don't want anyone to know about?

54. Who is number one on your hit list?

55. Do you sleep with your eyes open or closed?

56. If someone were to film your life up to this point, what would be on the soundtrack?

57. If you could play a song every time you enter a room, what would it be?

58. Suppose Jin gave you three wishes, what do you want (no endless wishes or anything like that)? nine0019

59. What do you think is the most interesting method of execution in history?

60. Have you pooped today?

61. If you could travel in time, where would you go, the past or the future?

62. If you could shoot something from your belly button (like a superhero), what would it be and why?

63. If you had to eat crayon from a box, what color would it be?

64. What would you say to your 10 year old self?

65. What is the biggest lie you have ever told? nine0019

66. If you were the opposite sex all day, what would you do?

67. When was the last time you took a shower?

68. If you could get away with it, how would you kill someone?

69. Cats or dogs? I mean, if there was a need for food, who would you eat?

70. What is the strangest question you have ever asked someone to get to know the person better?

71. What is the strangest or most inexplicable thing that has ever happened to you? nine0019

72. What song should be played at your funeral?

73. If you had a choice, which animal would you be and why?

74. What crime do you think you would be arrested for?

75. If you had to be in the middle of a human centipede, who would be in front and behind you?

76. If you were a transformer, would you need car or life insurance?

77. What breakfast cereal has had the most impact on your life? nine0019

78. Would you rather eat poop-flavored ice cream or poop-flavored ice cream?

79. If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?

80. If you had the ability to read my mind, provided that I could read yours, would you like it?

81. Where did you hide the body?

82. Where do you want to be in an hour?

83. How would your worst enemy describe you in one word? nine0019

84. If we were playing hide-and-seek now, where would you hide?

85. What vegetable would you choose to fight a 10 year old child?

86. Would you rather fight 1 duck the size of a cow or 50 cows the size of a duck?

87. What would make you valuable in a doomsday scenario?

88. What do you think about the human species? I need an outsider's opinion.

89. Do you want to make a snowman?

90. Would you rather have a dog or be a dog? nine0019

91. What are you proud of but never had a reason to talk about?

92. What do you want to be as your famous deathmatch opponent?

93. Where would you go in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

94. Do you think it's normal for couples to fart in front of each other?

95. What is the strangest thing you do in everyday life?

96. Have you ever touched human remains?

97. What question do you want to answer but no one asks? nine0019

98. If you could be invisible for ten minutes starting right now, what would you do?

99. You're not going to kill me, are you?

100. What are your cool pajamas?

110. If you could build anything you wanted, what would it be?

111. Would you eat a person if you really had to?

112. If you could live forever, what would you do?

113. What is your favorite color on a scale of one to ten?

114. If a strip of spaghetti accidentally flew out of your nose, would you sniff it or pull it out with your fingers? nine0019

115. What is the maximum weight you have gained in your life?

116. Do you squeeze the tube of toothpaste from the top or bottom?

117. Milk before cereal or cereal before milk?

118. What did your parents or friends tell you about me?

119. What gives you the right?

120. May I see your browser history?

33 random questions to meet someone

1. What is your favorite TV show?

2. What is your unique skill that few people know about? nine0019

3. Are you usually late or early for a scheduled appointment?

4. Do you enjoy looking at other people?

5. If you could own a car, what would it be?

6. Which section of the newspaper or website would you like to read first?

7. What movie best describes your life?

8. If you had the opportunity, would you like to live forever?

9. How different was your life from today a year ago? nine0019

10. What was the most interesting place you visited during your trip?

11. What city in the world would you like to live in?

12. How would you describe the place where you grew up?

13. What was the last book you read?

14. What is the kindest thing you have ever seen from someone?

15. What do you do to relax?

16. What do you really want but can't afford?

17. What would you like to do in your life if time and money were not important factors? nine0019

18. If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do in extra time?

19. What motivates you?

20. Who is your role model?

21. What activity makes you feel really alive?

22. What book has most influenced your life?

23. Do you have inexplicable fears?

24. What is the best lesson you have learned from life?

25. What's the best compliment you've received? nine0019

26. What do people think of you as weird?

27. What do you think about the most?

28. What is the best lesson you learned from your parents?

29. What do you want your brain to do better?

30. What have you created that you are most proud of?

31. What kind of music do you like to listen to that most people would find embarrassing?

32. What do you regret not doing when you were younger?

33. What do you think people see when they look at you? nine0019

50 deep questions to ask your friends to get to know them better

1. Who do you most look up to and what qualities do you want to see in this person?

2. What do you most want to achieve in your life?

3. What do you see in yourself that you don't like when you see it in other people?

4. What do you see in yourself that you like when you see it in other people?

5. What challenges do you most want to overcome? nine0019

6. Have you ever wished you could handle a situation differently? How would you deal with it?

7. What are you most afraid of?

8. When you are sad or upset, how do you want to be comforted? Or would you rather be left alone?

9. Tell me about a favorite memory.

10. What do you think will happen to you when you die?

11. If someone voted for a candidate you strongly disliked, would you forgive that person? nine0019

12. If you won half a billion dollars in the lottery (let's say you bought a ticket), what would be the first thing you would do?

13. Who last made you cry? What would you like this person to say to you?

14. If money didn't matter, what would you buy for yourself to make life easier or more fun?

15. If you could be close friends with any celebrity, who would it be?

16. Where do you hope to be in three to five years? How about ten years? nine0019

17. If your next home could have something of your choice that is not in your current home, what would it be?

18. What are you most proud of? Or when was the last time you were overwhelmed with pride in yourself or someone else?

19. What is your biggest problem right now (and is there anything I can do to help)?

20. Which family member do you feel closest to?

21. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money didn't matter, tell me where you would go and how you would get there. nine0019

22. What book has had the greatest influence on you?

23. What relationships shaped you the most when you were growing up?

24. Do you want children? How much?

25. If you could earn any amount as a monthly income, how much would it be and why?

26. What do you often like to talk about?

27. If you could buy one material thing and money wasn't a problem, what would it be?

28. What is your favorite plant? nine0019

29. What food would you never eat under any circumstances?

30. What confuses you the most in front of other people?

31. If you had to choose what you are most passionate about, what would it be and why?

32. Where do you want to live one day?

33. Which country do you want to be a citizen of?

34. What do you regret doing or not doing in your life?

35. Which of your parents do you most resemble?

36. What do you think is the best way to cook or bake?

37. If you could change your name, what would it be?

38. Is there anything I can do to calm your heart?

39. Have you considered running for president?

40. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

41. Do you think ghosts are real?

42. Do you think aliens are real?

43. What was the name of the first person you fell in love with? Why did you like it? nine0019

44. How old are the most expired foods in your refrigerator?

45. Do you have the same feet?

46. What is the saddest song you have ever heard?

47. Is there anything you would like to apologize for but have never done?


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