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10 Laid-Back And Loyal Dog Breeds For Introverts

Being an introvert can mean a lot of different things. It could be that small talk is best avoided, a small group of close friends is better than any party, and if you do go out, you might be the person who’d rather talk to the dog than anyone else.

When it comes to choosing a best furry friend, an introspective personality bonds best with a like-minded dog. These are the dogs that, instead of rushing up to every stranger they see, hang back and stick close to their people. The ideal dog breeds for introverts are loyal and don’t need a lot of outside attention. But at the same time, they’re always up for a cuddle with their one special person. If you regularly choose the comfort and quiet of your couch over big parties, these dog breeds would love to keep you company.

#1. Greyhound

When they’re not showing off their speed and athleticism, Greyhounds are probably taking a snooze on the couch or staring thoughtfully out the living room window. They like to sprint and can be a flight-risk if you’re not careful, but these big, lovable dogs are the introverts of the canine world. While friendly and affectionate, a Greyhound isn’t likely to run toward a stranger soliciting pets. A more likely course of action is for your Greyhound to take off after perceived prey following their instinct as a sighthound. With the right training, these sensitive dogs thrive in tight-knit families where there’s plenty of time for short bursts of exercise followed by cuddles and naps on the couch.

#2. Newfoundland

Giant and covered in beautifully fluffy fur, Newfoundlands can’t help but attract attention. Strangers coming up to gush at your dog isn’t an ideal situation for introverts, but rest assured, it’ll be your dog that gets the spotlight, not you. Besides their uncontrollable way of inviting stares, the Newfoundland is a loyal dog breed ideal for people who’d rather spend time with their pets than anyone else. A sweet temperament is included as a breed standard, and these big dogs make devoted companions to the people who train them, exercise with them, and spend the most time by their sides.

#3. Shiba Inu

As the number one companion animal in Japan, and with a growing population in western countries, there’s a lot to love about the Shiba Inu. Their fox-like faces are great for internet memes, but that’s not all. Known for being friendly toward people, a Shiba Inu is most comfortable with one special person. They tend to bond closely with their primary caregiver and behave nonchalantly around everyone else. They’ll gladly keep you company on those Friday nights you’d rather stay home, and they won’t force you into an awkward conversation with the neighbors every time you leave for a walk.

#4. Basset Hound

Lazy, goofy, and laid-back are the best words to describe the average Basset Hound. They have huge ears, adorably droopy eyes, and short legs supporting long bodies. When trained for scent work, these hound dogs are usually bested only by the Bloodhound. They’re superb at sniffing out rabbits, but most of today’s Basset Hounds prefer the comfort of a quiet home over the thrill of the hunt. A weekend spent on the couch binge-watching Animal Planet is their idea of a good time. You’ll need to take a few breaks to stretch those little legs, but Basset Hounds only require enough exercise to keep off extra pounds.

#5. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities, and they’re quick to decide who they like and who they’d rather avoid. They’re known for being standoffish toward strangers, and if it wasn’t for their minuscule size, they’d make passable guard dogs using their little barks to alert families of approaching outsiders. Full of sass and charm, Chihuahuas choose their favorite people and stick to them. They’re loyal to their families and aren’t afraid to speak their minds when someone not on their list of approved people gets too close. You’ll need to train your Chihuahua to ensure good manners, but time spent together will only improve your close friendship.

#6. Pug

Another small and loyal dog breed is the Pug. These compact, sturdy little dogs were bred specifically to be human companions. They thrive when they’re the center of attention, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go out looking for it. All they want is to be one person’s whole world, and they’ll make that person their genuine best friend in return. Your Pug will want to follow you everywhere you go, and they’ll also be your source of entertainment. These dogs are clowns at heart, and you’ll have fun simply watching your dog be his normal self. When he tires himself out, he’ll be happy to sit in your lap for a quiet night in.

#7. Akita

Known for being one of the most loyal dog breeds out there, the Akita is an introvert in her own right. She’s not interested in meeting new people or going to dog parks for socialization. She’s more likely to stand protectively by her owner’s side than voluntarily approach new people. Seeing her out in public might give you the impression she’s too serious, but an Akita is always more relaxed with her family. She’s happiest when it’s just the two of you without the distraction of other people or animals. And when you need to recharge in solitude, she’s fine to follow your lead and keep to herself.

#8. Alaskan Malamute

It’ll be impossible for your neighbors not to notice your beautiful Alaskan Malamute trotting down the road by your side. Once they get over the impressive gracefulness of your dog, a Malamute is a great dog breed for introverts. Mals are pack animals, and as long as they have a few close companions, they’re happy without seeking outside attention. That doesn’t mean, however, your Malamute will turn his tail toward strangers. They’re generally friendly dogs and will greet your close friends and family with a quick sniff of approval. No matter what you’re doing, he’ll always want to be by your side. You can even use him as an effective buffer in potentially awkward social situations. He’ll automatically be in the spotlight so you don’t have to.


German Shepherd Dog

Whether they’re sniffing out explosives overseas, chasing down bad guys in Detroit, or taking a snooze in someone’s living room, German Shepherd Dogs are prized examples of what loyalty really means. They’re often chosen by military and police forces not only for their impressive athletic abilities and easy to train attitudes, but also because they form fast and firm bonds with people. A GSD will be a true friend and stand proudly beside the person who earns their trust and respect. While not overly clingy, German Shepherds will always prefer to be near their family. Once you’ve bonded with a German Shepherd, he’ll be there morning, noon, and night to keep you company. He’ll listen to you talk about the good and the bad, and when you decide last minute to ditch your plans and stay home, he’ll be happy to have you all to himself.

#10. Beagle

Beagles don’t automatically jump out as one of the best dog breeds for introverts but don’t let their excitable personalities fool you. These little hound dogs, with their big eyes and floppy ears, are a good balance for people who prefer solitude. They’re always happy to see their families, but they’re also good at giving them space. They’ll force you out of the house, and once they’re happily tuckered out, you’ll have a gentle companion for quiet contemplation. Living with a Beagle will mean taking regular walks and always having an eye out for mischief.  They’ll definitely keep life interesting, and that “I need to get home to my dog” excuse you use to get out of unwanted social invitations won’t even be a lie. Beagles don’t do well on their own, and they’re happiest and the best-behaved when they have constant companionship.

Finding the right dog breed for introverts isn’t an exact science. Even within breeds, every dog is an individual. It’s best to get to know a dog before signing the paperwork and bringing him home. And remember, purebred dogs aren’t the only ones with loyal, laid-back personalities. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful companions, and they typically bond closely with people. Check out your local shelter or find a breed rescue organization to find the perfect dog for your personality.

Sources: DogTime, AKC

Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

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Save Article IconA bookmarkShare iconAn curved arrow pointing right. Read in app Dogs that are ideal for introverts are independent. Shutterstock

Introverts draw their energy from quiet atmospheres, independent activities, and inward contemplation. It would make sense then that the perfect dog for a quiet homebody is one that is independent, gentle, and affectionate.

Humans have been breeding dogs for almost 9,000 years, but it has only been 200 years since we've been selectively breeding for particular traits and behaviors.

If you're looking for your next perfect introvert companion, look no further than our list of breeds below. 

Great Danes are giant couch potatoes.

Great Danes are large but don't need a lot of exercise. Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Known for their enormous size, Great Danes are actually quite docile dogs. They don't require an enormous amount of exercise and love lounging around the house.

Despite their imposing figure, they tend to be gentle and loving dogs who may get into a bit of mischief like Marmaduke or Scooby Doo. They may even attempt to be a lap dog.

Irish Wolfhounds are easy going giants.

Irish Wolfhound like some exercise. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If you're looking for an easy going giant, the Irish Wolfhound is the dog for you.

Another enormous dog that was bred for hunting, the Irish Wolfhound is a large dog that generally calm, affectionate, and friendly. Unlike their Great Dane brothers though, Irish Wolfhounds require a brisk walk daily and some space to run to ensure they're happy and healthy.

The Irish Wolfhound is perfect for an outdoorsy introvert who loves long walks.

Newfoundlands love to work for your affection.

These dogs are natural babysitters. Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Another giant pup perfect for introverts is the Newfoundland. Known for their quiet and patient demeanor, the Newfoundland is an excellent dog breed for quiet homes and families.

Personality characteristics of the Newfoundland include gentleness, patience, and active. These big dogs are natural babysitters and love to have a job. It is recommended that you give them something to pull or carry when taking them out for walks.

Shiba Inu are excellent dogs for people who like cats.

Shiba's love their alone time. Shutterstock

Not just an internet meme, the Shiba Inu is a fiercely loyal dog who bonds with one to two people.

Characterized by a cat-like independence and personality, these small dogs are highly intelligent and, like their introvert owners, love their alone time. They bond fiercely with their family and are cautious of outsiders and changes in their environment.

According to the American Kennel Club, “The spirited, good-natured Shiba is the most popular companion dog in Japan.”

Samoyeds are striking and will bring you out of your shell.

These dogs are basically fluffy clouds. Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

For those introverts that are looking to be a little more extroverted, the Samoyed is a perfect breed.

This striking dog looks like a giant fluffy cloud and has the cuddly personality to match. They are intelligent dogs bred for reindeer herding and thrive in close quarters with their owner.

If you're looking to get more sociable while out and about on a walk, the Sammy will surely get you noticed, make you some friends, and help bring you out of your shell.

Border Collies are intelligent and can be trained.

Border collies are the most intelligent dogs. Shutterstock

Introverts get invested in their hobbies. With that in mind, a Border Collie is a perfect dog for someone looking for a project.

Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dogs and because of that, they require a lot of attention and training. These herding dogs have been selectively bred for their agility and intelligence. They are the top choice for people looking for a highly energetic dog they can train.

For the introvert looking for an energetic best friend they can teach tricks to, the Border Collie is doggie perfection.

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Best dog breeds for introverts

And these different introverts may like and desire completely different dogs. And let them! Citizens of introverts, you can get any dogs, but you must take into account some conditions.

The first condition is that a dog is work. And hard work. Especially in the first year of a dog's life. It is only later, when you gather plenty of poop, wipe puddles, get wet in the rain and educate, then the dog will become happiness. Then your walks will become a comfortable pastime, because a well-mannered and adult dog does not cause trouble and does not particularly distract. This young and ill-mannered dog is both a tornado, a tsunami, a flood, an earthquake, and sometimes a fire to boot. nine0003

I postulate: a well-mannered and adult dog with the right exercise both in the apartment and on the street does not cause problems, regardless of breed.

The second condition is the very correct exercise. That is, dogs need to be walked. At least two hours a day. More is better. With insufficient exercise, complications in the human-canine relationship are possible, and the dog can become a burden. So, if you want to get yourself someone who will regularly take you for a walk with manic stubbornness, get a dog. But if you're an introverted stay-at-home type, it's best to get a cat. nine0003

The third condition: when choosing a dog, consider your attitude to physical activity. If you are one of the more balanced introverts and do not tolerate fuss, that is, if you like lying down more than sitting, and you like sitting more than standing, then get a dog from balanced and phlegmatic breeds with low requirements for physical activity.

And vice versa: if you think that a decent introvert should go in for sports or at least jog, get a dog that will help you with this (from service and sports). By the way, you can also do dog sports, some kind of agility, frisbee or some other kind. nine0003

And fourth... It's not even a condition, it's more of a problem. This is me about those introverts who are the most introverts, that is, they really do not like when they are distracted. About those who are looking for loneliness in companies. About those who do not like to communicate. On the one hand, there are breeds of dogs that are not very emotional, do not require love from the owner and are not very sociable themselves. For example, breeds such as Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Basset Hound and Shar Pei. With proper upbringing, such dogs remind of themselves only when they want to eat or take a walk, and on a walk they follow the shadow, quietly going about their dog life. The problem is that most of the dog lovers that inhabit our planet are sociable people to the point of importunity. I deal with this every time I walk! nine0003

Thus, when you go outside with your dog, you will inevitably attract the attention of other dogs and their owners who do not know that you are an introvert. They believe that you are as crazy as they are, and are ready to tell everyone they meet, transversely, how your dog sneezed today, how many hiccups and barked about.

Do you, an introvert, need it?

There is, of course, a way out. Even two. First, don't get a dog. The second is to get a dog of such a breed that both people and dogs will either be afraid or embarrassed to approach. nine0003

In conclusion, no matter how introverted you are, you will definitely find a dog that suits you. There are over 500 registered dog breeds in the world! There are plenty to choose from!

Dogs for introverts and extroverts

Who are extroverts and introverts?

Having discarded all the complex psychological bells and whistles around the categories, we turn to the most understandable definitions.

Extroverts are sociable and active people who are turned outward. It is generally accepted that people of this type act first and think later - but at the same time they are very social, therefore they have a wide circle of friends. Talking to a stranger for an extrovert will not cause the problems that an introvert is more likely to experience. nine0003

Introverts , on the contrary, people are unsociable, immersed in their own thoughts and experiences. They have a narrow circle of close people. They love plans and order - but spontaneity scares them. Getting into large companies, introverts quickly get tired and “discharged”.

In fact, both of these definitions are schematic, because specific people are more complex than any categories. But for the selection of a dog, this average portrait of the future owner is quite enough.

What risks do introverts and extroverts take when getting a dog? nine0028

An introvert needs to be prepared for daily walks and small talks with other dog lovers. A real dog lover will not miss the opportunity to talk about his pet to both a thoughtful silent person and a talkative choleric person. In addition to their own pets, the conversation will most likely feature the nearest veterinary clinics and vicious dogs in the area. By the way, an introvert will have to communicate not only with dog lovers, but also with his own dog. In her company, you will need to spend a lot of time, especially in the first year of marriage. Homebodies do all this is often not easy. nine0003

The main question for extroverts who are preparing for the appearance of a dog in the house: is there a place for her in your hectic life? How hard will it be for you to choose to stay at home instead of nightly gatherings with friends or unplanned brainstorming sessions with colleagues? And a year after the appearance of the dog? A dog requires a lot of its owner’s time: and if the issue of feeding and walking can be solved, then no one can replace communication with you for your dog.

Dogs for extroverts

All these breeds are united by a high level of activity, fast reaction, desire to communicate with other dogs and people. Of course, there are more than five breeds with such characteristics, we settled on the most popular in Russia.

  1. Golden Retriever and his brother Labrador - both need no introduction. Everyone knows that representatives of these breeds are as sociable as possible, friendly and, in addition, not stupid, therefore they are easy to train. Also, they love children. It is not surprising that the popularity of Retrievers and Labradors has not waned for many years. nine0058
  2. Jack Russell Terrier requires attention and is difficult to experience loneliness, especially if not accustomed to from childhood. Representatives of the breed do not like to sit at home, so get ready for long walks that will be more like jogging: Jack Russell Terriers are very fast (sometimes too much).
  3. Shelties and collies rarely quarrel with anyone at home and on the street. It seems that these dogs can bring the ball indefinitely. They get along with other animals and children, while they are concentrated on the owner. Shedding heavily is a problem for both extroverts and introverts. nine0058
  4. Beagles are cheerful and non-confrontational dogs. Moreover, their mood almost does not change - they are always ready for games. Beagles can be naughty, so you will have to tinker with their training.
  5. Corgi - the list would be incomplete without this breed, because a non-contact corgi is rather an exception. The representative of the breed is suitable for an extrovert who loves to be in the spotlight. Corgis are often more human-oriented than their relatives.

Dogs for introverts

This list, on the contrary, includes phlegmatic dogs that love the warmth of the hearth, sound sleep at any time of the day and inspection of the room from under the sofa positions. Often not lovers of attention to their own person, isolated, independent; think about something, but do not talk about what.

  1. Shiba Inu, like everything that has Japanese roots, is a bit strange. Shiba is a dog that is more like a cat in character and habits. Representatives of the breed are very calm, like to take a nap, a lot of naps. Due to their natural cunning, Sibs will try to dominate, so they need to be brought up in a reasonable way demonstrating dominance in a pair. nine0058
  2. The English Bulldog is a dog that does not require long and exhausting walks, while being affectionate and gentle. Bulldogs are lazy and stubborn, but calm, do not climb demanding attention. Like all other brachycephals, they can snore loudly.
  3. Basset Hound - it is not surprising that a representative of this particular breed was given as an assistant to the film lieutenant Colombo, emphasizing the phlegmatic nature of the hero. Although this dog has the instincts of a serious hunter, today it often acts as a companion, lying on a couch or slowly walking behind the owner. These dogs are happy that the owner is just at home. They are very loyal to the established order and habits, for which they will be respected by real introverts. nine0058
  4. Scotch terriers are mostly independent, independent and do not require much attention from the owner, after a short game they can quite unexpectedly turn around and leave. Like introverts, Scotchs always seem to be preoccupied with their own thoughts. “Philosophers,” as their owners often say about them. They will not show aggression towards rare guests of introverts, they will be complacently ignored, choosing another room.
  5. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog that seems to be overwhelmed with self-esteem and a sense of tact. A large dog, while not requiring many cubic meters of home space: in a small apartment, he often occupies one place familiar to him and looks through the property from there. He does not break the leash at the sight of cats, but they like to take a walk. There are actually a lot of forces in these dogs and, if necessary, they will rush to protect their owners, although in ordinary life they are calm and good-natured, and also tolerant of other pets and children.
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