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Mommy and Me Music Classes

Age-appropriate music and movement classes that fuel bonding between you and your little one


What do you do in Mommy and Me classes?

More than just a sing-a-long. You’ll sway, shake, tap, imagine, connect, create, and so much more to pump up your child’s early brain development. Kindermusik Educators are committed to making classes joyful and beneficial for everyone, including grownups.

At the end of your Mommy and Me class, you’ll take home practical strategies to help fuel your child’s early brain development and keep those priceless musical memories going.

Mommy and Me classes for babies

In a Mommy and Me class for babies, Educators show you musical ways to help your baby self-soothe, maximize and enjoy tummy time, and boost bonding—a key component to meeting and exceeding early development markers.

You’ll experience:

Listening Skills

This is just the beginning of hearing music with different rhythms, sounds, and lyrical styles...and learning to respond to your voice. Early communication at its best!

Vocal Plays

Back-and-forth vocal plays and other grownup-baby interactions will amplify early language development and early social-emotional skills (turn-taking!).

Instrument and Prop Play

From watching the chime balls roll to playing peekaboo with scarves, your baby will experience a brain-boosting sensory playground.

Bonding Exercises

Get ready to cuddle. You’ll learn new techniques like baby massage to help your little one find calm and grow your relationship together.


I love watching my daughter’s imagination and confidence grow. Plus, I’m learning ways to make routines like bedtime easier with music.

Mommy and Me classes for toddlers

In a Mommy and Me class for toddlers, Educators help fuel your child’s sense of independence, curiosity, and creativity, while giving you ways to keep the learning going at home through sounds exploration, early imaginary play, and more.

You’ll explore:

New Objects and Instruments

Think shaking a shaker to the music and investigating instruments on their own. They’ll grow fine motor skills while you gently encourage their creativity.

Beginner Musical Concepts

We’ll find a steady beat together, experience opposites through high-and-low, fast-and-slow instrument and vocal play, and more.

Enhanced Musical Play

Toddlers will love fine-tuning fingerplays to the music, practicing repetition (hello, vocabulary!), and listening to songs with different meters and modes.

Whole-body Movement

Whether it’s practicing the same movements together or interpreting music on their own, your child pump up gross motor skills while moving and grooving to the beat.


Find a Class Near You

Supercharge early development and connect with friends in our LIVE virtual or in-person music classes for kids.

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Beautiful, touching poems about mother

Beautiful, touching poems about mother will help you express all your feelings. We have a large selection, so you can choose what is right for your mom. If these poems seem too childish to you, then open other poems about mom.


Mom's hands

Mom's hands - warm,
Mom's eyes - light,
Mom's fairy tale in a dream,
Mom's genes in me,
Mom's thoughts with me,
My earthly bow to my mother.
(E. Koltovskaya)

2. Mommy

Who came to me in the morning?
Who said: "It's time to get up"?
Who managed to cook porridge?
Tea - pour into a bowl?
Who braided my pigtails?
Swept the whole house alone?
Who picked flowers in the garden?
Who kissed me?
Who is a child who loves laughter?
Who is the best in the world?
(W. Rajab)

3. Let's sit in silence

Mom is sleeping, she's tired...
Well, I didn't play either!
I don't start the top,
I sat down and sit.

My toys don't make any noise,
It's quiet in the empty room,
And on my mother's pillow
The beam is stealing golden.

And I said to the beam:
– I also want to move.

I would like a lot:
Read aloud and roll the ball.
I would sing a song,
I could laugh...

Whatever I want!
But my mother is sleeping and I am silent.

The beam darted along the wall,
And then slid towards me.
"Nothing," he seemed to whisper, "
Let's sit in silence!"
(E. Blaginina)

4. My mother is a doctor!

Let mom have a syringe in her hands,
You don't back away like cancer.
Well, this is my mother,
She is very kind!

5. Song about mother

You know, mother, it's an ordinary day
We can't live without you!
The word mother is so familiar
From the first days we speak!

One has only to take a closer look -
The whole world is warmed around
Warmth of mother's heart,
Gentle, kind hands... the battle!

Mom, there is no dearer friend -
Do you believe in our every takeoff!
Who else, like you, will help?!
Who else will understand like you?!
(M. Sadovsky)

6. Mom

Mom's dresses
Just right
Do not count.
There is blue
And there is green,
There is blue
With large flowers -
Each one serves
In its own way for mother.

This goes
She goes to the factory,
This goes to the theater
And she goes to visit,
She sits in this,
Busy with drawings...
Everyone serves
Mother in her own way.

Carelessly thrown
On the back of the bed
Old, shabby
Mother's dressing gown.
I give it
Carefully to my mother,
And why -
Guess yourself:
If you put on
A colored robe,
So, the whole evening
Will stay with me.
(G. Demykina)

7. Mother and Motherland are very similar...

Mother and Motherland are very similar:
Mother is beautiful, Motherland is too!
Look closely: Mom has eyes
The color is the same as the sky.

Mother's hair is like wheat,
What is earing in the endless fields.
Mom's hands are warm and tender,
They remind a ray of the sun.

If mother sings a song, then
A merry and sonorous stream echoes to her...
It should be so: what is dear to us,
Always reminds of our mothers.
(A. Starikov)

8. Iron health

I take three popsicles,
I chew icicles and ice floes,
I go without a hat and put my hands in icy water.

Iron health directly:
I can't get sick at all,
So that a kind, gentle mother
Could sit with me.
(O. Bundur)

9. I love my mother

My mother brings me
Toys, sweets,
But I love my mother
Not at all for that.
Funny songs
She sings,
We are bored together
It never happens.

I reveal to her
All my secrets.
But I love my mother
Not only for that.
I love my mom,
I'll tell you straight,
Well, just because she's my mom
(L. Davydova)

10. Take care of your mother

If mother is not at home,
Very, very sad.
If mother is gone for a long time,
Then dinner is tasteless.
If mom is not around
Cold in the apartment,
If mom is not around,
Bad in the whole world.
If mother is far away,
Very difficult for children.
I'll tell you straight:
- Take care of your mother!
(E. Ranneva)

11. Mom's portrait

I'll clean the glass and the frame,
Because mom is in the frame.
I'll wipe the frame clean:
I love my mother very much!

12. Eighth of March

Again spring murmurs in streams,
Birds chirp for show.
And the sky with blue eyes
Looks at us cunningly.

Mom has a special day today -
A holiday has come to her threshold.
My daughter and I are both joyful,
Cooking a sweet pie for her.

Although this is not an easy task,
The cake is given to us with difficulty,
But in the morning, what kind of infusion
Now our whole house is filled!

Mom is beaming with happiness
And, smiling, on the go
She says to us: what a pity that the holiday
This happens once a year.

13. Just like my mother

My mother sings
Always at work,
And I always help her with hunting!

I dream
I look like my mother
I become.
I am learning to iron
And to cook,
And to wash,
And I wipe the dust,
And I sweep the floor...
I dream, I dream.

I dream, I dream…
I dream,
Like a mother,
To be able to do everything,
And maybe
Like a mother,
I will learn to sing.
(M. Sadovsky)

14. If I were a girl

If I were a girl -
I wouldn't waste time!
I wouldn't jump in the street,
I would wash the shirts,
I would wash the floor in the kitchen,
I would sweep the room,
I would wash the cups, spoons,
I would peel the potatoes myself,
I would put all my toys myself
I would put them in their places!
Why am I not a girl?
I would help my mother so much!
Mom would immediately say:
"Well done, son!"

https://otmetim. info/stixi-o-mame/

15. A simple word

In the world
Good words
Lives a lot,
But everyone is kinder
And one is more tender -
From two syllables
A simple word "ma-ma",
And there are no words,
Dearer than it!
(I. Maznin)

16. Mothers

Mothers love to eat jam,
Sitting in the kitchen in the dark,
Singing, dancing, on Sunday,
If no one sees them.

Moms love to measure puddles,
Finding them in a hot summer,
Forgetting the keys to the door,
And then loitering somewhere.

Moms like to sleep on Saturday
And make elephants out of snow,
And skip work,
And run without a hat in winter.

Moms love to eat candy
And ride the tram
But they don't talk about it
Nobody knows...
(D. Gerasimova)

17. Beloved mother

Ruddy apple
I won't eat one,
Half an apple
I will give to my beloved mother.
(E. Stekvashova)

18. An important meeting, or What to present to mothers

Everything in the forest is noisy, singing -
Mother's holiday is coming!
Everyone needs to discuss:
What will we give moms?

Monkey dads will say:
- We'll buy bananas for moms!
To cook all year round
Banana compote for us.

Hamster dads will say:
- We'll buy hooks for moms!
So that day-to-day until night
We were knitted sweaters!

Papa-bears will say-say:
– Let's buy-buy caps for moms!
Let's buy jars, roots -
Let moms cook jam!

Well, the bunny is on the edge of the forest
Rushing into the distance, spreading its ears,
Hey, wait! Where are you?

– I'm in a hurry to buy flowers!
After all, why give hooks?
Oh, you bears, hamsters!

So that mothers can rest,
So that they flutter like little birds,
We will love mothers!
Let's give them flowers!

So stop thinking too much!
All follow me on the road!
For a gift - the very hour!
They are waiting for us with mom's flowers.

And where to get flowers - we will find!
Let's go to the forest with our mothers,
Mother's Day - after all, it's a big day...
We love our mothers with all our heart!
(K. Avdeenko)


Get lost?
(S. Pshenichnykh)

20. Mom's smile

There is nothing cuter
Mom's smile -
As if the sun will flash light,
Darkness will dispel unsteady!

It will shine like a tail,
Goldfish -
Bring joy to the heart
Mom's smile!
(T. Shorygina)

21. Quarrel with mother

Nikita was rude to mother,
And now she is angry!
Need, without a doubt,
Ask for forgiveness!

Although Nikita was stubborn,
still approaches his mother.
After all, not life, but simply grief,
If you are in a quarrel with your mother!

Who will hug you tenderly?
Only mommy, of course!
She will forgive you everything
And treat you with candy.

Nikita apologizes,
And the insult is forgotten!
Things are going well,
If mom is cheerful!
(E. Popova)

22. Our mother is the best!

Our mother is the best!
At her chic fur,
At a smile, a clear look
Cats look with envy!

In a fur coat, gray, velvety,
In a hat, gray-silver,
With a purse, with heels,
With light pink glasses…

Pink and gray -
There is nothing more elegant!

Mother's pink tail,
Like the most fashionable lady,
We are more beautiful than the tail
Never seen!

Others have worse tails,
Aunt Piggy loves puddles,
Aunt Lizard - oh! -
Lost her tail.

And here is the ponytail of our mother
All the more elegant and beautiful.
We are our big family
We love mom with all our heart!

Only kittens with Aunt Kisa
They call their mother "Rat",
And her outfit is cool
They call her "rat".

And Aunt Klusha's chickens
They say that we are boasters,
That the tails of boasters -
Only the tails of rodents.

Only peacocks themselves
They like to show off their tails,
Like, peacock tails -
Standards of beauty!

We don't argue, we don't make noise,
We look at mommy,
We praise, congratulate,
We say compliments!

For each child:
Both a kitten and a rat,

Mom is more tender than everyone,
Mom is more necessary than everyone,
Mom is more important than everyone,
Mom is dearer to everyone,

And clear and simple
From ears to tail!
From beautiful cute ears
To a wonderful tail!
(T. Shatskikh)

23. Lullaby for mother

Mother worked hard for a long time:
All the things, things, things…
Mom was so tired during the day,
She lay down on the sofa.
I won't touch her,
I'll just stand by.
Let her sleep a little -
I'll sing a song to her.
I will become closer to my mother -
I love her very much!
It's just a pity that he doesn't hear
My mother's song.
There is no song more wonderful.
Maybe sing louder for me,
So that my mother can hear this song
Can you hear it in your dreams?
To dump trucks,
Bags are also not carried,
Where there is a whole pood of products.
Strong men - circus performers
This work is not up to the shoulders,
This work is up to the shoulders
Only strong mothers!
(O. Bundur)

Mom understands.
My mother knows everything,
Knows everything in the world!
- Why do wasps sting?
I ask directly.
And ALL my questions
are answered by my mother.
Will tell me where from the sky
Snow is taken in winter.
Why is a loaf of bread
Baked from flour?
Why does the dog bark?
What will you dream about?
Why does the icicle melt
And eyelashes tremble?
Why is there a cloud in the sky,
Is there a lawn in the forest?
(T. Bokova)

26. Great word

Oh, how beautiful is this word - MOTHER!
Everything on earth from mother's hands.
She taught us, disobedient and stubborn,
Kindness - the highest of sciences.

Dear mother, dear Nenko,
We bring you flowers on holidays.
Both in the city and in a small village
You are the most precious thing there, only you.
(M. Sirenko, translated from Ukrainian by L. Mikhailov)

27. Mom!

If mom is happy,
If she loves,
Let it snow and rain -
It's always spring in the house!
(O. Bundur)

28. Everyone has a mother

Do you hear, in the morning the baby leaves
Rustle on the mother branch:
- We are glad that the darkness is leaving,
We see mother again!

The bear cub has a mother,
The baby elephant, the hedgehog.
At the end of a long night
Everyone is very happy:

In the morning, as soon as the sun comes out,
Animals will see their mothers.
(G. Vieru)

29. Our mothers are the most beautiful

The song flies into the blue sky
From the big school window.
Our mothers are the most beautiful,
Spring gave them a song.

No more winter smoke,
The sun is peeping into the classroom for us.
Our mothers are the best, the best -
Who knows about this better than us!

As white as swan feathers,
Fluffy clouds are floating in the distance.
Our mothers are the most, most beloved
In a world full of stars and cornflowers!

Rainbows play with modulations,
Shine over the expanses of the earth ...
Our mothers are the most, the happiest -
We read it in their eyes!
(M. Plyatskovsky)

30. Mom's help

I protect my mother's work,
I help as much as I can.
Today my mother is for lunch
She cooked cutlets
And she said: "Listen,
Help me out, eat!"
I ate a little,
Isn't there help?
(N. Grozovsky)

31. Talk about mom

From the bottom of my heart,
In simple words
Come on, friends,
Let's talk about mom.
We love her,
As a good friend,
Because we have
Everything is together with her,
Because when
We have a hard time,
We can cry
At our native shoulder.

We love her also because
That sometimes
Get stricter
Wrinkled eyes.
But it stands with a confession
Come with your head -
Wrinkles will disappear,
A thunderstorm will rush off.

For always being
Without concealment and directly
We can entrust
our heart to her.
And just for the fact,
That she is our mother,
We firmly and tenderly
We love her.
(N. Sakonskaya)

32. If mother is near

If mother is nearby, the world is full of miracles,
Nothing is needed if mother is here,
I will take her by the hand,
I will not give my mother to anyone in the world.

If mother is near, the world is flooded with sun,
She will help me in everything, she will forgive everything,
She will tell me a fairy tale, she will sing a song,
If mother is near, she will understand everything.

I won't cry if I fall,
Mom will be there, she will take trouble away,
She will kiss her hard and press her to her chest,
If mom is nearby, the pain will go away immediately.

If my mother is at home, I'll play with her,
Of course, everything is more fun to do with my mother,
I don't hide anything from my mother,
I never get tired of playing with her.

If my mother is near, I am not afraid of rain,
Even if it rains with hail, so what
I will never cry again,
If my mother is near, rain does not matter.

If my mother is near, then I can do everything,
I protect my mother from all sorrows,
I fall asleep to her tunes.
Let my mother dream in a dream.
(T. Frolova)

33. Eyelashes

I will fall asleep next to my mother,
I will cling to her eyelashes.
Don't blink, eyelashes,
Don't wake up your mother!
(G. Vieru)

34. Cheerful Universe!

There is so much to fit in the world!
The world is illuminated by millions of stars!
There are seas in it with millions of shells,
There are forests in it with a million cuckoos,
There are meadows in it with a million blades of grass,
Ladybugs, horses and pigs.
There is only one mother... But the Universe
With her is not the Universe, but VERY VERY!
(G. Dyadina)

35. Our super-mom

In our time from advertising
Do not run away, do not hide.
We hear every day from the screen:
- Eat super pizza
Super soup and super porridge!
Wash with our super soap!
Only there is no advertising anywhere
Our super super mom!

Our super super mom
Doesn't need advertising.
Look better for yourself,
How a simple super mom
Controls all of us.

Everything is on fire in mom's hands -
Laundry and cleaning.
Meters, liters, kilograms -
Everything interferes cleverly.
Without it, we would be lost,
Like goods without advertising.
And for this we called
Our mother supermom!


Mom inspires dad,
Raises us properly.
And manages the household,
And glad to work.
So we live as a friendly family -
Somewhere out here in the world -
Supermom with superhusband
And, of course, superchildren.

(T. Bokova)

36. Wherever mother is, I go there

Me and mother
In the whole world -
Truly the best
I'm at my mom's
In tow,
Where's my mom,
I'm there.
Together in the kitchen
And in the barn,
In the garden
And in the garden,
We eat together,
We play
And swim
In the pond.
(O. Dries)
(Translated from Hebrew by T. Spendiarova)

37. Mom is the best friend

Go around the whole world around,
Just know in advance:
You will not find warmer hands
And more tender than mother's.
You won't find eyes in the world
Tender and stricter.
Mother to each of us
All people are dearer.
One hundred ways, roads around
Go around the world:
Mom is the best friend,
There is no better mother!
(P. Sinyavsky)

38. Mom is near

In autumn, spring,
In summer and winter
Who is next to you,
Next to you?
Anyone in joy,
Any in sorrow
Who is next to you,
Next to you?
At night and in the morning
Today, like yesterday,
Who wishes you
All the best?
(A. Kondratiev)

39. My mother is a teacher

– Why are you so stubborn:
Do you not obey my mother?
I used to obey my mother,
I am her son and student!


Without a mother

There is a carousel in our house:
Kissel flows like a stream,
Jump like squirrels on the table.

Masha is looking for a cat,
A cat is looking for a bowl,
Misha is looking for dad,
Dad is looking for a hat.

And nobody finds anything!
Misha is whimpering,
Masha is crying,
The cat is sick of white light!..
What does that mean, guys?

This means that mother is not at home!

Here is my mother. Finally!
Everything falls into place.
(E. Serova)

41. Our song with dad

What is on the road for us
A terrible pit
Or danger mother
Was at home!
We're on top
We climb stubbornly,
It won't scare you
Steep rock -
If only mom,
If only mom,
If only mom
Waiting at home!
We have trampled
There are many paths,
Soon the planet
Will become small -
If only mother,
If only mother,
If only mother
Was with us!
(A. Kondratiev)

42. You are the best in the world, Mom

I love your ringing laugh,
You are the best in the world,
Open the doors to a fairy tale,
Give me a smile,

If you sing a song,
Then you hear the rain,
"Good morning" you say to me,
The sun will flash in the window,

The stars are watching from above,
It's good that you are near,
Smile, sing songs,
I will always be with you,
(M. Plyatskovsky)

43. About mother

Our mother is like spring:
The way the sun laughs,
The way the summer breeze
touches my head.
Then she gets a little angry,
As if a cloud came running,
She is like a rainbow:
Look - and shone!
Like a caring spring,
She won't sit down, she won't get tired.
Here she comes home,
And immediately spring will come.
(S. Ivanova)

44. What does mother smell like?

Sunday - pancakes,
Breakfast - here it is, ready!
It suits mom so well,
This smell of pancakes.

On Monday - business
Immediately our house smelled,
It suits mom so well -
That smell of papers.

But I'll tell you, between us,
I'll tell you a secret:
I'm my own mother
I'm the most suitable!
(O. Bundur)

45. Kindness

The house is busy with good deeds,
Kindness quietly walks around the apartment.
Good morning with us,
Good afternoon and good hour,
Good evening, good night,
It was good yesterday.
And where, you ask,
There is so much kindness in the house,
What does this kindness do
Flowers take root,
Fish, hedgehogs, chicks?
I'll answer you directly:
This is mom, mom, mom!
(L. Nikolaenko)

46. Who loves you, children...

Who loves you, children,
Who loves you so tenderly?
Without closing your eyes at night,
Does everything take care of you?
Mom dear!

Who shakes the cradle for you,
Who amuses you with a song
Or tells a fairy tale,
Who gives you toys?
Mom is golden!

If, children, you are lazy,
Naughty, playful,
As it happens sometimes,
Who sheds tears then?
All she is dear!
(A. Maikov)

47. Good mother's variant

Mother's character must be
Mandatory humane,
Very humane!
If I do not pass the exam -
Do not sigh all evening,
But say: - Go to the cinema,
Take a walk at the same time -
Clear your head
From your geometries!

Mother's character must be
Necessarily humane:
If on holidays
I go to the park somewhere,
Let him ask - don't call me
From a payphone,
Have fun until late,
I'll stay alone!

Mother's character must be
Definitely humane,
Must not be gloomy!. .
I will forget the promise
Take a purse with vegetables
At the dacha -
Mom must take it,
She can pull herself up,
Let her not groan:
"Tough as hell!" –
Let him show courage!..

Such is mother's character,
Without a doubt, humane!
He is quite human
And quite comfortable for me.
(A. Barto)

48. What a mom

When mom puts on an outfit,
Hanged in the closet under a cover,
Dad is terribly happy:
- You are simply a gorgeous woman!

If mom is wearing a dressing gown
And something is stirring in the pan,
Dad comes in and is happy again:
– You are a very cozy woman!

When we are on the beach and mom is walking
Along the sea with pebbles coastal,
Dad looks with his mouth open:
- You're just a goddess - not a woman!

It seems to me: at least put mum in a jacket
With some kind of paint smell,
Dad will watch every day
And admire again!
(O. Bundur)

49. About mother

The house is empty,
Very sad,
I don’t want anything -
Can’t sing,
Doesn't fight,
Doesn't even laugh...

I sat silently.
Someone knocked.
I opened it - and straight ahead
In front of me - Mom!

And not boring,
And not sad,
I want to run, jump,
And laugh and sing,
And laugh with might and main!
(E. Karganova)

50. Mom has warm hands like the sun

Mom has warm hands like the sun
They know how to caress so gently,
They cure pain, relieve boredom,
At any moment ready to hug.
Playing, my hair will gently ruffle,
Bake pies on weekends in the morning,
And fun legs tickle in bed,
When I don't want to wake up myself.
They will iron all the dresses, shirts and trousers
And then they will find another job...
I am stroking my mother's tired hands -
Let them rest at least a little.

(I. Morozova)


Animals, birds know this word,
Tits sing about this word,
This word is known at the bottom of the ocean,
And this word is called mother.
(Samatova Nargis, visitor)

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The clock struck eight when I stepped onto the creaky parquet in the hallway. How I missed the quietness of my apartment! I just wanted to fall apart on a shabby sofa, and lie there until the morning ... But instead, I trudged to the computer. While the old unit, inherited from the dinosaurs, turned on, I made myself coffee. Today you will need more than one mug. Article for the night, and inspiration from gulkin's nose. They also threaten to make layoffs at work. You can not delay, otherwise the dismissal cannot be avoided. And it would not be bad to update the blog, otherwise the last subscribers will soon scatter. Eh…

I worked in the editorial office of a magazine that was in demand in our district, and in the city in general. The editor - Fedot Stepanovich - always put only the best into print.

The best. Yes. It means not me. For some reason, lately my writing has not been impressive at all. Even myself. Honestly, not surprised. It looks like I've lost the spark, like there was nothing to write about. It's funny somehow: I live in a metropolis, where something happens every day, but I look as if into a void. Other people's problems ceased to excite, everyone here is a drop in the ocean. So my news is gray, alien, distant and unnecessary, in general, to no one.

What did I write about? As I then still thought, about the important. About eternal, to some extent. I noticed that the people around were so closed that they seemed to stop seeing each other, let alone feel and understand. Everyone at some point withdraws into himself and loses the key to the door he entered. Locks up the heart. Puts on a mask. Indifferent. And silently walks along the gray stones of the pavement...

I just wanted to be heard... I thought I would become the key to the world on this side of the mask. I will help those in need with my word, I will teach people to listen and hear, I will save the world... But it seems that something went wrong. And now... Now I don't even know how to save myself. So in response I get the cry of tearing paper and the famous last warning from the lips of Fedot Stepanych. Last chance. Tomorrow I will not come with a sensation - that's it. Well... It looks like it's time to forget about your reasoning for a while and plunge into the world of human intrigues. Write what will be read. What is expected of me. No not like this. What do you expect from an article in our magazine.

What are the stone jungles talking about these days? What is the wind of change carrying along their paved paths? The most discussed topic was a series of strange deaths, however, as is usually the case. For a long time now, criminals taken into custody have been dying one after another. The most different: from simple pickpockets to almost murderers, adults and still teenagers of fourteen years. Most of them haven't even been sentenced yet. And they all have the same diagnosis - poisoning. What is still a mystery. This happened with some frequency in different parts of the city, but most often in our police department. And, by pure chance, none other than my older brother, officer Yuri Diskarin, worked there.

How I could use his help now... But no. My brother and I don't get along. And they never got along. It just so happened ... Probably, we are just too different. Yurik is secretive, distrustful. He never told me anything, he preferred to do everything himself, and I felt that he did not need me at all. I must have been a little jealous of my brother. He is successful, just the pride of the family, and I grab the last chance to stay at work.

...Grasping for the last chance to stay at work. Although ... You can try to find out about the high-profile case first hand, so to speak. This, for sure, would interest Fedot Stepanych, but he would have to turn to his brother for help. Yeah ... And once again become a loser in the eyes of a whole family. Hell no! Even for the sake of work, I will not ask for the help of this person!

Well, nothing. I prepared, collected materials, now I will write and saved! I manage myself. If only I could make it in the morning…


The sound took me by surprise. It was a signal that the factory was over, from the old watch in the corridor. The matter is fixable. I got up, went to the clock, opened the lid and reached for the key with a familiar gesture. Only the key was missing. What's the strange thing? In my house, I valued order, but such incidents simply unsettled ... What should I do now, look for this lost key? Looks like I'll have to...

Casting a sad glance at the computer, I began to remember where I could put this old piece of iron. So I have already climbed several shelves, looked into the boxes and ...

What is this? There was an envelope in the dresser. And, if I was ready to see the key to the winding mechanism among the socks, with my absent-mindedness, then there’s no strange message at all. Although, maybe I'm too naive? Oh, I don't like it all...

Naturally, I opened the envelope and immediately recognized Yurik's handwriting.

"I'm not sure I wasn't followed. Check your mail. I never forgot your birthday!

What's the joke? I knew that it was necessary to take away the keys from him when he moved in! Wait, there's something on the back...

"KeyHole4u. .."

I scanned the hastily written lines again. The text seemed devoid of meaning and meant nothing to me.

What is he? For henbane, it seems, it’s not the season ... Just in case, I checked the calendar and made sure that my birthday is not today and not even in the coming days. The only thing that made sense was to check your email.

What am I doing with my time? Before my hand could close the text editor, a window popped up asking if I really wanted to do it. Here, even it mocks...

One letter actually arrived in my mail. So, why is Yurik doing this: invading my house with a strange note and tweeting on the Internet at the same time? After all, isn't it easier to call? Of course, I would not jump with delight when something would make our little star descend to mere mortals, but why reinvent the wheel?

So I thought as I sipped my cold coffee while waiting for the text to load. Finally, the following lines loomed before my eyes:

“Hello, Egor.

I know you'll be surprised by my letter, but I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't really serious. I wanted to call, but my new phone didn't have your number. My number hasn't changed, if you're interested...

Let's get down to business. We need to talk. But the conversation must be face to face. Come today at nine at the intersection of Pskovskaya and Myasnaya, there, in the courtyard of house 26, I will be waiting for you.

It's about a series of prisoner deaths. Correction, about a series of murders... I thought it might interest you, I'll explain everything when we meet, of course, if you show up... your guilt. But I ask you to believe me one single time. You are my last key to hope. I expect you to read this letter and come.

Your brother Yuri Diskarin


Everything is more and more wonderful, as the heroine of a famous fairy tale used to say...

I re-read the message several times to make sure that I had really ceased to understand anything. Except, perhaps, for the fact that some kind of mystery lies in this whole affair, and Yurka for me now is the key to all answers. Besides, since he himself calls me to talk, I will not fail to interview the lead investigator ... Unless, of course, this is a stupid attempt at a joke ... But it is unlikely that he would write to me for fun.

And what, now it's raining again, right?.. But he came home! Okay, I’ll figure it out quickly, and I’ll have another six hours for the article ... I glanced at the clock, belatedly remembering that this was pointless. Another advertising message comes to the phone, helpfully suggesting that I need to go out if I want to be in time for a meeting. Having extinguished the monitor that had just woken up and abruptly grabbed my raincoat, which had not yet dried out after a day's walk, I jumped out into the entrance.

Only at the car I hesitated a little. Isn't it too easy for me to fit in? Just a couple of minutes ago, I was sure that for the sake of my brother I would not lift an eyebrow, and for my own sake I would not mess with him. What did this message do to me?

It filled me with a sense of self-importance. Finally, something depended on me, on me alone! Probably, I was driven by the desire to prove that I was worth something ... But I didn’t want to admit such motives. From this, an incomprehensible annoyance settled in my head, but I stubbornly explained it only by the spent time taken away from writing the article.

Stopping at the appointed place, I looked at my watch. Another full five minutes ... It was possible to leave later, although ... as if it would give me something. Around no one like Yuri.

An unpleasant, vile fog reigned in the street. I hid from him in the car.

The sun has long since set behind the clouds, and the city has lit its fires. Lanterns, not stars. I sometimes thought about how this noisy world lacked stars. Each of them is unique, even though there are billions of them in the darkness of the sky. It's the same with people, isn't it? But we almost purposely forget about that, therefore we hide from condemning burning looks from the depths of the immense.

And just now the thought flashed through my head: how often do I myself think about others? It would seem that constantly ...

I digressed from philosophical reflections to look at the time. Five minutes. There was no one even humanoid in sight, the yard was empty.

Ten... I'm checking my phone, mail. Not a line about being late.

Twenty! No, it's not serious anymore! I shouldn't have come... Nervously dialing a number, preparing a scathing speech. In response, only long beeps are heard. Okay... Let's wait... You never know. He's got a job too... Trying to calm down seems to be working until I remember that damned article never started! Where the hell are these fools?!

"I'm waiting another fifteen minutes and I'm leaving" - I angrily type a message and press "Send" furiously.

Time is running out and the message hasn't even been read! Twenty-five minutes... thirty... Still silence. There is no point in waiting any longer.

To clear my conscience, I call again. A melodious female voice is heard from the handset:

- The device of the called subscriber is turned off or is out of coverage area ... - the lady says, slowly repeating the phrase in English.

- Damn you!.. - irritably hissing, I throw the phone on the next seat. - So... Okay... I warned you, I waited... waited longer than promised. Now you can go home with a clear conscience.

As I looked down the road, I was surprised to find that I was not so much angry as nervous. It pissed me off even more…


There was less and less time left for work, and I continued to pace the apartment. Usually such a calm creak of the floorboards now mocked my poor hearing with all its might. It was by no means the article that occupied my thoughts, despite the fact that they would not forgive me if I screwed up such material...

Minutes passed slowly. I felt them even without the usual ticking of the clock. OK. I will be frank with myself, because my strength is no more, and then to work! All this is strange! What exactly? That I couldn't get through. Yura does not turn off the phone and diligently monitors its charge, he should always be in touch, should I, as a brother, know about this. Also this line from that note, it is no coincidence that it is the very first ...

So... don't panic. What the hell is this blockhead in general so businesslike settled in my head?! Anything happens. All! Article. Only an article.

By an effort of will, I managed to sit down in front of the monitor and even write a couple of lines before I again plunged into thought. And yet... what could have happened?..


The days raced by like clockwork, but not mine. I never found the key, and I haven’t tried, to be honest, since that evening. They froze, showing half past nine, as if that day had not yet passed. I didn't show up for work the next morning. I don’t believe it myself... how could I put everything on the altar for the sake of a person whom I was mortally envious of, whose disappearance I dreamed of... the one whom I had known all my life and with whom I was still connected invisibly?!. .

And the apartment! Oh... if the old me had seen what my temple of comfort had turned into... however, he would have shot himself right away, leaving behind only the gloomy aesthetics of a broken creator... All the tables were cluttered with dirty mugs and fast food packages. The entire floor is full of shoe marks. Here and there were meticulously compiled lists of those with whom my brother could communicate, where he could go, who could wish him harm...

But none of that mattered anymore...

“- Egor Diskarin? - I heard a calm male voice from my phone this morning.

- Yes. I answered nervously.

- The police are bothering you - my heart threatened to break my chest. It must be from stress and lack of sleep ... And in the meantime, in my head: "If only they could find ...".

- Your brother was found today at noon, - a slight pause, as if to realize what was said, - He is dead. The circumstances of death are being investigated. - just as calmly, as if nothing had happened, the man on the other end of the wire continues. - We offer our condolences. Today you should come to the department ... "

Followed by instructions and occasional questions to which I answered things like “yes”, “no” and “understood”. Be afraid of your desires. Found...

I spent the next half day in the same department. Some papers, some formalities, a funeral... And a conversation.

From that conversation I learned something that struck me. Yura was suspect. They said that he killed the prisoners by slipping poison into their food or something like that. There was not much evidence, so they only planned to arrest him, but now the main version of my brother's death is suicide during an attempt to escape from justice. What heresy… But at that moment I could not object anything. Exactly like believing even a single word.

And now I'm back in my home again. Devastated, with only one thought in his head: “he is no more”…

What are words? A set of letters, a set of sounds, nothing more. .. But some become keys. This key with three heavy teeth will open one of the most terrible doors: the door of despair and pain. Maybe I should have phrased it a little more bluntly? But as? What would it change? There is only one key, no matter how you decorate it, and there is only one door, and you are standing on the threshold. You can't go back. And the castle succumbed. Started...

I look around the apartment with a detached look, slowly falling into a rage.

- Damn! - comes out of the chest. How long have I not uttered this word, - Damn! - I repeat louder, clasping my hands sharply. My whole army of mugs is flying down to the sound of glass. A blanket of scribbled sheets covers them from above.

- Dunce! Brat! Freak! I scream, not remembering myself.

- Look... Look what you've done, you bastard! I lost everything because of you! Inspiration! Work! Dreams! How can I pay my bills now? I've wasted so much time on you, damn it, even the key to the clock. .. - the silence hurt my ears, so I continued to throw empty phrases, trying to throw out everything that had accumulated inside me. My voice broke, growled and wheezed, turned into hysterical laughter, and I didn’t even understand why I was so angry ... At myself?

Yes... I was jealous of my brother in black! The pride of the family, a great future, office authority, lofty goals, a dream job - everything I wanted to hear about myself, I heard about Yurashi! I remained his little brother, always second, always underestimated. It was an axiom that everything was easy for him. But for some reason it did not occur to me that we were actually brothers. Our conditions were the same. And I seemed to be blind, I did not see what he had to go through. And what did I do when I got tired of being a shadow? Exactly. He erected that very wall, the wall of indifference. I didn't care. And there is one more drop in the ocean. It was not Yura who closed himself off from me, but I from him. And what did it lead to? “He is no more,” and I can’t even say with certainty that I’m not the brother of the killer! And all because I don't know! I don’t know how he lived all these years, I don’t know what was going on in his soul, I don’t know if he called me to stop the rumors in the bud, or to repent of what he had done even a little to his own creature, albeit such a vile one, how I . .. And I will probably never know, my key to this secret is forever lost ... What a blockhead I am ... What are all my arguments about feelings, words, stars, but all about the same keys worth now! How could I have changed the world when I myself could not find those vices for which I reproached mankind?! That's why my articles weren't being read. When changing the world, start with yourself, otherwise everything is empty words. Gray, alien, distant and unnecessary, in general, no one ... Such words will not become keys ... Keys ... I return to them over and over again. Oh, this world is really crazy about them! We have the keys to everything, they are even where we don’t think to find them, because they have entered our lives so deeply that everything now rests on them alone, and we don’t even notice. Yes, and life itself is like a constant picking of locks! But even that is not important. The important thing is that there is no key leading from There. This is what gives meaning to all other keys. No matter how hard I try, I won't start Yurik's time again like the old clock. But who knows from what doors, I would have taken him away, if only I was there ... It's a pity, I realized it too late ...

- I'll never sit down to write again... - I said to myself, almost delirious, barely recognizing my own hoarse voice. After that, I fell asleep and didn’t think about anything anymore.


I spent the next day almost without getting up. Only in the evening I somehow tried to eliminate the consequences of my yesterday's insanity ... But the attempt was nipped in the bud, as soon as the very note that I found among the socks caught my eye ... Surprisingly, all the time while I was busy looking for my brother, I almost did not remember her, as a thing that does not carry any meaning in itself. But there were so many questions connected with it! I re-read it. As expected, nothing new appeared ... And yet ... Why was she needed?

I immersed myself in the memory of the day when I lost the key to the clock, which was so silent for the last week… It seems that since that time I have not turned on the computer… How is it, my old man?

The heritage of the ancestors, as expected, grumbled and buzzed at my long absence, but in the end they had mercy and opened my e-mail page for me. Yurik's letter has not disappeared anywhere. I didn't reread it. One thing is a note with unclear text, and another is an invitation to a meeting that was not destined to take place ...

"Check your mail..." echoed in my ears. The sudden realization made me jump. What if... This strange text on the back is nothing but a login? But my hands are unstoppable...

Hastily logging out of my account, I entered the characters into the appropriate box. But you need a password... Password... Another stupid thought... "I never forgot your birthday!" I enter.

Only one digit changed on the monitor, but I didn't believe it. This eternity could not last for one miserable minute.

- It worked... - I said, looking into this luminous box in a frenzy. Another account. And only one letter.

The entire apartment fell into absolute silence as I read what was written here.

“Egor, I knew that you would solve my message! Help out, brother! I need you, we all need you!

For several months now I have been busy with the death of several criminals in custody. These are not just deaths, Yegor, these are murders. I'm sure I got very close to the solution. I have two prime suspects. But there is a problem. Both of them are my work colleagues. And I don't know if any of them acted alone or in concert. In other words, I don't know who in the police force I can trust with regards to this case.

Also, I notice that I am being watched. Apparently, the attacker feels that I got too close, and will soon try to eliminate me. Well, that's what I use to pinpoint the culprit. How? I told one of us about our upcoming meeting. If I guessed right, and he's not a criminal, then you don't have to read this, I'll tell you everything myself. But, if I made a mistake, and you are still reading this, then most likely I am already dead ...

Brother, now only you can solve this case. And only you can I trust him. To this letter I will attach documents in which my evidence is collected, there you will find the details of the plan, all the names, all the evidence. Publish them in your journal, let everyone know, and then the villains will have nowhere to go! I hope for you. I know you won't let me down..."0016

For some reason, my heart skipped a beat. Brother... I won't let you down!


Never say never. For the next few days, I did not let go of the keyboard. I know, I promised myself, for writing, no, no, but the last, last time! For Yurik! This will be my best article...

And it really became the best. Where did I get it from? Just my blog would not be enough for such an important mission. So I had to visit Fedot Stepanovich. I almost begged him on my knees to read my work. But he still read it. Read it and put it on the first page!

A few days later I had to go to our police station again. There, of course, there are again formalities, thanks, apologies ... But they did not interest me. He was arrested. I wanted to talk to him. With a killer. I wanted to look into his eyes. For help in solving the case, I was even allowed to do so.

I was taken to a special room. He sat opposite me and froze with his cold gaze. But there was nothing in the eyes... He was... Empty. However, the first one spoke.

- Because I saw how souls died, - he answered my question before I could ask it, - Every criminal who was brought here did not set foot on this path from a good life. The world has treated them cruelly. It's wild, but for some, crime is still a way to survive. Not for everyone... But I didn't talk to everyone. Do you know why? Because they don't listen, you know? And when I talked to them in this very room, they just wanted to be heard ... And I listened to them, watching how the eyes on the contrary go out, and how hopelessness penetrates into the very heart. They had not yet been sentenced, but they no longer believed that something could be changed. Outcasts of humanity. They could only hide in themselves and wait for the end. Then I gave them the key to freedom. An ampoule with poison, as the end of all torment. You won't understand, must be...

- And now, being in their place, would you like the same? I asked quietly. My interlocutor was silent. And I continued, - Do you know why? Because there is no key from there. As long as you're alive, you can still fix it...

We talked with him for a while, and then I went out into the street. It was already getting dark and the lights were on. The downpour threw fragments of stars right under my feet, and they flared for a moment with earthly human light, breaking on the wet asphalt. I silently walked along the gray stones of the pavement, finally throwing off my indifferent mask. Raindrops on my cheeks from something became salty. His image stood before my eyes. Indifference. The way I saw him once on Bolotnaya Square - not seeing, not hearing, impregnable. The source of human vices. I wanted to run away from him, and I even ran, as if it could help. God! Who would have known that it hurts so much to open your heart to the world! The dialogue with the murderer still sounded in his thoughts, and his brother's voice echoed in his soul.

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