Men who never marry

What Happens To Men Who Never Marry? Science Explains.


Men who never marry or have kids might not be as lonely as they seem.

by Lauren Vinopal


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There is no perfect time to get married or have kids, but when men follow through with both, it changes their lives forever. Conversely, men who never marry or have families are launched on a vastly different life trajectory. Society tends to teach us that the life of being a bachelor and never getting married is the territory of best friends in romcoms and those with intimacy issues. But this is, of course, far from the truth.

In fact, new research shows that single and never-married men lead healthy, fulfilling lives full of friends, sensitivity, and resilience — something that flies in the face of research that holds up marriage and family as the best and healthiest life destination for men. According to recent scientific studies, men who never get married may gain strength from solitude. They have more extensive social networks and a deeper connection to work. They’re also differently vulnerable to some of life’s travails. Here are a few facts to consider.

Single Men Are Rich in Friendship…

Single men are not necessarily isolated basement-dwellers. They’re actually significantly more likely than married men to have several close friends. One in eight men report having no friends at all (and a lot of these men are married with kids), despite research showing that friendships help people live longer lives, stave off cognitive decline, and increase general well-being. Guy friends are a precious public health commodity that single men have covered.

…But Poor in Money

What single men gain in friends, they lose in money, studies show. Men who stay unmarried make anywhere from 10 to 40 percent less than married men. There’s evidence that fathers make up to 21 percent more than men without children, though studies also suggest men with wives and kids work longer hours and put up with more workplace bullshit than single men. Now, this doesn’t mean marriage and parenthood cause financial success (though anecdotally, that sure doesn’t sound right). Indeed, other research argues that men are simply more likely to get married and have kids when their income is already rising. Either way, your unmarried, childless bachelor friends are probably making less money than you are.

Men Who Aren’t Married Commit More Crimes…

Marriage reduces the likelihood that men will commit crimes, studies suggest. And data indicates that becoming a father quells criminal impulses even further. In societies with a disproportionate number of single men who cannot marry or have children, either as a result of polygamy or uneven sex ratios, we tend to see higher crime rates, higher rates of extremism, and more time at war across the board.

…But Bachelors Are More Sensitive to Feelings of Judgement and Regret

When men cannot have their own biological children due to fertility problems, studies suggest they may experience a period of bereavement and regret. And when they can’t have children because they can’t find partners, they’re more likely to be judged by others and more likely to lash out. The perception of being judged for the inability to marry and have kids has stoked the rise of a dangerous group of extremists who refer to themselves as involuntary celibates, or “incels,” a number of whom have orchestrated mass shootings. Married dads are far less likely to feel disenfranchised, at least in this way.

Being Single Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being Lonely

Scientists are starting to suspect they’ve underestimated the upsides of being alone. Despite warnings of a loneliness epidemic, single men without children report deeper connections to friends, parents, and other family members, as well as to their work. Single people have a heightened sense of self-determination and are more likely to continue growing as people, one study found. Bachelors also may demonstrate more emotional self-sufficiency, especially when it comes to dealing with negative emotions.

“The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness can obscure the profound benefits of solitude,” Bella DePaulo, a scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told the American Psychological Association. “It is time for a more accurate portrayal of single people and single life — one that recognizes the real strengths and resilience of people who are single, and what makes their lives so meaningful.”

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5 Reasons Why Men Are Not Marrying

Hang around any coffee house or bar long enough and you might hear the murmurs of disappointment coming from people:

“I don’t want to get married. All I want is a friend with benefits.”

“He has zero interest in a committed relationship.”

The general consensus we are hearing from people nowadays is that less people out there are interested in putting a ring on it.

Even if it may feel like men are not marrying or interested in getting married, it is not true.

Sure, the percentage of never married men has been consistently rising, as per the U.S. Census Bureau. But still, the majority of men get married at least once in their lifetime.

But what about all the others?

Why are we seeing this decrease in the desire to commit? What are men afraid of? Why has men not marrying become a matter of concern?

This article discusses the real reasons that will help you understand how deep the problem goes.

5 reasons why men are not marrying

You might be looking for answers if your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married despite being in love with you. For you, marriage might be the natural next step, but marriage might be problematic for men not getting married. 

Maybe he doesn’t believe in marriage, as he considers it complicated, unnatural or archaic. For some who don’t believe in marriage, the societal pressure or expectation to get married might create an aversion towards marriage. 

Here are some possible reasons why men are not marrying at the rates that they used to:

1. The perception of loss of freedom

One of the men’s biggest fears about marriage? That they may suffer a loss of freedom.

The dread of losing one’s ability to freely make decisions for all aspects of their life can be why some men never marry. 

Some men might be afraid to forsake the freedom to indulge in their favorite hobbies activities as they like. Freedom to hang around and watch Netflix all weekend long without someone compelling them to get up off the couch.

Marriage might be seen as a ball and chain, weighing them down

These men are not seeing the emotional and physical advantages of being in a union with someone they truly love; they only see the loss of their liberty. 

So, single men fearing the loss of freedom tops the reasons why men don’t marry and why they propagate the idea that it is good for a man not to marry.

2. Fears about a potential divorce

There are a whole lot of men out there who have seen the emotional and economic damage divorce brings to the family unit. Men not marrying could be because they presume that a divorce is imminent. This fear might make them overlook the benefits of getting married.

Single men who avoid marriage may have grown up in a broken home, or they have “been there, done that” and don’t want to ever find themselves in such a vulnerable position again.

They think that history will repeat itself, so it is better not to create a new history with a new woman.

The problem with this mindset is that all love stories are different. Just because you’ve lived through one divorce does not foretell that you’ll have another one.

If the man you are interested in has been scarred by divorce, ask him about his fears and discuss how things might play out differently in your relationship.

There are plenty of divorced men out there who have gone on to have successful second marriages. There is no need to build emotional walls just because a previous union did not work out.

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3. Unwilling to make sacrifices

Some men don’t marry because they love their me-centered lifestyle.

Marriage does require sacrifice. It requires faithfulness, an accounting of your time when not with your spouse, and an emotional investment. Some men only see the positive in some of this. 

Men staying single can often be attributed to their lack of willingness to make adjustments to accommodate a person in their life.

Some men are not marrying because they might believe that men shouldn’t get married as they will have to give up material and non-material things in their lives. 

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4. Dating apps work out great

And indeed, depending on the app used, men can swipe, chat, and hook up in a matter of hours. For a man who has no interest in commitment, this is the perfect tool for him to find an endless supply of sexual satisfaction and non-committal engagement.  

For non-committal men, marriage can mean imprisonment. Men are not marrying in these situations because they might feel that their emotional, sexual, social and romantic needs are being met. 

But should he ever need support through a health crisis or emotionally-taxing life moment, Tinder will likely be of little aid.

Watch this video to learn more about what dating apps get wrong about love:

5. Need for awareness about the benefits of marriage

For men not marrying, a little knowledge about the emotional, sexual, and financial benefits of getting married will help break the illusion.

Studies prove it: men fare better when married than when single. Married men make higher salaries than their single counterparts, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Also, studies say that married men stay healthier than their single counterparts and single men die earlier than married men, dying ten years earlier!

Married men even have better sex lives: contrary to what you’d think if you listen to single guys boast about their sex lives. Men who never marry might be unaware of this aspect of marriage.  

According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, 51 percent of married men were extremely satisfied with their sex lives. In comparison, only 39 percent of men living with women without being married to them, and 36 percent of single men, could say the same.

Men are not marrying because they may fail to realize that married sex can be incredible due to the strong emotional bond married partners often share. This allows for some fantastic fireworks in the bedroom.

Studies confirm that marriage offers continual benefits for men’s finances, their sex lives, and their physical and mental health.

Why are men avoiding marriage if there are so many benefits to marriage?

Reasons to not get married for certain men is that they still believe in the ball-and-chain myth. Men not marrying view marriage as an expensive obstacle to their freedom and sex lives.

The media perpetuate these views in today’s culture, which has undoubtedly negatively affected men’s views towards marriage. Premarital counseling might be required to help address these concerns. 

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What percentage of men never get married?

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that 23 percent of American men have never been married. It supports the claim that men marry at different rates than before. 

Is it good for a man to not get married?

Research shows various health benefits for men who choose to get married. They have been seen to have lower stress levels, better diet, more regular health checkups, better care during illness and a much lower sense of loneliness. 

Final takeaway

There is an increase in the overall number of men who never marry. The trend leads to concerns that there might come a time when no man wants to be a husband, as it involves making adjustments and opening yourself to the possibility of getting hurt.  

However, marriage can benefit men significantly by offering ways to improve their mental and physical health. It can offer companionship and the ability to deal with stress better. 


10 types of men who will never marry you

We have described the types of men unsuitable for marriage (not so rare). Use this guide so you don't waste your time.

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oral sex

Male difficulties

Personality types



Yes, men value freedom and the ability to keep as many dirty socks in the kitchen sink as they want. But the refusal to marry is not always dictated only by these reasons. Sometimes a person simply suffers from a common ailment - intimophobia. All types of diseases can be divided into two groups: intimaphobia in the psychiatric sense (pathological fear and rejection of sex as such, the most neglected case) and psychological intimophobia. It represents the fear of an intimate, intimate relationship with another person. According to various estimates, today 25-30% of seemingly decent men are afraid of starting a family. We will try to find out what is going on in the head of men and how their ego affects your relationship with them. If in one of the following descriptions you recognize your faithful or, even worse, your beloved, run away from him. Jokes aside.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Patient no.

1: afraid of sex as a physiological act

This case is clinical. You definitely can't do without a psychiatrist here. The mere thought of sexual intercourse horrifies such a man. The reason for this in most cases is childhood trauma. Most likely, the intimaphobe was inspired that sex is a dirty and shameful act, from which the soul goes straight to hell, where it is then treated for chlamydia until the end of time. Usually, compassionate mothers and grandmothers try to instill such an idea in a child, and from the best of intentions - in order to protect the child from promiscuous, and at the same time, any connections in general. When a frightened, guilt-ridden boy grows up, it becomes utterly difficult for him in our sexually oriented world. He either looks for his own kind in the club of anonymous virgins - and safely finds a wife there, whom he then hates because even she, so cold and hunted, arouses desire in him. Or begins to slowly go crazy with aggressive sexuality that oozes from advertising posters, TV screens and the Internet. Another explanation is possible why a man is afraid of sex: he is painfully dissatisfied with his appearance. Again, most likely, in childhood, kind classmates - or, more likely, evil classmates - inspired him that he was "a freak and has nothing to catch in life." All this sounds crazy, but a whole 1% of men live with such a complex of sexual inferiority. And this is not treated, at least in a home hospital setting.

Patient No. 2: suffers from morning runaway syndrome

If an intimophobic man has made a feat and had sex with a real woman, instead of, as usual, imagining an inflatable one, most likely, in the morning he will experience a deep disgust for what he did. Sometimes this happens to ordinary representatives of humanity. But their desire to escape is usually dictated by objective reasons: the second bottle of tequila, which, unlike the third, was superfluous; general self-loathing; the need to justify himself to his wife, who had been calling the police and morgues all night. In addition, normal men can overcome themselves and still lie with you a little more. Intimophobes, on the other hand: a) are disgusted every time; b) they don't know how to deal with it. The syndrome is unlikely to progress. You can even transfer it into remission: tell your partner that after sex it’s easier not to run away, but hide in the bathroom. But you still can’t build long-term relationships with a coward.


Patient 3: Paranoid obsessed with trifles

Let's imagine that our intimophobe has harnessed the demons of the past. The main problems are behind him, he has a lot of and joyfully having sex and does not even cool off towards a woman right after. But childhood traumas may not leave him - and degenerate into intolerance for details. The third type of intimophobe may not tolerate oral sex. Or, say, you touch his penis, and he reacts as if it were a cub that needs to be hidden from predators. Well, and so on. The fads drive the intimaphobe out of himself and entail the appearance of more and more new irritants. Sometimes there are so many forbidden topics that intimophobe returns to its roots - a total rejection of intimacy in general.

Patient No. 4: perceives a woman as a threat

Here, the devastation, as they say, is not in the beds, but in the heads. With sex, these men, maybe everything is fine. Problems arise when the specter of a serious relationship grows at the head of the bed, where you exchange bodily fluids in a friendly manner. God forbid you make a fatal mistake and suggest: let me leave the handcuffs with you, why am I driving them back and forth? Intimophobes of the fourth type do not tolerate any intrusion into their personal space. Our consultant, with reference to her Western colleagues from the University of Minneapolis, tried to justify the reason for this behavior: it is the fear of seizing their territory. It is believed that in such a perverted way, a suppressed alpha male instinct manifests itself in a man. And usually this behavior is typical of losers who have been pushed around by other men for a long time. The task of a normal male as the leader of the herd is to protect the space from the intrusion of rivals. In the modern world, a harmless you becomes a competitor in the eyes of failed alpha males - and you are kicked out of life and out of bed as an invader.

Patient No. 5: afraid of being abandoned

Most often these are victims of parental divorce, which they experienced painfully in childhood. Or they themselves were abandoned by the love of their life, and they suffered long and painfully and even wrote a poem, or even two. In any case, these are people with mental trauma - and they really do not want to subject themselves to execution again. Therefore, a protective reaction is triggered: from now on, do not let anyone into your fragile inner world! This is where the catch lies: putting an end to the possibility of a long relationship in advance, such men will seek reciprocity from obviously unsuitable wife candidates. And then bring it to a rupture in order to be convinced again and again: love, God forgive me, is impossible. If you have the courage to live with such a humiliated and insulted person for a year or two and not leave him (although he will seek this), he will leave you himself. And he considers that he played ahead of the curve. Do you need it?

Patient 6: unable to stop

A very common type of intimophobia. This man simply cannot afford to find the one and only, ideal and unique and change her last name to his own. Although quite sincerely looking. Most often by enumeration of all possible options. And this process turns out to be so exciting that it is impossible to stop. His motto is: fight and seek, find and change your mind.

Patient no. 7: suffers from financial persecution mania

This intimophobe is constantly trying to convict all the girls of the universe of mercenary intentions and encroachments on their wallet - by the way, the wallet itself may not be plump at all and not cause a two-point earthquake when it falls from the table. Although, of course, in most cases, fear is not unfounded. Often wealthy men who have something to lose suffer from this form of phobia. The girls went enterprising and quick-witted, and they are about to marry such a gullible prince to themselves, then they will give birth to a child, get divorced and - voila! - they will squeeze out half the kingdom and life maintenance. Even if you're not, it won't be easy to prove it.

Patient No. 8: dreams of sacrificing himself on the altar of eternal love

Yes, and there are such instances. And if you are not Botticelli's Venus, but a normal earthly beauty, then he will most likely be nice to you, and everything will be fine with you. But keep in mind, for him, you are only a temporary option on the path of searching for a poetically sung ideal. Unlike promiscuous patient number six, he will not rub shoulders with anyone and try to translate quantity into quality. He certainly needs her (if "She" with a capital letter did not look so vulgar, we would use this spelling). He will be ready to give himself entirely to her and profess her cult. As you can already guess, such a woman does not exist in nature, and if he meets something similar, then most likely the girl herself will be frightened of idolatry and run away. Such a person would have slipped a useful little book by Erich Fromm "The Art of Loving", which proves in detail that love is not an object-oriented feeling. But he, most likely, will not understand it and will shift it to music. Such a perfectionist in love has a very hard time in our cynical world. He is ready to jump headlong into a jousting tournament or save you from the clutches of a dragon - and such trifles as maintaining psychological comfort and sexual self-improvement are not of interest to him. This is the fate of the intercourse plebeians. Even a psychotherapist often cannot appeal to common sense for such an eccentric.

Patient no. 9: terrified of rituals

Of course, this rarely happens, but some men can be wonderful family men and just darlings, but they will never legalize your relationship with him. Excuses can be sophisticated: an intimaphobe will come up with an allergy to champagne and Mendelssohn's march, fear of an imperious mother-in-law, professional envy or hatred of toastmasters, will experience real migraine attacks while walking past the registry office. You can live with him for a long time and even in some sense happily, but trying to bring him down the aisle is stupid and criminal. He simply cannot stand the terrifying oppression of officialdom and will run away from the crown.

Patient No. 10: in an eternal search for himself

It happens that a man suddenly gets up and leaves for no apparent reason after many years spent together. Why does a man not want to get married? He suddenly remembers that by nature, in general, the Jungian archetype of the Wanderer and he urgently needs to go, run somewhere, change something, and so on. He can even leave his family, comfortable home and comfortable life after hearing Vysotsky's song or watching the full-length "SpongeBob" with a child - any romantic fantasy can become a trigger. Most often, such "heroes of the path" after a series of wanderings again return to their familiar place, because in the end they realize that they are not looking for good from good and all that. Alas, even such a return does not guarantee that you will live happily ever after. At least in the same tale.

Text: Alexey Karaulov, Sasha Lushina

Men who never get married

There are 5 types of men who definitely never get married. It makes no sense even to waste your time, energy and nerves on them. There will be clear descriptions below so that you do not step on the same rake again.

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  • SHUTTERST This type of men is not so common, but it is. They are very frivolous, live only for themselves, love to have fun, go to clubs with girls and spend easy time. "What kind of wives and children? I'm still too young, I'm only 45." Such people can be easily seen in the environment: they like to dress up “fashionably” or look brutal, but at the same time they have a wind in their head and it’s better not to pull them into marriage, they don’t need it. Even if you can win such a man, most likely he will not be at home forever, but do you need one?

    2. Mommy's son

    Yes, almost everyone has met such people. He and his mother live well: she cooks, washes, cleans, her brain does not cut, she does not ask for money for a fur coat, she even pays for the apartment herself and makes gifts. Real paradise! Even if such a man does not live with his mother, he can call her several times all day long, constantly asking for advice and help in choosing a solution, etc.

    He takes each new girlfriend to his mother in order to introduce him and immediately weed them out.

    For her, this is the golden son and no one deserves him. Of course, there are times when men do get married, but if they can break away from parental care and start living on their own, or his wife will become just a replacement.

    3. Womanizer

    Why does he need one woman for life, there are so many of them! "I'd rather give affection and care for everyone." Well, well, let it go on and on.

    4. Seeker of the ideal

    He seems to be ready for a family and children, but still in search of an ideal. Either the legs are not that long, or the hair color is not so beautiful or the voice is not like that of your favorite TV presenter, etc.

    There are always shortcomings for him, he does not single out features in women.

    This type of men will be in constant search. But even if you turn out to be the one and correspond to all his parameters, it is not a fact that he will like your behavior, housekeeping, speech or something else.


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