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The inspiring story of head football coach, Jeremy Williams, who, terminally ill with the ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) refuses to retire, deciding instead to coach for one last s... Read allThe inspiring story of head football coach, Jeremy Williams, who, terminally ill with the ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) refuses to retire, deciding instead to coach for one last season. Rick Cohen's cameras follow him as his resilient Greenville Patriots high school te... Read allThe inspiring story of head football coach, Jeremy Williams, who, terminally ill with the ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) refuses to retire, deciding instead to coach for one last season. Rick Cohen's cameras follow him as his resilient Greenville Patriots high school team battles a tough Region 4 schedule in their quest for the Georgia state championship. A ... Read all





    • Richard A. Cohen
    • Richard A. Cohen
    • Jeremy Williams
    • Richard A. Cohen
    • Richard A. Cohen
    • Jeremy Williams
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    A true story that inspires

    Jeremy's story is one that tugs at the heart because it shows how hardship and tragedy can inspire a team and unite an entire community. Upon his diagnosis with ALS, Jeremy defies the odds, coaching his high school football team one more season. He draws upon the strength of his relationship with God and does the impossible. In fact he still is, for he is alive and defying all the odds 9 years later. Incredible.



    • melissa-07915
    • Jun 26, 2021


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      • April 14, 2012 (United States)
      • United States
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      • Endorphin Entertainment
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    • 1 hour 29 minutes

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    7. 01 h 28 min20127+

    The inspiring story of head football coach, Jeremy Williams, who, terminally ill with the ALS refuses to retire, deciding instead to coach for one last season. His team strives for the Georgia state championship as Williams, a father figure to his underprivileged African-American players, is driven by family and faith to achieve the impossible.

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    Richard A. Cohen, Allison Burnett, Jason Haley, Kim Hammond, Tony Harrill, more…Tony Lair, Bob McAllister, Robert McAllister, Chris Pullaro, Matt Ruggles
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    A new documentary film "Big. Season" about the life of the Bolshoi Theater is released on December 24 . Season", which will be held on December 24. This is a joint production project of Star Media and KION online cinema in co-production with the German holding Kinescope Film.

    The director of the film is Anastasia Popova, a nominee for the Golden Eagle 2022 award for the film Baikal. The Amazing Adventures of Yuma, and also the creator of the mini-series Titanic, voiced by Sergei Chonishvili and Vladimir Eremin. nine0003

    Provided by KION

    The documentary includes exclusive interviews with Svetlana Zakharova, Vladislav Lantratov, Makhar Vaziev and other theater stars.

    The authors of the film shoot the theater at one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the Bolshoi - the 246th post-pandemic season.

    The film shows that the creation of a performance requires the participation of many people, services, workshops united by common tasks. How to find your place, how to take place, how to succeed, overcome failures, injuries and bring your work to the desired result in such an organism as the Bolshoi, where more than three thousand people work - this is told by various heroes of the film, whose fates are connected with this theater today. nine0003

    Among them are general director Vladimir Urin, chief conductor Tugan Sokhiev, head of the ballet troupe Mahar Vaziev, premieres Vladislav Lantratov and Denis Savin, prima Svetlana Zakharova, opera singers Anna Netrebko and Agunda Kulaeva, opera singer Andrey Potaturin, director of the orchestra Alexander Shanin, stage director Yevgeny Pisarev, opera director Vladislav Kolpakov, senior master Soslan Margiev, stage manager Tatyana Zabaluyeva, and, of course, the Bolshoi Theater itself, with its complex internal structure. nine0003

    Photo: Courtesy of KION

    The documentary project is divided into four acts, showing in detail the life of the Bolshoi Theater during the preparation of performances throughout the theater season, with a grandiose climax with the symbol of the New Year - the ballet The Nutcracker.

    One of the main characters of the film was Andrey Potaturin, who arrived in Moscow in 2019 from Saratov, where he was a musical theater soloist. He has a wonderful voice, only the man is still afraid of the huge stage on which he dreamed of being all his life. This is a big problem, because any feelings and experiences are reflected in the performance. The young ballerina Margarita Shrainer also faces self-doubt - her shortcomings during performances are noticed by the artistic director of the troupe Mahar Vaziev. The story of the ballerina's struggle for her place in the star cast unfolds right before the eyes of the audience. nine0003

    But the Bolshoi ballet is not limited to classical productions. It is very important for the theater to stay in the context of modernity and experiment with new styles and trends in ballet. To do this, the theater invites contemporary ballet choreographers from different countries. One of them is Simone Valastro, who worked for many years at the Paris Opera, using classical and modern music in his works. Denis Savin works with Valastro at the premiere (the story of how he became the prime minister is told in detail in the film). nine0003

    The filming of "The Big Season" took place from 2020 to 2022. The film "Big. Season" was purchased for display by the French-German broadcaster ARTE. International distribution of the project is handled by Autentic Distribution.

    Photo courtesy of KION

    Direct speech

    Vladimir Urin, General Director of the Bolshoi Theatre:

    those who entered these doors tried to understand and feel this house and, as it seems to us, they succeeded. In any case, the intonation of this story impresses me very much. Maybe for the first time a documentary film is being aired, which explores the inner life of the theater in sufficient detail, what the audience does not see on stage.In other words, how our work is built inside, how we go to achieve the desired result.Such a portrait cannot be abstract;The Bolshoi is not only historical walls, but since the film is dedicated to today, one season Naturally, this theme is revealed through the people of the theatre." nine0003

    Svetlana Zakharova, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre:

    "Before entering the stage at the Bolshoi Theatre, I am overcome by incredible excitement and fear. And when you are already on stage, you are a different person. I can jump higher than in rehearsal hall. One performance on the stage of the Bolshoi is worth three or four in another theater. That's how much more effort, energy and emotions are spent. "

    TheatreDocumentary filmPark guideCinema and TV with Susanna Alperina

    Creating a family in the animal world

    Love... So much romance, poetry, feelings and other exciting moments in this word! Screaming cats in the yards and sighing couples at the entrances, licking cheetahs, love games of lions, elephants and giraffes ... But this is only the outer part of the biological iceberg called "reproduction".

    Science and life // Illustrations

    The seahorse bore its offspring.

    Male crowned cranes enchant females with crowns. When courting, it is unfolded in all its glory. nine0003

    The "knight's tournament" takes place among the deer.

    Hippos live quietly until the time comes to choose a bride. Then the angry males attack each other, inflicting deep wounds.

    Love dances of cranes last for days.

    View full size

    Love and reproduction are not at all one and not a whole. The first concept is responsible for the meeting of two living organisms of the same species at a specific point in time and space, and the second - for the mechanism of reproduction itself - the process of continuing the existence of the gene pool in generations. Yes, yes, you and I, friends, and billions of other living beings on the planet are only a temporary shelter for the gene pool. For our life is short, and only the gene pool can exist almost indefinitely - as long as there is planet Earth...

    The first living organisms - bacteria that appeared on Earth 3.5 billion years ago, multiplied by division and did not think about anything like that. This idyll partially ended 2.5 billion years ago, when a revolution took place on the planet - the living world was divided into male and female halves.

    In order for the sperm and egg, as carriers of two genomes, to meet and form something new, individuals of various species embark on the most fantastic, incomprehensible adventures and tricks. nine0003

    Marriage systems are very different in different kinds of creatures. Geese, swans, some primates are monogamous and choose a partner for life. Many migratory birds form pairs for one season. In antelopes, horses, zebras, bulls, rams, anubis baboons, we often observe polygamy - the male creates a harem around him. The elephant accompanies a group of females, behaving quite independently, but in one way or another submitting to him. But female tinamou birds, jacanas, South American ostrich nandu follow the polyandry model. They have a connection with several males during the season. There is also promiscuity - a system of free interbreeding in a population. Bustards, waders, hummingbirds, ducks, alpacas, gray rats, voles, primates, etc. "profess" it. nine0003

    Creating a family is a difficult period in the life of any living being.


    How many males in the world, so many different "love stories" and strategies for approaching the object of passion. Often, animals find themselves in a situation where the mating season is on the nose, but there is no choice. There are so few blue whales left today that it is not at all easy for a sea giant to find a bride in the expanses of the Pacific Ocean.

    There are still creatures who do not have much choice of a couple due to living conditions. These include some fish, such as deep-sea anglerfish. These are extremely amazing creatures. Their males and females are so different from each other that for a long time they were considered different types of fish. Males are small in “growth”, only 14–20 mm, compared to them, females look like giantesses, reaching 30–40 cm. Males do not have such an outgrowth. All of them, living in the vast depths of the ocean, are creatures with the manners of hermits, living in a world of eternal darkness and cold. It is not known how much time - a year or a year and a half - the male spends looking for a partner, wandering along the desert bottom in darkness full of dangers. But having found it, he, without delay, clings to it like a tick, so as not to accidentally lose the acquired treasure. Now he will not part with her until his death, for he "knows" that he will not have another happy chance. The partner, however, does not mind such an obsessive union. She also has no choice - she doesn’t know how to look for a couple, and who wants to while away a century in the cold depths alone? They say that real marriages are made in heaven, but for deep-sea anglers, they happen deep, literally in the underworld. Now they are connected for life. The lips and tongue of the male very soon grow to the body of the newly found partner, and his lower jaw, olfactory organs, eyes and intestines atrophy. They are now of no use to him, since he will regularly receive all the necessary nutrients with the blood of the female, through the blood vessels that have grown into his body. The male waters each egg with milk. This is real love - in eternal darkness and eternal unity! nine0003

    Another creature - a seahorse living in tropical and southern seas - is very romantic. The male has a kind of bag on his tummy, where the female, after a touching ritual of acquaintance and courtship, lays her eggs. Having fertilized them inside itself, the horse becomes pregnant and in due time gives birth to several hundred microscopic babies in the water. Someone who, and he is definitely sure of his paternity.

    A small bird lives in Australia - a bowerbird, which, in order to win the heart of its chosen one, builds a huge structure from leaves and branches. Handsome people and dandies build simpler huts, relying on personal charm, and those who are more modest build entire mansions, decorated with multi-colored pebbles, glass fragments, feathers, flowers, etc. The female gives her heart not to the owner of the largest territory, building, etc., but to the one who charmed her with the beauty and brightness of the decoration of his building. After the show, the happy couple, without regret, abandons the hut-palace and builds an ordinary nest. nine0003

    The heads of many males of different species are decorated with amazing formations. These are various combs, fans, crowns, hoods and horns, which appeared not at all in order to fend off predators, but precisely in order to conquer future partners and frighten sexual rivals. Insects (beetles), reptiles (remember dinosaurs, Jackson's, Parson's chameleons), birds (peacocks, birds of paradise, fan-bearing doves) and mammals (deer, antelopes, bulls, goats and rams) especially distinguished themselves here. nine0003

    All deer, bulls, rams and antelopes grow their own extraordinary crowns throughout their lives. Moreover, if in bovids - bulls, antelopes, goats, rams - they grow incessantly, reaching record sizes by the end of their lives, then in deer, the antlers fall every season in the spring, so that by the beginning of the mating season (by autumn) grow in all its splendor. At the same time, in subsequent years, the horns grow more powerful and branched. If the yearling of a red deer has “shpichaks” sticking out - small finger-shaped horns, then in adults they turn into a real “tree” with many processes. The most powerful wears the most majestic crown. nine0003

    Very similar, everything happens in ordinary and argus peacocks. Only instead of horns, males grow crowns on their heads, and the upper tails turn into a frozen waterfall of multi-colored “eyes”, which folds when walking, and unfolds when courting, charming females with a multitude of bright spots. The larger, richer and more coloristically saturated such a tail, the higher the physiological status of its owner. The better his physical condition, the better his sexual products and his children will be. And females are well aware of this. nine0003

    Spotted hyenas are very unusual. Females have established a matriarchy(!), which happens infrequently in the world of living beings. They "rule the show" in everything and "oppress" the males, so the proverb "Look for a woman in every evil!" in hyenas it takes on a true meaning. Initially being a subordinate, the male “makes a career” in the pack for years, reaching a higher rank in order to be able to give offspring. Since only one female, the leader, breeds in a pack of hyenas, the male must twist hard to persuade the matron to cohabitation. nine0003

    From the age of 12, white rhinos begin to fight for the attention of females. Males and females protect their own vast territories of the savannah from fellow tribesmen. Individuals of the masculine gender - the owners of the territories, are quite tolerant of other males - uninvited guests, if the latter show submission and do not make threatening movements. This patience decreases when a female is nearby. The size of the sites of male individuals is small - on average 3 km 2 , which is due to the quality and sufficient amount of food. Rhinos, in turn, are also “not born with a bast” and occupy their territory - from 6 to 20 km 2 , which may overlap with some males. At times, violent conflicts occur between males, especially when there is a rhinoceros who is in heat nearby. Males mark their territory with large piles of droppings along the perimeter and inside it. In the eyes of females, only pretenders who own their own patches of savannah are real. Just a rhinoceros is not interesting.


    Despite the fact that the initiative during the mating season most often belongs to males, the final choice is made by ... females. Yes Yes. In the world of animals (and people), they are more responsible in choosing a partner. Females should assess whether the applicant is of the same species (subspecies) as they are, is it strong enough, healthy and adequate? All these preludes of love, consisting of complex demonstrations, dances, songs, struggles and fights for territories, are in fact a system of tests. Females are called upon to test the chosen one in all respects in order to make sure of his true qualities. It must be real, withstanding any competition in any adverse environmental conditions. nine0003

    Let's start with the cats, all those cheetahs and leopards. They have a cat that came to the "hunt", sometimes she herself is looking for a male, since the time when she can become pregnant is very short, and the cat must regularly (and without interruption) give birth to children. But at the same time she chooses the best! Love in large cats is a delicate matter and does not at all correspond to the epic and the popular opinion that, they say, they breed “like cats”, “everything is simple with cats”, etc. A leopard, for example, for a whole week, and sometimes more than one, follows the female, trying to achieve her location, attention, tame her, and then subdue her. Animals converge very slowly, because they are individuals, with their own rich experience and inner world, and even so solidly armed. They need time to get used to each other and even more so to approach the love ending. nine0003

    Cheetahs are a little different. It takes them one or two days a year to breed, when males and females look for each other. Their sexual instinct is so strong that the animals quickly find a common language and the female accepts the courtship of the male. Although their love couples are selected on the basis of a common mutual sympathy. It happens that even a prominent handsome male may not like a particular female and she violently rejects him, hissing and threatening to scratch his “face”.


    There may be many or few future partners. For those who have no end of suitors, it is better to come with a gift, everyone knows this. Even tiny insects do this - spiders and flies. Pushers are small flies that look very similar to mosquitoes. During the mating season, they gather in large companies in forest clearings and swarm, hovering in the air and “jogging” in one place (hence the name). Walking in the summer in cloudy weather in damp places, you often stumble upon clusters of pushers and try to slip through them faster, mistaking them for mosquitoes. And in the neighborhood with pushers, small mosquitoes usually swarm. If you stand longer, you can see how from time to time one or the other pusher leaves its swarm, bursts into the thickness of mosquitoes, grabs the first comer and returns to its place. Now he is ready to woo, having previously handed his gift to the chosen one. nine0003

    It is still customary for some pushers to “pack” a gift in a silky “package” from their own thread. As you can see, nothing beautiful is alien to them. Although here, too, is a "double-edged sword." Some smart guys give their gullible chosen ones an empty "package", without a gift. And she finds out that there is nothing there after the “wedding”, when the deed is done and the gentleman has already caught a trace ...

    The same edible gifts are presented to their loved ones by some types of spiders and birds. nine0003

    Dances, songs and tournaments

    The rapprochement of two "loving hearts" is not an easy process at all. It is accompanied by an exchange of mutual signals - pacifying demonstrations designed to relieve mutual stress when two individuals dangerous to each other meet and "lull" the partner's aggressive instincts. Often they are similar to the rituals of domination - submission, when the vassal, wanting to appease the master, is substituted for him (baboons), and even with the relationship between mother and cub (gulls, sparrows), when the baby begs her for food. In the process of evolution, within each species, their own systems of love preludes were formed. It can be dances, like cranes, when the birds dance their knees for hours, demonstrating their excellent physical shape. Or songs, like nightingales and other songbirds. Given that the male begins to sing only after capturing his own feeding area and having a nest (or a place for it), the female is able to appreciate his talents, which reveal the excellent state of the body and the ability to withstand competition with other applicants. nine0003

    The most interesting creatures live in the mangroves and on the muddy beaches - beckoning crabs, which generally do without a gift. Their size is 1-4 cm, and they got their fame because in males one claw is simply gigantic and many times larger than the other. In addition, it is bright and contrastingly colored. With a small claw, the crab collects food particles and transfers them to the mouth, and the appointment of a large claw is more romantic. Walking through the liquid mud of mangroves, the crab constantly waves it, as if calling brides from all over the beach. Elegant gentlemen especially rage if they see a modestly dressed female. They gesticulate so cordially that the call is understandable even to us humans. The crab seems to want to say: “Come here! Come here quickly, come!" Trying to attract the attention of the bride and win her heart, beckoning crabs are not limited to swinging a large claw. Each species has its own manner of courtship. And suitors of each species wave in their own way. Such a variety of tricks is necessary so that the bride can figure out who is who, and would not be tempted by chance to the calls of a stranger. nine0003

    Males of most animal species love to show off in front of the fairer sex. The best place for this is jousting tournaments. They are satisfied with black grouse, mountain sheep, antelopes and many others. At the selected venues - currents, surrounded by fans and brides, the fighters find out who is stronger. If tournaments are held in compliance with the rules, then they are not dangerous for those who fight. However, in the heat of the fight, the rivals forget about the rules, and then it can end in death for one of them. Elephant seals and seals arrange especially violent fights because of their numerous partners. nine0003

    During the rut, when tournament fights begin, and then the time for love comes, the males become very excited. This comes in many forms: the animals are restless and the number of fights increases. One of the reasons is the increased action of the endocrine glands and odor glands. Males intensively mark their territories with the secretion of the preorbital glands and urine. But this is not enough. Male elands stimulate themselves by bending over and smearing their luxurious crest and horns with mud mixed with their own urine. Figuratively speaking, this is, as it were, his "standard" - a symbol of his own "I" and the masculine principle - impressive horns exuding his own smell, which he demonstrates to his rivals and the whole world. nine0003

    To the barrier!

    The most cultural and safe, in terms of injuries, fights are with green tree frogs. Sitting comfortably on the wet hummocks, the duelists begin to make roulades, but what! Heard all over the area.

    Hippos arrange serious brawls because of their future partners. These bumpkins are actually one of the most dangerous African animals. The tusks of giants reach an impressive size and are capable of inflicting serious damage to the opponent. The Belgian Museum of Natural History has a hippo tusk 64.5 cm long.

    The life of these African "fat men" proceeds measuredly and leisurely, and most importantly - not very noticeable to others. But only until one of the thick-skinned females wants to find a mate (she starts estrus). This makes the males start up and stir. In a large herd, where there are many worthy fighters, one cannot do without a fight. The duel of giants is a terribly interesting spectacle. Enraged opponents jump on each other, opening huge mouths like suitcases. The one with the wider mouth and larger tusks is considered the winner. But it happens that one demonstration is not enough. Then they zealously attack each other and with their terrible tusks and fangs inflict deep bleeding wounds in the gums and torso. The water in the river turns burgundy. But they have another, bloodless way to demonstrate their capabilities. Applicants are located close to each other and begin to get rid of all that is superfluous in the intestines. At the same time, their small, flat and hard tails with a brush of hard hair at the ends work like propellers, scattering liquid droppings throughout the area. The winner in this competition and the owner of a higher rank is the male who was able to accumulate a larger supply of feces in his intestines and managed to scatter it over the largest possible area. nine0003

    This procedure (somewhat dubious from our, human, aesthetic point of view) leads the applicants into a frenzy of delight. Any of them is ready to "throw on the neck" of the winner, who managed to so famously and gracefully free his intestines and distribute its contents along with the aroma throughout the area.

    As you can see, animals attach great importance to their own smells - this is one of the forms of marking their territory...


    The meetings of lovers at the cranes are very beautiful and romantic. Their bridal displays consist of cooing and beautiful dances with jumps and squats leading the females to a fabulous and thrilling finale.

    Among snow leopards, pairs guard their own territories in the mountains. In the season of love, they meet and, like real dangerous predators, find out mutual peacefulness for a long time. When you have powerful fangs and claws designed for killing, you need to try hard to convince your partner of your peaceful and "serious" intentions. For several days there is a rapprochement, after which the male proceeds to caresses, licking, purring. nine0003

    In lion prides, love stories depend on the situation. One or two owners of the pride fertilize in turn all the lionesses who come "hunting". But an individual lioness can leave the family to meet a young lonely lion. Two lionesses can feed the old leader for a long time, and only his complete incapacity sooner or later makes them look for a new owner...

    From three to five days, the “honeymoon” of newlywed lions continues, after which the males can barely wear their legs. A more loving couple and more ardent love than lions is hard to even imagine. The couple does not part for a moment, and both turn passionate glances at each other an infinite number of times. Scenes of love occur every twenty minutes, and in between the lovers lie in an embrace, not taking their happy eyes off each other. nine0003

    White rhinos, sensing the approach of the mating season, meet on neutral territory and gradually approach each other, trying to convince their partner of peaceful intentions. Having made friends with the female, the rhinoceros pursues her for several days, until she herself, finally, exhausted, succumbs to his harassment. Unlike them, black rhinos are more isolated and unsociable creatures, so their rapprochement is even more difficult and difficult.

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