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Shopping: 18 Desk Toys to Relieve Stress at Work

You know what they say: All work and no play makes for a very cranky employee.

But how many people actually have opportunities for play on the job? Besides, of course, the lucky few people who work at companies that have basketball courts, ping-pong tables, and video games in the office.

So, because I believe every worker deserves at least one desk toy that helps him or her relieve stress and get back on track, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of gadgets and gizmos that’ll keep you entertained for hours. OK, maybe don’t play with them for hours (or else we’ll both get in trouble).

Stack them up to create a true work of art—or just a jumble of animals.

Confession: I have one of these on my desk, and it’s the most amazing toy. You don’t have to be afraid to doodle what you wish (no matter your artistic abilities), because it fades as soon as you start drawing.

Rolling these between your fingers is both refreshing and produces a soothing sound to calm your nerves.

Squeeze out your best ideas yet!

This little puzzle will distract you just enough to refocus and relax.

If you’re like me and need to clean when you’re overwhelmed, Henry is your guy. This mini vacuum will suck away all your troubles—and some dust bunnies.

You’re never too old to play with putty—and not only that, it’s great for thinkers.

Rather than throwing money into a real massage, scratch your head all by yourself while you ponder your thoughts.

We learned that coloring books are great for combating anxiety—but have you tried this very accurate one yet?

The stress ball just got cooler. This one connects to a USB and simulates your motions on your computer, allowing you to take your anger out on your work without actually ruining anything.

A fun game, just a bit fun-sized for your desk.

For those who are always chewing on pencils or peeling off labels in anxious moments, these erasers will survive through all your bad habits.

Test your fishing skills with this miniature carnival game.

Pick your favorite scent and plug this in to your computer to fill your workspace with comforting smells.

Wishing you could play video games in the office? Your wish is my command—just don’t let your boss catch you.

Watch this guy fall over and come back together again and remind yourself that you too can pick yourself up in stressful times. (Deep, I know.)

Relive your childhood with this classic desk toy (if you stick your face on it we won’t judge).

Another throwback that’ll keep you (and your fingers) entertained for way too long.

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Top 25 Stress Reliever Toys That Helps You Keep Calm (2022)

Mental Health

Last Update on October 28, 2022 : Published on May 4, 2020

Stress is no joke when you are dealing with it continuously. From financial pressure to family demands, relationship fractions to workload, there is no place where stress cannot be hopped on to your trail. When statistics are being noted, you may be shocked to know that approximately 77% of people experience physical symptoms of stress like low energy, fatigueness, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. based on American Institute of Stress. But how does stress reliever toys help you all through this?

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Stress reliever toys are becoming increasingly popular on office tables, homes and other workplaces where any symptoms of stress can strike a person. If you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you may consider keeping some toys to relieve your stress. Symptoms include:

  • Mood swings
  • Low self-esteem
  • Short temper and irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Low energy, headache, tension
  • Concentration troubles
  • Worrisome thoughts

Do you seek any of these symptoms? Possibly yes but some good catalysts can help you to feel calm as well as away from the negativities.

How Does Stress Toys Help In Reducing Stress?

Stress relief toys act as a great mindfulness technique as it may help you in cutting down tension by releasing all the negative energy and recharging your head with presence of mind.

These toys are capable of inducing mental focus as you get distracted from all the negative thoughts and come back to the toy. Using this toy ultimately throws off all the tension. Your mood begins to improve slowly and you are definitely able to think clearly.

Let’s explore some of the best stress relieving toys that can be taken with you everywhere you think you would be in need of it.

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Here is the list of the best stress relief toys

 1. Stress Balls For Adults

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The most common stress reliever toy, stress ball is such a simple technique to kill the stress. The best part you can note is that it can be carried anywhere, kept at the office desk or dining table. As soon as any situation appears where you feel your stress level is hiking up, squeezing it pumps good energy within.

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It comes in multiple colors, sizes and shapes as and how you may want to hold in your palms. Your favorite color could also help you in reducing tension. Plus, the soft texture and squeezing it hard maintains the blood circulation in the body. How cool is that, right?

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2. Buddha Board

Want to see all the stress going away? Watch it live! Start drawing or writing whatever it is in your mind. You are free to pull out all the negative thoughts on this small section but do not worry, it all evaporates as soon as the water that was used to draw evaporates completely.

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This stress reliever toy helps in maintaining mindfulness and inner thought process. Many of us are scared to write our thoughts down and read it again, this Buddha board is a definite help in any case. It teaches you Zen concept of living in the moment!

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3. Coloring Book For Adults

If you haven’t tried using a coloring book to calm your senses, this is the time. A good coloring book for adults not only helps in spending time with yourself but also clears your head with unnecessary thoughts. You rather begin to focus on beautiful colors and try to bring them in your life as well.

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So what are you waiting for? Just bring a good coloring book or order online, a set of colors like watercolor, sketch pens or crayons and start the game! And yes, you are free to destroy the shapes as well if you are stressed. This is best practice to make you free from stress, just keep trying till you reach at the optimum coloring capacity.

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 4. Scalp Massager

To dive deep in your positive thoughts and pull out negativities, a scalp massager may act as a stress reliever. This scalp soother has gentle rubber tips on its edges that stirs your head as well as calms it down. Moreover, any kind of itching is also removed and promotes scalp wellness at the same time.

If you are with your partner or loved ones, you can even ask them to massage your scalp. The flow of love and massager itself will reduce stress at a great level.

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5. Foot Massager Roller

How about giving yourself effective acupressure massage for stress relief? We believe you would certainly like to go with this stress relief toy which targets the trigger points in the foot arch, heels, and whole body. Even when you are tired of work stress or long walks on sites, spending time with this stress reliever toy for a few minutes is a big plus.

It is light and portable which can be carried with you in case of traveling. So give your tissues a deep sense of relaxation with stimulation of roller beads.

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6. Spaghetti Ball

Comes in a variety of colors and sizes, spaghetti balls can be tossed, scratched or stretched as you want. They are wiggly and jiggly that attract your attention and can be moulded anyway to calm your head and mood. It also helps in maintaining your focus and attention, just try it out!

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7. Zen Garden Sandbox

From calming colors to ocean creatures, everything is beautiful about this toy to relieve stress. You can certainly keep this sandbox on your work desk, play with aqua sand and use all the accessories to feel that you are already on a beach getaway. Feel the ocean breeze in your head and it is going to help you to kill stress. It is also a kind of meditation, a must try!

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8. Kneadable Eraser Or Putty

Stressed? Pull out these colorful putties and knead them anyway you like. Beat them or make shapes out of it, they are all at your disposal. Moreover, they have a tendency to clean themselves up so all you have to do is release your stress quickly. Moreover, they are not at all pricey and you can order them as many as you want, happy?

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9. Spiky Slap Bracelets

Perfect sensory and fidget stress reliever toy, especially for those having high anxiety issues. Made with high quality silicone, they are worn for tactile or sensory touch. It also makes a clicking sound when you press them on your wrists and gives a calming effect. It also gives a self-regulation sense to the user.

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10. Fidget Sensory Rings

Can a ring calm you? Why not? Free yourself from the anxious thoughts and even bad habits and come back to your senses as soon as you start getting out of head. It is best for people having high levels of stress issues and attitude like biting nails, smoking or uncontrollable emotions. Get yourself this stress relief toy for calmness.

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11. Magnetic Balls

Whether you buy miniature or super-sized magnets, they will always keep you engaged and focused at the same time. These are buildable in any shape, can be smashed off and gives you any kind of satisfying structure bound together through magnets. Chill down your emotions and give try to this one of the best toys to make you calm.

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12. Stress Less Cards

Created by a passionate mindfulness teacher, these stress-free cards contain 50 easy exercises for everyone. These cards have powerful meditation techniques, first aid kit for work stress and are highly recommended by health care professionals. Get wisdom straight away when the mind is not working right!

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13. Chuchik Cube Toys

All the compulsive pen clicker or nail biter or someone who has huge anxiety issues, this cube is a perfect stress reliever toy. It has 6 different unique features that keep you busy and less distracted. Perfect for all ages, you can keep it with you anywhere you like.

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14. Aromatherapy Diffuser

A few drops of essential oils in the diffuser, this diffuser can lighten up your mood and help you release stress. Moreover, it’s pretty compact and can fit itself anywhere you like. Don’t you want a calm and misty nature around you which just wants you to think beautiful? Think amazing with a less distressed mind later.

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15. Stretchy String

For an ultimate stress relief, these stretchy strings are amazing to calm your head and frustration within. These durable strings could be stretched, squished and fun to wrap around. Interestingly, their vibrant colors are quite attention grabbing and have perfectly sensory touches. In fact, they can be cleaned very easily and you do not need to worry about the same.

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16. Yoga Toes

Make yourself comfortable and beautiful with yoga toes that can curl up in between your toes. Get a pair for yourself, put in on and sip some coffee along. It provides not just mental calmness but also relief from chronic foot pain and relaxed attitude. Healthy feet always bring up a healthy mind. So try it out and get this best toy to relieve stress.

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17. Fippy Chain

Made up of metal, the Flippy chain helps in lowering the stress and anxiety level by releasing all the tension from within. If you lack in mindfulness and your mind remains distracted, this toy for stress relief could make things better. Works silently for you, Flippy chain has a great texture to touch and feel calm.

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18. Hand Fidget Toy

It does look like a game controller at once but this fidget stress relief toy is perfect for your finger sensitivity and throwing off all the stress away. This noise free fidget can kill your time, release the stress, make you focused and perfect exercise for fingers. Any age, any profession or background, stay happy and calm!

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19. Tangle Relax Therapy

Thinking about focus, relaxation and releasing stress? This stress reliever toy is the easiest way to calm your mood down. It improves your finger movement, muscle performance and improves wellness of your joints. Perfect for relaxation therapy, tangle and untangle the fidget for perfect time with yourself.

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20. Punching Ball

For high stress and quick relief, one can go for a punching ball along with the gloves. This is perfect for stress buster when there is intense tension or anger and you wish to shed it quickly. Combined with gloves, it can improve your muscles as well as balances your brain to come back to mindfulness.

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21. Fidget Spinner

For a pleasing sensory experience, fidget spinner is meant for individuals having stress, anxiety and other serious disorders. You can rotate it between your fingers and keep yourself way more concentrated.

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 22. Grape Ball

To relieve stress and all the pressure in the head, a grape ball can keep you busy and enlightened. You can keep it on your office desk or home table and squeeze it anytime you feel stressed. Moreover, having more than one color would always want you to touch them and keep you happier.

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23. Squeeze a bean Soybean Keychain

Stressed or bored, whatever be it, try to squeeze a bean out of the keychain which is fully reusable and helps in stabilizing the mental performance. Even while you are thinking and brainstorming, this stress reliever toy is near to perfection.

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24. Stress Relief Polar Bear

Aren’t polar bears cute? Indeed they are! Now when they stay near you during the time when you are not feeling good, you might begin to. These polar bears have fantastic elasticity, are comfortable to touch, look realistic and cute like anything. Now why wouldn’t they be able to relieve you? Try it!

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25. White Noise Machine

Usually, stress and tension doesn’t let you sleep deeply or stay calm. A good white noise device helps in blocking negative noise and thoughts that’s boggling you down. Speed options and customized sound experience could be done for your ease. In fact, you can have a good deep natural sleep using white noise device.

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Wrapping Up!

We are happy that you came to this page after realizing that you are stressed and wish to get rid of it. These stress reliever toys are surely a great help but we would also like to tell you that you can let us know your queries regarding stress in the comment section below and we may help you with the help of our experts. Having a stress toy is great but having a friend to speak is greater. Let us know your views and thoughts, we are listening!

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13 anti-stress toys that will unravel your nerves | Interesting facts

In the 90s, many offices hung the so-called “leaf of anger”: an A4 sheet with instructions instructing them to tear it off the wall in a stressful situation, crumple it up and throw it into a corner. Today we have a thousand and one opportunities to calm our nerves in more effective and less conspicuous ways. The editors of plunged into the depths of Aliexpress and collected for you a selection of the best relax toys. nine0003

Relaxing tangle snake

Tangle is an invention of the American sculptor Richard Zavits. While studying Eastern philosophy, he discovered the Eternal Knot of the Buddha - 12 links, symbolizing the cyclical nature of everything. This symbol inspired Zavitz to create the Infinity sculpture: a closed system of 18 sectors rotating around an axis.


A little later, the sculptor recreated a reduced creation in plastic and in 1981 released it for sale under the Tangle brand. Since then, this simple puzzle has been purchased by more than 60 million people - as it turned out, tangle perfectly calms nerves, increases concentration and helps in attempts to break bad habits. nine0003

Soothing anti-stress ball

Positive tactile sensations are important for quick stress relief. There are nerve endings on our palms, the massage of which helps to instantly calm down, and with constant exposure it also improves blood circulation.

Anti-stress ball

A bright anti-stress ball made of elastic, quickly recovering polyurethane foam will replace acupuncture massage, stabilize your well-being and cheer you up.

Antistress Caomaru

The invention of the Japanese designer Makiko Yoshida is not an ordinary antistress ball. Made in the form of a human face, the toy will show the owner the whole range of feelings: make her smile, frown, scream or be surprised.

Caomaru Head

With each grimace, you will move further and further away from everyday worries.

Classic fidget spinner

The fidget spinner, also known as a "twist" or "spinner", was patented at the beginning of 90's chemist Katherine Hettinger, who invented this toy for her daughter with myasthenia gravis.


It was remembered only in 2016, and already at the beginning of 2017 this simple anti-stress hit the top of the best-selling goods on the Internet. Spinner mesmerizes with rapid rotation, soothes and, according to many parents, helps to curb children's hyperactivity.

Anime spinner

Instead of the classic fidget spinner, you can turn in your hand a spinner stylized as attributes of popular movie or anime characters: Sasuke's sharingan or Naruto's razengan, Captain America's shield or Batman's shuriken. Children will be delighted! nine0003

Anime Spinner

Creative Construction Pen

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes it literally drives you crazy. A magnetic pen-transformer will help you survive difficult office everyday life. Its core is disassembled into 13 cylindrical neodymium magnets.

Constructor pen

Using the supplied magnetic balls (12 pieces) and imagination, you can brighten up the working environment and present yourself as a virtuoso sculptor-inventor. In the package you will also find two interchangeable conductive rubber tips for working with touchscreen gadgets. nine0003

Anti-stress pen

If you have broken more than one pen during boring meetings or lectures, try the Think Ink Pen magnetic pen. It bends and clicks silently, without annoying others. The steel case is difficult to break or gnaw. An arc with neodymium magnets at the ends is attached to the side, which can be “driven” over the entire surface of the handle.

Anti-stress pen

Roller massager

Compact roller massager is an indispensable accessory for supporters of a healthy lifestyle. It effectively relieves fatigue and muscle pain after a workout. With regular use, the roller helps fight cellulite, makes the skin toned and supple. nine0003


Anti-stress Dinosaurs

If you get stressed out, squeeze the dinosaur toy and it will playfully bulge its eyes with red streaks. In calm times, it will delight your gaze with a soothing pastel color. The toy is made of safe rubber, pleasant to the touch.

Fascinating Grape Ball

A simple yet effective grinder to help you out in stressful situations. The plastic gel mass hidden in the mesh, when pressed, passes through the cells, remotely resembling a bunch of grapes. The toy restores nerves and improves fine motor skills, which is useful for both adults and children. nine0003

Ball in a net

Fidget cube for concentration

If you are twirling a pencil, chewing on a pen, or tapping your fingers nervously on a table while you are brainstorming, try redirecting your energy to the fidget cube.

Fidget Cube

A multi-colored hexagon with a pleasant to the touch rubberized coating houses a switch, a joystick, three toggle switches, all kinds of wheels and buttons - everything that will help you concentrate when performing routine duties. The cube is sent to the buyer in a neat gift box. nine0003

Relaxing polyhedron

Even more buttons, levers and other options for relaxation can be offered by the anti-stress transforming polyhedron, an extended version of the fidget cube.

Polyhedron for "sticking"

Anti-stress egg

You can endlessly watch how the yolk flounders in a transparent silicone egg. Stretch it, squeeze it, throw it at the wall or at others - it will not break and retain its realistic shape. For those who are especially nervous, there is an option with two yolks. nine0003

Egg with chicken

A selection of anti-stress toys for every day

We offer a selection of interesting anti-stress toys that will entertain and develop your ability to solve puzzles.

While spinneromania shocks with its scale and conquers continents, you can find much more interesting options for anti-stress toys in stores. Feel free to send the spinner to the box and select new devices!

Fidget Cube

Do you like to click and twirl while you work or have important meetings? Then you will appreciate a simple device - a fidget cube. The toy is a combined system consisting of several functional sensorimotor elements: buttons (with and without sound), a joystick, a switch, wheels and balls, a disk with a handle. The small size and external simplicity make the toy as popular as possible! nine0003

Yo-yo and Astrojax

Yo-yo inventor Pedro Flores at the beginning of the last century combined the functionality of a gyroscope or Maxwell's pendulum. The result of the experiment exceeded all expectations, the toy fell in love with children and adults. A bit of design and yo-yo is back in the lead. With practice, you can impress your friends with magic tricks and skill.

The younger brother of the yo-yo - Astrojax appeared quite recently. It is a cross between yo-yo, lasso, juggling balls and poi. In the Guinness Book of Records, as many as three records are associated with Astrojacks. One of the most impressive was made in 2000 by Max Leidolf. The guy completed 3208 interceptions of the ball! The toy is made of three balls on a rope, two of them are fixed at the ends, and the third one moves freely between them. The variability of tricks depends on experience and skill! nine0003

Rubik's Cube

Proven over the years source of calmness, relaxation and development of logical thinking. There are a lot of options for the cube, they differ in size, shape and complexity.

Fun fact: Inventor Erno Rubik assembled his first cube in about a month, while puzzle lover Felix Zemdegs did it in 2016 in 4.73 seconds.

Spinner Stick

It looks like a very strange device, but teenagers are crazy about it. Spinner Stick looks like a barrel, at the ends of which there are centers of gravity, allowing you to use the toy like a tumbler. Your task is to make the toy roll over the surface several times in a row. It sounds easy, but the trick is not so easy! A good eye, patience and dexterity will come in handy here. nine0003

Anti-stress ball

The ideal anti-stress device for venting aggression, available in a variety of variations: from a regular gel ball to toys in the form of vegetables, animals and human faces. Its advantage is in pleasant tactile sensations and the ability to create the most intricate configurations. The ball can be squeezed and squeezed in the hand indefinitely, while remaining calm in a stressful situation. By the way, on Youtube you can find a million ways to make it yourself! nine0003

Tangle Twist

The invention of the American sculptor Richard Zavits was not appreciated immediately, but in vain! The Tangle Twist or Tangle Snake design is a good option for relieving stress. The closed system of 18 sections has no sharp corners and allows the formation of countless shapes and shapes. The snake can be twisted, bent, turned over, rotated around its axis, introducing oneself into a meditative and calming state.

Learn more