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Who knew driving in the rain could be so calming?

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March 31, 2021

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Looking for a way to relax, unwind, and clear your mind? To help you find your Zen, we pulled together a list of these 10 oddly relaxing videos to enjoy.

You’re welcome. 😉

We kick off the list with a compilation of surprisingly soothing clips. With music playing in the background keeping things mellow, it’s hard not to feel at least a little soothed.

Similar to the previous video, this is a compilation of relaxing clips. It’s so soothing that it’s hard to pull your eyes away at times. And with good music to go behind it, relaxation is guaranteed.

For those who enjoy the clips but don’t agree with the music choices, here’s a music-free compilation. Sometimes the raw audio can even enhance the feeling of satisfaction.

Breaking away from general clips and into specialties, who knew sand could be so hypnotic? The way the sand breaks apart in this video is so soothing to watch, and the sound is surprisingly tranquil. 

For art fans out there, this is right up your alley. Watching others color in the lines perfectly is beyond satisfying. If the videos above weren’t your cup of tea, this one might be a nice change.

Everyone wants to be clean, but nobody actually wants to do the cleaning. Naturally, a video like this speaks for itself. Seeing dirt get obliterated just feels so good.

If the compilations just aren’t your style, we still got you covered. This video brings us back to those long nighttime rides our parents used to take us on as kids. Watching the streetlights whizz by as the water droplets splash against the window just to end up asleep in the backseat and carried to your bed.

If you like the rain, but don’t like driving, this video is the one for you. The lights slowly change colors while the raindrops continue to fall. We just wanna grab a good book and curl up under that blanket.

When it comes to relaxing videos, nothing can beat nature. The 4k clips are beautiful. Plus with light piano music and nature sounds in the background, it’s hard not to feel Zen while watching.

What can beat nature drone shots? Scuba diving clips. Seeing the beautiful coral reefs and the amazing creatures that live there is a treat. If you want something to chill out to, this video is perfect.

Happy watching, Terriers.

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6 YouTube Videos To Help You Relax & Sleep Better

Restonic Mattress Company

Ready to wake up well-rested without a prescription? These are the best YouTube for Sleep!

While drugs treat everything from insomnia to restless leg syndrome, reaching for a pill isn’t always the best answer. If you want to stay on the drug-free side of healthy sleep, these videos will help you fall asleep. And if you’re lucky, stay asleep longer.

1. Forest & nature – 10 hours

Nothing like a little nature to help you relax – there’s just something soothing about the gentle sound of rain in a forgotten forest. With 10 hours of playtime, this video will insure an uninterrupted deep sleep for the entire night.

2. Relaxing music, nature sounds & ambient tracks – 3 hours

This 3-hour long nature video features over 100 exotic landscapes accompanied by calming nature sounds and beautiful soothing music. The producers wanted to set everyone in a sleepy mood and used cloud/sunset sleep music, starting with time-lapses and slowly moving towards colorful evening skies. Let us know if it works!

3. Rain & thunderstorm – 1 hour

One hour of relaxing noise from realistic thunder and rainy. Use this relaxing realistic thunder and rain when trying to fall asleep or when you need to concentrate on an important task. The storm gets more interesting at 6.3 minutes.

4. Delta waves – 45 minutes

Turn this on and envision yourself at the spa with nothing but time to relax. Whether or not there’s scientific truth to delta waves making it easier to fall asleep faster, the ambient music sets the stage for sleep.

5. Sounds of night crickets – 37 minutes

At only 37 minutes, this video is just long enough to help you fall asleep. Reminisce about your childhood at the cottage or camping and soak in the sound of crickets serenading you off to dreamland.

6. Mr. Bean – 1.24 minutes

This video won’t help you sleep but it’s funny – and a good reminder that watching someone else play chess is ALWAYS a good way to fall asleep.

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20 easy movies to help you relax and unwind

March 14, 2022 Movie

These pleasant and unobtrusive pictures will improve your mood, unload your brain and distract you from your routine.

1. Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

  • USA, 2015
  • Drama, comedy, adventure, biography.
  • Duration: 104 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.4.
Still from the film A Walk in the Woods

The aging writer Bill Bryson has lived in England for 20 years, away from his homeland. To write a new book about the nature of America, he decides on a bold adventure and invites his alcoholic friend to go on a risky hike along the mountainous Appalachian trail in search of inspiration.

The script for A Walk in the Woods was written by the author of Little Miss Sunshine Michael Arndt, and it was perfectly embodied on the screen by excellent actors Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. The result is a light, kind and sincere film. nine0003

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2 A Rainy Day in New York

A Rainy Day in New York

  • USA
  • Melodrama, comedy.
  • Duration: 92 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.5.

Well-read young man Gatsby Wells comes to his native New York from college to spend the weekend with his pretty classmate Ashley. But she must first interview a fashion director for the university newspaper. Meanwhile, Gatsby tries his best to avoid his mother's party, and eventually meets old acquaintances in Manhattan. nine0003

Many of Woody Allen's films seem to be designed to make you laugh and comfort in moments of sadness. A Rainy Day in New York with Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning is definitely one of those works. Humor, atmosphere and general charm of the picture will appeal to most viewers, and Allen masterfully combines romance with a touch of longing for a bygone youth.

3. Magic in the Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight

  • USA, France, 2014.
  • Drama, melodrama, comedy. nine0014
  • Duration: 98 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.5.
Still from the film "The Magic of Moonlight"

There is no charlatan or magician in the world who could not be exposed by the illusionist Stanley. Except for the young spiritualist Sophie, who conquered one famous and influential family with her outstanding abilities. In an attempt to unravel the secret of the girl and bring her to clean water, Stanley himself does not notice how he begins to feel sympathy for her.

Another charming and weightless work by Woody Allen. In it, the director again delights the audience with his signature humor and excellent acting work by Colin Firth and the charming Emma Stone. nine0003

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  • Drama, melodrama, comedy.
  • Duration: 103 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6. 6.
  • Still from the film “Live Yourself Further”

    After moving to America, members of a once large and friendly family lose contact with each other. But one big grief forces them to unite again and reconsider their views on life. nine0003

    Shawn Levy's film is full of funny situations and jokes, most of which really make you smile. But there will also be deep dramatic moments here, too.

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  • Drama, comedy.
  • Duration: 84 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.7.
  • Tracey is a single and modest New York college student. Brooke is her eccentric stepsister, who is constantly on the move. They are complete opposites, but this does not prevent the girls from doing all sorts of fun crazy things together. nine0003

    This film was directed by one of the best directors of our time, Noah Baumbach (Frances Sweet, Marriage Story). As in the rest of his works, in "Mistress America" ​​he shows the life and life of the most ordinary people, but he does it in a surprisingly penetrating and warm way.

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    6. Yesterday


    • Musical, melodrama, fantasy, comedy. nine0014
    • Duration: 116 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.8.

    Loser musician Jack Malik has been performing in backwater pubs for many years, but without much success. Only his girlfriend and part-time manager Ellie believes in the guy's music. One day, the hero gets hit by a bus, and when he wakes up, he discovers that everyone around has forgotten about The Beatles. Then he decides to take advantage of this by passing off the songs of the legendary quartet as his own.

    A comedy about a world without the Beatles written by Richard Curtis, creator of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually. The expressive director of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle directed the same picture. The collaboration of such different authors eventually led to the creation of a light, bright and a little naive film with wonderful songs by The Beatles, which you will hum for a long time after the credits. nine0003

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    7. Fantastic love and where to find it

    This Beautiful Fantastic

    • UK, USA, 2016.
    • Drama, melodrama, comedy.
    • Duration: 100 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.0.
    A still from the film "Fantastic Love and Where to Find It"

    Bella is a charming eccentric who experiences an inexplicable horror of nature. She rents cozy apartments in the very center of London, and one of the living conditions here is the care of a small garden in the yard. But because of her phobia, the girl launched it in order. In order to keep her home, Bella will not only have to overcome her fear and put the garden in order, but along the way make friends with the grouchy neighbor Alfie Stevenson and even fall in love. nine0003

    Russian localization of the film refers to the universe of JK Rowling and can confuse the viewer. In fact, the film has nothing to do with fantasy at all. This is the kindest comedy in which there are not even negative characters. But then there are charming actors and a lot, a lot of British humor.

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    8. Mrs. Doubtfire

    Mrs. Doubtfire

    • USA, 1993.
    • Drama, comedy, family. nine0014
    • Duration: 125 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.0.
    A shot from the film "Mrs. Doubtfire"

    After the divorce, Daniel Hillard misses his children, who stayed with their mother. He cannot see them more than once a week. Then the hero comes up with a way out: he dresses up as a charming pensioner, Mrs. Doubtfire, and hires his ex-wife as a nanny.

    Chris Columbus' family comedy is good on its own, but it's the incredible performance of Robin Williams that makes it truly iconic. The actor used the creative freedom given to him with might and main and constantly improvised, and the director could only shoot his amazing antics. nine0003

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    9. Easy A

    Easy A

  • Drama, comedy, melodrama.
  • Duration: 92 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.0.
  • Modest and not very popular at school, Olive accidentally becomes the subject of unflattering gossip. After grieving, the girl suddenly realizes that such an alignment is even good for her, because now she has turned from being invisible into a school celebrity. nine0003

    Don't judge this movie ahead of time by reading the title and synopsis. The description hints that the audience is waiting for a teen comedy in the spirit of American Pie. Partly it is, but the terrific humor, good acting, and Will Gluck's masterful direction make A Dildo an outstanding film.

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  • Comedy, musical, family.
  • Duration: 109 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.1.
  • A still from the film "School of Rock"

    Talented but unsuccessful guitarist Dewey Finn is kicked out of his own band. Left completely penniless, he randomly agrees to become a replacement teacher at an expensive private school. But Dewey knows nothing about teaching, so he simply gathers a musical group from students in the hope of participating in a local rock music competition.

    Many people know director Richard Linklater from festival films like Before Dawn or Boyhood. But his filmography also includes "School of Rock" - a light movie with hits by AC / DC, The Who and Led Zeppelin and wonderful Jack Black.

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    11. Intern

    The Intern

    • USA, 2015.
    • Melodrama, comedy.
    • Duration: 121 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.1.

    Ben Whittaker is very bored in retirement. To get rid of the feeling that life is flying by, the hero decides to get a job in an online fashion store. There he becomes the personal assistant to the founder of the company, Jules Austin. And although Whittaker knows little about online commerce, his life experience and wisdom are very useful to Jules and her colleagues. nine0003

    Directed and written by Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Simple Difficulties) will appeal to all generations. He will convince older viewers that life in retirement exists, and he will conquer the young with a combination of sincerity and good humor.

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    12. Main character

    Free Guy

  • Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance.
  • Duration: 115 minutes. nine0014
  • IMDb: 7.2.
  • A simple bank clerk The guy finds out one day that he is actually an NPC - an online video game NPC. Then he decides to try on the role of the player. Meanwhile, in the real world, a couple of programmers are trying to expose the creator of the very game where the Guy lives.

    Shawn Levy's film genre balances between fantasy adventure and romantic comedy. Moreover, the soulfulness of the picture and ingenuity, as well as the charm of Ryan Reynolds, will fall in love with even those viewers who do not understand anything in games. nine0003

    13. Love, Rosie

    Love, Rosie

    • UK, Germany, 2014.
    • Melodrama, comedy.
    • Duration: 102 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.2.

    Rosie and Alex have been friends since childhood and know almost everything about each other. They dream that after graduation they will go to the USA together to continue their studies there. But the graduation party crosses out all their plans and separates them from each other for a long time. nine0003

    British romantic comedy with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin based on the bestselling book Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern. And even those who are indifferent to love stories will like it. Indeed, in addition to the romantic line, there is good humor, convincing acting and multifaceted characters.

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    14. Paddington


    • UK, France, USA, China, 2014. nine0014
    • Duration: 95 minutes.
    • Comedy, family, adventure, fantasy.
    • IMDb: 7.3.
    A still from the movie "The Adventures of Paddington"

    After the death of his guardian, a young bear cub, born and raised in the jungles of dense Peru, goes to London to find a new home. But the British capital is not at all as welcoming as he expected.

    Fortunately, the unusual traveler is picked up at the train station by the Brown family and given the name Paddington. Together with new friends, the hero will have to find an old friend of his uncle and aunt. And at the same time, do not fall into the hands of the evil taxidermist Millicent Clyde, who dreams of making a stuffed animal out of a kind bear for her collection. nine0003

    Paddington Bear in a blue coat and red hat is one of the most famous and recognizable characters in English literature. And the modern film adaptation of the cult book by Michael Bond came out just fine. This is an inventive, soulful and at the same time incredibly funny and educational movie that will perfectly entertain children and adults.

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    15. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    • USA, UK, 2013.
    • Comedy, adventure, fantasy, drama, melodrama.
    • Duration: 114 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.3.

    The life of Life magazine employee Walter Mitty is boring and monotonous. He is very lonely, and the only thing that cheers him up is dreams of incredible adventures. Suddenly, the hero has a chance to do something heroic. The package from freelance photographer Sean O'Connell is somehow missing the most important shot. And Mitty goes in search of the lost picture. He is waiting for a journey full of dangers through Iceland and other amazingly beautiful countries. nine0003

    The audience knows Ben Stiller primarily for his comedic roles. Therefore, to see the actor in a more serious role will certainly be interesting to many. In addition, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is just a very good movie that will instantly cheer up those who hang their noses.

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    Tick-tock… BOOM!

    tick, tick… BOOM!

    • USA, 2021.
    • Musical, drama, biography.
    • Duration: 115 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.6.

    Young composer Jonathan Larson, soon to be 30, is still working as a waiter at a diner and struggling to pay his bills. In his free time, the hero composes musicals, and neither his friend nor his girlfriend support him in this hobby. But Jonathan himself believes that one day his production will be on Broadway.

    The film was based on the autobiographical work of the same name by the composer Jonathan Larson, who died in the 90s, and the film was directed by the famous musical author Lin-Manuel Miranda - it was he who staged the famous "Hamilton". nine0003

    Despite the seriousness and even gloominess of the theme, the film touches the soul. And a considerable contribution to this was made by the wonderfully playing Andrew Garfield, who specifically took singing lessons for the role.

    17. Hello Julie!


    • USA 2010
    • Drama, melodrama, comedy.
    • Duration: 90 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.7.
    Still from the movie "Hey Julie!"

    Young Bryce Loski moves with his family to a new home. Julie's roommate instantly falls in love with him, but he doesn't take her seriously. However, after a few years, Bryce suddenly realizes that Julie, whom he has been trying to get rid of for so long, is not at all indifferent to him. nine0003

    A touching film about first love will appeal to fans of unusual approaches to history. The narration is conducted either from the perspective of Julie, or from the perspective of Bryce, so that the viewer can observe one situation from two sides. At the same time, the views of participants on the same events are very different.

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  • Family, comedy, drama, melodrama. nine0014
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.8.
  • Still from the movie "The Kingdom of the Full Moon"

    An unprecedented commotion at the Boy Scouts' summer camp: the boy Sam has disappeared. At the same time, on the other side of the island, the Bishop family also raises the alarm: the girl Susie has disappeared somewhere.

    In fact, these two have been in love with each other for a long time and even managed to plan an escape in order to be alone away from adults. While their frightened parents, the local sheriff and the camp counselor are looking for them, they are enjoying their freedom with might and main. nine0003

    The heartfelt work of the wonderful Wes Anderson, in his special lyrical manner, tells about the kind of love that only children are capable of. At the same time, they behave even more maturely than adult characters.

    19. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    • New Zealand, 2016.
    • Drama, comedy, adventure.
    • Duration: 101 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.9.

    Ricky Baker is an orphan and a real bully who constantly arranges all sorts of mischief around others. That is why finding his parents is so difficult. Bella and her strange husband Huck are the only ones who are ready to accept the boy. At first, everything goes well, but one day Ricky runs away into the forest, and Huck begins to be suspected of kidnapping him. nine0003

    Savage Hunt was directed by the talented Taika Waititi (Real Ghouls, Jojo Rabbit). In this work, one can feel his style and approach to humor: although there is a dramatic subtext in the plot, this does not prevent the film from remaining a funny situation comedy.

    Watch on iTunes →
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  • Drama, melodrama, comedy, musical.
  • Duration: 106 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.9.
  • Still from the film "Rock-n-Rollers"

    Due to financial difficulties in the family, Conor is forced to change from an elite school to a public one. In a new place, he is not met in the best way, but life suddenly presents the teenager with a pleasant surprise. He falls in love with an impregnable girl, for whom he is even ready to assemble his own rock band. The team consists of all his friends who know how to play at least something.

    Everyone should see this absolutely beautiful picture of youth, music and dreams. Charming actors deserve special attention, as well as the style of the 80s: rocker hairstyles, leather jackets, washed jeans and other attributes of the time. nine0003

    Watch on Google Play →

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    Evening rituals for babies

    • Tags:
    • Expert advice
    • 0-1 year
    • 1-3 years

    Experts from the site "I am a Parent" have already shared ways to put the child to bed, as well as tips on when to do it. This time we will take a closer look at a variety of bedtime rituals for babies of different ages. nine0003

    Many people know that the bedtime ritual makes bedtime easier. However, it is not always clear which activities to choose depending on the age of the child. After all, bathing, which fits well into the ritual in the first months of a child's life, as they grow older, ceases to relax the baby. Reading a book is a choice for older children, and even then not always, some kids do not like to be read to. In this material, I am a Parent will talk about how you can create an individual bedtime ritual that both the baby and parents will love. nine0003

    All pre-sleep rituals must be completed. That is, after the final point, there should no longer be games and active actions. Satisfy all the needs of the baby in advance, and after the completion of the ritual, do not go to communication. Otherwise, the ritual will not fulfill its main function - marking sleep.

    Be persistent and consistent, and then in a few days the child will accept these rules, and he will go to bed with pleasure after your joint actions.

    Bedtime rituals for babies 0-4 months

    It is worth starting to accustom the baby to the evening ritual from birth, so that subsequently the child does not experience difficulty falling asleep or, even more so, he is not disturbed by nightmares.

    Start the ritual with a bath

    The evening ritual for the baby should be started almost immediately after the last day's sleep, so that the child does not have time to overdo it and get excited. A calm, relaxing bath is good. If you practice active swimming and diving, then it is better to do such training during the day, and in the evening, shortly before a night's sleep, either refuse to swim at all, or spend it in a calm environment and try not to "play out" and not overload the child. nine0003

    Feed your baby in a darkened room

    After bathing, it's time to eat. It doesn't matter what type of feeding you choose. Feeding before bedtime is best done in a darkened room, with low, not exceeding 50 decibels, white noise or calm familiar music. You can sing a song or tell a poem about a dream. Often at this age, babies fall asleep on their chest or with a bottle. If possible, try to put an awake child in the crib, then he will gradually form the skill of falling asleep on his own. But for now, it’s not worth insisting: it turned out - great, fell asleep on the chest or with a bottle - also good. nine0003

    Comment on the child's preparation for sleep

    The child before a night's sleep is calmed by the monotonous repetition by the mother of what is happening and will happen. You can indicate your actions in a calm, quiet voice: “Now I will put on pajamas for you, then you will eat and you will sleep sweetly. Here you are already in your pajamas, now you will eat and fall asleep soundly.

    Follow the sequence of steps

    It is important to remember the sequence of steps. It should always be the same: night after night, in the same order, wipe the baby after bathing, put on a diaper, pajamas, swaddle, feed. You can choose the actions that suit your situation, but it is very important to follow the sequence chosen once. nine0003

    If you repeat these actions every evening and try to relax yourself during the ritual, then the baby will fall asleep more readily and sleep better at night.

    Bedtime rituals for babies aged 4-10 months

    Around four months of age, babies change their sleep patterns. And often, even well-sleeping babies begin to wake up more often and have difficulty falling asleep.

    Start refusing feeding and bathing as part of the ritual

    Feeding and bathing can and should be taken out of the ritual. Water procedures can have the opposite effect on a growing baby. In addition, while bathing, it is very easy to miss signs of fatigue, and it will be difficult for the baby to fall asleep later due to overwork. If you absolutely want to leave traditional bathing as part of your evening routine, then separate it from the bedtime ritual by feeding outside the bedroom. And after dinner, go to the bedroom. It's still good to use quiet white noise or your usual soothing music. nine0003

    Introduce additional bedtime activities into the ritual

    At the age of four to ten months, you can and should introduce additional activities with the participation of the child: close the curtains together and turn off the big light, look in the mirror and say “good night” to your reflection , start looking at picture books where everyone sleeps. As before, a mother's song or a poem about sleep will be a wonderful part of the ritual.

    Choose a sleep toy

    A projector with a starry sky or changing pictures and quiet music is suitable for the role of such a toy. The toy will help the child stay calm in the crib, and after a while it will turn itself off.

    Bedtime rituals for children aged 10 months - 1.5 years

    At this age, the child can and wants to take part in the ritual more and more actively.

    Start reading “sleepy” books to your child

    For many children, right now is the time for musical “sleepy” books, where all animals and babies go to bed. So far, the text is not important to the child, but the pictures are something that can interest and set in a calm mood. But do not worry if the baby has not yet shown interest in books. nine0003

    Talk to your child before going to bed

    An equally good part of the ritual would be the communication of the mother or any caring close adult with the child. You can carry the baby in your arms, talk about how the day went.

    Choose a bedtime soft toy

    This is the age at which a child is most likely to welcome their own sleep mate. Choose or buy a soft toy that is as safe as possible, without small and hard parts, introduce your baby to it, tell that now this friend will guard the baby’s sleep and needs the baby to put it down. It is important that the toy lives in the crib and does not participate in everyday games. nine0003

    Bedtime rituals for children aged 1.5 and over

    From the age of one and a half, children are ready for long rituals and bedtime reading.

    Start reading fairy tales to your child

    The complexity and duration of fairy tales can be increased gradually. And in the beginning, it's good if these are still stories about sleep. Now there is a fairly large selection of books specifically for the evening ritual.

    It is very important to designate the duration of the reading in advance. For example, it could be two stories or 15 minutes. It is important to warn the baby about this and not change your mind. However, you can go for a little trick: initially offer only one story or five minutes of reading, and when the child asks for more, then agree to another fairy tale or another five minutes. You will know that the reading will take longer, but by agreeing you will help the child to feel its importance and that his wishes are taken into account. nine0003

    Choose quiet games that your baby will enjoy

    If your baby doesn't want to read, you can suggest other quiet activities before bed. It is undesirable that these be cartoons and action.

    Learn more