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A romantic way to make your partner feel special is to write out a list of 100 (or more) “Reasons Why I Love You.”

If you want to make it even more of a romantic gift you could do a full list of “365 Reasons I Love You” as well…that way they could read one reason every day for a year!

Love is such a beautiful feeling, and we should share it with those around us; this includes your friends and family.

What a more thoughtful gift than to write out lists like these to give to your loved ones.

These lists can also be written as letters (so they know how you feel about them), poems (harnessing the power of rhyme), or even as notes (they will know you are thinking about them, but can only be found if they look for them).

You could do it old school with list of paper reasons in a “Reasons Why I Love You Jar” or you can create your own customized “Reasons I Love You” cards on the computer to give to them.

Or, if you want something more current (and less dusty) than the traditional paper lists, you can even text them each day with a new number, so they can look forward to receiving a text from you each day.

Start by writing out as many reasons as you can think of to let your person know the reasons why you love them.

50 Reasons Why I Love You

  1. You are my best friend.
  2. I love your personality.
  3. I love how we can talk all night long and never run out of things to say.
  4. You make me laugh like no one else can.
  5. You make my heart melt with just a look from across the room.
  1. I would do anything for you, and trust you with my life anytime.
  2. You are always there for me.
  3. You know how to make me feel better when I’m down.
  4. You are a good listener, and you always have the right words of encouragement for me.
  5. You look great in all the photos we take together.
  1. You are a great cook, and I love your food.
  2. You always know how to make me feel better when I’m upset about something.
  3. You’re always up for an adventure.
  4. You have the cutest laugh, and I love that I’m the one who makes you laugh like that.
  5. I love being around you because you make me a better person.
  1. I am so comfortable around you…I feel like I can be myself when we are together.
  2. You know how to turn my bad day around.
  3. You always help me celebrate the good things that happen to me.
  4. Our time together is never wasted, and I can always rely on you for support no matter what life throws at us.
  5. I love your kind heart.
  1. I am proud to be with you.
  2. I love how I can use you as my pillow on the couch.
  3. I love to cuddle with you while watching our favorite TV show, movie, or even YouTube video (maybe of cats).
  4. You are an amazing mother/father to our children (if applicable).
  5. You always help me out when I need it most.
  1. You make me feel like I can do anything when you believe in me.
  2. The sound of your voice is music to my ears.
  3. You are everything to me, and I am truly blessed because I get the chance to spend each day with someone as wonderful as you.
  4. I think about you nonstop.
  5. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
  1. I am so proud when people ask who my partner is because when they hear it’s you, their face lights up with a smile from ear to ear.
  2. You are very understanding and supportive of my goals, dreams and aspirations.
  3. The way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.
  4. You always know how to make me smile, even when I don’t want to.
  5. You are a great problem solver and very patient with me.
  1. You are very supportive of my friends and family, even when they can be a pain sometimes.
  2. The way you can make me feel better just by holding me in your arms.
  3. I am so blessed to have you in my life.
  4. You are someone I can count on when times get tough, and you never let me down. You always keep your promises to me.
  5. Your smile brightens up my day, even if it is just for a moment.
  1. I love watching our favorite movie together.
  2. I love you because you are my best friend, lover, confidant, and now…my wife/husband.
  3. I love you so much for always helping me whenever I need it most.
  4. I love how your mere presence can lift up my spirits when sadness sets in.
  5. I love you because you were there to support me through everything life brought our way, and I will always be here for you.
  1. The way you will always hold my hand when we’re walking down the street, even if no one is looking.
  2. You are thoughtful and always remember to do the sweet little things.
  3. The way you will run to me when I come home from a long day at work to give me a big hug and kiss because you missed me.
  4. I love you because you are my rock, my foundation, and I know that no matter what life throws at us we can weather it together as one.
  5. I love you for always being there to support me.

52 Reasons I Love You

If you’re doing one per week for a whole year, be sure to add 2 more!

  1. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I hope that someday all of your dreams come true just as mine have with you by my side.
  2. I love how you love me unconditionally.

100 Reasons Why I Love You

  1. You give me a chance at our happily ever.
  2. I love how you pray for me.
  3. I love you because you keep me safe.
  1. I can be myself around you…no matter what.
  2. You still try to impress me.
  3. I love how you are always checking in on me to make sure I am ok.
  4. I love that you love my family and friends like they were your own.
  5. I love how you make our home a cozy and warm place to be.
  1. I love being yours.
  2. The way you kiss me.
  3. I love you because you never stop trying to make me happy.
  4. I love holding hands with you.
  5. You are always there for me, even when I didn’t ask for it.
  1. I love how your cologne/perfume lingers in my car and on my clothes long after you have left.
  2. I love how proud you are of me.
  3. The way you look at me sometimes makes me think you can see right through my soul.
  4. I love how I find it impossible to stifle a smile when I am around you.
  5. I love how our future is full of infinite possibilities.
  1. You always know just what to say to help me feel better after a bad day.
  2. You always let me know how much you appreciate me and all that I do.
  3. You are very creative and artistic, especially when it comes to writing love songs for me.
  4. You are very good with children, especially our son.
  5. You are very good at making decisions and seeing the big picture, especially when it comes to our family’s future.
  1. You make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world.
  2. I love you because you’re my soul mate and best friend.
  3. You are very passionate and proud of who we are as a family unit.
  4. You have an amazing sense of direction, especially when we’re driving somewhere new.
  5. You are very good at problem solving, especially when we’re facing a crisis or challenge as a couple.
  1. You have an amazing sense of style and always look so handsome.
  2. You are very good at working with your hands and fixing things.
  3. Your ability to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you look at me with your eyes full of love
  4. You are very good at protecting me and keeping me safe.
  5. Your ability to always know what I’m thinking and feeling, even when I’m not sure myself.
  1. You are very good at giving me your opinion on things without being pushy or bossy.
  2. You let me know you’re always thinking about me.
  3. Your ability to make me feel loved, wanted, and appreciated every day.
  4. You have an amazing sense of humor that I love so much!
  5. The way your voice sounds over the phone when we talk for hours every night.
  1. I love how you never give up on our friendship or relationship.
  2. The way your voice sounds when you sing to me.
  3. You have an infectious laugh that always makes me smile and laugh along with you.
  4. You are a very fast learner, especially when it comes to new skills and abilities required for our everyday life as working parents.
  5. The way your hands feel in mine.
  1. I love how you always know the right thing to say in every situation.
  2. Your devotion to God and his path for your life is so amazing.
  3. How you don’t mind cuddling when we’re watching a movie at night.
  4. I love how when I come home from work you always ask about my day, even when it was terrible and I’m upset.
  5. I love how you are committed to not only our relationship but your friendship with me.

365 Things I Love About You

Want to make it the most special gift ever?

Try to write out 365 Reasons why I love you to your partner and have them open one every day of the year!

  1. The way you hold me when I cry.
  2. You are very good at making difficult decisions quickly and efficiently, even under pressure.
  3. You make me feel like I’m the center of your universe.
  4. I love how you support me in my career.
  5. I love how you encourage me no matter what.
  1. I love that you believe in me, more than I do myself sometimes.
  2. I love how you never give up on our relationship no matter what.
  3. You are very intuitive and always seem to understand what I’m thinking or feeling without me having to say it out loud.
  4. You always make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
  5. You always make me feel like I’m loved unconditionally by more than just our children.
  1. The way your hair feels when I run my fingers through it while we cuddle.
  2. I love how you never give up on us, even when things get really hard for us as a couple.
  3. Your ability to be considerate of other people’s feelings.
  4. I love how our son will grow up with all the memories we’re making together as a family.
  5. The way you protect me and put our safety first, especially when we’re out in public.
  1. You make me feel like I’m your soul mate and best friend too.
  2. Your ability to handle crisis situations with grace and ease under pressure.
  3. I love how kind hearted you are towards others, no matter who they are or where they come from.
  4. I love how you hold my hand no matter where we are.
  5. You never judge me and always want to hear my side of the story.
  1. The way our children snuggle up to you and love on you so much!
  2. You are very good at balancing work and family, no matter how stressful either becomes.
  3. I love how affectionate you are with me when we’re out in public or it’s just us hanging out.
  4. Your ability to put other people needs before your own, even if that means sacrificing something important for yourself.
  5. How comfortable you make me feel about ourselves as a couple.
  1. You take care of me when I’m sick or not feeling well.
  2. I love how humble and kind hearted you are towards others – especially those who don’t treat you the best sometimes.
  3. Your ability to always find the silver lining in any situation.
  4. You help me when I’m feeling vulnerable or insecure.
  5. Your ability to always know when I need a hug or some reassurance.
  1. Your ability to always find the perfect gift for me, even when I’m not sure what I want or need.
  2. I love being able to share my thoughts and feelings with you.
  3. You know how to make me feel like a million bucks when you compliment me on the little things, like my smile or the way I walk.
  4. You never give up on me even when I’m being a big baby.
  5. You are the most caring person I know.
  1. I love how passionate you are about your work as a surgeon.
  2. You always know just what to say no matter the situation.
  3. The way our kids greet you at the door when you come home from work every day.
  4. You’re analytical abilities and problem solving skills are impressive!
  5. I love how ambitious you are in life – career, family, friends etc…
  1. I’m so glad I met you because you make me feel like me again.
  2. Your optimism towards life always makes me feel better about whatever is going on in my world.
  3. Your ability to listen attentively without interrupting me mid thought.
  4. The way your forehead feels against mine when we kiss.
  5. The way you encourage me to follow my dreams.
  1. The special moments we share together that I will cherish forever.
  2. You are very selfless in life, always putting others needs before your own.
  3. I love how much courage you have when it comes to doing things that scare you or intimidate you.
  4. I love the little details of who you are, like when our daughter tells everyone her “daddy is very strong” because he can carry her around all day!
  5. How cute you look when trying to study or read with one of our kids snuggled up beside you on the couch.
  1. Your ability to connect with our children and get down on their level so they feel loved and important.
  2. Your loving personality is contagious!
  3. You are so responsible.
  4. You’re very crafty when it comes to gift giving – you know how to read me well.
  5. Your wacky sense of humor is always making me laugh.
  1. How helpful you are around the house with chores or other tasks.
  2. I love how secure I feel when we cuddle together at night before bed.
  3. The way you handle stressful situations with patience and grace.
  4. You make me feel like a princess every single day!
  5. I love how you make me feel like we’re a team.
  1. I love the way you look at me!
  2. I love when we’re together, it feels like nothing else matters in the world.
  3. You’re just the best.
  4. I love that you never stop trying no matter what happens.
  5. You never forget to send me love messages.
  1. When I hear your voice in a noisy crowd of people, I can recognize that immediately and that makes me feel peaceful.
  2. I love the way you care for me.
  3. I love that you are always taking care of me, cooking meals for me when I’m tired or upset, and bringing love notes to remind me to eat breakfast.
  4. Your kindness.
  5. I love that you never trying to change me.
  1. I love that you’re always passionate about what you do.
  2. I love that you give me positive energy.
  3. Our walks in the rain– always caring for my comfort and walking with me to keep myself dry.
  4. I love how hard you work to provide for our family.
  5. Your ability to stay calm when faced with drama or unnecessary conflict.
  1. I love the way you can keep a secret and not tell anyone else.
  2. The way it feels when you wrap your arms around me in a warm, loving embrace.
  3. You’re so reliable! I know that no matter what happens, I have someone who will be there for me.
  4. You have a strong sense of right and wrong that guides your decisions every day.
  5. How much you care about not only my feelings but others feelings too.
  1. How good you are with technology and things like that – I always need help!
  2. You make me feel confident.
  3. I love how much care and effort you put into surprising me for a date night, even if it doesn’t take much because your company means everything to me.
  4. I love how resourceful you are when we’re in a tough spot.
  5. You never stop looking for ways to turn things around or improve our situation, even if it’s as small as turning off the lights when we leave the room so we don’t waste electricity!
  1. Your ideas about life inspire me to be a better person!
  2. How much you work out of love not selfishness.
  3. Your ability to understand new things and make a plan on how to get better.
  4. No matter how busy you are, you always find the time to give me a big smile and encouragement in the morning when I wake up.
  5. Your love is so kind and patient!
  1. I love that we can talk about anything, even if it involves feelings or difficult discussions. I’m lucky to share such an open and honest relationship with you.
  2. You’re wonderful at dealing with kids of all ages, especially ours!
  3. You have so much compassion for others.
  4. I love the way your touch warms my heart and makes me feel special – thank you for making me feel so amazing!
  5. I think it’s great the way you manage our money and never stop looking for ways to save.
  1. I love that you’re an amazing provider.
  2. I love how sweet you are with the kids, even when they’re driving us nuts!
  3. You always find a way to make me feel better when I’m having a bad day.
  4. How much you encourage me every morning before work and every night before bed!
  5. That we share so many interests and values in life.
  1. Your unimaginable outlook on life makes my world go ’round!
  2. I love that we can talk comfortably about anything under the sun (except maybe sports?) and know that we’ll respect each other’s opinions.
  3. You make me realize what I’m doing right as a partner, parent, and person in general.
  4. You’re so creative!
  5. I love how much you have helped me improve my life.
  1. I love that you’ve stuck by my side through thick and thin.
  2. The happiness that I feel when we are together is the best ever!
  3. Your mental strength inspires me every day!
  4. I love that no matter what kind of mood I’m in or how busy we both get going back and forth to work, you always bring some passion back into my life.
  5. I love that I can be myself around you and know that you’ll understand, accept me, and appreciate me for who I am.
  1. How much fun we have together!
  2. Your patience with others is awe inspiring – thank you for helping me learn to be more understanding of others too.
  3. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!  
  4. I feel like I’m on top of the world when we are together.
  5. I love that I can trust your judgement.
  1. You’re a natural leader.
  2. Every day I’m amazed by the strength and wisdom you show when we face difficult situations in life.
  3. I love who you are as a person!
  4. Your ability to learn from your mistakes in life and strive for a better future is so inspiring!
  5. The way you see the good in every situation, no matter how negative it may seem at first is truly amazing.
  1. I know that with you on my side, I can accomplish anything.
  2. I love knowing that no matter what happens, we’ll be there for each other to face any challenges that come our way.
  3. You’re just incredible!
  4. I love the way you make me feel like I can do anything.
  5. I love how I never have to worry about anyone else, because you always say I’m the only one for you.
  1. I love that I can trust you with my whole heart.
  2. I love that you make me feel secure.
  3. I love how even though we may be independent individuals, when we are together, we are inseparable.
  4. I love you because even though you are completely drop dead gorgeous on the outside, you are even more beautiful on the inside.
  5. I love you because of the way that you look at me makes me feel so special that I still get butterflies in my stomach sometimes from it.
  1. Because we can sit in silence together and things do not get uncomfortable or boring even when it is quiet and nothing is going on.
  2. I love you because we can take pictures with the most awkward facial expressions or postures, yet we still see each other as the cutest person on earth.
  3. When I am with you, I can be myself.
  4. Whenever I am with you, I can walk tall through the crowd.
  5. Whenever I am with you, I feel like anything in this world is possible.
  1. Because you make me feel happy.
  2. Because you are always supportive.
  3. Because you have a beautiful smile.
  4. Because you understand my feelings.
  5. Because you value my opinion.
  1. I love you because you’re an amazing chef.
  2. Because you have an astute business sense.
  3. Because you’re never too cool to do the things I want.
  4. I love that you are fun to be around.
  5. Because you’re wonderful to talk to.
  1. Because you love the things I love!
  2. I love that we can laugh together about even our most embarrassing moments (especially those!).
  3. I love how much sense of adventure you have.
  4. I love your big heart and kind soul.
  5. For always smiling back at me when I smile at you.
  1. I love you for seeing me as the best person in the world, however flawed.
  2. I love you for forgiving me time after time, no matter what stupid mistakes I’ve made or will make again.
  3. When life gets tough, just being by your side makes me feel strong enough to handle it all with ease.
  4. Just being next to you makes everything okay.
  5. I love you for never giving up on me.
  1. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have someone as wonderful as you by my side.
  2. I love your touch!
  3. The way you look at me with those bright eyes of yours makes me feel like we could conquer the world together.
  4. Your kindness is one characteristic that makes us perfectly compatible.
  5. The way we understand each other even without words is simply amazing!
  1. Every time we’re apart, I feel like a piece of me is missing and can’t wait for us to be back together again!
  2. When we first met it felt like fate had brought us together, and now after all this time, I know that fate is our destiny!
  3. I love how you are always up for watching whatever I want to watch.
  4. I love your intelligence and curiosity about life.
  5. Because you make me feel special every day through the little things you do to show you care about me.
  1. You make it easy to trust you with your kind heart.
  2. I will never stop loving the way we complete each other in every possible way.
  3. The way our hearts beat as one is magical!
  4. Every single aspect of who you are as a person makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with you!
  5. Just being by your side gives me so much strength and courage!
  1. Not only do we understand each other perfectly, but we always agree on the important things.
  2. Because you make me feel comfortable and safe.
  3. You are never too busy or tired to listen to my rants or problems, and I appreciate how much you care about me!
  4. I love your artistic side!
  5. The way we kiss is pure bliss!
  1. Because you value what I have to say
  2. The kisses that we share tell me that we were always meant for each other from the very start!
  3. Being with you feels like a dream
  4. I love how self-less you are.
  5. I love that you put me first, no matter what.
  1. You always treat my family and friends with respect.
  2. We never get tired of talking about our dreams together.
  3. Just laying next to each other feels like heaven on earth!
  4. Whenever we spend time together or talk on the phone, it feels like no time has passed at all (no matter how long we’ve been apart).
  5. Every special moment we have spent together will be treasured forever in my heart.
  1. I love that you loved this gift!
  2. I love how you’re never afraid to tell me how much I mean to you.
  3. I love you because you are always making sure our life is a beautiful adventure.
  4. The time we spend together always feels just like spending time with your best friend.
  5. I love how wonderful you are to every you meet.
  1. I feel the most alive when I’m by your side!
  2. For putting up with all of my flaws!
  3. For pretending like I don’t have any flaws.
  4. Because you find joy in even the smallest things life has to offer!
  5. You make me happy without even trying, because that’s simply who you are as a person!
  1. No matter what happens, no one can take our love away.
  2. The way you treat others is admirable.
  3. Our friendship is a bond I will never let go!
  4. That we understand each other perfectly just by the sound of each other’s voice.
  5. The spark between us still burns as bright as it did on our first date!
  1. I love you for always trying to make me happy and cheer me up when I’m down.
  2. I love how you give me so many reasons to love you even more every single day.
  3. You are my best friend, the one person who understands me completely.
  4. You are willing to try any adventure life throws at us together!
  5. I love you because no one else makes me feel loved like you do!
  1. We might have our differences, but I would never change that about you.
  2. You are my perfect match in every single way!
  3. I love the way your mind works because it’s just as unique as you are!
  4. I can’t imagine spending another day without you by my side.
  5. Because you have taught me so many things about life.
  1. The next 1000 days with you will be even more amazing than the last 1000 days!
  2. For always having a positive outlook on life regardless of any problems we may face together.
  3. For being your wonderfully strong self after all you’ve been through to get to where you are today!
  4. You’re simply wonderful and spectacular in every single way possible.
  5. You make every day feel like a dream.
  1. You are my heart!
  2. For being who you are because that’s just what it takes to make me feel this way about you.
  3. This world is not nearly as beautiful if I don’t have you beside me!
  4. Every day spent with you is better than the last one!
  5. For always respecting and believing in my dreams.
  1. Because no one else could ever do what you do or be who you are, so perfectly in every single way!
  2. I love how you make me feel loved…always.
  3. I love that whenever we fight, you always come and make sure we make up.
  4. I love how we can fight fair together.
  5. I love that we don’t scream, curse, and yell at each other.
  1. I love how calm you can be when you really just want to explode.
  2. I love that you are always willing to put your pride aside for me.
  3. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met.
  4. For helping me learn more about myself.
  5. Because you are willing to give up anything…even if it breaks us apart…just so I can achieve my dreams.
  1. Because no one else gives me butterflies like this, every single time you smile at me.
  2. I love how thoughtful and generous you can be sometimes!
  3. A small gesture from you warms up my whole day!
  4. No matter who walks into our life, we’ll never let anyone come between us because what we have is too special.
  5. For being strong enough to get through all of life’s toughest challenges.
  1. I love how you brush my hair out of my face.
  2. I love how you wipe my tears away.
  3. I love how you pretend that I am perfect.
  4. You make me feel the most confident I have ever felt.
  5. Because I can feel that you care about me just by how close you are to me.
  1. I love how you can be completely honest with how you feel.
  2. I love you for showing me the side of love that no one else has ever shown me before!
  3. You have taught me how to be a better wife/girlfriend!
  4. You are the best husband I could have ever asked for.
  5. I love how you come and help me with the difficult tasks I am doing, even without me asking for it.
  1. I love that everyone loves you!
  2. I love how you are not afraid to show your affection in public.
  3. You make me feel like I can simply be myself around you even though I worry about what people think of me sometimes.
  4. You are the most amazing, supportive, loving husband/boyfriend anyone could ask for!
  5. I love how much our relationship has grown over these years.
  1. For allowing me to be who I am without ever judging or abandoning me.
  2. Because no matter where life takes us together, we’ll always have each other…forever.
  3. Your perfect imperfections are what makes you so wonderful!
  4. I love that you’re my biggest cheerleader.
  5. I love that you asked me to marry you!
  1. I love you because you are always thinking of me.
  2. I love you more than I will ever be able to put into words
  3. Because of how much you want the best for me.
  4. Every single time I’m with you, I realize that life is so much better with you around.
  5. No one else makes me feel like the most special girl in the world like you do.
  1. You make my heart swell every time I see your face or hear your laugh.
  2. Thank you for working on us; thank you for never giving up on me; thank you for loving me unconditionally!
  3. For always putting our happiness first.  I couldn’t imagine living without all of these wonderful, loving things about you!
  4. I love that you love me!!
  5. I love that I love YOU!

And, just in case it’s a leap year…

  1. What’s not to love about you?!

How Many Reasons Should You Add?

The number of reasons you can add is all up to you! Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

-50 Reasons I Love My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

52 Reasons I Love My Husband – 1 for every week of the year

100 Reasons I Love You – A fun, full list for them to enjoy

365 Reasons Why I Love You – 1 for every day of the year!

Our advice? Just start writing and you’ll know a number when you can’t think of more…there are probably way more than you think!

How To Make a Reasons Why I Love You Gift?

Make this sweet list a whole gift for them! You can make a Reasons Why I Love You Jar, or add Reasons Why I Love You Cards.

You can send them texts each day of another reason, or slip a secret sticky note around the house, so they have to find one each day.

Are you into the big surprise? Fill the whole house with hundreds of sticky notes full of reasons all around.

This could make for a super romantic anniversary gift.

Other Benefits To Writing Out Your Feelings:

Writing out your reasons is a great exercise to boost your creativity and feel loved.

The more ideas you have written down, the more likely it is that one of them will express how you feel perfectly!

Although writing out your reasons is a good way to express love, it can also be therapeutic if you have had a bad day or need to clear your head.

You can write down anything, but make sure to include all the things you love about your special someone; you might be surprised by how much they mean to you!

Reading over these lists can be a great way to feel inspired, happy, and so loved.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the things you could include.

Write a Sweet Note To Share With Your Gift

Here are some samples you can write in your letter:

“I love you because you are my best friend. You make me laugh, and you know how to make me happy.

I can’t imagine my life without you, and I am so grateful for all the moments we have shared together. I love you because you are always there for me, no matter what.

I look forward to spending many more years with you by my side. Thank you for being the most amazing husband/wife ever!

Here’s 365 more reasons why I love you! :)”

“There are countless reasons why I love you. I could sit here all day and list them off, but that would take away from the surprise.

So instead, I’ll give you just one reason per day for 365 days.

That’s right, I’ve compiled a whole year of reasons why I love you! Hopefully this will show you just how much thought and effort I’ve put into loving you. ♥♥♥”

“There are so many reasons why I love you, and I could never list them all.

But here are 365 of the most important reasons why I love you. Every day, I fall in love with you all over again.

You make me feel so loved, cherished, and admired. I am so incredibly lucky to be your partner for life!”

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100 Reasons Why I Love You: The Ultimate List

By Shani Jay Last updated on

How I love thee, let me count the ways… A lot of us have heard the famous beginning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, but have we ever taken the time to count the ways we love the person we’re with? Showing someone how much we care about them is an important part of a relationship and, even though it may seem silly, sitting them down, looking them in the eye and saying “Here are the reasons why I love you so much” to them can be just as important.  

None of us like to admit it, but in our relationships we all need some reassurance now and then. If you’re thinking of giving the important person in your life some “reasons why I love you” here are some fun examples to spark your creativity.

Share these reasons with the one you love, or even write your own list dedicated to your partner for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

120 Reasons Why I Love You:

  1. I love the way you look at me.
  2. You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world.
  3. With you I can be myself.
  4. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  5. When we’re together, all my problems disappear.
  6. You make my heart smile.
  7. You know me better than I know myself..
  8. You are always willing to help me accomplish my goals.
  9. You have the smoothest skin. I could spend hours just watching and caressing it.
  10. You make me smile when nobody else can.
  11. You have taught me the true meaning of love.
  12. Because I miss you… even when you’re in the next room.
  13. Because when I’m hurt, you help clean me up and bandage me and kiss and make it better. 
  14. You’re always there for me, no matter what.
  15. I love when we walk down the street in the rain, and you hold the umbrella above me so I don’t get wet.
  16. You let me be myself and you encourage me to find more of myself.
  17. You are truthful and vulnerable with me.
  18. You encourage me after I feel like I’ve failed.
  19. You make me feel like I can get through anything, as long as I have you.
  20. You sacrifice and work so hard, without even realizing that you are.
  21. You love my family, even though they’re crazy!
  22. You take care of me and spoil me when I’m sick.
  23. You always make time for just the two of us.
  24. Because you are determined to make this relationship work.
  25. Because you help me see negative things differently.
  26. Because when you laugh it makes me laugh!
  27. We understand each other so well. 
  28. Your arms feel more like home than any house ever did.
  29. You have an inner strength that helps keep me calm when my life is in chaos.
  30. You always keep your promises. 
  31. You help me understand technology, without being condescending. 
  32. You have the ability to comfort me simply by your touch.
  33. You always apologize first, no matter who’s wrong. 
  34. Because you are so sexy and I can’t believe I get to call you mine.
  35. Because you always swap the wet towels for dry ones when you know I’m showering after you.
  36. Because when things don’t go as planned, you roll with it, instead of getting stressed.
  37. You always believe in me and inspire me.
  38. I can always talk to you.
  39. You give me massages. 
  40. Because I can see how much you love being there for me. 
  41. I love you because you picked me.
  42. Your eyes smile when you laugh.
  43. You kiss me goodbye when I’m still asleep in the morning.
  44. You let me pick the movie. 
  45. You are sweeter than my favorite dessert.
  46. You love me even when I’m being horrible and hard to be around. 
  47. Because you always treat everyone well. 
  48. We’re so different and yet so the same. 
  49. You are doing everything to become a better person for yourself and for us.
  50. You make an effort with my friends and family, because you know how much they mean to me.
  51. I love how you put so much thought into everything you do for me.
  52. You have an innate ability to protect and take care of me.
  53. I love you because you gave me the gift of yourself. 
  54. You make me a better person.
  55. I love you every time you reach across our bed to pull me close to you.
  56. Because you make me feel special.
  57. You have a gentle and calming voice that soothes me when I’m upset.
  58. The day I met you, I found my missing piece.
  59. Because I can be myself around you.
  60. Because you trust me unconditionally.
  61. You are always pushing me to be better and my biggest fan in all that I do.
  62. You make all of my dreams come true, no matter how small they are.
  63. You make me laugh so hard that I spit my drink out!
  64. Your willingness always to try new things make my life full of adventures.
  65. You are always kind to other people, even if they don’t deserve it.
  66. Because I can’t imagine life without you. 
  67. You know the secret, little things that cheer me up and make me happy.
  68. You only seem to notice my strengths and always have confidence in me.
  69. You don’t just tell me you love me, you show me.
  70. You know how to cheer me up when I’m sad.
  71. You care deeply about my success and my happiness.
  72. You never give up on me, even when I’m at my worst.
  73. You turn on the seat warmer in the car for me.
  74. You follow me and you push me.
  75. You’re smart and dedicated to your job.
  76. You always have an idea of something fun to do.
  77. You make me feel completely cherished and adored.
  78. You care about the people around you. 
  79. You are patient and loving with those close to you. 
  80. You always tip. 
  81. You’re always there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
  82. You are smoking hot!
  83. I love your snuggles.
  84. You may not always agree with my decisions but you always trust me to make them. 
  85. I love that you ask about my day.
  86. You have the courage to chase your dreams. 
  87. You still give me butterflies.
  88. You tell great stories. 
  89. You are great at giving people compliments. 
  90. You’re cute when you’re grumpy.
  91. I love that your hand fits perfectly with mine.
  92. I love that I get to go through life with you.
  93. When we go places together, you pitch in to make the trips easier and more fun. 
  94. We spend lots of time talking about decisions we need to make together.
  95. You tell me why you love me.  
  96. You’ll do my chores when you know I’ve had a bad day. 
  97. When I do your chores or pick up the slack around the house, you always noticed.
  98. You are my very best friend in the whole world.
  99. You always open the car door for me.
  100. You make the dark a little less scary.
  101. You’re the calm in the storm.
  102. You make me feel so safe.
  103. I love how you’re able to make me laugh, even when the situation shouldn’t be funny.
  104. You are everything I never knew I needed.
  105. I love that you let me cuddle up REALLY close to you… even when you’re overheating.
  106. You hold my hand in movies. 
  107. When you’re a guest in someone’s home you always eat what they’ve prepared, even if you’re not a huge fan. 
  108. You give up your seat for the elderly. 
  109. You’re not afraid to be silly with me. 
  110. You’re always saving funny memes on your phone to show me later because you want me to laugh too.
  111. I love that you make my fears melt away.
  112. When you talk to people you’re focused on them. 
  113. You put other’s needs before your own.
  114. Your kisses make me weak in the knees.
  115. I love that you take care of me when I forget to.
  116. You’re always doing little, creative things to let me know you care.
  117. You wake up with a smile in the morning. 
  118. You know when to help and when to let me do it myself.
  119. You always carry heavy bags for me.
  120. You’re a great person to talk decisions over with. You don’t tell me what I should do but you give me great feedback and listen.
  121. You love cheese as much as I do!
  122. You’ll pick up food on the way home.
  123. People look up to you and you never let them down.
  124. You don’t change depending on who you’re with.
  125. You make me laugh, even when I feel like crying.
  126. You stand up for the stupidest things sometimes.

Hopefully one of these reasons why I love you will inspire you, and you’ll be able to sweep your partner off their feet!

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List of 150 reasons to love a guy (+ printable template)

They say that women love with their ears. But not only women are pleased to hear compliments and words of love. Therefore, we suggest you please your beloved men and make a surprise for them - tell them how much you love them. Yes, not just to say, but to name as many as 50 reasons for this love.

Surely you have all seen such jars with mini-scrolls inside. This option is suitable for those who want to do everything with their own hands inside and out.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can put notes in a box and add your favorite sweets (not yours, but your boyfriend's)

You can also make an album, but instead of photographs there will be pages with inscriptions.

Or you can combine business with pleasure and use our black album, where you can paste your photographs and supplement them with signatures.

With the promo code 100PRICHIN you will receive a 5% discount on both the album and any product from our catalog .

If you do not have time to write everything by hand, but you still really want to make a similar surprise, then you can choose the finished options




9000 9000

as order?

To order any of the above products:

  1. Click on the photo or name of the product you like above.
  2. Press the green button "Order".
  3. Skip the photo upload step by clicking Continue.
  4. Click "Checkout".
  5. Copy this phrase as a comment to your order: "I want reasons to love."
  6. Wait, our manager will contact you.

Let's clarify that ready-made layouts have been created for these products, which are not adjusted, if you want a different layout for your own reasons - you can create it yourself (or take pictures from the Internet) and we will print it out without any problems!


At the moment you can order from 28 to 150 chocolates with the design as in this photo, with different "reasons to love" just by writing to our manager and choosing any reasons from the list below.

How to order chocolates in one click:

If you do not have time to choose the right reasons from the list, just click HERE and press the "ORDER" button under the product Chocolates "30 reasons to love you" . You will immediately be taken to the shopping cart to place an order. The box will contain 30 gender-neutral reasons on chocolates, which means that the gift will suit both a girl and a guy. The default box is a pink heart. If you think it is necessary to change the color of the box, please let us know in the comments to the order.

Well, actually, catch the list of reasons:

  1. We fit together
  2. You can rely on in a difficult situation
  3. We have many common hobbies
  4. You write me nice messages
  5. Love me with all my flaws
  6. You take care of me when I'm sick or tired
  7. You help me solve my problems
  8. You cheer me up
  9. We share the same worldview
  10. You hug me tightly in a dream without realizing it
  11. When we are together, I can't stop smiling
  12. You love me any
  13. My opinion is valuable to you
  14. You notice my concern, do not remain indifferent
  15. You dance amazingly (sing, draw, cook - substitute one of your man's talents)
  16. Your sense of humor
  17. You know how to be both courageous and gentle at the same time
  18. You often make surprises
  19. Do you love animals
  20. You know my tastes and favorite flowers
  21. My parents like you
  22. You give me freedom
  23. Your touch gives me goosebumps
  24. I feel more confident next to you
  25. Your eyes and smile
  26. You never cease to amaze me
  27. You do not give reasons for jealousy
  28. You go shopping with me
  29. I feel comfortable next to you
  30. It's nice to be silent with you, lying in an embrace
  31. Do you like to read books
  32. You have a "fresh" look at many things
  33. Your voice
  34. You endure all my whims
  35. Every gift from you is special
  36. You love and respect my parents
  37. You know how to listen attentively and sensitively to all my problems
  38. You are for partnership in relationships
  39. You are gallant and well-mannered
  40. You laugh when I joke, even if the joke is not funny
  41. I never get bored with you
  42. Our musical tastes are the same
  43. You understand me perfectly
  44. You inspire me
  45. Do you remember all our important dates
  46. You listen to my advice
  47. You are a romantic
  48. You get on well with my friends
  49. You are planning our future
  50. I envy myself when I just look at you

If you think this number of compliments is not enough to express your love, then catch another 50 points. Then you can make a list of 100 reasons to love you. In this part, we decided to add less logical reasons, but more romantic ones. By the way, they are more suitable for printing on a pillow or a mug, due to their brevity.

  1. We are one
  2. We are the perfect couple
  3. I'm drowning in your eyes
  4. You are my pride
  5. The best evening is next to you
  6. You are my everything
  7. I think about you all the time
  8. Just because you are
  9. It's so easy with you
  10. I'm so lucky to have you
  11. There is no one better than you
  12. My heart has chosen you
  13. You give me happiness
  14. There is love in your eyes
  15. You are sincerely happy for me
  16. You are my life
  17. You are seductive
  18. You are my world
  19. You carry me in your arms
  20. You are an optimist
  21. I need you like air
  22. With you I understood what love is
  23. You say that I'm only yours
  24. I lose my head when you are around
  25. You are a great lover
  26. You know how to keep secrets
  27. I have no one dearer than you
  28. You warm my feet under the covers
  29. All happy poems are about us
  30. You and I look great together
  31. You are always on my mind
  32. You turn me on
  33. I want us to be together forever
  34. The best chapters about you in the book of my life
  35. Since we've been together, "WE" has become more important to me than "I"
  36. You chose me
  37. Together we can create miracles
  38. Our love grows stronger every day
  39. My heart beats for you
  40. You are the most amazing person on earth
  41. You are my charm
  42. You have the key to my heart
  43. With you I can be a defenseless little girl
  44. When we're together, time doesn't matter
  45. You are my best friend
  46. You are like a magnet, I am irresistibly drawn to you
  47. I'm waiting for you wherever you are
  48. You are my gentleman
  49. You always keep your word
  50. Do you want to be with me all your life

Download note template in pdf - you can immediately print the list and cut the sheet into notes, saving a lot of time.

For those who do not have enough of this, we offer to finish the list up to 150 reasons to love you.

  1. You are unpredictable
  2. You know how to have fun
  3. My heart beats faster when I see you
  4. I like to argue with you
  5. When I see you, I break into a smile
  6. I can't imagine anyone beside me but you
  7. Next to you I am capable of any madness
  8. You help me overcome my fears
  9. You give me wonderful compliments
  10. You are fair and honest
  11. You will always come to the aid of others
  12. You give me cute nicknames that only we understand
  13. I like just holding your hand
  14. You kiss me before leaving for work under any circumstances, even if I'm sleeping or you're late
  15. You wait for me while I get ready and make up for a long time
  16. You know how to keep secrets
  17. You never "clean dirty linen in public"
  18. You always notice a new manicure, hairstyle or outfit
  19. You go to the cinema with me to see stupid romantic comedies and pretend you like it
  20. You change for the better for me
  21. Our desires often coincide
  22. You will always find the right words
  23. You always feel when I need to be alone, and when I need a big hug
  24. You understand my hints
  25. You don't care who was before you
  26. You are the embodiment of masculinity
  27. You and I always have something to chat about
  28. Do you appreciate me
  29. You notice the unusual in the ordinary
  30. You don't care "what people say"
  31. You call just to hear my voice
  32. We complete each other's phrases or say them at the same time without saying a word
  33. You taught me to look at the world easier
  34. You always want to share with me everything that happened to you during the day
  35. For you I am ready to become better and more beautiful
  36. You still ask me for real dates
  37. Nobody knows me as well as you
  38. I always learn something new and interesting from you
  39. It is impossible to be offended by you for a long time
  40. Are you ready to lay aside all your affairs for me
  41. You can be asked any, even the most stupid question, and not get condemned in response
  42. You are not trying to change me
  43. You have a great figure
  44. You are purposeful and know how to achieve your goal
  45. You and I are so different, but we complement each other so perfectly
  46. Your kindness conquers
  47. I see only you as the father of my unborn child
  48. I want to grow old by your side
  49. Your touch is so dear
  50. You are my universe

Believe me, your man will be pleased, even if you just say one of these things during the day, and reading and finding out how much you love and appreciate him is much more pleasant!

And if you are currently separated from your loved one, you can send a jar of notes along with a cool gift. How to do this, read OUR ARTICLE.

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100 reasons why I love you

admin Gift Ideas

Good afternoon, dear needlewomen!

What to give a boyfriend, beloved, husband on February 14? How beautiful is it to confess your love? How to formulate everything for which you love him, because it’s hard to say everything at once, you can forget the words. Therefore, let us help you to confess your love to your soulmate in an original way by writing down declarations of love in little notes.

In this article, we will offer you templates for phrases of the reasons why you love your man and the original design of a jar for a gift for Valentine's Day.

100 reasons why I love you

  1. I love you because we are together
  2. I love you because you will always help me
  3. For the fact that, with you, I sincerely laugh
  4. For the fact that, despite everything, we are together
  5. That you are always by my side
  6. Because you make me happy
  7. I love you for warming my palms when they are cold
  8. For the fact that you look at me especially
  9. For the fact that you tolerate my character and whims
  10. I'm safe with you
  11. You are the best person for me
  12. I love you because you have the most delicious coffee and scrambled eggs
  13. After we met, there are two suns in my life
  14. You understand me like no one else
  15. I love you for making our crazy ideas come true together
  16. Because you have your own opinion on everything
  17. For support
  18. For the fact that you are my smartest and most initiated
  19. I love you for your great sense of humor
  20. For being with you I am the most beautiful and desirable
  21. For having the most comfortable shoulder
  22. For holding my hands
  23. Because you love me for who I am
  24. I'm like a little girl with you.
  25. Why do you love me even when you're angry
  26. You are never boring. always fun
  27. You can skip football for me
  28. I love you because with you I understood what love is
  29. Next to you I am a woman
  30. Every day you show me what it means to be the most faithful
  31. I love you for the biggest and most tender hands
  32. I love you because I dream about you
  33. I love you for keeping my sleep
  34. I love you for covering me when I sleep
  35. I love you for taking care of me when I am sick
  36. I love you because you are the most calm and patient
  37. For loving me for everything
  38. For the fact that my name on your lips is the most affectionate
  39. For stroking my head when we watch movies.
  40. For the fact that I feel protected next to you.
  41. I love you because you are always the first to reconcile
  42. I love you because you can wait two hours for my "5 more minutes".
  43. For being my peace of mind
  44. For patiently listening to my chatter
  45. For giving me the last candy
  46. For the fact that for you I am the most beautiful
  47. I love you for your masculine scent
  48. For having the best stubble
  49. I love you even when you snore
  50. I love you for your most beautiful voice in the world
  51. I love you because your compliments are my favorite
  52. I love you for your infectious laugh
  53. I love you because your lips are the most tender
  54. I love you for the way you comfort me
  55. I love you for your calls
  56. I love you because you always praise me for the way I cook
  57. I love you for being my hero.
  58. I love you because for you I become better
  59. I love you for your hugs from behind when I cook
  60. I love you because you are jealous of me
  61. You are the best and bravest in the world
  62. I love you for your sincere smile
  63. I love you for your character
  64. I love you because every day is new with you
  65. I love you because with you I feel like myself.
  66. I love you for every moment that we are together
  67. I love you because even if we are far away, we are together
  68. I love you because you are my everything
  69. Love you for honesty
  70. I love you because you are the meaning of my life
  71. I love you for butterflies in my stomach
  72. You are my drug, my nicotine, my alcohol - you are my love!
  73. I love you because you can't be mad at me
  74. I love you because you are not like everyone else
  75. I love you because everything is nothing to me with you
  76. With you I can share joy and sorrow
  77. Love you for our (future) baby
  78. I just love every touch of yours
  79. I love the way you look at me
  80. I love you because you are my pride
  81. I love you for the feeling of joy when we meet
  82. I love you because I am special to you
  83. Only you know what I really am
  84. I love you for the wings behind my back
  85. I love you for being warm with you
  86. You make the most delicious sandwiches
  87. You can just be silent.
  88. You make my heart beat faster
  89. You give me flowers
  90. Without you a day is not a day
  91. I love you because you are
  92. I love you for giving me motivation in life
  93. I love you because I am not alone
  94. I love you your warm sms
  95. For wishing me only good things
  96. Because we can fool around like children
  97. Because you stop surprising me
  98. Next to you I feel like a princess
  99. I love you because you always have time for me
  100. And most importantly - I love you for nothing, I love you in spite of everything!

100 reasons why I love you how to make

Now the most important thing is how to present a declaration of love on February 14?

In order to decorate the jar with our own hands, we need the jar itself with a lid, colored tape, a scrapbooking bead, artificial flowers, glue, colored paper.

We print out our declarations of love, cut out strips.

Learn more