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Who Is My True Love?

We all wish to know who our true love is. When we are single and looking for the one, we might want to find them sooner than ever. However, sometimes, even as someone is right in front of us, we are not able to identify that they are perfect for us. Have you already met your true love? Have you often asked yourself, “Who is my true love?” Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do your friends know them?

A. Yes, they are friends with them too

B. They have met a few of my friends

C. No

2. Do you see a serious relationship in the future with them?

A. Yes

B. It is a possibility

C. I am not sure

3. What is your perfect first date?

A. A chill night in at home with pizza and wine

B. A fancy dinner

C. We could indulge in an activity we both enjoy

4. Do you think you can marry them?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. I don't think so

5. Do you think you could stay friends with them if your relationship does not work out?

A. Yes

B. W might stay cordial

C. Not really

6. Who is the first person you call when there is good or bad news?

A. My best friend

B. Someone at work

C. Someone I enjoy some time off with

7. Are they funny?

A. Yes

B. Sort of

C. I haven't spoken to them much

8. I admit I have a crush on…

A. My best friend

B. My office colleague

C. The guy/girl at the gym

9. What is one quality that you really want in your partner?

A. The should be very understanding

B. They should support my ambition

C. They should share my interests

10. Would you say you are someone who enjoys their space, or someone who does not mind being with their partner 24x7?

A. I would like my personal space

B. I am okay with being with them 24X7

C. I would like t be with them but also have my own space at the end of the day

11. Do you really like them?

A. I think so, but I do not want to ruin our friendship

B. Yes, but it could become complicated

C. Sort of

12. If your friends dare you to call your crush when you are at a sleepover, would you do it?

A. Yes, it is  not that big a deal

B. No, it could cause problems

C. I do not have their phone number

13. How well would you say your crush knows you?

A. Very well

B. They know most of my personality traits

C. Not much

14. Do you think they like you back?

A. For sure

B. I think so

C. I catch them looking at me

15. If you are sad, you expect your partner would…

A. Cuddle and kiss me

B. Help me find a solution

C. Take my mind off whatever is bothering me

16. Pick an adjective to describe them.

A. Understanding

B. Ambitious

C. Fitness freak

17. How often do you hang out with your crush?

A. Every weekend

B. Every weekday and sometimes on the weekend

C. Most days of the week

18. How often do you hang out with your crush?

A. Yes

B. A little bit

C. I wouldn't say so

19. Is your family already introduced to your crush?

A. Yes, everybody knows them

B. They have met them once or twice

C. No, they do not know them

20. Your car breaks down on your way back home from office. Who do you call?

A. My best friend, they are always there for me

B. My office colleague, I know they will help me

C. This is the perfect chance to call my crush at the gym!

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Is your love true? Take this love quiz and find out if are in love.

Your partner is returning after three days on a business trip and you:

Can't wait to see him/her because you missed your quality time together.

When you're truly in love, you are always excited to spend quality time with your partner.

Wish your partner could stay away a few more days. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Plan to have friends in for dinner. It's easier to get reacquainted with each other when others are around to help break the ice.




You just had a fight with your partner and you:

Concede, once again. You don't like to rock the boat.

Still disagree, but believe it's OK to have different opinions.

In a loving relationship, both parties must understand that it's OK to disagree.

Feel that it's time to break up.



You're at a party with people who are meeting your partner for the first time. You introduce him/her and:

Immediately begin talking about your job. Your friends are in the same field.

Ask to be introduced to the cute new guy/girl by the buffet. Who is that?

Tell everyone what the two of you did earlier that day and how much fun you have together.

True love makes you proud. You want all of your friends to know how much fun you have with your guy/girl.




It's a rainy day and you're lounging on the sofa, reading a book. When your partner walks in the room, you:

Jump to see if he/she needs anything. You want to make sure your partner is happy.

Pick up and move to another room. You cannot relax when she/he's hovering around you.

Invite him/her to join you. You love the quiet time you get to spend together.

Quiet time with your partner allows you to learn things about him/her. So move over and share the blanket.




People ask how you knew your partner was "the one" and you:

Don't really have an answer because you're not sure he/she is "the one."

Gush, saying: "I just knew. It feels right."

People often say that when you are with "the one" you just know. Sometimes its hard to describe the feeling.

Say it's because he/she is great with your new puppy.




You're afraid of dogs and your partner really wants a dog. You respond:

“I am afraid of dogs so you can’t have one!”

“You can get the dog but I can’t ever see the mutt!”

“Sure!" Then make plans to have therapy to get over your fear.

If you are willing to go someplace or do something that you absolutely hate, you are demonstrating authentic love.




Upon seeing your partner, you immediately feel:

Nervous. You shouldn’t have skipped a shave.

Flushed. Your palms are sweaty and your heart is racing

The giddiness of love is due to dopamine, norepinephrine and phyenylethylamine being released. This causes your palms to sweat and your heart to race.

Irritated. You didn’t want to be bothered tonight.




Your partner asks you if he/she should wear the red shirt. You hate the red shirt, so you respond:

"The red shirt is nice, but I think the blue one fits this occasion better."

A loving relationship requires honesty. But speak the truth in love.

“You look great in all of your shirts.”

“I hate that red shirt.”




How often do you communicate with your partner?

As little as possible during the day. We're both busy.

As often as we can. We love to talk to each other.

A loving couple talks with one another often, even during business hours. A friendship is essential to their bond. But you don't have to be joined at the hip.

We call each other when we get to the office, and send texts and emails throughout the day.




A cute guy/girl approaches you and asks if you're available. You respond:

“No, I am in a very happy relationship.”

You are not blinded by temptation when you are in love. You only want to be with him or her. So kindly decline the flattering approach and go tell your significant other how much you love him/her.

“No, but I can always accept new friends.”





While watching a political debate, you discover that you and your partner have opposing views on an issue. Which of the following describes the interaction?

You agree to disagree. Being in love doesn’t necessarily mean thinking the same.

A couple that is truly in love is can share opinions about important issues. They also understand that it’s OK if they disagree. So agree to disagree and move on!

You argue your points until someone is forced to agree to the other’s point of view.

You realize that you are truly not right for each other because you both can’t agree on an important issue.




You are bothered that your partner never places the cap on the toothpaste. What do you do?

Grit your teeth and ignore it. You've got some annoying habits too.

Yell and scream until he/she begins to put the cap on the toothpaste. Is this too much to ask?

From time to time, politely remind him/her to replace the cap on the toothpaste; you understand it may take time to break the habit.

Accepting and working with your partner's quirks is beneficial in a loving relationship.




After a major snow storm, you and your partner are forced to stay inside the house for the day. How do you stay entertained?

Not at all. You're bored being in the house together.

You play some board games and watch old movies.

Just spending time together talking is fun and you wish they were more days like this.

When the idea of doing absolutely nothing other than being together outweighs the fun of the theater and old board games, you are very much in love.




What does commitment mean in your relationship?

You are willing to do the work needed for a successful relationship.

True love occurs when you are consciously committed. Even when it is hard, you are committed to make the relationship work with your true love.

Till death us do part…unfortunately.

Your partner is committed to taking care of your needs.




As your partner sings at a karaoke bar, you:

go on stage with him/her

immediately become embarrassed

convince everyone that this performance will be the best of the night

When you are truly in love, you are proud of your partner! So you won't hesitate letting everyone know how great he/she is!




Your partner appears to have contracted the flu. You:

stay away; you don’t want to catch the flu too

call his/her mom; she would know what to do

roll up your sleeves and rub on the vapor

You should care about the health and well-being of your partner to a greater degree than your own. So, roll up those sleeves!




Your partner informs you that he/she has planned a special surprise for your birthday. You:

can’t wait; you planned a night out with your friends but they'll understand

When you are truly in love, you enjoy spending special occasions with your partner. You can spend time with your friends and family on another day!

hate surprises

tell him/her that the surprise has to be after dinner with your family because it’s a tradition.




Your partner has landed the perfect opportunity at work that requires a 3,000 mile (4,828 kilometer) separation for four months. You:

add international calling to your cell phone, download Skype and promise to talk every day

Your partner would appreciate the space and time to better him- or herself. With the new technologies today, 3,000 miles isn’t that far!

end the relationship

encourage your partner to kindly decline the offer; four months is too long




You have been invited to an amusement park with your friends.  Your partner is afraid of roller coasters.  In order to convince him/her, you say:

“I know that you are afraid of roller coasters but if you love me, you would try this.”

“Do you remember the time when I went skating with you? It’s your turn!”

“I would really like for you to come with me.”

Be aware of your tactics of persuasion. You don’t want to come off as controlling. State why you would like the two of you to go together and understand if your invitation is declined.




Your best friend wins a free trip for two and wants to take you. You and your partner have been planning a trip to the same place. Who do you go with?

no brainer -- your partner, of course

While in love, you often have to make sacrifices to spend time with your partner. Although a free trip is tempting, quality time with your significant other can reap bigger rewards.

your best friend; you can't pass up a free trip

Can't we all just get along? You, your boyfriend, your best friend and her man can make up a foursome.




You Got:



Psychological love test online. Love tests. Love tests

Answer the love test questions to find out if your feeling is true love

Every person is unique and every relationship is unique too. Unlike other similar tests, the number of result options (that is, what you will see after passing the love test) of our psychological test about love online "Lubovemer" is not tens or hundreds. It is equal to 101 787 840 . Each respondent receives a unique "diagnosis".
Thanks to this psychological love test, you can really understand the nature of your feelings and understand whether you love or not, how to be.
The test is intended for heterosexual couples who are not officially married to each other. For couples, we recommend specialized free online diagnostics for married couples.

1. Your age
  • Before 18 nine0016
  • 19-30
  • Over 30
2. Your age difference:
  • 12 years or less
  • Over 12 years
3. Your gender:
  • Male
  • Female nine0016
What is the duration of your association?
  • Up to 1 month
  • 1 month – 6 months
  • 6 months - 2 years
  • Over 2 years
  • We don't communicate yet
5. Did you meet often during the period you specified? nine0013
  • Few times a week
  • About once a week
  • Less than once a week
  • We've been together for over a month.
  • We've been together for less than a month.
6. Do you work regularly together?
  • Yes
  • Not
  • 7. What would you like from this relationship?
    • Friendship, communication
    • Pleasures
    • First of all, pleasure, and then maybe start a family
    • Create a family
    • nine0015 My views on this matter fluctuate
    Are either of you legally married (not to be confused with "civil union")?
    • Nobody
    • I AM
    • Another
    • Both (each has its own family)
    9. Do you want to have children with this person? nine0013
    • Yes
    • Not
    • Don't know
    10. Can you imagine your future as a couple of loving, gentle old men?
    • Yes
    • Not
    11. You feel good…
    • It's bad with him, but I can't live without him nine0016
    • Only when that person is around
    • When he's not around, that's fine too.
    12. Other aspects of your life with the appearance of this person have become…
    • Better
    • Worse
    • Not changed
    • nine0021
      Did you receive enough love from both your parents?
      • Yes
      • Not
      • Other
      14. Next to this person you
      • Easy, joyful, like with no one
      • Good, but not always
      • nine0015 Badly
      15. Are you generally a confident person when it comes to personal relationships?
      • Yes
      • Not
      • Not good
      16. Are you afraid of loneliness?
      • Yes
      • Not nine0016
      • Don't know
      17. How long did it take from parting with a previous partner to starting a relationship with this person?
      • Less than three months
      • Three months to a year
      • More than a year
      • There was no parting nine0016
      Do you look for the traits of a previous partner in this person?
      • It happens
      • Not
      • Don't know
      19. If this person does something wrong, will your feelings for him weaken for a while?
      • Yes
      • Not nine0016
      20. Are you obviously or deep down jealous of this person?
      • Yes
      • Not
      21. Do you feel the pain and joy of this person as your own? (For example, does it hurt you when you accidentally offend him)
      • Yes
      • Not
      • nine0021
        22. Imagine that this person is hospitalized for several months. Will you be able to look after him, take out the ship, with joy, while remaining faithful?
        • Yes
        • Not
        Telling acquaintances about this person or appearing in their company together, you:
        • Enjoy the impression your chosen one makes nine0016
        • Be ashamed of the impression your chosen one makes
        • Don't think about the impression of others
        24. Who is the first to reconcile more often after quarrels?
        • You
        • Second person
        • Nobody
        • nine0021
          25 If this person were less “successful” in life (for example, less well off), would you be just as interested in him or her?
          • Not
          • Yes
          • Don't know
          26. Have you ever had sexual partners?
          • Not
          • Yes, 1 to 3 partners nine0016
          • Yes, more than 3 partners
          Was there physical intimacy between you and this person?
          • Yes
          • Not
          28. Would this person be just as interesting to you if he were completely ugly?
          • Yes
          • Not nine0016
          • Not good
          29. Would you be interested in communicating with this person for three months if no contact was possible?
          • Yes
          • Not good
          • Not!
          30. Have you ever thought of bewitching this person?
        • Of course not
        • Yes, but I rejected the thought and never will
        • Yes, and I admit the possibility that I will do it
        31. Do you have an inexplicable feeling that this is your person?
        • Yes, there was no such feeling with anyone
        • Yes, but that feeling was with another person nine0016
        • Not
        Do you treat this person with respect?
        • Yes
        • I don't really respect
        33. Do you often have misunderstandings, quarrels?
        • Often, but in general I rarely quarrel
        • Often, I often quarrel with others nine0016
        • Rare
        • There are, but it's easier for me to forgive him than others
        34. Can you live your life with this person, putting up with his shortcomings?
        • Yes
        • No. He must change
        • Unlikely
        • nine0021
          35. Your relationship becomes over time...
          • Better, warmer
          • Worse though you work on yourself
          • Worse, and you don't work on yourself
          36. Do you always understand each other's jokes?
          • Always
          • Seldom
          • nine0015 Don't know
          Do you and this person belong to the same religion (assuming atheism is a religion)?
          • Yes
          • Not
          • Don't know
          38. Do you agree on your attitude to money (wealth)?
          • Basically yes
          • nine0015 Basically no
          • Don't know
          39. Is your level of education similar?
          • Yes
          • Not
          • Don't know
          40. Do you agree on your idea of ​​marriage (its meaning, goals)?
          • Basically yes nine0016
          • Basically no
          • Don't know
          41. Do you agree on the desirable number of children in a family?
          • Yes
          • Not
          • Don't know
          Do you agree in your ideas about the female and male roles in the family? nine0013
          • Basically yes
          • Basically no
          • Don't know
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          Test: When will you meet true love?

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          Everyone wants to know when they will meet someone who truly loves them. Let's see when you meet your prince or princess!

          1. Let's find out your gender first?


          How many times have you fallen in love?

          3. When meeting at a big family dinner, how many relatives do you kiss? nine0453

          Only with mom and dad...
          About 5 relatives
          10! Not so many)
          What 10? 15, no less... 😢

          4. Have you insisted on talking to the person who said he didn't love you?

          5. You are sitting in a cafe and you like the guy/girl opposite. Will you ask him/her for a phone number?

          Yes, I’ll come and ask)
          I’ll write my number on a piece of paper and send it to him/her with the waiter)
          No, I won’t ask (

          6. Can you forgive a person who has done something nasty to you?

          7. Lastly, do you still believe in love?

          The first bells of your true love are heard!

          We don't know if you are in a relationship or not, but soon you will meet your true love. Perhaps your faith in this feeling is gradually ending, but don't worry - soon you will meet someone who will light it with renewed vigor! Be more attentive this summer, and maybe you will meet that very person! A summer romance can turn into the love of your life. You will forget about the connections you had before and be with someone who really loves you. You will immediately want to start a serious relationship with him / her, but do not rush: you may need to get to know each other a little more. Everything must go on as usual

          True love is near!

          Yes, you may not have expected such an answer, but true love is already with you. If you are in a relationship right now, then this person is the right decision. If you are still free-floating, then someone very close to you will become your true love. Open your eyes and look around. Maybe someone is already in love with you, but you don't notice it? Don't laugh, you know that the closest friends can fall in love with each other later. Why shouldn't this happen to you? It might be better to have a serious relationship with your best friend/girlfriend. If you are already in a relationship at the moment, the only thing to do is to watch out for this person and develop your connection. nine0005

          It's not an easy situation...

          It's going to be really hard for you, because finding true love won't be easy. And the reason for this, perhaps, lies in you. Just look at yourself and try to understand where your mistake is. In fact, you are a very good person: you have a wonderful character, but in the battle for love you often fail. Maybe you have a friend or girlfriend who is savvy in this matter, from whom you can get advice. Otherwise, you won't be able to do everything alone. I would like to say that you really deserve to be loved to unconsciousness And you will love him / her until your death. After all, you value care and warmth so much that you forget about yourself. Your only problem is the absence of a person who would love you, and you love him. But don't let that discourage you! We are not saying that you will not meet the one / the same / th. We say that it will be a little more difficult to find him/her

          You have found true love, but now you are losing it.

          Learn more