Positive readings before bed

6 Positive Thoughts That Help You Sleep

1. Think about your favorite part of your day

Cast your mind back to a feel-good moment from your day. Something that made you feel proud, something you did to help someone else or simply night-time stories and cuddles with your favorite little people.

Surrounding yourself in a warm glow of calming thoughts before bed will help calm your brain and help it to drift off. So snuggle up under your comforter, and think soothing thoughts…

2. Picture the most beautiful place you can

Hit up Instagram for some inspiration (earlier in the day of course – no screen time straight before bed (!)) and picture those calming blue waters lapping the edge of a white sand beach littered with conch shells. Feel the warm softness on your toes, smell the scent of tropical flowers, imagine sipping coconut milk direct from the fruit and enjoy the sun on your skin.

It doesn’t have to be a beach, the idea is to fill your mind with happy thoughts before sleep, if you long for a walk in the mountains, the desert or even on the moon, go there instead. Floating off into peaceful sleep with a lovely scene in your mind will surely lead to restful sleep.

3. Try positive affirmations

Affirmations are great for interrupting those negative thought patterns. Repeating the same positive thought over and over to yourself will create a belief within you that you are allowed to release the stresses of your day and relax into sleep. Choose whichever statement below feels most relevant to you and concentrate on repeating it either in your head or out loud as you close your eyes and settle ready for sleep:

  • “I choose calmness and peace”
  • “I give myself permission to close my eyes and fall asleep”
  • “I have done my best today and now deserve to rest”
  • “I am strong. I know that I can achieve anything I want to achieve.”
  • “I am proud of myself and the person I am”

4. Think about nothing but your breathing

Try positive meditation before bed by concentrating on your breathing. Simply count your breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose for four counts and out through your mouth for eight. If your mind wanders gently bring it back to your breath, immediately forgive yourself and continue.

There is even a yoga technique that suggests that breathing through only your left nostril can help to lower your blood pressure and ease you into sleep. Try lying on your left-hand side with your right index finger closing your right nostril and breathe deeply.

5. Focus on one positive thing for tomorrow

What do you have going on tomorrow? We often get caught up lying awake worrying about all the things we have to do the following day and how we’re going to achieve them. These are not good thoughts before sleep. In fact, they can have a detrimental effect on not only your ability to drop off to sleep, but your quality of sleep too. Instead focus on just one thing that you’re particularly looking forward to, to banish the worries and fill your brain with positive thoughts before bed.

6. Think: “I will stay awake and I’m OK with that.”

Sometimes, simply lying in bed unable to sleep can cause so much anxiety that it makes it impossible to fall asleep. Step forward one of the more surprising thoughts that help you sleep. Many psychologists claim this can work simply by tricking the brain using a form of reverse psychology.

By opening your eyes wide and repeating over and over, “I will not sleep and that’s OK”, your brain will take it as a signal to fall asleep – it’s called a sleep paradox.

Sound unlikely? Why not try it.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas, but feel free to come up with more of your own. You could try positive reading before bed to help think of other thoughts to help you sleep. Whatever you decide on, happy thoughts before bed are a powerful way to clear your brain of negativity, drift off to sleep calmly and enjoy a wonderful night’s rest.

Looking for more ideas about how to sleep better at night naturally? Visit our Sleep Health & Advice hub.


by megala
26 Jan 2022

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22 Jan 2022


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by hannah
01 Oct 2021

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i have been having nightmares and bad sleep lately that’s giving me anxiety going to bed so i’m trying new things and have this website bookmarked! :)

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by hannah
29 Sep 2021

"Helping With Sleep"

i have been having nightmares and bad sleep lately that’s giving me anxiety going to bed so i’m trying new things and have this website bookmarked! :)

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17 Sep 2021

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by Becky
21 Aug 2021

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I’ve bookmarked this site and read it every night before bed. And so far I’ve slept. In these stressful times we could all use these reminders. Thank you!!

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by Saida
22 Apr 2021


I love self kind words they are so necessary we forget to love ourselves and put Us first , thank you :)

by Matthew Armitage
17 Jan 2021

"Great, Really Helped"

This article really helped me get to sleep. Thanks.

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30 Positive Sleep Affirmations to Relax at Night!

Wellness and mindfulness are such important yet under-appreciated parts of our mental health and self care. As adults or grown-ups with many responsibilities and hectic lives, we tend to put these things aside and forget how much it can affect our well-being, especially in hectic times like this! One of the repercussions of all the added stress that we have in our lives often manifests itself in the form of insomnia, or difficulty going to sleep. I know I have experienced this more than ever before throughout the past year. And while sleeping medication and anti-anxiety pills can appear to be the easiest solution, they often have undesirable and long-lasting effects on your mind and body.  

As someone who has dealt with anxiety since my pre-teen years, I have always been searching for natural remedies that help me live in a state of better mindfulness.

Even if you have never dealt with anxiety, taking the wrong approach to managing the stress of everyday life can have similar impacts on our bodies. For example, you might find yourself feeling especially restless or tense, worrying excessively, experiencing sleeplessness or insomnia, and have an overall lack of concentration.

Luckily for us, there are many natural remedies that can alleviate those symptoms and simply help you to live a better life! One key is to remain focused not only on your physical health, but on your mental health as well. The right diet, the right workout routine, and having the right nighttime routine are key!

In the past year, I’ve decided to focus more on my night routine. After spending years thinking about what kind of foods I put into my body, almost completely cutting my alcohol intake, and working out almost every day, I was still experiencing sleeplessness, unwanted thoughts, and often excessive worry at night. That’s when I decided to completely change my night routine. Besides trying to go to bed earlier (I have always been a night owl), I now make a point of sipping a comforting and relaxing tea blend (I have shared 5 of my favorite tea blends here) while saying my positive sleep affirmations right before going to bed. Surprisingly, this has done wonders for my sleep schedule and has completely changed my rest!

What are bedtime affirmations?

Bedtime affirmations or sleep affirmations, as I see them, are quotes, short phrases, or mantras that you’ll use to put your mind in a positive mental state and hopefully remove all negative thoughts. They will help you focus on your optimistic thoughts, take your worries away, and in a way cleanse your body in order to be ready for a full night of sleep. 

Do affirmations work while you sleep?

I believe that putting positive affirmations, thoughts, words and energy into the world will bring only positivity back into to your life. But beyond my beliefs, it’s no secret that most of us tend to dream about things that worry us or past experiences that we have lived. Dreams are directly related to our state of mind, thoughts, and experiences. If you go to bed in a positive state of mind and with positive thoughts, chances are that you’ll be rested in the morning and wake up with a positive attitude the next day!

What do you say to yourself before bed?

There are several affirmation and self-care books you could read before going to bed, but I prefer  to say a few mantras and phrases that I love and are very uplifting. On top of those, I am also sharing some more specific ones: sleep affirmations for success, sleep affirmations for confidence, and even sleep affirmations for anxiety. Many of them you can twist around a bit and make them your own!

30 Sleep Affirmations to say before bed

  • My  mind and my body are ready to rest. I am in my sanctuary. Everything will be okay! 

  • I am grateful for my body, my body is relaxed. I look forward to tomorrow. 

  • I did my best today. I am ready to be recharged. Tomorrow is a new opportunity. 

  • My dreams are a place for positivity and hope only. I believe in myself.

  • Sleeping is a natural state for me. I’ll enjoy a full night of sleep and will wake up recharged in mind and body.

  • Calming thoughts and optimism will fill my dreams. I am in a safe space to sleep. 

  • I will let every worry go. My eyes are tired, my body and I deserve a good night of rest. 

  • I am thankful for this day,  grateful for this bed, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Stress and worries can’t control me. I will let go and be at peace. I’m deserving of a good night of sleep.  

  • I love and accept this body. I will nourish it through loving thoughts in my dreams tonight.

  • I am thankful for the opportunities that came my way today. Now I shall rest. Tomorrow my goals are always possible. 

  • I feel myself more at peace with every breath I take. I deserve good dreams. Tomorrow I’ll receive the things I dream about.

  • I have done enough today. I’m at peace with the universe. Great things come after a good night of sleep. 

  • I choose sleep, rest, peace, and relaxation over stress and worry. 

  • My mindfulness is my priority. 

  • I am proud of myself for today. Tomorrow will be even better. I am a beautiful being. I deserve to sleep. 

  • I am worthy of resting, relaxing, and dreaming. My good dreams will become a reality. 

  • I choose to stop worrying, stressing, and dwelling on negativity. I am in a natural wellness state. My body deserves a good night.

  • I am healthy and I will thank my body with a good night of rest.

  • My mind is full. I am letting go today. Tomorrow my mind and my body will shine again.  

  • I feel safe in my sleep. My sleep calms me and recharges me for a better tomorrow. 

  • I love myself. My mind, my soul, and my body are beautiful. I will attract loving dreams. 

  • I heal through my sleep. 

  • I welcome a peaceful, calming, and gentle night. With these breaths, I relieve my mind and my body of all anxiety and stress. 

  • Today is gone, I am going to sleep at peace. My mind is in synchronization with the natural state of the universe.

  • My eyes are closing effortlessly. I’ll enjoy an undisturbed night of sleep.

  • My good night of rest has the power to overcome my fears, my anxiety, and my doubts. I will now confidently rest. I’m confident in my dreams. 

  • I am not defined by my mistakes of today. I deserve a good night of rest. I am worthy of tomorrow. 

  • I deserve love, I deserve peace, I deserve rest.  

  • I am learning, I’m growing, I’m excited for tomorrow. I believe in me.


Ready to start your mindfullnes journey? Grab a JOURNAL and some PENS, to write down your favorite Sleep Affirmations and you’re basically ready!


The perfect vegan leather notebook for night time affirmations and mantras.


To read more great wellness tips, whole food health recipes, DIYs and fitness advice, check out some of our articles below or head to our wellness page for the complete selection. We have great reading material about wellness tea blends, healthy recipes, inspirational quotes and herbal bath routines.

We also have amazing DIY sugar face scrub recipes, so make sure you check it out!

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Besitos from my comfy bed,


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PrancierWellness, Health, Prancier Picks, Quotes3 Comments


Ten rules of healthy sleep are named

1. How much sleep you need

Doctors are unanimous: people who sleep less than seven hours have a greater risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, they have more problems with immunity. No one wants to scare anyone, but people who sleep little have a higher mortality rate. To maintain health, an adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep. And the minimum amount of sleep needed to restore the most basic functions is five hours. But only as a one-time option. nine0005

2. It is possible to get enough sleep

Chronic lack of sleep entered our life in the 19th century, when people, having received electricity, began to lengthen the daylight hours. This is the so-called "Edison effect". First of all, the most active suffer: students, young people in general. It has been proven that sleep is necessary for the assimilation of information, effective study. It is still possible to partially mitigate the negative effect of lack of sleep if you can sleep for the future. Studies have been conducted: people were given the opportunity for some time to sleep longer than usual, and then drastically reduced sleep time. The performance of those who “stocked up” with sleep was better compared to those who did not have such an opportunity. You can do the opposite: "sleep off", for example, on a day off, if there was not enough sleep in the previous days. Still, sleep deprivation should be the exception. nine0005

3. What causes insomnia

Acute or stress insomnia occurs in response to some event, an external factor, every fifth person faces it. It does not bear any serious consequences: as soon as the stress ends, sleep returns to normal. Another form is more severe - chronic, when insomnia lasts for months, years and has serious health consequences. The most common cause is chronic stress. It has been proven that a person who constantly does not get enough sleep has a halving of labor productivity and an increased risk of accidents. nine0005

4. Is polyphasic sleep helpful?

Sleeping several times a day in short intervals is the so-called "polyphasic" sleep. Leonardo da Vinci is said to have slept every two hours for 15 minutes. Studies have shown that you can feel normal with such a dream. However, none of the volunteers who took part in the experiment switched to such a regimen after its completion. So for some extreme cases (for example, when a yachtsman makes a solo trip around the world), "polyphasic" sleep is applicable, but in ordinary life it is unlikely. nine0005

Double sleep is more physiological - one long period at night and a short one in the afternoon. In hot countries, siesta is a common thing. It has been experimentally proven that if you sleep for about 30 minutes after dinner (no longer), your performance will increase.

5. Do gadgets get in the way?

Many people fall asleep calmly watching TV, they like to sit in bed in social networks. But experts believe that the radiation from the screens disrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to sleep. And "sitting" on the Internet is addictive, it is easy to lose control over time, and a person loses the opportunity to fully relax. nine0005

6. What is the right way to get ready for bed?

One of the basic rules is the restriction of mental and mental activity. For adults, the transition period is one hour, for children - two. We stop active activities, slowly go through the "ritual": we brush our teeth, take a shower, go to the bedroom. For better sleep, you need to develop a conditioned reflex to your own bed: you don’t need to read or watch TV in it. The bed is only for two things: sleep and sex. Somnologists are "for" sex before bed: it gives positive emotions and promotes relaxation. nine0005

7. Is it bad to eat at night?

It may seem strange, but eating at night is good for sleep. A high-carbohydrate meal four hours before bed improves sleep. This may be related to such a common household recommendation: a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey at night. But, of course, we must remember that an excess of carbohydrates contributes to weight gain. Therefore, it is worth remembering the amount of food eaten. A full stomach, squeezing the diaphragm, makes it difficult to breathe - and this also disturbs sleep. nine0005

8. What to do about waking up early?

Somnologists believe that it is easier to cope with poor sleep: an established regime, a calm walk, subdued light, coolness (18-20 degrees) and darkness in the bedroom help. But if a person has a different type of insomnia - he falls asleep well, but regularly wakes up at 3-4 a.m. and can no longer fall asleep, in this case, you need to go to the doctor. Frequent early awakenings are a clear sign of the development or presence of depression.

9. Can sleeping pills be used? nine0003

Sometimes a person copes by himself, by "home" means. But if it doesn’t work out, it’s better not to resort to pharmaceuticals on your own. Only the doctor can decide what is happening to the patient - is it depression or an anxiety disorder, or is it just hypochondria, when a person is overly emotional, but is essentially healthy. Treatment will be different for each case. Modern drugs are not addictive, do not have pronounced side effects. But still, the choice of therapy is the doctor's business.


How much sleep you need depending on your age

From 0 to 3 months - 14-17 hours;

4 to 11 months - 12-15 hours;

From 1 to 2 years - 11-14 hours;

3 to 5 years - 10-13 hours;

From 6 to 15 years - 9-11 hours;

From 14 to 17 years - 8-10 hours;

18 to 64 years - 7-9 hours;

65 years and over - 7-8 hours.

Helps you fall asleep

Sweet before bed helps you fall asleep, but negatively affects the figure. However, there are other, less high-calorie "helpers". nine0005

A cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile contains the flavonoid apigenin, which reduces anxiety. In fact, chamomile tea is a natural sedative, only without the side effects.

Cherry or cherry juice. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in our body at night and helps to fall asleep. This substance is found in ripe dark cherries.

Walnuts. They contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is also necessary for the synthesis of melatonin. nine0005

Kiwi. Two fruits are enough to improve falling asleep by 30 percent. Kiwis are high in serotonin, the "optimism" hormone that also promotes good sleep.

For men, the best sleeping pill is sex

Sex is the only kind of activity that somnologists not only do not prohibit, but also welcome in bed "for the coming sleep. " During sex, hormones are released into the blood, which help to relax. By the way, the male pattern that offends women - falling asleep immediately after sex - is not egoism at all, it has a specific biochemical basis. The hormone prolactin, which is intensely released during sex in men, suppresses the action of another hormone, dopamine, which gives vigor and regulates heart rate. nine0005

20 percent of people are unhappy with their sleep, and this applies to both urban and rural residents

Contact with prolactin suppresses the action of dopamine, and the man falls asleep. Another hormone, oxytacin, helps you relax completely and promotes deep and restful sleep. Finally, melatonin, whose synthesis is activated in the dark, signals the brain that it's time to sleep. In fact, after sex, all three of these hormones "work". In women, unlike men, there is no surge in prolactin after sex, so they fall asleep immediately after intimacy much less often. And they do not understand the "snoring" partners nearby.

Learn more