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If you’re an older man looking to date a younger woman or vice versa, there’s a big chance that you have stumbled upon many different opinions about relationships with age gaps. And even though it can be taboo to talk about it sometimes, it’s not something that should make you feel ashamed.

Genuinely, those relationships can be solid as they represent the combination of energy and ambition of a young female and the maturity and security of an older male. 

And because of the opinions of the public regarding relationships with significant age gaps, many dating sites popped up to help older men looking for younger women (and vice versa) find their desired partner.

This dating site has one of the best male-to-female ratios that older men interested in younger women might desire. Its users count fewer older men for younger women, meaning male users can find dates quickly.

Registering on Seeking can be a good choice if you want to find someone younger or older than you, whether for a casual hook-up or a polygamous experience. That’s why it’s a pretty controversial site.

It’s easy to register and make a profile, and the site’s layout makes it easy to use. However, there are many fake profiles and scammers, so if you decide to try this particular dating site, make sure you keep an eye out for any potential threats.

On the other hand, your photos and personal information will stay private for as long as you’d like, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of someone abusing you online.

This site was made mainly for people who make over $200,000 a year. Even though it’s for millionaires, you can register for free. However, you would need to pay for a premium account if you want to experience some of the premium features the site has to offer.

An elite dating site like Millionaire Match can be a good choice if you’re a successful and attractive person. It offers you a chance to meet people online and find someone for a serious relationship.

However, it is often susceptible to scams and fake profiles, so there is a possibility that someone might want to talk to you so that they can trick you into sharing your personal information with them.

This easy-to-use dating site is among the most popular platforms for the so-called “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies.” With free registration, you can like and comment on profiles and photos of many users, receive and respond to messages, and match with people.

Sugar Daddy Meet works with the 20 wealthiest countries globally, so while registering, you will need to add your phone number to be verified as a citizen of one of those countries. Once you do, be sure to say a few words about yourself in the bio section to make your profile more approachable.

Since it’s location-based, this site can help you find a march near you. On the other hand, there is a possibility your match may be farther away, a feature many users find helpful.

A dating site like What’s Your Price can be a perfect choice for older men seeking younger women. The platform tries to encourage its users to skip the messaging part of the communication and actually go out on a date.

With a quick registration process, you can make a profile and start looking for other users in no time. To register, you will need to specify your gender and dating goals, and you can add additional information about yourself afterward.

The site turned out to have an excellent success rate, and with almost four million users on the platform, there is a good chance you will find someone that will suit your relationship goals.

Established Men is a good choice for older men to meet younger women and vice versa. With a quick sign-up process, your dating profile will be up and running in no time, and there is a good chance that you will find what you need.

Thanks to good customer service, scammers and their fake profiles get quickly banned from the site, making it easier for you to search users and find a potential partner. Like most similar sites, it offers basic features with free registration, but there are also many things you can’t do if you don’t own a premium account.

The site provides you with many different search filters that can help you narrow down your search to specific users that you seek. And even though it does look like any other dating site, there is nothing to lose if you choose to make a dating profile on Established Men.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, this site offers a seamless and ongoing experience while searching for someone you want to meet. It caters specifically to older men dating younger women, so if you find yourself searching for either of those two, this could be the perfect platform for you.

Even though there is no Sugar Daddy For Me app, the website offers everything you might need. Different filters can help you narrow down your search by age, ethnicity, physical appearance, and more. Also, there is no limit in messaging users, which can often be the case with many dating sites.

However, there aren’t many features for free registered profiles as the site offers the most features for paid subscriptions, which is also a standard among thousands of dating sites on the internet. But if you choose to pay for a subscription, you will most likely find someone to date.

This elite dating site is the place to be if you want to find wealthy individuals and start communicating with them. Its classy aesthetics offers a pleasant experience while searching for users based on your specific criteria.

What makes Luxy different from other dating websites is that other users need to verify your account based on your information. Since this is a dating site for wealthy people, you will need some good evidence that you have an income of over $200,000 a year.

The app has additions in the system like moments (based on an Instagram story) and the possibility of using the application on the go. So, if you decide to try this platform out, good luck with your verification!

Age Match is the first age-gap dating site made specifically for older men with young women relationships and older women with young men relationships. It has been matching thousands of individuals ready to put their age differences aside and give online dating a shot for more than 20 years.

The site offers basic features like an easy registration process, a swipe picking system, and a fair algorithm to match you with individuals that fit your desires. Additionally, the site offers a secure messaging system and the possibility of editing your dating profile along the way.

If we’re talking about the men-to-women ratio, the fact is that there are more men than women on the platform, which makes it most suitable for single older men who want to find younger women to date.

Wealthy Men is a platform between an elite and an age-gap dating site that offers a chance to meet like-minded singles and share your mutual experiences online.

Since it’s a site for the elite, you will need to prove your monthly income to verify your profile, although the free subscription plan offers many quality features.

If you pay for your monthly description, you can post as many photos as you want, see who has viewed your profile, send messages, rate other members, see who is online at the moment, and more. So, if you want to be known as a successful older man dating an energetic younger woman, you should pay a visit to this dating site.

Rich Meet Beautiful is another elite dating site that caters to wealthy people looking for singles within their community. However, you don’t have to have income proof to register and create a profile. More importantly, you will likely find someone for a serious relationship rather than a casual hook-up on this dating site.

Free users can create and fill out their profiles, view profiles of other users, and use all the search filters. However, you will need to pay for a subscription to send messages and use many other features that this site offers.

The profiles on this dating platform are very detailed, and there are many different users to connect with and form meaningful relationships. You can always send winks (short messages to notify a user that you are interested in them), and there is a big chance you can find someone as there are a lot of different profiles.

Older Men Dating Younger Women: Your Questions Answered
  1. Does an age gap matter in a relationship?

Even though society typically frowns upon significant age gaps in relationships, they don’t need to be a bad thing. If you have healthy communication with your partner, the age difference shouldn’t be a problem. 

It can even bring more balance and harmony into the relationship with experience and wisdom from one person and excitement and ambition from the other person. However, you should always think thoroughly about your situation, as relationships with significant age differences can bring many problems.

And society will always have something to say about it. So, if you ever find yourself in a position to date someone way younger/older than you, prepare yourself for disapproving looks from strangers.

  1. Can I find someone older/younger than me for a relationship on a dating site?

Thanks to many dating sites made specifically for this kind of dating, there is a big chance you will find someone who understands the age difference and who is ready to settle down for a relationship. Since there are so many age-gap dating sites, finding a suitable one can be challenging.

However, men-to-women ratios vary depending on a particular site’s popularity, so make sure you do your research and try a couple of sites before you decide to commit to one and pay for its monthly subscriptions.

Let’s be honest: it’s way easier for you to meet someone far older/younger than you on a dating site than in person. So, if you want to find someone to date this way, online dating sites are one of the best choices out there.

  1. What age gap is the most suitable for a relationship?

There is no specific answer to this question as it is pretty hard to define the age gap that is considered acceptable to everyone.  

Even though same-age relationships are considered way more successful due to similar beliefs, values, and principles, relationships with more significant age gaps can also be successful due to the balance of many different factors.

However, be careful not to exaggerate as considerable age differences can often be a toxic factor in relationships due to many other aspects of people’s past (e.g., ex-wives, ex-husbands, kids, etc.). 

  1. Do age-gap relationships work?

It depends on the individuals and their point of view. As that type of relationship can be both successful and unsuccessful, we would need to consider many factors in order to answer this type of question.

If your relationship turns out to be a fantastic experience, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try and make it official.

So, the age difference doesn’t always have to be one of the reasons why age-gap relationships don’t work – the same way that a same-age relationship can also turn out to be a failure.

The news and editorial staff of the Daily Camera had no role in this post’s preparation.

Is There Anything Wrong with Liking Older Men?

Jakarta -

The past few days, my TikTok FYP has been circulating videos about the age difference with their respective partners. But what surprised me a bit, was that some women had an age gap of up to 20 years with their partners. In Indonesia, it is actually not something new nor strange--for example, our own parents who may have a fairly large age gap.

It's just that in the Gen Z era, things like that might have been seen as strange and often create stereotypes. That women who like men who are older, well-established-not infrequently; there are also those who like widowers-have hidden intentions. For example, looking for wealth, wanting to live comfortably without working, and there are still many labels that are pinned for women who have different tastes in love.

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So, is it wrong to like this older man who is now often called 'Bapakable'?

Rumors about older men are considered interesting as it turns out that there is a scientific discussion. Professor Medelaine Fugere, who wrote The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships provides scientific facts, stated that older men are considered attractive by some women. It denotes a psychological and evolutionary phenomenon and is not just a cultural cliché. "The age difference becomes a comfortable situation for heterosexual couples," she said.

In the study, the research team asked men and women about the age at which they had partners. Men tend to say that they want a female partner who is a few years younger and that women like a man who is a few years older. Cross-culturally it is almost universal.

Another study found that women who date older men actually have healthier relationships. In a study involving 173 women, 44 of whom dated men who are at least 10 years older. The stereotype of women having boyfriends who are much older as a result of 'problems with dad' has no effect.

The researchers found no significant difference in the style of attraction between women in same-age relationships and women in age-difference relationships. In fact, they found that 74 percent of women who had boyfriends much older enjoyed their love story and felt secure.

Psychologically, the majority of researchers believe that the preference for older men can be attributed to our fathers. Women are statistically more likely to marry men who are similar to their father's traits.

The reasons women prefer older men

There are at least a few reasons why some women today are more attracted to older men.

1. More 'mature' mentally and emotionally

Most middle-aged men tend to have more mature minds and emotions than younger men. That's because older men have tried different things and explored the world before getting into more serious relationships. No wonder they have wisdom in dealing with problems and that is what makes women feel comfortable.

2. Financially stable and know what they want

Apart from being emotionally stable, older men of course are financially ready to start a family. They already know about their priorities and what they want to achieve.

3. Don't hesitate to help with housework

Perhaps one of the things that many women want--including me--is to have a partner who doesn't hesitate to help with housework. For example, such as cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes, even taking care of the children.

4. Understand how to treat women

Older men are generally tired of the adventure of love and already have a lot of experience. Not surprisingly, they can better understand what women want.

5. Anti-Drama

Admit it, we as women are emotional creatures and like to do things without thinking. That's why it's important that we look for men who can overcome our shortcomings and older men tend to have these skills. They are a very avoidant and anti-drama-drama club!

Although many women choose an older man as a life partner, I myself do not choose a man based on age. Because in my opinion, it's not only men who are older than men of the same age or younger. It all depends on the level of emotional maturity and self-maturity. Whatever our choice about finding a life partner, the point is to find a life partner who 'klop'!

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An elderly person

As an African proverb says: "When an old man dies, the whole library disappears." This proverb may sound differently in different countries, but its meaning is the same in any culture. Older people are mediators between the past, present and future. Their wisdom and experience form the basis of any society.

Older people are those over sixty. Elderly people are one in five of us.

Older people are what we will become in thirty, twenty or ten years.

These are our grandparents, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts.

Elderly people are those who have a clear feeling that strength is decreasing every day, and infirmities are multiplying, and that this process is irreversible.

One of the requirements of human morality is respect for the elderly and concern for the older generation. Some families have problems in relationships with older people. Sometimes conflicts become so serious that it is impossible to live together. Why is this happening? What is the reason for these conflicts? Or in whom...? Why do some old people create problems for family members and for themselves, reproach their families for not taking care of them, not loving them .... After all, nothing just happens.
Have you noticed that young children and older people get along well? They enjoy spending time together: walking, playing. This is because toddlers have a positive perception of older people.
And in youth and more mature age, the attitude towards the elderly is more critical. Sometimes even negatively. Although it would seem that the energy of youth, the experience and wisdom of old age should complement each other and go side by side.
In old age, people usually take stock of their lives. And here it is very important what conclusion a person comes to. If at work, in the family he achieved good results, for which he feels pride, joy, then, of course, self-confidence will be an important source of normal relations in the family. If an elderly person rejoices in the achievements of children (whether in professional activities, be it in family life), if they are respectful towards others, hardworking, then it is from this source that he will draw strength for life.
But there is another category of older people, for whom everything is exactly the opposite. Moreover, plus to everything, - problems with health. How to be it, how to spend the rest of the years in harmony with oneself and with the environment? What if, having lived for many years with your soulmate, after her death, the feeling of loneliness does not leave, if, having devoted your whole life to children, you do not receive due attention from them? Of course, it's hard with a closed, uncommunicative, suspicious person, who all the time reproaches you for inattention, sometimes threatens you with moving, leaving the family. Of course, such an elderly person in the house means care, care and patience, and only next to his grandchildren and children can his life be filled with meaning.
Old people tend to have a lot of free time, unlike young people. After all, our parents are used to working, any inaction is unacceptable for them. And the task of the family is to help with something to occupy this free time. You can, for example, entrust a walk with your grandson (this is useful, and the child will be delighted to communicate with his grandmother or grandfather) or ask him to knit warm mittens or a scarf for children. Or maybe just ask to tell a fairy tale, prepare the children for bed (you must admit, sometimes you want someone to do it for you).
With age, a person is drawn to the earth, and working in the garden or in the garden, growing vegetables or flowers brings great satisfaction to our old people.
In the traditions of any nation, including Russian, is the veneration and respect for elders. An elderly person should feel that his family, children, grandchildren need him. Talk more often about how much you love them, that much could not have been done without them. Ask for some advice. For example, how best to cook a particular dish. Or offer to cook something for a family dinner. After all, if you have a real family, then lunches and dinners with your family have a place to be. Seat the oldest member of the family at the head of the table. Ask about the past - please the old people - they love to talk about it very much.
Elderly people are like children. Pamper them just like you would children. Give gifts from time to time, buy tasty treats.
Show maximum attention, love and, most importantly, respect. And do not forget - our children take an example from us.

Prepared by Chernetskaya I. G. dentist

Furnishing a house for grandma: how to make an apartment safe for an elderly person

Time for a change

Understanding that grandparents are no longer coping well with everyday activities, sometimes occurs overnight in young family members. Well, if before a serious injury happened (after all, older people rarely admit that they fall if they were able to stand up on their own). How to understand that it's time to change something in the apartment of your grandmother or mother, even if you don't know how to start a conversation about it?

With old age comes weakness. Who dug the garden - reduces the number of beds or even quits digging. Those who used the toilet on the street find it difficult to get there, especially in the dark or in winter, they can no longer get dressed quickly, run there quickly enough. Those who live in an apartment go outside less often and with difficulty. Grandmother stops wiping what has spilled (or spilled in the evening - wipes it in the morning), maintain her usual degree of cleanliness. These are the first indicators that it is time to change something.

If an elderly person began to walk less cheerfully, began to shuffle his feet, you should immediately think about how to minimize the risk of falling. The bones of older people are more brittle than those of younger people, and there is a high risk of, for example, a fracture of the femoral neck, and this radically changes the quality and lifestyle.

Mom's Corner Photo courtesy of shutterstock.com

If an old person lives apart from the rest of the family and becomes noticeably weaker, the first thing to decide is whether we are adapting his home to his new needs or preparing a place for the elderly person at home.

- In Russia, you can often hear: "we will prepare a corner for mom"; “Why don’t we find a corner for her?” It sounds terrible, - says the director of education of the Attention and Care Nursing School, a specialist in caring for people with a self-care deficit Lena Andrev . - Well-meaning people, believing that it is terrible to “take” relatives to a nursing home, pull an old mother out of her usual environment, and in any case she is not at home. They destroy her world, and at the same time they don’t prepare the apartment for her arrival: they have high thresholds, an inconvenient entrance, the entrance hall is cluttered up, the toilet and bathroom are familiar to them, and mom is uncomfortable there. If the mother is in a wheelchair, it is even more difficult.

Mom or dad cannot be accommodated either “in the corner” or on the aisle. An elderly person should have his own world: it is necessary to share these worlds in one house, otherwise it will not be good for grandma or grandpa.

The neighborhood of several worlds in an apartment should also not turn into the imprisonment of an elderly person in one of the rooms. He should have not only his own world, but also the maximum possible access to everything in his state, both in the apartment and outside it.

Remove mats and wires

Adapting an apartment to new needs should be when grandparents walk on their own feet (or with little support) and take care of themselves. If an elderly person falls down, no matter what we change in the apartment, the presence of a caring person will be necessary first of all, it will be necessary to focus on his tasks and skills, and handrails and other devices will not solve the problem.

So, grandma shuffles around in her favorite worn-out slippers, and her usual rugs are everywhere. There is a great risk that one day she will stumble on the corner of such a rug - and fall.

— Of course, you can't decide everything for your grandmother without consulting with her. Someone will persuade her to take out all the rugs in the trash. Someone decides to replace them with new ones so that their corners do not bend, and secure them with double-sided tape. For some of the grandmothers, old rugs are so expensive that without them they will feel not at home. Someone who has more money and the grandmother does not mind will make repairs and replace the floor with cork - it is not slippery, - Lena Andrev lists the possibilities.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the psychology of older people: for someone, a rug that has been lying in the corridor since the time of his youth will turn out to be important, even if such an attachment to old things was not noticed in a person before. “Yes, he has been lying here all his life,” grandmother will say.

— It is impossible to say directly that the rug needs to be removed or changed because the grandmother has grown old. It hurts. You can’t scare: “Mom, you will fall.” She walked all her life and did not fall - she will not soon believe that now she will fall only when the truth falls. It is necessary to justify the changes individually and tactfully, the specialist warns.

“All wires must be removed from the floor,” adds the general director of the network of private boarding houses for the elderly “Senior Group” Alexey Sidnev . - Thresholds and steps, if they are in the house, should be contrast marked (you can buy a special tape for this).

Insidious bathroom Photo from remont-shkola.ru

70% of older people's falls occur in the bathroom, says Alexey Sidnev. This is due to the fact that it is often wet and slippery there, and the fact that people try to the last to use the bathroom and toilet without outside help in order to maintain the intimacy of the process, although in fact they already need help.

The bathroom should be changed when grandparents have the slightest difficulty in using it. “You should at least once see how your mother enters there, if there is no relative of the same sex, with whom she will agree to wash, ask if she is too tall,” says Lena Andrev.

If an old person feels insecure, and even better not waiting for it, you need to screw handles or small handrails to the walls near the toilet and on the wall above the bath. So a person can hold on, getting in and out of the bath, sitting down and getting up. If several generations of the family live together, young people will soon notice that they also use these handrails in the bathroom.

“Out of the best of intentions, many people change their usual bath for a shower. But the booths have high thresholds, the inside is always a little slippery (even if the description says a lot about the non-slip bottom or there is a mat), and the outside floor will often be wet from splashes no matter how you close the booth. Stepping in and out of the booth is dangerous. As a result, people who are accustomed to baths only fall more often in cabins,” says Lena Andrev.

The seat in an ordinary shower stall is very low - admit it, if you have such a shower at home, do shampoos stand on the ledge-seat? Such a low and small seat is also uncomfortable for the young, to say nothing of an elderly and weakening person.

For the elderly, they make showers without a threshold, similar to empty tiled rooms with a drain, or spacious cabins with a ladder, and a washing chair is placed inside the cabin, and a non-slip mat is fixed outside, reminds Aleksey Sidnev.

“Such a shower is difficult to make in an ordinary apartment, and this is unusual for the generation of our grandparents, who always took a shower in the bath. They are used to holding the shower in their hands in a certain way, a new one may be uncomfortable for them, ”warns Lena Andrev.

Psychologists can write a lot about the fact that many elderly people neglect personal hygiene and stop washing every day because of their rejection of their aging body. Of course, this can also be a psychological problem, but if the grandmother is physically extremely tiring to wash, if the grandfather is afraid to fall in the bathroom and remain bedridden, psychological help must be supplemented with organizational help.

“In my experience, it is better to leave the usual bath and buy a swivel wash chair , says Lena Andrev. - An elderly person will be able to sit down, turn around, holding on to the handrail - and only then pull his legs into the bath and take a shower. It is reasonable to ask which leg of the grandparents rises easier - and depending on this, position the handrail.

An armchair, among other things, is much cheaper than a complete bathroom conversion into a “tiled room”. It’s easier to persuade, because older people often stand up like a wall against a thorough renovation: “what are you spending money on”, “but how am I going to wash here at all?” - and Lena Andrev warns that the renovation will be in vain if an elderly person hates his new bathroom in advance.

Finally, a bath is not only washing. Grandmother in it all her life either washed, or soaked something, or stored water in case of a power outage. She is used to the fact that there is a bath, and you can leave a bouquet of roses floating in it at night, even if no one has given roses for thirty years.

Kitchen: fire, water and new utensils Photo from shutterstock.com

Lena Andrev advises to take a close look at the faucets in grandma's kitchen: if they splash, the floor next to the sink will always be slippery. If, when the grandmother pours the saucepan, water flows over her hands to the floor, you need to change the design of the faucet itself. The water must flow comfortably and within the sink, otherwise the risk of falling will be constant.

Another risk point is the stove. Grandmothers in dressing gowns with wide sleeves, who reached out with a match to the far burner when the near one was turned on, are not uncommon patients of burn resuscitation.

Someone will give grandmother an induction cooker, where you can put your palm on a burner with a boiling pot - such a burner will feel cold (although all the dishes will also have to be replaced, you won’t be able to cook on such a stove).

Someone will simply turn off the two distant burners at the gas stove, overcoming the protests of the grandmother. You always have to look at the person: will grandma or grandpa get used to the induction cooker? If a person likes to cook, and is used to gas, he may stop cooking altogether because the temperature is not regulated as usual. It's not a big deal to stop cooking borscht and baking pies, but then grandma might stop eating.

Replacing the kettle with a thermal sweat is a good idea if it is comfortable and your grandmother likes it. “There are many pluses: she will come to the stove less often and strike matches, you don’t have to wait until the water heats up, there is no risk of forgetting the kettle on the stove before it melts. But if the grandmother does not get used to the thermal sweat, then all the pluses turn into minuses, ”says Lena Andrev.

There is always a risk that the old man will open the lid the wrong way and get burned by the steam, scald, or turn it off every time, saving energy, and then wait much longer for boiling water than with a conventional kettle. The same goes for the slow cooker: a great thing if a person likes to use it. For those middle-aged or young people who have now bought thermopots and multicookers for their kitchen, they will be comfortable even in old age. For those who are already old, it is necessary to select equipment carefully and easily come to terms with the idea that the grandmother will only occasionally wipe the dust on it.

Bed: the older, the higher

Many grandparents are used to low sofas, from which it becomes increasingly difficult for them to get up with age. “Firstly, it makes sense to replace the bed with the highest of those, sitting on which, an elderly person will well get his feet to the floor. Legs should not hang, but the older and weaker the person, the more difficult it is to get up from a low bed. Secondly, if an elderly person has a bed with sagging mesh, it needs to be replaced even if it is good in height. The spine should be supported on an elastic mattress. Thirdly, you need to find a place for a handrail, which grandma or grandpa can grab when they get up,” Lena Andrev lists.

If you have money, you can buy an electric bed. There are beds that are similar to functional beds for bedridden patients, but designed for walking elderly people. You don’t need to buy medical supplies for a walker: they are too high for the patient to be at a comfortable level for the caregiver, so that the elderly person himself will not reach the floor with his feet. And on a walker bed with a head lift, a grandmother, having decided to watch TV, can press a button - and the back will rise smoothly.

Illuminated road

The lighting in the house of an elderly person must be good - and so vision deteriorates. The only light bulb in a five-arm chandelier is savings, which can turn into great difficulties.

Getting out of bed at night is especially dangerous. In old age, we begin to go to the toilet more often at night. “At first, grandma will endure to the point that she gets up in a hurry, but she still doesn’t wake up completely, so night falls by the bed are very frequent. Grandparents go to the toilet quickly - they are sure that they know this way well - and fall in the twilight, ”says Lena Andrev.

It is necessary to make lighting all the way from the bedroom to the toilet: many elderly people carefully save electricity and are unlikely to leave full-fledged light in the hallway and toilet at night, but you can buy special nightlights (including for children), place them near the floor and convince that modern fixtures are very economical.

Less clutter, more stools

The hallway is another risk point, especially if it's cluttered. Elderly people need to change their shoes, always sitting on a stool, and high enough to make it easy to get up. “They should generally have the opportunity to sit at home everywhere,” says Lena Andrev. Once again, it is worth recalling the rug in the hallway: of course, it is important for protection against dirt, but if it is wrinkled and fidgets, it needs to be changed and fixed.

The top shelves of cabinets always give rise to the temptation to stand on a stool (and the danger of falling). While the grandmother feels more or less stable, she will still climb on the upper tier of furniture - not to take something, so wipe the dust. Therefore, Lena Andrev advises to purchase a stool with a step - so that you do not have to throw your leg high at once.

By the way, both for standing on a stool and for safe walking, the elderly need comfortable shoes with a heel counter .

The ideal option is to clear the apartment of an elderly person from unnecessary things, extra furniture, extra supplies. Everything that was stored for reasons of "someday you will need it" will not be needed anytime soon.

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