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15 Good Reasons To Make Out With Someone

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15 Good Reasons To Make Out With Someone



When should you make out with someone? Whenever you want to! But also:

When should you make out with someone? Whenever you want to! But also:

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  1. Because he or she is really hot, and you can forsee telling your friends "Oh, we made out once." with extreme pride.

  2. Because the conversation isn't actually that interesting. (Or because it's so interesting that you could just kiss them.)

  3. Because they smell really, really good.

  4. Because if you wanna know how he loves you so? It's in his kiss.

  5. Because you actually believe in your friend's ability to not be weird about it the next day.

  6. Because you think they might be famous one day, and want to make out with them just in case.

  7. Because they're moving away and you're never, ever going to see them again.

  8. Because you happen to know your ex is on a date right now.

  9. Because you had a huge crush on them in high school, and your 15-year-old self wouldn't want you to squander the opportunity.

  10. Because you had a few drinks, and you're feeling happy, flirty and bold.

  11. Because you feel like making out with someone, and they are someone.

  12. Because you just need to remind yourself that you can make it happen.

  13. Because he or she just put the absolute best song on the jukebox/beat you at darts/ordered a whiskey neat/is wearing a Battlestar Gallactica T-shirt.

  14. Because you're a really good kisser, and when you have a talent you should share it with the world.

  15. Because you just had the best date of your life, and think this might be the start of something serious.

*--Written by Chiara Atik for

*15 reasons just isn't enough! Add yours to the list in the comments.

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Start Kissing Your Friends — Sexual Health Alliance

“Platonic,” according to Merriam Webster, is derived in reference to the philosopher Plato, who wrote about love in all forms. Originally, this work referred to non-sexual romantic relationships and was used to degrade such partnerships, but it developed into a term for a close relationship without sexual or romantic love. Now, we use “platonic” to refer to close friendships without sexual or romantic connotations, but also to describe types of touching. For example, we might refer to hand-holding or cuddling as platonic when done with our friends, even when these same actions with a partner are romantic. 

These touches and physical connections–sexual or not–are valuable. They produce a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” which increases bonding with the other person and positive emotions for all involved. AManyof needs can be met through platonic intimacy. For one, you can strengthen your friendships by bringing in physical connection, which can increase your comfortability with each other as well. Toxic forms of masculinity can be challenged through vulnerability and connection between men, opening up the possibility of fostering intimate friendships. People are also able to meet their own needs for touch without relying on a romantic or sexual partner, which can be especially valuable for those exploring their independence or who are unable to sustain a relationship. Meeting these needs strengthens friendships and creates space for shared connection and intimacy. 

People of different genders experience varying levels of platonic intimacy in their day-to-day lives based on societal normalcy. Typically, people who are socialized as women are taught that hugging, cuddling, and kissing are acceptable forms of connection with other women. People who were socialized as men are raised to fear intimacy with other men and to reserve touch for romantic and sexual partners. In many cases, touching or sharing connective moments with friends is sexualized and flagged as feminine, which is why it is deemed “okay” for women and homoerotic for men. Because of this gender-based discrepancy, platonic intimacy still carries a complicated connotation and is not widely accepted by all people in the US. It is worth noting, however, that in different countries and cultures, kidding your friends is normalized and celebrated. 

The queer community has historically claimed platonic intimacy as a hallmark of shared culture. For many, growing up experiencing same-gender attraction changed the connotations of touch; platonic touch could feel romantic or sexual from someone who is just supposed to be “a friend.” Throughout the years, queer people have trended towards finding community and family within each other as opposed to relying on their biological families, so intimacy that would typically be found in a family unit was transposed to friends in the queer community. 

In recent years, the notion of “family” has begun to shift, even outside of the LGBTQ+ community, opening up structures and allowing for new partnerships such as the “queerplatonic relationship” (QPR). This relationship involves partners with an intense commitment to each other which may include cohabiting or co-parenting, yet the partners do not experience romantic or sexual attraction to each other. Tik Tok users Jay and Krystle do exactly this, living together and co-parenting a foster child without the romantic or sexual components of a relationship. Their life goals and personalities perfectly fit in the way that life partners do, and they operate a successful and happy family together. The beauty in the queering of family and relationships is that it completely opens up the boundaries of each term. QPRs could be monogamous, poly, romantic or sexual at times, or completely platonic just based on the needs of each partner, and they are free to define themselves as they wish. 

However, intimacy with friends does not have to involve a commitment to each other. It can simply be an expression of the care that you have for each other, and it can take any form that is consensual and desired by each person. Opening up your friendship to include more hugs, hand-holding, kisses, cuddling, and more can bring in a level of connection and vulnerability that is completely new. You might be surprised by the ways in which this can strengthen your relationship and increase your comfortability with each other. Physical closeness with friends can help to heal your inner child and can feel very therapeutic, especially if you are experiencing a deficit in your touch sense. For inspiration and a really beautiful look into platonic intimacy in the queer community, read this article by Garrett Schlichte for Them magazine. It might open your mind to the boundaries of friendship and ask you to prioritize your needs above society’s understanding to platonic relationships. 

By Sydney Sullivan

Kissing with a friend whom you don't know very well

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How to kiss with a guy or girl

It's just great if the feelings are mutual and your couple wants to kiss every day - Valentine's Day whether not for days on end. Well, if you are just going to open your heart to someone, February 14 is just made for this.

What kind of kisses are there

Gentle kiss

Romantic and sensual. How to kiss? The lips are relaxed and slightly elongated. Touch your partner's upper or lower lip and lightly squeeze your lips for a couple of seconds. Lean back, open your eyes and smile. Partner happy? Great, kiss again, but more insistently. Alternate kisses on the lower lip, on the upper ... Sucking, biting are appropriate. Change the tilt of your head, stroke your hair or cheek, hug your neck.

French (or passionate love kiss)

Quite deep and very passionate, in which not only the lips but also the tongue are involved. Imagine that you are in a hot desert and you are thirsty. And suddenly - an oasis. Now take a deep breath and kiss your beloved as if you are leaning on a life-giving spring. You can press your partner a little closer by placing your palm on the back of his head. But do not overdo it: not everyone likes "wet" kisses, too deep or too long. Tenderness is above all. End the kiss gradually. Look into each other's eyes, smile. Say something nice. nine0003


This is the kiss of an already established relationship. It is not as sensual as gentle, and not as deep as French. It is similar to an air kiss and ends with a distinct "smack". The touch of the lips can be both dense and purely symbolic.

How to diversify?

With a little practice, you will find out for yourself what turns you and your partner on. The main thing - try to relax and "turn off your head" during the kiss. That is, you need to stop analyzing what is happening or think about your own (this is generally unacceptable if your partner is dear to you). Just give in to your feelings. You yourself will be surprised at your imagination and ingenuity. And also - watch romantic melodramas. That's where the storehouse of kissing ideas. nine0003

Kiss on the street in the rain

The brightest movie kisses - just like that, have you noticed? The same "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn or "The Notebook" with Rachel McAdams. You can limit yourself to gentle licking of drops of water from the partner's lips and chin. And you can continue to kiss more decisively.

Kissing in Unexpected Places

Remember Rhett's farewell kiss with Scarlett in Gone with the Wind on a war-torn bridge? And the famous kiss at the stern of the Titanic? Vooooot. By the way, it is believed that love fades if, left alone with each other in the elevator, you do not start hugging and kissing. nine0003 With a little practice, you'll figure out what turns you and your partner on. Photo:

Delicious kiss

Suitable for a romantic dinner. Take a sip of champagne (wine, liqueur, cappuccino ... - any drink that has a pleasant taste and aroma) so that a little remains on your lips, and kiss your partner. How can you not remember "Nine and a half weeks"?

The initiative shown by the girl

But especially - the initiative is protracted. Tilt your head slightly to one side, look invitingly at your beloved, and then close your eyes and begin to approach his lips as slowly as you can. Like Marilyn Monroe in "Only Girls in Jazz" - a beautiful scene of seduction on a yacht. nine0003

Kiss the neck, earlobe, closed eyes, palm

And many people like to kiss the jugular cavity (the dimple between the collarbones). This is very beautifully described in the film "The English Patient".

Do not be silent

Whisper gentle words, compliments, they sound especially erotic on the exhale and in your ear. Even a barely audible sigh, moan, sob will add brightness and sensuality to the kiss.

Popular Questions and Answers

Why do we close our eyes? nine0003

When kissing, most do it automatically. (Others simply enjoy watching their partner's emotions.) What is the reason? It turns out that it is not a reflex and not a habit. And the fact that vision prevents the brain from fully processing tactile and tactile sensations, distracts, does not allow you to focus on the main thing. So the brain gives the command to close your eyes as soon as the level of oxytocin, the “hormone of happiness,” jumps in the body. Its production is enhanced by gentle touches, hugs, kisses ...

What are the benefits of kissing?

Have you heard of philematology? This science studies changes in the human body under the influence of a kiss. Research has been conducted since 1981 under the auspices of WHO. The conclusions are inspiring: kisses have a beneficial effect not only on emotions and the psyche, but also improve health.

The emotional benefits of are the most obvious: to express love, to calm down, to relax in your favorite hugs . .. Kissing triggers biochemical reactions that reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and at the same time increase the production of oxytocin. So if you are sad, tired, or nervous, kiss urgently. nine0377 Pay attention to the power of a passionate morning kiss. This is especially important for men. Having received the right emotional charge of inspiration at home, they are ready to roll mountains at work, achieve great success and earn more.

Good series of kisses lowers blood pressure and relieves headaches. The heart contracts more often (110 beats per minute), blood vessels dilate, blood flow and blood supply to all organs and systems improves.

Kissing is excellent caries prevention . More saliva is released, the salts contained in it, minerals and natural antibiotics normalize the acidity in the oral cavity and strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

And this is also the way to prolongation of youth .

Learn more