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  • SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

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SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service), or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

Also visit the online treatment locator, or send your zip code via text message: 435748 (HELP4U) to find help near you. Read more about the HELP4U text messaging service.

The service is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

English and Spanish are available if you select the option to speak with a national representative. Currently, the 435748 (HELP4U) text messaging service is only available in English.

In 2020, the Helpline received 833,598 calls. This is a 27 percent increase from 2019, when the Helpline received a total of 656,953 calls for the year.

The referral service is free of charge. If you have no insurance or are underinsured, we will refer you to your state office, which is responsible for state-funded treatment programs. In addition, we can often refer you to facilities that charge on a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare or Medicaid. If you have health insurance, you are encouraged to contact your insurer for a list of participating health care providers and facilities.

The service is confidential. We will not ask you for any personal information. We may ask for your zip code or other pertinent geographic information in order to track calls being routed to other offices or to accurately identify the local resources appropriate to your needs.

No, we do not provide counseling. Trained information specialists answer calls, transfer callers to state services or other appropriate intake centers in their states, and connect them with local assistance and support.

  • Suggested Resources

    What Is Substance Abuse Treatment? A Booklet for Families
    Created for family members of people with alcohol abuse or drug abuse problems. Answers questions about substance abuse, its symptoms, different types of treatment, and recovery. Addresses concerns of children of parents with substance use/abuse problems.

    It's Not Your Fault (NACoA) (PDF | 12 KB)
    Assures teens with parents who abuse alcohol or drugs that, "It's not your fault!" and that they are not alone. Encourages teens to seek emotional support from other adults, school counselors, and youth support groups such as Alateen, and provides a resource list.

    After an Attempt: A Guide for Taking Care of Your Family Member After Treatment in the Emergency Department
    Aids family members in coping with the aftermath of a relative's suicide attempt. Describes the emergency department treatment process, lists questions to ask about follow-up treatment, and describes how to reduce risk and ensure safety at home.

    Family Therapy Can Help: For People in Recovery From Mental Illness or Addiction
    Explores the role of family therapy in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse. Explains how family therapy sessions are run and who conducts them, describes a typical session, and provides information on its effectiveness in recovery.

    For additional resources, please visit the SAMHSA Store.

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Quotes about alcoholism and drunkenness. Sayings and aphorisms about drunkenness and alcoholism.

Sayings, aphorisms and quotations about drunkenness and alcoholism.

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Let's pour! Let us bring down hops! Believe me, go to bed drunk rather than go to the grave sober!

• Pierre de Ronsard

Alcoholism, Grave, Bed




A person who has drunk too much does not keep secrets and does not keep promises.

• Miguel de Cervantes





Constant drunkenness is harmful, it spoils the nature of the liver and brain, weakens the nerves, causes sudden death.

• Ibn Sina

Alcoholism, Brain, Nerves, Drunkenness




For me, it's better to drink, Yes, understand the matter.

• Ivan A. Krylov





No one should violate the measure either in food or drink.

• Pythagoras of Samos

Alcoholism, Measure




Whoever drinks, he has taken the path of debauchery.

• Geoffrey Chaucer

Alcoholism Path




Drunkenness is the mother of all vices.

• Abul-Faraj bin Haroun

Alcoholism, Life, Morality, Wise quotes, Drunkenness loss of mind.

• Pythagoras of Samos

Alcoholism, Wine




A drunk person is not a person, because he has lost what distinguishes a person from a beast - the mind.

• Thomas Paine

Alcoholism, Drunkenness, Mind, Cattle




Eat and drink enough so that our strength is restored, and not suppressed.

• Mark Tullius Cicero

Alcoholism, Hunger, Food, Quotes of Wisdom, Pleasure, Strength




A drunk person does many things that make him blush when sober.

• Seneca Lucius Annaeus





The wine was consumed by the drunkard - and this wine took revenge on the drunkard.

• Leonardo da Vinci

Alcoholism, Wine




Drunkenness of fathers and mothers is the cause of weakness and sickness in children. nine0003

• Hippocrates

Alcoholism, Children, Wise quotes, Drunkenness, Parents, Parents and children and collects a monstrous tribute from him, devouring youth, undermining strength, suppressing energy, destroying the best color of the human race.

• Jack London

Alcoholism, Alcohol, Youth




Too much wine, little intelligence.

• Menander

Alcoholism, Alcohol, Wine, Mind




Intoxicated always reaches out to us when we are weary, when we fail, when we fail, when we fail, when we fail But its promises are false: the physical strength that it promises is illusory, and spiritual uplift is deceptive.

• Jack London

Alcoholism, Alcohol, Failure, Ghost




Ask a drunkard how he could stop drinking. I will answer for him: let him often remember the things he does while drunk.

• Pythagoras of Samos

Alcoholism, Deeds, Drunkenness




No body can be so strong that wine cannot damage it.

• Plutarch

Alcoholism, Body




A drunkard never advances mentally or morally.

• Lev N. Tolstoy





he is completely disappearing, aren’t you in a hurry with zeal, trying to extinguish the fire and the flame? How can I, seeing not only the house, but the whole city and its environs burning and even completely burned, not grieve with my soul and try to extinguish the flame? What is this flame? Isn't this the same fire that fills you up when you drink wine and mead or other drinks immeasurably, so that you seem to burn out from the fire? Such is the birth of hops: it warms and inflames the inside, like a soul-destroying flame. Drunkards, after all, do not receive the kingdom of God, and they are driven away from God and sent into eternal fire. But I am horrified, considering how demons rejoice in you and Satan triumphs in you and rejoices in drunkenness, which you honor, and even your children you command to worship drunkenness. And only that holiday you consider glorious, if everyone lies as if dead, like idols, with gaping mouths, but with speechless tongues, with heads open, but not seeing, with legs that cannot walk! nine0283 Who will mourn you, from the drunkenness of the perishing? There is no man more unhappy than a drunkard... Smoke drives away the bees, and drunkenness drives away the Holy Spirit. The drunkard is all flesh, all full of vices and impurities, the drunkard does not think of any good.
I weep and weep because the devil pleases you more than Christ, for you create joy for him. As you get drunk, then you fornicate, jump and shout, sing and dance, and blow pipes, overeat and get drunk, flattering those, vindictive, angry, scolding, blaspheming and angry, lying and arrogant, swearing and blaspheming, quarreling and stealing, beat and fight, idle talk and blame, accuse and sleep a lot, reproach and inform, and the sea is up to your knees . ..
Yes, and the dancer and the drunkard wife are the bride of Satan and the wife of the devil. Stop, brothers, cursed drunkenness, for God gave us wine for joy, and also at the right time, and not for drunkenness.

• Gregory the Theologian

Alcoholism, The Devil and Satan, Wives, Drunkenness, Spouses




Intoxication deprives us of our true faculties, it deprives us of our abilities.

• Solon

Alcoholism, Madness, Life quotes, Madness




Drunkenness is the worst evil - it harms the mind, steals health, weakens the spirit, reveals secrets, induces quarrels, insolence and lust. A drunk man is not like a man, but is most like a beast; because when a person is drunk, he has no more intelligence than an animal.

• William Penn

Alcoholism, Evil, Motivation, Drunkenness




While drunk, many people philosophize.

• Maxim Gorky

Alcoholism, View, Philosophy




that causes this headache.

• Johann W. Goethe

Alcoholism, Wine, Complaint




Drunkenness is voluntary madness. nine0003

• Seneca Lucius Annaeus

Alcoholism, Alcohol, Wise quotes, Drunkenness, Madness




A lot can happen between the cup of wine and the mouth of wine.

• Aristotle

Alcoholism, Wine




Don't count friends of a cup as friends, because they are friends of your cup, not yours.

• Unsur al-Maali Kay-Kavus

Alcoholism, Friendship and Friends, Life quotes




Why do people drink? Because after drinking everything is filled with meaning, everything reaches a higher intensity. Conclusion: people drink out of helplessness or in protest.

• Albert Camus

Alcoholism, Conclusion, Sign, Protest




In order not to become a drunkard, it is enough to have a drunkard in front of his eyes in all his ugliness.

• Anacharsis

Alcoholism, Alcohol, Disgrace




The beginning of the journey is a glass, the middle is a drinking company, a light drink, a couple of glasses at dinner. The end - in prison for murder while drunk, for embezzlement, in a psychiatric hospital, in a grave from an accidental mild illness. Not a few overworked intellectuals and unskilled laborers, succumbing to delusion, embark on the path that alcohol leads them to death.

• Jack London

The glass is faceted, but life is multifaceted! ~ MIKHAIL MAMCHIC

Small money is drunk in big sips, and big money in small sips. ~ A.V. IVANOV

Drinking for health is like fucking for virginity.

A good drunk often hides under a bad cloak. ~ MIGUEL SERVANTES

Two people drink in Russia: me and the people.

If you drink, you won't be so ashamed. ~ It seems that Fedya Protasov at F.M. DOSTOYEVSKY

The Lord keeps children, fools and drunkards. ~ French saying

— Hey, let's go to the hayloft, let's read Kant!

— Did you take everything with you?

— Wait, I forgot my glass!

Every person has the right to his gloomy morning.

How disgusting it is in Russia in the morning!

He who drinks in moderation from it gets drunk. ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

They surrender drunk, drunk with love. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVICH

Drinking without sex is a sign of alcoholism.

The more you drink, the shorter the will. ~ OLEG KUZNETSOV

Fighting drunkenness by restricting access to vodka is the same as fighting diarrhea by restricting access to the toilet.

Oh, how insight is synchronous with a hangover!

Thanks to elite alcohol, anyone can feel like a simple drunkard.

Complaints about alcoholism? But did the citizens get to know the taste of nectar? ~ STANISLAV EZHY LEC

Wine takes revenge on the drunkard. ~ LEONARDO DA VINCI

Now I'll exhale for the last time and leave for the world of pure essences. ~ VENEDIKT EROFEEV

Excuse of the drunkard: "And the motherland generously gave me water." ~ LEONID KRAINEV-RYTOV

Glass containers are bottles that have everything in the past. ~ VALENTIN DOMILE

The more a Komsomol member drinks, the less a hooligan drinks!

Another 50 grams of investment - and I'm real estate.

And even the fact that the Russian drinks, the Jews are to blame. ~ A.V. IVANOV

Drinking was everywhere. Both in production and in departments. I know this from the work of Raisa Maksimovna. ~ MIKHAIL GORBACHEV. Quote from: "Results", 1996, No. 4

Too often we drink alcohol not out of a desire for pleasure or even because we want to relieve stress. We drink like we want to help our distillery industry. ~ DMITRY STAKHOV in the article "Shake, but do not mix." Quoted from: The New Times, 2008, No. 40, page 63

People without herd mentality drink alone. ~ VALENTIN DOMILE

By the end of the collective booze, the financial possibilities of the participants are equalized. ~ A. SOLDATKIN

There are no fortresses that would dilute ours! ~ MIKHAIL MAMCHICH

That's why drunk people are so unpleasant - whoever gets drunk drinks, and not everyone can be allowed to do it. Gain strength, wisdom and self-control, then get drunk. ~ VLADIMIR SHINKAREV, Mityok. Quote from: "Book Review", 2007, No. 23-24, page 8

Obituaries usually write about a drunkard and a reveler: "The dead man was a big lover of life!" ~ NIKITA BOGOSLOVSKII

Alcoholism begins where fantasy ends. ~ ALEXANDER MAKHNEV

An unfinished alcoholic is an alcoholic on whose face no human has yet set foot.

I'll finish my drink anyway!

Why do people drink? From the fact that after drinking everything is filled with meaning, everything reaches a higher intensity. Conclusion: people drink out of helplessness or in protest. ~ ALBERT CAMUUS

I know my limits: if you fall, that's enough.

I know my norm, but I just can't reach it - I'm falling off my feet.

Alcohol on the brain - a boot on the harp. ~ RAVIL ALEEV

The first glass is a stake, the second is a falcon, and the rest are small birds.

Drunken people are easier to rule. ~ CATHERINE II, who opened many taverns, - to the question of Princess Dashkova: “Your Majesty, why are you drinking the Russian people?”

Drunk off the road. ~ LEONID KRAINEV-RYTOV

When you are a homeless alcoholic, you feel like a homeless person in your hometown, but like Hemingway in a foreign country. ~ FRANK RICH

The West is a consumer society. Russia is a consumer society. nine0003

You can't drink alcoholism.

Those who don't drink with us make us drunk. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVITCH

You can't drink. But not every day!

First you drink alcohol, then he bites you.

How can you stop drinking in a country where milk is more expensive than beer?

The most protracted and inglorious Russian war is the war against drunkenness. ~ OLEG KUZNETSOV

I drink, therefore I exist. ~ WILLIAM CLAUDE FIELDS

One bottle cannot be drunk twice, as Heraclitus rightly noted. But two bottles cannot be drunk twice. ~ DAVID SAMOILOV

The difference between the clergy and other Russian classes: there are many drunkards here, few sober ones there. ~ VASILY KLYUCHEVSKY

Tell me what you're drinking and I'll tell you that you're not doing very well, my dear. ~ MARIA MELNIKOVA in a review of Laurent Graff's book One of Us. Voyage, voyage. Quote from: "Book Review", 2007, No. 36-37, page 7

For five years I was drunk, and for five years they tried to bring me back to life . .. I returned to real life. But who will give me back ten years lost in a drunken stupor, for which I could have done so much? I paid so much for the first drink. ~ CHARLES DARWIN

Man, don't get drunk in the heat of the moment! Only at fifty will your wisdom mature. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

He didn't stop drinking, he did something simpler - he shot himself. ~ EVGENIY KASHCHEEV

Eh, the bogatyrs in Rus' haven't drunk yet - good fellows! ~ ANDREY KNYSHEV

Only stupid people drink because they have nothing to do. A smart person will always find a reason. ~ A. SHIRT

Drinking is considered decent if the cost of the snack exceeds the cost of port wine.

Do not drink for the health of your rest! ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

And drinkers live to be 120 years old. But is this life? ~ DANIL RUDIY

Don't drink your last glass - it's what's ruining you. ~ Quote from: "Pshekrui"

The biggest feeling of freedom comes from alcohol addiction. ~ VALENTIN DOMILE

When drinking, you feel like a person. The next morning - the body.

Our man will never say: "I shouldn't have drunk yesterday!" No, he will say: “I mixed it in vain”, “I didn’t have a snack in vain”, “Not at home in vain”, “In vain with the wrong ones”, but never: “In vain at all!” nine0003

You're not really drunk yet if you can lie down without holding on to the floor. ~ DEAN MARTIN

And people die from red wine as from lead. ~ A.V. IVANOV

He was not a fool to drink, but a fool.

Hello, my glasses, cool glasses! What was it like, was I remembered?

The third is not given... Well, let's get drunk together.

If left untreated, a hangover will go away in one day. If treated - for ten.

If you drink wisely, the mind will switch off first. nine0003

Before he could become anyone, he was already an alcoholic. ~ VALENTIN GRUDEV

I drink no more than one hundred grams, but after drinking one hundred grams, I become a different person, and this other person drinks a lot. ~ EMIL KROTKII

Repetition is the mother of alcoholism.

Don't confuse prepositions: don't drink to your boss, drink with your boss. ~ JERZY BILEVICH

A good drink is when you don't remember anything, but there is something to remember; bad - when everything is remembered, but there is nothing to remember. ~ ARKADY DAVIDOVITCH

The ideal degree of intoxication is when you are already singing, but not yet falling. ~ JONSEN KOYKOLINER

He who drinks without snacks is a scoundrel; the one who eats and does not drink is just a bastard. ~ DAVID SAMOILOV

There are such reasons for drunkenness:

commemoration, holiday, meeting, seeing off,

christening, wedding and divorce,

frost, hunting, New Year,

recovery, housewarming,

, sadness, repentance fun,

success, reward, new rank,

and just… drunkenness for no reason.


If alcohol is left after drinking, it means that there are problems in the team.

When parents drink, children clink glasses. ~ French Anti-Alcohol League

Clever Russian peasants, one thing is not good that they drink to the point of stupefaction ... ~ NIKOLAY NEKRASOV

If something cannot be drunk away, then this is probably skill.

Holidays end differently for everyone: for the working class - in a vinaigrette, for the intelligentsia - in an Olivier salad. nine0003

The most dangerous form of sclerosis is when you want to drink, but you constantly forget about it. ~ VADIM ZVEREV

Starving with a Hangover.

The more you drink, the more you like yourself and the less others.

If, looking in the mirror in the morning, you see a swollen, unshaven physiognomy with an extinct look, it means that the day before yesterday you still decided to drink 50 grams for appetite.

We drink to each other's health and spoil our own health. ~ JEROM CLAPKA JEROM

He was drunk, but there was some cunning in that too. ~ SERGEY DOVLATOV

A communist must be drunk as hell.

Drunkenness is the capital of all vices. ~ Latin aphorism

The desire to work that has arisen, as a rule, goes out. The desire to drink that has arisen, as a rule, increases until it is satisfied.

In Russia, the word "drink" answers all questions: where to go, what to do...

From the warnings on alcohol bottles: "Excessive alcohol consumption can make you believe in your own invisibility." nine0003

If drinking interferes with work, stop working.

If the work squeezes out all the juices, you have to compensate for them with alcohol.

We are looking for a third person to fight alcohol. ~ VALERY AFONCHENKO

A snack for a drunken woman and a man. ~ DMITRY PASTERNAK-TARANUSHENKO

If you woke up on the street, then you fell asleep there. ~ NIKOLAI FOMENKO

One more drink and I'll be under the master. ~ DOROTHY PARKER

God saves the drunk and the little one.

Drunkenness has killed more people than all the wars in the history of mankind. ~ JOHN PERSHING, General

Drinking alcohol from unfulfilled ambitions. ~ VENEDIKT EROFEEV

If I decide something, I will definitely drink…

Drunkenness is the mother of all vices. And to drink for a mother is a sacred thing.

When I'm drunk, I'm very cheerful if I don't cry.

Even the corners become duller from the increase in the degree.

To drink, to smoke - to be a stink.

Men only drink on three occasions. When it's good - from joy, when it's bad - from grief, and when everything is fine - from boredom.

The difference between a drunkard and an alcoholic is that the drunkard doesn't have to go to all these meetings. ~ ARTHUR J. LEWIS

The shortest path between two points is along the wall.

An alcoholic is a person who knows exactly what he wants.

For the Western mentality, the main thing is to achieve the goal. For the Eastern mentality, the main thing is the process of achieving the goal. For the Russian mentality, the main thing is the constant washing of the process of achieving the goal.

Who drinks, he has taken the path of debauchery. ~J. CHAUCERA

To drink to someone else's health while losing one's own—how selfless! nine0003

I think, therefore, I am hung over.

If truth is in wine, then revelation is in a hangover.

A drunk person also cannot walk steadily like a child. But no one wants to compare him with a child. They say it's like a pig. ~ VASILY SHUKSHIN

A wise man drinks until he feels good, and a fool drinks until he feels bad. ~ KONSTANTIN MELIKHAN

I am exactly as much gloomier than my usual self in the morning as I was more cheerful than usual the day before. ~ Lemma EROFEEV

Drunkenness is a ritual of parting with oneself. ~ GENNADY MALKIN

He who, having drunk, does not drink further, does not know what it is to drink.

No matter how happy a drunkard feels from wine, he is far from true happiness, because for him it is happiness, for others grief; today it is happiness, tomorrow it is misfortune. ~ RABINDRANAT TAGOR

This fight against drunkenness is already in my liver!

A drunken speech is a sober thought.

Nothing can affect the people's love for classical music. As they drank to Chopin and Mendelssohn, so they drink. ~ VALENTIN DOMILE

The ultimate truth is a diner. ~ VLADIMIR MEEROV

Now one glass is enough for me to get ugly drunk. I just can't remember, thirteenth or fourteenth. ~ GEORGE BURNES

Wasted in fun acquired in torment. ~ Turkish proverb

What is the difference between a pig and a man? A pig does not turn into a man after drinking.

A light dinner turning into a severe hangover.

Drinkers quickly become professionals. ~ BORIS KRUTIER

Non-drinker: weak character, unable to resist the temptation to deny himself pleasure. ~ AMBROSE BEARS

If you get drunk quickly, then you are not very thirsty. ~ A. SOLDATKIN

If we stop drinking, we will not stand on our feet. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVITCH

If you send a fool for a bottle, he, the fool, will bring one.

Drunkenness is a senseless and low vice that undermines the very foundations of human society, and is the easiest to satisfy. ~ MICHEL MONTAGAIN

Those who sit at the bottom of the glass cannot see the edges. ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

He is great who is quiet in his hops.

Wine brutes and bestializes a person, hardens him and distracts him from bright thoughts, destroys him. ~ FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY

Quitting drinking is easy - it's hard to convince your friends of this. ~ ART BUCHWALD

It's easy to stop drinking, it's hard not to start again! ~ EVGENIY KASHCHEEV

The better you know your measure, the more difficult it is to keep it.

I've been drunk, but I haven't drunk my mind. nine0003

Drunk and smart - two lands in him.

First you demand a drink, then the drink demands a drink, then the drink demands you. ~ SINCLAIR LEWIS

Among other sins, drunkenness seems to me a particularly gross and vile vice. ~ MICHEL MONTAIN

A person becomes an inveterate drunkard when he drinks not in order to feel good, but so that he does not feel bad.

I'm not stupid. But, unfortunately, only to drink.

The only time I answered that I would not drink was when I did not understand the question. ~ WILL SINCLAIR

The measure of eating and drinking is not at all difficult to specify:

Let the head and the foot be obedient to you!

~ Ovidius

The first glass drunk in life is not as interesting as the first liter.

A hangover makes you think about the meaning of life.

The first day of a hangover is a state of the body, the second is a state of the soul, the subsequent days are the loss of all states. ~ MIKHAIL MAMCHICH

So it has been since ancient times -

Silent are the wise,

Only drunkards strive

Be famous for centuries.


Drunkenness humiliates a person, takes away his mind, at least for a while, and eventually turns him into an animal. ~ JEAN-JACQUES RUSSO

Any drunkenness testifies to the weakness of internal forces. ~ BRADY

An optimist is a person who claims the bottle is half full when it is actually half empty. ~ LEONARD LUIS LEVINSON

Only drinkers know what it's like to be sober!

Alcohol also preserves the soul and mind of a drunkard, just as it preserves anatomical preparations. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

It's dark when you're drunk and on a bright street. ~ KONSTANTIN USHINSKY

He cannot get away from drunkenness, whose sinful life is aimless. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

How does a Russian drink? First he drinks what he wants; then what can; and finally what's left.

And to drink, in whom hops do not fool.

Ultimatums do not work on alcoholics. ~ JEN KING

It's hard to see hope from a hangover. ~ PATRICK O'RURK

The poet's work took on new forms of... alcoholism. ~ EVGENY KASHCHEEV

Drunkenness is foolishness in the wild. ~ Moldavian proverb

To the drunk: "Remember your name, man!" ~ EVGENY KASHCHEEV

The more you drink, the further the stop. ~ DMITRY PASTERNAK-TARANUSHENKO

Mankind could achieve incredible success if it were more sober. ~ JOHANN WOLFGANG GOETHE

Only a drunk person can understand that the Earth is really spinning.

Finding a corkscrew on the lawn is much more lucky than finding a four-leaf clover. But how many succeeded? ~ Quote from: "Pshekrui"

— Why do the heads of the eagle on the Russian coat of arms look in different directions?

- They are looking for a third.

All people drink and eat, but only savages get drunk and overeat. ~ VISSARION BELINSKY

A drunk person is a person who is heading towards you from several directions at the same time.

Targens gave Catriona the word "not to drink", that is, a promise equal to a man accustomed to excitement with alcohol, about the same as if a mountain goat refused to jump over the abyss. ~ ALEXANDER GREENE

If you are in trouble when you are drunk, do not demand indulgence for drunkenness: In every evil done, it is not the fault of the wine, but the drinker. ~ CATON

If someone offends you by offering you a drink, swallow the insult!

In a persistent search for brothers in mind, he ended up in a sobering-up station.

Alcohol is a poison that enters the mouth but poisons the mind. ~ WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

A bottle for three is a necessary but not sufficient condition.

Always felt out of place when there was not enough in the glass. ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

For some, life begins after forty, for others - after a hundred grams. ~ LEONID DZHEVETSKY

If science defeats alcoholism, people will stop respecting each other.

When you drink, know when to stop, otherwise you may drink less.

Drinking a lot and not being drunk is also characteristic of a mule. ~ ARISTIPPE

Nothing is given to us so cheaply and is not valued so dearly as the oath: "I'm done!" ~ I. DORONIN

You can't drink without knowing what you are drinking, but if you drink, what does it matter? nine0003

Sometimes you need to get drunk. To feel exactly where the brain is the next morning.

The beauty of the world directly depends on how distorted you are.

He drank out of grief that the doctor forbade him to drink. ~ EMIL KROTKY

Drunkards give birth to drunkards. ~ PLUTARCH

A drunken man is not a man, for he has lost that which distinguishes man from beast, the mind. ~ THOMAS PAYNE

An alcoholic is one who drinks more than you.

Of all vices, drunkenness is the most incompatible with greatness of spirit. ~ WALTER SCOTT

Why do people drink? Sometimes you get so tired of your tower that you want it to go somewhere.

The best refreshing mask - face in vinaigrette.

The answer to the question: "Would you like to start your life over?" strongly depends on the amount of alcohol consumed the day before.

Drunkenness, a sad and deplorable vice in a young man, becomes disgusting in old people and especially in women. BRADI

It has long been established by both doctors and forensic scientists that alcoholism and crime are brother and sister. ~ DAVE BARRY

Alcoholism does not die away with the person; it is passed on to offspring in extremely numerous and varied forms. ~ A. FOURNIER

An alcoholic does not think, he thinks. ~ LEONID KRAINEV-RYTOV

If it were not for drunkenness, then forever

Man would not know slavery!


A toast to your wife? I don't drink to her, I drink to her. ~ ROBERT ORBEN

The trouble with him is that when he's not drunk, he's sober. ~ WILLIAM YATES

Ask a drunkard how he could stop drinking? I will answer for him: let him often remember the things he does while drunk. ~ PYTHAGORUS

Alcoholics Anonymous? Sounds like the name of an eatery where you can secretly get drunk. ~ ROBERT ORBEN

There is no better way to create idiots than drinking alcohol for a long time. ~ EMIL KREPELIN

Unlike men, drunken women do not sway from side to side; they fall immediately.

Sorrow can be removed by any means other than drunkenness. ~ SAMUEL JOHNSON

A drunkard is like a mosque or a synagogue. ~ SAADI

Drunkenness is the same sclerosis. You learn a lot the next day. nine0003

In drinking, anguish seeks relief, cowardice seeks courage, indecisiveness seeks confidence, sadness seeks joy, and find only death. ~ BENJAMIN JOHNSON

I still see the bottle, but the glass is gone. ~ DAVID SAMOILOV

The fastest way to open bright prospects is with the help of a corkscrew.

The bottle managed to crush everything at once - health, reputation and business.

If your ulcer won't let you drink, seize the moment while she doesn't see.

Drunkenness is money and health flushed down the toilet. nine0003

One who has nothing to hide is not interested in drinking.

Expanding some vessels with cognac, you do not notice how others are emptied. ~ MIKHAIL MAMCHIC

Alcohol helps not only to understand what is good and what is bad, but also to feel.

An alcoholic is a person who is ruined by drinking and lack of drinking.

Alcohol is what usually unites a man and a woman, but separates a husband and a wife. ~ KONSTANTIN MELIKHAN

Alcohol causes much more grief than joy to all mankind, although it is consumed for the sake of joy. ~ IVAN PAVLOV

In our country, people are divided into those who throw away bottles and those who collect them. ~ From Soviet times

Wine destroys the bodily health of people, destroys mental abilities, destroys the well-being of families and, what is most terrible, destroys the soul of people and their offspring. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

A person will get rid of drunkenness not when he is deprived of the opportunity to drink, but when he does not drink, even if there is wine in front of him. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

He who swims in wine, seeking solace in it, cannot escape shipwreck. ~ FRIEDRICH LOGAU

He who drinks to the bottom, drinks himself to the bottom. ~ EVGENY KASHCHEEV

The best cure for alcoholism is lack of money.

Hangover is the best illustration of the principle that the solution is the problem and the problem is the solution.

The first glass is usually drunk for health, the second for pleasure, the third for impudence, the last for madness. ~ ANACHARSIS

With a hangover, everything human is alien to us.

The most sober reflections appear on the second day after drinking. ~ VALENTIN DOMILE

When drunk, the tongue is untied, but tangled.

That it is very difficult to stop drinking wine and smoking is a false idea, a suggestion that should not be succumbed. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

A drunkard sees double, but he can count only half of what he sees. So nature itself keeps a balance. ~ ARON VIGUSHIN

And bad habits "benefit" society, ridding it of their owners. ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

Each investigator can confirm that the beginning of criminal activity, like the crime itself, constantly comes from a tavern or restaurant. ~ ANDREW LANG

When the cup of patience is full, there is nothing left but to sip too much. ~ BORIS KRUTIER

After the tenth toast, he finally felt at ease.

I drank away the shirt in which I was born. ~ LEONID LEONIDOV

A drunk person does a lot of things that make him blush when sober. ~ SENEC

It is amazing how at the beginning of the feast they drink from small bowls, and with full stomachs - from large ones. ~ ANACHARSIS

Wine alcohol does not give strength, but weakens. It does not make you younger, but ages the soul, body, character and relaxes the mind! ~ R. KOCH

In Russia, the names of the holidays, basically, serve only one purpose - to remember what day it was yesterday. And the essence of the festival is always the same.

Alcohol is a supplier of people for prisons. ~ JEAN BAUDRIILLARD

Although the church is close, it is slippery to walk; and the tavern is far away, but I walk slowly. ~ Russian proverb

Alcoholism: suicide in installments.

For Russia, cataclysms measured in TNT equivalent are not so terrible as in ethyl equivalent. ~ STAS YANKOVSKY

Alcoholism is a man-made way to get sick effectively and for a long time. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

For a Russian, failure is just an excuse to drink, and luck is also an opportunity to have a good meal.

Where hops take possession of the soul, all hidden evil comes out. ~ SENECA

The intellectual level of a company is directly related to the length of time from the beginning of the drinking party to the moment when the conversation turns to women.

Intelligent people will never drink from the bottle if there is an empty can! nine0003

Interesting physics: the less left in the bottle, the more cork is in the head. ~ LEONID S. SUKHORUKOV

When a husband drinks, his wife's head hurts. ~ KONSTANTIN MELIKHAN

The strength of the spirit depends on the strength of the drink the day before. ~ EVGENIY KASHCHEEV

A stupid person does not like a smart person, but a drunk person does not like a sober one.

Work saves money, but hops drown money.

In drunkenness everyone is a slave of anger and a fugitive of the mind. ~ SOPHOKLES

The drunkard is the true center of the world; everything revolves around him. ~ EMIL AUGIER

A child was born with blood and milk, but the devil added wine.

There was Ivan, but he became a blockhead, and all the wine is to blame.

He quit drinking more often than he drank. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVITCH

The first glass is for oneself, the second one is for friends, the third one is for a good mood, the fourth one is for enemies. ~ JOSEPH ADDison

Went for wine, came for swine.

An alcoholic is a person who drinks four times a year, each time for three months.

Alcohol is a very reliable remedy when you need to slow down your mind. ~ VASILY DANILEVSKY

Without wine - one grief, with wine - old grief and three new ones.

If someone claims that he drank six or eight bottles of wine in one sitting, then out of mercy alone I will consider him a liar, otherwise I will have to think that he is a beast. ~ CHESTERFIELD

There are alcoholics who have managed to drink themselves to the stage of training white mice. ~ URSHULA ZYBURA

A drunkard never advances either mentally or morally. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

Drunkards would never have become drunkards if they had not seen respectable and respected by all people drinking wine and treating them. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

Alcoholism is a disease; drunkenness is a pleasant pastime.

And civilized people in a drunken state lose their human appearance and likeness. ~ JULES VERNE

Not the one who falls down is drunk, but the one who does not get up.

A sober person is ashamed of what a drunk person is not ashamed of. Drunkenness drowns out the voice of conscience. This is the main reason for self-stupefaction of people. ~ LEV TOLSTOY

Alcoholism is not a sport for spectators. The whole family is involved in it. ~ JOYCE REBETA-BURDITT

Wine in, mind out. nine0003

Alcoholics are people who do not control the desire to drink themselves, but the desire to drink controls them. ~ VLADIMIR LEVI

A man gets drunk and fights with his master; if he sleeps he is afraid of a pig.

A drunk and a fool have much in common. The fool thinks he is smart; drunk thinks he is sober.

Alcoholism is an unknown disease in which people drink in the hope of being cured.

Drunkenness is voluntary madness. ~ SENECA

No one will entrust anything secret to a drunkard. ~ ZENON

The drunken sea is up to its knees, and the puddle is up to its ears.

How often the angle of fall of some people is measured in degrees of alcohol! ~ BORIS KRUTIER

There is more logic in the actions of a unicellular ciliate than in a person - an alcoholic or a drug addict. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

Drunkenness and culture are two concepts that mutually exclude each other, like ice and fire, light and darkness. ~ N. SEMASHKO

Where there is a vegetable marrow, there is a peasant.

Intoxication shows a person's soul, as a mirror reflects his body. ~ AESCHILUS

The liver is the organ responsible for interpersonal communication.

A drunk man still cannot convince a sober one, just as a sober person cannot persuade a drunk. ~ EPICTETUS

As the degree rises, the need for decency disappears.

Strangers or enemies will do more for half a liter than friends for a quarter. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVITCH

All memories in one way or another come down to drunkenness, and drunkenness - to the fact that you don't remember anything.

Nonsense if you are poured through your hand. It is bad if you are poured through time. nine0003

If you have a headache from a hangover, it means that yesterday you were too lazy to think about it.

People who think “you need to drink more” and those who think “you need to drink less” agree on one thing - you need to drink.

Husband drinks - half the house is on fire, wife drinks - the whole house is on fire.

Our man, to give a woman a bouquet, just breathe.

A drunken sage is a fool.

And drunk, and beaten, and my head hurts.

Understand a drunken speech, you will understand a pig grunt. nine0003

Drunkenness fools people, and since people are already fools, it borders on a criminal offense. ~ R. BENCHLEY

Drunkenness does not give birth to vices: it reveals them. Happiness does not change morals: it emphasizes them. ~ SOCRATES

Drunkenness does not create vices, but only exposes them. In the arrogant, arrogance grows, in the cruel - ferocity, in the envious - anger; every vice is released. ~ SENEC

Drunkenness is an exercise in madness. ~ PYTHAGORUS

The Society of Alcoholics Anonymous has opened in Russia. People get together and, without getting to know each other, drink black.

Alcoholism is a disease in which the bottle is taken as the highest achievement of human genius. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

The more you want to get something pleasant from drinking, the more likely it is that nothing pleasant will come of drinking.

All epidemics taken together destroy humanity less than drunkenness. ~ J. ROCHARD

We don't feel sorry for the drunken wine, but we do feel sorry for the drunken mind. nine0003

Not sorry for the wine, but sorry for the mind.

Drink, don't drink your mind. ~ Russian proverb

After the first bottle we are acquaintances, after the second bottle we are friends, after the third bottle we are relatives.

Drink, drink, but understand the matter. ~ Russian proverb

They called him a drunkard, but he didn't drink at all! Just had a hangover.

You will hear more declarations of love from another drunken man in an hour of communication than from a woman in a life lived together. ~ A.V. IVANOV

For the ladle and for the knife; for a cup, and for a fight. nine0003

It is better to know a fool than a tavern.

A drunkard goes from wild joy to anger. ~ GEORGY ALEKSANDROV

A person shows his true culture only when he is drunk.

Drunk to the state of a corpse,

Pomiting a moustache,

In your abomination you are worthy of only one thing -

So that dogs begin to urinate in your face.


When asked how not to become a drunkard, Anacharsis said: “To have a drunkard in all its ugliness before your eyes.” ~ PERIANDER

We drink everything that is on fire, but not everything is on fire that they drink.

Over a bottle, men talk about women, and alcoholics talk about bottles. ~ ARKADIY DAVIDOVITCH

To fully accept shame in the form of a pig,

Oh, tender youth, look at the power of wine!


Someone reads books avidly, someone reads labels on bottles.

You can't think culturally when you're sober.

Alcoholism is a protest against the surrounding reality, directed not outside, but inside oneself. nine0003

Alcoholism is a product of barbarism — it has been holding mankind in a stranglehold since the times of hoary and wild antiquity and collects a monstrous tribute from it, devouring youth, undermining strength, suppressing energy, destroying the best color of the human race. ~ JACK LONDON

The beginning of the journey is a glass, the middle is a drinking company, light drinks, a couple of glasses at dinner. The end - in prison for murder while drunk, for embezzlement, in a psychiatric hospital, in a grave from an accidental mild illness. ~ JACK LONDON

Many overworked mental workers and unskilled laborers, succumbing to delusion, take the path along which alcohol leads them to death. ~ JACK LONDON

A drunk is capable of doing things that he would never have planned if he had not drunk. ~ JACK LONDON

The vast majority of young people are so alien to drunkenness that if they do not see alcoholic drinks, they will not feel their loss at all.

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