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SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service), or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

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No, we do not provide counseling. Trained information specialists answer calls, transfer callers to state services or other appropriate intake centers in their states, and connect them with local assistance and support.

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Last Updated: 08/30/2022

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Relatives of designer Keith Spade about her depression and attitude to life

Designer Keith Spade, who committed suicide on June 5, suffered from depression - her family and friends tell about it. Her husband and sister have already told the press about what happened to the 55-year-old woman, but their statements turned out to be contradictory. "Gazeta.Ru" - about what those who knew her say about Kate Spade.

The fashion world is struggling with the sudden and voluntary death of designer Kate Spade at the age of 55. Until the investigation is over, and the contents of her suicide note are not known to anyone except the investigators. However, her relatives - husband and sister - have already told the press about what happened to Kate Spade for a long time. nine0003

She struggled with depression - but never got over it.

“Kate was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the kindest person I have ever seen and my best friend for 35 years, Kay Spade's husband Andy Spade told People. “My daughter and I are heartbroken, having lost her, I still don’t realize that now I have to live without her. Our hearts are broken, we already miss her.”

Andy Spade told the press that his wife had been battling clinical depression and anxiety for years. “She actively sought help and worked with doctors to treat a disease that took too many lives,” he told People. “We talked to her the day before and she seemed happy.” nine0003

According to Kate Spade's husband, nothing in her behavior indicated that the designer was going to commit suicide. “It was a complete shock,” he said. And it definitely wasn't her. These were her personal demons."

After the designer's death, the press started talking about the family problems that had been darkening her existence lately.

She and her husband lived separately for 10 months - however, according to Andy Spade, at a distance of one block.

“We were not officially divorced and never discussed divorce. We were best friends who tried to find the best way to deal with problems. We loved each other very much, we just needed to take a break, ”he explained. nine0003

Meanwhile, Kate Spade's sister Rita Saffo told the Kansas City Star that Kate Spade's suicide was not a surprise to her and that she tried to convince her sister to seek help as her manic-depressive disorder had been on the rise in recent years.

“I was very close to getting her into therapy,” Rita Saffo wrote in a letter obtained by the publication. “She was ready to go—but she got scared that morning. I even offered to go with her and be a patient (she liked the idea). ” nine0003

The designer's sister said that her husband Andy Spade also tried to help her, but there was no improvement. “After many attempts, I finally gave up,” she explained. “Sometimes you just can’t save people from themselves!” One of the last words she said to me was “Rita, I know that you hate funerals and don’t go to them, but at least come to mine!”

Kate Spade's family reacted quite harshly to her sister's comments. A People source said that those close to the designer were "outraged and saddened" by Rita Saffo's remarks, who, they said,

kept her distance from the whole family for more than 10 years, and after the death of her sister, she made "contrived comments".

"These statements seem to be coming from someone who didn't know her very well," said a source who describes Kate Spade as "kind, generous, funny, warm and very private."

Kate Spade's father, 90-year-old Frank Brosahan, also commented on her passing. As it turned out, he urged her not to take medication.

"She was on some pills that I told her not to take," he told the Kansas City Star. However, it turned out that he did not know anything about "what was going on." According to the designer's father, he talked to her during the day, and it seemed to him that she was in perfect order - despite some problems (which, however, he did not specify). nine0003

“The last time I spoke to her, the day before it happened, she was happy - she was planning a trip to California to look at the colleges there. She was madly in love with her daughter, ”the man specified.

Kate Spade's daughter Frances Beatrice, now 13 years old - in 2006, after her birth, Kate Spade went out of business for a while to return to it in 2016, founding a new brand and naming it after her daughter Frances Valentine.

Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment on June 5 - the cause of death was suicide. nine0003

15 stars who commented on Kate Spade's passing / Entertainment

There was silence when we learned of Kate Spade's passing. We couldn't even process what was going on let alone write about it as we are legit super fans of the now deceased designer and her body of work. We were at a loss for words. But thankfully, many celebrities found their voice and words and took to social media about how upsetting the news was for them. nine0003

We were humbled to learn that not only young and style oriented Hollywood women shared their words of loss, but also much older women and even some male celebrities. While the loss of a beloved fashion guru was felt by many, celebrities also took the opportunity to speak out about other issues surrounding her passing, such as depression and the stigma surrounding this heartbreaking mental illness.

Kate Spade's death may have affected many people, but millions fans also feel pain, which helps highlight the beauty and warmth that Kate and her brand have brought to the world. Kate's success is admirable and just proves that anyone can suffer in silence, a fact that many people have chosen to discuss by posting about unexpected news. .

15 David Spade's son-in-law has fond memories of Kate

Few people knew about the relationship between fashion icon Kate and comedian David Spade. The two were basically siblings, Kate married David's brother Andy, making the two celebrities brother and sister-in-law.

Andy and Kate were the first to design and pioneer Kate Spade.

They eventually sold the brand in 2006 to Neiman Marcus and moved away from him completely, ending their involvement in the brand they are building out of their small apartment in New York..

They decided to put family first, including their daughter and brother Andy David. David had a very good relationship with Kate and tweeted and posted on Instagram memories and photos of his loss, stating, "She can make me laugh so hard. I still can't believe it" and "I don't believe it." I think everyone knew how […] she was funny.”

14 Mindy Kaling regularly repeats Kate Spade on TV

If you follow Mindy Kaling and watch her IRL and on TV, you will probably recognize a few drawings of Kate Spade on the actress. Mindy was a true fan of Kate Spade and spoke warmly about Kate and what she represented: "Her clothes were always so shiny and shiny and represented a really specific kind of wish-fulfillment in New York life." nine0003

According to variety , Mindy also said in an interview, "One of the great things about Kate Spade is that she brought fashion to people who can't always afford high fashion."

Mindy's costume designer, Salvador Perez, at Mindy's project has often relied on Kate Spade to compose Mindy's bright, cheerful and bold signature. While not every piece she wore was from the brand, Salvador often mixed and matched her wardrobe, taking inspiration from the brand. Even outside of the show, Mindy often wore her clothes. nine0003

Reese Witherspoon's sweet fashion sense pairs perfectly with Kate's designs.

After the brand's sweet and youthful presence, it makes sense that America's sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, would be drawn to Kate Spade's designs.

Reese often wore adorable tops and dresses from various Kate Spade collections, usually when she was shopping or in Hollywood. Reese isn't frustrated by the lack of available styles, but by the person she's going to miss a lot.

She tweeted a thoughtful message to show her support for those directly affected by the fashion icon's handover. Reese honored family members with a prayer and even commented on Kate's flamboyant personality. nine0003

12 Lena Dunham experienced it in New York, grateful for the trends Kate brought to the city. Lena usually chooses a punch of color and pattern when choosing a dress with a simplified label, either wearing it for her own pleasure or rocking it on set. bonded with Kate Spade in a completely different way..

Lena wore Kate Spade's flirty dresses in episodes of HBO Girls, but also in Instagram selfies, with the caption to the image on the right: "So @white_lightning turned me on to Kate Spade's Saturday. It's cute, pretty cheap, and now my dress will match my shoes forever." In Lena's tweet, she also mentioned what is at the heart of the Kate Spade brand: the ability to make women feel beautiful.

11 Gigi Hadid speaks of compassion as she pays tribute to another lost celebrity

Gigi Hadid is not often caught wearing a Kate Spade design, although she seems to enjoy the bright and fearless colors used by the brand. doesn't mean she's not attuned to her fashion community.

As a model, she is very familiar with fashion brands, which is why she paid tribute to Kate Spade, her brand, and her family in a very loving tweet. Not only did she share her loss for Kate, but for another lost celebrity, Anthony Bourdain. Her message was simple, and it was to have compassion for others, but also for herself, an ability that so many people don't have in themselves. nine0003

10 Lucy Hale is a true fan and advocate for Kate Spade and her brand

One of the many celebrities who attend Kate Spade's events in New York, Lucy Hale is a true advocate for the brand and the individual. According to E News , she talked about unique and girly designs and talked about style: “I would say that Kate Spade helps me embrace my feminine side. I'm usually not the kind of girl who wears a lot of color."

Lucy said she loves that she can get Kate Spade to work for her, striking a balance between girly and edgy. nine0058

But after Kate Spade's death, Lucy took to Twitter to share her broken hearted sympathies and wish for Kate to find happiness and peace.

9 Kathy Griffin wore a Kate Spade design to pay homage to the late designer

Kathy Griffin chose to pair the image above with a Twitter post that credited her personal Kate Spade ensemble as a tribute to the businesswoman. Katy's unique message discussed Kate's most remarkable achievement, which was not necessarily her brand, but her success as a woman in the business world. nine0003

By building a brand out of nothing, Kate has created a magical energy around fashion that has been recognized by leaders in the fashion community. Katie is one of many women who felt beautiful, wonderful and powerful, combining her personalities with the memorable styles of her favorite designer..

8 Memories Chelsea Clinton will always find a place for Kate Spade particularly influenced her life, remembering her first subject, Kate Spade. Her grandmother gave her the iconic handbag, and to this day, Chelsea still owns the bag. nine0003

This tweet is special not only because Chelsea decided to share their unique experience with the brand, but also shows us how timeless Kate Spade designs are. be sure to follow the trends. Although Chelsea haven't shared which bag she still keeps in her closet, we're sure we'll see her in public again if we pay close attention.

7 Olivia Munn looks back to pay tribute to this classic designer

Olivia Munn shared very fond memories of her first designer bag, as did Chelsea Clinton. But it wasn't just her first Kate Spade bag, it was her first ETERNAL designer bag. This unique feeling of owning a designer item is unlike anything else, and only those who truly appreciate fashion.

Olivia was one of those who shared this emotion, but she is also familiar with another emotion that directly affected Kate Spade - depression. In addition to the tweet honoring Kate, Olivia also posted a lengthy caption on her Instagram, reminiscing about a time when she was deeply depressed and was thinking the same thoughts as Kate. The picture had international numbers for people to call for help, but her message came from a place that spoke of the suffering she knew and how she overcame it..

6 Bryce Dallas Howard was Kate Spade's first celebrity model

Seven years ago, Bryce Dallas Howard was the first celebrity ever chosen to promote the Kate Spade brand. In recent years, other celebrities, including Anna Kendrick, have been hand-picked for their charming and quirky personalities to support the fashion empire with ads and web series. her experience with the brand is one that not many women can come across. .

She was able to model many of the recognizable styles created by the brand, stating that the brand inspired and influenced her. Her Instagram caption included warm wishes for the Kate Spade empire and noted the impact she had on young women, making them feel strong, beautiful, playful and sophisticated at the same time!

5 Janelle Monáe lives for Kate's signature style

Always polished, Janelle Monáe is a regular customer at Kate Spade who opts for the brand's classic black and white design..

Whether choosing patterns like stripes and polka dots or zero prints, Janelle maintains sophistication by opting for bold yet flirty solid colors by the late designer. even casually, wearing everything from dresses to a large faux fur coat with polka dots for traveling. For Janelle, her tweet and tribute to design was simple and modest, much like Janelle's elegant and understated style..

4 Josh Groban knows that Kate's passage was not without a message

Josh Groban is obviously not in Kate Spade's demographic as the design is for fashion women , but Josh still understands the impact her death had on the world . In addition to acknowledging the loss of her family, Josh also took a moment to talk about the main issue with Kate's passing and that was her long struggle with depression.

Josh reminded his listeners that depression can happen at anyone , even those who seem to have everything. It can also happen when you least expect it. Josh addresses mental health with his heartfelt message, but also shows us that even men who aren't part of the women's fashion community can feel a sense of loss for Kate.

3 Bette Midler cares about what Kate created and left behind

Perhaps in one of the most surprising but delightful posts posted online by a celebrity, Bette Midler spoke about the death of a highly acclaimed designer. Bette's tweet was full of emotion and spoke of one truth that few understood - the pure joy that Kate Spade's brand has brought millions of fans, including yours for real!

Whether or not Bette was a regular Kate Spade owner is unknown, as Bette has her own unique style. This kind and delicate message really came from the heart, and she made sure her personal audience knew how tragic and shocking the loss is for the world and the fashion community..

2 Bryan Cranston reminds his audience that mental illness affects everyone

In a tweet that honored both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Bryan Cranston discussed the statistics regarding the reason behind cherished celebrities passing by. He was shocked by the numbers presented by the ASFP and also upset by the news.

According to Yahoo , he wrapped his message by saying that "success is not immune to depression" and "we should all be more aware of the suffering of our friends." This last piece is what really hits home. Even because of the closeness of friends and family, people choose to suffer only from depression, which not only isolates but prevents them from seeking proper help. Brian reminds us that a simple awareness can prevent such occurrences. nine0003

1 Mia Farrow is a great story teller of how Kate has affected the world

When it comes to Mia Farrow, she says her words speak for themselves.

Learn more