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39 Best Fidget Toys for the Classroom

When fidget spinners became the hot new trend a few years ago, some teachers hated them. Others embraced the fad, though, understanding that the best fidget toys actually help many kids concentrate on their schoolwork. The key is finding quiet devices that won’t distract other students. This roundup of the best fidget toys is classroom-friendly and silent but useful for students of any age. Don’t be surprised if you end up using one of these clever gadgets yourself!

Need to save a little cash? Try these inexpensive DIY fidgets you can make on your own!


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1. Fidget Spinner

Here’s the original that started the trend: a fidget spinner! They’re still beloved, and the holographic rainbow finish on this one makes it among the coolest we’ve seen.

Buy it: MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner on Amazon

2. Mini Spinners

Want enough spinner fidget toys for the whole class? Try this bulk pack of smaller spinners made of lightweight but sturdy plastic.

Buy it: Super Z Outlet Mini Fidget Spinners, 24-Pack on Amazon

3. Fidget Band

Some kids have more trouble keeping their feet still than their hands. That’s where fidget bands are useful. Attach them to chair or desk legs, and kids can kick and swing quietly while they work.

Buy it: Fidget Chair Bands, Set of 3 on Amazon

4. Bubble Pop Fidgets

Bubble wrap was a fidget toy long before these toys became a must-have! Check out ways to use these pop fidgets in the classroom. We love these toys that let anxious fingers “pop” bubbles over and over again.

Buy it: AYGXU Fidget Toys 8-Pack on Amazon

5. Marble Fidgets

The concept is so simple: It’s just a mesh tube with a marble inside. But there’s something very soothing about sliding it back and forth while you work.

Buy it: AUSTOR 20 Pieces Marble Fidget Toys on Amazon

6. Marble Maze

Here’s another version of a marble fidget toy. Guide the marble back and forth through the simple maze. You can find patterns online to sew these yourself or buy them at the link.

Buy it:  SensiPalStore on Etsy

7. Infinity Cube

This is one of the highest-rated fidget items on Amazon. The infinity cube never stops moving, and you can turn it from any angle. If this sturdy version is a little pricey for your budget, try a plastic model instead.

Buy it: JOEYANK Infinity Cube Fidget on Amazon

8. Rainbow Fidget Ball

This clever little fidget is a puzzle too! Push the small colorful balls into the center of the bigger ball, then try to get them back into the right spots.

Buy it: CuberSpeed Rainbow Magic Ball on Amazon

9. Fidget Slug

Yup, you read that right: slugs! These cute little buggers have 3D printed flexible bodies you can wriggle and adjust to relieve anxiety.

Buy it: CleverContraptions on Etsy

10. Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes are terrific because they give you lots of different options. This one has lots of 5-star reviews and comes with its own case.

Buy it: PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube on Amazon

11. Fidget Dodecahedron

If 6 sides are good, 12 must be twice as nice! Expand the fidget cube fun with this dodecahedron version.

Buy it: DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecahedron on Amazon

12. Tangle Toys

These might not seem that intriguing at first, but they’re surprisingly fun to fidget with. Reviewers absolutely love them for kids and adults too.

Buy it: Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toys, Set of 3 on Amazon

13. Mini Hoberman Spheres

Hoberman spheres are fun to fidget with, but they’re also great for mindful breathing exercises. They’re an excellent addition to your classroom calm-down kit or corner.

Buy it: 4E’s Novelty Expandable Breathing Ball Spheres, 4-Pack on Amazon


Fidget Bracelet

This pretty bracelet doubles as a fidget device. It’s a smart choice for older kids and adults who feel like they’re past the “toy” stage.

Buy it: DiPrana on Etsy

15. Monkey Noodles

Pull, stretch, wrap, twirl … whatever helps you concentrate! These toys have thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews.

Buy it: Monkey Noodle 5-Pack on Amazon

16. Stretchy Fidget Men

Feeling stressed? Take it out on this stretchy little guy. You get enough for a whole class for pennies apiece.

Buy it: Stretchy Happy Man Fidget Toys on Amazon

17. Fidget Snake

This toy style has been around for years, and they’re endlessly fun to play with. Twist them into different shapes and see what you can make!

Learn more: Ganowo Sensory Fidget Snakes, Set of 3 on Amazon

18. Squish Panel

Water beads have a fun squishy texture, but they can make a real mess. This sealed bag makes these classroom fidget toys safe no matter where you go.

Buy it: SensiPalStore on Etsy

19. Kneadable Erasers

Kneadable erasers were originally intended for artists to allow them to create useful shapes to erase small lines. They’ve become popular fidget toys too. These are food-scented, which is a plus for most people, but nonscented versions are available too.

Buy it: Raymond Geddes Mash Ups Scented Kneaded Erasers, Pack of 24 on Amazon

20. Stress Relief Balls

Work off your fidgets by squeezing these squishy emoji balls! This assortment is lots of fun and comes with enough for your whole class.

Buy it: LovesTown Face Stress Balls, Set of 24 on Amazon

21. Roller Chain

Spin the disks or move the sections to make different shapes. These fidget devices are small enough to fit in a pocket.

Buy it: Flippy Roller Chains Fidget Toys, 2-Pack on Amazon

22. Whatz It Fidget

There’s something irresistible about this colorful wooden toy, according to Amazon reviews. Kids and adults love twisting and turning it into interesting shapes.

Buy it: Whatz It Fidget Toy on Amazon

23. Original Fidget Retro

Full of buttons and rollers, this cute little device is designed to look like a retro game controller. One caveat: Some of the buttons do make a clicking noise, so this one might not be the best choice for quiet classrooms.

Buy it: WTYCD The Original Fidget Retro on Amazon

24. Thinking Putty

Pull, stretch, mold, and watch the mesmerizing colors change under the light. Thinking putty is kind of like Silly Putty—it never dries out and lasts pretty much forever.

Buy it: Crazy Aaron’s Super Illusions Thinking Putty, 4 Mini Tins on Amazon

25. Chain Fidget Toy

For older kids who might prefer a more discreet toy, this little device is less than 2 inches long. It twists, turns, and rolls, and it slides into your pocket when you’re not using it.

Buy it: Vanblue Bike Chain Fidget Toys, 5-Pack on Amazon


Effacera Pop Fidget Spinner Toys

Get the best of both worlds with this combination of Pop-Its and fidget spinners! The colorful tie-dye patterns make them all the more fun.

Buy it: Effacera Pop Fidget Spinner Toys on Amazon

27. Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

This is another great option for older kids who want to flex their creativity while making shapes with these magnetic blocks. Reviewers describe it as a “premium fidget toy.”

Buy it: Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere on Amazon

28. Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box

With a beautiful design that can bend and fold into various geometric shapes, this fidget toy is as nice to look at as it is to play with!

Buy it: Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box on Amazon

29. Glow Magic Ball Rainbow Cube Puzzle

One teacher in the reviews for these puzzle balls says they like to use the fidgets as bell ringers at the start of class, and students love competing with them in speed contests.

Buy it: Glow Magic Ball Rainbow Cube Puzzle on Amazon

30. Magnetic Fidget Pen

As a pen, stylus, and building toy, this unique fidget gadget has multiple unique features to keep students focused.

Buy it: Magnetic Fidget Pen on Amazon

31. Transformable Chain Robot Spinners

Not only can configuring and reconfiguring these robot fidget toys help kids decompress, but you also get to play with transforming robots. Who can resist these classroom fidget toys?

Buy it: Transformable Chain Robot Spinners on Amazon

32. Fidget Cube

This simple stress-relieving fidget toy has six sides, all offering different features including click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, and spin.

Buy it: Fidget Cube on Amazon

33. Orbit Ball Toy

Put the ball into the slide and then watch it roll back and forth. The orbit ball can be twisted to switch the race track to make it more fun.

Buy it: Orbit Ball Toy on Amazon


Magnetic Fidget Rings

Learn tricks with these fidget magnets that allow you to flip, twirl, and spin the rings around your fingers. What’s more, they can improve motor skills and dexterity.

Buy it: Magnetic Fidget Rings on Amazon

35. Star-Shaped Puzzle

This cool 3D star-shaped puzzle is one of the best fidget toys for the classroom. Not only is it colorful and fun, but it also makes a satisfying popping sound!

Buy it: Star-Shaped Puzzle on Amazon

36. Textured Silly Stretchy Strings

Each string has a unique texture and tension, including the super-stretchy rope, car wash fringe, totem pole, bumpy rock wall, ribbed ridges, and hard-to-stretch snake skin.

Buy it: Textured Silly Stretchy Strings on Amazon

37. Ice Cream Puzzle Pop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Well … this particular ice cream puzzle pop should actually do the opposite. What a cool way to chill out.

Buy it: Ice Cream Puzzle Pop on Amazon


Spinning Wands

Pressing the button creates a mesmerizing display of swirling LEDs and an eye-catching spectacle of color.

Buy it: Spinning Wands on Amazon

39. Fidget Toy Bundle Pack

Grab a little bit of everything with this 40-piece bundle of fidget toys, including chain fidgets, marble mazes, block games, and more.

Buy it: Fidget Toy Bundle Pack on Amazon

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Plus, check out these great ideas for your classroom calm-down kit.

The 30 Best Fidget Toys

Humans fidget when they are bored or anxious. It’s in our nature to try to relax by performing small repetitive movements when we are stuck doing something we don’t really want to be doing. Though there is no scientific consensus on the effectiveness of fidgeting, some limited studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, show that fidgeting may help relieve stress, improve memory, improve fine motor control, and help kids focus at school. For those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fidgeting can help improve focus by relieving some of the body’s excess energy, and those with autism often find the repetitive nature of fidgeting to be soothing. Fidgeting can also help people with sensory processing disorders, as it allows them to find relief through satisfying sensory input, a behavior called “stimming.”

For those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fidgeting can help improve focus by relieving some of the body’s excess energy.

I first learned about stimming when my four-year-old, who, shortly after being diagnosed with ADHD, began sucking on his fingers when he was anxious. To stop him from shoving his germ-covered hands in his mouth all day at preschool, we quickly got him to start using sensory chewing necklaces instead. I can’t say I’m surprised that he has a need for oral stimulation—I also have ADHD. While I was undiagnosed as a kid, I practiced similar behaviors; I sucked on my hair until my mom chopped it off, and then I moved on to sucking on my shirt collars and chewing on pen tips.

As my son’s occupational therapist is quick to point out, the thing about fidget toys is that because everyone finds different sensations satisfying, there’s no one product that relaxes everyone. Unfortunately, this means that you may need to experiment to find products you or your kids enjoy. While some people get satisfaction from feeling and hearing things pop or click, others prefer smooth motions that create no sounds.

As my son’s occupational therapist is quick to point out, the thing about fidget toys is that because everyone finds different sensations satisfying, there’s no one product that relaxes everyone.

This list has a wide variety of fidget toys to satisfy all different types of sensory input preferences. There are brightly colored items and products that look subtle and sophisticated. Some products make loud sounds, while others are pretty much silent. There are products that are smooth, bumpy, furry, soft, squishy, and hard. While the majority of products are for fidgeting with the hands, there are also a few options for those who fidget with their feet.  

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Fidget Toys for Everyone

Speks Blots Stress Balls

These fun silicone stress balls come in a variety of futuristic shapes that are sure to appeal to kids and adults alike. They fit in the palm of your hand and have bendy limbs that snap back in place after you’re done pushing them. 

Buy Now

Art Ball Fidget Toy

This soothing collection of spheres can be manipulated into different shapes and patterns. They can even be popped off and rearranged. Thanks to flexible joints, the toy can be kneaded at random or built into shapes. This sensory tool comes in natural wood, pastel, or bright rainbow. 

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If your hands tire of fidgeting activities quickly, the Dodecagon is for you. The 12 sides are equipped with 11 different fidgeting options, including stress balls, gears, switches, a joystick, a massage area, buttons, sliders, dimples, and more, with both silent and noisy fidgeting options. The Dodecagon comes in seven different color combinations and features a carrying hook, making it very portable. On the downside, this fidget toy has so much going on that it could end up keeping your mind occupied rather than helping you calm down and focus.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Nee-Doh

There are plenty of squeeze balls on the market, but Nee-Dohs are something special. Their unique filling offers the perfect level of resistance, making them a therapeutic option you’ll want to squeeze and knead for hours. This particular one glows in the dark, which gives it a fun other-wordly vibe.

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Mini Controller

Any gamer who doesn’t know what to do with their hands while they’re away from their console should snatch up one of these toys. Aside from four tiny consolelike buttons and a joystick, it also features a spinning finger massager, rolling wheels, a flip switch, a spinning button, and more. The whole thing is attached to a lanyard keychain for easy travel. The majority of the parts are fairly quiet, so it can be used in public. 

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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

There are thousands of putty toys on the market, but we’re partial to Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. It comes in a plethora of colors, from iridescent purple to liquid glass. This Falling Water putty looks like water and is sure to remind you of relaxing waterfalls and lazy rivers.

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Bike Chain Fidget

A great alternative to the traditional fidget spinner, this unique option made its TV debut on Shark Tank in 2017 at the height of the fidget spinner craze. It features two rings connected with bike chains that can be discreetly rolled and folded even inside your pocket. Many enjoy using it for anxiety relief. 

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Hukes Squishy Hoodie Charm

These foam charms are shaped like animal faces and can be worn on hoodie strings. They’re ultra-squishy and conveniently placed near your heart, making them easy to grab when needed. This silent fidget toy is great for teens who need extra comfort while in class. It also adds an extra bit of flair to their outfit and comes in five shapes. 

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Infinity Cube

Made from many small cubes hinged together, the infinity cube can be a cube or it can be folded into dozens of other shapes. When you’re done, fold it flat and store it in the convenient carrying case. While there are many different infinity cubes, this one makes a satisfying click sound whenever you bend it.

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Fidget Cube

This desk toy has a soft rubbery texture and multiple fidgeting options, including click buttons, roll gears, flip switches, a joystick, a spinning circle, and a smooth area for rubbing. It’s sure to keep your hands entertained, whatever mood you’re in. A few of the buttons are silent, and the rest emit sound, making this a great all-purpose fidget toy.

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Articulated Slug Fidget Toy

Slugs are not always on the top of people’s lists when they think of relaxation, but there is something very soothing about this toy. The many-jointed slug can slither like a snake, making it a mesmerizing toy for all ages. It has 19 joints and makes gentle clanking noises as it moves.

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Fidgets for Kids

Octopus Pop Fidget Spinner

Each of this octopus’s five arms (yes, only five) features a popper button that provides a nice pop. When you spin the arms, its face lands on one of three different facial expressions. While most of the sensory toys we have at home are for my son, I bought one of these for myself because I found the combination of fidget spinner and popper so enjoyable.

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A favorite at our occupational therapist’s office, Squigz are a building toy and fidget toy in one. They have strong suction cups and provide a good sensory experience while also improving hand strength. They also emit a satisfying pop noise when pulled.

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Senser Play Kit

This adorable fidget toy set has all sorts of gizmos, offering stress relief for your kiddo. It comes with a spinning rainbow wheel, Parts of Me book, rainbow cotton ball, play socks, wobbler, magic tissue box, and play guide. The tactile toys are great for five- and six-month-olds and teach language skills, dexterity, and more.  

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Flower Press Toy

This pastel popper is made especially for young children. The petal buttons encourage sensory exploration and fine motor skill development. It’s made from food grade silicone and is BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.

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Robot Fidget Spinners

A combination between a fidget spinner and Wacky Tracks, the interconnecting, clicky, plastic-chain toys, these cool robot fidget toys pack a lot of personality. The multifunction creations are a great way to spark a child’s imagination while keeping their hands busy. The chain pieces can be taken apart and reconfigured into multiple shapes. The robots can even be connected.

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Twist it, turn it, or  tangle it—this plastic toy can be reconfigured numerous ways, pulled apart, or connected with more Tangles to create a super Tangle. The company has a number of texture options to provide all types of tactile input. Models can be hard and smooth, soft and furry, bumpy, ribbed, or even made to resemble a Koosh ball.

For those who want a fidget toy with more personality, the company sells “pet” versions that feature cats, turtles, sloths, bunnies, narwhals, puppies, unicorns, octopuses, and more.  Because it’s silent, this is a great option for use in public settings like school.

Buy Now

Pop It! Letters and Numbers

It seems everywhere you go these days there’s a Pop ItI fidget toy for sale, and it’s not surprising, as kids and adults alike adore these bubble-wrap-like products. This Pop It! Letters and Numbers edition is a particularly great option as it helps kids learn their letters and numbers while also giving them some satisfying tactile and auditory input.

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Nutty Toys Tubes

Squish these springlike tubes smaller or pull them apart to enjoy fun noises, connect them to make a massive tube, hook one end to another to make circles, or you can even spin them around to produce a neat whistling sound. While these tubes probably won’t keep adults entertained for long, their ability to connect at the ends makes them great for kids, who can improve their fine motor skills by manipulating them. They come in packs of four or eight, so you can even give them out as party favors. Just be warned, these tubes are a bit loud, so they’re best left at home.

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Peas in a Pod

When it comes to cute fidget toys, it’s hard to beat this precious pea pod. Squeeze it and three peas pop right out—including one with a cute dog face. It’s totally silent and comes with a keychain so it can be used anywhere. It only has one fairly simple function, so you probably won’t find yourself playing with it for long spans of time. Even so, the cute design has made this a favorite at our house.

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Fidgets for Adults

CMY Double Cube

This Japanese-made toy is a cube within a cube. As you move the toy, the different colors combine, revealing new patterns and designs. The larger cube can be  broken apart to free the smaller companion piece, if needed. Keep in mind that this toy has sharp edges, so it’s not a good option for younger children. 

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Antianxiety Fidget Spinner

Consider this a more elegant approach to the classic fidget spinner. The double pendulum design is mesmerizing yet completely silent, making it great for offices and classrooms. Many autistic people find this design particularly soothing. It’s worth noting that some people find it more challenging to use than a traditional fidget spinner, so it might be better for adults and older children.

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Buckyballs were all the rage around 2010, until the CSPC decided they were a choking hazard and banned neodymium magnetic balls completely in 2012. Fortunately for adult fidgeters, a judge overruled the CSPC’s ban in 2016, and Buckyballs are back. While the balls should absolutely not be used in homes with young kids, they are a satisfying fidget toy for adults, as they can be used flat to massage the hands or configured together in practically any shape.

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Fidget Strip

These rough sensory strips can be attached to the back of your phone, offering a pop of color and some stress relief. You can discreetly scratch and pick at the strips without distracting the people around you. 

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Jewelry Fidget Toys


When assembled together, magnetic Fingears rings can be spun around your finger, but that’s not all they can do. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of pulling the magnets apart and snapping them back together; flick one of the rings between and around the others; twist them around your fingers; set them on a table and use them like hockey pucks. The possibilities are endless. They’re easy to carry and silent, so they can be used in all different situations. The rings are available in a variety of sizes, so you can be sure to find some that fit. On the downside, they are easy to lose, and like all small magnetic objects, you need to keep them away from toddlers and infants.

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Sensory Necklaces

These necklaces were my family’s first introduction into the world of stimming. We used them to help our son avoid sucking on his fingers at the peak of the COVID pandemic. This pack offers a variety of tactile options, with the donut and shark tooth being better for hard chewers and the feather and twisty shape preferable for gentle nibbles. The cute designs make these look more like a fashion statement and less like a sensory input tool—and there are blue and pink versions available, depending on which better complements your child’s wardrobe.

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Fidget Ring

If you find yourself constantly playing with your rings, you’ll love this attractive ring that features a spinning outer band designed specifically for fidgeting discreetly.

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Seated Fidget Toys

Wiggle Feet

While most of the products above help people who fidget with their fingers, if you find yourself tapping your toes or fidgeting with your feet whenever you sit down, this foot fidget cushion might help. The cushion has two interconnected chambers for your feet, so when you push down on one part of the cushion, it raises the other areas up, helping you keep moving even in your seat.

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Wiggle Seat

If your child has a hard time sitting in one place, it may help to offer an outlet for excess energy so he or she can focus better. A wiggle seat is a round inflatable seat that requires the user to engage their muscles when they move, giving them something to do with their energy. While many people have had success with wiggle seats, it’s worth mentioning that some children, including my son, find them uncomfortable, which makes it harder for the child to focus.

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Chair Bands

Sometimes kids just don’t know what to do with their legs when they sit down, which is why they often swing them around, tap their feet, or kick the table or chair in front of them. These natural latex bands are designed to go around the legs of chairs and desks to give kids something to do with their feet while they sit, whether that means just resting them on the band or kicking their toes or heels on it.

Buy Now

Why Trust Britannica Reviews?

Jill Harness is a contributor for Britannica Reviews and has covered a wide variety of topics, including a few on toys and cool products. She has personally used and tested different fidget toys and spinners for both herself and her son, along with taking the advice from an occupational therapist when making her choices.

Top 10 fidget pop toys among us

 The push pop widget toy is a great concept and more importantly a great alternative to the widget spinner. While there are some interesting push-pop, or as they are also called, pop-it toys available on the market; It's always nice to find an option that also represents the fandom. Among us is a love that is shared by different age groups, thanks to the ease of execution and ingenious gameplay. 

While the game occupied our minds during the lockdown, various goods among us began to enter the market to capitalize on the appeal of the game, and it was only a matter of time before we saw some cool Push Pop/Pop toys in it- game versions. So, for those looking for the fidget toy option among us, here are some interesting options available on the market.

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This list has a variety of fidget toys among us, from simple ones to glow-in-the-dark ones, for you to check out. We've found top 10 options in different price ranges for you to choose from. Here is the list.

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Silicone sensory fidget toy among us Push Pop

Simple pastel colors make this toy fidget among us Pop It safe and popular option on this list. The Pop It toy is 15 cm long and can provide enough relief for your anxiety and depression. These Pop It fidgets are sold on eBay by smartbuyer23 and are available in three different colors including green, orange and purple.

Buy on eBay: $7.49

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Bubble Wrap Fidget Toy - Among Us Rainbow by Fiidget

Etsy has the most versatile and interesting color options. Check out this cool rainbow skin option that does wonders, especially for kids, in terms of developing their color perception. The manufacturer of this toy, Fiidget, has an excellent reputation for fidget toys and offers absolutely excellent quality in terms of their product. If you are on a budget, buy this popular among us toy.

Buy on Etsy: $4.99

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Neon Glow in the Dark Among Us Poppit Sensory Fidget Popper by ClemBoutiques

There is no age group that doesn't love this glow-in-the-dark neon Among Us Pop It toy. Whether you're just a big fan of glow-in-the-dark stuff or need a Pop It toy that can be identified even in the dark, this Among Us toy is the one for you. Of course, this extra feature also adds to the overall cost of the toy itself, but if you don't have the budget, then definitely consider this toy because of its added perks.

Buy on Etsy: $13.51

Fiomva Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy, Among Us Push Pop Bubbles Sensory Toy

If you're looking for a color combination that captures the tie-dye theme in Among Us Pop It , then this one from Fiomva is a good option. It offers a group of colors that are softer and have a cute combination of pink, gray and white. This toy is a great gift option for almost any age group, especially if they like cool colors.

Buy at Walmart: $7.99

Among Us Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy (Blue+Green)

The attraction factor can enhance even a simple toy, and this particular Among Us Pop It toy from ToysRus does not is an exception. Gorgeous marbled effect takes the main image of a teammate to a new level. These Pop It toys come in a pair of two and are available in this particular color scheme.

Buy on toysRus: 10.9$9

SmithChristopherShop Among Us Key Chain

If you're looking for compact, easy-to-carry pop-it toys, these key chains are the perfect choice. They also come in different point options depending on how your anxiety goes. As an added bonus, creator SmithChristopherShop also offers running teammates in a third variation of these cute keychains. You can choose from six different colors and three-point combinations, making this item the perfect choice for a personalized pop-it toy.

Buy on Etsy: $6.99

Run Purple Among Us Pop It by MiaAmazeFidget

MiaAmazeFidgets is a purple pastel delight pop-it toy with guaranteed quality and a great pop-it experience. This item is an absolute favorite of users and is on this list because of the mold design. This teammate is the only one in a large set of pop-it teammates that was created in a running pose on this list.

Buy on Etsy: 8.9$9

Sensory Fidget Among Us Push Popping Bubble by YooSine

It's undeniable that one pop-it toy, despite all the settings and options available, runs at a faster speed than the ones included per package (most of them are above $7). This four-piece pack is value for money, comes in a variety of color combinations, and is great for a party.

Buy at Amazon: $19.99

PinchOfCute Miniature Dimpled Simple Keychain Among Us

While this set of keychains isn't as varied as the one we recommended above, dot placement like M&Ms and the inclusion of a black teammate make these pop-it toys an interesting addition. This particular pop-it toy is perfect for adults who need it for anxiety thanks to its compact size and serious features.

Buy on Etsy: $5.00

Among Us fidget pop-it by knockonwoodSD

These fidgety among us teammates are second only to the flamboyant version of the teammate in terms of prices. However, the aesthetic of this particular set of Among Us toy pop toys is more like a work of art than any of the others. So it's perfect as a gift for others, but also for yourself if you want to splurge. These beautifully executed color schemes are a true work of art.

Buy on Etsy: 11.9US$ 9

We hope you found the fidget toy you were looking for among us! Be careful and stay safe.


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What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys are small objects designed to fidget. While similar objects have been seen throughout history, spinners first became popular in 2017. Today, fidget toys have expanded from your basic three-pin spinner to cubes, rings, key chains, and more.

Fidget toys are designed to relieve feelings of anxiety or boredom. They can help you regulate your emotions, calm down, and focus on the task at hand.

Much research has been done on the potential role of fidget toys in emotional regulation.

A 2018 study showed that fidgeting relieves stress in the short term. However, another 2018 study that looked at children with ADHD found that spinners simply distract children.

Conclusion: There is not enough scientific evidence to support the claim that fidget toys reduce anxiety or help you learn or concentrate better. But according to anecdotal evidence, fidget toys can help you calm down in stressful situations - plus, many people find them very funny.

How can fidget toys help?

Fidget toys are used for various conditions such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or ADHD, giving people the opportunity to channel their nerves or excess energy.

Even if you don't live with any diagnosed medical conditions, fidget toys are still a useful resource. They can calm you down during a stressful situation or provide a quick break from work if you feel creatively stuck and need to get back in the zone.

How we chose

Here are the main criteria by which we have compiled a list of the best toys:

  • Durability. Fidget toys are most often used when you feel anxious or upset. This means that they may fail. We have tried to select products that can withstand long-term use.
  • Appearance. The time of boring spinners is long gone. Color, shape, size and material are all ingredients needed to create a visually appealing and engaging fidget toy.
  • Customer ratings. Finally, we couldn't forget to scrutinize reviews from past customers and users to make sure every fidget toy we mentioned lives up to the hype.

Manual for pricing

  • $ = less than 10 US dollars
  • $ = 10–15 US dollars
  • $ = more fidget toys

    Best Overall

    MAYBO Sports Wiitin Fidget Spinner

    • Cost: $

    Harry Potter fans will especially appreciate this option, but this iridescent spinner might appeal to everyone. This unique fidget toy is suitable for adults and children over 3 years old.

    Its small size makes it easy to carry, and the metal case rotates for approximately 1 to 2 minutes per rotation.

    Best Silent Fidget Toy

    Monkey Noodles

    • Price: $

    While fidget toys are a lot of fun, sometimes the fun is too loud. That's where Monkey Noodles comes in: a fidget toy that's virtually silent in use.

    You can stretch, pull, twist, wrap or compress these elastic strings. They start at 12 inches long and stretch up to 8 feet. The strings are non-toxic and come in vibrant colors.

    Best Fidget Toy with Options

    WTYCD Original Fidget Retro

    • Price: $

    Why stop at one fidget toy when you can have them all? The retro fidget is made of rubberized plastic and is shaped like a gamepad.

    The toy has eight functions: joystick, buttons, pinion roller, massage roller, flip switch, rotating dial, spring-loaded slider and textured grip section. In other words, you can relieve stress by reliving the days of 8-bit video games.

    Best Portable Fidget Toy

    ALEXTINA Stainless Steel Spinner Ring

    • Price: $

    This portable fidget toy is very discreet, providing a great option to stay busy if you want or you need to so that your fidgeting flies unnoticed.

    Made from hypoallergenic, non-fading stainless steel, the ring has an inner band locked inside a main band that can be rotated by hand. Best of all, it's trendy.

    Best for Kids

    AKSDTH Push and Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

    • Price: $

    This fidget toy is inspired by bubble pop. Think of it like silicone bubble wrap: your child can blow and pop bubbles for great tactile activity.

    The popper comes in seven colors and two styles and is easy to wash and dry when needed.

    Best Cube

    Appash Fidget Cube

    • Price: $$

    This fidget cube has six sides and six ways to fidget: snap, slide, flip, breathe, roll or spin. A high quality desk toy to help you focus or blow off steam - everything you need to get back in the zone.

    Best Minimal Design

    SCIONE Fidget Spinner

    • Cost: $ $ $

    Keep things simple and pared down with the SCIONE spinner. This toy might be what comes to your mind when you think of the term "spinner" - the way they were before there were so many other options on the market.

    Best Rugged Design

    Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

    • Price: $$

    Looking for a more durable option? This powerful fidget toy is made from bike chains, intertwined stainless steel rings that can handle even the most hardcore bikers.

    It is quiet, small and easy to carry around.

    Best Keychain

    Keychain TOP TRENZ OMG Mega Pop Avocado Fidget Toy

    • Price: $$

    Attach this adorable avocado toy to your keychain to keep it with you at all times. Bubble fidget toy has a hard outer shell with soft silicone bubbles inside that can be pushed in and out.

    Best for legs

    Bouncyband Foot Tapper Fidget Button

    • Price: $$

    Yes, 'foot tapping' is a real thing.

    Learn more