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Lily Jane Collins is an English-American actress, model, and writer, known for her roles in the films The Blind Side, Stuck In Love, Mirror Mirror, Love, Rosie, To The Bone, Okja and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. She is the daughter of English musician Phil Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman.

Friendly with endless energy the ENFP personality type will be at the heart of where the people are, future oriented looking far beyond the obvious often seeing things that others fail to. They are driven by the new and have an insatiable curiosity making them mercurial, fresh and enthusiastic. However, having so many interests can mean that, at times, the ENFP may have trouble keeping still, prioritising and focusing on the task at hand, especially if something more interesting is looming. The routine and detail bore the ENFP who wants life, work and social to merge into one stimulating environment with endless possibilities shared with people.

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The ENFP personality type cannot help but see possibilities. Future oriented they will look far beyond the obvious often seeing things that others fail to. They are driven by the new, the complex, the novel and people will see them as mercurial, fresh, and enthusiastic. Friendly with endless energy the ENFP personality type will be at the heart of where the people are, loving fun and a good drama. They will excellent team players and the one who will work hard at maintaining group morale and making people feel special. Unconstrained by rules, regulations or structures the ENFP will be expedient in their search for what pushes their buttons and every day is a big adventure. Being empathetic to the needs of others also means that ENFP can be sensitive the other way and can get hurt by slights or perceived criticism, especially so when they themselves worked so hard at relationships. They will discover, nurture and support talent in others, seeing the good in people and genuinely wanting to see others succeed. And the ENFP will know exactly which buttons to push to motivate each individual.

They will discover, nurture and support talent in others, seeing the good in people and genuinely wanting to see others succeed. And the ENFP will know exactly which buttons to push to motivate each individual.

Having so many interests can mean that, at times, the ENFP may have trouble keeping still, prioritising and focusing on the task at hand, especially if something more interesting is looming. The routine, the detail and the mechanical, bore the ENFP who wants life, work and social to merge into one stimulating environment with endless possibilities and lots of people to share them with. The ENFP is impatient, wanting things to happen now, not comprehending deferred gratification, and usually have the determination to make it so.

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Lily Collins personality profile

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“ It's really important to stand up for yourself and not always agree with what people say if indeed you don't feel that that's true.”

Who is Lily Collins? She is a British-American actress and model who started acting at the age of two in the TV series Growing Pains, and is known for her parts in Priest, Abduction, as Snow White in Mirror Mirror, and as Clary Fray in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. She was born on Saturday March 18th 1989, in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Lily Collins possesses a great talent for creativity and self expression, typical of many accomplished writers, poets, actors and musicians. She is also witty, owns the gift for gab, and savors the limelight.

Collins is optimistic and masters the resilience to overcome many setbacks. Thanks to her gift for self expression, she can be the life of the party, and the center of attention. When used constructively, Lily's talent for self expression can be a great inspiration force in the world, uplifting others, and bringing much success and happiness to her. However, Lily Collins could easily squander her talent by becoming a social butterfly.

Her talent for the expressive arts is so abundant that Lily may well have felt drawn to becoming an artist while still very young. However, these artistic abilities can only be enhanced through discipline and commitment to the true development of her talent. In other words, creativity is the gift that can give Lily Collins the comfort and luxury she desires, but not without continual focus and discipline.

Lily Collins is emotional and vulnerable. She can be generous to a fault, but when hurt, she withdraws into a cloud of silence, eventually emerging from her reticence with jokes and laughter that cover up her true feelings. More...

More flavors to Lily's personality

Lily Collins tends to be quite adaptable, and she finds it easy to fit into most social set ups and vocational fields.

There are no particular virtues that can cause an imbalance in Lily's personality and life, but she has to work hard and persistently to develop those special strengths that she desires to attain.

Learning to be wisely assertive is a major lesson to be taken by Lily Collins throughout her life.

Tour Lily's menu and gain more insight into her personality traits, relationships, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, compatibility with you and with others, and much more.

We invite you to create your own free personality profile, in private and for your eyes only!.

December 11th 2022 brings Lily Collins a possible trip. Quick-witted that she is makes today a good day for selling most anything, Self-promotion included.

With her strong energies, Lily finds herself restless and impatient towards routine tasks.

Collins better get of the beaten path, avoid details, and immersea in social activity with playful company.

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Name: Lily Collins

Who is she: actress, model

Birthday: eighteen Martha 1989 (33 years old)

Place of birth: Surrey, UK

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Name names: Lily ( name meaning )

Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces ( characteristic )

Eastern horoscope: Snake



Photo: Lily Collins

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Lily Collins: 9 opinions0003

Biography Lily Collins

Lily Collins is a successful actress and popular model, the daughter of the outstanding British rock singer Phil Collins. In 2017, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in No Rules.

Lily Jane Collins

Childhood and adolescence

Lily Collins was born in the marriage of world music legend Phil Collins to American Jean Tavelman. The girl spent her early years in the UK, in the county of Surrey. When Lily was five years old, her parents broke up, and her mother, having sued her ex-husband for 17 million pounds, moved with her daughter to Los Angeles, where she headed the Beverly Hills women's club.

Childhood photo of Lily Collins

Jean's acquaintances from Beverly Hills advised her to enroll young Lily in acting classes. The girl took part in the performances of the local theater with pleasure, but she was more interested in journalism. Already at the age of fifteen, she led a column in Elle Girl magazine, and published in other youth publications: Seventeen, Teen Vogue.

Lily Collins made a name for herself in the fashion industry as a child

After graduating from school, Lily entered the faculty of television journalism and got a job as a society correspondent on the Nickelodeon channel. Her celebrity interviews were a hit and brought her to the attention of show business and the fashion industry.

Lily Collins: actress and model

In 2007, representatives of the fashion brand Chanel invited Lily to take part in the Paris debutante ball. The show took place in one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris and was broadcast to the whole world.

Lily Collins at the Debutante Ball (2007)

From that moment on, the career of a young model went up sharply. Leading fashion agencies began to invite her to work, and Lily's photographs graced the covers of prestigious global glossy publications. In 2009She was named the world's best model by the Spanish magazine Glamour.

Lily Collins without makeup

In parallel, the girl began to actively act in films. She played Sandra Bullock's daughter in The Blind Side and starred in two episodes of the cult youth series Beverly Hills
    : The Next Generation.

    Lily Collins in a swimsuit

    In 2013, the girl starred in the video "City of Angels" by Jared Leto's group "30STM". At the same time, the perfume brand Lancome made her its face along with Julia Roberts, Emma Watson and Daria Verbova. Also, the girl could be seen in the teenage fantasy The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

    Clip 30 Seconds To Mars with Lily Collins

    This was followed by roles in the comic book "Shepherd" and the action movie "The Chase", and for work in the fantasy "Snow White. Seven Dwarfs ”critics called her the new Audrey Hepburn. Lily is really very reminiscent of the legendary actress with her sable eyebrows, which have become her hallmark, and a meek and at the same time defiant look.

    Lily Collins looks like Audrey Hepburn

    In 2016, Lily Collins, along with Matt Bomer, received a key female role in the series The Last Tycoon, which told about the struggle of a young producer for the position of director of a film company.

    Frame from the series "The Last Tycoon"

    In 2017, the girl was nominated for the Golden Globe in the Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy nomination for her portrayal of Marla, kept by the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, in the comedy Out of Rules.

    In 2017, Lily Collins appeared in the drama To the Bone as an anorexic artist. The partner in the film was Keanu Reeves, who played the doctor in charge of her heroine. Lily admitted that this topic is familiar to her firsthand, and in her teenage years she herself experienced problems with eating behavior.

    To the Bone: Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves

    For the film, she, already slim, had to lose weight extremely. The process took place under the supervision of a dietitian, and yet the girl admitted that she herself sometimes forgot whether she was preparing for the role or was again in the grip of an eating disorder. But this time she lost weight with the help of intensive training - the actress loves to run along the deserted beach in the morning.

    Lily Collins had to lose weight for the filming of "To the Bone"

    In the United States, the film premiered in January 2017, but it has not yet reached Russian cinemas.

    On the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival (2017)

    In May 2017, the Korean-American fairy tale movie Okja starring Lily Collins, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal was released worldwide. This is the story of a fantasy beast named Okja who is separated from his girlfriend, young Mi-Ja.

    In 2018, the drama Halo of Stars was released, where Lily Collins played the main role. The film showed the audience the inside out of the circus and tells about the touching relationship between mother and little daughter. And a year later, Lily shone in a biographical drama about the life of the writer Tolkien.

    Personal life of Lily Collins

    The actress does not like to discuss her personal life and does not try to flaunt it on Instagram. During the filming of the action movie The Chase, she began a romantic relationship with partner Taylor Lautner, a werewolf from the movie Twilight. They had a great time and often appeared together in public, but a year later they broke up without a clear explanation of the reasons.

    Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins dated

    In 2013, on the set of City of Bones, Lily met with actor Jamie Campbell Bower. The love line of their heroes smoothly flowed into life. Their romance lasted two years, the lovers often quarreled, parted and converged again. According to the latest information, they are still together.

    Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower

    In the summer of 2019, Lily began dating Charlie McDowell, the son of the famous Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange. The young man wrote the script for the film Gilded Fury, sat in the director's chair himself, and Collins played one of the main roles. It was love at first sight between them on set. Lily admitted that she immediately decided for herself: “This man will be my husband!”. And so it happened. In September 2020, Charlie proposed to her, and a year later, the lovers got married.

    Lily Collins and Charlie McDowall

    Now the actress prefers to devote all her free time to travel and favorite hobbies. And the ambitious daughter of Phil Collins has a lot of them. A passion for photography was added to the passion for journalism. Lily also maintains her own blog and dreams of trying her hand at directing. And her husband infected her with a fiery love for surfing.

    Lily Collins now

    In 2020, Lily Collins worked on David Fincher's old Hollywood film Mank. She played stenographer Rita Alexander, a faithful partner and girlfriend of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz. At the same time, she was finishing work on the series "Emily in Paris", where her character is the complete opposite of Rita:

    Emily is a bright and fairly obvious character, and the universe she lives in is exactly the same. Rita, on the other hand, lives in a black and white world. She is less definite, more serious, in some ways more balanced, and also British.

    In 2021, Lily took part in the Lancome advertising campaign and got married in a luxurious dress from Ralph Laurent.

    Lily Collins wedding dress

    Best movies

    • 2017: Okja

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    Lily Collins -

    For articles of the same name, see Collins.

    Lily Collins is a British - American actress, model, writer and producer, born in Guildford, Surrey, England. She is the daughter of musician Phil Collins.

    She made her debut and was seen in an Oscar nominated drama for best film, The Blind Side (2009), in which she played a supporting role.

    But she is especially known for her performances in two major American productions. In 2012, she is Snow White in a humorous film adaptation of a Grimm's fairy tale. Then, the following year, she starred in The Mortal Instruments: Dark City . These two films, although warmly received by critics, met with little commercial success.

    In 2016, the dramatic comedy The Exception to the Rule , if completely ignored by the public and critics, nevertheless earned her the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical Film or Comedy. In 2017, she appeared in two Netflix productions, Okja and To the Bone .

    She played the role of Fantine in the adaptation of the TV series Les Miserables from the BBC (2018-2019). In 2019, she starred in two biopics: Extremely Evil, Shockingly Evil and Vile about serial killer Ted Bundy on Netflix, and Tolkien about British writer J. R. R. Tolkien.

    In 2020, she will star in the television series Emily in Paris for Netflix.


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    Early life

    Born in Guildford, Surrey, England, Lily Collins is the daughter of British drummer Phil Collins and Beverly Hills sorority president Jill Tavelman, an American. Her maternal grandfather was a Jewish immigrant to Canada, and for many years he was the manager of a men's clothing store in Beverly Hills. Lily is the paternal half-sister of Simon Collins (1976), Nicholas (born 2001) and Matthew (born 2004).

    Her parents divorced when she was five; She then moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She graduated from Harvard Westlake High School and attended the University of Southern California to study journalism.


    early start

    Actress at WonderCon 2011 promoting Priest .

    The young woman's acting career began at the age of two, when she appeared in the British TV series Growing pains» . In her youth, she wrote an article called NY Confidential for the British magazine Elle Girl . She has also contributed articles to Seventeen , Teen Vogue and Los Angeles Times .

    In 2007, when she was eighteen, she was chosen by Chanel to wear one of their dresses at the Debutante Ball at the Hotel De Crillon in Paris. In 2008, at the age of nineteen, she was named "International Model of the Year" by the Spanish magazine Glamor . That same year, she was recognized as an actress at the Young Hollywood Awards.

    In 2009, Lily starred in two episodes of the drama series

      . The same year, she landed her first film role as Collins Tuohy (daughter of Lee-Ann Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock) in the critically acclaimed drama The Blind Side .

      In 2011, she starred in the fantasy thriller Priest , then starred in the action movie Secret Identity with Taylor Lautner. The fantasy feature film made a profit but was not a major commercial success, while the action film was more successful despite mixed reviews.


      At the premiere of Love No Matter at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

      Since 2012, it has been presented to the general public by two major Hollywood productions:

      First, she plays a leading role in the fantasy film Snow White , in which she also showcases her singing abilities in a new version of I Believe (In Love), which is the main title for the soundtrack. She co-starred with Oscar winner Julia Roberts. The film was a commercial success despite mixed reviews from critics. That same year, she was forced to turn down the lead role in the horror film The Evil Dead due to her busy schedule.

      Meanwhile, she is also filming an independent comedy drama "Love No Matter" supporting Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly.

      Finally, in 2013, she titled the fantasy film The Mortal Instruments: Dark City, adapted from the novel Dark City by Cassandra Clare. Collins was an avid reader of the saga before becoming the main performer in its film adaptation. She soon made herself known when she learned that a film would be made. At the end of the year, it was confirmed that a second film was in development and that filming would begin the following year, but it will ultimately be a television series adaptation that will feature a sequel and with a different cast. This production benefited from a major publicity campaign, but the box office performance was clearly below the studio's expectations, justifying the decision not to continue the saga on the big screen. Apart from critical reception, very mixed.

      However, the actress is recognized by the young audience and wins the Teen Choice Awards for Best Action Actress. The same year, she co-starred with respected actress Julianne Moore in the comedy-drama The English Teacher .

      Halftone confirmation

      The actress next to Nicholas Hoult at the premiere of Tolkien's at the Montclair Film Festival 2019.

      In 2014, she continued to walk away from big productions and was approached to star in the British romantic comedy Love, Rosie" with Sam Clafin. The screenplay, written by Juliet Tovidi, is adapted from Life is a Rainbow by Cecilia Ahern, published in 2004. This production did not receive an international release and went unnoticed, receiving a critically lukewarm reception.

      In , she becomes the face of the Lancôme cosmetics brand.

      The actress returns in 2016 with the drama The Exception to the Rule , in which she is one of the headliners along with Warren Beatty and Alden Ehrenreich. The play tells about the young Marla Mabry, who came to Hollywood in 1958 to become an actress. She works for the famous billionaire Howard Hughes. The film is acclaimed at award ceremonies and allows Collins to receive recognition at the Hollywood Film Festival as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical Film or Comedy. However, the box office failure was dismal.

      Lily Collins has joined the main cast of the drama television series The Last Lord alongside Kelsey Grammer and Matthew Bomer. The series is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's latest unfinished novel and follows the adventures of Hollywood's " Golden Boy " Monroe Star, who, along with his boss and mentor Pat Brady, entered the power game to save the soul of his studio. In a world marred by the Great Depression and where the international influence of Nazi Germany is growing, The Last Lord sheds light on the passion, violence, and singular ambitions of 1930s Hollywood. The Amazon Prime Video-produced series is a clever mix of the original work, Downton Abbey and La La Land but despite that, the series turns out to be a complete flop and Amazon cancels it after just one season .

      In 2017, the actress starred in two critically acclaimed performances: To The Bone, a drama released in January 2017 at the Sundance Film Festival. She plays a young girl struggling with anorexia. The actress herself had to deal with this disease, in her youth she approached this role with great apprehension, but also seriously. She decided to go on a drastic diet to lose weight, under the supervision of doctors. Finally, she is part of the cast of Adventure Movie Okja , selected and screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, before can be seen on Netflix. She plays an anarchist named Red.

      In the same year, she published a book of her memoirs called Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me , in which she talks about things closely related to the lives of young women. In July, the actress is chosen to play Edith Bratt, JRR Tolkien's wife, in a biopic dedicated to her. She also signed a contract for a role in drama "Star Halo" with actress Holliday Granger.

      On , she shares a poster for the new adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel on the BBC: Les Misérables . She plays the role of Fantine in the first 3 episodes of the series. This series allows him to work alongside writer and screenwriter Andrew Davis. She also shares the bill with famous actors such as: Dominic West, Derek Jacobi, Ellie Bamber and Oscar-winning actress: Olivia Colman. A year later, she starred in Joe Berlinger's thriller Extremely Evil", "Shockingly Evil and Vile" , where she co-starred with Zac Efron. It traces part of the life of Ted Bundy, an American serial killer (Zac Efron), and in particular his relationship with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Klopfer (Lily Collins). This performance is generally well received by critics. She then appeared in the music video for Save Me Tonight of Arty, directed by Noah Centineo.

      She then stars in the biopic : Tolkien by Karukoska. She plays the wife of a successful writer played by Nicholas Hoult. While the performances of the two actors are praised by the press, she proves to be controversial in terms of implementation and scriptwriting. In England and the USA, the audience is rather ambiguous. In addition, the release of the film caused a real controversy, because the family of the author of "The Lord of the Rings" would not agree to the creation of the film. In France, the film received a very cold critical reception, as the French press was divided over the biopic, as were the British and American press. However, the film received a greater response from the audience. Valid on the site: Allociné, the film scores 3.8 % (viewers only), and interpretations by Lily Collins and her partner are most welcome.

      In 2020 he is featured in Inheritance from Vaughn Stein alongside Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen and Chace Crawford and Mank from David Fincher.

      She followed in the cast of drama: Halo stars by Anthony Lucero, where she gives an answer to Holliday Granger Lukas Haas and in the film: The Cradle by Dixon's Hope Leach. Sometimes she'll find: Jack O'Connell, with whom she starred in miniseries Les Misérables .

      Private life

      Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower at WonderCon 2013 presenting The Mortal Instruments: Dark City .

      In 2013, Lily Collins said she refused to comment or reveal her personal life after being traumatized by her parents' divorce, which was caused by the media.

      Regarding the period of anorexia and the filming of to the Bone , the actress, who has become a well-known spokesperson for the fight against this disease, states:

      “Even though I had been healed for several years before making this film, preparing for it allowed me to take stock of my eating disorders thanks to the professionals. It was a new form of healing for me. I had to live through it, being in the shoes of my character, Ellen, but also as Lily. (…) I was terrified that making this film could bring me back, but I had to remember that they hired me to tell the story, not to have a certain weight. After all, it was a gift to be able to step back in the shoes of the other person that I was but matured. "

      From August 2009 to September 2010, she was in a relationship with professional stuntman Riley Harper, and also with American actor Taylor Lautner - met on the set of the film Secret Identity from November 2010 to September 2011.

      From July 2012 to July 2018, she was the companion of British actor and singer Jamie Campbell Bower, whom she met on the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness , despite numerous breakups and reconciliations over the years.

      In 2014, she briefly dated Australian actor Thomas Cockerell and musician Matt Easton. In the summer of 2017, she had a brief romance with former high school classmate Jason Wang.

      Since July 2019, she has been sharing the life of American screenwriter and director Charlie McDowell. On September 25, 2020, she announces her engagement.



      Art films
      • 1999 : Tarzan by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima: additional voice
      • 2009: The Blind Side by John Lee Hancock: Collins Tuohy
      • 2011: Priest by Scott Charles Stewart: Lucy Pace
      • 2011: Secret Identity ( Abduction ) John Singleton: Karen Murphy
      • 2012 : Blanche-Neige 0456
      • 2012: Love Is Still ( Stuck in Love ) Josh Boone Samantha Borgens
      • 2013: English Teacher by Craig Ziska: Hall Anderson
      • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Harald Zwart : Clarissa "Clary" Fry
      • 2014: Love, Rosie , Christian Ditter: Rosie Dunn
      • 2016 : Exception to rule ( rules do not apply ) Warren Beatty Marl Mabry
      • 2017: Okja ( 옥자 ) by Bong Joon-ho: Red
      • 2017: To the Bone , Marty Noxon: Ellen
      • 2018: Here Comes the Grump by Andrés Couturier: Princess Dawn (original voice)
      • 2019: Extremely Evil, Shockingly Evil & Vile , Joe Berlinger: Elizabeth Kloepfer
      • 2019 : Tolkien from The House of Karukoski : Edith Bratt
      • 2020: Pedigree ( Inheritance ) by Vaughn Stein: Lauren Monroe
      • 2020 : Munk by David Fincher : Rita Alexander
      • 2020: Halo Stars by Anthony Lucero: Misty Dawn (in post-production)
      • 2020: The Cradle by Hope Dixon Leach: Emma (post-production)


      Like an actress
      TV show
      • 2009 :
          Beverly Hills: The Next Generation (
            ): Phoebe Abrams (2 episodes)
          • 2016 - 2017: The Last Tycoon ( The Last Tycoon ): Celia Brady (9 episodes)
          • 2018 - 2019 : Les Misérables (en) : Fantine (3 episodes)
          • from 2020 : Emily in Paris : Emily Cooper ( pending )
          • 2021: Calls : Camila (episode 1)
          • 2012: I believe in love directed by Tarsem Singh (promotional video for the movie Snow White)
          • 2013: Claudia Lewis from M83 directed by Bryce Dallas Howard
          • 2013: City of Angels thirty seconds to Mars
          • 2019]: Save me tonight Artie Directed by Noah Centineo
          As producer
          • since 2020 : Emily in Paris : Emily Cooper ( in progress )

          French voices

          Lily Collins French voice list

          In France
          • Jessica Monceau in:
            • Blind spot
            • priest
            • Exception to rule
            • Okja
            • Les Misérables (mini-series)
            • Tolkien
            • Mank
            • Calls (voice, series)
          • and :
            • Bénédicte Rivière in
                Beverly Hills: New Generation
              • Marie Thirmon in Secret Identity
              • Leslie Lipkins in Snow White
              • Julie Cavannah at Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness
              • Claire Baradat in Down to the Bone
              • Aurelie Conate in the movie "The Last Lord"
              • Alexandra Naum in Extremely Evil, Shockingly Evil and Vile
              • Emily Ro in the movie Emily in Paris (TV series)
            • Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse in:
              • Priest
              • Mirror Mirror
              • Funny teacher
            • Kim Jalabert in:
              • Removal
              • City of Darkness: Mortal Cup
            • and :
              • Romy Krauschaar-Eber in The Champion Awakens


            Unless otherwise noted or stated, the information in this section is taken from the IMDb database.


            • Young Hollywood Awards 2008: An actress to watch.
            • Hollywood Film Festival 2016: Winner of the New Hollywood Award Revelation of the Year in the romantic comedy The Exception to the Rule (2016).
            • 2017 Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award: Recipient of the award for Most Significant Age Gap Between Leading Male Roles and Romantic Comedy Love Interest "Exception to the Rule" (2016) with Warren Beatty.
            • Costume Designers Guild Awards 2017: Spotlight Award Winner.


            • 14- 2012 Teen Choice Awards: Choice Actress in Fantasy Film Snow White ( Mirror Mirror ) (2012) as Snow White.
            • 2013 : MTV Movie Awards Best Young Actress of Summer in a Fantasy Movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness ( The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ) (2013) as Clarissa "Clary" Frey.
            • 2013: Internet Film and Television Association Award for Best Score for I Believe in Love in Fantasy Film for Snow White ( Mirror Mirror ) (2012) with Nina Hart, Sam Hollander and Tarsem Singh.
            • 16- i 2014 Teen Choice Awards: Choice Action Movie Actress The Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness ( The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ) (2013) as Clarissa "Clary" Frey.
            • 2016: Hollywood Music In Media Award for Best Song in a Romantic Comedy for "Exception to Rule ( Rules Don't Apply )" (2016) with Eddie Arkin and Lorraine Feather.
            • 74- th Golden Globe 2017 : Best Actress in a Romantic Comedy for "Exception to the Rule" ( Rules not apply ) (2016).
            • 78- Golden Globe 2021 : Best Actress in a Romantic Comedy Emily in Paris (2020).
            • MTV Movie Awards 2021:
              • Best duet with Ashley Park in a romantic comedy Emily in Paris (2020).
              • Best kiss with Lucas Bravo in a romantic comedy Emily in Paris (2020).

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