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Boring is a bit of a subjective term, but it's also one of those concepts that has a lot of commonality. Somebody who doesn't like sports probably finds football and basketball boring. Somebody who likes to go out dancing probably finds a night of going to the movies boring. Are sports and movies dancing? Sure, to some, but dancing is boring to others.

It's not just about your likes and dislikes. Those are really more preferences than personality. It's about how you look at the world and how you tackle challenges. It's about your creativity and willingness to think outside-the-box and take risks. It's about having a natural "it" factor and organic charisma.

Being boring isn't necessarily a bad thing. Boring people are more easily amused and are easier to keep happy. It's actually more challenging to satisfy the needs of somebody who isn't boring...but that's part of why people are drawn to them.

So let's figure things out for you, deep at your core. We've got a lot of different kinds of questions here for you, but at the end, we'll rate you from 1-10 on a scale of boringness, with 1 being not at all boring and 10 being the king or queen of Boringland!

Question 1

What is your first thought looking at this?

There will be a few questions like this on this quiz. We want your first reaction because we think that tells a lot about your personality deep down. When you have a few extra seconds, you can notice details, or move to secondary thoughts. We want your first thought. What was it?

Question 2

Does marriage make you more boring?

You've had your wild single years, partying it up and having experiences with multiple people, but you think you've found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. That's Is it just natural to assume you'll be more boring now you're married?

Question 3

We're going to see a string quartet tonight. Are you in?

Who knows what makes one better than another, but let's say a friend calls you in the afternoon and says they have tickets to see the best string quartet in the world perform music you'll recognize. They ask if you want to go see the group. What is your thought before you answer your friend?

Question 4

When you saw this quiz, what prompted you to take it?

Whether you went to our website, saw this in your news feed or saw this as a link on a friend's social media account, what made you decide, "Hey, I think that I want to take the personality quiz to find out if I'm boring." There are a lot of other things you could be doing right now. What made you pick this?

Question 5

New York to LA, 5 hours on a do you feel?

It's quite amazing when you think about the fact that you can get into a giant metal tube, go up in the sky a couple of miles and then travel roughly 3300 miles and be on the other side of the United States within 5 hours. Still, that's five hours stuck in a plane. How's that make you feel.

Question 6

Ever been on a zip line?

Zip lining is a safe activity that barely kills anybody each year. It's probably as safe as roller coasters, right? People who are into eco-tourism have been making this one of the most sought-after activities in beautiful places, but have you had the guts to strap in and take a ride?

Question 7

How much C-SPAN have you watched in your life?

It's been on the air for over 30 years as a way of connecting North American cable and satellite viewers with the inner workings of the United States government. It's mostly debate from Congress and hearings from various committees. How much have you seen in your life?

Question 8

Is the tortoise an interesting animal?

Zoos will always have tortoises. Why? Because they live longer than most people. It must be a boring life for them, just sitting around for nearly a century. Or maybe that's exciting for them, we'll never know. When you go to the zoo, is it worth stopping and gazing into the tortoise pen?

Question 9

Are funerals boring?

Dead person in a box. Lots of people dressed in black. Some are crying. You get to ignore red lights on the way to the church. Dead person gets planted in the ground. Is this absolutely fascinating or another morbid, boring reminder that we're all going to be dead someday?

Question 10

So what did you notice first?

Obviously we have a teal pen from Tiffany & Co. The longer you spend looking at it, the more details you can take from it and that may even spark some questions or commentary. Back up a minute. When you first saw this pen, what was your initial reaction?

Question 11

Do you like communicating on the phone?

Are you one of those people who loves talking on the phone to people or can spend hours texting away into the wee hours of the morning. Or, do you look at your phone as a necessary pain, constantly getting in your way? Do you love always being available or do you wish you could just put down the phone and walk away?

Question 12

Why is this kid bored?

We're going to guess that this kid is a model who was hired to look bored and it's not just that he has a weird parent who posts photos of him in states of discomfort. However, put yourself into this kid's position and imagine why you'd be sitting there, head in hand, looking so miserable.

Question 13

Do animals get more bored than us?

Whether you're talking about wild animals in the zoo or domesticated house pets in the living room, the lives of animals seem boring. Most of the time, they just lay there, and it's not like they're resting from their mentally and physically demanding lives. They just seem bored. Are they more bored than us?

Question 14

Was life more boring 100 years ago?

Not specifically in 1918 (or 1919 if you're taking this quiz a year from when it was written) but way back in the days of silent movies, The Great Depression and telephones you had to crank to make them work. It's hard to disagree that life was harder, but did that make it more boring?

Question 15

Quick, what do you notice first?

There's a pretty dull desk here. It's got a standard chair that doesn't even have any armrests. It looks like the person who was using it was either writing in a journal or taking some kind of notes with a pen. There's nothing on the wall and... WTF??!! Is that a bloody knife whacked into the desk??!!

Question 16

Do you like Ellen's show?

Most people forget that Ellen was originally had a sitcom for years and originally planned to only do the talk show thing for a couple of years, much like Rosie O'Donnell did before her. Well, all these years later and Ellen's now in her 60s and still hosting her celebrity gabfest and dance-a-thon.

Question 17

What causes you to make this face?

Obviously this guy has been playing Word With Friends too long. There's a place where we all get sometimes. It's a weird combination of tired, frustrated and bored. Think about the last time you felt like this guy looks. What was causing you to share this expression with the world?

Question 18

What do you think of this?

So whoever did this thought it would be funny to take a Lego car and draw a little monster on a piece of paper and combine the two to create some sort of three-dimensional art. You don't have to give us your first impression, but now that you've looked at it a few seconds, what do you think?

Question 19

What subject made you have this look in school?

Some people were jocks, some were the artsy types and others were brains. No matter what, we all had a class that caused us to look like this. Hopefully, you were smarter than to just look this openly bored. Teachers don't like that. What class made you look like you wanted to take a nap until it was over?

Question 20

What is the most boring vegetable?

We chose a photo of brussel sprouts because they seemed like the go-to boring vegetable in most 80s and 90s sitcoms, kind of like the way lima beans were the go-to in shows and cartoons before that. These days, which is the most boring vegetable you can get at the grocery store?

Question 21

We're going to spend the day watching in?

Whenever the next giant superhero blockbuster or highly anticipated animated film hits the movie theater, there's usually a little romantic comedy that sneaks in the same week. They don't earn a lot, but they don't cost much to make either. Formulaic, sure, but some people absolutely love them.

Question 22

Do you find complicated things boring?

There are people in this world who understand astrophysics, how fish sleep and how to operate the giant machine at the planetarium. You're no one of these people. When you see a show on TV like "How Stuff Is Made" do you immediately think it's going to be interesting or it's going to be painful to watch.

Question 23

What's the difference between boredom and laziness?

Why do we look at this guy and immediately assume he's bored? Is it that he's bored, or it is that he's a boring person? He could shave. He could wear contact lenses instead of glasses. His head can't actually weigh that much. Is this guy actually bored/boring or is he just lazy? And is there a difference?

Question 24

How long could you stare at an hourglass for?

Some people go on long drives, some like to take walks on the beach and others simply relax with music. We all have our ways of unwinding and zoning out. But sometimes, we also find ourselves caught up in a moment, almost a hypnotic trance. Can you get lost in looking at the sand fall in an hourglass or is it just one of those things that sounds painful?

Question 25

What do you think of this idea?

There have been studies that suggest boredom, or daydream, while we're bored, is a coping mechanism to deal with what is presently going on around us. Allowing ourselves to "futurecast" and imagine a better tomorrow actually allows us to better deal with the present we're not completely pleased with.

Question 26

Is baseball more boring than other sports?

You may think all sports are boring, but we need you to rank them. Some people find baseball to be a thinking man's game, truly any individual sport wrapped into team sport environment, played with much thought and patience. Other find it to be like a three-hour trip to the park in uncomfortable chairs. What about you?

Question 27

British comedy...boring or hilarious?

There's something about the British sense of humor that speaks to certain people around the world. They find things like Mr. Bean and Monty Python more hilarious than anything else. It's physical comedy + juvenile wordplay. Many others find it to be the most grating genre. Where do you fall on the Brit-Com spectrum?

Question 28

Look! It's Memory with "Everyday Objects"!

Remember Memory? It's the game where you put a certain amount of cards face down that all have pictures with a common theme, like animals or food. Then, you take turns flipping cards trying to make pairs. The winner has the most cards at the end. And this one is with everyday objects.

Question 29

Your niece is having her recital. You going?

There are few big days in a little girls life like her dance recital. After weeks of going to classes with equally awkward girls, the big day comes to put on a little costume and dance around the stage to show everybody what they learned. You've been invited. Will you be attending?

Question 30

Are twins creepy?

We don't mean this to offend anybody who's a twin, but you've got to admit, you're a statistical anomaly. Weird stuff went on inside of your mother and now there's somebody who is essentially your clone walking around. But it seems normal to you because you don't know any better. And most of you claim a telepathic link. Isn't that kind of creepy?

Question 31

What makes Mansfield, Pennsylvania, the boringest place in America?

Every year, Mansfield, Pennsylvania hosts their annual commemoration of being the first town in America to host a night football game. This comes with a parade, fireworks and a commemorative game. Everybody comes out to celebrate. What's the most boring part of what we've explained?

Question 32

They tell you wait. You see this. What do you think?

It's time for your annual exam or some kind or another. You head to the office and the nice person at the front desk tells you to take a seat in the waiting room and it should only be a few minutes. You walking to the room and see what's pictured here. What is your first thought?

Question 33

What's your first thought?

It's a red Swingline stapler. Not much more to say. But something happened in your mind when you saw this. Maybe you thought of the color, or you thought about what a stapler does. There is no wrong answer, just the answer that leads us to thinking about how boring you are. So what did you think?

Question 34

How long will it take you to find all the words?

We have no idea exactly why word searches are given in schools. It's about as useful a skill as finding a guy in a ski cap and striped sweater on in a crowd. Is there anything to really learn from finding the name of a dinosaur spelled backward in a diagonal pattern? Nonetheless, how long will it take you to find them all?

Question 35

Why is Las Vegas so boring?

They call it Fabulous, but is Las Vegas, Nevada, really all that great? Sure, there's plenty of lights and pretty people but does that make an interesting city? There are some of the biggest hotels and entertainers there, along with some of the best dining, but it all feels so shallow, doesn't it?

Is your life boring or fun?

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This test is 100% going to make sure your life is boring or really fun. Try it!

  • 1

    Do you go to the beach almost every month?



  • 2

    Do you stay home at least every weekend?



  • 3

    Do you go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream instead of asking your parents to go and buy it?



  • 4

    Do you go to the movies with your friends on late nights?



  • 5

    Do you sleepover at your friends' house?



  • 6

    Do your friends sleep over at your house?



  • 7

    Do you ever watch CSI: Miami when you're bored?



  • 8

    Do you go to concerts/games?



  • 9

    Do you think your life is boring?



  • 10

    Have you ever had a sleepover at your house for your birthday?



  • 11

    Random: Do you like this quiz?



  • 12

    Are you a goody too-shoo or a bad-guy?



  • 13

    Do you like Gossip Girl?



  • 14

    Have you ever stolen something at a store?



  • 15

    Do you skip school?



  • 16

    Do you think that you should get out of school?



  • 17

    Are you single[random]?



  • 18

    Do you ALWAYS have to baby-sit a little kid but get no $$?



  • 19

    Is this your first quiz on AllTheTests. com?



  • 20

    Do you rent movies instead of going to the Movie Theatres?



  • 21

    Are you a NARUTO fan?



  • 22

    If you were the richest person in the whole world, and you HAD to spend $100 everyday, would you do that?



  • 23

    Do you go swimming on a HOT day?



  • 24

    Have you ever bought shoes without your parents there?



  • 25

    Do you like Ugg's?



My life is very boring.


My life is very boring...









#7 #7



9000 #10


2222 Well, you, too, are constantly sitting on your computer.
An interesting life is also work. You have to force yourself to go somewhere, do something, do something, study something. Is the husband to blame? He is the same as you. nine0003





Every day you will take the subway and think about whether you will get to work...



come to us in St. Petersburg, we have a lot of fun here. Every day you will take the subway and think if you will get to work...
Yes, I don’t think it will happen again .. it’s us, in other large cities we need to shake.


Say goodbye to the IT specialist, all programmers are crazy, boring bores.
Thank God that everyone is alive and well - I talked with a young woman whose relatives, one by one, were dying of various types of cancer, both very young children and people of other ages. nine0077 Remember that there is a cycle in this life, it is not in vain that they say that life is like a ladder - some go up it, while others go down and so it goes like a parabola, then up, then down, then a white stripe, then a black one ...
When I was as poor as a church mouse, I knitted, sewed and cooked pasta and cooked rice for myself, my neighbors threw money, every day drinking, partying, hee-hee yes ha-ha, but there was such a streak and as a result - they have huge debts, they completely lost their health, they have several operations, the children went in the wrong direction, they grew up stupid, but I have the opposite - everything is fine, the neighbors are now furious, then anger and envy, they don’t remember how I calmly went through everything for many years back and did not envy anyone. nine0077 So, start learning languages, you can go as an animator to the Olympics or the World Cup, if you do well, you will go there ... and then, as the map falls ... do not sit and do not wait for the weather by the sea, do something USEFUL yourself, and the guy is one today, and tomorrow is another, choose only a guy with whom you will feel good, BUT remember that carnival every day is nonsense, man, his body physically and mentally cannot withstand the hype, a holiday every day, do not fool around in vain.


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I am 14 years old and I have a very boring life

I am 14 years old and I have ... 9 years old ... 9 years old ... 9 years old ... 9 years old ... 9 years old#Coronavirus (covid-19) Remove








Baby, childbirth, child your life will begin when you leave parental care. Just don’t start to come off to such an extent that you would be ashamed later.
Parents always want to see an exemplary child. But you be exemplary in moderation))) Life is interesting if you live it



I remember when I was 14. There was no internet then. What did I do? I read a lot. Made plans for the future. For such a distant future. That is, I wrote down my dreams and broke them into points. By the way, I did a lot of things later. Every big dream starts with a small first step. For example, if you want to travel, see the world, start learning English. Now any free lessons can be found on the Internet. If you want to be a journalist or a blogger, start developing your Instagram. Come up with a challenge with your girlfriends. In short, if I were you, I would make a list of what I would like to try, learn, improve. And every week a new goal. Even better, team up with your girlfriends and try new things together. The main thing is to set simple but clear goals. nine0003



Under parental care, it is better to break away) + Care, free money and freedom

9000 #10


Let the British teach Russian) And we are not English, like a back colony



Moon nine0003

we are a backward colony
English is a window to the world! This is an international language ))

"Jane Eyre". Charlotte Brontë
"The Fifth Height". Ilyin
"Scarlet Sails" Green
"Asya" Turgeniev.
"Three comrades" Remarque.

I'm serious.
Get carried away do not tear





2222 Nothing, soon you will be 18, so you will study, earn extra money, wash yourself, cook, wash, iron and you will not be bored. And now it's boring. Go help mom and dad, there is always a lot of work in the village!



we are a backward colony
English is a window to the world! This is an international language Well, at least someone is right here. Tired of these juvenile whiners. Everything is #foolishbad, but in fact they explain to her that she needs to study (when, if not now?). You can fuck until gray hair, as well as work and make friends. But the basis of education is a short period. You can't go back to school at 450003



Author, watch HBO and Netflix series. How can you be bored when there is Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Killing Eve, Darkness, My Brilliant Friend. These are such cool series, more interesting than any chatter with girlfriends. So many forums and applications. Italki, hellotalk - there you can learn English, communicate, post pictures, participate in discussions. There are millions of books on the Internet for every taste. Well, kaaaaak you can whine with so much free time, especially at 14 years old! Not having children, loans, mortgages, boring work. nine0003



Author, watch HBO and Netflix series. How can you be bored when there is Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Killing Eve, Darkness, My Brilliant Friend. These are such cool series, more interesting than any chatter with girlfriends. So many forums and applications. Italki, hellotalk - there you can learn English, communicate, post pictures, participate in discussions. There are millions of books on the Internet for every taste. Well, kaaaaak you can whine with so much free time, especially at 14 years old! Not having children, loans, mortgages, boring work. nine0003


Siberian spruce

Galimov Ildar

Family psychologist

266 answers

  • Vladimir Titarenko

    Fitness nutritionist

    11 answers

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    Practicing psychologist

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    Expert in Eastern practices

    10 answers

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    37 answers

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    Female psychologist

    66 answers

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  • #26

    Siberian spruce

    Just fucking a much shorter period, the body wears out faster than formation


    222222 LiveJournal

    Well, at the moment I'm fucking longer than I studied at the institute)) At 14, you can think about exams - everything has its time. And help my mother and get a part-time job. She still has time to see the members (it would be something to look at, so poking, hahaha)



    Only you are the fucker here. And we foolish brains put in place. I certainly have some experience to share (not sexual, but professional and quite positive)

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    Put yourself first.


    As for your parents, when you turn 18, you will move to the city, then both cafes and cinema, the main thing is that your head is on your shoulders, and you don’t go on a spree. 19 April 2020 What did I do? I read a lot. Made plans for the future. For such a distant future. That is, I wrote down my dreams and broke them into points. By the way, I did a lot of things later. Every big dream starts with a small first step. For example, if you want to travel, see the world, start learning English.

    Learn more