I want to be insane

The Madness Manual or 4 Simple Steps How to Go Insane

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A breakthrough study by scientists from the Institute for Mental Health in Helsinki has shown definitely that in order to be happy, one has to go insane first.

Hundreds of time-lapse monitorings and thousands of personality tests and in-depth interviews support the conclusion that the most depressing thing that can happen to you is – to be normal.


If you belong to the 94 % of the population stricken with normality, do not lose hope. Fortunately, it is not an irreversible condition. “Sanity does not have to be a lifelong stigma,” says soothingly Prof Ian Sane from the Department of Positive Psychopathology, further claiming that losing one’s mind might not be such a complicated thing as it appears at first sight.

Many people assume that in order to go insane, they need a disposition for schizophrenia or a costly investment in hallucinogenic drugs. In fact, decent madness requires but little: to become fully aware of your situation,” adds Sane encouragingly. In his book Everybody Is an Airplane, Only I Am Crazy, Sane introduces a revolutionary set of four truths that might help even an obstinately sane person to lose their mind without much effort, literally within a few minutes.

You too may now apply Sane’s maniacal quartet in order to outknowledge your way to bliss.


1. You do not know who you are

The ideal stepping stone for mental derangement is to admit to yourself that you do not know who you are, where you come from, what you are doing here or why. No one knows.

The school tries to change the subject with the Golden Bull of Sicily, lichen insoles and the rule of three.

The media declare that we’re here to buy.


2. Reality does not exist

Once you realize you do not know who you are, look around. You will see that whatever you can see, it is not reality, but only a reflection of yourself.

If you assume that the majority of people are decent and honest, then they are. If you assume they are assholes, then they are.

If you think that broccoli is a delicious fragile source of iron, then it is. If you think it is a disgusting slimy minitree that makes you puke… then you puke.

If you believe you can invent book printing, electricity and teleportation, then you will.

However, if you have believed that you’re only capable of picking the remnants of crisps from your underwear in front of your TV…

Reality does not exist.


3. No one knows you

The inevitable aftermath of the previous point is that you cannot ever know anything nor anyone, nor can anyone know you.

No one will ever see you as you really are. They will always only see you as they want to see you.

No one will ever understand how you feel.

You are more alone than you have ever dared to suspect.

We are all just lonely pickles in our own private jars. We clink glass against glass with all our might, but our pickles never touch each other.


4. No one gives a damn about you

Before melancholy hits you after awareness no. 3, Prof Sane calms everyone down instantly: even if the others could know you, they wouldn’t give a damn about you.

Everyone is so deeply trapped in their own story, where you play just such a minor and meaningless role that no one could care less.

Even if someone loves you, they only love you because it makes them feel good. They cannot love you because of who you are, because they do not know you.


The full realization of all 4 truths can be detected by a temporary loss of peripheral vision and a tightening in the chest.

Stay calm and breathe. When the pressure becomes unbearable, it will suddenly cease and withdraw. Your vision will sharpen and you’ll feel a soothing sweetness on the soft palate. It may remind you of mango.

Congratulations. Welcome to insanity.




Translation by Bob Hýsek. Revision by Matthew Sweney. Thank you, guys.

Tady česky.


I feel like I'm going insane

If it’s all getting too much and you’re worried you've got a mental health issue, read on.

It’s possible you’ve landed on this article because you’re freaking out. Perhaps you’ve just had your first panic attack and now you’re worried you’ll have them forever. Or perhaps something has made you feel sad and are now worried you have depression.

Feelings of sadness, worry and anxiety can be overwhelming. As a result, it can be hard to tell if what you’re experiencing is a short term bout of anxiety (for example) or whether it’s something more serious, like a mental health problem. In this article, we’ll help you work out whether you’re dealing with a blip, or something more serious.

Definition of insanity

Insanity is defined as a state in which someone is seriously mentally ill. Mental illness is very complex and can take different forms. You might imagine insanity to mean certain things such as hearing voices or having delusions, and this can be the case, but there are lots of other things it can include.

It’s also important to know that just because you have a mental health issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going insane and a lot of mental health conditions are treatable and can be prevented from getting worse.

How do you know if you’re going insane?

Here are some signs you can use to identify if you’ve got the beginnings of a mental health issue:

  • Losing interest in things you’ve previously enjoyed
  • Eating too much or not enough
  • Isolating yourself
  • Seeing and hearing voices
  • Feeling nervous, jumpy and panicky

Don’t freak out if you have one or two of these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’re getting sick. If you’re feeling stressed already, you might find yourself reading the list and thinking “that’s me!”

But the fact is we all have bad days and it’s very normal to behave like this on those bad days. The other thing to remember is that, if you’re dealing with a big life event such as a breakup or losing someone close to you, it is very very normal to feel low, anxious or sad. These feelings can even be useful – they help us to process whatever it is that has happened. 

It’s only if these feelings don’t go away, or build up into a giant barrier between you and the life you want to be living that it’s time to seek help.

How to get help if you feel like you’re going insane

Whether you think you’re experiencing is a short term blip or something more serious, you deserve support. Here are some ideas to hopefully help. 

  • Talk to someone. Anyone you trust. A friend, sibling – anyone you know will listen to you and help you sort out what’s going on in your head. (We also have some tips on talking to your partner about your mental health). 
  • Read our Understanding Depression article and do the NHS Mood Self-Assessment quiz.
  • Talking to a mental health professional can be calming – your doctor is the best place to start.
  • Get in touch with SANE for completely confidential emotional support. 
  • Ease off on the partying. By this we mean the alcohol and drugs – legal or illegal. Comedowns can feel like nervous breakdowns, and that’s the last thing you need.
  • Try and get enough sleep. We’re not really designed to go more than a night without sleep.
  • Get some exercise. Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins that will help you stop worrying for a bit.
  • Make sure you’re eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. Going without food or water for too long can make your mood plunge.

Why am I going insane?

The first thing to realise is that it’s totally normal to feel like this sometimes.

When you were a kid, you probably thought being a grown-up meant staying up all night and eating chocolate for breakfast. Sounds great, right? Instead, adult life turns out to be more of a malfunctioning rollercoaster, lurching from high to low with no warning.

You might feel on the brink of madness right now, and those feelings are very real and very scary. But you’re not alone because most – if not every – person your age will feel like this at some point.

Since life is changing so fast, it’s likely the feelings you’re having will too. In fact, it’s entirely likely that in a few hours time you might start to feel a bit better. And if not, then help is out there.

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I want to go crazy

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Svetlana 07/06/18 at 19:22

Hello. Interested in your opinion on the following issue.
I want to go crazy. I understand how terrible it is, how these people suffer and suffer. I imagine how hard it will be for my relatives to admit that I am crazy and for my friends. I already give them a lot of trouble, because of my fault they can experience a feeling of deep anguish (at least it seems to me). I understand the absurdity and stupidity of this thought, but nevertheless it sits in my head. (Not without reason: in this way I kind of give up, relieve myself of all responsibility. I have always been very shy, it is difficult to communicate with people ... now I am 20 years old. And so I thought, if I were crazy, I would feel freer, and would be able to respond to those who offend me.This is not the only reason, and not even the main one, it's just an example.)0003 Sometimes it seems to me as if I have already been diagnosed with some kind of diagnosis (for example, schizophrenia), then I become very scared (almost panic) or this thought can bring me to tears. Nevertheless, despite the fear, the desire, in general, remains.
People get sick because they themselves unconsciously want it. For some reason, it is “profitable” for them to get sick. I have the advantage of being aware of what I want. I'm not in the habit of hiding my true intentions from myself at all. I hide nothing (well, almost nothing) from myself, but people disguise, create illusions for themselves, adjust themselves to a socially approved look, and this is where all their problems come from. (Although I am not against it. If each person relied only on his own needs and did not “adjust” himself to social norms, there would be chaos. If nature is so arranged, then it should be so.)
I even recognized such an unnatural thought, although of course not right away ... (I certainly did well that I recognized it, but in my opinion there is nothing unique here.)
So that's what I'm talking about... I don't want to get sick, I'm learning the Hungarian language, mentally I don't want any diseases at all, but emotionally I want insanity, which is what I'm afraid of. How to pull myself together now?

3 answer

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Daria Gulyaeva 07/07/18 at 18:26 All answers by the author

I want to go crazy

Svetlana, hello!
You are really great: you are aware of the reasons why you want to "go crazy" (in general, this is an infantile, childish desire not to solve your difficulties, not to grow up for real, not to engage in relationships with yourself and the world), you see benefit from insanity (crazy people are forgiven for all insults, and under the guise of illness, you can do what you don’t allow yourself now). And at the same time, you are afraid that your desire will somehow come true. Svetlana, let's look at reality. Desires do not have such power: even if you wish with all your heart to go crazy, this will not happen simply because it is not in your power, no madness comes from a simple desire. By the way, do you know what schizophrenia or other mental illnesses look like? In this state, people are usually rarely able to do what you attribute to the disease, such as defending themselves from offenders. As for the answer to your last question, I propose to start by working on yourself: improving relationships with yourself, with other people, strengthening your ability to be in this world, be responsible for your actions, protect yourself, etc. It's just real. I will be happy to help you.

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Julia 07/07/18 at 19:02 All answers by the author

I want to go crazy

Good afternoon, Svetlana
Your desire to get sick is associated with the perception of this as a beautiful escape from problems. To begin with, changes in mental health can be very different, and not at all with the "effect" you expect. With paranoia, you will be even more afraid, and with severe schizophrenia, you can completely lose contact with reality and fight not with your offenders, whom you will stop perceiving, but with much more unpleasant entities in your head. What then?
You fantasize about the desired development of events, but this is not the area where everything goes according to plan.

People get sick because they themselves unconsciously want it

Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. There are also viral / bacterial infections that immunity cannot cope with and diseases from excessive overload, the body does not have enough strength to fight, regardless of strong-willed attitudes. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself and follow the rules that are created so as not to "break" our body - this is with nutrition, regimen, physical activity, etc.
Your motivation is important:

I thereby give up, as it were, relieve myself of any responsibility. I've always been very shy, it's hard to communicate with people... now I'm 20 years old. And so it occurred to me that if I were crazy, I would feel freer and be able to answer those who offend me.

Although you write that this is not the main reason - what then is the main one? Why do you need this? The most reasonable way is to find another solution to your need. Is it possible to become freer without madness? What are the difficulties in communication? Perhaps you should direct your efforts towards gaining self-confidence and developing communication skills? This will allow you to solve the problem and consciously enjoy the joys of life without creating additional difficulties for loved ones.
If your thoughts often return to this idea, then the problem is significant for you, it should not be ignored. But to work with a real need - what prevents me from living, and not with a fictitious decision "I'll go crazy and everything will be fine"
Perhaps these articles will help you start working with yourself https://psyhelp24.org/uncertainty/ and https://psyhelp24.org/choice/ .
Best regards, Julia Zavgorodnaya

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Lola Makarova 13.12.19 at 13:08 All answers by the author

I want to go crazy

Hello Svetlana.

I have always been very shy, it is difficult to communicate with people… now I am 20 years old.
Learn more