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5 Signs You Aren't Meant to Work for Someone Else

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The expansive ocean of people around the world makes for a fascinating life journey.

People choose to live vastly different lifestyles. They might choose to become an entrepreneur, study at university, work for an organization, find fulfillment traveling the world performing charity work close to their heart, work for six months and explore the world for the remainder of the year, or live in different countries dependent on the weather.

Five Telltale Signs

Irrespective of the life you choose, you are guaranteed to encounter the never-ending battle between individuals, recruiters, and employers. In the face of recruiters' and employers' constant efforts to place individuals in a box, there are those who admit defeat and remain in the box.

Then there are those who profusely refuse and fight like heavyweight champ Joe Louis at the mere thought of remaining in a small confined box for the rest of their lives. The latter are the individuals who inevitably find themselves searching for the right path to enable them to permanently live outside the box, despite external influences attempts to push them back in.

These entrepreneurs simply refuse to fit into a check box, they make the rules rather than follow them, absolutely despise being told what to do, value freedom, and want to live life on their terms.

Here are the five telltale signs you are not supposed to be an employee:

1. You're Highly Restless

Highly restless people will continually struggle to stay in one job for a long period of time. They are restless because they require constant challenge, an interesting role within an organization that allows them to color outside the lines.

This is where it begins and ends. Organizations have so many rules and regulations that it can be difficult to color outside the lines. This results in restlessness, which leads to boredom.

Organizations face an uphill battle to attract top talent, and more importantly, retain it. The Wall Street Journal reported that the average job tenure for individuals between the ages of 20 to 24 was 16 months, and three years was the average job tenure for those aged 25 to 34.

2. You Love Never-Ending Challenges

It is a well-known fact that high-performing individuals leave organizations if they are not given significant challenges in their role.

High performers are renowned for pushing the boundaries and achieving goals that exceed expectations, and therefore, if the organization is unable to fast track a promotion, present opportunities such as project work that develops the individual further, these high performers are easily bored and sprint towards the first exit sign.

3. You Were Born to Be Fiercely Creative

Creative individuals' internal desire keeps them highly motivated. They thoroughly enjoy unveiling their plethora of ideas and innovative solutions to management within organizations.

The challenge lies in retaining these individuals, for they become restless and frustrated working in a 9-to-5 environment, limited by a rigid job description and unable to bring any of their ideas to fruition or irritated by the constant battle to overcome obstacles along the way.

4. You Are Insanely Talented

Thankfully, the 9-to-5 job is slowly dying, with an increase in the number of individuals leaving jobs to become self-employed or choose from the delectable freelance opportunities available.

Those who are insanely talented want the freedom to run their own race, work with clients they love, find innovative ways of working, utilize their talents, significantly raise their income, and pivot at a moment's notice.

They have grown tired of being chained to a desk, which is such an antiquated way of working. The Swedish are already experimenting with six-hour workdays, and reporting that productivity and retention increased. Organizations preach work-life balance yet expect employees to work long hours at a desk at the expense of engaging in quality family time, hobbies, and further studies, often due to exhaustion or mental health issues.

Being technologically connected is destroying relationships and increasing work expectations to unattainable levels. Just ask a partner working in a professional services company or the CEO of any organization, the email communication alone is out of control.

5. You Want to Rule the World

Individuals who want to rule the world rarely fit into society's ideals, and that is exactly how they like it.

They are wired that way, it's a part of their personality that is hard to ignore, which is why these individuals effectively have no option but to leave a laborious role to enter the majestic world of entrepreneurship.

Famous entrepreneurs who make their own rules mix the right ingredients together to deliver exactly what the world needs. Namely, entrepreneurs like: Lisa Messenger, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Sheryl Sandberg.

These entrepreneurs are paid for results, whereas organizations choose to pay people primarily based on the time spent at the organization, such as full-time or part-time roles and consulting or contracting opportunities, which is highly inefficient.

Of course, there are key performance indicators to be achieved, budgets to meet, and bonuses used to motivate. However, the most important factors to consider are how much time, energy, and money are being spent on any one business activity. This concurs with Harvard Business Review, which defined time as an organization's scarcest resource.

Long story short, all you know is that you weren't born to do one thing for your entire life, your vision keeps you awake at night, you possess more energy than 10 aerobic instructors put together, so you opt for uncertainty and challenge over routine and, from the depths of your soul, you know that you are capable of doing, living, learning, and earning more on your own than you ever would working for someone else.

Aug 15, 2016

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Sick of Working for Someone Else? Here are 3 Things You Must Do Before You Quit Your Job.

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By Nick Ruiz

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If you're reading Entrepreneur and you're still working for someone else, there's a strong chance that you are sick of your current job. And that's OK. Your reason for being sick of it may be that you know you can be performing at a higher level doing what you're passionate about, but you're stuck in a rut in an unfilling position, and you're not sure how to branch out on your own.


If you want to go out on your own, there are a few things you must do before you dive in head first:

1. Realize that hating your job does not automatically mean you should be an entrepreneur.

Putting your own stake in the ground as an entrepreneur is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself and takes you down a special path of personal development that nothing else could.

Related: 4 Reasons to Quit Your Job

That said, one issue I have noticed occurring in the workforce is employees think that if they hate working for someone else that means they're an entrepreneur at heart. While this may be true in many cases, a lot of times it's not. Maybe you just don't like your boss or the company you work for. Maybe you are in a field that doesn't fulfill you like you thought it would. Maybe you are sick of all of the politics of the corporate world. The bottom line is that you need to assess a few more things before you confirm that starting your own business is the route for you.

2. Identify your skillsets and expertise.

After you've assessed your situation and realized that you're ready to become an, it's time to get things started for you. Everyone has a million ideas, but they are worthless when they are only sitting idle in someone's brain. They must be brought to fruition and that takes lots of consistent action. Remember, execution trumps all. Many times, the strength and persistence of the entrepreneur is much more powerful than the actual strength of the idea.

You need to quickly do a self-assessment and find out all of the things that you're good at and that you like to do.

One thing that I notice when talking with other entrepreneurs is that they take their skills for granted and assume it's common knowledge. In many instances, that is far from the case.

You have skills from your life experiences that you can start to build a business off of. And there is practically an infinite amount of people online that could be in the market to appreciate your skills and expertise -- and willing to pay something for them.

Related: Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Before You Quit Your Job, Do These 4 Things

If you start a business that's incongruent with your skillset but you want to get into because it sounds cool or sexy, you're going to end up in a mess and probably have to eventually go back to the drawing board. Avoid this by realizing what gaps you can help people fill: This is where people will give you money in exchange for your value.

If you think that you're drawn to a specific type of business but don't have much knowledge or skill in that area, get a mentor or coach who can guide you through it. Devour as much education material as you can, so you can get your business going soon. Again, the key here is to make sure you take as much action as possible instead of staying in the permanent "learning phase."

3. Start working on your business on the side.

I'm a huge fan of minimizing risk. So I always suggest people to start working on their business on nights and weekends before you go and quit your job.

I'm a real estate entrepreneur and house flipper, and I started doing this in my time outside of work hours in the beginning until the income replaced my job. Then I made the safe decision to quit and pursue the business full time. Once I was able to do that my business grew exponentially, because I had 40 more hours per week to dedicate to it.

Also by starting your business on the side, you'll make smart business decisions that make sense and not based on "fight or flight" psychology that occurs when you have no source of income.

That said, I will say there's something to having your back against the wall with no way out. I was in that position during bankruptcy and it instilled a sense of urgency inside of me that made me take insane amounts of massive action in a short amount of time. I became financially independent very quickly after that, because I had no other choice.

So proceed with caution and think very carefully before you quit your job.

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What if I hate my job? Psychologist answers

Afisha Daily continues to ask psychotherapist Adriana Imzh questions about relationships with herself, people around her and the world.

This time we figure out what to do if you hate your job, but depend on it financially.

Adriana Imzh

Graduate of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University and the course of Ekaterina Mikhailova at the Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy, author of the book "Informal notes of a psychotherapist". Conducts group and individual work with clients since 2007.

A stalemate, of course. But let's try to figure it out.

Surprisingly, attitudes towards work also have a cultural connotation. In different cultures, work is treated differently: in Spain, in Israel, in the USA and in other countries, many people love their work and go to it with pleasure, rather upset if there is no work.
It has to do with goals and values.

In Russia, children are rarely explained why work is needed and why it is valuable. Why it is good to work, for example, as a baker or a carpenter. Much more often, children are oriented either simply to financial success, or to some positions associated with power or social prestige: bosses, doctors, financiers, lawyers. Therefore, adults often suffer from the fact that their expectations and goals are not realized in work. In countries where it is simply important that you work and benefit people, there are fewer people who are disappointed with work.

It's important to ask yourself: why do I hate my job? I don't like the people I communicate with? I don't like what I'm doing? Did I expect that I would lead a different lifestyle at my age? I came into this profession to do one thing, but I have to do something completely different?

Do you love your job?

And it seems important to me to start with the fact that many of us lack respect for our work. Am I doing something, is it not a criminal offense and is generally aimed at improving life (mine or other people's)? I'm fine fellow. It's already work. Maybe not the best, but valuable. At least for me. Yes, there are certainly people who earn more than me and live more interesting, richer, better, more comfortable. But my work is important. If I don't respect him, what can I expect from others?

The second problem is relationships between people. Quite often, relations in teams are not very pleasant, there are many negative assessments, competition, sluggish conflicts can smolder for years. Corporate activity and team building are most often perceived with aggression and resistance - there is no desire to recognize colleagues, imbue them and interact. But this is a very important point - people spend many hours in a team, and at least one friendly colleague with whom you can have lunch and chat near the kettle significantly relieves psychologically.

My work is important. If I don't respect him, what can I expect from others?

Sometimes in the collectives there is not enough of someone who could be friendly to everyone, organize activities, trips, events - just such that everyone would have fun. You can become such a person (if you want, of course).

If not at all, methods of psychological relief help: draw comics about your crazy serpentarium or write stories, publish a wall newspaper - even if only for yourself, support colleagues in battles against each other, mentally placing bets on who will win. Mental distancing from the process of unpleasant actions or communications significantly reduces the level of irritation.

When there is a discrepancy between what I do and what I would like to do, in some cases it helps to go to school - either to improve my qualifications or to get a new profession. This, firstly, gives hope for a change in the current situation, and secondly, it allows you to do something new and interesting. When in painting classes someone says: “Lord, how tired I am of working as a physics teacher!” - there will surely be someone who will sympathize and support, while in the school teacher's room it is much more likely to hear - "We are all tired, and nothing - we are silent."

Several times I have had to work with blue-collar workers with very good leadership and organizational skills. But the team pulled them back - and they needed my help and support so that they decided to study and move on - to more complex, well-paid and interesting positions.

It is not easy to answer the question “What are you doing there, studying? Do you think you're smarter than us?" find the correct answer or refuse to go drinking with the guys on Friday night because you have an exam tomorrow. Nevertheless, it was study that helped people at least say to themselves: “Yes, I am smarter than them and think more about my tomorrow, so it is important for me to pass this exam.”

It is very important to ask for more support from friends and family. Of course, it happens that things are not very good with their work either - some of my clients said with amazement that they, in principle, did not meet people who like their work. One of the girls in the group was amazed to find that she was the only one there who did not like her work - in her childhood and among her family members, work was a horror story that required sacrifice and suffering. For her, finding people who love their work and go to it with pleasure was already a powerful incentive to start doing something to change their situation, because if an interesting job is not a utopia, but a real thing, then it makes sense to look for it.

Details on the topic

Humiliation and courage: what is a stressful interview

Humiliation and courage: what is a stressful interview

therefore I need additional support, this can also help a lot. When another person next to you says: “I understand that you don’t like it, but you keep the whole family afloat” or “I sympathize with you, I hope the crisis in your area will end soon and you can find something new,” live becomes more fun.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in most cases, working with a psychologist helps to increase well-being. Often, employees in Russia are underpaid, their salaries have not been indexed for years, colleagues do not even try to develop and somehow improve the current situation, and those people who begin to defend themselves, show initiative, move forward and learn new things quickly gain a strategic advantage. In a number of cases, it helped my clients to simply ask for a revision of salaries and duties and not be afraid to speak about their needs not in the format of blackmail, but in the format of defending themselves.

One of the scariest things people usually say to themselves is “Where are we going to go?”. Sometimes there are times when there is nowhere to go. During such periods, it is important to work so that at the end of them the direction for self-destruction still appears.

I hate work and work in principle!

#1 Therefore, you need to look for some kind of remote work so that for a few hours, it’s better to pay a little than that’s all.



It seems to me that it’s quite a penny in terms of money at a distance))
Although this is of course such a plus that you don’t need to go anywhere, you are your own boss, etc. .
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Well, yes, winter morning morning subscribing is just tinny. .
Are you also looking for ads about remote work on the Internet?
I just ran into a job for the first time and I don’t rummage at all.

You can search on the same hh. ru where there is a direct option "Remote employment" only without work experience it is difficult and it depends on the profession.



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Yes, we broke up with another one not so long ago ..
I thought for now to hang out without a man, but how can I take a loan (in December) to find a thread of a little man a couple of months before that, so that he pays me this loan)
I have there is already a whole plan in my head, but there is no plan regarding how to work for 8 months and not kill anyone and not lean back myself

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You're not going anywhere from work now. The car needs insurance, technical inspections, tire changes, oil, gasoline, and all this costs a lot of money.
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I already wrote a letter of resignation this morning, in 2 weeks I won’t drive anything))) but yes, stupid, I admit it) I had to save more money than I did



Oh, some of them cackled, apparently it hurt that I had never worked in my life, as there was always money without work) and now I went to the office, because with the peasant parted and there was not so much money left, well, plus a car. Work, work, waste your only life to work, stupid suckers. And today I wrote a letter of resignation, I will look for a man with money, a sponsor, roughly speaking, which I have always had. You are so angry and envious, fu, and yes, who said there that I am not good for work, but I am good only to clean the house? Wahah by, I don’t even know how to cook and I don’t plan to learn it, my ex-husband always cooked, cleaned) I love myself too much to do this 9March 30, 2021 Did the forum influence? Blimey!

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I have some money for a down payment, not much, not more than 500 thousand, I will take a car and look for a man who will pay me the loan in the future. Until I find him, my parents will pay for the loan, we already discussed this with them today before I wrote the application


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Parents will die soon, they are already old. How will you bury them? and what to live on, housing and communal services, pay for cars, if you are used to being like a housewife, like I do something, or in another way a parasite, as Mikhail Zadornov said.



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