How to test your boyfriend love for you

13 Ways To Test Your Boyfriend's Love For You

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Men aren’t really transparent with their emotions. They don’t tell you what they are feeling or what’s going on in their mind. They will tell you they love you but can you tell with the utmost certainty that he loves you? You can’t. So, I present to you some ways on how to test your boyfriend’s love for you. I know it’s not the most decent thing to do, but hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Falling in love is one of the most intense and wonderful experiences that all of us have been through at least once in our lives. When you love someone, you don’t love just one aspect of them or the aspects which appeal to you. You love someone entirely, with all their quirks, flaws and imperfections. Does your boyfriend love you wholly for who you are? If you don’t know the answer, then now is the time to find out how to test your boyfriend’s love for you over text and in person.

Can You Test Someone’s Love For You? 

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Women are not mind readers to know what is really going on inside a man’s head. If the man you are currently seeing has a bad track record or if you have had terrible experiences in the past, then yes, you can test someone’s love for you. You can test your boyfriend’s loyalty if he has had issues with staying loyal and there are many ways to test if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Being cheated on changes you and it is one of the ghastliest things you can ever go through. It’s not just heartbreaking, it severely damages your self-respect. It makes you insane while you sit in your room questioning the authenticity of the relationship. When I was cheated on, I felt stupid. I felt like a fool. I cried for 8 months straight, I am not kidding. It took me two years to fully accept everything. And allow me to throw in another detail here. I still haven’t moved on. 

13 Ways To Test Your Boyfriend’s Love For You 

If you have given your all to a man and you don’t know if he loves you or just lusts you, or if you have the slightest doubt about his loyalty to you, then you are not wrong to look for ways of how to test your boyfriend’s love for you. Don’t think it’s immoral or evil. If, at the right time, I had asked questions like how to test my bf if he really loves me, then I wouldn’t have wasted four years of my life.

Just don’t confuse these points of how to test your boyfriend’s loyalty for mind games. Playing mind games with someone is nothing short of manipulation and emotional abuse. It’s wrong and it shouldn’t be practiced on people whom you love. Below are some light, fun and unique ways on how to test your boyfriend’s love for you.

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1. Ask open-ended questions

This is one of the best answers to the question ‘How to test your boyfriend over text?’. He’s at his place and you’re at yours unaware of what he must be doing. He could be thinking about you or he could be watching a movie, or he could be checking another girl’s account on Instagram as you are falling head over heels in love with him. The only way to bridge this distance is by texting him.

You can ask open-ended and controversial relationship questions on dating, marriage, love, and loyalty. Open-ended questions deepen the relationship by expressing your emotions and unmasking your thoughts. Not only does it lead to meaningful conversations, it’s also one of the best ways to find out more about your partner. You can find out a lot about him. From trivial things like if he’s a dog or a cat person to his views on boundaries, commitment and relationships.

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2. Talk abou

t the future with him

How many of us have fallen prey to relationships that didn’t have a future? Almost all of us. That’s why it’s important to ask how to test your boyfriend’s love for you. This is one of the cleverest ways to test your boyfriend’s loyalty toward the relationship. Talk about the future with him.

If you want to know how to tell what a guy wants from you, ask him what his future plans are, whether he wants to live in the same city or move to a new place. Ask him what kind of a wedding he wants. Find out if his future plans involve you or not. If he doesn’t bother answering or finds ways to dodge your questions, then such behavior can be subjected to further discussion. It will become clear to you that he isn’t in this for the long run. If you are looking for a life-long commitment from him, then he’s not the one for you.

3. See if he is interested in meeting your family and friends

If you have just started dating him, then this is one of the easiest ways to find out how to test your boyfriend over text. Just casually throw in during a conversation that your family is throwing a graduation party for your sister and see how he reacts. This could offer you an answer to the question ‘how to test your boyfriend’s love for you?’. Invite him to dinner with your friends. If he seems interested and readily agrees to meet the loved ones in your life, then you have nothing to worry about.

How do you know you love someone? When you want to know everything about them. The food they love, the shows they binge on, about their social circle and their family members. If he seems disinterested or never shows any earnestness in knowing what’s happening in your family, then it is one of the signs he is talking to someone else and he might not want a long-term relationship with you. 

4. Observe his actions

If you are asking how can I test my boyfriend’s love for me, then observe his actions. With careful observation, you can test if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Pay attention to small details. Has he not shared with you his mobile phone’s lock code yet? Or has he suddenly changed the code? Has he suddenly become overprotective about his phone? These are some alarming signs you shouldn’t overlook. 

Telling you he loves you isn’t a big deal. Anybody can say those three words without actually meaning them. You need to identify fake relationships. See if his actions are in alignment with his words. Don’t observe him in a way that makes you look like a suspicious or jealous girlfriend. Be smart. Observe him in a way that comes across as infatuation and concern. Observing him closely could offer you solid hints that could help you answer the question ‘how to test your boyfriend’s love for you?’.

5. Tell him you want to meet his parents 

Introducing your SO to your parents is a big decision. That’s one of the dead giveaways a person is serious about you. Subtly suggest to your partner that you’d like to meet his crew or let him know you would like to introduce you to his family members. If he agrees and arranges for a dinner where you can meet them, then he is serious about you and isn’t fooling around.

If you have been together for a while and he still hasn’t asked you to meet his friends and family, stop wasting your time and wave him goodbye. When I was in a relationship with my former lover, he was completely opposed to the idea of introducing me to his family. He kept saying, “I’ll introduce you at the right time.” When the right time came, his infidelity came to light.  

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6. Ask him to post a picture with you 

This is one of the best ways to test if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Some men are generally inactive on social media, and there are some who are frequently active but they make it a point to appear inactive. They are just spectators and stalkers who will check out all the pictures but refrain from posting their pictures. If your partner falls under either of those categories, then you have nothing to worry about.

If your partner actively participates in posting and sharing pictures on social media but hasn’t posted a single picture with you, then he is just not ready to tell the world about your existence and that’s one of the alarming signs he is talking to another woman. Some people are very smart about this. When I persisted with my former partner to post a picture of us on his Instagram, he was so smart that he shared a picture of us using the “close friends” option. I was so happy. A year later, I found out I was the only one on that list. 

7. See if he compromises 

The ability to willingly and gladly compromise in a marriage or relationship is a constant flux which helps in sustaining the relationship. It is very important that both the parties compromise equally. If there’s only one person who is always compromising, then it’s nothing short of a sacrifice. If you are asking how can I test my bf if he really loves me, then try to make a scenario which would require some sort of a compromise from his end.

Start from something small. Suggest movie and restaurant recommendations. Then, move on to the bigger things like staying with you when he has plans with his friends. If he chooses to stay with you instead of hanging out with his friends, then you can be assured that he has the ability to compromise and is in the relationship for the long haul. But don’t go overboard with this and make yourself a villain. 

8. Find out if he is with you just for sex

A good sexual relationship helps in forming an intimate connection with your partner. If he comes over just to have sex or if he calls you over only when he’s in the mood, then you need to test your boyfriend’s love for you. If you want to know how to test your boyfriend over text, then notice if he attempts to make a flirty or sexual remark in every conversation. 

If all your dinner dates end up with the two of you having sex, then he is into it just for sex. Test his love for you by asking if he can stay over, cuddle and watch a movie with you without getting intimate with you. Some men I personally know don’t meet their girlfriends when they are on their period. That’s how you test your boyfriend’s loyalty and love for you. If all he wants is sex from you, then dump him. You deserve better. 

9. How to test your boyfriend’s love for you? See if he is vulnerable with you

Vulnerability is important in relationships for many reasons. It helps you to be more open and builds a wall of safety where you can unload all your secrets, baggage and traumas. When there is no vulnerability, the relationship is merely on the surface level. Both people have to be vulnerable for a relationship to work out.

If you are the only one who is sharing every thought that pops in your head, then it’s obvious he isn’t taking the relationship seriously. If you want to know how to test your boyfriend’s love for you, then let him know that he can trust you. If he still chooses to remain aloof even after you’ve proven your trustworthiness, then he just doesn’t care about making the relationship work.

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10. Has he been there for you when you fell sick? 

Through thick and thin, sickness and health aren’t just sayings you throw around casually in a relationship. If you say it, then you better act on it as well. If you want to test your boyfriend’s love for you, then see how he acts with you when you are sick. If he abandons you and shows up again when you’re healthy, then your partner or spouse is taking you for granted.

When you’re sick and he shows up to your place with soup and medicines, then he’s a gem and you shouldn’t be asking how can I test my bf if he really loves me if he spends the night looking after you. Being caring is a rare quality to find in people. If your boyfriend doesn’t care about you when you’re ill and is out partying, then you need to question your priority in his life.

11. Does he support your dreams?

We all have dreams. Some we’ve achieved, some we’ve discarded and some we are moving heaven and earth to work out. If you want to know how to test your boyfriend’s love for you, then tell him about your dreams and notice his reaction to it. If he is supportive and pushes you toward achieving them, then it’s one of the signs of unconditional love and he will support you for the rest of his life.

When I told my previous boyfriend I wanted to quit my job to become a writer, he laughed. Yes, he burst into laughter right there and said, “Dreaming of becoming the next J. K. Rowling? Well, keep dreaming.” He didn’t just embarrass and disrespect me, he also insulted my writing which was pretty hurtful. The point is, when you love someone, you will never make them feel like shit for focusing on their dreams. You will support them no matter how difficult it is to achieve that dream. 

12. Disagree with him

Disagreements, conflicts and fighting in a marriage or relationship are common. You fight and forget because it’s the love you have for your partner which pulls you back to him. If you are looking for ways on how to test your boyfriend’s love for you, then disagree with him. See how he tries to settle this difference of opinion.

If he lets you have your way, then he loves you and doesn’t mind moulding his ways for you. But if he is adamant and stubborn about making his points clear, then it’s time you analyze the relationship. 

13. Are you his priority?

By this, I am not saying he has to put you above his siblings or parents or his best friends. It’s outright stupid to ask questions like “who will you save if I fell in the sea with your mother?”. If you want to know how to test your boyfriend’s love for you, then see how he treats you. Priority just isn’t putting one person over another. It’s more nuanced than that. 

It’s how your partner makes sure he spends time with you. He never forgets to surprise you with flowers. He apologizes after a fight. He makes it a point to include you in his decisions. He introduces you to his close friends and family. He gives you attention without you having to beg for it. He compromises equally. He doesn’t treat you like his last resort. These are the things you need to look for in a relationship.

When you are in love with someone, you want them to love you back with equal ardor and passion. But don’t ever beg for their love. It should come from within. What’s the point of love when you have to ask for it or demand it from someone? If you feel like you aren’t being appreciated or acknowledged, then you might as well move away from him instead of asking how to test your boyfriend’s love for you over text or in person.

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38 things to do with your boyfriend to test whether he is the one

Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend is really ‘the one’?

The good news is you can test if he’s your soulmate (or not.) All you need to do is one (or several) of the 38 tests below.

Let’s get started!

1) Converse about the future.

Do your boyfriend’s eyes light up whenever you talk about the future?

Or does he shy away from it – and steer the conversation towards something else?

If your beau is the former, then it’s a sign that he’s the one.

Remember: this test should be just as reciprocal. If you’re just as willing to discuss the future, then it’s essentially telling him that you’re ‘the one’ too.

2) Talk ‘intimate’ things with your boyfriend.

When I say intimate things, it’s not just about sex and the likes.

If your boyfriend is indeed the one, he shouldn’t hold back when it comes to deep (even embarrassing topics.)

He should be able to talk to you about the ‘darkest’ parts of his life, be it about his childhood, his past relationships, and whatnot.

The same test applies to you, of course. If he’s your soulmate, then you should be able to discuss the most intimate parts of your life with him.

3) Introduce your boyfriend to all of your friends.

Maybe you’re in that part of the relationship where everything has gotten deeper. Needless to say, this is the best time for you to introduce your boyfriend to your friends.

Observe how they interact.

It may be awkward at first, but are they faring better as time progresses?

It’s good if they do.

Remember: if you and your boyfriend are in it for the long haul, he’s going to have to deal with your pals too!

4) Observe how he spends money.

While you may love each other like crazy, it’s not the only thing that runs the relationship.

Money is a significant deciding factor too.

In fact, ⅓ of couples report money as a great source of conflict in their relationships.

If you want to know for sure that he’s the one, then observe how he spends money.

It’s best if you can balance your expenditures out, especially if you’re one big shopaholic. You don’t want to come across money problems in the future, after all.

5) Miss his calls ‘accidentally.’

Relationships are not always smooth-sailing. There are bound to be annoyances along the way, so it’s good to test for them right now.

One of the best ways to gauge how he responds to minor annoyances is to miss his calls accidentally.

Will he take this in stride, or will he throw a hissy fit?

Missing his calls is also a way to test his concern for you.

If he doesn’t stop calling – or if he keeps on sending texts for you to call him back right away – then it’s a sign that he cares deeply for you.

6) Intentionally run late to a date.

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to relationships. Well, you can test it – just like the way he might test yours – by running late to a date.

Does he stay patient – or does he get up and leave right away?

You’d want a soulmate who’s the former, of course. For one, patient people are “more cooperative, more empathic, more equitable, and more forgiving.”

A study also goes on to add:

“Patience may enable individuals to tolerate flaws in others, therefore displaying more generosity, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.”

Don’t we want these all in a soulmate?

7) Observe him while you’re both stuck in traffic.

Another way to test his patience – and overall demeanor – is to see how he acts whenever he’s stuck in traffic.

Granted that people are predestined to be angry in heavy traffic, this will help observe crucial cues in your partner.

How does he deal with the hold-up?

Does he go crazy – or does he remain zen, as if nothing affects him?

If you get married in the future – you’re bound to meet similar (if not more challenging) obstacles.

You’d want to be with a person who keeps calm and composed – even if things have gone down the drain.

8) Take him on a whole-day shopping spree.

As mentioned, relationships require a lot of patience.

In fact, it’s a crucial ingredient for a long-lasting marriage.

One of the best ways to test your boyfriend’s patience is to take him on a whole-day shopping spree.

There’s going to be a lot of this in the future, after all.

This will give you a bird’s eye view of how he deals with waiting – and boredom, too.

As a bonus, he may be the ‘voice’ that will tell you when to stop!

9) Take away his phone for a few hours (or a day, even.)

Another way to test his patience is to keep him phone-free for a few hours (a day, even.)

This will help you see how he reacts during extreme boredom.

Will he find a way to amuse himself, or will he go crazy and ‘force’ you to return his phone?

Needless to say, this will help you gauge how he might deal with similar circumstances in the future.

10) Work out with your boyfriend.

Maybe you’re both too busy with work that you’ve let yourselves go.

Apart from regaining your sexy bodies back, working out with him can help you test whether or not he’s the one.

For one, it can give you an insight into his determination – which is undoubtedly a crucial element for any relationship.

Does he stick through the exercise plan, despite having to wake up early for it?

The best thing about working out with your beau is more than the testing that comes with it.

It also offers a bevy of things that will benefit your relationship, such as:

  • Increased emotional bond
  • Enhanced mutual commitment
  • More happiness!

11) Go on a diet with him.

Just like working out with your boyfriend, going on a diet with him will help you test if he’s really the one.

Again, this will help test their determination. You’d want a boyfriend who pushes through adversities, after all.

Another good thing about dieting with him?

According to dietitian Anna Kippen, it gives you “the opportunity to ask him for support.”

You’d want someone whom you can rely on, and this is one good (and healthy) way to determine so.

“They may appreciate the request and be happy to help,” she adds.

12) Go clubbing with your boyfriend.

If you love dancing the night away, taking your boyfriend to the club is an excellent way to test him.

In fact, it can help you determine a variety of things, such as:

  • How he handles alcohol
  • The way he looks at other girls
  • His reaction when other guys look at you
  • His ‘gentlemanliness’
  • His ability to befriend others

Better yet, it can give the reprieve that you both need! Who doesn’t want to let loose after a terrible week at the office?

13) Ask your boyfriend to cook food for you.

Unless your boyfriend is a chef (or a great cook), you can test him by asking him to cook for you.

Not only will this show his willingness to help (in the kitchen or otherwise,) this will help you check his independence too.

Just don’t expect too much from his dish, though, especially if he’s new to this!

Remember: you won’t always be able to cook food for him in the future. It’s nice to know if he can serve himself when the time comes.

14) Ask your boyfriend to buy you an outfit.

If your boyfriend is indeed the one, he should know your taste, especially in fashion.

A fun way to test this is to ask him to buy you an outfit.

If he nails everything – from the style to the sizes – then it’s a sign that he’s the one for you.

If he fails, you shouldn’t necessarily kick him to the curb, though. It may be a sign that you need to communicate more.

In fact, here’s a link on how to get your man to answer your questions (and ask some, too. )

15) Tell your boyfriend to ‘surprise’ you.

While you needn’t ask him to surprise you (he should do this independently), it’s an excellent way to test him.

Again, it’s a way for you to check if he knows what you really like.

According to author Erin Leyba, Ph.D.:

“One way to make kindness “come alive” in your relationship is by surprising your partner for no reason at all.”

Just like asking him to buy an outfit, you know you’ve got a keeper if he has indeed managed to surprise you.

16) Ask your boyfriend to take you out on a ‘wine and dine’ experience.

Every lady wants to be spoiled – even the independent ones!

Asking him to treat you to a wine and dine experience is a great way to check his hero instinct.

It’s his drive to “provide for those he cares about, including his family, friends and especially his romantic partner.”

As relationship coach Amie Leadingham puts it:

“A lot of men still subscribe to that goal of wanting to nurture a woman, to protect and provide.

17) Ask for an expensive (but not so expensive) gift.

Another way to trigger his hero instinct is to ask for an expensive gift.

Will he step up and give you the ring you’ve always wanted?

A word of caution, though: if your boyfriend is in an unpleasant financial situation, ask for a reasonably-priced gift as well. You don’t want your beau to end up in debt just to prove his love for you.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

18) Disagree with your boyfriend – in a public place.

Disagreements are common in relationships, whether he’s your soulmate or not.

So if you want to spend the rest of your life with him, you need to see how he addresses problems and issues.

Say you get in a disagreement with him in a public place – maybe in front of your family and friends.

How does he go about with this?

Does he do so respectfully? Or does he just explode and walk out?

Remember: you’d want a partner who can solve problems on his feet. As a bonus, this could help uncover his witty or funny side as well!

19) Ask him to accompany you to an event that you like.

Relationships are all about respecting each other’s differences. You might like something that he doesn’t – and you want him to be OK with this.

You can test the waters by inviting him to an event you like.

Sure, he might roll his eyes throughout the presentation.

What’s important, however, is that he stays put.

He knows you love this specific thing. If he is indeed the one, he should be more than willing to endure it for you.

He’ll be dealing with a lot of these events in the future, after all!

20) Ask your boyfriend to do something ‘girly’ with you.

Apart from taking him to an event you like (and he despises), you can test your boyfriend by taking him to a girly activity.

For example, you may ask him to do nails with you.

Sure, he may mess up your nails – but you should definitely give him an A+ for effort!

Doing these things with you means he isn’t set back by toxic masculinity.

He’s comfortable enough in his shell – and willing to participate in the girly things you love doing.

21) Ask your boyfriend to run some errands.

Let’s face it – we girls often have the task of doing the groceries, cooking food, and what have you.

You know for yourself that you’re a good woman to marry – but is he a good man to be with, too?

Well, one of the ways to test this is to ask him to do some errands.

For example, you may ask him to do the groceries if you’re running late.

Is he willing to do it – even if he can’t physically tell lettuce from cabbage?

Even if he messes things up, it’s good to know that he’s willing to do something – even if he’s no expert in it. It’s a sign that he’s ready to make the necessary sacrifices for your relationship.

22) See how your boyfriend reacts when you’re sick.

You’d want your soulmate to be able to take care of you, especially when push comes to shove.

The good news is you can test this early on in the relationship.

How does he deal with you being sick?

Does he pull out all the stops for you, even though it means getting sick as well?

If you’re in an LDR, does he make sure that you’re well taken care of – even if he’s far away?

If he makes you feel looked after – and pampered even – then it’s a sign that he’s indeed the one for you.

23) Volunteer for an organization.

It goes without saying that volunteering comes with a lot of benefits. It can help improve your physical and mental health, among many other things.

But did you know that it’s a good way to test your boyfriend too?

For one, this will help you see how he’ll respond to you spending your time on other causes. Relationships are all about give and take. In essence, you’d want a beau who appreciates your benevolent efforts – even if it takes some time away from him.

24) Donate to charity.

What does your boyfriend say whenever you donate to charity?

If he’s proud of you for doing this – and even volunteers to give money as well – then it’s a sign that he’s the one.

If he believes it to be a waste of time and money, then you may want to consider ending the relationship. You don’t want to be with a guy who makes you feel bad and puts down your beliefs.

25) Go on a vacation with him.

Traveling is more than just discovering new sights with your boyfriend. It’s a way to test if he is indeed the one for you.

According to author Sonal Kwatra Paladini – who met her husband while backpacking – travel can strengthen (or weaken) your relationship because:

  • You both see the worst in each other.
  • You get to gauge each other’s reactions when things go wrong.
  • It puts issues regarding space and trust out in the open.
  • It helps you converse – even confront things, as needed.
  • It helps you both compromise.
  • Traveling with each other requires a lot of teamwork!

26) Celebrate the holidays with him and his family (and vice-versa.


Just like travel, spending the holidays with your SO should help you test whether he’s the one for you.

It gives you a bird’s eye view of how he deals with relatives, especially those he doesn’t particularly like.

As matchmaker Ashley Campana puts it:

“The holidays are stressful for everyone. Multiply that by two people together for the holidays, a dash of family, and a sprinkle of expectations, and it’s a likely scenario that the stress level will be higher than it would be alone.”

To make things better, spending the holidays with each other’s families will give an idea of how the holidays will go with your future kids.

27) Ask your boyfriend to do something for your family.

If he is indeed the one, he’ll love your family as much as he loves you.

You can test this by asking him to do something for your family.

Does he pull out all the stops – the way he’ll do for you? Or does he grumpily, half-heartedly do the favor – simply because you asked him?

You’d want a soulmate who’ll do as much for your family as you would. They’re the most important thing in your life, after all.

Just remember: your boyfriend may leave – your family won’t.

28) Ask your boyfriend to get a gift for someone else.

Apart from doing things for your family, you’d want your boyfriend to do the same for the ‘other’ important people in your life.

An easy way to test this is to ask him to get a gift for your best friend.

Will he be more than happy to take on this task, even if he’s busy with work?

This test will help you determine his consideration for the people who’re close to your heart.

29) Ask your boyfriend to attend a family occasion that you can’t participate in personally.

Attending family functions is stressful enough, but can he do this – even if you’re not around?

Needless to say, you know you’ve found your soulmate if he puts your happiness above all else.

Sure, he may not be totally at ease with your strict father around. But he knows how much it means to you – and he’ll do it for you, no questions asked.

30) Ask him to pick up a friend who’s in trouble.

You may have a friend who needs your help. Unfortunately, you may be stuck at work or someplace else.

That said, you know your boyfriend is the one if he’s willing to take on the task.

He’s more than ready to pick up your friend, for he knows it’ll make you happy.

And, as your soulmate, he knows how crucial it is to put your happiness above all else.

31) Ask family or friends if he ‘gossips’ about you.

If he’s the one, he should be loyal to you 100%.

Even if he’s close to your family and friends, he should be able to keep his mouth zip about your issues.

You can test this loyalty simply by asking around. In some cases, you might not even have to wait for a family or friend to speak up.

32) Take your boyfriend to a work event.

Your boyfriend has to deal with more than just your family or friends. They need to put up with your workmates as well.

If you want to know how they’ll go about this, you should take them to a work event.

How does he interact with your colleagues – and your bosses?

Does he put in a good word about you – or does he end up blabbering about your daily work complaints?

At the end of the day, you’d want a partner who can tolerate all the intricacies of your job – and the people that come with them.

33) Bring him to events with different dress codes.

You’d want a boyfriend who can follow directions (or requests) no matter how rebellious he might be.

A subtle way of testing this is to take him to parties that require different dress codes.

Can he clean himself up – and put on a tux – when need be?

If he does, then it’s a sign that he can make sacrifices for you – even if it means abandoning his personality (or fashion style) for a brief moment.

34) Invite your boyfriend to a dress-up party.

It’s no secret that most women like funny guys. But if your boyfriend can’t throw a joke to save his life, it doesn’t mean you should kick him to the curb right away.

He may have a different definition of fun, which you can quickly test by taking him to a dress-up party.

Is he literally down to clown, especially when it comes to dressing up?

If he is, then it’s a great sign. You don’t want to be trapped in a humorless relationship, after all.

35) Attend a party that will go past midnight.

You’d want to be with someone who’s 100% serious about the relationship.

But as mentioned, you’d want a partner who can get loose from time to time.

You can check this out by taking your boyfriend to an all-night party.

Is he willing to get down and have a good time?

This is especially crucial for long-term relationships, which could get pretty boring as time progresses.

36) Host an event with him.

If you’re thinking of getting married to your boyfriend, you need to gauge his entertainment skills.

One good way to do this is to host an event with him.

Just think of this: both of you will be hosting parties in the future, whether it’s for friends and family.

You’d want someone who has your back during these times.

Hosting a party with him will give you a good idea of his entertainment skills – something that’ll definitely come in handy for the future.

37) Ask him to babysit with you.

He may have hinted that he wants to have a baby with you.

But how will he actually deal with your kids in the future?

Well, you can take on a practice run by asking him to babysit with you.

It goes without saying that you’ve got a keeper on your hands if he makes an effort – even if he’s having a hard time getting the baby in a onesie.

It’s also a bonus if he doesn’t mind the incessant crying!

38) Your psychic has told you so!

Psychics are intuitive and gifted individuals who can help guide you through the relationship process.

So if they tell you that he’s the one, you best believe them!

Remember: they have abilities such as precognition and clairvoyance – where they can see things and events happening in the near future.

If the tests mentioned above have left you second-guessing, you can get the confirmation you need from a trusted psychic.

Can a relationship coach help you too?

If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach.

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How to test a man's feelings: advice from psychologists

In the article we will tell:

  1. Reasons for testing men for feelings
  2. Tips for Recognizing a Man's Feelings
  3. Secrets of checking the feelings of a man
  4. Forbidden ways to check the feelings of a man

What could be more pleasant for a woman than the realization that she is loved? This magical, incomparable feeling can lift you to heaven and make you truly happy. It is not surprising that everyone is looking forward to when the beloved finally utters the cherished words.

Men, in turn, are not always in a hurry to confess tender feelings. It is in films that they perform feats, shower with roses and speak so beautifully that there is no doubt left. Everything is different in life. Representatives of the stronger sex are not so emotional, therefore they do not see the need to talk about their sympathies. Impatient women don't want to wait long. Intuition suggests that he is not indifferent, but how to make sure of this? How to check the feelings of a man and make sure that he is in love?

Reasons for testing men for feelings

Various sociological surveys show that women are more prone to doubts about the feelings of their partners. It is they who are interested in the question of how to check how sincere feelings a man has for them. Young people are rarely interested in such problems, since they are initially more self-confident, act as conquerors and winners. Girls think about how to check a man for feelings when:

  • lack of self-confidence leads to a constant search for confirmation of love from a partner;
  • despite the duration of the relationship, the young man does not transfer them to a new plane, does not take decisive action;
  • partner's feelings cause doubts in a woman, so she wants to check them in order to understand whether it is worth continuing the relationship;
  • The behavior of the young man is ambiguous, there are no obvious signs of affection on his part, but he is also not going to stop meeting.

Lovers look at each other with burning eyes, not noticing the shortcomings of their partner. But sooner or later, the candy-bouquet period of the relationship ends, and then women begin to think about the true feelings of their chosen ones, because they, for the most part, are not used to an open expression of love.

Tips for recognizing a man's feelings

If a woman wants to hear words of love, then most likely she will hear them, but it is not known how sincere the confession will be. You can understand that a man really loves his partner by some signs.

  • Gesticulation.

You can determine how sincerely a man speaks about love by the gestures, movements of the hands and eyes of the chosen one.

True feelings are evidenced by some tension, excitement of the partner in the presence of a woman, he does not know where to put his hands, hides them in his pockets, twirls some object in his hands.

This behavior does not speak of great love, but in this case we can say for sure about falling in love.

  • Look.

The presence of sympathy or interest can be checked by the male gaze. Love is evidenced by the following:

  • the partner stares into the girl's eyes, as if trying to understand what she is thinking;
  • young man catches the eye of his beloved;
  • averts his eyes if a girl catches his eye.

Such signs indicate a serious interest in a woman. For her, there remains a reciprocal step - to make it clear that she is not at all against attention and further acquaintance.

  • Parts.

You can check the feelings of a man for a woman by how attentive he is to everything connected with her. He remembers what his beloved is talking about, what he wants, notices all the little things that concern her.

He remembers what music, films, books she likes, whether she adds sugar to her coffee or not, which flowers she prefers, etc.

  • Compliments.

Saying compliments for men is not a problem, for this it is not at all necessary to have any feelings for the girl. To check how sincerely a man is interested, you need to pay attention to how exactly he delivers his eulogies.

Speaking of beautiful appearance, wit, sense of humor, and other qualities, he will try to touch a woman, it is such a desire, along with a willingness to look into her eyes, that testifies to true love.

  • Care.

Men in love are ready to perform chivalrous deeds for the sake of their chosen one, to take care, to respond to any, even the smallest problems concerning the girl.

For the sake of happy eyes and a sincere smile, a beloved young man is ready to look for strawberries and snowdrops in the middle of the night, and on his only day off he will glue wallpaper or mess with her car - the list of actions can be endless.

  • Nuances of communication.

You can also check the sincerity of a man's feelings by the manner of communication. If there are pauses in the conversation, speech gets lost, then the interlocutor is really interested in the girl.

  • Behavior.

A young man in love at first tries not to show his feelings, so as not to receive ridicule or refusal in response, not to be in a vulnerable position. Excitement arises in itself because of the opportunity to be near the object of adoration.

Psychology says that you can check a man for sincerity of feelings by his behavior:

  • tense and agitated;
  • blushes, embarrassed, gesticulates nervously;
  • speaks quickly, indistinctly, a trembling is noticeable in his head.

These behavioral signs indicate the indifference of a young man to a woman.


"The behavior of a man in love depending on the sign of the zodiac"More

  • Flirt.

If a man is confident in himself, he will never refuse to flirt with the girl he likes. Do not take this behavior with hostility, because this may be the only way available to him to get to know each other.

With regular meetings, for example, in the gym, swimming pool, office, a young man can show originality and find a different way to get to know each other. Otherwise, flirting justifies itself as an opportunity to start a relationship and show interest in a girl.

  • Looking for reasons to meet.

If a person is in love, he seeks and finds a reason to see the object of his feelings. The rest always have good reasons that do not allow to meet.

Psychology shows that you can check the feelings of a man by whether he offers options for spending time together, does anything to introduce the girl to his hobby, because he wants them to have as much in common as possible.

  • Trying to get better.

Young people in love seem to grow wings, they are ready to dedicate poems and songs to their loved ones, perform heroic deeds, or simply become better (for example, get rid of bad habits). At the same time, they do not expect praise in their address, no, their actions are caused by the desire to become worthy partners for their beloved.

For a man in love, it doesn't cost anything to stop smoking or drinking, because the addictions weaken compared to the feelings experienced. And then gratitude to your beloved comes into play for helping to cope with bad habits.

You can check the feelings of a man according to his desire to become better:

  • for careful selection of clothing;
  • fashionable haircut;
  • use of expensive perfume;
  • the desire to write and speak correctly;
  • self-development, study, success.

These changes are designed to attract the attention of women. The young man seeks to prove that he is worthy of being close to the chosen one.

  • Tells about his life.

A sure sign that a man has serious feelings for a woman is stories about his life, experiences, plans, etc. Young people, by their nature, are not inclined to long heart-to-heart talks, but when they fall in love, they want not only physical, but spiritual intimacy with his beloved. That is why they are ready to share their innermost thoughts with her, believing that in this way the girl becomes a part of their life.

  • Attachments.

Men are ready to invest in a beloved woman not only financially and materially. They provide the chosen ones with moral support, physical assistance, devote a lot of their time to her.

The consumer behavior of young people seems to evaporate as soon as they fall in love. The real attitude towards the girl can be judged by how they take care of her (morally and financially). Many representatives of the strong half of humanity are stingy with emotions, but their actions eloquently testify to their feelings.

  • Peculiarities of correspondence.

From correspondence with a young man, you can also learn a lot about his true feelings. It is enough to analyze the phrases that he writes to his girlfriend.

It is very easy to check the feelings of a man by correspondence - a man in love:

  • Tries to avoid spelling and punctuation errors when writing, does not distort words, adds emoticons to the text, is not limited to monosyllabic sentences or answers, but writes a lot and in detail.
  • Can just write that he misses, thinks about the girl. So, at that moment, feelings overwhelmed him and the best way out is to voice his condition.
  • You can check the feelings of a man at a distance and not only by sentimental phrases found in messages, for example: “I heard a song on the radio and remembered how we first met in that cafe!”. For a young man in love, such revelations and exposure of the soul are natural, the girl has yet to be convinced of this more than once.
  • Shows initiative, does not come up with reasons to refuse a meeting, but, on the contrary, looks for reasons to interest a girl in an interesting date.
  • Does not leave unanswered calls and messages. If it is impossible to answer immediately, he apologizes and explains why he could not do this.
  • Jealous.

Jealousy does not always indicate love, but its absence means that a man's interest in a woman is minimal, if not completely absent.

A young man who has serious feelings for a girl keeps a close eye on her. No, he will not impose his opinion and vision on any issues on her, but he will be painful to communicate with other men.

To get rid of rivals and completely capture the attention of the chosen one - such tasks are set by a young man in love.

He will not reproach his partner, he will not show the classic signs of a jealous man either. At the stage of falling in love, jealousy can be recognized by the eyes, a slightly noticeable change in mood.

  • Behavior with other women.

You can check the feelings of a married man for his mistress, as well as a single man for a new acquaintance, a legal spouse for his soul mate by the way he communicates with other women. This is a universal verification method, equally effective both during the candy-bouquet period and after.

At the beginning of a relationship, the following signs will testify to falling in love:

  • lack of tension, openness, mockery when communicating with other women;
  • shyness and excitement during communication with a girl you like.

  • Non-verbal signs.

Non-verbal signs can also tell a lot about a man's feelings. A person is not aware of some movements that actually betray him with his head.

The most common non-verbal cues to test a young person's feelings are:

  • legs wide apart, arms folded on the chest, stomach drawn in and shoulders straightened – this is how a man greets a woman of interest;
  • desire for tactile contact - a young man gives a girl a hand, accidentally touches her, hugs her waist or shoulders, etc . ;
  • raised eyebrow;
  • stowed in pockets or behind the hand belt.

Secrets of testing a man's feelings

  • You can check the feelings of a man by correspondence . If a new acquaintance immediately responds to messages, then he is interested in communicating with a girl. If he is online, but ignores questions, then perhaps at this time he is busy communicating with other women.
  • He will tell about feelings and analyze the questions he asks : is he interested in the life of a new acquaintance, does he ask about his favorite films, dreams, leisure formats, interests, etc. A woman can start asking such questions herself. If, instead of an answer, an invitation to a date follows, you should be wary and think about how to check the feelings of such a man for sincerity in other ways.
  • With a very short acquaintance (less than a week), you should not think that a young man is in love if he bombards a girl with love poems and compliments . You can experiment and register on a dating site or social networks under a different name and get to know him again. It is likely that the messages will be similar.
  • You can call a friend for help and write to a young man with her, and then see what he will answer her: ignore or make an appointment . You can also check the feelings of a man by the one to whom he answers first: a girl or her friend. Such advice is relevant only with a recent acquaintance, if the correspondence with the young man has been going on for some time, you should not connect your girlfriend to her.
  • You can give a man your phone number and see his reaction . If he gives his number in response or calls right away, then he is interested in continuing to communicate.
  • Another way to check how a young person feels is to disappear from his field of vision for several days, do not answer messages and calls and observe the reaction . If he is serious, he will start looking for a girl. Therefore, it is better to prepare a plausible explanation for the absence in advance.
  • It is possible and necessary to share with a man the difficulties at work . If he shows interest and care, this will indicate that the woman is not indifferent to him.


Stages of love in men: 5 steps to happiness More

A truly in love and interested man will be active himself, a woman will not have to wonder how to check the feelings of a man, because he himself will be the first to call and write, tell stories during the day and wish good dreams in the evening. It is not often that young people speak frankly about feelings, but it is not at all necessary to judge them by words - actions will say much more.

Forbidden ways to test a man's feelings

  • Risk checks.

Don't test a man's feelings by challenging him with risky and stupid tasks like swimming across a river or climbing Everest. Youthful maximalism is not appropriate in adult relationships.

  • Induce jealousy.

Another bad way to test relationships. Jealousy may be the result of wounded vanity and pride, and not at all a sign of falling in love. Resorting to this option, you can not only offend, but also anger the young man, and after that you can forget about love.

  • Suggest "forbidden fruit".

You should not ask a friend to flirt with a man of interest. This approach is fraught with a double minus - you can be left without a girlfriend and without a young man. A man is a conqueror by nature, and in this case, he can switch to conquering a girlfriend.

It is better to trust female intuition than to come up with multi-move to test feelings. The eyes of a man in love will eloquently tell what he is experiencing.

  • Constant phone calls.

Insecure women may strive to constantly control the chosen one, for example, by calling him dozens of times during the day. When a girl asks for the fiftieth time how her man is doing, the patience of the chosen one may burst. Total control will only lead to irritation and a desire to stop communicating.

  • Engagement of third parties.

To check the feelings of a man, you should not ask his friends and relatives about him. Even if the questions are neutral, he may become uncomfortable with the behavior of such a curious girl. In addition, friends can answer questions about personal matters not with the truth, but with the fact that it is beneficial for both them and the young man, because such is the power of male friendship.

Women are by nature more emotional, life in a state of uncertainty is unbearable for them. Especially if this ambiguity concerns relationships with a lover. However, not all men can or want to talk about their feelings on the second or fifth date. But the above tips will help girls not to guess, but to check the feelings of a man by analyzing his behavior and words.

≡ How to check a man's feelings ᐈ Ways to check a relationship

Often a girl cannot understand how her lover actually treats her. Does he feel sincere sympathy, or is she another trophy in his collection. Therefore, ladies try to test the feelings of a man, especially at the very beginning of the novel. There are several surefire ways to do this.

From this article you will learn:

  • Why do girls test men's feelings?
  • How to understand that a man is faithful to you?
  • Which verification methods should be avoided?
  • What to do if a guy lies to you?
  • How do you know if a relationship has a future?

Why check a man at all

According to sociological surveys, women are more likely to doubt the love of their chosen ones. They regularly think about how to test a man for the sincerity of feelings. Young people rarely think about this topic. This is due to the fact that males are by nature more self-confident, they are males, conquerors. In some cases, girls question the sympathy of a partner if:

  • a woman is not self-confident, she is constantly looking for confirmation of love;
  • the romance continues for a couple of years, and the guy does not take decisive action;
  • a woman doubts the feelings of her man and wants to find out if there is any point in wasting her time;
  • the beloved behaves inconsistently: he does not show much affection, and does not stop meeting.

The eyes of a person in love "burn". At the beginning of a relationship, partners look at each other through rose-colored glasses. After the end of the candy-bouquet period, there comes a moment when a woman thinks about how to check the true feelings of a man. After all, most men are not used to expressing their emotions as openly as women.

7 signs of real feelings

Young people don't particularly like it when they organize tests of their feelings. They negatively perceive such tests, distrust offends them. In the process of communication, a woman will be able to understand how her beloved treats her. No additional checks required. Analyze every word and deed. The psychology of a partner's behavior will tell you how to check a man's feelings.


Feature #1. A man surrounds you with care

A loving person will not ask how to help you in a difficult situation. He will just come and solve your problem. It is this elusive sense of security, the feeling of a “male shoulder” that speaks better than the loudest words about the deep feelings of a partner. A guy in love admires you, and a guy who loves you is responsible for you, protects you from difficulties.

Feature #2. Beloved wants to become a part of your life

To test a man for sincerity of feelings, analyze how much you are interesting to him outside of your common "world". Banal questions "How are you?" and what are you doing?" It's not a sign of true passion for a person. A loving partner will want to know what you do when he is not around. He seeks to find out what you are fond of, what kind of people you communicate with. During a conversation with your young man, see how carefully he listens to you, whether he remembers previous stories, whether he delves into the essence of the conversation.

Feature #3. He listens to your opinion

A young man values ​​you if he asks for advice. The sincerity of feelings is also evidenced by the fact that he coordinates his plans with yours. To please you, a man is ready to change his work schedule, give in to domestic issues, realizing that you will be pleased. In any disagreements with third parties, he will always be on your side. A loving man wants to discuss plans for the future with his woman, talk about hopes, experiences.

Feature #4. Your chosen one is tormented by jealousy, he does not want to miss you

There is no love without jealousy and fear of losing your soul mate. If a man is jealous, then this indicates his strong feelings for a woman. Such a display of emotions flatters any lady. Of course, it's nice if jealousy does not take on destructive proportions and does not spoil the life of partners. Suspicions of betrayal, the desire to always control a girl are signs of a person’s insecurity not only in your love, but also in himself.

Feature #5. You get to know his family and friends

Many girls think about how to test a man's feelings. Everything is very simple. As soon as a man pronounces the cherished word “we”, it means that he is ripe for a serious relationship. A loving boyfriend proudly introduces you to the family. He wants the whole world to know how smart and beautiful you are. He enjoys showing off to his friends.

Feature #6. Sweet word "love"

Analyze how quickly a young person said to you: "I love you!". Do not expect recognition a week after meeting. Such a rush will speak of the frivolity and windiness of the guy. In this case, you should think about how to check the feelings of a man.

Every male thinks seriously before saying these cherished words. Therefore, such confessions on a first date should not be taken seriously. Most likely, this is a common male trick to drag another naive girl into bed.

Feature #7. A man needs physical intimacy

Physical contact is important for a relationship. With the help of hugs, touches, kisses, the stronger sex demonstrates its feelings. A loving man wants to see his woman, hear her voice, inhale the fragrance of the skin. He needs intimacy with his beloved.

To dispel your doubts about the sincerity of your partner, ask a close friend to observe his behavior. Sometimes it’s easier for an outsider to understand if there are feelings in a couple or if it’s just a one-day affair.

There are five signs that a young man appreciates you:

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How to Check the Feelings of a Man I Met on the Net

Internet dating is one of the most common ways of communication. Social networks have given us the opportunity to find not only like-minded people of interest, but also to meet our soul mate. It is difficult to understand the seriousness of a person's intentions if you are separated by a computer screen. But how to check the feelings of a man by correspondence?

View your correspondence with a new friend. If this young man really likes you, then he will immediately respond to your messages. If he is online, but ignores your question, then it is likely that he is flirting with another girl.

Analyze his questions. Is your life interesting to him, he asked about your favorite books, about your cherished dreams. Of course, not every man will decide on such questions. So start asking them first. A guy who immediately makes a date should alert you. So, you need to think about how to check the feelings of such a man.

If you have known each other for less than a week, and his messages are full of love poems, compliments, then we are not talking about real sympathy here. Do a little experiment: register under a new name and get to know it. With a probability of 99% he will start writing you the same messages as before.

Connect your friend to the chat. Text the guy at the same time as her and see what he will answer her. Will make an appointment with your assistant or ignore. Who will he answer first: you or another woman. If you are in a long correspondence and are passionate about each other, then you do not need to ask your girlfriend to get to know him. He may reveal your scam and get offended.

There is another way to test the sincerity of a young man. Send him your phone number. Will he answer the same? Will they call you right away or not? So you will understand how serious his intentions are.

Don't know how to test a man's feelings? Disappear from his field of vision for a short period of time. Try not to contact him for several days, do not answer him on social networks, ignore phone calls. After that, watch his reaction. If you are not indifferent to a young man, then he will sound the alarm and will look for you. In this case, prepare a believable story. You will have to explain to him why you disappeared.

If you're in trouble at work or have a cold, be sure to share this with your boyfriend. The manifestation of care and attention on his part is evidence of sincere feelings. A man who cares about you will find a way to help and comfort you.

A young man is active only if he is in love and is really interested in communicating with a girl. You will not need to decide how to check the feelings of a man at a distance if he is the first to send messages and calls. A guy can delight you with funny stories throughout the day, constantly wish you good dreams. It means that he likes you. Men rarely tell you frankly about their feelings. That is their nature, and there is nothing you can do about it. But it is these seemingly insignificant little things that make up the picture of his real attitude towards you.

How to know if a man is faithful to you

If a guy is faithful to you, this speaks of his sincere feelings. There are many factors that allow you to calculate treason:

A man began to use new words in his vocabulary. His gaze has become distracted, and he himself looks depressed. Previously, he constantly gave flowers, but now he presents only “duty” bouquets on March 8 and his birthday. Or maybe, on the contrary, he showers you with gifts, thereby trying to make amends? Such a drastic change in behavior is a wake-up call! You need to be alert and think about how to check the true feelings of a man.

More recently, you spent every free minute in each other's company, and now your lover prefers the company of friends. Finds constant excuses not to date you. He began to devote a lot of time to work, he or his relatives constantly have force majeure. This is not yet a sign of infidelity, it is likely that he actually has an emergency at work or a car is constantly breaking down. But it is worth considering how to check the feelings of a man.

  • Closed in on himself.

He leaves to talk on the phone in another room. Changed passwords in all social networks. He often gets calls from hidden numbers. Your loved one can disappear for a day, and the switched off phone can be explained by a dead battery. Consider how true such excuses are.

Your boyfriend bought a subscription to a fitness club, updated his wardrobe, changed his eau de toilette, began to more carefully monitor his physical form. He became interested in things that he had not paid any attention to before. For example, he became interested in vegetarianism or painting. His playlist has been replenished with new music that previously left him indifferent. It is likely that his new passion is also interested in this.

If you hear constant reproaches and criticism from your boyfriend, then with a high degree of probability he has someone to compare with. Perhaps he has not yet crossed the line, and there was no betrayal. But this is a clear call that feelings have cooled down.

Dates with another woman involve extra expenses. A randomly found check from a lingerie store or a bill from a restaurant should make you suspicious.

Your lover does not want sex at all, or prefers to do everything in the dark. You stopped arousing him. In this case, you need to think about how to tactfully check the feelings of a man so as not to hurt his pride.

  • Constant lies.

Have you noticed that the young man is cheating? Even minor inconsistencies in his story should alert you.

Is it possible to understand if your loved one is cheating? How to check the feelings of a man at a distance? Just listen to his voice. Raising the tone, trembling, prolonged pauses are clear signs of excitement. Well, what was the reason for this, decide for yourself.

The scent of someone else's perfume, a trace of lipstick on a shirt - this is a classic of the genre. It seems that the man does not care about your feelings at all and does not seek to hide his mistress. Even if such clear signs of a rival are not observed, look around to see if your friends are looking at you with a sympathetic look.

How to raise self-esteem?

Let's use men as an example. How can a man raise his self-esteem? For example, if a man grows in career and business, then his self-esteem also grows. He becomes more courageous, more self-confident. Why? Because he understands that the more successful he is, the more valuable he is in principle for many people. And his condition changes from this.

Many girls also resort to this, standing career or business. But it is important to understand, yes, self-esteem from a career or business can also grow higher, but this is not a woman's self-esteem, it is a person's self-esteem. And often a woman can be confident in work, in business, but often rubbish happens in life. And often there is such a dissonance that she is successful in her career and business, but not in relationships. Women are different. A woman's self-esteem is highly dependent on the quality of relationships with men.

This is how the world works. This does not mean that you should creep in front of someone or try. No. This means that you must first establish a relationship with yourself. These are the most important relationships you need to build. And when you fix them, relationships with men will improve. In the meantime, relations with yourself have not been established, you want to manipulate, you want to pretend to be someone you are not, and you attract the same men who pretend to be someone they are not. And you have hard sex with each other in the brain.

If this suits you, then continue in the same spirit, if this does not suit you, ask yourself the question more often: what is my plan, what do I really want and what do I do or not do for this. Am I exactly moving towards my goal and desires, or am I marking time.

Do you want to know what a man needs to make you happy? Sign up for a free online course Man: an honest instruction.

Falsehood is an indicator of relationships

Honesty is an absolute indicator of sincere emotions of your chosen one. Analyze his attitude and draw a conclusion.

  • Constant lies.

It is very difficult to catch a male representative in a lie. Especially when it comes to a girl in love. But if the guy understands that you easily believe in his excuses, then he will stop reckoning with you. Especially if he had such experience in the last novel.

A loving man always keeps his promises. If he promised to pick you up at six, he will do it. He won't linger for no reason. He is a man, which means he must keep his word. In a strong relationship, you must warn each other about force majeure. If the guy does not even try to justify himself for his behavior, then he values ​​\u200b\u200bfreedom more than his beloved woman.

  • Forgets what he lied about.

A man who regularly goes “to the left” comes up with an alibi for himself, but over time he can get confused in his testimony. He can tell you that he was late at work on Saturday, and a week later it turns out that he was visiting his mother. How to check the feelings of a man in this case? It can be caught on such trifles. Stock up on patience. Soon he will be screwed up on some nonsense, and you will not have to listen to new excuses. Come back to the conversation in a couple of weeks. If another version appears, then you can safely call the liar to account.

  • Your beloved does not make joint plans.

Beloved does not want to plan your vacation, a visit to your parents, even going to the theater? Most likely, he is not going to continue your relationship. Before thinking about how to check a man for the sincerity of feelings, think about whether they are left at all. If he has another girl in his head and heart, then you can’t save this romance in any way.

  • He is trying to manipulate.

If a man realizes that he is cornered, he will try to avoid answering. He will begin to arouse pity: “You don’t believe me? How can you not love me like that?!"

  • Strong gesticulation.

We can control our speech, but body language betrays us completely. Observe the gestures of your lover. When your interlocutor is lying, his pressure rises, and he may complain about the lack of air, he becomes hot.

How not to test a man's feelings

Do not test the feelings of your young man with deliberately failed methods.

  • Risk checks

No need to set frankly stupid tasks. For example, if you swim across this river, then you love me. Leave this youthful maximalism! Better think carefully about how to check the feelings of a man without risking his life.

  • Induce jealousy

This is not the best way to check if a man has feelings. A guy who is jealous of his girlfriend is not doing it out of great love. He is driven by a sense of wounded pride and hurt pride. Do not provoke your lover to jealousy. You risk not only offending, but also angering your chosen one.

  • Suggest "forbidden fruit"

Asking a friend to flirt with her boyfriend to find out his feelings is not a good idea. You can be alone and without a girlfriend. It is by nature that every young man loves to conquer a woman, to conquer her. Another target in the form of your girlfriend can be very exciting for him.

In order not to build a cunning plan on how to test the feelings of a man, trust the natural female intuition. The eyes of a loving guy never lie.

  • Constant phone calls

It happens that a girl's lack of confidence in her chosen one takes over her mind. To establish complete control over a man, she begins to call him a hundred times a day. These may be the most innocuous calls asking “How are you?”. But there is a limit to everything, and even more so to male patience. Do not try to control every step of your lover. You will only cause irritation and a desire to run away from you.

  • Outsourcing

If you don't know how to properly test a man's feelings, then you shouldn't find out information about the object of your adoration from his relatives or friends. Even the most neutral questions will put the guy in an awkward position. He will be ashamed of your behavior. And hoping for honest answers from his friends is just stupid. They'll likely corroborate his alibi. The strength of male friendship will not collapse under the onslaught of your questions!

Are there any chances for a relationship that has not passed the test

In every novel there is a period of quarrels and misunderstandings. One of the partners at least once asked himself the question: “What is the future of this novel?”. Some couples violently sort things out, while others keep everything to themselves and play “silent”. But in both cases, if measures are not taken in time, the matter may end in parting. To save a couple, you need to honestly and openly talk about your grievances, sort out the reasons for dissatisfaction with each other. If we are not talking about treason and betrayal, then all troubles can be overcome together.

But is it worth saving such a relationship? According to several signs, one can understand that the couple needs to leave:

1. Sick atmosphere in relationships.

Such a relationship without a future can drag on for years. Each of the partners understands that these relationships are futile, but no one runs the risk of taking the first step towards parting. It may be a matter of habit. Find the strength in yourself and break this union. Otherwise, you risk passing by your destiny.

2. Feeling of inner devastation.

What could be more beautiful than falling in love? Each meeting is a holiday, and parting is simply unbearable. You cannot get enough of communication, your thoughts are busy with each other. The first kiss, a joint night, a quarrel - it all excites and excites. If, after the next date, you experience spiritual emptiness, then this relationship has become obsolete. Even negative emotions are better than none at all. Indifference is a sure sign of a relationship without a future.

3. Making claims out of habit.

You decide to test a man's true feelings just because you want to make a scandal once again. You just got used to sort things out all the time: who loves more, on whose side is the truth. You make claims not for the sake of finding out the truth, but to start a quarrel. Your couple is used to existing in the "attack-defense" mode. Each of the partners in such an alliance shifts responsibility to the other. But do not forget that harmony in a couple depends on both.

4. Desire to keep everything under control.

In a couple where there are no deep feelings, the relationship is based on possessiveness. One of the partners is trying to break the will of the other and subdue him. Begins to control every step and word. He tries to change everything in an unloved person: habits, clothing style, hairstyle. If a lady is constantly thinking about how to check a man for sincerity of feelings, maybe she just needs another person? If you suppress your partner, then there is no place for love and trust in your relationship.

5. Low self-esteem.

Harmony in a couple is possible between equal people. If one of the lovers is not confident in himself, then he begins to be biased towards the achievements of the other person. Injured pride will not allow you to rejoice for your other half. This can lead to the fact that a person with low self-esteem will begin to assert himself, humiliating his partner.

6. Resentment and humiliation of each other.

Before checking whether a man has feelings, think about how you feel about him. If your union has no future, you can start offending and humiliating each other for no apparent reason. It’s all about the faded emotions or their absence. If you are increasingly switching to raised voices and mutual insults, then it's time to put an end to the novel.

7. Emotional swing.

If lovers have doubts about each other's feelings and they wonder what lies ahead for them, then this is the beginning of the end. The situation is exacerbated by sudden mood swings. You are either ready to kiss each other, then you switch to mutual insults. Such a picture looks deplorable.

8. Drama lover.

If one of the lovers falls from one extreme to another, may burst into laughter, and in a minute sob bitterly, this indicates problems in the relationship. It is also practiced to block a phone number and add it to the “black list” on social networks. Such behavior would be detrimental to any union. The reason for this may be a minor quarrel. You just don't want to look for a way out.

9. Lack of common interests.

You imagine your future in absolutely different ways. You do not have the same interests and views on life. If lovers do not complement each other, but want to impose their own life principles, then it will not be easy for them to reach a compromise.

10. You are tired of each other's company.

If you find yourself thinking that you prefer the company of friends rather than the company of your loved one, then you obviously have problems in relationships. A loving person always strives to be with his other half. Nobody says that you need to be together every minute. But a man in love is more willing to spend a free evening in the company of his lady than in a nightclub.

11. Negative attitude.

A special negative aura is created over a couple where there are no feelings. Partners begin to oppress each other. You ruin not only your relationship with endless quarrels and insults. You suppress your own desires and dreams. Living in constant stress is hard mentally and physically. In the soul of every person, resentment accumulates, which will later be reflected as a heavy burden on the heart. Subconsciously, you will carry the negative experience of these relationships throughout your life. You will look through a distorted prism at all people, attributing to them qualities that did not suit you in an ex-lover.

What separates loving people from couples where things aren't going so smoothly? In the latter case, a woman is increasingly thinking about how to check the true feelings of a man. Doubts and jealousy constantly sound in her head. Do not enter into a relationship that is obviously doomed to failure. Don't waste your time and your partner's time. If you understand that every day you are moving further and further away from each other and there is less and less chance of finding common ground, then it is better to let the person go. Otherwise, you will doom yourself to spiritual discomfort that will poison your life.

As a rule, a woman is afraid to be the first to put an end to it because of the fear of loneliness. The guy is kept in such a relationship by habit. He's just comfortable with this girl. He already knows her along and reproached. He is especially satisfied that she tolerates all his betrayals. But someone has to be stronger and wiser. If you have found a way to check the feelings of a man, but all your attempts to reanimate the relationship have not been successful, then let go of each other.

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