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or whin·ey

[ hwahy-nee, wahy- ]

/ ˈʰwaɪ ni, ˈwaɪ- /

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Definition of whiny

adjective, whin·i·er, whin·i·est.

complaining; fretful; cranky: The baby is whiny because he missed his nap.



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Fill in the blank: I can’t figure out _____ gave me this gift.

Origin of whiny

First recorded in 1850–55; whine + -y1


whin·i·ness, noun

Words nearby whiny

whing-ding, whinge, whining, whinny, whinstone, whiny, whio, whip, whip-and-tongue graft, whipbird, whipcord Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022


What does 

whiny mean?

Whiny is an adjective describing someone who is complaining in an annoying way, especially in a high-pitched tone of voice.

To whine is to moan or make a high-pitched cry, or to say something in such a way. It also means to complain, especially by talking in such a way. Whiny is always used negatively to criticize such behavior. It can be used to describe a person or their words or actions. It is also spelled whiney.

Example: People might help you with your problems if you weren’t so whiny about them.

Where does 

whiny come from?

The first records of the word whiny come from the 1850s. It is a combination of whine and the suffix –y, which is used to turn it into an adjective. Whine is much older and is based on the Old English hwīnan, which is related to the Old Norse hvīna, meaning “to scream.”

But whining is not screaming, and being whiny isn’t the same as throwing a tantrum—it’s much more low-key. When we describe someone as whiny, we usually mean that they’re currently complaining in an annoying way (especially by drawing out their words or speaking in a high-pitched tone), or that they’re constantly complaining (which is also annoying). It’s always negative—there are no good ways to be whiny.

Children are described as whiny when they moan and complain about not getting their way. Of course, adults can be whiny, too. They may be less likely to speak in the whiny way that children sometimes do, but they can be called whiny if they constantly gripe about things (especially if they don’t do anything to try solve their problems).

Did you know ... ?

What are some other forms related to whiny?

  • whiney (alternate spelling)
  • whinier (adjective, comparative degree)
  • whiniest (adjective, superlative degree)
  • whininess (noun)

What are some synonyms for whiny?

  • pouty

What are some words that share a root or word element with whiny

  • whinge

What are some words that often get used in discussing whiny?


  • complain
  • impatient
  • grumble
  • displeased
  • cranky
  • irritable
  • grouchy

How is 

whiny used in real life?

Whiny is always used negatively. It is often applied to people who are thought to complain too much.

If you honestly don't like the game, you don't have to play it.

If you do like the game, stop being so whiny about every single thing.

— Dandy Penguin (@Dandy_Penguin) September 25, 2016

“Yeah I’m still single”
• resigned
• whiny
• framed as a personal failure

“None of mankind’s champions have yet proven worthy”
• Powerful demigod vibes
• affirmation of high standards
• discourages cowards

— Light (@AriianaLT) February 23, 2020

Political Twitter strikes me as particularly whiney tonight. People are voting. We get to see what they want. We don't have to speculate. We should celebrate this. Super Tuesday will make things clearer. It's only three days away!

— Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) March 1, 2020



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Which of the following words is a synonym for whiny?

A. pouty
B. cheerful
C. calm
D. pleasant

Words related to whiny

obnoxious, rude, unpleasant, cranky, fractious, impatient, irritable, perverse, sullen, testy, bellicose, brusque, cantankerous, churlish, contentious, contrary, cross, difficult, disobliging, disputatious

How to use whiny in a sentence

  • It feels like a whiny problem to have, but I’m trying to get to a point when I’m not second-guessing myself all the time.

    Carolyn Hax: Torn between a ‘pretty good life’ and moving near family|Carolyn Hax|August 4, 2022|Washington Post

  • We all know that somehow, inevitably, the outlet next to your specific airplane seat won’t work, so rather than deal with a whiny kid for the final four hours of your journey, invest in a pair that can last for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

    The best kids’ headphones let them listen more and you worry less|Tony Ware|August 25, 2021|Popular-Science

  • After I've been listening to a whiny kid keep complaining for a whole hour.

    Disabled Metro train strands 109 passengers in Northeast Washington|Justin George|March 26, 2021|Washington Post

  • Any argument I try to hold comes tumbling out in the form of a whiny temper tantrum.

    Growing Up with Bart Simpson|Alex Suskind|August 31, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Or maybe we are just whiny wimps, an all-purpose explanation for every descent-of-man phenomenon that never is far off the mark.

    Blame Climate Change for Your Terrible Seasonal Allergies|Kent Sepkowitz|May 14, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Crystal visits the Catskills, symbolically, in the show, but his humor is far from the whiny Allen mentality.

    Comedy Is His Calling: The Brilliance of Billy Crystal|Tom Shales|April 18, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Not that we're all a bunch of whiny babies who can't handle change.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Pink Eye|Brett Singer|February 23, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Drudge and Boyle responded by calling Obama a whiny race-baiter.

    Brilliant Speech by Obama, Ugly Reaction by Drudge|Peter Beinart|May 20, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • I do dislike Mrs. Pryor talking in that whiny-piny voice; and how disagreeable she was about Puck.

    Salome|Emma Marshall

  • It certainly didn't sound like Tom Grollins's whiny treble, but then—perhaps he was pretending, so as to put her off.

    The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy|Mabel Henriette Spielmann

  • "Beth, you really are a whiny child, you always have a grievance," her mother complained.

    The Beth Book|Sarah Grand

  • "I wish I'd had a brother instead of two whiny little kiddy sisters," said Peter.

    The Railway Children|E. Nesbit

  • His familiar whiny voice he lifted to so high a pitch that every man and boy there heard him.

    Old Judge Priest|Irvin S. Cobb

British Dictionary definitions for whiny


/ (ˈwaɪnɪ) /

adjective whinier or whiniest

high-pitched and plaintive

peevish; complaining

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Whiney or Whiny – What’s the Difference?

While some children sound like horses, most do not. Most children do, however, spend a lot of time complaining at some point in their lives.

Children rely on adults to meet most of their needs as they develop. Therefore, they often come across as whiny. Or are they whinny? If you want to avoid comparing children to livestock, you will want to know the difference between these words, as well as their correct spellings.

What is the Difference Between Whiney and Whiny?

In this article, I will compare whiny vs. whiney. I will outline when it is appropriate to use each spelling by doing so in sentence examples.

I will also demonstrate a useful memory tool that you can use when you cannot decide whether whiny or whiney is a better choice.

When to Use Whiny

What does whiny mean? Whiny is an adjective. It means complaining incessantly in an irritating manner.

Here are some examples,

  • “Karen, your daughter is so whiny; why aren’t you more firm with her?” Jeannine asked.
  • The excuses of the defeated candidate were little more than whiny, partisan frustration.
  • “When I tell Marcos not to order sausage on our pizza, he acts like a whiny child,” Bradford said.
  • Maybe Madden coming up to me later at the arena to specify that he didn’t just call Trotz a whiny loser; he called him a “whiny no-neck loser.” –The Washington Post

Whiny is not to be confused with whinny, which is a noun referring to the sound a horse makes.

When to Use Whiney

What does whiney mean? Whiney is a misspelling of whiny. Some dictionaries will list it simply as a substandard variant of whiny, but there really isn’t any good reason or context to use this spelling. You are better off always choosing whiny instead.

As you can see from the chart below, whiny and whinny are part of the common lexicon. Whiney is not, although the error does take place.

This chart is not scientific, or exhaustive. Its data is drawn only from usage in books written in English since 1800. Still, it illustrates a widespread pattern of usage.

When to Use Whinny

What does whinny mean? As we mentioned in the above section, a whinny is a gentle, high-pitched neigh from a horse.

  • Eastern screech owls, by comparison, emit a “wheeee” similar to a horse’s whinny or a vibrating low whistle that sounds like “quohohoho.” – Great Falls Tribune

Unless your kids are making noises like horses, they are probably just whining.

Trick to Remember the Difference

Remembering whiney vs. whiny isn’t difficult because you should always choose whiny. When describing a person or people who complain in a petulant manner, whiny is the only correct spelling. Its counterpart, whiney, is a spelling error.

For the sound a horse makes, choose whinny. If a horse’s vocalizations are plaintive or accusatory, they may be whiny whinnies.

You can remember to choose whiny over whiney since whiney contains the letter E, like the word error. Using whiney is considered an error.

Likewise, since whinny has an extra N, you can use that letter to remember the word neigh, which is a synonym of whinny.


Is it whiney or whiny? Whiney and whiny are two ways to spell the same adjective, which means always complaining.

  • Whiney is the wrong way to spell this word.
  • Whiny is the right way.
  • A separate word, whinny, refers to the sound a horse makes.

Whiney contains the letter E, which you can think of as standing for error.

There is no reason to sacrifice your credibility as a writer by making easily avoidable mistakes. Be sure to check this site any time you have a question on word choice or other writing topics.


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A teenage girl often cries - what to do? | Chalk

Teenage girls may cry for various reasons: unrequited love, quarrel with friends, difficulties at school or with parents. But what if tears cause not only problems and conflicts, but everything in a row? Let's figure it out together with psychologist Tatyana Nefyodova.

Question. What to do if a teenage girl becomes very sentimental? At any conversation, he starts crying, he reacts emotionally to everything.

Reply. It depends on what is meant by tearfulness. If a teenage girl reacts emotionally to touching scenes in a movie or perceives reproaches addressed to her with tears, this is quite normal. Emotions at this age can be more vivid, and this is rather good - it means that a person does not keep experiences in himself, does not close.

In this case, it is important not to focus on tears (“Why are you crying right away!”), but not to ignore them, to communicate in a supportive manner (“I understand that it’s unpleasant for you to hear this, but it’s also unpleasant for me that you don’t went to the store as I asked"). nine0003

You should watch your daughter more carefully if she cries as if "just like that" (for example, you notice it in her eyes). It is important to understand the reason for this behavior. There may be several options:

1. Hormonal changes. In this situation, it is very important to be examined by an endocrinologist, gynecologist.

2. A girl fell in love with an idealized object. It can be both a real person and a fantasy one - for example, the hero of a movie, a comic book. However, there is no real contact with this object. nine0003

3. Self-identification process in progress. A teenage girl has lost herself, does not perceive her former self, but also does not understand what she can become after a while.

4. A teenager makes plans that are more like dreams, and does not receive support from adults, realizes that her dreams cannot be realized.

Of course, in any case, a person needs to feel warmth, attention and care from their parents. There is no need to put pressure on a teenager and annoy him with questions "on the forehead". On the contrary, it is necessary to carefully ask about what worries the child, because of which he is worried. Sometimes it’s enough just to sit next to each other in silence, to hug — sometimes it works more effectively than any words. nine0003

You can also talk about your adolescence, how you coped with difficulties yourself, how you made friends, fell in love, quarreled, talk about your thoughts and experiences and how you perceived a difficult situation for you over time.

It is very important if parents themselves share their experiences, talk about their feelings, analyze the past. Then the children begin to share what is happening in their hearts and in life.

Ask your question to Mel, and the editors will find someone who can answer it. Write to our social networks - we read all messages on the pages on Facebook, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. You can also write to us on Instagram. Answers will be published in order of priority in the "Question - Answer" section. By the way, we do not disclose names, so questions can be anything (feel free!). nine0003

Cover image: WAYHOME studio / shutterstock

cry and have fun — Movies and series on DTF

It's not enough for me to watch a sophisticated movie about saving the world, you can sometimes be distracted by family affairs. Therefore, I looked at the film "Tower".


Three friends are climbing the rock. Snub-nosed bitch, a girl with a whiny face and her husband. They are rock climbers. The most awesome climber is the husband, he encourages his wife and says: “Do as I do!”. "Let's!" - He speaks. "Don't be afraid," he says. At first it is not clear why a girl with a whiny face has such a face, but after a minute the husband falls off the cliff and aaaa! .. Now her whiny face is just right ..

Next year, a whiny girl cries, pours whiskey over her grief and does not want to live. At home, on a shelf, there is a small box with a husband inside, reminiscent of broken (to a flat cake) dreams.

A year later, Otorva knocks on the door, who, immediately after her husband's separation from the rock, somehow broke away from her friend and left alone to break away. The tearoff offers to change the mourning to the top. Take your husband off the shelf, climb somewhere higher and dispel him. And at the same time unwind yourself.

As you know, the only thing better than whiskey is a tower. Which has not yet been. nine0003

A tower is a… tower 600 meters high in the middle of the desert. It used to emit some kind of signal there, but now it only has a light on the top blinking, and that's it. The tower looks like a steel truss with a ladder inside, which then turns into a thick pillar with a ladder outside. There is a platform at the top, and above the platform there is a pole with a light bulb on it.

The tearful at first refuses, but the idea of ​​dispelling her husband really catches her, so she agrees.

Girls come to the tower. It’s cozy there: there’s no one, everything is covered in rust, at the foot of the vultures are eating up a goat. Snub-nosed Orva boldly climbs first. A whiny one pisses, howls, but also climbs and sniffs loudly in horror. nine0003

I'm afraid of heights, so it's not clear who is sniffing, Crying or me.

While the girls are climbing, the tower desperately creaks, moans all over, rustles with rust and loses the bolts that secure the ladder. As the heroines reach where the steel truss turns into a pillar with a ladder outside, the author's sniffling becomes hard to ignore. It literally obscures the plot.

Girls, of course, do not ignore safety, so they use insurance. With a safety rope, they are linked together and ... and that's it. They are not attached to the tower in any way, because this is obvious stupidity: how will we climb up if we insure against the tower? Rehook carbines, or what, every time? Pf. Here, first become awesome rock climbers, like us, and then teach others. nine0003

The girls reach the platform, climb on it and stand up to their full height without holding on to anything.

According to the timid reviewer, the upper platform of a six hundred meter tower should be swept back and forth with an amplitude of ten meters in calm weather. And this is already taking into account the steel slings that the tower spread out and hold on to the ground with them.

But the playground stands still. The girls joyfully spray their husband, alternately hang on the edge of the site, holding on with one hand and take pictures from the quadrocopter. You can't recognize the crying one, she smiles all over. nine0003

It's time to climb back. The weeping one gropes for the stairs with her foot, then gropes with her hand. The staircase shudders sensually at the touch. Crying climbs one flight down, but then the completely embarrassed staircase makes "Ah!" and falls off along the entire length of the column. It’s easy to recognize the crying one again - she dangles on the insurance, cries and beats against the tower with her whole body, like a frog against a door.

Since the insurance is again tied not to the tower, but to the Snub-nosed Otorva, Snub-nosaya grabs up there with whatever she can for anything. And then he starts to pull the hanging tovarka up. I don’t know how you can tighten somewhere sixty whining kilograms dangling on a thin climbing rope, but she manages. The winch woman. nine0003

An important plot-forming element of the film is two dish antennas attached to the tower fifteen meters below our snub-nosed, whiny heroines. Now on these antennas there is a backpack with water, which Weeping dropped there in the general fuss.

Now the girls need to tell someone that… there were only two of them left at the nameless height. Need to call! But the phone does not ring, there is no signal, they are too high. But there was a signal at the foot of the tower. We need to send the signal down!

They are typing a message and want to softly drop the phone. To do this, Otorva's sneaker and bra are removed, the phone is wrapped in a bra, and the bra in a sneaker, and the erotic communication structure is thrown down. But help is not coming. Either the bra let us down, or the sneaker let me down. What to do? nine0003

When they got tired of languishing with thirst, they decided to get some water to get drunk, which is kept in their backpack, in the one that lies on the antennas.

Razorva decides to parachute on the belay to the antennas, grab the backpack and immediately return. She hangs, but a little bit does not reach. Like a real jerk, she unfastens from the insurance, swings and jumps onto the antennas.

Antennas creak. The wind is howling and whiney howls in his tone. The backpack has been obtained, but now we need to somehow reach back to the insurance. There is a selfie stick in the backpack, with the help of which the tear-off attaches the backpack to the insurance. And then - f-f-fysh! - jumps and clings to the backpack itself. nine0003

Time to pull and climb. Crying upstairs crying and pulling Otorva. The detachment simultaneously climbs the rope from below. When the job is almost done, Otrva's foot slips and she does "oops!". Crying out of surprise, she also makes “oh!” and releases the rope. The tear is torn off.

The weeping girl looks down with slow horror — the Razor has already flown to the ground there or has not yet flown. But Razorva dangles on a backpack because she is tenacious. Crying again pulls, now to the end.

The girls spend another day or two upstairs, coming up with all sorts of schemes. Tearful life beats again and again: first she breaks the saving quadcopter, then she finds out that Otorva was sick with her husband, then the vultures start biting her, who ate the goat below and now flew in to taste the goat above. nine0003

At the end of her strength, Crying offers Otorva to repeat the trick with the phone and the sneaker. Because they had one phone and one sneaker for two of them. But then Otorva suddenly says that there is no sneaker. Well, that is, there is a sneaker...

— ...but I can't give it to you.

— Why? - Whispers the Tearful, turning cold all at once.

— Because I'm… dead! Aaaaaa!

- Aaaaaaaaa!

- Aaaaaaaaa!

Here Tearful remembers everything at once. How it really was. When she was pulling Razor with a backpack and they did “oh!”, Tear off completely and did not hang on the backpack, but fell on the antennas and flattened out. And Crying just went a little crazy and thought that everything was fine. nine0003

Now the Weepy looks down.

Learn more