How to masturbate secretly

How can I masturbate without my parents knowing?



This may sound silly but I'm a 15 year old girl I want to masturbate without my parents knowing. The only opportunity I get is at night in my room, but I'm afraid because I don't want my parents to hear me or anything. Hopefully I won't make noise. Also, I'm worried that if I ejaculate (I think females can) it will stain my sheets or something, and I can't have my parents see that. Will ejaculation fluid stain permanently? What can I do to be able to masturbate, but keep my parents from finding out? I feel that masturbation should be private and not a family matter, so I just need to know how to keep it to myself. Thanks!

Jenna replies:

Your question isn't silly.

Privacy around any kind of sex is a big concern for many people, whether they live with parents, housemates or partners. Many people feel that masturbation is a very private thing, and don't necessarily want to shout it out to their parents that they are going to go pleasure themselves after family dinner! Everyone's relationship with their parents is different, and you have every right to want to keep your masturbation habits private.

I just want to start off by saying that I think it's fantastic that you know you are interested in masturbating and making it work with your living situation. Masturbation is a great way to feel good, show yourself some love, and learn about what you do and don't like. Regardless of your age and who you live with, masturbation is a healthy form of sexual expression and exploration. As a sexual person, you have every right to be able to safely express yourself and be able to masturbate.

Also, please keep in mind that everyone masturbates differently. Because our bodies are so different, something that might feel good to one person might not feel so awesome for someone else. It's all about what feels good to you and what you enjoy. I will talk about some suggestions, but it's okay if something that I bring up does not work for you. For information on some of the different ways that people masturbate, you can check out How Do You Masturbate?.

The Noise Factor

It sounds like your biggest concern about masturbating with privacy is your parents being able to hear you. Depending on where you have learned about masturbation, that's not a big surprise. Movies, television, and even books often depict masturbation as this loud, frantic explosion of moans and screams. While that might be the case for some people, most people are able to control their noise level and keep their masturbation session relatively quiet if they try to do so. Other people find that they naturally don't make much noise at all, without trying not to. You might find making noise isn't even an issue for you.

When people do make noise during masturbation, it could be from expressing pleasure, or the physical act of masturbating. Things that might cause more noise include heavy breathing, any vocal noises or moaning, or the sound of a motor if you are using a vibrator. If you are masturbating with your hand, it's generally easier to make less noise. Below are some tips on keeping your masturbation sessions private if you are still worried about your parents hearing you:

  • Breathe: It is always possible that you might find yourself breathing more heavily during masturbation. If you have extremely thin walls, that might be an issue, but fortunately this is also something that is easy to control. You can try to have even, steady breathing while focusing on what you are feeling and experiencing during masturbation.
  • Try the Bathtub/Shower: Feel free to explore masturbation in the bedroom when you have time and privacy. However, you might find that masturbating in the tub or shower gives you a little more privacy, as your parents might be less likely to hear any noises from the bathroom when water is running. That room probably is also a place where when you're in the bath or shower, your folks don't tend to just walk in on you. Many people have position preferences for masturbating (standing, laying down, sitting, etc). Depending on what position you prefer, this may or may not be an option.
  • Play Music: If you ever play music in your room, that can also help ease any discomfort that you might be experiencing about making any noise.
  • Use a Pillow: If you are still worried about any noise that might come from your mouth, biting into a pillow might help with that. Additionally, some people find that rubbing into a pillow feels really good for masturbation, and it is certainly more quiet than a vibrator's motor.
  • Relax: In addition to helping you even out your breathing, relaxing will definitely help you have a more enjoyable masturbation session. If you are focusing on how to be as quiet as possible, chances are you won't even have a good time masturbating. Then what's the point? So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy yourself.
The Ejaculation Situation

Some people with vaginas certainly are able to ejaculate during masturbation or sex. There are a few things that you might want to keep in mind as you are exploring your body through masturbation.

  • Not all people with vaginas ejaculate during masturbation or sex or do so often. It's possible that you might find yourself able to ejaculate, but just know that nothing is wrong with you whether you do or do not.
  • Not all people with vaginas enjoy or feel comfortable ejaculating. For some people, it is not that pleasurable, but for others, it can feel amazing. Just know that when it comes to ejaculation, everyone is different.
  • Because of where ejaculate comes from (the urethra, where you pee from), there is always a possibility of some urine coming out. While this might not necessarily stain your sheets, you would want to be sure to wash them right afterwards. Additionally, since it sounds like the only time you will be able to masturbate is at nighttime, you probably don't want to be sleeping in wet sheets. To avoid any awkward stain or wet sheet situation, you can lay a towel down on your bed before you masturbate. Also, in addition to helping with the noise factor, masturbating in the shower or bathtub can also help out with any fluids during masturbation, whether we're talking about ejaculation, or something much more common, like the vaginal fluids that typically occur with arousal, lubricant or menses.

For a great comprehensive article on female ejaculation, including how some people ejaculate and why, take a look at Squirt: Female Ejaculation. Also, Sexual Response & Orgasm: A User's Guide can help you identify your own sexual response and what might work best for you when you are exploring masturbation.

What If...?

While there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that your masturbation sessions are as private as possible, you might want to prepare yourself in case you do feel like (or have to) have that talk with your parents. That might just mean approaching one or both parents and asking them to knock before coming into your room if they don't do so already.

Some people get squicky thinking or talking about their parents sex lives, but the truth is, most usually do have them, and most often will include masturbation. So, it's likely that at least one, if not both, of your parents probably will understand this is something you might do and that it's something you want privacy for.

Even if you decide you have no interest in talking to your parents about your sexuality, it might be helpful for you to read About That "Talk" WIth Your Parents... You might find that a few of the conversation tips are useful, and it's good to know how to start the conversation in case it does come up. You also might want to think about how you would respond if your parents do hear you or walk in on you. I don't want to scare you or make you think that will happen, but having a plan might make you feel less worried about it. Do you want to acknowledge that you were masturbating and discuss future options for maintaining your privacy? It's up to you, but thinking about it beforehand might make it feel less uncomfortable.

In terms of establishing your privacy, there are some other things that you can do. If you have any siblings, you can decide together on a privacy agreement that works for all of you. This could include always knocking on doors, or having designated "private time", or whatever else you come up with. You can talk to your parents about putting a lock on your door, or keep a sign on your doorknob whenever you want to be left alone. It really depends on the level of privacy you currently have in your household.

In closing, I just want to repeat how great it is that you know you want to masturbate and are figuring out how to do so in a way that works best for you and your privacy. Masturbation is an excellent way to explore your body and experience pleasure, PLUS there is no risk for pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections! Check out the links below for more resources on masturbation and pleasure.

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How To Masturbate When You’re Never Alone In The HouseHelloGiggles

May is International Masturbation Month.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues on, people across the world have been affected through every aspect of their lives—including masturbation. As shelter-in-place mandates continue in some states, many of us are finding that we’re spending a lot of time at home, and it can be hard to get off whenever we want when it’s no longer a viable option to have solo time.

Having our roommates, S.O.s, or parents around may make us want to squash any future hot and heavy self-love seshes, which may prevent us from reaping the mental and emotional health benefits that masturbating provides (i.e. stress reduction, mood elevation, increased concentration, and pain alleviation)—which, honestly, are needed now more than ever.

So what’s a person to do when they can’t enjoy some sexy “me” time? Clinical sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs, Ed.D, suggests using your hands or finding the quietest sex toy you can find and just go about your business. “Living in shared spaces and close quarters means that you’re bound to hear your roommate do a variety of things,” Dr. Stubbs tells HelloGiggles. “Do they warn you when they’re going to use the toilet and you hear them let out a poot? Unlikely. Masturbation is 100% normal and so are your sounds of pleasure.”

While there’s definitely no shame in masturbation, when you have a house full of people, there may be a need for modifying your usual routine. Here’s how to masturbate when you’re no longer the only person in your home. 

Choose your time wisely

As someone who’s currently sticking out this pandemic at her parents’ country house, I’ve learned that timing is everything. And for me, that timing means in the middle of the night, long after mom and dad have gone to bed. 

“One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re not attracting the attention of the entire house when you’re masturbating is to wait until everyone else is asleep,” Alexandra Fine, CEO and cofounder of Dame Products, tells HelloGiggles. “It’s an obvious one, but it will give you the space to feel relaxed, with less time pressure.” 

As Fine explains, making masturbation part of your nighttime, self-care ritual is a surefire way to help de-stress before bed as well as sleep better. She also says that lighting a candle and adding music to the mix—through your headphones, of course—can make the experience that much more pleasurable.

Take advantage of reverse soundproofing

If you can’t wait until nighttime when everyone is asleep to get off, then don’t let those roommates stand in your way. Personally—as this has been my technique since I was a teenager—a heavy duvet can muffle even the loudest vibrators. As Dr. Stubbs explains, “blankets, duvets, and pillows are your friends” in these situations. 

“I like to think of reverse soundproofing,” says Dr. Stubbs. “Where are you in relation to where your roommates are? Are they in the living room with the TV on? Chances are you can hear them more than they can hear you. Think of all of the layers that are separating you and then adjust accordingly. The more sounds between you and them, the larger the sound buffer you have.”

Although, ideally, you’ll want to choose a quiet vibrator to be on the safe side, this is a time to get creative with the kinds of ways you can soundproof your room. “Just play something from the Food Network,” says Dr. Stubbs. “Your moans can easily be explained by any show.”

Bring it to the shower

Talking about muffling sounds, there’s nothing quite like a shower to help soundproof a room.

“The rush of water around you will help drown out any noises you’re making, give you a totally private space, and can help you feel extra sexy and connected with your body,” says Fine. “Take a waterproof toy with you and experiment with how your favorite settings feel in the steam.”

Although a bath could potentially be an option, too, that would only be while the water is running. 

Lie on your stomach

If you’re usually the type of person who lies on your back, legs spread while masturbating, then flip over and try lying on your stomach instead.

“Lie on your bed on your stomach with your hand or a small toy underneath you,” Fine says. “This creates a double-soundproof layer, with both your body and the covers on top of you. This position will also make it easier to muffle any sounds you might make with easy access to your pillow.”

Be wary of the fact that some vibrators are strong enough to shake the bed, which can cause a big rumble coming from your room—so opt for quiet vibrators to keep the noise to a minimum.

Talk to your roommate(s)

Although this might seem daunting at first, the fact remains that we’re all human, we’re all sexual beings, and there’s absolutely no shame in masturbating. And every time we talk about it, we help to normalize it. One of the best ways to do this is by starting a conversation with your roommate if things are about to get loud and heavy.

“Whatever dynamic you have with your roommate is cool, but you don’t have to announce to them that you may be masturbating,” says Dr. Stubbs. “Unless you’re going to do a full-on, video masturbation chat and you need to hit those moans and high notes so that your device’s mic picks them up.”

If that’s the case, Dr. Stubbs suggests telling your roommate something along the lines of, “I’m about to have a sexy time, and you may want to turn up your podcast.” 

Fine agrees that being honest and getting straight to the point might be the best way to handle things. 

“While it might not be a solution for everyone, there’s also something to be said about being honest with your roommates that you need some quiet time to masturbate,” Fine says. “While it’s an intimate act, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a secret. Remember that people also tend to match the energy of who they’re talking to, so try to approach the conversation with a relaxed tone, the way you would any other topic. Suddenly, announcing your plans to masturbate might not seem so strange.”

Pick a quiet sex toy

With so many vibrators on the market, it can feel nearly impossible to choose the right quiet toy for you. In my personal opinion, the quietest sex toys that have always fulfilled my needs and literally rocked my vulva and clitoris to the point of no return are the following:

1. Dame Products are known for toys that make minimal noise. While Pom and Fin by Dame are both quiet, when placed side by side Pom is definitely the quieter of the two, just ever so slightly. As Fine explains, “We designed Pom specifically to be a great toy for humping.” So if you’re ready to flip onto your stomach to keep things extra quiet, Pom is your best bet.

2. Although the entire Chrome Collection by Le Wand is pretty damn quiet, the quietest of the bunch is Le Wand Grand Bullet. Despite its size, it’s very powerful with 11 vibration modes and four intensities. It’s also waterproof, making shower masturbation that much more fun.

3. If these toys are a bit out of your price range, another quiet vibrator is the Iroha Mini Vibe by Babeland. The toy fits in the palm of your hand and is powerful enough to rock your socks off.

4. If you’re not a vibrator person and prefer dildos, then look no further than Le Wand’s new collection of stainless steel dildos. First of all, you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing vibrations, and second of all, they just feel amazing. So, in this case, it’s all about monitoring your moans of pleasure and less concern about vibrating noises.

how to quietly end in public - Sex Box

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instructions for boys and girls on fingerless masturbation

Masturbation is a good alternative to sexual intercourse when it is temporarily impossible, we are talking about self-satisfaction with hands or improvised means. Synonyms are the terms onanism, masturbation, ipsation and malakia. Often, guys and girls occasionally have hidden masturbation, since few people are ready to admit to this. Why is it needed in principle, how can guys and girls masturbate without a finger, you can find out from the article below.

  • Why do you need hidden masturbation
  • How to imperceptibly masturbate to a guy
  • How to masturbate a girl

Why is hidden masturbation

9000 Both men and girls are inclined to such experiments, statistics say that more than 90% of the world's population masturbate. Most often this is done in private, but there are also people who are ready to use their hands in places that are not quite suitable in order to jerk off unnoticed. Before getting acquainted with the methods, it is worth knowing the reasons for this.

Why masturbation becomes hidden:

Are you afraid of being caught masturbating?


  • wrong perception — most people believe that it is unacceptable and sinful to engage in masturbation, therefore they do not want to admit such acts to anyone;
  • shame - even in the last century, the attitude of society towards masturbation was extremely negative and contemptuous, it was believed that this was something shameful and depraved;
  • low information content – due to banal ignorance, people may think that masturbation is not a necessary and useful action, but only a manifestation of perversion and lust;
  • fear of being caught - again, due to imposed stereotypes, many people hide the fact that they periodically masturbate all their lives and even from their sexual partner, despite the high degree of trust in relationships;
  • thrill - someone gets pleasure and even aroused from the fact that masturbating covertly, but at the same time risks being noticed, while self-satisfaction at home alone brings much less pleasure.

A situation is considered dangerous when a person is not aroused by foreplay, watching porn and self-stimulation of the genital organs alone, but only in crowded places. Sexologists say that there is a fine line between hidden masturbation in the presence of adrenaline and open masturbation in public (exhibitionism, etc.). Therefore, it is important to correctly perceive onanism as a natural process.

Hidden masturbation is preferred by those who experience an urgent need for relaxation, as well as people who are excited by a sense of fear and risk. It is only important to adequately approach the places and methods, so as not to be caught red-handed in the end.

How to masturbate a guy discreetly

How to masturbate discreetly without anyone seeing it? The question is more relevant than ever, because according to statistics, more than 95% of men periodically or constantly engage in masturbation. And there are those among them who are especially excited by the process in a crowded and unsuitable place for such experiments.

Having studied good advice in various forums, the following interesting ways can be distinguished:

  • under table - at work, at school or in any other place, a man can do this unnoticed under the table, dropping one hand under it to the fly zone, creating the appearance of a busy person;
  • in the water - in the pool, on the sea or swimming in any other body of water, you can swim away and do your job under water, but without making sudden movements, otherwise you can be taken by surprise;
  • in public transport - provided that it is a cool season and a man has many layers of clothing, you can masturbate in a bus, trolleybus, train, subway;
  • in the back seat of a car - if the driver is a woman and there is no one in the cabin except her and the man, you can try to do it behind her back;
  • in the fitting room of the store - in a fit of passion, many men prefer to masturbate in such a place, especially if an attractive girl is trying on an outfit in the next booth, thoughts and fantasies of how she undresses will help to get excited;
  • during a haircut - while the hairdresser is circling around the man, he can look at her figure and forms, imperceptibly masturbating under the cape;
  • on the balcony - a comfortable place where you can seem to be not alone with yourself, but the lower part of the body will be hidden from prying eyes;
  • during a video call - while communicating with a girl who arouses attraction and excites fantasy, a man can quietly play with his “friend” (you need to follow the amplitude of movements and breathing), while experiencing wild excitement from what can be caught by surprise;
  • in the toilet - by simulating urination into a urinal, you can actually spend some time masturbating, despite the presence of other people.

In fact, these are far from all the places and ideas on how you can jerk off unnoticed, but in the presence of other people. The main thing is that the groin area is as hidden from prying eyes as possible. Well, not in every case a man can ejaculate, it can end in exposure and an embarrassing situation. For such experiments, a vibroring was invented, which is put on the penis for inconspicuous stimulation.

How to masturbate a girl without a finger

It is difficult and not always normal not to be shy about masturbation, but it is also inappropriate to turn this process into a complex and fears. Just like guys, girls have a lot of ideas and ways to masturbate inconspicuously in crowded and not very conducive places.

The most interesting and frequent cases are as follows: