How to answer what inspires you

How to Best Answer "What Motivates You?" Interview Question

The recruiter asks, “What motivates you?” Hmm… Well, um, money, I guess. And fame. Oh, and that generous sick pay you offer.

Yeah, that’s not going to work! It sounds simple enough, but it’s way more of a trick interview question than you might have thought. But don’t worry. We’ll cover how to best answer the delicate what motivates you interview question, what not to say (ever), plus offer some advice on more specific situations.

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Why They Ask “What Motivates You?”


It’s a broad question, and there is no one right answer. However, there is a way to answer it correctly.


When an interviewer asks what keeps you motivated?, they are really asking: What drives you to succeed? What makes you tick? What energizes you? What inspires you?


This question is deeper than how it appears at face value, and your response answers more than just the base question.


Your reply to the motivation question tells them how you would fit in with the company culture.


On top of that, the interviewer gains insight into how you would be as an employee, which is crucial. After all, these interviews are designed to find the company the best possible candidate.


Pro Tip: All candidates being equal, answering this question correctly will put you on the top of the call-back list. Make sure you’ve got a great answer planned out!


This is an important question, for sure, but there are many others you need to get right, as well. Check out this article to get familiar with them: Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers



How to Answer the “What Motivates You?” Interview Question


First, it is important to understand that when an interviewer asks what motivates you?, they are asking in the broadest, most general sense possible. Don’t assume it means what motivates you at work?, or anything more specific like that.


Think about your strengths, as these are a good place to start. What are you great at? What do you have to offer the team? Also, decide on what your interests and passions are. Do any of these overlap with your strengths? If so, this could make for a perfect answer!


Get your hands on the company values. Use them as a guide for answering the question correctly. Does this organization take pride in its staff’s problem-solving abilities and teamwork? If so, and if that matches you, then that would make for an excellent response to the what motivates you? question.


Most importantly, it is important that you be honest. You can’t make it far if you tell them you enjoy working on a team when a previous work reference would say that you shy away from teamwork.


So, without further ado, let's check the best answers to this tricky interview question:


Good Answers to the Tricky Interview Question "What Motivates You?"


  • learning new things
  • acquiring new skills
  • meeting deadlines, goals and targets
  • coaching others
  • improving processes, finding ways to solving problems
  • leading a team or being a part of a team
  • completing a difficult project
  • overcoming challenges
  • coming up with creative ideas


Scroll down the article to see sample answers for different positions.


Pro Tip: Almost as important as being honest in answering this question is to prepare. This is a tough interview question, and it is not one you’ll do well with if you try to respond on the spot!


As we discussed, a great place to start off with figuring out your perfect answer to the question what is your motivation? is to understand how you’d speak about your strengths. Read this article to get that right: How to Answer the "What Are Your Strengths?” Interview Question



How Not to Answer “What’s Your Motivation?”


Though we mentioned that honesty is key, there are some times when you should just keep your honest answer to yourself. Don’t be dishonest—but keep away from the answers below (even if you’d be joking):


Money. This is the load-bearing pillar unfortunately placed in the center of a dance floor that you and your interviewer must shimmy and shake around. We all know that, in the end, your paycheck is the primary motivating factor. And that’s fine—we all need to survive, after all. But dance around it.


Friends. Telling the HR director or recruiter that you have some pals there could definitely be a motivating factor for you, but it is also one they will most likely decline you for. Employers want to know that you care about the company and the projects you’ll take on. You’ll make some friends if you are hired, teamwork is crucial, but companies don’t want work to be seen as some type of social club. Leave your friends out of it.


Perks. Similar to money, don’t give the interviewer a reason to believe that you are only interested in the company because of the perks and benefits they have to offer.


The simplest way to stay on target is to think of this question like you would when introducing yourself to a date or love interest for the first time. Sure, some of these items might be icing on the cake, but you wouldn’t want to appear shallow, would you?


Pro Tip: Fortunately, there are a lot more possible answers than ones to avoid. However, there could be others to avoid that aren’t listed above. Do your due diligence and answer as honestly as you can, and you should be just fine.


We’ve got tips and advice for all other things an interviewer might throw at you: 50+ Successful Interview Tips, Advice & Guidelines


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Sample Answers to “What Motivates You?”


You know where to look for a perfect answer, and you know some of the worst replies to avoid. Let’s look at some great answer examples to help you form your own.


What motivates you to succeed?


On an interview for a teaching position:


Well, my own baby sister inspired me to want to teach. You see, my sister has a severe learning disability, and it was, and continues to be, a struggle to help her develop educationally. However, she finally got the personal attention she needed, and I couldn’t be happier with her progress. I want to help children in the same way that my sister received help, so this is what motivates me the most to become a special education instructor.


What motivates you as an employee?


On an interview at a large company:


I absolutely love working as a part of a team. I enjoy discussing ways to move forward with teammates, and I love to respectfully debate others to ensure we are moving in the right direction. On top of that, I take pride in the work that I do, and it is humbling whenever I see a product or service being used in the real world that I was a part of.


So, what's your motivation?


On an interview at a small library:


Literature is both a strength and a passion of mine. As a bookworm ever since I can remember, that love of reading stayed with me through university, where I ended up majoring in western literature. My passion for literature continues to this day and has no sign of letting up, so it continues to be the biggest motivating factor in my life.


What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?


On an interview at a creative ad agency:


I really enjoy flexing my imagination and creative muscles. Art and modern design was my first true love, and my appreciation and devotion to superior artistic direction continues just as strongly now. My adoration for creativity dictates every other aspect of my life, and I’d love for it to be put to use in my career, too.


Pro Tip: Make sure you convey your enthusiasm when you talk about things that motivate you. You’d not be believed if you lack the sense of conviction during your interview!


Opposite your strengths, you may find it much more difficult to discuss your weaknesses with potential employers. But, you’ve still got to answer! Check out this post: "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?" Best Answers (6 Proven Examples)



Getting More Specific: “What Motivates You _______?”


Often, when an interviewer asks what motivates you?, they mean broadly, in general, as we mentioned in the first chapter.


However, they may get more specific, asking what motivates you to do a good job? or what motivates you in life?


Don’t get caught unawares. Here are the some perfect ways to ace these narrower queries:


What motivates you to do a good job? What motivates you to work hard?


These (and their variations) are the most common specific versions of the general one. Great answers include some formulation of a) that you love and believe in what you do, and b) that you enjoy helping people (the customers).


Also, as we mentioned earlier, remember not to say that compensation is your motivation for working hard!


What is your motivation to apply for this position?


Your body language here is just as important as the words that come out of your mouth. Be sure to show how eager and excited you are to be considered for the company as you answer. Include in your response how perfectly the job description matches your interests.


What motivates you to come to work everyday?


The interviewer here is looking for answers that show that you’ll be eager and willing to arrive at the office each day and start knocking out tasks. Make sure that your reply here includes your love of always remaining busy and productive, or perhaps your passion to perform a specific job function for the customers, for example.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?


This variation is similar to the last one, but a bit broader, as the employer wants to know in general. As such, it would include what gets you energized in the morning even on days when you aren’t working.


If you like to be productive at all times, this is an easy win and a great answer to give. However, if on your off days you prefer to be lazy, frame it in a way that makes you look responsible:


I really love being productive as often as I can, including on my days off. However, I do know that my body and mind require a break every now and again, so I have to force myself to relax sometimes.


What motivates you to learn new things?


The interviewer will watch your answer to this closely, as it directly relates to how ideal you are for the job. State that you enjoy learning and building up your knowledge. If relevant, tell them that learning on the job helps you grow not just professionally, but personally, as well.


What demotivates you?


Though this is the opposite question, it is just as helpful to employers, as it lets them understand if you’ll be a good fit in the company. Answer candidly, but within reason. Common successful answers include negativity, a boss or teammate that’s given up on them, and lack of focus.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaway


Well, that’s it! Hopefully, you will be able to come up with a great answer if and when the interviewer springs this one upon you.


Keep these points in mind when answering the what motivates you? interview question:


  • Stay honest. You have to make sure that your answers remain true to who you are, but leave out any answers about money and other personal interests.
  • Use passions and interests to guide your answer. If you can find where your passions and interests intersect with the company’s values, you’ve got a great response on your hands.
  • Be prepared! Don’t try to answer this question on the spot. Take time to craft a response that fits the company, and remember that one size doesn’t fit all. Another interview at a different company may require a different answer.


Do you have any questions on how to answer what motivates you? Not sure if your interests and passions match the company values? Get at us in the comments below and we will answer your question. Thanks for reading!

What Inspires You: 15 Answers to This Interview Question

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Job interviewers ask many questions. Most are easy to answer, but others have us stopping to think. These are the questions that you need to prepare for in advance… or else you and the interviewer may be sitting there in silence, and someone else may end up getting the position you want.

One of the most frequent questions employers ask, regardless of the field you are interviewing for is some version of, “What inspires you?” Today, we are going to look at why this is an important question and what type of answer will allow you to have the best chance of satisfying the questioner.

What You Will Learn

  • What is Inspiration?
  • Why Do Employers Ask This Question So Often?
  • How to Answer What Inspires You
  • Final Thoughts on Answering the Interview Question “What Inspires You?”

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is the act of feeling so enthusiastic about someone or something that you put all you have into making it successful. Inspiration creates an atmosphere that allows you to go from apathy to enthusiasm in a heartbeat. Inspiration is what keeps you moving ahead despite the obstacles that inevitably appear.

Inspiration allows you to see beyond what is and opens up the entire realm of possibilities. You can say that a person who feels inspiration puts their very essence into whatever they are doing.

Why Do Employers Ask This Question So Often?

Knowing what inspires a person can tell someone a great deal about you as a person. Your answer reveals what you value most in life. It tells what drives you to succeed and what energizes you. People who are inspired have an internal drive to succeed, yet they are not as competitive.  They don't strive to beat the competition, but rather help inspire others.

People who are inspired set and achieve higher goals. They are more optimistic, have a higher belief in what they can accomplish, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. Inspired people are not happy staying where they are or following only tried and true methods. They often see paths to success that are hidden from others. 

How to Answer What Inspires You

Maybe the reason you want a job is for the money, but that is not what an interviewer is looking for. They want someone who will give their all and keep coming back. Let's explore some general ways you can successfully answer this question and give a few examples.

Keep your answers short and to the point, explain how your inspiration helps you surpass your comfort zone, and always look for a way to explain how this inspiration will help you achieve in the position you are applying for.

If you can't answer this question at the moment, think about what interests and passions you have. Next, think of the things you are good at that could bring added value to the team. Then, try to tie these together. That is a good place to start.

Answer #1. Learning new things.

Even if you are educated in a certain area, every business has its own method of going about things. Your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and admit you don't know everything appeals to those in charge.

Explain how learning new things helps you feel like you are expanding your mind and adding to your ability to approach situations in a new way. This, in turn, allows you to see possibilities where it appears there were none.

Answer #2. Reaching your goals.

“I love the feeling of achievement I get when I have worked toward an important goal and finally achieved it because it allows me to see my ability in a greater light.” Explain how you don't like to simply work without knowing where all that effort will end up.

People who are inspired set and achieve higher goals. They are more optimistic, have a higher belief in what they can accomplish, and have a greater sense of self-esteem.

People who have goals are much better at overcoming obstacles and continuing even when external influences put pressure on them. When you have a purpose, you can measure your progress, which gives you a chance to change tactics and adapt to what circumstances you are presented with.

Answer #3. Coaching others.

One thing many employers look for is someone they can see becoming a leader within the company. You don't have to be a supervisor to coach others. Describe how you like to discover how another person's skills can help a project grow. Explain that you like the feeling of seeing someone grow and become their best self.

This means you will encourage coworkers, help them achieve their goals, and won't spend unnecessary time competing against them. It shows you are willing to be a team player who can step up and lead should the need arise.

Answer #4. Finding ways to solve problems or overcome obstacles.

Too often, people are willing to quit when the going gets hard. Explain that you welcome challenges because they help you grow. Challenges force you to try new approaches and think outside the box.

Meeting a challenge and mastering it gives you a sense of your own inner strength and resilience, traits you find admirable in others. Finding a solution to a problem forces you to not only dig deep inside for solutions within your knowledge base but also to look outwardly for new information.

Answer #5. Coming up with new, creative ideas.

Company leaders know that a company will not grow if it keeps doing the same thing without changing. If coming up with new, creative ideas is what inspires you, you are an asset to the company. You will want to find ways to help the company grow and become better than the competition.

You can help them come up with new products or services that will appeal to a younger generation that is ready for something innovative. You find opportunities to create more with fewer resources and get work done quicker and in a more efficient way.

Answer #6. Nature as inspiration.

Many people find inspiration in nature. To stand out, you need to provide an answer that is unique. “I find inspiration in nature because I see everywhere how nature survives no matter what circumstances it is given. It is strong, yet gentle. Nature adapts and doesn't sit around complaining about misfortune.

When I see forests become revitalized after a devastating fire, it gives me hope and encourages me to keep going forward.” You could also mention that you find inspiration in the little things that others may overlook. This could be a flower growing through concrete or the way a homeless animal keeps her babies alive in spite of a lack of proper food and care. 

Answer #7. Understanding people.

In any environment, the ability to get along with those you work with is a positive trait. In fields such as customer service or sales, understanding people is essential. The same is true about social work. Explain how you enjoy meeting and talking with people from all walks of life.

You enjoy learning about various cultures and trying to understand how individuals think and feel. Explain how this helps you adjust your actions to fulfill their needs and helps you get on the same page as them.

Answer #8. The internal wish to grow beyond what you are.

People need to grow internally in order to grow outwardly. Mentioning the internal need to grow, improve, and become a better person than you currently are will tell the employer that you are a person who isn't content with staying still.

You will welcome the opportunity to learn new skills, will seek ways to invent opportunities, and will help others also grow. Wanting to grow is admitting that you know you are not perfect, but you are willing to work on those imperfections and become your best self.

Answer #9. Music as inspiration.

 “When I immerse myself in music, it helps calm my mind. Music blocks out distractions and allows me to focus on what is most important at the moment. This allows me to give my best.” Music creates pathways within the mind that are often underdeveloped. It opens up the mind and allows creativity to flow.

Certain types of music have been proven to increase intelligence. Knowing you are in a peaceful state of mind allows the employer to understand you know how to handle stress and not allow it to stop you.

Answer #10. Reading inspires.

Mention how reading allows you to imagine possibilities that you never would have considered previously. Not only does reading open up the world of the imagination, but it helps you learn new information, gives you examples of inspiring people and situations and helps you grow in a variety of ways.

Explain how reading allows you to access things you might never have the opportunity to encounter in your everyday life. It helps you become focused and creates a calm environment.

Answer #11. People who beat the odds.

Find someone who, by society's standards, had every reason to fail but didn't stop dreaming and working toward their goals. Explain how their resilience, ability to overcome obstacles without giving into self-pity, and their resourcefulness in finding solutions inspire you.

You could also show examples of people who showed courage in the face of danger and found the strength to continue.

Answer #12. Remaining true to values.

Employers want employees with integrity and the ability to stand up against things that might cause them to falter. Talking about how you find inspiration by reading about, hearing about, or seeing a person stand up and stick with what they believed in even if it meant enduring great pain, and even death.

Keep your answers short and to the point, explain how your inspiration helps you surpass your comfort zone, and always look for a way to explain how this inspiration will help you achieve in the position you are applying for.

People like Nelson Mandela are good examples. So are lesser-known people who put their careers on the line to bring notice to corruption. Show that you have a strong inner character that can't be swayed from what you believe is right.

Answer #13. Name a person who inspires you.

This can be someone that you personally know and admire that the interviewer wouldn't know. For example, you might say “I admired my grandmother. She was widowed at an early age and left to raise fourteen children on a mountain farm. She did so without complaint.

She learned things that women weren't normally taught, like fixing farm equipment and she saw that every one of her children got an education. Yet you never remember her complaining and she always seemed to have the time to comfort a crying child and feed everyone. Name the traits you feel she embodied and explain how you want to do the same.

Answer #14. Creating a winning environment where everyone is inspired to succeed.

Talk about how you believe a good working environment can only be achieved if everyone is inspired to become their best. Talk about how you love to help people learn things like relaxation techniques and mindfulness so they can become focused.

When you show your belief that everyone can succeed, you exhibit your ability to work well with others, lead a team, and understand how to motivate.

Answer #15. Finding a way to make the world a better place.

No, you understand you can't change the whole world, but you can change parts of it. Explain how looking for ways to ease the pain of others and help them achieve a better life is important to you.

Talk about how you want to strive to find ways to save our environment, find all homeless animals homes, or make it possible for everyone to afford medical treatment. If you can relate the causes you worked on, that will gain you points.

Final Thoughts on Answering the Interview Question “What Inspires You?”

Inspiration is essential for rising above your current status and enjoying the work you do. Employers will continue to ask what inspires you, or some version of this question, in order to determine if you will be a good fit in their work environment.

Prepare in advance with your answers and try to tie the answer in with the company's values. Above everything, be honest. It is only with honesty that the interviewer can sense the passion a topic brings for you.

For more motivational ideas, try listening to some of these podcasts. Inspiration is a personal thing and what inspires you can change throughout life, but in the end, it is what keeps you from becoming bored and apathetic. Share what inspires you with others, and your passion will also grow.

How to answer the question what inspires. What inspires you? Dreams are a source of inspiration

Those who believe that inspiration is necessary only for creative people are mistaken. This state also helps a mere mortal to overcome a variety of life difficulties and solve very complex tasks.

Any inspiration is characterized by the highest emotional upsurge, which opens access to great energy power. Its formation is easy to explain from a physiological point of view. In moments of elation, the endocrine glands begin to produce the hormone phenylethylamine. Its action is similar to that of artificial amphetamines. The hormone, getting into the blood, affects the nervous system. A special potential is revealed that helps to captivate other people, demonstrate high performance and ingenuity, forcing thinking, memory and perception to work most intensively. At such moments, it is easy to find a solution to a problem that has been keeping them stuck for a long time. It is at such moments that the ideas of creating a successful business that can give a comfortable and independent life come. nine0003

What can inspire a modern person?

Creative people know how to inspire artificially. Tchaikovsky, for example, sat down at the piano and strummed the keys for a long time in vain, until his inquisitive mind began to cling to the bunch of notes he liked. Charles Dickens, in moments of spiritual emptiness, began to rearrange his office. He turned his desk due north, and what really surrounded him began to fade into the background, making room for a fantasy that could give impetus to the birth of a new novel. Edgar Poe dipped his feet into the cold water, and Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy took a huge towel, soaked it and put it on his head. At that moment, the muse "kissed" him, the thought process turned on, which allowed the dialectic of the Russian soul to be born. What inspires the average person? There are many reasons. nine0003

  1. The world around, people who achieve incredible success without any unique superpowers. For example, the business success of Los Angeles resident Nick Vudzhisich, who was born without arms and legs, has inspired many to radically reconsider their lives and begin to act in the right positive direction. This 26-year-old disabled person became a symbol of the will to live and inspired many healthy people to do good deeds.
  2. Another source of inspiration - strong feelings. Anyone who had the opportunity to know true happy love knows what a surge of mental and physical strength it can give. Love for many becomes an impetus for self-realization. And this is good. nine0012
  3. For many, the creativity of other people becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Cleaning is much faster if it is done to your favorite music. Sometimes a good film helps to get rid of melancholy and despondency, pull yourself together and solve problems that until recently did not allow you to live in peace. A trip to an art gallery, a conservatory, a trip to nature often become the starting point for your own self-realization, so you should try to use them for inspiration. nine0012

How to get inspired?

An inexhaustible source of information - the Internet - erases all existing boundaries and gives unique opportunities for self-realization. Finding new friends in social networks, distance learning, buying books, videos on Youtube, psychological training - you can get anything you want, completely free of charge, the main thing is to be able to find a reason for inspiration. It is not difficult to call him artificially. Here are some of the simplest but surest ways:

  • Do not be lazy to work. As they say, even under a lying stone, water does not seep.
  • Load your brain with the right information.
  • Use the Internet to soak up the world, not to have fun.
  • Do not be afraid of critical situations, never give up in difficult times.
  • Believe in your success.
  • Be interested in how others deal with issues that concern you.

Who seeks will always find - so says the Russian folk proverb. Whoever seeks inspiration and prepares the ground for it, it will surely descend upon him. Try it and you will succeed. The main thing is not to lose heart and see the positive in everything. nine0003

Hello everyone! I often hear this question: "What inspires you?" I won't be original, of course, my favorite people, music, sea, life.... new materials)) not without them!))

But how SPRING inspires me! It can be anything: calendar, cold or just in the shower. For me, spring is when you walk down the street and the scent of flowers floats in the air, not the perfumes of passers-by! How they smell! I am delighted. People, having so many opportunities and technologies, creating different spirits, cannot outdo nature. Nature is everything! Now the aroma of a very small bouquet of hyacinths is fragrant throughout the apartment! This wonderful scent! nine0003

I'm currently working on my notebooks. They don't look good to me, or at least I don't think so. I am convinced once again that I am a real cardmaker. But I probably need to learn new things, clients expect new products from me, and growth hasn't hurt anyone yet))

But hyacinths inspired me so much yesterday that I decided to decorate an ordinary jar for a vase. I took fabric, lace, ribbons and it turned out as one set - a bouquet, a notebook and a vase. The vase didn’t fit in the photo, only the ribbons are visible =))) But the notepad can be seen if you wish .. Today, the main character of my post is flowers, not scrap products. nine0003

Cute bookmark with a bird :)

Another task-recipe has been released on the VSK blog. This time an arrow, a tag, a stripe. Hurry up to participate. Here is my work, another vintage)

Surely every person at least once in his life experienced a moment when he was breathtaking, additional forces appeared from somewhere, and efficiency increased significantly. The inhabitants call this feeling a second wind, and creative people associate it with the appearance of a muse. But, unfortunately, new energy does not always visit us at the moment when it is so lacking. And then we ask ourselves: where to look for inspiration to implement the next grandiose idea? nine0003

It's simple. If the muse does not want to come herself, then you need to find those sources where she lives. This is what we will do.

Where can you draw inspiration from?

From the point of view of psychology, inspiration is the appearance of motivation for some action. Usually this is expressed in a special spiritual uplift, when a person feels an unexpected surge of strength, and his thoughts become clear and consistent. This state is often referred to as enlightenment. Creative people feel this especially well when, at some point, a brilliant idea suddenly appears in their head and the strength to implement it. nine0003

But the modern world is full of worries and problems, so not everyone can wait for the long-awaited muse to appear. Fatigue and spiritual devastation do not allow creative thinking to fully unfold, and you have to hit the search. Sources of inspiration for a person are a great way to return the necessary charge of good spirits and regain motivation for creative pursuits. Individuals who have repeatedly encountered the capricious nature of their muse have long found these methods and resort to them every time a creative crisis approaches. And those who have encountered such a problem for the first time should find out what sources of inspiration can be and determine the most effective one for themselves. Consider the most effective and proven ways to get into a creative mood:

Sources of inspiration are all around us. You can feel a surge of energy after visiting an art gallery, or you can find peace of mind by going to an island in the middle of the ocean. The main thing is to choose what suits you. Every creative person needs to nurture their potential. Do not forget about this, and then there will be much more connoisseurs of your work.

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How to find inspiration and inspire?

- I don't get inspiration anymore! nine0077 - This means that you yourself have to go to meet him.
Miu Asakura

As long as I can remember, I always liked to dance. This is my passion, my outlet and my life. God gave me talents, and I always thought, it's not in vain! I have always dreamed of becoming an artist either on stage or in films. I didn’t work out with theater and music in my childhood, but the choreography is what brought me joy and pleasure! Therefore, I have chosen this life path for myself! I became a professional choreographer and artist and my dream came true! nine0003

And my advice to you is to do what you like and do what works best, and you will be happy in life!

Dreams are a source of inspiration!

Dreams are what motivates a person to move forward and do something more than just live an ordinary life!

It's no secret that every person is capable of creating — creating something! And you too (since you are reading this article!). Much is said and written about this.

Creativity is an integral part of every person's life! And, I repeat, this ability is given to us from above! Moreover, I want to say that creativity and development can and should be used to get out of the crisis in your life! And I'm talking now about creativity that inspires others! nine0003

My opinion is that any pictures, films, concerts, performances, etc. should inspire others. I encourage you to do this in your art. And it doesn't matter who you are. Even a carpenter, when making a table, can make it in such a way as to inspire others. For example, inspire a writer to write an amazing book at this table!

And in order to inspire others, you need to be inspired yourself!

Some people think that inspiration is a kind of muse that comes and goes as it pleases. But I believe that you can develop inspiration within yourself through the perception of this world. nine0003

Everyone perceives the world around them differently. Some see everything in a bad light and become discouraged, while others find grains of something valuable and express it in creativity!

  1. Do what you like! If you do what you like and succeed most of all, then you won’t need to “reach into your pocket” for inspiration, because you will almost always be on the rise.
  2. Information hunger!
  3. Use only quality resources! Professional musical instrument, quality paints, professional artists, etc. (to each his own). The second grade always slows down the process. You will always spend a lot of energy not on creativity, but on nerves. nine0012
  4. Get distracted! Do something for fun, something that you enjoy (book, travel, music…). For example, Google gives its employees 20% of their working time for free activities. By doing this, she stimulates the internal motivation and inspiration of her employees!
  5. Switch! It is important not only to rest, but also to be able to switch work. If you are working on a project, then most likely it has a lot of tasks and plans. And when something is deadlocked in one area, switch to another. As a rule, when solving another problem, the first one can be solved in parallel. Or, when you return, you can look at the problem that has reached a dead end, on the other hand, with a fresher look! nine0012

You can try all these tips right now. And do not limit yourself, look for new solutions! After all, you are creative, and there is more than enough creativity in you!

Good luck and endless inspiration to you!

Tell VKontakte

If you successfully choose your work and put your soul into it,

then happiness will find you.

K. Ushinskiy

Having worked at the school for forty-four years, I understand that my profession as a teacher is exclusively for creative people, because it is a profession from God. Not everyone will be able to see and hear joys and sorrows day after day, empathize, take part in the life of not one child, but dozens, or even hundreds of children. Great sensitivity, patience, devotion, willpower, kindness and love for children help the teacher in his difficult mission. I believe that a modern teacher should be very kind, responsive, attentive to children, creative and competent in their profession. You also need to be a good psychologist, as children require special attention, understanding, guidance, involvement in learning or learning with passion from the teacher. nine0003

What helps me in my work? Inspiration. Breathe in the new. And life itself inspires me, which I would like to do a little better. I can confidently say that I am open to inspiration - I am inspired by the first ray of the sun, early dawn, a light cloud on the horizon, a sad rain, a timid snowflake, a yellowed leaf, a cobweb over a bush, sadness, failure and much more! I am also inspired by the belief in my destiny, mission, the belief that the cause I serve is the most necessary, because I influence the development of a person, a citizen, a patriot of my country. This faith gives me strength, the desire to create. nine0003

Music is the closest and favorite means of expression to me. It gives me creative inspiration, energizes me, gives me great joy, makes me smile and feel sad. And "my" music sounds everywhere, you just need to listen carefully. Everything sings - mountains, meadows, steppes, rivers, a nightingale at dawn ... The excited whisper of my five-year-old granddaughter Nastenka, when she comes to me before going to bed and asks me to tell or compose a fairy tale for her, her countless questions: “What?

How about? Why?, do not let me stand still and wake up my inspiration for writing, inventing stories, which I then gladly retell to my students. Probably the children are the biggest sources of my inspiration .

I notice that the further the time of my life goes, the more things that seemed uninteresting and ordinary to me turn into bright colors and begin to bring me joy, pleasure and inspiration. Perhaps this is old age, or maybe wisdom? And I am happy that every day I plunge into the amazing journey of my life, that I can give warmth and love to loved ones, that I can enjoy the beauty and perfection of everything that surrounds me. But the most important thing is that today I can say with confidence that I chose my path correctly and I don’t regret a bit that I put my whole soul into it, because the state of constant quiet happiness and “taste of life” accompanies me always and everywhere. And above the entrance to the school, I would inscribe the words: “Teacher, I wish you creative inspiration and love for children! Take care of inspiration and share it with others, and then your students will be happy too!” nine0003

Being a truly happy person myself, I try to inspire my students to create bright and beautiful things with the help of compositions, essays, fairy tales. I tell them a lot about my travels, show and share souvenirs and photographs, slides, thoughts. Not so long ago, 27 of my students took part in the international distance Olympiad in the Russian language and won 17 prizes. My students take part in Operation Care: they collect things, toys, books, stationery for children from orphanages. Together with our students, we publish the magazine “In Chocolate”, where we publish our literary finds, opuses together, make drawings for the works we read, share our human deeds and deeds, holidays and various significant events in life. Often I tell children that a wonderful feeling helps us in this - inspiration. This gift of heaven is inherent in every person from birth, but the labor of the soul is needed for it to be revealed in each of us. Inspiration and creativity give a person a state of joy, a powerful surge of energy, a special state of mind, inspiration directs us to the future. And my students feel this powerful feeling. nine0003

I would like to wish all the children of the country: “Be happy no matter what! Find your calling, discover your talents! Go boldly to your dreams! May your life be filled with joy, the happiness of loved ones, the laughter of children and, of course, love!

Research shows that when we live in harmony with what inspires us, our activities become more productive. We become more active, diligent, creative. In other words, it is much easier for us to succeed. nine0003

Think about what success really is. Society could define it in monetary or property terms. But does material matter matter if you are not really satisfied with your activities? True success is something related to the activity of a person, his achievements in the personal and professional spheres.

Here is some information about what happens to your brain and body, depending on whether your activity inspires you or not. nine0003

Living by Values ​​

Behaviorist Dr. John DeMartini recently discovered that we all have a unique set of values ​​that play a significant role in guiding our behavior and self-image. He came to the conclusion that all of our positive and negative emotions are a feedback system in order to understand whether we are living in accordance with our value system. They are the things that really matter to us in life. nine0003

Demartini found that when we move away from our values, we are more prone to additive behavior, self-destruction, and creating difficulties for ourselves. When we adhere to a value system, our memory works better, we are more focused and productive.

There is a part of our brain called the reticular activating system that constantly filters information according to our value hierarchy. Take, for example, a husband and wife walking down the street. If relationships are important for a man in the first place, and a woman loves animals very much, then the husband will initially notice the couple holding hands, and the wife will pay attention to the man with the dog. nine0003

Our brain is constantly working for our value system!


Creative magic happens when you have achieved cognitive resonance between the conscious and the unconscious. This resonance plays an important role throughout your life. When you do not live according to your values, you will inevitably find yourself in an internal conflict, because your consciousness and subconscious are not in agreement.

Dr. Kahn from the University of Arizona found that a person is much more likely to become creative if his mind is open to the new, and his mood is high. By doing what inspires us, we achieve both of these things. nine0003

Inspiration vs Despair

Dr. Demartini also describes the two main driving forces that guide a person. He says that the motivator is either inspiration or desperation.

The source of despair is thoughts based on fear, and the people who are guided by them are constantly in an effort to avoid pain. They are more likely to succumb to difficulties and give up when problems approach.

Sources of inspiration - love and authenticity. Guided by inspiration, “we are more likely to cope with the pain and enjoy the achievement of the goal” (Dr. Demartini). We see the bigger picture in this case and are able to overcome obstacles to achieve success. nine0003

Openness versus closedness

When we are really inspired by the path to the goal, our perception changes. We're less likely to see failures as failures because we'll be too busy seeing them as opportunities for growth. This plays an important role in overcoming the prejudices that are programmed in the subconscious.

In addition, researchers Schnell, Brandstatter and Knopfel conducted an experiment showing that people are more open when they are engaged in an activity that inspires them. nine0003

In other words, we are more likely to be prepared for the challenges that arise if we enjoy what we do. It is also more likely that fear of the unknown will be replaced by curiosity, which will definitely improve the learning process.

Neurochemical reaction and our body

Mind and body are closely connected. When we participate in activities or learning that we enjoy, the brain produces more serotonin and dopamine. The concentration of these hormones increases when a person is engaged in an interesting business for him. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for activity, memory, satisfaction, and motivation. Serotonin is also significant for good mood, appetite, transmission of impulses to nerve cells. nine0003

When we are doing something that we perceive as a threat to our values, we produce higher doses of cortisol and substance P. The former is widely known as a hormone associated with stress, and substance P is responsible for transmitting information about pain to the brain.

Over time, we are either elated or depleted of hormones produced by the brain and affecting the whole body.


When you are sincere and open, your self-esteem increases because you have accepted your uniqueness and the things you value. You are more likely to believe in yourself, be calm under pressure, and speak your mind when doing what interests you. nine0003

When you live outside of your values, your subconscious sends a signal that you are not worthy of being who you are. The negative feelings that accompany low self-esteem are a feedback signal telling you to stop denying what is important to you.

Personal self-realization is mainly related to the ability to set and achieve internal goals.

Change will not happen overnight

Remember that sustainable change takes time. No matter how much the above information will resonate with you, a smooth transition requires consistency, patience, and perseverance. Taking the right steps will help make your goal a reality. nine0003

  1. Define your goals. If money had no value, what would you like to do for the rest of your life? You can always find a way to turn your dreams into money.
  2. Do your research and make a plan. What steps need to be taken? How much money to save? How much time per week should be dedicated to this? If it's really important, you will go to your goal and succeed. Creating a timeline is also helpful.
  3. Connect your current job with your values. Instead of resisting what currently makes you work, just evaluate what benefits it brings to your long-term plan. By seeing the benefits in your current job, you will be more energetic and productive in your pursuit of your goals. nine0012

You may have to work 10 more hours a week to fulfill your desires. But doing the job of your dreams will give you strength and meaning in life.

Don't forget that sometimes you have to do the right thing until you can't do the right thing.

With any of us there was such a situation when we felt a complete lack of strength. Apathy, indifference, lack of work or communication with loved ones, even depression are just some of the manifestations of what we call a breakdown. And the reason for this is the lack of inspiration. And it happens to every person: one cannot paint a new picture, the other does not know how to set up a business, and the third is simply looking for a reason to refuse to meet friends again. How to change this situation and again see before your eyes not a faded and boring, but a bright and interesting world? Find new sources of inspiration for yourself. Each person has their own. But if you haven't found your own yet, try using the ones most commonly referred to by psychologists. nine0003

What is inspiration?

This is a very pleasant state when it is easy to breathe, thoughts are clear, you want to move mountains and have the strength to do so. Psychologists call this state a powerful rise in all vitality, when a person's productivity increases several times at once. For what? Due to new feelings, emotions, experiences. The key word here is new. It could be a book, a painting, a movie, a new acquaintance, or even a new commute.

Each person has something different. Some kind of impulse that is superimposed on previous experience and gives rise to new feelings and sensations. It is he who encourages us to do something - open our own business, write a poem, go on a trip. Or maybe sign up for dancing or start diving. So what could be driving all of this? Let's try to figure it out, but with one condition: we immediately note such a "source" as alcohol. Although for many it is an inspiration, it is better to try to find a source “more soberly”. nine0003

Top best sources of inspiration

  • Favorite activity

When a person likes work, he is guaranteed both earnings and pleasure: this is what ancient Greek thinkers used to say. Turning a hobby into the main source of income is not immediately possible and not for everyone, but this must be strived for. Rushing to your favorite work in the morning, you will not need to look for additional sources of inspiration. New goals and the desire to fulfill them will appear by themselves, you will want to develop and reach new heights. At the same time, it is possible that at some point you will still get tired, and you will get tired of everything. The recipe for “treatment” of such a condition is simple: for a couple of days you need to take a break even from a very favorite thing and just have a good rest. nine0003

  • People we communicate with

A lot depends on them. Sometimes it is difficult to solve some task or problem without a “fresh look”. You can fight over it for more than one day, and then an outsider will just take a look and immediately tell you what its essence is. Therefore, the advice of the people around us should never be abandoned. It is very useful to listen to an extra opinion. And do not be shy to seek advice and help from relatives, friends or colleagues.

  • Continuous self-development

A person must develop all the time in order to move forward.

This is an axiom, which is confirmed by the examples of successful people. You always have to set new goals for yourself so that you have something to strive for. This will maintain a constant interest even in a very beloved business. Self-development may include reading books, learning a new language, a computer program, taking professional courses and trainings. Sometimes a new education may even be needed. In order not to lose sources of inspiration, always develop. nine0003

Clear your mind - this will allow you to look at the world wider, feel deeper and find inspiration in the most unexpected places . To cleanse the mind.

  • Books, music, movies

The nature of the sources of inspiration lies in them. If you feel a breakdown, it is better not to take on work, but try to distract yourself - watch your favorite movie, re-read the book that is best for you, or listen to your favorite music. And this will definitely charge you with good emotions and cause a surge of strength. Music is the most affordable way to distract from bad thoughts and get ready for work, because you can listen to it anywhere (thanks to gadgets). Psychologists even advise not to try to finish the work that has been started when it does not argue. It is better to be distracted for an hour, and then complete the work you have begun much faster. nine0003

  • Total silence

Our world is arranged in such a way that there is always a lot of noise around. Even at night, city dwellers often sleep to the sound of cars passing by houses or sounds from neighboring apartments. Try to stay at least 10-15 minutes a day in absolute silence - you can close the windows tightly and put on headphones. Being alone with yourself is sometimes easier to collect your thoughts and listen to the inner voice. And then life will seem much more interesting and you will want to do something new. nine0003

  • Meditations

Not everyone loves this source of inspiration, not even everyone agrees to try it. But sometimes it’s worth closing your eyes and immersing yourself in your inner world. Perhaps he will give you new ideas or solutions. If this practice is not very clear, do not be afraid to ask for help from practicing psychologists.

  • Love

A loving and beloved person is almost always full of inspiration. This emotional feeling gives him strength, encourages him to take action, and allows him to achieve new goals. After all, many heroes perform feats for the sake of love. For a person who knows the power of love, the concept of powerful energy is also familiar. And if you have not yet met your love, be sure to look for it. nine0003

  • Constant experiments

The nature of inspiration lies in novelty, and any experiment is always something new.

Do not be afraid to change something and start.

Sometimes even a change of clothes or hairstyle can transform a person's life. Don't be afraid to change the environment in the house or get involved in new hobbies. Why not sign up for dance or cooking classes? You can even choose a different route for driving to work - along other streets, and then the world will not seem gray, but will open its new colors and shades for you. Overcoming fears and becoming more free internally allows the purification of the mind. nine0003

  • Nature

A source of inspiration especially suitable for city dwellers. Sometimes it can be very useful to go to nature for a day, take a walk in the park or go to the forest. Nature is so rich that it can inspire absolutely any person. After all, she has a “key” for everyone: she will charge someone with the energy of the mountains, someone with a green forest. Others will like the steppe or the winter frozen lake. Try to be in nature at least once a month, and then the breakdown will not be a permanent occurrence for you. nine0003

  • Travel

New countries always open up the world for us anew. But if you still can’t go on a long journey, at least get out on a tour of your native land. Surely, 20-30 km from your hometown, there are unexplored places that you have not been to yet. New emotions from such a trip are guaranteed, which means that inspiration will appear.

  • Sport

This is no less powerful source of inspiration than love. It helps to part with sad thoughts, improve health, and recharge with positive energy for a long time. You can buy a subscription to a fitness center, sign up for swimming, or just start doing exercises at home or running in the morning. Today, sports are so accessible that you should not refuse the opportunity to give them at least half an hour a day. nine0003

What can hinder inspiration?

The reasons for his absence are directly proportional to the sources given above. Poor health, fear of experimentation, poor reading, unwillingness to develop, surrounding yourself with unsuccessful people and unloved work. Any of these points can deprive a person of vital energy and desire for something new. What if there are several of them at once?

To change internally, you do not need to break or overthrow yourself, there is a workaround - use a specially designed system -. Harmonious changes in the inner world have already been made by more than 80,000 users. nine0003

And don't forget that nature also helps us "recharge". The source of inspiration does not always come by itself. Set goals for yourself: when you have them, it is easier to move forward. After all, the muse comes only to those who want it and can use it competently.

"Who inspires you?" (with examples) • BUOM

During the interview, the employer may ask you questions about your motivation and inspiration. One such question an employer might ask is, “Who inspires you?” Knowing how to answer this question can show employers that you have goals and motives, and that you look to leaders as examples of what you can do to be successful. In this article, we'll discuss why employers ask this question, how to answer it, and look at some sample answers you can use when preparing for an interview. nine0003

Why do employers ask, “Who inspires you?”

An employer may ask this question during your interview to learn more about your motivations for working. The employer can also use this question to find out how you communicate and interact with other people. You can use this question to reinforce your desire for the job you're interviewing for, as well as explain your values ​​to the employer. When brainstorming about this, choose someone you know who represents the values ​​you have. nine0003

How to answer the question “Who inspires you?”

Below are some steps you can follow to answer this question during an interview:

1. Keep your answer short

It can be easy to spend a few minutes answering this question due to several factors:

  • You want to talk about a person you respect

  • You want to talk about several people

  • You want to explain a few values ​​that you and your inspiration share

  • You want to tell the employer about every detail of your inspiration

Whatever the reason, a short answer can show the employer that you are ready to give an answer about who inspires you and why they inspire you. It can also show how well you convey information to people who may not be familiar with the topic.

2. Choose one person you respect

Choosing one person you respect can help keep your answer short. Selecting one person can also help you keep your response relevant to the position by aligning them, your values, and those of the employer. Finally, choosing one person can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses by having a role model to compare yourself to. There are several types of people you can talk about:

  • Family members

  • Mentors

  • Historical figures

  • Book characters

  • Modern celebrities

any of these options may inspire you, and everyone may have quality of quality want to follow, adopt and use in the workplace.

3. Explain the person's values ​​and behaviors that you want to have

Explaining your inspiring person's behavior and values ​​to your employer can help them understand the professional path you want to follow. For example, if you let them know that you admire someone's ability to communicate clearly, it will let them know that you are working on and striving to improve your communication skills. By focusing on values ​​and behaviors, you can present yourself as a professional.

4. Link these values ​​and behaviors to how they affect you as a professional. nine0061

Although this question may be about personal details of your life, it is important to remember that you are still interviewing for a professional position. Explaining to the employer how each value and behavior that inspires you relates to the role you want can help show that you are thinking about how to apply them in your professional career. For example, by linking your mastermind's ability to handle a difficult client to a customer service position, you can show that you are already planning how you will work with clients. nine0003

Example of answers to the question “Who inspires you?”

The following are some examples of responses you can use as inspiration for your own answer to this interview question:

Family example

“The person who inspires me is my older brother. He always works hard and finishes every job he starts, and he really enjoys the work he does. I want to work as hard as he does and develop in my career so I can love my job. I think this role is a place where I can work hard and gain the experience I need to work in middle and senior positions.” nine0003

Example of a mentor

“There are a few people who inspire me, but I think the biggest inspiration in my life has been my tenth and eleventh grade English teacher, Mr. Miller. He came to school every day with a smile on his face and a desire to help every student in his class and beyond. I want to work in a position where I can come in every day and know that I will help others and be able to smile throughout the day. I believe that the role of lead teacher is where I will do it every day for both my students and my department.” nine0003

An example of a historical figure

“I have always drawn inspiration from historical figures. In particular, I have always been inspired by Donald Forester. to a system that was unfair to him and many others. I want to speak and inspire people just like him, and be able to face my own fears. I think this role will allow me to perform in front of large crowds and learn how to be brave in the face of adversity."

Example book character

“The ancient legends of King Theodore and his knights have always inspired me. One knight, Sir Godfrey, is especially inspiring because he is always true to himself. I think this is a wonderful quality because it can mean that we know ourselves and what we can achieve through our own efforts. Knowing and staying true to yourself in the workplace means giving creative answers to solutions that motivate people to work harder. As a project manager, being able to let my team come up with their own answers encourages growth and learning.” nine0003

An example of a contemporary celebrity

“Evan Dunn really inspires me. His ability to become a leader in several industries, from automobiles, rockets and solar energy to his other pursuits, is truly inspiring.

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