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It's something that literally everyone should be able to do really well and should revel in doing, because for most of us, doing the deed is fun and we like having it. Yet for whatever reason, some of us just suck at it.

If you really analyze it, it's not totally impossible to understand why some of us are just plain awkward at it. While sex may be simple in execution, it's anything but in every other facet. It's an extremely strange thing to do with another human being when it comes down to it, and while some don't even think about it on that level, for others it's impossible for them to overcome. They can still do it and enjoy it to some extent, but they can never truly be free of their mind while doing so.

This quiz will attempt to answer the question of which side of the sexual divide you fall on. Are you a natural in bed, who's completely in tune with your partner and loving every second of the wonderful experience that sex can be? Or are you a jumble of nerves and awkwardness, unable to fully tap into your sexual abilities? The answer can be found in this quiz...if you dare to seek it out.

Question 1

Do You Talk Dirty in Bed?

A little bit of dirty talk can go a long way towards two people having an enjoyable romp. Especially when it's a first encounter, being able to break the ice with some fun banter can help make it less awkward and help both participants perform better. If you're not able to lighten up like that during sex, there could be more tension in your lovemaking than you realize.

Question 2

Do People Want To Do The Deed With You More Than Once?

If past lovers are constantly trying to hook up with you again and you rarely have people never contact you after your first time in the sack, chances are that it's because you're good in bed. On the other hand, if you rarely have repeat visitors to your inner sanctum, it could be that the experience wasn't one most people want to go through again.

Question 3

How Confident Are You?

How confident you are in general is going to have an impact on your sex life, as it takes a certain level of confidence and self-acceptance (namely, a high level) to get down and dirty with another human being, especially one you may not even know all that well. While people lacking in self-confidence may have a lot of sex (and may even be using sex as a crutch for their struggling self-esteem), they're probably not very good at it.

Question 4

Do You Actually Like Doing The Deed?

Your automatic reaction might be to think "of course I do, I'd be crazy not to", but you wouldn't be. As difficult as it can be to admit in our sex-crazed society, where it's drilled into our heads that sex is basically the greatest thing in the history of existence and we're even warned that an active sex life may be necessary for our mental health, not everyone is going to enjoy it. And if you don't really care that much about sex, you probably don't care enough to be good at it.

Question 5

Name the Craziest Place You've Done The Deed (closest that applies)

There's nothing quite like the experience of having sex in an offbeat or even public location. If you've been open enough to having an encounter like that, it probably indicates that you're quite adventurous and have a bit of an insatiable sexual appetite. If you have trouble having sex outside of completely safe locales, you might be lacking something even when in those safe locations.

Question 6

Are You A Good Dancer?

Like sex, dancing is about feeling the rhythm and going with it. If you can let loose and become one with the music on a dance floor, odds are good that you can do the same with a partner after the dancing is done. If you're a klutz with two left feet or are too self-conscious to dance up a storm around other people, your bedroom activities probably suffer the same fate.

Question 7

How Is Your Hygiene?

You could be the best lover in the world, but if your hygiene isn't up to snuff, your partner probably isn't going to care or even reach the point of finding out. While sex itself can get a little dirty and sweaty, that doesn't excuse someone having foul odors emanating from them even before the party has started.

Question 8

Are You Willing to Engage in Roleplaying?

Roleplaying can dramatically improve one's sex life, creating fun scenarios where participants can imagine themselves in various roles, allowing the tension and excitement of their lovemaking to become heightened. However, roleplaying is most definitely not for everyone, as some people just can't get past the idea that it's weird, or are too nervous to try it.

Question 9

Have You Ever Read or Watched Something On How To Become A Better Lover?

Too many people seem to believe that sex is nothing more than an innate talent, something that you're either good at or not. This couldn't be further from the truth. Like anything else, it takes some measure of knowledge and self-awareness of one's own limitations and weaknesses to become better at, which books and videos can help you achieve.

Question 10

Do You Watch Too Much P---?

There's nothing wrong with a little porn, and watching some together with your partner could also help stimulate the mood. You could even get some good ideas out of it. However, too much porn may skew your perspective on sex, as porn tends to glorify men and treat women as sexual playthings. If porn is changing how you behave in bed and treat your partner, or even how feel about yourself, it may be time to cut back on it.

Question 11

How Spontaneous Are You?

Spontaneity is the spice of life and it's also the spice of sex. If you're constantly living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest, you're probably bringing that same passion to the bedroom. If life is just a dull routine for you and you rarely deviate from the norm, it's likely your sex life will end up in a similar sorry state.

Question 12

Do You Just Do The Same Thing Every Time?

You may have a killer move, one you probably think you invented, but if that's all you have, it's probable that you're not as good in bed as you think you are. If pulling off the same routine has become your identity in the bedchamber, you're inevitably going to bore your partners and even bore yourself. Don't be boring.

Question 13

Have You Ever Discussed Your Performance With a Partner?

While reading and watching videos related to sex can open your eyes to new ideas, there's no better place to turn to for help than your own partners. As uncomfortable as that conversation may be, an honest partner can help you become a better lover to them personally, as well as a better lover in general.

Question 14

Do You Know How To Please Yourself?

If you can't even pleasure yourself properly, how will you be able to pleasure someone else? You know yourself, or should know yourself, better than anyone else; it shouldn't be hard to figure out what you like and how you like it. If you haven't done so, the odds that you'll manage to do so with another person are slim to none.

Question 15

Are You in Good Shape?

While virtually anyone in any kind of physical shape can probably manage to have sex, realistically you're going to perform your best when you're in good physical shape. You'll have more endurance, will be more flexible, and will generally enjoy yourself more. Nothing puts a damper on sex like feeling you might have a heart attack any second.

Question 16

Do You Know How to Set the Mood?

Having a great sexual encounter is often about setting the mood, especially when it's with a longtime partner. While you may not need much help when it's a first-time encounter, when you've been with someone dozens or even hundreds of times, creating the right mood becomes that much more important. If you don't know how to build the mood and get your partner all hot and bothered before the act, you may have a disappointing time of it.

Question 17

How Flirty Are You?

How flirty you are can provide a lot of hints as to your sexual prowess. A flirt is more likely to be a fun-loving person that wants to have a good time and can help create positive sexual vibes, being unafraid of their sexuality. On the other hand, a person who turns beet-red at the slightest flirtation is probably somewhat prudish and not very confident sexually.

Question 18

How Many Different Partners Have You Had?

It's undeniable that the more exposure we have to different things and ways of doing things, the more we learn about ourselves, and that can only help us become wiser and more efficient in everything we do. While there's nothing wrong with not being promiscuous, you're probably a little behind the curve when it comes to developing your sexuality.

Question 19

How Important Is Your Partner's Pleasure?

Naturally, how good you are in bed is about how much you're pleasuring your partner, not yourself (although you should be getting pleasure from it also). And accomplishing that requires it being your prime motivation while you're having sex. If you're more concerned about your own pleasure, you won't be paying enough attention to your partner to give them what they need.

Question 20

What Are Your Thoughts on Foreplay?

Foreplay is another crucial aspect of setting the mood. Not everyone wants to just jump straight to the finale, they want to enjoy some build-up so the finale is that much more rewarding. However, not everyone is all that big on foreplay, either because the time investment is a turnoff, or because they're just not all that into it.

Question 21

Are You A Happy Person?

How happy you are will resonate in everything you do, including your love life. A happy person is able to give more of themselves and to prioritize the happiness of others. They also make for more willing partners, taking personal responsibility for how something turns out and working together to get the right result, rather than working against someone and being ready to blame them when it doesn't go well.

Question 22

Do You Sleep With People You Really Want to Sleep With?

You could generally be an impressive specimen in bed, but that doesn't mean the best is going to be brought out of you by everyone. If you're not really into the person you're having sex with, you're unlikely to be capable of performing your best. If you're habitually sleeping with people that don't really excite you, you're probably not as good in bed as you could otherwise be.

Question 23

Do You Tell Everyone How Good You Are in Bed?

If you feel the need to constantly brag about how good you are in bed, it could just be that you're trying to convince yourself of that more than anyone else. While guys especially may feel the need to boast about their sexual prowess around their buddies and may sensationalize their exploits, it's the people who go out of their way to constantly bring up their sex life that may actually be feeling inadequate.

Question 24

Do You Ask Your Partners What They Like?

Being a better lover means knowing what your partner wants and giving it to them, and that generally means asking them. Why make things harder than they have to be by trying to figure it out on your own out of some sort of misplaced pride or ego? Your goal should be to become a better lover, not a sexual sleuth.

Question 25

Do You Get A Lot of Cuddle Time After Doing The Deed?

When both partners are content after having great sex, it's likely they'll enjoy some cuddle time and pillow talk. If the sex was not very good...lights out, backs turned to each other. If you're not getting much cuddling action after sex, you may not be having good sex very often.

How Freaky Are You In Bed Quiz

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Take this How Freaky Are You In Bed Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

I get a lot of messages asking me, “What do women like in bed?” What blows a guy’s head while having sex? What is the best way to be a freak in bed?! Everyone, of course, wants to know the solution; it would make life so much easier. But sex isn’t supposed to be simple and formulaic.

You know, you might think there’s a simple answer to these problems, but that’s not the case. Everyone wants to discover the key to becoming a sex god/goddess, yet at the end of the day, we’re all just humans. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sex.

So, when it comes to learning how to be a freak in bed, I have to warn you that you’re in for a journey of self-discovery. That’s correct, being a freak in bed has more to do with you than it does with your spouse. Why? Your relationship, on the other hand, could change.

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You could be with person A one day and person B the next. You shouldn’t be depending on the person you’re with if you’re a freak in bed. This is what I mean by a voyage of self-discovery. Remember that just because you think something is “freaky” doesn’t mean it is. I mean, what does it even mean to be “freaky”? Because it is so subjective, you do not need to force yourself into a preconceived notion of what a “freak” is. Also, you must try to play this How Freaky Are You In Bed Quiz.

How to be a freak in bed while also exploring your sexual side

On the streets, he’s cool, but in bed, he’s a freak.

What do you think is strange? The trouble is, if you’ve never had anal sex before, you might think this is severe. As a result, you must consider where your comfort zone ends and what you consider to be outrageous conduct. When you think of freaky, not everyone thinks of the same thing, and sex is subjective.

Investigate your sexuality. Exploring your sexuality is the best way to learn how to be a freak in bed. Whether it’s through porn or experimenting with a lover, try out things you wouldn’t normally do while having sex. For example, if spanking films make you feel hot, try spanking your partner and watch how you react. When you begin to explore sexual actions beyond your comfort zone, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself.

Build your self-esteem. What is the most enticing thing a person could wear? It’s self-assurance. That may have seemed a little corny, but it’s true. You will feel more sexually secure once you begin to explore your sexuality and discover what you truly enjoy. That’s a tremendous turn-on for most individuals. When you’re at ease in bed, you let go and focus on the current moment.

You can say whatever you want. When it comes to sex, everyone has distinct desires and wishes. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for them during sex. Of course, your spouse has the freedom to refuse, and that right must be respected. You may, however, inquire as to whether they would like you to fulfill your sexual urges. It’s fine if they’re not comfortable doing so. [Read: Horrible sex acts you probably didn’t know existed but that many people enjoy]

About the quiz

Make fun of your partner. It’s not only about sex when it comes to learning how to be a freak in bed. Yes, sex is a big component of intimacy, but flirting and teasing your spouse will make it much better. Before sex, don’t be scared to be kinky and nasty. Send them texts about what you want to do to them earlier in the day; this will get the chemistry going and the tension up.

In bed, shake things up. What I can tell you is that becoming a freak in bed is not going to happen in a missionary position. I mean, it can be one position you utilize during sex, but you should change it up. Have you ever heard of a bed freak who only slept in one position? No, not at all.

People who are freaks in bed know their bodies and which positions work best for them. Examine various positions to find which ones perform best.

7 Discover your partner’s desires. It’s not just about you when it comes to sex. In addition, persons who are called freaks in bed spend a lot of time focused on and delighting their partner. Otherwise, they’d be regarded as a wild, one-sided sex machine. But that’s not what you’re looking for. You must also consider your partner and their desires. If you two aren’t sexually compatible, look for a spouse who shares your desires.

During sex, use both your body and your thoughts. Sex is more than just a physical action; it’s also a deeply emotional one. You don’t feel good if you’re not getting turned on. Sex is more than just having your penis or vagina aroused. It’s a full-body sensation. Allow your body and mind to work together if you want to be a freak in the sheets.

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How good are you in bed? Find out with this test for men

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What men like in bed

It would seem that we know very well what men like in sex. Well, there, fishnet stockings, high-heeled shoes, beautiful underwear ... But that's not all! There's a fun theory that men in the bedroom either act like nerds or bullies. The first are embarrassed to voice their desires - they say, education does not allow (nerds are really most often found among intellectuals). They are a little stiff and do not mind when a woman takes the initiative in her own hands. The latter, on the contrary, are active, at times even impudent, directly declaring their preferences.

If your partner is a "hooligan", you already know what to do: he probably gave detailed instructions. But if from the "nerds", you have to rack your brains or focus on the data of opinion polls, according to which you can at least somehow understand what our men like. Namely?

Any man dreams that his beloved has an orgasm every time, because this is the best confirmation of his viability! Scientists at King's College London asked more than 2,000 women aged 18 to 83 (!) to rate their ability to achieve relaxation on a 7-point scale. It turned out that restrained ladies with an analytical mindset are less likely to get orgasms than those who live with feelings. So, if men want to enjoy a female orgasm, let them tolerate our heightened emotionality.

Morning sex

Men's opinion: love with a warm sleepy partner is a special pleasure.

Have you noticed that the chosen one wakes up with an excellent erection? Perhaps this is just the desire to go to the toilet: a full bladder presses on the erectile nerves. But most often it's about sexual arousal. Chronobiologists say that at 7 am the activity of male hormones is 20% higher than normal, and at 9 am - by 50%. So you should not refuse the chosen one in closeness, even if you have not yet fully woken up yourself.

Ready for sex

Men's opinion: everyone will envy me, my woman wants me always and everywhere.

Men love women who are active not only in everyday life and career, but also in bed. So remember the old saying that a lady should be a queen at a party, a mistress in the kitchen and a prostitute in bed. And not just in bed. American researchers interviewed 1,500 men and identified the most attractive places for sex: bath or shower (82% of respondents), car (80%), swimming pool (54%), kitchen table (48%), fitting room and city park (42%) .

Obscene angles

Men's opinion: a woman's sexual emancipation, her willingness to experiment is very exciting!

Women are characterized by shyness, so not many decide to take "lewd" poses: "They will decide that I am licentious." Many, however, are afraid of explicit poses for another reason: "He will see my cellulite and folds on my stomach." So, remember: in a moment of passion, a man wants his beloved woman all - completely and completely, along with folds and cellulite. Moreover, he does not see them (unless, of course, he is persistently told about them). Besides, who said that all men like skinny women? Fashion beauty standard 9Psychologists consider 0x60x90 an imposed motivation: advertising claims that it is beautiful, but nature still pushes men into the arms of a woman adapted for childbearing: with wide hips, full breasts and a narrow waist. So it’s not worth complexing because of a plump figure.

Well-groomed partner

Men's opinion: if a woman takes care of herself, then she will always be on top, and in a year, and in 10 years.

I mean not silicone lips and Botox forehead, but much simpler things: fresh beautiful underwear, perfectly epilated legs, healthy and clean hair, a good and neat manicure (and pedicure, by the way, too). From the point of view of men, even an ugly woman, if she takes care of herself, looks sexy. If a woman is not only well-groomed, but also beautiful, this is doubly exciting: in the truest sense of the word, it deprives men of reason. Canadian scientists conducted an interesting study: they showed a group of men photos of beautiful women, and then offered $15 now or $75 in 2 days. Most of the subjects chose the first option, which proves the inability of men to reason when hormones interfere.


Men's opinion: female coquetry is the best way to save an established relationship from boredom.

If, at the stage of courtship, ladies use this weapon with might and main, then having received a stamp in their passport, they completely forget about flirting. Say, why nonsense, I'd rather feed borscht. So, it is better to look for the way to the heart and other parts of the body of a man not through the stomach, but through coquetry. Polls show that deeply married men are chronically lacking in this. When a wife tries to seduce them with gestures, playful phrases, sly looks, they are flattered and quickly put into a state of sexual combat readiness.

Sex games

Men's opinion: any, even the most wonderful sex sooner or later loses its novelty. Well, if a woman is ready for sex games.

Men think about sex more than women. And dreams go far. In fantasies, they are ready to change partners and take part in orgies, and sex in the toilet of a restaurant, an airplane is generally one of their favorite stories. However, not all men's fantasies are ready to be realized. Yes, this is not necessary: ​​a sexologist believes that if all erotic thoughts came true, the sensations would be less vivid than expected. But the most innocent why not exercise? For example, every fourth man wants to try sex toys, whether they are dildos or penis attachments. And every second - role-playing games. It would be nice to call a partner for a frank conversation and just find out what he dreams of. Silent or joking? Suggest the game "Do me what you want yourself." Or let him draw his favorite fantasy - for many this is easier than voicing.

A bit of a body

Men's opinion: nude excites by default, but how many secrets are concealed when properly dressed!

Of course, men are aroused by the naked female body. But it is known for sure: the effect of half-nakedness is much stronger, since it leaves room for imagination, although not every man will dare to ask his partner not to take off her blouse, jacket or boots (here, for example, a "nerd" will definitely not dare). Therefore, it is not always necessary to hastily and passionately tear off all the clothes, it is better to undress slowly and in parts. And tease even outside the bedroom. Mini-skirts and tight turtlenecks will not turn you on as much as an "accidentally" open dressing gown, a blouse with a V-neck, from which a chest peeks out, or a long skirt with a slit.

Oral caresses

Men's opinion: oral caresses sometimes give more pleasure than sex itself.

All men love it when a woman does... Well, you understand. This is because the sensations of oral and vaginal sex are completely different. With vaginal contact, the man most often performs the main work. The longer he works, the more he gets tired, as a result of which the orgasm becomes less vivid. When a partner "conjures" a partner, he can relax and focus on his own feelings, which greatly enhances these very feelings. In addition, he gets special pleasure from the fact that he feels at such moments the master of the situation.

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