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SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service), or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

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No, we do not provide counseling. Trained information specialists answer calls, transfer callers to state services or other appropriate intake centers in their states, and connect them with local assistance and support.

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40+ words of condolence on the death of mother and grandmother

How to express condolences on the death of mother in your own words? Words of sorrow for the loss of mother and grandmother at the wake of 9 and 40 days. Postcards.


  • In your words
  • "Female" features
  • Sobolezniy etiquette
  • Examples
  • Four cards
  • Prayer for the dead mother

0003 Invited to the wake? It is useful to know:

  • Make on the Orthodox
  • where the soul is after death
  • Memorial meal
  • What to say at the commemoration

in your own words

What to say to a colleague, a friend or girlfriend who has died a mother? How to express condolences sincerely, in your own words? The formula "Three phrases" will help with this.

  1. Recognize and share the pain of loss.
  2. Express honest and sincere respect for the person of the deceased.
  3. Support a girlfriend or friend in word and deed.


Girlfriend! I was upset to tears when I found out that [Mother's name] had died. A bright woman - this is how I will remember her ... I am there, I can and want to help you in any way I can. Call anytime!

An example of condolences to a friend about the death of her mother

More samples and examples0003 true words . Even if the deceased was a complex and controversial woman, several strong features of her personality are still worthy of mention. Here are the positive traits of a “female” character (complete list) that are appropriate to use in condolences, epitaphs, in a mourning speech at a wake, or in an obituary .

  • Patient, hardy.
  • Merciful, compassionate, able to forgive.
  • Flexible, flexible, compromise.
  • Wise, prudent, prudent, sensible.
  • Caring, affectionate mother, tender wife.
  • Kind, generous, hospitable.
  • Emotional, loved life.

Etiquette of condolences on the death of a mother or wife

The death of a mother is a tragic event in the loss of a person who gave life. In addition to general words of consolation about the loss of a beloved woman, words of condolence on the death of a mother can be based on this closest family relationship “mother-daughter” , “mother-son” . Mom and grandmother symbolize family origins, hearth, comfort and hospitality.

The death of a spouse is the grief of losing the closest person and the boundary between life “before” and life “after”. Condolences on the death of his wife may contain a mention of family life, but only if you know well that the marital relationship was kind and close. Otherwise, in words of consolation about the death of a spouse, it would be better to include more general words of mourning for mother .

Please accept my condolences!

Therefore, when condoling on the death of a mother, wife, grandmother or sister , it is important to thoughtfully and delicately point out those feminine qualities of the personality that were inherent in the deceased. If you are not sure about this or that character trait of the deceased, use:

• For me she was like ...,
• Your mother always seemed to me ...,
• Grandmother made an impression ...

Refer to your good feelings.
Short condolences

Sincere short words of grief are always appropriate:

• My condolences!
• Girlfriend, I'm so sorry…
• I sympathize and condole!

Brief words of sorrow for the death of mother

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How to write condolences

Brief words of sorrow for the death of mother, wife, sister or grandmother

Letter of condolence from the organization

The corporate culture of a company, firm or institution may include a letter of condolence to the husband and family on the death of a deceased employee . An official letter to the spouse, as well as an obituary from the team, is a worthy sign of gratitude to a colleague for cooperation. Here are a few rules letters of condolence about the death of a mother to a son or daughter from the team and management :

  1. The letter should be short but attentive.
  2. A small humane or touching story about the deceased is appropriate.
  3. Be careful with religious or political beliefs.
  4. Signature must include full name (and last name) and company/department name (possibly names of colleagues). This eliminates confusion if the family did not know the employer or staff well.
  5. A letter of condolence should not include references to unresolved work issues. This can be resolved after the tribulation period has passed.

More about condolences from the team

Words of condolence on the death of a woman

What to write to a friend, girlfriend or colleague when a mother has died?

Condolences on the death of a mother addressed to a son or daughter
  • Your mother was an intelligent and bright person . .. Many, like me, will feel that the world has become poorer without her.
  • Losing loved ones is very hard... And the loss of a mother is the loss of a part of yourself... Mom will always be missed, but may the memory of her and mother's warmth be with you always!
  • Not “was”, “is” – the past tense does not apply to her at all.
  • We are very…, very upset, beyond words! It is hard when you lose loved ones, but the death of a mother is a grief for which there is no cure. Sincere condolences for the loss!
  • Without parents, without mother, there is no one between us and the grave. May wisdom and perseverance help you get through these most difficult days. Be strong!
  • [Mother's name] was a model of delicacy and tact. Her memory will be as endless as her kindness to all of us. The departure of a mother is an incomparable grief for a daughter. Please accept my deepest condolences!
  • Please accept condolences on the death of your mother on behalf of our entire team!
  • A mother remains a mother, the most sacred thing in the world.
  • My mother died… I was struck by this news. For me, [Name] is a hospitable hostess, a kind woman… I sympathize with your loss and weep with you!
  • The news of [Name-Patronymic] leaving came as a shock to us. We can only guess what a blow for the son is the death of his mother. At such moments, we feel abandoned, but remember that you have friends who loved and appreciated your mother. Count on our help!
Condolences to relatives and friends on the death of a grandmother, wife, sister
  • Grief, incomparable! And I have no words to ease your pain. But I know she wouldn't want to see you despair. Be strong! Tell me, what could I take on these days?
  • We are happy that we knew ___. Her kind disposition and generosity surprised us all, and this is how she will be remembered! It is difficult to express our grief in words - it is too great. Let the kindest memories and bright memory of her be at least a small consolation!
  • Words cannot heal a terrible wound in the heart. But bright memories of ___, how honestly and with dignity she lived her life, will always be stronger than death. In the bright memory of her, we are forever with you!
  • They say that grandchildren are loved even more than their own children. We felt this love of our grandmother in full. This love will warm us all our lives, and we will pass on part of its warmth to our children and grandchildren... Thank you for being her.
  • Words cannot heal this wound of loss. But the bright memory of ___, who lived her life honestly and with dignity, will be stronger than death. We are with you in eternal memory of her!
  • We truly loved her, but God loved her more.
  • Her whole life was spent in countless labors and worries. We will remember her forever as such a complaisant, warm-hearted and sincere woman!
  • An example of mercy and virtue has left ___! But she will remain a guiding light for all of us who remember her, love and honor her.
  • It is about ___ these kind words: "The one whose actions and deeds came from the soul, from a pure heart. " May the earth rest in peace!
  • The life she lived has a name: "Virtue". ___ is a source of life, faith and love for loving children and grandchildren. The Kingdom of heaven!
  • How much we didn't tell her during her lifetime! Everlasting memory!
  • Please accept my sincere condolences! What a man! ___, as she lived modestly and quietly, she left humbly, as if a candle had gone out.
  • ___ involved us in good deeds, and thanks to her we became better. For us, ___ will forever remain a model of mercy and tact. We are happy that we knew her.

However, mother is not only mother . In addition to the traditional incarnation, today women play an important role in public life, in business and in politics . An example of memorial words of mourning with an emphasis on sense of duty and service to society can be condolences on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Epitaphs for mother

Epitaphs are not only inscriptions on monuments, but also words of sorrow from the mourning speech at the wake, in the toast at the memorial table at the funeral, for 9, 40 days death anniversary .

The most famous epitaphs:

  • May the earth rest in peace for her
  • Kingdom of heaven!
  • Eternal memory!
  • Favorite. Remember. We mourn.

But as words of mourning for mother , other catchphrases that reflect character traits of the deceased mother , grandmother or wife are quite appropriate, for example:

  • “Mother” is the name of God for her children.
  • You left life instantly, but the pain remained forever.
  • You are the best!
  • The heart of the one who always forgave everyone stopped.
  • Love, mercy, warmth
    Warmed the destitute souls,
    And let her bright memory not extinguish
    Countless series of times.
  • Monument to mother - her children.
  • So quietly, modestly and silently our mothers leave us.
  • Mom's love will survive this.
  • Talk to me, mother!
  • You lived for us, and you will always live in our memory.
  • Source of life, faith and love for loving children and grandchildren.
  • You are the guiding star for everyone who remembers, loves, honors.
  • Tired of living, but being a mother forever!
  • The warmth of your soul remained with us.
  • You have become a weightless ray —
    The best leave with dignity.
  • Life is lived in harmony with virtue.

More epitaphs for mom

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Obituary for mom

If you are friends with the word and know how to write, help compose a beautiful obituary !

How to write your own obituary and publish it for free.

Obituary on the death of mother

Cards of condolence on the death of mother, grandmother, wife

Condolences to a friend on the death of mother or words of sympathy to a friend and colleague on the occasion of the death of his wife can be expressed in a personal message via SMS, whatsapp , viber. Brief words of grief can be designed in the form of a mourning postcard.

The pictures and text in the condolence mourning cards are designed so that they appear on the screen of the condolence recipient look like your personal address , like direct speech.

It is enough to choose the most suitable picture and text from the heading: “Postcards on the death of a woman” and send a link to it through the social network messenger, whatsapp, telegram. On the smartphone of your friend or girlfriend, the picture and text look like your personal message. It is enough to add a few words from myself personally.

Examples of condolence cards on the death of a woman
The past tense does not apply to her Kingdom of heaven! She gave her love to all of us Take care of your mother while she is alive!
Please accept my condolences!

Among the mourning cards condolences on the death of mother there are several especially concise messages with brief words of sympathy and grief : “My condolences!”, “Our sincere condolences!”, “Accept my condolences on the death of mother!” etc. Examples.

Show all cards and pictures of condolences on the death of a mother, grandmother or wife .

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Prayer for dead mother

Prayer for the deceased mother helps:

  • the soul of the deceased;
  • you - to accept the loss;
  • and save the memory of your beloved mother.
When to read a prayer for a deceased mother

Prayers for a deceased mother should be read in the first 40 days after death support and advice.

Full text of the prayer here

To the content of

We recommend:

  • Fate of the soul after death (in Orthodoxy)
  • funeral and wake: funeral speech, Memorial lunch
  • What to give for funerals and commemoration


convention death of mother relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances in prose and poetry

Words of condolences on the death of mother

The death of a mother is a tragic event for any person. Even if the mother left at an advanced age, it is quite difficult to survive the loss. After all, the closest person died, for whom we remained a child, despite the gray hair and wrinkles.

We can say that saying goodbye to your mother is saying goodbye to your childhood and the child in you. Therefore, it is very difficult to find words of comfort for a person who has lost his mother.

What to say on the occasion of the death of a colleague's mother

Words of sorrow and condolences must come from the heart, from the heart. It is best to say exactly what you feel in your own words. Memorized patterns, which, like a blueprint, repeats every second at a funeral, sound unnatural, soulless.

Of course, if the mother of a colleague whom you did not know and never saw died, then you may not feel anything in relation to this event. In this case, you can simply say that you sympathize with his pain and are ready to offer your support. That is, it is not necessary to say that her death shook you to the core - it will sound false.

More appropriate would be words addressed to the feelings of a colleague:

  1. I empathize with your loss;

  2. I offer my condolences;

  3. I'm sorry, stay strong;

  4. The world is bright to her ashes.

That is, restrained words of sympathy for the grief of a colleague, an expression of readiness to support and help will be appropriate here.

Condolences on the death of the mother of a friend or friend

In the case when the mother of a close friend, or a friend whom you have known since childhood, dies, words relating to the deceased will be appropriate.

If you sincerely experience her departure, then say about it:

  1. I was struck by the news of her death, I pray for her soul;

  2. I cannot express my pain in words, for me she was a second mother, this is a heavy loss;

  3. I grieve with you (you), your (your) mother was a close, dear person to me, count on my support;

  4. Hold on, I'm ready (a) to share with you the pain of loss and support in difficult times.

Speak what you feel at the moment, without prejudice. Only if you don’t care and the pain doesn’t touch you, you can say a short, formulaic mournful phrase: I sympathize, condole, hold on.

Condolences on the death of a relative's mother

When your relative dies, her children expect not just words of condolence, but also a drop of warmth, empathy, at least a few tears.

If you loved the deceased, then you can make a short farewell speech in which you mention what a good, kind person this woman was. A short condolence will only emphasize your indifferent attitude towards the deceased.

It would be appropriate to say that:

  • The announcement of the death was an unexpected and terrible blow;

  • She meant a lot to me and it's hard to come to terms with the thought that she is no longer with us;

  • For me, this is a heavy loss, I grieve with you and pray for her soul;

  • I cannot express in words the pain and grief that settled in my soul after this tragic event. I grieve with you, you can count on my support;

  • Your mother was a kind, sensitive person, she loved life so much that it seems to me that the world has grown dim without her. It's hard to accept that she's gone. I cannot relieve your pain. I am only sure that she would not want you to suffer and cry very much.

  • This is an irreparable loss, we will all miss your mother. In the life of each of us, there comes a time of loss, we need to carry this cross with dignity, no matter how hard it is, to believe in the best. A wonderful person has left, and you need to console yourself with the thought that she is in a better world, where there is no pain and suffering. Her kingdom of heaven, and may the Lord protect you and help you survive these difficult days.

As you can see, these are ordinary, sincere words coming from the heart. Wishes for good, strength, patience. The desire to help, support in difficult times. It is very good when you say condolences in your own words, from the bottom of your heart.

Condolences on the death of mother verse

Many are looking for condolences on the occasion of the death of their mother in verse. However, before you “shine” with erudition, think about whether verses would be appropriate at this mourning event. A funeral is not a birthday, where it is customary to congratulate with verses. Sorrow does not tolerate bragging.

If poetic expression of feelings is accepted in your poetic environment, then you can prepare in advance and learn a few rhyming lines.





It is appropriate to engrave mournful words in verse on a monument, in the form of an epitaph to a loved one who has gone to a better world. And close people who have lost the dearest person - their mother, need simple words of support and consolation.

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