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The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.

Che Guevara

It's a great feeling when your work is appreciated.

Jacqueline Fernandez

It's a great feeling to be recognized for all the hard work that I've put in.

Maya Moore

It is really a great feeling to win a World Cup on your birthday.

Nino Schurter

You take a crash, you get back up and next time you succeed and that's a great feeling.

Shaun White

I'm very competitive by nature. And I like to be the underdog - It's the best way to win. To come from behind and win is a great feeling!

Zac Efron

When you score, it's a great feeling, but to give a great pass means it's something special for me. It's very under-rated what we do.

Kevin De Bruyne

God gave me all this; why waste the talent that he gave me? Why not go full throttle with it all and try to become in the class with the greatest players that ever played the game? That's just a great feeling.

Allen Iverson

I have been in love, and it was a great feeling. It's when you are attracted to and feel affection for someone. You want to do things for that person. But only love isn't enough in a relationship - understanding and communication are very important aspects.

Yuvraj Singh

I mean, I look at my dad. He was twenty when he started having a family, and he was always the coolest dad. He did everything for his kids, and he never made us feel like he was pressured. I know that it must be a great feeling to be a guy like that.

Adam Sandler

As a developer, it's a great feeling knowing you have made an impact. There's also a lot of responsibility that goes with that: you have to really put the city's needs first. It's not all about making money.

Stephen M. Ross

When the audience enjoys your performance, you feel like a magician who is doing magic. It's a great feeling!

Kailash Kher

It feels phenomenal. It's a great feeling. 'Race 2' is a big film to be associated with.

Amisha Patel

Rehearsals are great because without them, you feel like you're being thrown into a lion's den. But being on set, shooting your scenes that you've been preparing for months - that's a great feeling.

Camila Morrone

It is a great feeling that I am the first Indian to win a gold medal in track event in world juniors.

Hima Das

It's that great feeling, like the first man on the moon, the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. And now, I'm the first to deadlift half a ton. It's history, and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

Eddie Hall

Being able to provide for your kids in a way that maybe your parents couldn't do for you is a great feeling.

Jayson Tatum

It is a great feeling to be working in Bollywood where films are made with much larger scope.

Ammy Virk

Playing in the Olympics was a great feeling.

Peng Shuai

I don't want to act like hitting homers isn't a great feeling, because it is.

Nolan Arenado

When you score, it is obviously a great feeling, but to give a great pass is also something special for me. I think it is also very under-rated sometimes, what we do.

Kevin De Bruyne

It's just a great feeling, once you have a child.

Kawhi Leonard

If I'd have went on the ice when this thing happened, someone would have speared me or something. It's a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. They had to do it; it was their moment.

Herb Brooks

It's a great feeling to think that I can be a friend to so many people through my movies.

River Phoenix

But even if I'm left high and dry at the end of this wild journey, just taking it is a great feeling.

Olivia Wilde

I've got children and it's still this one thing that I feel incredibly proud about, when my children are in the playground with their friends and they know about 'Doctor Who'. It's a great feeling. I can sit down with them and watch the new 'Doctor' with my kids.

Clive Standen

When you've won a lot of matches you know how to play the important moment - you have a great feeling on court, confidence. You know what you have to do, when to go for the shots or when to play solid. It's really clear in your head, and you trust in your hands.

David Goffin

It's always a really great feeling when I talk to people who watched 'Jett Jackson' because we were the same age. We were all kids. I was 13 when I started working on that show, and that was part of my childhood.

Lee Thompson Young

It's a great feeling to be wanted, but it's more exciting to be inaccessible.

Shreya Ghoshal

It's a great feeling. In the future, I can tell my children that I was in the top 10.

David Goffin

I kind of became a gym rat. The more results I saw, the more dedicated I became. It is such a great feeling to see your hard work pay off. I mean, if I'm gonna skip the In-N-Out burgers, there better be light at the end of the tunnel!

Jonathan Lipnicki

There's a lot of stuff I thought I'd do in the world, but I never thought I'd have a street named after me in my hometown. It's a great feeling.

Darius Rucker

I became number one just after the World Championships in India. I was very young then, and I remember it was just a great feeling, my first World Championship.

Katie Taylor

I have been hearing from people that everyone is loving my music, which is a great feeling. To be honest, it's overwhelming... The female following on Twitter is insane.

Amaal Mallik

There's a great feeling of powerlessness in America. When I express ideas to people, they say, 'That's terrific, but do you think it really counts?'

Mort Sahl

I believe in feeling connected. Love is something that grows, that comes from nourishment; it builds. But there is a great feeling that happens, that is telling you, I don't want to leave this room!

Gisele Bundchen

Winning Wimbledon was a great feeling and it is still a great feeling. It has given me so much confidence.

Goran Ivanisevic

It's such a great feeling to make people laugh. I know I've made people cry or want to slit their wrists, but to make people laugh is a very intoxicating, wonderful thing.

Joan Allen

In fact, jazz has such a great feeling and great emotional content that it really doesn't require you to have technical understanding of it. I think you just have to allow your feelings to go with the music and you will find yourself carried along by it fairly quickly.

Dave Holland

To be still standing 20 years in this business is a great feeling, I can't even tell you.

Blair Underwood

That's a great feeling to know that I'm going into a project that I have no idea what will become of that movie, but I really trust Ang Lee. And I really trusted Ron. It's just really nice to work with people that you feel that way about.

Jennifer Connelly

Today I join the greatest players that played the game. It is a great feeling being here.

Eddie Murray

I'm going down in history with Star Trek. It's a great feeling.

Persis Khambatta

If I didn't want to work for a couple of years, I wouldn't have to-it's a great feeling, to know I'm doing it because I want to do it.

Tracey Emin

I'm delighted. I don't know of anybody who had a statue built of them while they were living. It's a great feeling.

Al Lopez

If I'm left high and dry at the end of this wild journey, just taking it is a great feeling.

Olivia Wilde

Stand on the stage in front of 15 people or 15,000. Have them look up to you and tell you how wonderful you are, and if you don't think that's a great feeling, okay, then you're unlike me.

Richie Sambora

It's a great feeling to know that 100 cops want to stop you doing something and they can't.

Alain Robert

You never had the opportunity to play with some of the great ballplayers, but being that close around them, and being in the same category, was a great feeling, to feel that vibe of all the best players who played the game.

Rickey Henderson

It's a great feeling to be recognized by your peers. It's an even better feeling to be welcomed and accepted by country radio and its listeners. If desire is any part of this equation, then I'm a contender!

Chely Wright

I distinguish sentiment from sentimentality. Sentimentality makes your skin crawl. It's like too much sugar. But, sentiment is a great feeling.

Josh Radnor

It's more like Christmas, you know, when you get a shot in that looks great and it's exactly what you want. It's a great feeling, and there's nothing like it.

Zack Snyder

On one side, citizens have great respect for the United States; they have a great feeling of friendship. That is solid. But in the opposition and in the political arena I often find criticism of the closeness of relations with the United States. That is a reality.

Vicente Fox

When you win a championship, it is a great feeling, and you really don't want that feeling to go away.

Paul Pierce

Every year, my family and I would go visit my mom's family in Texas. We would drive from Chicago to Texas, and once we started to get towards San Antonio, everyone looked like me! It was such a great feeling. Everyone had the same brown skin that I did.

Marisol Nichols

Once you get the kids raised and the mortgage paid off and accomplish what you wanted to do in life, there's a great feeling of: 'Hey, I'm free as a bird.'

Dick Van Dyke

Watching movies in the U.S. is great fun because they get every joke, they smile, they laugh so much; it's a great feeling.

Jet Li

When you do well at an audition, it is the highest high you can achieve because you just beat yourself. You became whatever it was, for a minute. It's a great feeling when that happens.

Madeline Zima

I want my kids to experience passion. I want them to see that I have things I feel passionate about because it is such a great feeling to really love something.

Joan Cusack

Our kids are not Jewish, and they're not Catholic. They're not Episcopalian. They're not Buddhist. They're not anything. We do all the holidays to keep the traditions and the culture going, but I truly don't have a great feeling about any particular organized religion, and I don't think it's right to impose one on my kids.

Rhea Perlman

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Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That's what makes me feel good.

Laetitia Casta

When I do good I feel good, when I do bad I feel bad, and that's my religion.

Abraham Lincoln

Keep going and keep believing and do what makes you feel good. And when you feel good and get to the point where no-one can take that from you, then that feeling will the best feeling.


I do not try to play a role. I feel good being myself and saying what I think.

Volodymyr Zelensky

When I feel good about myself, things start happening for myself. When you look up, you go up.

Herschel Walker

Instead of going out to dinner, buy good food. Cooking at home shows such affection. In a bad economy, it's more important to make yourself feel good.

Ina Garten

It is better to look good than to feel good.

Fernando Lamas

I'm doing things that feel good to my soul. I've had plenty opportunity to do other things, but it didn't feel right, and it wasn't right. And if it feels like work, then it's work. But if you have that opportunity to do what you love, and you can make a living out of it, then that's a blessing and I never take that for granted.


You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are.

Ashley Graham

One way to feel good about yourself is to love yourself... to take care of yourself.

Goldie Hawn

I'm at peace with what I'm doing, I feel good with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle.

Nipsey Hussle

You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.

Jerry West

Win or lose, I'll feel good about myself. That's what is important.

Mary Docter

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.

Charles Bukowski

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you're working out, you're going to feel good.

Jason Statham

What is moral is what you feel good after, and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.

Ernest Hemingway

One of my sayings is: look good, feel good, do good.

Michelle Carter

When you take care of yourself, you're a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.

Solange Knowles

Food is a lot of people's therapy - when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It's releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good.

Brett Hoebel

True love does not only encompass the things that make you feel good, it also holds you to a standard of accountability.

Monica Johnson

For me, I think one of the biggest battles is mentally. You have good days, and you have bad days. Randomly, you'll feel good for weeks, and then all of a sudden, you'll have a bad day where you're really sore. And you end up questioning yourself, like, 'Am I doing the right thing? Why is this so hard?'

Jimmy Graham

If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate.

Patti Smith

I always feel good after I change my hair. You get a haircut and feel positive and ready to take on the day.

Kirstin Maldonado

If you want to feel good, you have to go out and do some good.

Oprah Winfrey

Barack Obama makes me feel good to be a black man.

Snoop Dogg

People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won't be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. I think at any age or any social class, that's present.

Blake Lively

You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, 'I feel good, I have my health, and I'm so blessed. ' That's the way I choose to look at it.

Isla Fisher

You grow up a bit damaged or broken then you have some success but you don't know how to feel good about the work you're doing or the life you're leading.

Johnny Depp

When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you're wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.

Maria Sharapova

I have to feel good on the inside to look glamorous.

Amanda Seyfried

Just try to do the right thing, and that's immediate karma: 'I feel good about myself.'

Linda Thompson

Style really comes down to what makes you feel good.

Alexandra Stoddard

Emotions are contagious. We've all known it experientially. You know after you have a really fun coffee with a friend, you feel good. When you have a rude clerk in a store, you walk away feeling bad.

Daniel Goleman

I think it's better to feel good than to look good.

Tom Hanks

It sounds like a cliche but I also learnt that you're not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are.

Emma Watson

Eliminating the things you love is not wellness. Wellness feeds your soul and makes you feel good.


I'm a big fan of working out on my own. I put my headphones on and I'm pretty good at self-motivating. At the end of the day, I enjoy it. Once I'm there and once I get going, I tend to love it, and I feel good.

Chris Evans

I can only control my own performance. If I do my best, then I can feel good at the end of the day.

Michael Phelps

I've always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.

Leo Buscaglia

You know, there's nothing you can do about your public image. It is what it is. I just try to do things honestly. I guess honesty is what you would call subjective: if you feel good about what you're doing, yourself, if you figure you're doing the right thing.

Christopher Walken

It's never too late to get fit; it's never too late to feel good and confident and change the way you eat and train. Just give it a go and momentum will take you the rest of the way.

Joe Wicks

Success doesn't mean that you are healthy, success doesn't mean that you're happy, success doesn't mean that you're rested. Success really doesn't mean that you look good, or feel good, or are good.

Victoria Principal

The only time I waste is time I spend doing something that, in my gut, I know I shouldn't. If I choose to spend time playing video games or sleeping in, then it's time well spent, because I chose to do it. I did it for a reason - to relax, to decompress or to feel good, and that was what I wanted to do.

Simon Sinek

Giving and receiving kindness are easy ways to feel good and to help others feel good too. People, organizations, and societies thrive when they are grounded in a culture of kindness.

Vivek Murthy

I feel good being a black woman; I've always felt good.


It's also selfish because it makes you feel good when you help others. I've been helped by acts of kindness from strangers. That's why we're here, after all, to help others.

Carol Burnett

For me, if something fits properly, it makes me feel good.

A. J. Cook

Never delay a prompting. When you honor a prompting and then stand back a pace, you realize that the Lord gave you the prompting. It makes me feel good that the Lord even knows who I am and knows me well enough to know that if He has an errand to be run, and He prompts me to run the errand, the errand will get done.

Thomas S. Monson

I spend time doing cardio because it makes me feel good.

Irina Shayk

Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it's being done to him or by him.

Frank A. Clark

If I feel good about my parenting, I have no interest in judging other people's choices. If I feel good about my body, I don't go around making fun of other people's weight or appearance. We're hard on each other because we're using each other as a launching pad out of our own perceived deficiency.

Brene Brown

What I love about 'Modern Family' is that it makes you laugh, and there's hilarious physical gags that are outrageous, but there's real heart to it, and you feel good after you watch it.

Jessica St. Clair

The funny thing is, I'm so used to not caring what anyone says, good or bad, that unfortunately even when people say good things. .. I wish it made me feel good, but it doesn't.

Rob Zombie

I don't want to feel shamed into making a choice about my physical appearance or my body... or even about the choices I make about my life. I want to be feel empowered and inspired because they feel good to me.

Tracee Ellis Ross

As long as you feel good in something, it doesn't matter what other people think. You just have to own it. You'll never regret wearing something you really love.

Lucy Boynton

It's important for a woman to feel good in her clothes. It's OK to have curves and to work them.

Nicole Scherzinger

Does it feel good to stand on my stage with 500-pound tigers and everybody envy you? Absolutely.

Joe Exotic

If you're proud of something, and if you're proud of your work at the end of the day, the experience, walking away, you can feel good about it; that's what you have to focus on.

Dylan O'Brien

Just do your best. I find that if I set that goal for myself and no one else, I feel good.

Cobie Smulders

When you're a big sister, it's a great job. I don't know how little sisters feel about their job, but when you're a big sister, you're supposed to take care of everything. And you feel good about it. I do.

Venus Williams

Best love and relationship quotes

Irina Balmanzhi

What is love? What is the secret to strong marriages? How to maintain good relationships in the family? We publish quotes that will help answer these and other important questions.

Love is a state when you receive by giving.


Generosity is one of the forms of manifestation of love that should be developed in oneself, trained all the time.


Love is a basic human need. Everything that a person does in life, except for what is aimed at physical survival, he does in the name of love.


Marriage is a continuous learning and you will have to constantly take the exam in real time.


Besides love, all reasons for starting or maintaining a family are based on fear.


Both men and women strive to love and wait for love, but they speak about it in different languages.

Love never asks for anything, it always gives. Love suffers, but is not offended and never takes revenge.


I know that nothing is impossible for pure love.


Love based on the kindness of those you love is not true love, but a selfish transaction; true love is modest and does not require an answer. Love is the greatest force in the world, but it is difficult to imagine anything more modest than love.




Spiritual relationships are much more valuable and more important than physical relationships. Physical relationships outside of spiritual ones are the same as a body devoid of a soul.


The only worthy qualities of marriage are mutual love and harmony.

Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure.


We expect from love an incredible experience that will allow us to rise above the routine of everyday life.


Love is born within us and is a product of the imagination, a creative act designed to satisfy our deepest aspirations, desires and dreams; it helps us to change and be transformed.


In an effort to control the risks associated with unbridled infatuation and passion, you are slowly killing this passion. This is how the boredom of modern marriage is born.


Free space is necessary to maintain eroticism in a relationship.


Reality is so changeable that you need to have a fair amount of self-confidence to consider a relationship absolutely reliable.

Love is the most transformative force we know.


Love can bring your dream back to life. Scientists have managed to register how the manifestation of love literally brings the dead brain matter back to life. Loving others, you restore them. By loving yourself, you restore yourself, revive your hopes and dreams.


Love gives hope. Hope offers opportunity. Opportunity creates the conditions for success.



No plan, no strategy, no money can take the place of kindness and empathy. Love changes everything around. Nothing can change the situation so drastically as love.


The more you love, the more you succeed. There's nothing you can do about it. By loving, you change your future possibilities in spite of fear and pain.

People with high self-esteem give love first, without worrying about whether it will be reciprocated.


Love for yourself and love for people are inseparable, they are two sides of the same coin.


Instead of looking for flaws and weaknesses, pick out those traits that you admire and appreciate, and treat those close to you with the love and respect they deserve.



By cultivating love within you, you increase the energy that allows you to remain strong and wise in the face of heartbreak, illness, and change.


Love your loved ones: sincere love and devotion nourish our vitality and immunity like nothing else.


Just as oil is the concentrated essence of a plant, love is the concentrated essence of human nature.

No matter what you experience, never forget that one of the greatest joys of life is to feel someone's care, love and attention.


Married couples who have lived happily together all their lives have something in common - the ratio of positive and negative assessments of each other. Five to one. Therefore, there should be five times more approvals than criticisms. Support, don't scold.


Good teachers and happy couples know one important thing. In order for students and spouses to perform at their best, you need to see the best in them and expect the best from them.


People who do not know the care and attention of loved ones are characterized by unpredictable behavior, a narrow positive emotional range, often get divorced, change their spouse and suddenly change jobs.


No other area of ​​life affects happiness in the same way as the relationship between spouses.

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Beautiful Feeling Quotes with Meaning (80 Quotes)

If you are looking for the best quotes or statuses to share with the people you love or just want to feel inspired, then you have come to the right place. We have collected on the Internet beautiful quotes about love that are still unknown to a wide range of people. Some of them are funny or funny, others are sad. But all of them have a meaning about life, happiness and true love, which can make many people cry. These are smart, wise words not only of famous people, but also short spiritual quotes from unknown authors. Agree, although there are many non-verbal ways to express your feelings, finding words that summarize everything that you feel is quite difficult.
Fortunately, some of the world's greatest artists, poets, musicians and hopeless romantics have managed to articulate the magic of love using words so simple and perfect. We offer you to read beautiful quotes about feelings with meaning, ideal for writing them to the one you love.

Extraordinary feelings give rise to lofty creations.

Gustave Flaubert

Love is love in each of its manifestations. He was convinced more than once that homosexuals experience love feelings so subtly and deeply, as you rarely see in people of a traditional orientation.

Giorgio Faletti. I kill

No feeling can be evoked artificially with such ease as disgust.

Alfred Adler

True intimacy usually starts from afar.

Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov

When feelings drown out and cloud the mind, then you can hardly guess what really happened.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Carmilla

Love is the universal energy of life, which has the ability to turn evil passions into creative passions.

Nikolai Berdyaev

Thoughts and feelings do not always converge.

Beauty inside

I want to live my moods, I want to fully surrender to every second. Feelings are life. And most modern people do not live.

Iris Murdoch. "Fair Loss"

One of the things that horrifies me when thinking about adulthood is that sooner or later you succumb to sentimentality at the expense of simple logic. False feelings impede action, like thick honey sticking together the tiny parts of a clockwork.

Alan Bradley. Sandwich with ashes and pheasant

You should never reveal your true feelings to the world - otherwise they will be trampled on.

Peter Ackroyd. Will of Oscar Wilde

I don't know when it started. From spring to summer, from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter. Do you know why the seasons change? Do you know when winter ends and spring begins? I don't know exactly when my feelings for you started to grow.

Love as an application

"It's not easy to find words for feelings," I smiled. We all feel something. Only few can say.

Haruki Murakami, Unstoppable Wonderland and the End of the World

I don't know when I started to like you. From spring to summer, from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter. When the seasons change, do you know exactly when winter ends and spring comes? I didn't notice when my feelings for you started to grow.

Romantic attachment

You can run away from circumstances and people, but you can never run away from your thoughts and feelings.

I am open to feelings and this can hurt. When you are vulnerable, it enriches your life, but if something suddenly goes wrong, it can be quite painful. On the other hand, if you don't open your heart to people, you risk ending your days alone away from the world.

Keanu Reeves

What I feel should belong only to me.

Susan Collins, The Hunger Games.

Prayer heart gesture. Feelings in the heart take shape. Feelings in the heart bear fruit.

John Gold. Chrysalis. Book two. Winds of Change

True feeling will stand the test of time.

Eric Segal "Love Story".

Children think that hair is a very important part of their personality. They weep bitterly when they get their first haircut. Whether the hair is curly, straight, or standing on end, the loss of hair leaves children with a keen sense of loss.

Charles Spencer Chaplin

Life is simply what our feelings do to us.

Honore de Balzac

We are always waiting for the right moment to say the most important things and before we know it, time slips through our fingers.

The Walking Dead

Feelings are also good for us if we don't hurry with them.

Lawrence Sterne "Sentimental Journey"

The main reason for human mistakes lies in the constant struggle of feelings with the mind.

Blaise Pascal "Thoughts"

The reason for half of our life mistakes is that we feel where we need to think. And we think where you need to feel!

If something can be free, it must be free. If he can think, he must think; if he can feel, he must feel.

There is no point in demanding from people what they do not have. For example, feelings that they do not experience.

All senses are aggravated to the limit and are subordinated to one task - to survive. There is no time to think. There is a whistle - and you either act or die.

Susan Collins. The Hunger Games

It is a mistake to assume that all people have the same ability to feel.

Erich Maria Remarque. Three comrades

A poet does not always write what he feels, but he always feels what he writes.

Piotr Kwiatkowski

These feelings from the past sometimes come back to me. Together with the then noise of the rain, the then smell of the wind.

Haruki Murakami, "Dance, dance, dance"

— I carefully chose this life so as not to get involved with any feelings and experiences.

— You know, for some of us, feelings and experiences are the meaning of life.


One touch of her fingers, when they were sitting next to each other, filled him with extreme excitement and unearthly joy.

Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.

A feeling held captive by a crude practical need has only a limited meaning.

Karl Marx

He gave me such a feeling when it seems that in a minute you will go crazy with desire.

Janusz Wisniewski "Loneliness in the Net"

Thank you for your kindness. She breaks my heart and heals it again.

Hardley Havelock. Stay

Just because you can't express your feelings doesn't mean they aren't deep.

John Fowles, Collector

She is for me a candle that illuminates the path that leads to happiness.

Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Amy Newmark.

Chicken soup for the soul. 101 stories about happiness

The heart is subject to the mind, the feelings are subject to the heart, the mind is subject to the feelings. The circle is closed, they started with the mind, they finished with the mind.

The formula of love

Many representatives of the human race are created in such a way that they easily get used to being loved and do not value the feeling that they are too sure of.

André Maurois. Letters to a stranger

This is what freedom is - to feel what your heart desires, not caring about someone else's opinion.

Paulo Coelho

Man is not the master of his feelings.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Ivanov

Never be ashamed of what you feel. This is real. Be honest with yourself.

And it's even good that this is more painful, but the feeling of life enters into every text.

Al Quotion. Collocation

I laugh at everything in the world, especially at feelings.

M.Yu Lermontov. “Hero of Our Time”

From feeling to feeling there is a grandiose distance, although they seem to be close.

Mikhail Svetlov

Money begins to play a role only from the moment when the feeling has disappeared.

It is enough for me to feel alive, loving and loved. The rest is completely unimportant.

Elchin Safarli. Recipes for happiness. Diary of an Oriental Cook

Feelings are the brightest part of our life.

Waiting. This feeling inside really warms the summer sun. Probably, happiness is just like that - when they are waiting for you.

Elchin Safarli. Recipes for happiness. Diary of an Oriental Cook

Feelings are more important than knowledge.

Fidel Castro

No imagination can come up with such a multitude of contradictory feelings that usually coexist in one human heart.

François de La Rochefoucauld

It happens when love wraps around your thoughts, and you realize that you are suffocating from your own feelings. Therefore, you run. Not from feelings, but from the place where they were born. Sometimes you need to get out of the circle, take off your energetic squirrel costume and look at everything from the side.

Elchin Safarli. Recipes for happiness. Diary of an Oriental Culinary

Do not show your feelings to the world, because feelings are a pointer to weaknesses, and you never know in whom the enemy is hidden.

I may have been brought up that way, but when they start to pour out their own feelings in front of me, I always feel deep discomfort.

Joanne Harris. Another class

When you understand something, life becomes easier. And when you feel something, it's harder. But for some reason, you always want to feel, not understand.

Evgeny Grishkovets

There is no stronger and more stable feeling than the feeling of mutual hatred.

Piotr Kwiatkowski

When dealing with strong feelings, powerlessness kills.

Mark Levy

Feelings always overshadow the intellect.

Deborah Harkness. The discovery of witches

Not only rare species of animals are dying out, but also rare kinds of feelings.

Life at a distance is Platonism. Platonism is a philosophy. That is why, when my heart beats for you often, I philosophize.

- You mean we have too many words? - I mean we have too few feelings. And even if not a little, then we have ceased to use words expressing them.

José Saramago "Blindness"

With your exceptional authenticity, it is no easier for me to correspond with you than with myself.

You said his feelings for you haven't changed... - They haven't. Zero is zero. No more and no less.

Deep blue sea

I'm with a man in myself, like with a dog: tired - on the chain.

I won't tell you what feelings mean, it seems to me that words are superfluous here. You just ask me what you need, and I will come when others do not come.

Human feelings are often more aroused or softened by examples than by words.

Pierre Abelard

Feeling is fire, thought is oil.

Belinsky VG

I am not afraid of big words, because I have big feelings.

There are feelings that replenish and obscure the mind, and there is a mind that cools the movement of feelings.

Mikhail Mikhailovich Prishvin

When a person is dear to me, his whole life is dear to me, the most beggarly life is precious!

If our feelings are not true, then our whole mind will be false.


When I try to discern people's true feelings, I rely on my eyes more than my ears.

Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield

Every feeling has its own gestures, intonations and facial expressions.

F. La Rochefoucauld

The universe makes sense only when we have someone to share our feelings with.

Paulo Coelho

This ring can give me a sense of dignity. In our times, self-esteem is much more important than food.

Jeannette Walls. Glass castle

The whole life of feeling consists only of superstition.

Emile Durkheim

Feeling is a moral force that instinctively, without the help of reason, makes a judgment about everything that lives .

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