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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation | Johns Hopkins Medicine

What is a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation may be needed to diagnose emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. An evaluation of a child, adolescent, or adult is made based on behaviors present and in relation to physical, genetic, environmental, social, cognitive (thinking), emotional, and educational parts that may be affected as a result of these behaviors.

Who is evaluated?

Many times, families, spouses, teachers, or friends are the first to suspect that their loved one is challenged by feelings, behaviors, or environmental conditions that cause him or her to act disruptive, rebellious, or sad. This may include problems with relationships with friends or family members, work, school, sleeping, eating, substance abuse, emotional expression, development, coping, attentiveness, and responsiveness. It's important for families who suspect a problem in any of these areas to seek treatment as soon as possible. Treatment for mental health disorders is available.

What is involved in a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

These are the most common parts of a comprehensive, diagnostic psychiatric evaluation. But, each evaluation is different, as each person's symptoms and behaviors are different. Evaluation may include:

  • Description of behaviors (like when do the behaviors happen, how long does the behavior last, what are the conditions in which the behaviors most often happen)

  • Description of symptoms (physical and psychiatric symptoms)

  • Effects of behaviors or symptoms related to:

    • Work performance

    • School performance

    • Relationships and interactions with others (like spouse, coworkers, family members, or neighbors)

    • Family involvement

    • Activity involvement

  • Psychiatric interview

  • Personal and family history of emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders

  • Complete medical history, including description of the person's overall physical health, list of any other illnesses or conditions present, and any current treatments 

  • Lab tests, in some cases (may be used to determine if an underlying medical condition is present), including:

    • Blood tests

    • Radiology studies to look for abnormalities, particularly in the brain structures

    • Educational assessments

    • Speech and language assessments

    • Psychological assessments

When a family member is being evaluated

It's natural, and quite common, for spouses and family members to question themselves when it becomes necessary for a loved one to be psychiatrically evaluated. You may have many questions and concerns as to his or her welfare and emotional well-being. Common questions include:

  • What is wrong with my spouse, family member, or loved one?

  • Is he or she abnormal?

  • Did I do something wrong in my relationship with him or her to cause this?

  • Does he or she need to be hospitalized?

  • Will he or she need treatment?

  • Will he or she "outgrow" or stop performing these behaviors at some point?

  • Is this just "a phase" he or she is going through?

  • How can I help him or her get better? 

  • What will treatment cost?

  • Where do we go for help?

  • What does this diagnosis mean?

  • How can my family become involved?

Once a diagnosis is made, family involvement and active participation in treatment is very important for any person with a mental health disorder. The primary healthcare provider or mental health practitioner will address questions and provide reassurance by working with you to establish long-term and short-term treatment goals for your loved one.

Psychiatric & Mental Health Specialists

What Happens During a Psych Evaluation?: Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC: Psychiatric & Mental Health Specialists

Psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, more commonly known as “psych evals,” are used to determine a patient’s mental state and guide recommendations for the best treatment. You might wonder if you could benefit from a psychiatric evaluation, or a loved one may be in need of psychiatric treatment.

If you or a loved one are in need of a psych eval, it’s natural to have questions, and maybe even some anxiety, about what will happen during your exam appointment. The friendly, experienced, and accessible professionals at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, under the leadership of Ronald P. Winfield, MD, want you to have all the information you need about your diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s what we want our new and existing patients from in and around the North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, area to know about what to expect during a psych eval, and how psychiatric treatment can help you heal from a variety of mental health conditions.

During your appointment

Psych evaluations gather essential information that allows us to better understand your mental health and psychiatric care needs. You could benefit from a psych eval if you have:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Concerns about your future
  • Problems at work or school
  • Behavioral or persistent interpersonal issues
  • Psychotherapy needs

When you come in for a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, we start by putting together a detailed picture of your medical and family history, compiling social and biological information to help us understand your mental health in context.

We also complete a full psychiatric assessment, examining your mental status and noting your psychological history, as well. We may use questionnaires or interview techniques to gather information about your mental health condition. There are no wrong answers — we’re just trying to get a better sense of your state of mind, psychological symptoms, and potential treatment needs.

Putting together your mental health treatment plan

During and after your psych eval appointment, your provider at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates develops an individualized treatment plan. Your mental health treatment needs to be tailored to your unique circumstances and diagnosis. Your evaluation lets us learn how best to help you, as you move forward with your custom treatment plan, supported by our mental health and counseling experts.

When you know the nature of your mental health troubles and can understand each of the steps in your treatment plan, you can feel confident in your psychiatric care. At Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, we take time to go over your treatment plan with you in detail, so that you can grasp the overall benefits and risks of each option. We also help you stay aware of, and address, any potential side effects.

Take charge of your mental health care starting now. Begin with a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation and customized treatment plan with Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates. You can schedule your appointment with a member of our expert care team with our simple online tool, or give us a call today.

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    Meaning of the word "PSYCHOLOGICAL"

    See all meanings of the word "PSYCHOLOGICAL"

    Meaning of the word "ASSESSMENT"

    An opinion about the value, level or significance of someone. Suggestions with "psychological assessments"

    But first, psychological assessments will be given, which will determine whether the boy needs compulsory treatment or electro-shock therapy. nine0035

    Other outcomes

    Experience and outcomes of psychological trauma can be assessed in a variety of ways.

    If a product is priced at $100 and the company rates it at $99, this is called psychological pricing.

    When conducting a psychological assessment, there can be no right or wrong answers.

    One limitation of the use of dads is the lack of psychological literature assessing its validity.

    In Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet critic Oke Janzon and Dagens Nyheter critic Hanserik Hjerten praised Whispers and Cries as a poetically-rendered psychological study.

    As of 2017, the American Psychological Association rated the psychological interview as a lack of research support/treatment, potentially harmful. nine0035

    It is impossible to estimate the psychological damage caused to those who were in that school or helped in saving people or clearing the premises.

    You were given the task to assess the psychological state of my man.

    While Mr. Palmer is trying to assess the physical condition at that time, we need information to draw up a psychological portrait.

    It is better to ask her to assess her psychological state.

    Various psychological models have attempted to predict people's beliefs, and some attempt to estimate the exact probabilities of beliefs.

    Various psychological tests assess various Xao's, including literacy.

    This is a psychological assessment.

    I need a full psychological evaluation of Rashid Hirari.

    No, this is a subjective assessment based on quantitative psychological characteristics, okay?

    He kicked me out of an operation that was completely under control and says I need a psychological evaluation?

    Psychological assessment was against active service in the police..

    I don't need his psychological evaluation.

    My psychological assessment ruined everything.

    In all cases a preliminary psychological evaluation is required.

    Although trauma assessment may be conducted in an unstructured manner, assessment may also involve the use of a structured interview.

    Finally, the assessment of psychological trauma may include the use of self-administered psychological tests. nine0035

    Because it was once thought to be a moral judgment, conscientiousness has been overlooked as a real psychological attribute.

    This assessment is usually done to gain insight and form hypotheses about psychological or behavioral problems.

    Psychological assessment firm with federal government contract.

    In my opinion, it is time to approach this case from a psychological point of view.

    It also introduced a psychological assessment requirement for persons under the age of 25 to meet the personal adequacy requirement for large caliber firearms.

    The DEO requires a rigorous physical and psychological evaluation of all its potential operatives.

    After assessing their health status, they were all provided with appropriate psychological and medical assistance. nine0035

    This page provides the definition (meaning) of the phrase / expression "psychological assessments", as well as synonyms, antonyms and sentences, if they are available in our database. We strive to make the English-Grammar.Biz explanatory dictionary, including the interpretation of the phrase / expression "psychological assessments", as correct and informative as possible. If you have suggestions or comments about the correctness of the definition of "psychological assessments", please write to us in the "Feedback" section. nine0035

    10 psychological tests to help you get to know yourself better

    March 12, 2021 Education

    Questionnaires to test intelligence, anxiety levels, conflict levels and more.

    1. Raven IQ test

    This test will help you determine how smart, quick-witted and logical you are. It consists of 60 tasks, the complexity of which gradually increases.

    Each question is a picture with symbols or shapes connected to each other. Your task is to understand how they are located, and then insert the missing element into the image. nine0035

    Pass the test →

    2. SMIL test

    This questionnaire will be useful to make your comprehensive psychological portrait. You will be able to find out the type of personality, dominant character traits, communication style, propensity to take risks, level of self-esteem ... And that's not all!

    True, to get the coveted result, you have to work hard: the full version of the test consists of 567 statements. You will have to choose whether you agree with them or not. But there is also an abbreviated version for express diagnostics of 65 questions. nine0035

    Take the full test →
    Take the short test →

    3. Thomas-Kilmann test

    Find out how prone you are to conflict and how you behave when things get heated. Check which style of disagreement resolution suits you best: confrontation, compromise, or silence.

    The questionnaire consists of 30 pairs of statements. In each question, you will need to choose the answer that most accurately characterizes your behavior. nine0035

    Take the test →

    4. Test "House, tree, person"

    Drawings of a person can tell a lot about his inner world. Check it out for yourself: draw a house, a tree and a person on paper, and then find out what it all means.

    After interpreting the results, you will receive information about what lies in your subconscious, how comfortable you feel in society, what worries you and other interesting data.

    Take the test →

    5. Interpersonal Relationship Questionnaire

    This test will help you determine your level of socialization. Check how easy it is for you to get close to people, how much they influence you, and how great your need for communication and attention is in general.

    Be as honest as possible when taking the test. Answer the way you really think, not the way others expect you to. Then the results will be more reliable.

    Take the test →

    6. Activity style questionnaire

    Activity style is the means and techniques by which a person achieves the set results. Answer questions about your temperament, character and interests, and then find out if you are an activist, thinker, theorist or pragmatist. nine0035

    After passing the test, you will receive a detailed description of your type, and you will also find out what can reduce and increase your effectiveness in achieving your goals.

    Take the Test →

    7. Taylor Anxiety Scale

    Sometimes healthy anxiety can be helpful. It helps to be more attentive and more careful in unforeseen situations. But if anxiety arises for no reason and exceeds reasonable limits, it greatly complicates life. The test will help you find out if you are prone to this disorder. nine0035

    Take the test →

    8. Boyko test for diagnosing burnout

    Fatigue, irritability, poor sleep and inability to concentrate on the task at hand are true companions of emotional burnout. If you find yourself experiencing at least some of these symptoms, take the test and see if it's time for you to take a vacation and have a good rest.

    Take the test →

    9. Test of meaningful life orientations

    This short survey will help determine the overall level of meaningfulness in your life.

    Learn more