Forgive and forget me

Forgive me, Forget me | James Eleganz

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  • May the Third just before the Night
    I was staring at the Sea
    I saw your Figure by the Lighthouse
    I’m sure you were looking at me

    May the Third later in the Night
    I was dreaming about you
    I felt your Skin when you held me tight
    I woke up and I thought

    Forgive me, forget me
    Forgive me, forget me
    My Heart is cold

    Two Days after the Ghost
    I was surfing on the Web
    When I lost the Mouse Control
    and the Light Cam was turning to Red

    Two Days after the Shade
    I had to drive in to Town
    I found a Message on the Windshield
    Impossible for me to read and I cried

    Forgive me, forget me
    Forgive me, forget me
    My Heart is cold

    When you came into the Room
    with a Razor in your Hand
    I knew i was a Fool
    to believe in Peace once again

    When you came into the Room
    I saw your Tears, i saw your Smile
    on your Cheeks, on your Lips
    You put the Razor on your Wrist and i told you:

    Forgive me, forget me
    Forgive me, forget me
    My Heart is cold

    When you laid down the Bed
    You touched my Face, you slapped me
    we were too close anyway
    to see our Dead End

    And when you laid down the Bed
    You stripped and spat on my Grave
    Then you showed me the Blade
    You took my Cock and slashed me

    Forgive me, forget me
    Forgive me, forget me
    Your Heart is cold

    Forgive and Forget Hard? 12 Reasons Why You Can't Move On

    by Andrea M. Darcy

    Who hasn’t at some point advised a friend or loved one to just ‘forgive and forget’?

    And yet when it’s our turn to be the forgiver, it can be a different story.

    Why is it that forgiveness is so much easier said than done?

    Do we have to forgive others?

    Yes, research shows that forgiveness has a lot of benefits. For example, a study on female survivors of emotionally abusive relationships found that ‘forgiveness therapy’ led to less anxiety and depression, better decision making, and a greater ability to manage emotions.

    But sometimes what we want to forgive really is a big ask.

    Difficult things can happen, and in such cases it’s best not to be hard on yourself if you can’t move on and forgive. There is no rule that we have to forgive everyone. Sometimes the best we can do is work to find acceptance, and seek the help of a professional if that is a struggle.  

    But other times we can’t forgive because we simply have yet to recognise the pattern or the self-deception we are stuck in that is stopping us from letting go.

    12 Reasons You Can’t Forgive and Forget

    See if one of the reasons below is holding you back from forgiving and forgetting for once and for all.

    1) You aren’t being honest with yourself about the real cause of your hurt.

    We can convince ourselves we are mad at someone for one thing, when really we are upset about something entirely different. We won’t forgive a sibling for not coming to our party, when really we are secretly furious they insinuated our marriage wouldn’t last.

    The first one is easier to be mad about, but to forgive we have to admit what we really need to let go of.

    2) You’ve attached your current upset to bigger upsets from the past.

    When someone does something that hurts us it can trigger older, deeper pains.

    Without realising it we can engage in the ‘snowball affect’. We unconsciously layer the new hurt to the old hurt, until we are facing something too big and overwhelming to forgive and forget.

    For example, if our partner leaves us, we can experience feelings of rejection that can pile on top of unresolved experiences of abandonment from childhood. Soon enough we think we have to forgive our partner for thinking we aren’t worthy of love. When really all they did was leave an adult relationship that was no longer serving a positive purpose.

    That’s why therapy is so wonderful at helping us forgive. It can help us separate past hurts from present hurts, as well as stop us recreating patterns of pain that put us in a position of needing to forgive in the first place.

    3) You have mistaken forgiving someone with accepting what they did.

    Forgiving someone involves finding at least a modicum of compassion for the other party and their choices. It means allowing yourself to process and heal the hurt their actions have caused you.

    This does not, however, mean that you condone what they did. You can disagree with their actions and still let go of your hurt.

    4) You are scared that if you forgive someone you’ll be made vulnerable.

    Feeling angry can make us feel ‘tough’, and can be like an armour keeping away more hurt.

    But not forgiving someone leaves us replaying a painful situation in our mind until it erodes our sense of worth. This actually leave us more vulnerable in the long run.

    Think of the last time you were furious with someone. How did you feel when you saw them? In all likelihood you felt threatened and very shaken.

    But then think of how you felt years later, when all was water under the bridge, and you had let go or resentment. Did they then have any power over you at all?

    5) You are addicted to the benefits of having a grievance.

    Not forgiving someone allows us to feel sorry for ourselves, and to gain the attention of others for what has happened to us. That attention can be like a drug we want more of to make ourselves feel better and wanted.

    Forgiveness requires being able to let go of our victimhood and realise that we are ready for the better benefits of moving on. It means being ready to feel powerful and choose good things for ourselves.

    By: Roni Amin

    6) You think that to forgive someone you have to talk to them.

    Forgiveness is about you, and how you feel about something and someone, not how they react to how you feel.

    The other person doesn’t have to know anything about your decision. In fact if we want forgiveness to involve a confrontation, we often aren’t ready to forgive at all, but are still looking for more drama.

    7) You are scared of the emotions that might rise up if you try to forgive.

    Forgiveness can be similar to the process of grieving, full of ups and downs.

    But repressing sadness and rage has long-term effects that can be even more difficult to deal with. So it is definitely a case of the sooner you allow your feelings out and start letting go the better.

    8) You don’t trust that if you forgive someone they will forgive you back.

    Forgiveness is not a guaranteed two-way street. Often, by letting go of something, we do naturally affect others around us, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

    And if we think that we are forgiving the other person ‘for their sake’, then it is not really forgiveness at all. It’s a form of control that puts you in the place of superiority, rather than the place of compassion true forgiveness requires.

    9) You need to forgive yourself first.

    Forgiving the other person usually entails taking responsibility for our part of what happened.

    If, for example, our child gets in trouble with the law, we might be scared to forgive him, as it would mean we’d have to forgive ourselves for perhaps not being as available to our child as he needed.

    The wonderful thing is that when we do forgive ourselves for the choices we made that led us to be hurt by another? We often spontaneously forgive the other. Start with you and see what happens.

    10) You think that if you forgive you have to forget.

    Our experiences of being wronged or wounded in life show us our own values, and earn us our personal strength. If we try too hard to forget what happened we might find ourselves just repeating a similar painful scenario down the line.

    Forgive the other, and forget the pain with time, but hold on to those learnings.

    11) You simply aren’t ready to forgive.

    Although in an ideal world we’d just ‘decide’ to forgive someone, and then, voilà, we just let go and move on? The heart has its own timing. Again, if you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready, and we don’t have to ever forgive if it doesn’t feel right.

    Keep focussing on ways to move forward and be good to yourself, and let the moment of forgiveness come of its own accord (or not).

    12) You are trying to reach a destination that doesn’t exist. 

    Although in the western world we like to see forgiveness as a sort of destination we can reach with enough determination on our part, the truth is that forgiveness is a process.

    It takes time, it has ups and downs, and it is a long-term commitment. Even if we do forgive, a few months down the line we can be triggered by something we see or hear, feel pain again, and have to recommit to forgiveness.

    Having trouble forgiving someone and it’s bringing you down? We connect you with some of London’s highest rated therapists. Or use our booking site to connect with UK-wide registered therapists and online counsellors you can work with from any country.  

    Want to share you own experience of learning to forgive and forget with other readers? Use the comment box below. Note we do not provide professional therapy via comments, but are happy to answer questions about the article. 

    Andrea M. Darcy is the editor and lead writer of this site. An ex screenwriter turned mental health writer who has penned thousands of articles, she has done training in person centred therapy and coaching.

    Forget me, forgive me, goodbye - Chocolate lyrics and poems listen online

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  • Here you can read the lyrics of the song Forget me, forgive me goodbye - Chocolate. Poems and song online.


    Other songs of the artist Chocolate

    Lyrics of the song:

    You turned away from me,
    In the eyes - "Do not see you off!"
    Tears - pain from December,
    And in the head - "Farewell!"
    Be silent when the soul is silent,
    No need for empty words!
    Let the phone scream in the night
    Through the blizzard for two!
    . ................................................. . .
    And don't answer calls,
    As if you're not at home!
    Let the phone whisper "Goodbye..."
    Ring me in response.
    Don't come, forget me!
    And don't want to meet!
    Tears - pain from December!
    Forget it! Sorry! Farewell…
    ............................................... ...
    Let loneliness in me
    Find shelter.
    Do not come to me in a dream,
    Let the candles shed tears.
    Which of the two was to blame -
    It's not for us to judge now!
    And there is no turning back,
    And we cannot be reconciled!

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    FM - Forget me (AT first) lyrics, lyrics.

    Forget.... me... me a a a a a a a
    You didn't say a word to me when you left
    Left a void and pain gave
    Trembling closed its door in the heart
    Don't knock on her now
    Closed the heart, abyss, cold, ice
    Closing my eyes, I wait for everything to pass
    And so slowly a tear rolls
    I want to shout: "I'm still yours"
    But I won't scream into silence,
    I will find the strength, I can do it alone
    You just remember me at least once
    My words, love and brightness of eyes
    But don't call, I just won't come,
    And you left - I'll go after you
    The story about us has come to an end,
    I will let her go in my heart with pain

    Forgive me, forget me
    And repeat again and again
    But know I'm no longer yours
    Forget, forgive me...
    And don't tell me empty words
    After all, I won’t believe them

    Now I’m alone, you are no more
    My soul languishes in silence
    I don't need your love anymore0023 Resentment gnaws at the soul - let go
    Lived in moments and could not
    A moment to imagine without you
    Now I'm sorry I can't when
    Not only I live in your soul
    Now I hope someday
    You will remember how you gave your warmth
    But suddenly you realize that you can’t return anymore,
    You destroyed my feelings for a long time
    Halves of different poles,
    Look into your eyes - no more words needed
    And I will never believe again0023 My heart is closed forever

    Forgive me, forget me
    And repeat again and again
    But know I'm no longer yours
    Forget, forgive me. ..
    And don't tell me empty words
    After all, I won’t believe them

    I’m sorry that in the reflection of your eyes I’m no longer me
    Forgotten words that said loving
    And our sky was torn apart by rain, trembling through the body
    And these lies, memories prick like a knife
    And wild pain inside these cut walls
    And the light is longer, it cuts and goes out quietly
    Someone called, but someone did not want changes
    Someone wanted to see images clearly
    Love me with loud silence phone
    Hope, maybe I'll lower the crowns
    And if hidden tears are not a reason to fight
    I will tear myself into small pieces and
    The flags are lowered to the ground, the wolves are fed up with me
    I will be proud, I will not be loved by myself
    I'll burn the last flame until sunset0023 Honey, soon I'll disappear into the fog

    Forgive me, forget me
    And repeat again and again
    But know I'm no longer yours
    Forget, forgive me.

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