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The 6 female personalities: Are you alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta or sigma personality

The 6 female personalities: Are you alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta or sigma personality | Express.co.uk

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THE ALPHA type isn't limited to the male personality, women can be alphas, betas, gammas, and so on, too. Which of the 6 female personalities are YOU?

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A pack of animals typically has an alpha, a beta and so on, and humans do the same. Both men and women can be split into the same six personality types, but there are differences between the sexes. It can be interesting to classify people into these types in order to better understand their behaviour.  Express.co.uk reveals everything you need to know about the six female personality types to figure out which one you are.


Just like the alpha male, the alpha female is confident, a leader. She stands out from the crowd because she knows her power and is confident in her abilities, actions and emotions.

The alpha female doesn’t always ‘run in her pack’, which means she is happy being alone and doesn’t need reassurance from a posse.

They might not have lots of close friends, but the alpha female is popular and well-liked.

The self-assurance of an alpha female means she is secure enough in herself not to bring down others and will stand up for what is right.

The alpha female is too busy taking care of herself and her loved ones and focussing on what truly matters to sink low and gossip.

Alpha women are likely to be successful in their careers because no one perceives them as a pushover, they are hard-working and they have the charisma and charm to win doubters over.

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The 6 female personalities: There are six personality types for women and men (Image: Getty)

The 6 female personalities: The alpha is a boss-type woman (Image: Getty)


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The beta female is often misinterpreted as weak, but this is not the case.

Compared to the alpha, the beta is more submissive and unreactive.

This person tends to go with the flow and likes to avoid conflict.
Instead of speaking up and saying their opinion, the beta female prefers to stay quiet to save herself from drama.

The beta is anxious, often introverted, and not very active or forward when it comes to getting what she wants or meeting new people.

While the beta is extremely kind and loving, don’t take their kindness for weakness.

Even though the beta wants approval and wants to help others, she won’t allow herself to be disrespected.

The 6 female personalities: The beta female is friendly and loving (Image: Getty)


The gamma female has a mix of every type, and it can often seem as if their lives are too good to be true.

She is independent, organised, driven and doesn’t need approval from anyone.

This gamma is very self-aware and will make sure she has her life somewhat together before entering a relationship or making lots of plans with friends.

The gamma’s home environment is super clean and comfortable, they always have a plan or a system in place, and they’re one step ahead of everyone else.

This personality type is forward-thinking - always making goals for themself and committing to a plan that will get them there.

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The delta is similar to the beta but she is more into her finances and appearances.

Some people say the delta was an alpha but bad experiences have turned her into a delta.

The delta is quite reserved and self-deprecating, but she is extremely loving in the relationships and friendships she has.

This person has the ability to connect with people through excellent communication skills, but she has to get past the initial awkwardness and trust issues when she first meets someone.

The delta is reluctant to form bonds with new people because she is quite shy and doesn’t like being the centre of attention.

This is often because she is very self-conscious, choosing to stay home or stay quiet because she is insecure about her appearance.

The delta is very switched on and practical, but they can often seem pessimistic.

The 6 female personalities: The sigma is very intriguing (Image: Getty)


The sigma female has some alpha qualities, but they’re deeper thinking and more emotional.

The sigma is super confident which means everyone’s eyes are drawn to her because she’s very intriguing.

However, this often comes across as very frosty, intimidating or unapproachable if the sigma is not careful.

The sigma will step up and be a leader if necessary, but they prefer to do their own thing and work independently.

For the sigma, working hard with their eyes on the prize is easy and they aren’t swayed by the opinions of others.

On the other hand, the sigma is very emotional and has the tendency to get attached to other people - whether it’s good for them or not.

They are very loyal friends and lovers and will drop everything to be there for you if they need you.

This person will hold a grudge, but they’ll also stick by their loved ones no matter what.

People are attracted to the sigma female because she is very mysterious.


    The 6 female personalities: The omega is bookish and shy (Image: Getty)


    The omega is similar to the bookish, shy stereotype you see on screen.

    They’re very introverted, reserved and sensitive, and would rather be relaxing at home alone than at a party.

    Although the omega person keeps herself to herself, if she makes a connection with someone (friendly or romantically), she has the ability to build very strong bonds with others.

    While omega women can come across as timid and sweet, keeping their emotions bottled up can lead to explosive outbursts, panic attacks and poor mental health.

    This personality is extremely clever, likely to have lots of hobbies, and loves to learn.

    The omega finds it difficult to become close to someone romantically because of shyness, but they are extremely romantic, passionate and loyal.

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      The 6 Female Personalities: Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma

      Home » Psychology » The 6 Female Personalities: Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma

      It is widespread that males will classify themselves in a similar way to a pack of animals. For example, the natural leader of a male group would be the alpha, and the others would take subordinate positions. Despite this being a common way for men to describe their social standing, females also have this same personality structure with other females.

      By understanding these six female personalities, we will be better able to understand why certain women act the way they do. Let’s look at four unique traits that each female personality possesses to see what makes them unique.

      The Alpha Female

      1. She Is Confident
      Just as is the case with the male counterpart, the alpha female will be a leader in her group and will exhibit a high amount of confidence. From the way she walks to the way she conducts herself in meetings, the alpha female is someone who knows her value and is proud of who she is.

      With this heightened sense of confidence, the alpha female stands out to men and women alike as someone who is sure of her actions and emotions. Even if she faces uncertain tasks or a tricky situation, she will be confident that she can get through it.

      2. She Is Self-assured
      Not only does everyone else think that the alpha woman is awesome in everything she does, but she knows that she is awesome. The self-assurance she offers herself gives her the ability to understand her value in the world to get her through troubled times.

      The self-assurance that the alpha female possesses is what makes them such great leaders and very attractive to most men. She knows she can keep herself motivated to do whatever she sets her mind to.

      3. She Is Powerful
      The confidence that the alpha female possesses allows her to naturally shift to higher positions in the world. The power that helps the alpha female stand out in the crowd comes with her ability to know what she wants, and the hard work she has to put in to get it.

      Most female CEO figures are seen as alpha females because they don’t take orders from anyone and help their companies grow, and grow as they see fit. She makes the moves in relationships and closes big business deals with absolute authority.

      4. She Is a Leader
      When other women need someone to follow and get inspired by, the alpha female of the group is often the one calling the shots. Her confident attitude to approaching every situation means that she can lead a group into uncertain situations with confidence.

      Alpha female personalities act just like alpha male personalities in that they are eager to take on challenging roles to test themselves as leaders and further their social standing.

      The Beta Female

      1. She Is Unreactive
      The beta female and beta male personality are the ones that often get most looked down upon by other personalities. With the submissive and often overly kind nature of the personality being prominent among beta personalities, they are naturally unreactive to others.

      The primary reason that a beta female would be unreactive is so that she could avoid conflict. When asked to share an opinion, or when facing a potential argument, the beta female would rather not react to the situation and just stay quiet.

      2. She Is Anxious
      With the beta female being someone who is not open to being forward with what she wants, she can very easily become anxious, as she is unable to get everything she wants out of life. Whether it is with friends or a potential partner, the beta female has high anxiety about fitting in.

      The anxiety is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. The many internal thoughts of not being good enough causes her to make herself more anxious by being afraid to take charge because of fear of not fitting in.

      3. She Is Friendly
      With the previous traits painting the beta female in a negative light, we need to understand that at her core, her insecurities often stem from her being overly friendly. The beta female is often regarded as one of the friendliest personalities as she tries to get acceptance through kindness.

      Being friendly is what helps the beta female to form relationships and get connections in the first place; however, being too friendly is often what also ends up hurting the beta female in relationships. Many people use the friendliness of beta females for their own personal gain.

      4. She Is Eager to Help
      In their desire for acceptance, the beta female is far more likely than others to give help to whoever asks. Whether helping a friend move or volunteering for a cause in which they actually have little interest, the beta female will always want to help others to gain their friendship and respect.

      The many traits that appear to make the beta female appear weak are traits for which they should be respected. A beta female is going to be a great friend to others, as she wants others to be happy. These personalities are always looking to find their place among friends.

      The Gamma Female

      1. She Is Independent
      The gamma female has a personality that revolves around the individual in that she always makes sure her needs are met to be happy. Her natural independence is what allows her to be just as comfortable with friends as she is in her own private quiet place.

      Similar to the alpha female, the gamma personality is aware of her own value and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone else to feel comfortable. She makes sure that she is in a good place before pursuing friendships or relationships so she can commit her all.

      2. She Is Organized
      To make sure her own needs are met and she can live comfortably, the gamma female is likely to have an organized space and lifestyle. From creating a living area that is clean and organized, to having a consistent schedule, the gamma female certainly has her life in order.

      From an outside perspective, the gamma female lifestyle may almost seem too good to be true. A gamma female is going to thrive in an environment where she can set things up her way, and in a way that makes organizational sense.

      3. She Is Driven
      The gamma female is going to go after what she wants in life and there is very little that can be done to stop her. When an idea is planted in her head that she believes in, the gamma female will use her inner drive to ensure she reaches her goal.

      When given all the right information, the gamma female will be driven to complete any task and complete whatever is asked of her. Her ability to see the bigger picture allows her to take actions now that will pay off in years down the line.

      4. She Is Confident
      Going along with her traits that enable high self-confidence, the gamma female is certain of her future and goals as she knows that she has the power to see them through. The gamma female is certain of who she is and that acts as a shield to deflect negativity and doubt from herself.

      The gamma female is going to be great in friendships and relationships as someone you can use to motivate you to get organized and stay consistent. Her certainty is often toxic, but allows for others to be inspired by her ability to stay on track.

      The Omega Female

      1. She Is Introverted
      The omega female possesses several personality traits that are very commonly seen in movie characters who appear shy and reserved, but who are also passionate and intelligent. The omega female, in most situations, would be seen as an introvert.

      Rather than going out and expanding her social circle like an alpha female, the omega female would rather stay home on the couch to read or watch television. The omega female can be very reserved at first, and who then becomes more personal when befriended.

      2. She Is Often Overly Sensitive
      As the omega female has a tendency to remain quiet and keep to herself around most people, it is at first hard to notice that the omega female can get very emotional. With her tendency to keep most of her emotions internal, the omega female will often have emotions built up and she will eventually blow.

      The result of bottled emotions and a tendency to be sensitive means these females are much more likely to have a panic attack or emotional issues than other personality types. The omega female may put on a mask of being okay, but deep down, she has strong emotions.

      3. She Is Intelligent
      One thing that makes most people admire the omega female is their above-average intelligence. Considering that she is very likely to spend time reading or engage in more stimulating hobbies, the omega female develops a sharp intellect.

      When working on group projects, they are likely to be the ones who look over everyone else’s work to ensure it is up to their standards. The omega female can use her intelligence to help others and create new connections.

      4. She Is Romantic
      Reading classic literature and fantasizing about romance is something that omega females tend to do very often. While they may be too shy to pursue the romantic interests they have in real life, they can escape to books and movies for their romantic dreams. Omega females hope to one day connect with someone who shares her passion and dedication for her partner.

      Her ability to have intellectual thoughts and conversation makes this woman a great partner for a wide variety of other personalities. She knows what she wants and is always longing to create a real and meaningful connection with someone special.

      The Delta Female

      1. She Is Shy
      In a similar sense to the omega female, the delta female is a personality who is not going to love going to parties and would rather stay home. However, it is often the case that an alpha female turns into a delta female after a past experience makes her less likely to put herself out there.

      When she is with new people that she has no connection with, it is likely that the delta female will remain quiet and to herself. As she has fallen from grace with her alpha personality, she has decided to limit her social interactions to stay comfortable with her smaller circle of companions.

      2. She Is Realistic
      Something that helps the delta female in several situations is her ability to be realistic. This trait means that she is not dreaming about fantasy situations, as she is only looking at practical opportunities in life. Her sense of patience also helps immensely with maintaining her realistic views.

      With likely past experiences that made her shy in the first place, the delta female will have reservations about life that may come across as pessimistic. What other people view as pessimistic, the delta female just views as realistic, as she may not have faith that the best things will happen in her life.

      3. She Is Self-conscious
      One of the major issues that a delta female will face is battling her own insecurities. For her, the flaws that she notices are often multiplied as she is most often confident in the other areas of her life. The self-conscious nature of the delta is also a reason why she is less likely to engage in social situations.

      Trying to make sure she is always bettering herself, it may take time for the delta female to accept her flaws and move on from them. Luckily for her, her sense of realism that has been used to help her in other areas can also help her to overcome the flaws she may see that are not apparent to others.

      4. She Is Communicative
      People who communicate effectively in life generally have lives that are going well, and that is very true for the delta female. She does not always want to talk and interact with new people, but she is very good at communicating with others to express her needs and to understand other people.

      Delta females are very aware of the power that words have and they use that deeper understanding to their advantage when interacting with others. Her ability to have meaningful conversations is what allows her to connect with people she likes in a way that is much more comfortable than just meeting random strangers.

      The Sigma Female

      1. She Gets Emotionally Attached
      The sigma female shares many of the traits and the outwardly intimidating personality that is seen in alpha females. However, the sigma female is far more likely to get emotionally attached to someone than the alpha female. This makes her often more emotional and likely to get overly attached.

      If the sigma female is getting attached to someone who turns out to be worse than they originally thought, it will be difficult for the sigma female to break off the attachment. This eventually comes back to bite the sigma female as her emotional attachment leads to feelings that are harbored for a long time without resolution.

      2. She Is Intimidating
      The sigma female is a woman who demands attention when she walks into a room or is speaking, and she can be very intimidating to others. In most cases, the sigma and alpha female personalities will have a similar confidence level that allows them to be intimidating and intriguing to many people.

      Many people will feel intimidated by the sigma female because she is sure of who she is and uses her personality to get what she wants. The sigma female can demand attention when she feels like being in the spotlight, while also being able to step back and appear more approachable when it suits her.

      3. She Is Loyal
      A great reason to be friends with a sigma female is that they are incredibly loyal and devoted to those they love. When a friend asks them to do something or to help them out, the sigma male will embrace the opportunity and always be around to offer a helping hand when needed.

      A sigma female will never forget what someone has done for them and will always be ready to repay a debt to someone to whom they are close. Getting close to a sigma female means you will have an ally by your side who is always going to be there to stand for you.

      4. She Is Elusive
      This last trait is somewhat unique in that it can be both a positive and negative for the sigma female. In many cases, the elusive nature of the sigma female is what attracts so many people to them, as they act with a sense of mystery that gets people pulled to them. However, this elusive nature can also lead to people to not trust a sigma female. Overall, the sigma female displays many traits of each of the other personalities in one holistic package.


      As we can see, every female personality is unique in its own way, with both positive and negative traits associated with each one. Understanding each personality of the female identity will not only allow you to understand why others act the way they do, but it will better help you understand why you act the way you do.

      Alpha or delta: 6 types of women - which one are you and what does it say

      In almost any flock of animals, division into alpha, bet, and so on inevitably arises, and the same thing happens with people. Both men and women can be divided into the same six personality types, however, it is noted that there are differences between the sexes. Here's everything you need to know about the six female personality types to determine which one you or someone you know is.

      Like the alpha male, the alpha female is considered the leader. She is confident and stands out from the crowd because she knows her strength. She does not doubt her actions or emotions and copes well with everything herself, not being afraid of loneliness and not needing support, therefore she does not always “run in her pack”. Alpha females may not have many close friends, but they are popular and loved. The alpha female does not just show arrogance - she is confident enough in herself not to humiliate others, and will stand up for what she believes in. It is difficult to catch her on gossip, and she does not have time for them: she spends it on taking care of herself and her loved ones. No one perceives such women as idlers, so they often achieve success in their careers. They are hardworking and have enough charisma and charm to win over doubters.

      The beta female is often mistaken for being weak, but this is not the case. Compared to alpha, beta is more submissive and less assertive. She tends to go with the flow and tries to avoid conflict. Instead of expressing her opinion, the beta female prefers to remain silent, without escalating drama. Even though Beta seeks approval and wants to help others, she will not allow anyone to be disrespected.

      Beta is anxious, often introverted and not very active or pushy when it comes to getting what she wants. The same goes for meeting new people. Although beta females are extremely kind and loving, don't mistake their kindness for weakness.

      Gamma type representatives mix signs of several types in themselves, and it can often seem that their life is too good to be true. Gamma is independent and does not need anyone's approval, she is organized, purposeful and quite successful. This personality type is forward-thinking, always setting goals and sticking to a plan to help them achieve them.

      At the same time, Gamma is very conscious and will definitely make sure that her life is at least somehow harmonious before entering into a relationship or making grandiose plans with friends. The home environment of a gamma female is clean and comfortable, they always have a plan or a system, and they are one step ahead of everyone else.


      Delta females are somewhat similar to beta females, but more interested in their finances and appearance. It is sometimes said that such a woman used to be an alpha, but a bad experience turned her into a delta. The delta female is quite restrained and can even fall into self-abasement. She is reluctant to make connections with new people because she is quite shy and doesn't like to be the center of attention. She has the ability to connect with people and excellent communication skills, but she has to overcome initial awkwardness and trust issues upon first meeting.

      All this often happens because the delta is acting shy, preferring to stay at home or keep quiet in company, because they are not quite sure of themselves. However, in relationships and friendship, she is extremely loving and appreciates her loved ones. Otherwise, the delta is very active and practical, although it can often appear pessimistic.

      Sigma females have some of the characteristics of alpha females, but they are more thoughtful and emotional. Sigma is extremely self-confident, which means, and it intrigues everyone around her, riveting her eyes. Often women of this type seem cold and unapproachable, and it is the mystery in them that seems so attractive.

      Sigmas do not depend on the opinions of others and often try to keep a certain distance. If the sigma female takes a step forward, she will become the leader. But she will take such a step only in case of emergency, preferring to mind her own business and work independently. Sigma females can work long and hard if they clearly see what they will get. On the other hand, Sigma is very emotional and tends to bond with people no matter the risks. Sigmas are true friends and lovers and will drop everything to be around if need be. This person will hold a grudge, but he will also be there for loved ones, no matter what.

      Omega gives the impression of a stereotypical, almost book or screen, shy character. Such women are closed, reserved and sensitive, and prefer to relax at home alone and avoid parties. Although omegas keep to themselves, if they form a bond, be it friendly or romantic, it can prove to be strong

      Omega females may appear timid and sweet, but keep in mind that holding back their emotions can lead to explosive outbursts, panic attacks, and deterioration in mental health. This person is extremely smart, attentive, has many hobbies and loves to learn. Omega has a hard time getting close to someone romantically due to her shyness, but she is actually an extremely romantic, passionate, and devoted person.

      Photo: Stock Adobe

      Yana Demchenko

      alpha, beta or omega? Alpha, beta, gamma, omega males on a date and in life.

      Both in the cinema and in the surrounding life we ​​can observe various types of men. Some are courageous and self-confident, others are nice non-conflict guys, and others are sissies running away from responsibility.

      Such differences between men gave rise to a certain classification, which has become widespread on the Internet. The basis was taken from a long-standing idea of ​​the zoologist David Fur, who, exploring the social structure of a wolf pack, called its leader an alpha male. And although later the scientist admitted the fallacy of his theory and expressed the opinion that it is preferable to call the leader of the pack not an alpha male, but a wolf father, the zoological hierarchy of dominance appealed to many and received the right to independent existence.

      A little about the Greek alphabet

      Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet . Therefore, already from the name it is clear that the alpha male is the first, the one who goes ahead. He has a strong sexual libido, and women literally hang on his neck. Alpha males are strong players and protagonists in hero films such as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson. They are laconic, independent, not afraid of conflicts and know how to stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

      The second letter of the Greek alphabet is "Beta" and according to the distribution of roles in the social system of subordination-dominance, beta males are the closest friends and associates of alphas, and recognize the unconditional leadership of the latter. As a rule, betas have a less stubborn nature and a cocky disposition, but they may well succeed in life due to their hard work, intelligence and resourcefulness. Continuing the analogy with the cinema, the beta male is the companion and closest friend of the protagonist, the one who “brings the cartridges”. Dr. Watson, Sancho Panso, and Dr. Bormental are prominent examples in the literature.

      Beta males tend to be happy family men. They behave according to the requirements of society and do "the right way." These are the regular guys you pass by every day. These are the fail-safe cogs of the mechanism that we call life. Betas make up 80% of the population.

      The third letter of the Greek alphabet is gamma. But stop! There is no such category as gamma males. Instead, the creators of the witty classification single out omega males.

      "Omega" - the last letter of the Greek alphabet and its use emphasizes that the males of this group are at the bottom of the food chain. This is the type of man who avoids responsibility, refuses to develop, and generally avoids participation in the real world. An omega male can take many forms: a whiny pseudo-intellectual, a neat metrosexual, or a gamer. One thing unites these types - a complete rejection of what we call masculinity. They are not able to hunt, but they do not want to breed.

      Is it possible to increase my rank?

      It's no secret that temperament, the stability of the nervous system, and physical data are laid in us initially at birth at the genetic level. However, homosapiens differ from our smaller brethren in that they can work on themselves.

      Excuses from the category “I can't” and “it's not given to me” are dictated by your own laziness, which has nothing to do with heredity. You need to accept and understand with all your heart the axiom: “Our life is what we think about it” and start thinking in the right direction.

      How to become an alpha male?

      Simply straightening your shoulders and buying a trendy James Bond jacket is certainly not enough. As well as getting into fights with or without reason, or persistently pestering girls on the streets.

      The key features of alpha are responsibility, confidence, loyalty to one's own word. Therefore, it is precisely these qualities that must be developed in the first place.

      But for many, this advice sounds rather abstract. Therefore, here are some specific tips to help you get on the alpha path:

      1. Give yourself the word "keep your word" for at least three months and do not deviate one iota from this rule. I promised myself to run in the morning - run, even if stones fly from the sky. He promised not to miss classes at the university - die, but come for a couple! He promised the girl a trip to Egypt - hurt yourself, and find an opportunity to earn money for the trip. To increase the motivation for action, you can use auxiliary means, for example, counting for "one, two, three."

      2. Pay attention to your appearance . You should not refer to the saying that states "that they see off according to the mind", because they are met all the same "by clothes". Looking clean, tidy and healthy means demonstrating to others that you are able to take care of yourself. Do not be afraid to pay a visit to the dentist and remove plaque. Don't forget to shave every morning, because stubble isn't as attractive as you'd like to think.

      3. Start chatting with girls . And preferably in real life. So you will understand that the girl is also a person, and you need to behave like a human being with her, that is, talk calmly, joke adequately and not try to pretend to be Superman in a conversation. You will not be able to forget that there is a female in front of you anyway, and this is even better.

      Important warning ! Do not loudly announce to the world that from tomorrow you are going to become alpha. This process does not tolerate bragging.

      The success of self-improvement depends on how much a person REALLY needs it. It may well be that he is quite comfortable in his role and does not want anything better. Nobody has to want to be an alpha. In addition, returning to the beginning of our article, the theory of alpha, beta and omegas is quite controversial and conditional, it is still not worth taking it as a direct guide to action. You need to strive not just to become an alpha, but to be in harmony with yourself. And if this requires the features of alpha males - tum melius, as the ancients said.

      For more information on the topic of the article, you can learn from the video:

      Incredible facts

      In the animal kingdom, an aggressive alpha male lures all females in order to produce offspring, while other males often get nothing.

      People are a little more complicated in this sense.

      In the modern world, a woman is not always looking for an alpha male, and her prince on a white horse may well appear in the form of a gamma male who is ready to take on a second role or become an exemplary father in her castle.

      Even the strongest alpha males must develop beta qualities such as sensitivity and emotionality.

      Do you think that women and men really come from different planets?

      Optional, considering a classification based on the Greek alphabet , we have a lot more in common with members of the opposite sex of the same personality type than with other personality types of our gender.

      However, men and women of the same category often compete in relationships because they are too similar.

      At the same time, opposite personality types can feel strong attraction to each other, but as soon as the honeymoon ends, conflicts begin due to irreconcilable differences.

      There are 6 basic personality types: alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta and sigma . What type of personality are YOU?

      At the end you can go through which will help you determine your personality type.

      Personality identification


      Alpha Male

      Alpha male is considered the most desirable male . This is a leader, bad guy, macho, confident, aggressive, demanding man, who can be difficult to work with, despite the fact that he has charisma both in his personal life and in his professional field.

      When such a man speaks, the rest are silent, and he is always in the center of attention.

      He loves parties and meeting friends and always wants to be the star of the company. Alpha does not like loneliness and often feels a drop in energy when left alone. He values ​​his freedom and is not ready to exchange it for anything.

      He is generally attractive, but not necessarily handsome, and has his own preferences for women. Although he enjoys being seduced, he prefers to woo a woman himself. He does not hesitate, but immediately approaches the chosen one he likes, not giving her time to refuse.

      Women immediately fall in love with him and fall deeply in love.

      His relationships before marriage are usually short-term, and a woman should not expect comfort and support from a typical alpha male. Women who live with other types of men often cheat and have affairs on the side with alpha males.

      Alpha female

      Alpha Woman is an action heroine often portrayed by Angelina Jolie. This is a self-confident woman who, at first glance, does not need men.

      This is the queen and the most attractive woman in his group. She copes well with any difficult situation, and knows her own worth.

      She dominates other women, can be bossy, aggressive and sarcastic when holding a high position or position.

      Other women look at her with admiration and try to imitate her. Alpha always thinks with his head, not listening to the rest.

      Alpha women are sexy, even if they are not very beautiful, and are not embarrassed in the presence of men.

      They may lack sensitivity and empathy towards others. Although the alpha is very emotional inside, she never shows her weakness. In work, she is a real beast, and always achieves her goals, and in love she is not afraid to take the first step if a man is interested in her.

      She always says what she thinks. Alpha women tend to get what they want, and even alpha men rarely turn them down.

      It must be remembered that alpha women are born, and this is difficult to learn. If you have discovered these traits in yourself, you can only be congratulated.


      Beta male

      Beta male reserved, responsible and cautious . This is a good guy, not very prominent, but quite inviting. Most modern men are of the beta type.

      They are more sensitive, less aggressive and better at reading people than alphas.

      They get nervous or embarrassed easily and play second fiddle to their alpha friend. If you see a quiet guy who sometimes smiles while others tell stories and jokes, then you have a beta male. Beta become are good friends, considerate of others and a bit idealistic .

      He is often afraid to say something wrong in the presence of women, so as not to be embarrassed. With men, they also do not reveal their feelings, as they can make fun of him. Beta men are the least intimidated by stronger, smarter women than they are.

      In operation, the beta is reliable, even if it is not in the spotlight. The boss may not see his potential, and therefore he often does not get the promotion and salary he deserves.

      In romantic relationships, he is faithful, and women consciously choose beta men, as they make better husbands than alpha men.

      He is more down to earth than an alpha male and it is much easier to build a stable relationship with him.

      Beta woman

      The beta woman is the good sister of the alpha woman. She does what others don't want to do and always gets less attention than the alpha.

      They become wonderful and reliable friends and good listeners . They are always ready to be near a loved one.

      These are slightly imperfect girls, the prototype of which is the heroine Bridget Jones. Beta women are passive-aggressive and always go with the flow. They do not want to openly confront someone, because they strive for peace and tranquility.

      They are caring and often do not consider themselves attractive. In a relationship, they are afraid to take the first step, and they are waiting for the man to achieve them.

      If they don't, they get nervous about competing with other women and often stay alone or choose a fallback to avoid being alone.

      In their work, they are always ready to do more and, if necessary, donate their time.

      In general, they have a very pleasant and friendly personality.

      Human personality types


      Gamma male

      This is the type of introverted man who wants his voice to be heard. He's smart, but doesn't look like either an alpha or a beta male.

      He is trying to achieve his goals, but is not ready to put in more effort to complete what he started, even though he knows he can earn the respect he craves.

      This is the type of man, who wants to be successful but fails to do so. . In business, he can act stealthily and wants to get results without much effort.

      Gamma will always agree with his boss, but he will never say what he really thinks.

      Relationships with such men can be difficult because they often become obsessed with some woman. He can follow the object of his passion if a woman refuses him or avoids his company.

      Gamma prefers to be alone and does not care about the opinions of others. His relationships often fall apart because of his obsession. He usually falls deeply in love and is ready to trust a woman no matter what, not understanding when he is being used.

      Gamma woman

      Gamma woman wants to be conquered. But only a strong enough man can persuade her to marry and start a family. The Gamma Woman is the complete opposite of the Alpha Woman in her clothes, lifestyle, partner and work.

      She is always ready to cooperate and can help if needed . She is one of those who feel great when she has all the information that will help her achieve her goals in her work.

      She tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and feels comfortable in her own skin. She doesn't need a man to feel complete. The environment and nature are of great importance to her, and she always takes care of her home.

      Gamma pays attention to faith and spiritual practices, and always tries to find inner balance . She is determined but willing to share her knowledge with those who deserve it. In business, she does not see difficulties, but believes that it takes a little more time to achieve what she wants.

      In a romantic relationship, she will never be with someone with whom she has not developed a relationship. She will not settle for a man who does not deserve her. In the end, she gets what she wants, as she makes long-term plans in life and uses different tactics to achieve success.


      Omega man

      An omega man often combines the positive qualities of alpha and beta. He prefers leading in relationships and in love often sets boundaries that it never breaks .

      These men are not easy to fool, but he can give a woman what she needs for a happy relationship.

      He gives a woman a sense of security and comfort, but requires the same from her. This is the type of man most often attracted to omega women.

      Omega does not like to work in a team, preferring to do everything alone.

      When he succeeds, he is overwhelmed with pride and shares his joy with colleagues, showing them his mental abilities. When things don't go the way he wanted, he tends to blame others for the troubles.

      He considers himself the smartest in business, believing that without him the whole system would fall apart. In a romantic relationship with him, it can be difficult. He has his own concept of love, and he wants his desires and needs to always be satisfied.

      He is hard to please, so not many women want to date him. Often he is left alone, because he does not know how to listen to his partner.

      Omega Woman

      Such a woman is unsociable and spends most of her time alone .

      She is very smart and is not afraid to show it to others. Like the omega man, she does not like parties and prefers to stay at home, coming up with new brilliant ideas.

      The problem with omega women is that they are often underestimated even though they have many good qualities.

      When things don't go the way they imagined, they may collapse or have a nervous breakdown.

      Omega always emphasizes his individuality, and tries not to care about other people's opinions .

      In love, the omega wants everything or nothing. She wants to experience love like in the books and is not ready to enter into a relationship if it's not real. No matter how much she loves a man, she will always put herself first, because she knows that if she is not happy, she will not be able to give it to others.

      It's always worth remembering that no matter how tough she tries to appear, inside she remains a little girl who is trying to survive in a world full of wolves.

      Personality and character types


      Delta male

      A male deta is an ordinary guy who wants to become successful and wants to find someone who will understand him . He doesn't have the confidence of an alpha male, but he's close to that type.

      He is not afraid to say what he thinks, no matter if there are women nearby. He loves to be admired and takes pride when someone says he can entertain. He loves beautiful women and expensive cars, knows his worth and always strives for something.

      He does not know how to attract the most beautiful women, and chooses the second or third option. He considers women mysterious creatures and some of them may be afraid.

      As the lurca tells us:

      "Females in the class also form hierarchies, which practically do not intersect with male
      hierarchies at first. Intersection of
      occurs only at 13-15 years - the period of puberty.
      females usually have several leaders , and from the very beginning two or three
      almost non-contact interest groups. Before 90,142 thirteen years of age, females are not interested in alpha males or males at all. In
      rare cases of intersection of groupings, alpha females have authority over
      alpha males, since males do not yet have a special power superiority, and
      females can hit between the legs.

      Due to such a heterogeneity of the female part of the class, the outcast female,
      who is persecuted by everyone, does not often appear. In general, the hierarchical structure of
      in females has a much lower strength than in males, and over the years of study
      can change quite a lot.

      • Alpha . Basically, they are either females who have a reputation as the first beauty and, in addition, a bitchy character,
        or excellent females with high self-esteem. In the first case, the alpha female
        is, as it were, the trendsetter in the class. The main feature of
        alpha females is that they know how to grease up with teachers. Teacher
        may not listen to the alpha male, but he will listen to the opinion of the alpha female
        is required. The alpha female has the exclusive, undeniable and non-negotiable right to the alpha male. Compared to the alpha male
        , her position is far from being so strong in the pack, because the female team
        is never and nowhere a cohesive structure in which everyone is “a friend of
        for a friend.” The absence of omega females can make the leading position of female
        generally purely symbolic, especially when there are more than one grouping of females
        . If there is more than one alpha female in the class, then between
        they will have a permanent squabble.
      • Beta are two or three girlfriends of a bitchy alpha female. They
        serve the alpha female to spread gossip and provide minor services,
        for example, escorting to the toilet (alpha female will never go to this filthy place alone),
        providing a “hut” (mirrors,
        cigarettes, excuses to ancestors / teachers) if necessary. But
        real girlfriends, as in the relationship of alpha and beta males, they are not
        are. And they do not differ much from gamma females. The reason is in the nature of women
        , according to which females can only fully trust
        males, and they always have rivalry with other females. Being without their
        leader (for example, sick), beta females become completely disoriented
        and can serve as an excellent target for sudden
        retaliatory attacks by omegas. In this, beta females differ from beta males,
        which, with the title “and. about. alphas always cope with dignity. Note that
        that alpha females prefer to take more nondescript
        persons as their girlfriends. This is due to the fact that not every bitchy female will like
        that her girlfriend beats off the guys from her, so she is looking for
        friends that are more unattractive in order to look more advantageous in front of the males against their background.
      • Scales - minions of the alpha female, who perform
        more dirty tasks than the beta females (let them write off, drive to the stall
        for cigarettes, follow some male). However, they are in
        is in a more advantageous position than gamma males, due to the fact that the alpha female
        still respects them and practically does not take out her anger on them. Fiercely,
        are wildly proud of their belonging to the alpha female party, in everything
        try to imitate her. Although they are still afraid of her disgrace.
      • Epsilon females is the same gray mass. See Epsilon males.
      • Omega in the pack of females is elected according to the same patterns, but
        pays more attention to appearance - often these are the most terrible
        class freaks who are so dumb or poor that they are unable to
        look after their appearance. In some teams, there are
        two or even three such female omegas. Also, females are more jealous of
        "popularities". There are times when they start to poison a female only because
        she tries too much to please everyone, and last but not least, the males" easy to project imho. 0003

      A long time ago, zoologist David L. Meh came up with his theory about the human dominance hierarchy, and then invalidated it. But homo sapiens still like to divide men into alpha, beta and omega males. At the same time, women remember, dreamily rolling their eyes: “I had one alpha male,” and men beat their chests with their fists, proving that each of them is worthy of this honorary title.

      David L. Fur's theory was based on the hierarchy of males in a wolf pack. At the head of the pack is always the leader - the strongest, most agile and enduring male. They call him the alpha male. Further down in the hierarchy are the beta males. Omega males are the weakest and most unviable males, who are more often outcasts. In the human world, things are much more complicated.

      Not all alphas with muscles

      Individuals from the Neanderthal tribe did not go far in development from the tribe of monkeys, therefore the hierarchy was distributed there more or less purely, as nature intended. At the top of the hierarchy are alpha males, the most enduring, strong, dexterous, courageous and, of course, the most arrogant and aggressive. The stronger all the listed qualities are expressed in the male, the more mammoths he will get, the warmer the cave will win back for his offspring. Therefore, females chose just such males for the birth of children. Now imagine such a Neanderthal in our time, when a warmer house and more skins are not in a masculine male, but in a more cunning, smart, dodgy one. Because nature is nature, and you cannot go far from socio-cultural attitudes. Therefore, it turns out that it will not be possible to achieve success in the modern world only with the help of strength, dexterity and arrogance, therefore, it will not be possible to break through to leading positions either. Moreover, an impudent and aggressive male, entering into an open conflict with other males for power, can achieve the position of an alpha male only in certain circles, for example, criminal or boy-yard ones. Otherwise, he will either have to deal with law enforcement agencies, or due to constant conflicts he will not be able to stay at any job, which will negatively affect his financial situation.

      East News

      Modern Alphas, Betas and Omegas

      Despite the layering of cultural and social requirements, there is an opinion that the modern alpha male is undoubtedly a dominant and polygamous man. These are its two main characteristics. And they are due to the natural characteristics of this man. Like Neanderthal ancestors, by nature, such men have physical strength, endurance, willpower, the ability to adapt to environmental conditions, stress resistance and conflict resistance, the ability to go to the goal, high testosterone levels and excellent health. Nature endowed men with such qualities not in vain. The task of alpha males is the transfer of viable genes and the extension of the genus. And since we must not only reproduce, but also preserve as healthy genes as possible, then in order to fertilize us, unreasonable ones, such men are given to us - dominant, assertive, taking by the power of their charisma.

      However, not all arrogant, bold and confident men are actually alpha males. Showy arrogance and self-confidence are often acquired qualities of bets, who either hide their complexes in this way, or try to compete with alpha males for a leading position in the hierarchy. In fact, beta males have a softer character, less stubborn disposition, but at the same time cunning and intelligence. These are the qualities that help them move up the career ladder and even “move” masculine alpha males on it, who have not been able to adapt to modern realities. Beta males are also successful in family life. There is even such a common belief that women become pregnant from unfaithful alpha males, and caring beta males raise their children. Although this is also a controversial statement, since modern alpha males can also be family men. Some alphas are just the stronghold of the outgoing traditional patriarchal family, headed by a man - strong, strong-willed, albeit authoritarian, but capable of making strong-willed decisions and being responsible for their loved ones. There are alpha men who have two such families, as well as lovers, for whom they are also capable of being responsible. And there are those who, by virtue of educated moral convictions, are quite capable of being faithful to their wives, and they, in turn, give birth to 3-5 children each (which, again, is now very rare).

      Last in the human hierarchy, just like in the animal kingdom, are the omega males. These are losers, old virgins, sluggish and uninitiated beer drinkers, inhabitants of the world of the sofa and TV. For a place in the hierarchy, as a rule, such individuals do not fight, but on the contrary, their lifestyle of outsiders is often elevated to a cult.

      Women choose

      The consumer society imposes its standards on us, but our natural instincts are indestructible. Therefore, even now, as many millions of years ago, human females choose alpha males in order to give birth to healthy offspring. Only some do it wisely and choose alpha men who are the most adapted to life in modern realities, and some rush to external tinsel, giving themselves to "bad guys" who "marry and leave. " Still, alpha males are few and far between. Therefore, the vast majority of women choose permanent and reliable beta males. You can make a nest with them, and betas will help with children and pay attention. Powerful women, prone to dominant behavior, can choose an omega, and then nag him all his life because he is not capable of anything and complain that there are no real men left.

      How to become an alpha male

      The creator himself renounced the theory, but not the creators of the trainings on "How to become an alpha male". As a rule, these are either business coaches with their own leadership trainings that make leaders and financially successful people out of outsiders, or pick-up artists with their own trainings to seduce women. Both those and others call for the development of certain qualities of an alpha male:

      physical strength, health and a high level of serotonin and testosterone. This is developed through sports and dietary adjustments;

      will power;


      resistance to conflict;

      arrogance that does not go beyond socially acceptable behavior;

      the ability to be responsible for one's words and deeds;

      purposefulness. The alpha goes all the way to the end. And with girls, and with employers, and with clients;

      courage. The alpha male has nothing to fear, he is already a winner;

      the ability to take responsibility for one's environment. Whether the head of the family or the head of the company, the alpha is able to take responsibility for the people entrusted to him;

      the ability to show their alpha male in deeds, not in words.

      Avdotya Razgulyaeva

      According to the theory of David L. Mehu, all representatives of the stronger sex should be differentiated into 3 main groups: -, beta and gamma. Classification is carried out in accordance with the characteristic psychological traits of individuals.

      The main differences between alpha males

      From the first minutes of meeting an alpha male, there is no doubt that a person belongs to the leading group. In his presence, the rest of the men look depressed and clearly do not want to enter into conflict in order to win back lost positions.

      The alpha male does not try to gain power over the crowd by resorting to force and cunning. Even with insufficiently developed intellectual abilities, the power of natural charm is so high that it does not allow one to doubt its authority.

      The alpha male never questions his own statements and does not allow anyone to criticize him. His self-confidence knows no bounds. However, this quality warms up the behavior of the surrounding women.

      One gets the impression that it is worth beckoning with a finger, and a respectable lady will raise her hands up, surrendering to the mercy of the winner. Adoration is quite capable of turning into a kind of persecution. As a rule, the alpha male is constantly accompanied by beauties who are not able to overcome the sexy real macho.

      The sexuality of the alpha male comes through clearly and sometimes hinders career development. A man has no time to think about global tasks, since about 90% of his thoughts and time are occupied by the problem of sexual satisfaction. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare.

      The difference between a beta male

      A beta male is able to turn the head and win the heart of a woman, but only in the absence of a real leader. Possessing excellent qualities, being a person of good looks, a man is involuntarily lost when a representative of the alpha clan appears. Beta lacks natural charm, self-confidence, that sexuality that makes women forget about the rules of decent behavior.

      The beta male himself perfectly understands and accepts these circumstances. He is patient and waits when, having enjoyed the next toy, the alpha will become interested in a new object. It was then that the beta will show its wonderful qualities, substituting a shoulder for tears, becoming a friend, lover, husband.

      By the way, in contrast to males, beta often reaches a good social position, as it has enough time to develop a career. Do not confuse representatives of beta and gamma groups.

      The beta male is a self-sufficient person who is accustomed to relying on his own strength in everything except sexual attraction. Gamma is not capable of self-realization and is often a burden on his family. Therefore, representatives of the gamma type often become gigolos.


      • Alpha male qualities
      • What is the difference between alpha, beta and gamma men?

      In biology, an alpha male is the dominant male animal in a group. The alpha male, with his loudness, arrogance, can subjugate the rest of the males within his group and, taking advantage of his dominant position, takes all the best from his subordinates. Often, an alpha male is distinguished by an exaggerated self-esteem, selfishness, a consumerist attitude towards his own kind, and a willingness to sacrifice anyone for himself.


      In human society, the status of an alpha male is acquired by people who have leadership qualities and achieve a leadership position. These are powerful people, accustomed to command, able to achieve a lot in life, but in sexual relations they prefer one-time relationships. Despite this, the alpha male is invariably popular with the female sex. After all, a woman, like a female, instinctively tries to mate with the best of males. And the best not only in their physical qualities, but also in social status. According to research, typical alphas are born with elevated levels of serotonin and testosterone. These hormones give men the qualities of alpha males.

      Alpha male can be distinguished even at first glance. Being in a company, he interferes in all conversations, even without being familiar with the participants in the conversation and understanding the subject of discussion. But at the same time, the rest of the men in an incomprehensible way come to terms with his behavior, recognize his status as a leader, instinctively feel his natural superiority. There are few men with clearly expressed natural leadership qualities - approximately 5% of the male population of the planet

      Often, alpha males, taking advantage of the attention of women, are too carried away by themselves and sexual relations, without achieving noticeable success in their careers. However, there are exceptions when the alpha manages to achieve heights in life, in business and in love affairs. As with animals, women get their first sexual experience with an alpha male. And often after this contact there are children. If a married woman suddenly gets herself, but again, in most cases, she will become an alpha. But, as a rule, such relationships do not last more than a year and the man switches to looking for a new sexual partner.

      For an alpha male, love and marriage are completely different concepts. Love, in their understanding, is aimed at sexual relations, and not cohabitation and common life. That is why alphas rarely tie the knot. And if this happens, they quickly cool off to the wife, they begin to treat her like a servant. And then they get divorced or start running left and right. Therefore, women seeking to keep a male leader next to them should seriously consider whether they need such a spouse.

      Drawing parallels with zoological classification, the rest of the men can be divided into several types.

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