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12 Signs Your Woman is Manipulative

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The worst feeling of all is being manipulated.

This makes us look foolish and often we feel emotionally used. The pain is more when you’re in a healthy relationship and your partner manipulates you in doing something. After all, a relationship is established in trust.

No matter how smart or intelligent you’re, a woman can still manipulate you, if she wants. The best way to escape this is to know the signs. Let’s have a look at the signs of a manipulative woman.

How to spot a manipulative woman?

To be able to protect yourself from a manipulative woman, you must know the manipulative woman signs.

1. Emotional outburst

Women are known to have emotional outbursts. They are expressive and don’t shy away from doing so.

However, one of the important signs of a manipulative woman is they experience emotional outburst right in the middle of an important argument. The moment they see that they’re about to lose an argument or the blame is shifting towards them, they get quite emotional. This sidelines the discussion, and arguments take an ugly turn.

2. Smooth talker

Some women are very manipulative. However, to be a smooth talker is one of the signs of a manipulative woman.

They’ll turn your emotions subtly to what they want to you do. Without realizing, you will end up doing things that they want you to do believing you always wanted to do it. Confusing, right? Imagine how bad it can be in a real situation.

3. State of denial

A manipulative woman is good at denial. When you confront them about their manipulating habit, they will straight away move to the denial stage. They will say that they have nothing to do with it and will play with a trump card, being emotional. Suddenly, the whole argument from them being manipulative will move to them being emotional.

4. Good at lying

Lying is one of the manipulative woman traits.

They know when, how and how much to lie about. They do it openly and without any shame. For them, getting the work done is far more important than what people may make out of her lying.

5. Being nice

This is one of the interesting signs of the manipulative woman. A manipulative woman will be nice to you when they want you to do something for them. They would use their charm and charismatic personality to woo you over. Once the work is done, they would move back to their original behavior.

6. No financial support

When in a relationship, both of you must invest money equally. There is no harm in expecting some financial support from your woman. However, as per the signs of a manipulative woman, they won’t invest their money into it, at all. This is because back in their minds, they’re sure that it’s not a steady relationship.

7. Being a critic

Criticism in a relationship isn’t supportive.

You are free to share beliefs and what you feel like, but questioning each and every action or habits of your partner is not at all helpful. So, if your woman is a total critic who puts you in an awkward position all the time, then consider this as one of the signs of a manipulative woman.

8. Playing innocent

When in a relationship, you must share responsibilities equally. It’s a sign that you both are ready to invest time in it and trust each other. However, a manipulative woman will shy away from taking up any responsibility, and won’t think twice before acting innocent. All she would want is no responsibility in a relationship.

9. Make you feel bad

There are ups and downs. There is individualism in a relationship as well. One can’t be always right and one can’t be always wrong. However, a manipulative woman will make you feel bad if you refuse to do things the way she wants it or follow her orders. She will make you feel the world’s worst boyfriend, and eventually, you would do what she wants you to do.

10. Playing the victim

One can’t be the victim all the time in a relationship. There are times when you’re wrong and there are times when she is wrong. However, when you’re wrong, she will make you feel worse. When she is wrong, she will play the victim and make you feel bad.

11. Ignoring than apologizing

Saying sorry makes your relationship strong. When you’ve not something wrong, by saying sorry you’re strengthening your relationship. However, one of the signs of a manipulative woman is that they would start ignoring you than to apologize to you. They won’t mind even if you don’t initiate the conversation after this. They won’t apologize first, and that’s final.

12. Sexually manipulative

A sexually manipulative woman is least bothered about emotions. She won’t hesitate to manipulate you for sexual pleasure. All she cares about is herself and no one else.



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18 Signs of a Manipulative Woman that Can Leave You Lost & Confused

A healthy relationship involves plenty of give and take. You give your partner all your love, attention, and support, but you also expect to receive the same in return, You might think that giving a little more is a good thing, but if it is at the expense of your well-being, it’s a no-no. In this case, you need to take a step back and look at what is going on. Can you see the signs of a manipulative woman in your relationship?

You’d be surprised how many relationships have an element of manipulation within them. We often don’t see what’s going on right underneath our noses when we’re totally in love.

The problem is, not everyone is completely honest about their intentions. For sure, she might love you back, but she might also have a pretty manipulative nature that pushes her to play you without your knowledge.

[Read: Am I manipulative? 20 signs you manipulate the people in your life]

Why is manipulation in a relationship so damaging?

We all use a few manipulation tactics every now and again to get what we want. We’re human after all, and that means we’re pretty flawed occasionally.

However, a one-off episode here and here doesn’t make you a manipulative person. The signs of a manipulative woman come into play when she uses tactics to get what she wants on a regular basis.

She might be passive-aggressive. Perhaps she uses gaslighting. Or, maybe she guilt trips you for no reason. These are just three of the most common manipulation tactics around. [Read: 15 signs of manipulation in a relationship you should never ignore]

Manipulation in a relationship is damaging because it means one partner is doing all the taking and the other is doing all the giving. The balance is totally out of whack.

You’re basically being taken advantage of, and that’s not cool. Over time, your confidence might start to be eroded, or you might start resenting your partner for how you feel.

It’s a form of control that has no place in a relationship and if that sounds like your union, it’s something you need to address – stat! [Read: Emotional manipulation – 14 ways people mess with your mind]

Manipulation in a relationship is not always easy to accept and can be a painful thing to realize. However, it is always best to know the early signs of manipulation before you become a victim.

Despite their deception, manipulative people can be consistent and tend to display a specific set of behaviors.

If you see the following signs of a manipulative woman, then talk to her about it, or consider getting out of such a relationship! [Read: 28 signs of a bad girlfriend and how to spot a girl who’s bad for you]

1. Sudden and overreactive emotional outbursts during arguments

Sudden emotional outbursts, such as crying or shouting fits are very troublesome. Normal couples may sometimes argue; if anything, the odd argument here and there can help you to clear the air. However, you hear both sides in order to reach a compromise and move on.

Manipulative people play the emotional outburst card once they feel their argument is crumbling and they are cornered.

Emotional outbursts can also be used as a weapon to embarrass you in front of your friends or to gain the sympathy of other people in public places. [Read: The signs she’s an attention whore who’s just using you for attention]


She plays nice every time she needs something from you

Manipulative women either act very sweet and amicable or sometimes go as far as bribing you with sexual favors. They expect you to do something in return.

One of the major signs of a manipulative woman is when this type of behavior happens often. Sure, everyone can be manipulative occasionally, but this type of woman will treat you coldly or indifferently most of the time, unless she wants something.

They only put up a façade of affection when they are about to ask for a favor. [Read: The signs she is using you emotionally just to get her needs met]

3. She only texts or calls you if she needs something from you

You only hear from her if she needs you to buy her stuff or do some chores for her. Oftentimes, you realize that long-distance couples talk more often compared to the two of you.

For manipulative women, communication is only necessary to get something out of you.

4. She makes you feel like the worst partner in the world if you don’t do what she wants – one of the cruel signs of a manipulative woman

In short, she acts like a spoiled brat. If she doesn’t throw a temper tantrum, she plays on your emotions by making you question your worth as a significant other if you don’t comply with her demands.

You could compare this to gaslighting, a common technique used by a narcissist – at the end of the day it is still a form of manipulation. [Read: Gaslighting – What it is, how it works and 22 signs to stop it ASAP]

5. She constantly fails to contribute financially to the relationship

AKA she lets you keep buying her stuff and pay for her expenses without doing the same for you. While it is a bit of a relationship tradition for guys to take a larger share of a relationship’s expenses, a decent partner at least attempts to give their fair share of spending in the relationship.

On the other hand, manipulative women would not even bother to attempt to reach for their purses when the bill comes. They make the lamest excuses to avoid contributing financially. [Read: How to talk about money with your partner without fighting about it]


She often plays the victm, even if she’s in the wrong

When she gets called out for something she has done, she most likely twists the narrative to make it appear that you are the one at fault.

She won’t admit or apologize for her own mistake. Instead, she’ll blame everything on you and make it look like everything is your fault.

She’ll often do this very loudly because public humiliation is one of the major tactics for manipulative women. [Read: 16 signs a narcissist is subtly manipulating you]

7. She will ignore you rather than apologize first

When a couple argues, sometimes they reach an impasse where both temporarily lay off communicating in order to clear their heads. Under normal circumstances, one or both break the sulking stalemate and apologize.

However, a manipulative woman doesn’t care if you don’t talk ever again. She’ll never initiate an apology even if she is the one in the wrong. You’ll end up apologizing for something that isn’t your fault, just to get things back to some kind of “normal” once more.

8. She feigns ignorance

If she doesn’t know, she cannot be accused of something. Feigning ignorance is a common tactic of manipulative people to avoid being accountable for their own actions.

A manipulative woman usually employs this as an excuse to get out of relationship responsibilities or divert attention and blame away from her. [Read: 20 signs she’s leading you on, using you and only pretending to love you]

9. One of the most annoying signs of a manipulative woman – Your problems are insignificant compared to hers

When you notice your partner belittles your problems, she is probably using manipulation as a tactic.

Manipulative people display extreme forms of selfishness and lack of empathy towards the suffering of other people, even if that person is their significant other. Everything in her life will be ten times more important than anything going on in yours.

10. She’s a regular guilt-tripper

If your partner still gives you grief for an old mistake and constantly brings it up to make you feel guilty, then she probably is a manipulative woman.

Guilt-tripping is nothing more than emotional manipulation. The manipulator uses their victim’s emotional vulnerability to get them to do the things they want. Again, this is gaslighting at its best.

11. You hook up more than you spend quality time together

Hookups are cheap and temporary. Spending time together, on the other hand, requires each person to invest a degree of intimacy towards the other.

Manipulative people are naturally selfish. They would rather stick with hookups as a means to satisfy their physical needs. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of emotional intimacy. For them, quality time is an unnecessary waste of time and effort. [Read: Devious signs of manipulative behavior you should never ignore]

12. She’s inconsiderate of your general wellbeing

For a manipulative woman, you’re just a tool to be used and a means to an end. She doesn’t care if you spend a great deal of effort, time, or money whilst trying to please her.

Her natural selfishness dictates that her needs are more important than yours. She will probably get mad at you and paint you as the villain for not doing more for her.

13. She regularly withholds things you need or want

One of the key signs of a manipulative woman is withholding something from you. Of course, she doesn’t have to give you anything if she’s not in agreement but in this case, she’s doing it because she knows she can twist the situation and get something from you instead. [Read: Using sex as a weapon? 10 harsh truths you need to know]

It’s bribery in its most basic form. She could withhold money she owes you or a loan you’ve asked for, sex, affection, or basically something you need. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s nothing short of manipulation.

14. She’s a pro at giving you the silent treatment

This doesn’t have to be about making you apologize for something that is her fault, she might simply go very quiet indeed.

The aim here is to make you do anything to get her to talk to you again. It could be over text or in person, but it’s extremely manipulative. [Read: Silent treatment abuse – How to take a stand and get back in control]

15. She likes to make you jealous

Just so you know that she doesn’t need you, she just wants you, she’ll often try to make you jealous. She might flirt with other men in front of you and then laugh when you call her out on it.

Of course, she’ll call you crazy for suggesting that she’s doing anything wrong. This, in her eyes, keeps you in your place.

16. She pulls you down

If you have success at work or a great opportunity comes your way, she might try and persuade you not to go for it, or pull you down a little.

This is because when you’re on the up, it worries her. You might go and find another woman who doesn’t manipulate you. Deep down, she knows what she’s doing, she just doesn’t want to change. [Read: What type of narcissism should you be on the lookout for?]

17. She’ll turn on the charm like a switch

One of the signs of a manipulative woman is that she can turn her charm on and off like a switch, should she need to. If she thinks that you’re becoming a little tired of her behavior, she’ll resort back to being sweet and wonderful.

However, it won’t be long before her true colors show once more. In many ways, there’s a lot of overlap between narcissism and general manipulation.

18. She knows what buttons to press

A manipulative woman can be pretty clever when it comes to knowing how to play you. She’s studied you pretty well, you see, and now she knows what buttons to press to get what she wants. That’s why she might make you jealous sometimes and then revert back to being sweet and nice. She’s playing mind-games! [Read: Do narcissists know they are narcissists?]

For sure, but it’s unlikely unless she sees the error of her ways and actually wants to change.

Manipulation could be so ingrained in her personality that she believes it’s the only way to get what she wants. The only way to try and save your relationship, if you really believe it’s worth saving, is to sit down and have an honest conversation.

Be prepared for a backlash, because even if she does end up wanting to change in the end, there’s bound to be resistance at first. [Read: Manipulative people – How to spot them and stop playing the victim]

What you need to do is to recognize the signs of a manipulative woman so you can protect yourself against her behavior. Know that you’re being manipulated and see through her tactics.

Then, call her on them and make it known that you’re setting boundaries and won’t be manipulated anymore. If that doesn’t work, you have to wave goodbye to the relationship, for your own good.

[Read: Psychological manipulation – 16 signs & tactics real manipulators use]

Girls aren’t purely sugar, spice, and everything nice. They can also be capable of cruel things. Understand the signs of a manipulative woman and be forewarned.

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8 Ways Women Use to Manipulate Men

So far we have talked about the ways men try to manipulate women. However, the weaker sex in this part is able to give a hundred points ahead. Moreover, all kinds of TV programs and glossy magazines are just full of advice on how to manipulate men.

What do female manipulations usually lead to? And how to recognize them?

  1. Help me…

One of the favorite ways of a woman is to pretend to be weak and helpless and appeal to his masculinity, strength, physical superiority.

Most men are proud to be men, and throughout their lives they need confirmation of their strength and masculinity. Therefore, they readily turn their shoulder when a woman touchingly asks for help.

This help can be expressed both in specific cases, such as repairing a computer, a car, or preparing data for a report, and in a way of life.

A woman who plays on her helplessness manages to inspire her chosen one to constantly take care of herself, protect her. On the one hand, it gives a man the opportunity to feel strong, to assert himself even in his own eyes, on the other hand, in fact, leads a consumer lifestyle.

  1. Turn on blonde…

A naive creature that literally looks into a man's mouth, wins him over, evoking a sense of superiority in him. “Ah, dear, you are so smart!”, “I would never have guessed!”, “Well, wow, and how do you only know everything ?!”.

Often hiding behind the fact that she does not understand anything, a woman can get a man to do her job, etc.

This technique allows not only to use men, but also to avoid any responsibility for one's actions. An unhappy look, a confused look - “I didn’t think it was so serious”, “I didn’t understand what exactly had to be done” ... Well, what man would allow himself to reproach this charming creature, and even more so to demand something from him?

However, as practice shows, most of these women are well aware of what they are doing, and how it can turn out for others.

  1. And Serezha is better…

The desire of a man to be the most successful and the strongest allows a woman to manipulate him with the help of comparison. "Vitya bought a fur coat for his wife..", "Tamarka's husband went for a promotion, but you still can't...", "the neighbor will fix the tap and drive in a nail, but your hands grow from nowhere"...

Some men, Of course, they are led to this and make desperate attempts to be no worse than the example of a friend’s husband or their own childhood friend. Still, it is very important for a man to feel that he is the best for his chosen one. However, comparisons in favor of the other nurture an inferiority complex in a man and make him feel like a failure. And losers are rarely able to achieve anything.

  1. Drip-drip-drip from clear eyes…

Tears are one of the most powerful female weapons. They are known to be very poorly tolerated. And many women enjoy it. A crying woman looks defenseless, and a man, of course, wants to feel sorry for her, console her.

But when a woman resorts to this technique too often, an addiction effect occurs. Over time, the tears of the chosen one will not only stop touching, but will even begin to cause irritation. And then it will be possible to sob as much as you like - the man's heart will not tremble.

  1. You turned me down twice...

Despite the fact that experts of all stripes warn women about the inadmissibility of manipulating sex, there are no fewer lovers of such manipulations.

Dissatisfied with her husband's behavior, the wife refuses him bed comforts. And it can be both veiled - "my head hurts", and quite frankly - "did not deserve it." Of course, the man will try to break into a cake so that the missus will change her anger to mercy.

True, if this method is used too often, there is a great chance that a man will simply find a sexual outlet on the side, which will allow him not to depend on his wife's mood.

Smarter ladies use sex as a way of reward. They regularly fulfill their marital duty, but, as they say, without a twinkle. But if the husband has done something worthy of encouragement - from fixing the tap to buying a new fur coat, he will have stormy and passionate sex, which you can’t count on in normal times.

It must be said that the weaker sex successfully uses sexual manipulations not only in the family. It is easier for a sexy young lady to get help and support from men - even at work, even in the company of friends.

  1. Oh, I am poor, unhappy...

Pressure on the feeling of pity is another of the most favorite female techniques.

An unhappy look - "Oh, I'm a poor thing, I'm so tired at work, and I'm also preparing dinner for my husband ..." plus a gentle smile - "But I'm not complaining ..." - and the man begins to feel a sense of embarrassment and is ready to move mountains himself for the sake of his beloved.

Supporters of such manipulations are very fond of pretending to be sick. Some of them get so into the image that they actually begin to experience ailments - from headaches to weakness. Well, if such women really have some kind of health problems, then they will play this card to the fullest.

  1. Playing the victim…

Such women willingly put all the members of their household around their necks, accustom them to the consumer attitude themselves and at the same time keep a careful account of all their victims. Their main task is to cause an enduring feeling of guilt in loved ones.

Some representatives of the weaker sex reduce themselves to the state of a bedside rug. They forgive everything - from betrayal to a show of hands. Just to keep her husband around.

However, according to experts, such manipulations cause irritation and aggression in men.

It is from husbands-eternal victims that domestic tyrants most often turn out. Note: most women who are ready to endure humiliation and beatings from their husband revel in their role as a victim.

  1. I was offended…

Demonstration of resentment is also, in its purest form, an attempt to manipulate others. Many women use it to control their husbands. Anything can cause offense - the husband did not speak affectionately enough, came too late, spent too much money on himself, etc. Some throw a tantrum, others, on the contrary, pose as suffering angels - not a word of reproach, only tears in their eyes and dramatic silence: “You see how I suffer!”. The husband has to constantly make excuses and prove to his wife how much he loves her. For this, one will simply wash the floors in the kitchen, and the other will buy a new fur coat - depending on the requests of his wife and his capabilities.

...At the heart of most female manipulation is an attempt to make a man feel guilty. And the more conscientious and responsible a man is, the easier it is for a woman to achieve what she wants.

However, if a man is “led” to manipulations, this does not mean that he does not notice them. Many men, for example, knowing full well that their wife is manipulating them, prefer to simply turn a blind eye to it. But even if a man is silent, you should not conclude that everything suits him. Some in such cases go headlong to work, others to drunkenness, and others to the left. But in any case, dislike for his wife begins to accumulate in his soul. Sooner or later, she will destroy the relationship. And then no, even the most ingenious manipulations will not help to save the relationship.


For the most part, manipulators grow out of those who were manipulated in childhood, who perceive sincerity and trust as a threat, who are afraid of losing relationships and therefore seek to control their partner.

To be able to resist the manipulator, you need to learn to think critically, to take into account not words, but actions. And most importantly, you need to learn to firmly say “no” when you feel that you are being forced in one way or another to act contrary to your interests.

"New business"

Woman manipulator: how to recognize manipulation by a man

Do you often agree to do something that you previously did not agree to or give in to a woman just not to see her tears? Or maybe with her jealousy or reproaches, she makes you make excuses? This is a sign that you are being manipulated by a manipulative woman.

By manipulating a man, women know how to pretend. They are so good at their games that unfortunately some men don't realize they are being manipulated in a relationship all the time.

We at semyadeti.ru set out to find out how to recognize a manipulator woman and female manipulation? In order to know how to behave with her, we will consider what methods or types of manipulation a woman most often tries to manipulate and influence a man.

Why women manipulate men

Manipulation is a strong means of female influence on a man. Manipulating men at all times was considered the best opportunity for a woman to coexist and compete with them in the male world. Often for women, this was the only way to achieve some kind of hierarchical position in society.

Kings, businessmen, presidents and generals of armies suffered defeat and lost reputation. And all because, under the influence of female manipulations, they made wrong decisions that cost them honor, and many even their lives.

Therefore, knowing the power of manipulation, almost all representatives of the weaker sex manipulate men when the need arises. They try to use men's weaknesses, which they do not even notice. (Men are not inferior to women in manipulation. Therefore, we recommend reading about how manipulators behave in relationships).

Typical phrases of a manipulator woman

  • You are a man
  • You are a man, don't be a rag
  • A real man would never do that
  • You don't love me at all

Sounds familiar? How does a man act after such phrases, supported by tears, tantrums or whining? With a wave of his hand, he does a lot of what he did not agree to, just not to see more female tantrums and tears.

You can learn more about the manipulator woman's phrases from this video, which we recommend watching.

Consider the characteristics of female manipulation.

Woman Manipulator in Relationships: Signs

Women's manipulation takes many forms, but these signs will help you identify them in order to control your thoughts, feelings and actions. So, let's look at how to recognize a manipulator woman.

  1. Enthusiastic praise and tenderness flowing into some requests. She is tenderness itself, praises and calls the guy affectionate names, but this always ends with some requests.
  2. Postpones his promises to keep his partner on a short leash. By the way, this is one of the best methods or ways of female manipulation of men.
  3. Woman manipulator with words and deeds makes her partner constantly jealous. He thinks that he is inferior to an imaginary rival who is better than himself. In order not to lose the chosen one, the man is ready to fulfill any woman's whims.
  4. Uses looks to get her way with tight or revealing clothing, a curvy figure, pose and a promising flirtatious look.
  5. Reproaches addressed to you. The woman tearfully blames herself for being insensitive to her man and says she does not understand how this could happen. After that, the man tries to prove the opposite to her, that she is not insensitive, but everything suits him in her.
  6. Friendzone. The manipulator girl does not refuse the guy in a relationship, but also does not let him get close. Thus, maintaining in him the hope of a close relationship. Her behavior and flirting with men shows that if she does not meet a more profitable party, then he is a “fallback” for her.
  7. The feeling of scarcity is a powerful way to manipulate a man. The woman created in the man the confidence that he was dealing with the queen. She shows the man in every possible way how many admirers and admirers she has, but only he was lucky .
  8. Woman's separation manipulation. In public, she subtly ridicules him, belittles his merits, notices his shortcomings. Thus, forcing the guy to become a “rag” and endure such an attitude if he does not want her to break up with him.
  9. Unfinished phrases. They say to a man like: “I knew it, you thought you were not like everyone else.” After that, he puzzles over his head in bewilderment, not understanding what she has already thought of herself?

Signs of a manipulator woman in the family

  1. Half hints. Manipulating a man, the manipulator's wife does not ask directly, but refers to the fact that her friend has it. Or he says that any woman looks cool in this. After such half-hints, the husband usually forks out.
  2. Women's manipulation of silence. The wife does not react in any way to the words, deeds and deeds of her husband. With his silence and ignorance, he tries to make him feel guilty.
  3. Inferiority complex. The wife exposes herself in a bad light, for example, considering herself ugly, stupid. After that, the husband begins to feel sorry for her more, to make compliments.
  4. An appeal to a sense of duty. The husband is given to understand that he must always or is obliged to do something, to give to her, since she has become his wife.
  5. Plays on emotions. The wife deftly portrays coldness, resentment, and when the husband makes amends, she demonstrates passion. Non-verbal behavior plays a big role in this. She can eloquently shut up, turn away from her husband, or roll her eyes defiantly. Tears and reproaches are used that they do not like her.
  6. Refers to some authoritative opinion from someone else. An example is "just like your mom thinks." Any person can be inserted into these words, especially if it is authoritative for her interlocutor.
  7. Extraction of confessions or promises. For example, “Say that you love me; do you promise me"? Thus, a manipulator woman forces her husband to say exactly the words that she wants to hear. Subsequently, she will refer to them in conversations with him.
  8. A manipulator deftly inserts words of admiration for a man into a conversation: his abilities, intelligence, achievements, masculinity. After that, the man wants to further prove his superiority over others. And the woman can only direct this desire in a beneficial direction for her. (By the way, men love compliments, and not all women manipulate this, so we recommend that you learn how to compliment your beloved man correctly?)
  9. Manipulating a man through love blackmail. A manipulator woman plays on men's feelings and love, forcing her husband to endure her shortcomings and put up with her antics, if she loves. His patience is regarded as proof of love.

How to understand that a girl is manipulating you

Emotional manipulation can be so subtle and hidden that a woman manipulator can control her victim for quite a long time before a man understands what is happening. Look at yourself and try to understand if you are pulling the strings?

  1. Your joy from loving a girl has turned into a fear of losing her. Everything started out great, but now you're not sure what went wrong. Happiness and euphoria in relationships turned into anxiety, sadness and even despair.
  2. You are not sure what your relationship will be like tomorrow. Because of this, you are in a state of constant uncertainty and anxiety.
  3. It seems to you that your relationship is complicated, but you don't know how to explain it. When communicating with friends, you usually say: "It's hard to explain why this is happening."
  4. You feel like you just don't know how to make her happy. All your efforts do not bring long-term results. There was a feeling that you do not live up to the expectations of your partner.
  5. Do you constantly have to ask your lover if everything is all right or something is wrong in the relationship? There is an inner feeling that something is wrong, but you are not sure what it is.
  6. You do things that you don't like or contradict your values, all in order to save the relationship, and the manipulator woman was satisfied.
  7. You often have to defend yourself and apologize. A constant companion was the feeling that you were once again misunderstood. So you feel the need to explain yourself and protect yourself.
  8. You are restricted and even forbidden to express your displeasure, indignation or emotions. Therefore, you have to hide your feelings in order to avoid another scandal.
  9. You often feel guilty, so you constantly try to repair the damage that you allegedly caused to your chosen one. You blame yourself, not her, for pulling away from you.
  10. You have to carefully control your words, actions and emotions in order to maintain relationships. Your repressed feelings build up, causing you to sometimes explode like a volcano, although you have never acted like this before.

Types of female manipulation

The vast majority of women manipulate men completely unconsciously. Their manipulations are already embedded in a behavior pattern that women do not attach any particular importance to, considering it to be quite normal in a relationship. (We have put together some tips to help a woman behave properly with a man so that he is afraid of losing her).

But there are psychological manipulations that harm relationships, destroying them. In order not to repeat yourself, read on Wikipedia how manipulators control their victims. (This description applies to both women and men.)

And we will look at 5 common female manipulations in order to know how to fight back a manipulator woman.

Manipulation of tears, hysteria

This is the first and most popular female trick. During their lives, absolutely all men will face it, and someone will live in this all the time. The purpose of this manipulative technique is to make a man feel pity and guilt. A woman learns the effectiveness of this technique since childhood, being a little girl. When she sought the desired sweetness or toys from dad with tears.

A professional manipulator woman knows that a man cannot endure her tears for long. At the DNA level, he has a need to protect and help her. Because he feels discomfort at the sight of a crying girl.

When a woman's requests or desires are ignored by a man, then she uses this trick to force her partner to make concessions to her. And after that, he will let him understand what is required of him in order to make amends for his guilt.

How to deal with a manipulator of a woman and her manipulation of tears

There is no need to indulge her if you are sure that your decision is right and you are not guilty of anything. Remember: most of the tears of a manipulative woman are not real. This is "crocodile tears" for manipulating the male will.

In order not to endure the sight of women crying or tantrums, go and take a walk for a while. So each of you can calm down. You can say, for example, the following: "If you so want to cry, making me the culprit of your tears, then cry, and I'll go for a walk in the fresh air."

This will show that you have seen through her trick. And whenever that happens, you do the same. Over time, your chosen one will understand that this manipulation is no longer effective, so it should be abandoned.

Manipulation with sex

This is one of the surest means that a manipulator woman uses in relationships. One can lose count of the number of great people who lost everything they had just because of this trick.

Surely many have met men who spent 95% of their salary for one day with a lady who skillfully and deftly manipulated them. They bought expensive things that cost more than their salary. And all this for the only reward - sex with her.

Some married women use this manipulation as an instrument of pressure on their husband. When she can reward her husband with sex for something, or vice versa, punish him with the lack of intimate relationships. Such husbands have to please their wives in every possible way, just to “deserve/earn” the right to intimacy, not to get it by right .

How does man manipulate sex?

As a rule, everything starts with small requests: to take someone somewhere, to buy some small change, to fulfill a small whim. Each time there are more and more requests. As soon as a man refuses something to his chosen one, she blocks his access to her body. But as soon as he admits his guilt, repents and begins to fulfill his whims, this access will again open before him.

Over time men develop a conditioned reflex : if you behave well, then you get a "super prize", but if you don't, that's your problem. Sounds familiar?

How to resist a manipulator of a woman and manipulation of sex

You need to resist through an open and direct conversation. Seriously explain to your companion that female manipulation of sex most often causes male infidelity. Therefore, she should think in advance about who can become the culprit in them and what this can lead to.

Secondly, when you notice that a woman is using sex as a leverage to force you to go against her will, refrain from intimacy yourself. Motivating this by the fact that do not buy love .

Before moving on to the next point, we want to say that in this case you need to be prepared for two scenarios:

  • She is aware of the stupidity of her act and will never again try to manipulate you with sex.
  • A woman can break off relations with you and leave.

Manipulation with jealousy or provocation of a man

One of the most common types of female manipulation is inciting jealousy.

Warning : Intentionally making a partner jealous is a risky strategy to gain attention. This can harm the relationship to the point where the man breaks up with you.

Manipulation played out according to different scenarios:

  • a story about an ex
  • a computer "accidentally" opened with an ambiguous e-mail
  • meeting another man in the hope that someone will notice and tell her partner
  • some women send themselves flowers and tell the man they have no idea about the one who sent them, or vice versa, declare that he gave a secret admirer.

The purpose of such manipulations is to generate male jealousy. This is a kind of "stimulating therapy" so that a man feels that he can lose his woman and does not behave with her so self-confidently. By making him believe in the presence of a rival, she thereby increases her own value in the eyes of a man.

Most often used when the girl feels that the relationship is beginning to fade, and the partner's interest in her is fading.

The second option is that the girl acts as a jealous woman. The goal is to nurture guilt and make excuses so that a man gets used to giving a full account of his pastime. Whoever makes excuses is guilty, therefore he is obliged to do what is required of him.

As a rule, at first a woman is simply interested in where her chosen one is, worries, worries about him. But over time, she tries tame a guy to report on his every step, if he does not want to see jealousy tantrums. He is obliged to inform her about where and with whom he is.

How to communicate with a manipulator woman and resist her jealousy

Consider three options:

  1. If you are absolutely sure that your woman has no one, and flowers and a letter accidentally left are just a provocation, then do the same. As they say, "a wedge is knocked out with a wedge."
  2. Calmly but firmly let your chosen one understand the principle of headship in the house , explaining that a man is not accountable to a woman, but vice versa. Therefore, you are not going to report for every step you take, and you will not be hanging on the phone for half an hour, talking about anything. A reasonable girl, after several times of such “therapy”, will stop spying on you and apologize for her behavior.
  3. If the variant is running and your chosen one continues baseless "surveillance", then tire her with your calls. For example, call every five minutes for any reason you think up. A few days of such “treatment” will discourage the girl from manipulating you in a relationship. (By the way, 8 tips on how to stop being jealous of your man will be useful reading for jealous women).

Shame and fear manipulation

“Have you decided to start your own business? Yes, you are a loser in life, it’s better to sit quietly at your job so that you don’t get fired. ” Or “he found something to be happy about, you see, the director praised him for his quality work. Now, if he made you the head of the department - then, yes.

With this manipulative technique, some women try to destroy a man's self-esteem and lower his self-esteem. Thus, in the bud, strangling any pride of a man for his achievements, developed qualities or successes. Gradually, the woman forms in him the image of a "klutz".

How not to fall for female manipulation and maintain self-esteem

  1. If your relationship is at the stage of cohabitation or courtship, then it is better for you to leave. It is unlikely that you will be able to teach her conflict-free communication. With her, it will be a thankless task.
  2. The advice for married men is this: don't tell your life partner about some of your plans or achievements. Try to keep such topics of conversation to a minimum until you achieve results.

Manipulation with women's reproaches

The essence of this manipulative technique is to ask an accusatory question instead of a polite request. For example, a woman does not say a request: “Dear, please go get some bread,” but asks a shamefully accusatory question: “That I couldn’t stop by and buy bread on the way home, do I really have to remind you of this all the time, you yourself can’t guess about it?"

As you understand, the woman in this case does not expect an answer to her accusing question. Her goal is to arouse feelings of guilt, and then responsibility for the alleged emotional suffering that she had to endure from the actions or inaction of her life partner.

A man, faced with such manipulation, will always feel unjustifiably ashamed. Manipulative reproaches also include the following phrases:

  • You never listen to me
  • You always do what you want

With the words “never and always” in the form of a reproach, a manipulator woman nullifies all the past merits of her man. (In this regard, we advise you to learn some practical tips on how to properly communicate with a man in order to maintain a relationship).

I wonder if there are any men who have not gone through a similar manipulation at least once in their lives?

How to resist female manipulations and reproaches

Try to calmly explain to your girlfriend that you do not perceive reproaches, but you are more willing to listen to polite requests. And if she needs something, then let her politely ask or remind about it. Especially if she does not want to turn you into a gendarme who will constantly reproach and blame her herself.

If a girl allows herself to talk to a guy in this tone, then without anger, but firmly tell her the following: “Who taught you to treat guys so rudely? If I were your teacher, I would definitely have to spank you!” The most interesting thing is that it actually works!

And remember: a person cannot be held responsible for the emotions or mood of another person.

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