Do i like my guy friend quiz

Would You and Your Best Guy Friend Make a Good Couple?


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Country music singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson said it best with her song, "Complicated," which runs through the tragedy of being in love with your best friend. Do you say something and risk ruining your friendship? Or do you say nothing and never know what could have been? If you're taking this quiz, you obviously have a lingering question. 

Even though you may feel like you are in love with your best guy friend, it doesn't necessarily mean the two of you will make a great couple, but luckily it also doesn't mean you'd make a bad one. On the one hand, your best guy friend can make you laugh and treats you with respect. On the other hand, your best guy friend knows all your hot buttons and how to push them. Plus, he knows everything - EVERYTHING! That's not always something you are comfortable with in a relationship. 

You may have a crush, but is that enough to know if you and your best guy friend would make a good couple? Maybe, but just to make sure, it's time to answer a few questions to determine if you should try and take that nervous plunge. Settle yourself in because when you're done with this quiz, you'll finally have some answers!

What is your hot button?

Needy people.

People who can't make decisions.

People who ask a constant string of questions.

People who don't plan.




Does your best guy friend know how to push your buttons?

Yes, and he does all the time.

Yes, but he doesn't push them.

He does and he pushes them all the time.

He may not, but he wouldn't push them if he did.



What is your best guy friends trait?

He has funny gross jokes.

He respects me.

He is interested in my life.

He pays for dinner.




If you and your guy friend date and break up, could you be friends again?

I doubt it.

For sure.

I like to think so.

Maybe, but it would be difficult.




Have you ever fallen asleep in each others arms?

No, gross.

Yes, we cuddle all the time.

Yes, and it's comfortable.

Once, and it was awkward.




Have you ever kissed your best guy friend?

No, I've never felt that way.

We did when we were tipsy and it was great.

Under the mistletoe.

Yes and well... we haven't done it again.




What is your favorite thing to do with your best guy friend?

Tell dirty jokes.

Go dancing.

We love going to the movies together.

Just hang out.




Do you think of your best guy friend when you've been apart for a long time?

Not really.

I miss him a lot.

Yes, many things I see remind me of him.

Sure, sometimes.




What trait of your best guy friend do you hate?

He's always talking about farting.

He never clips his toenails.

He wears the same clothes all the time.

He doesn't always treat servers well.




Do you really want to date your best guy friend?

I'm not sure.

Yes, I have a huge crush on him.

Possibly, I've been thinking about it.

Maybe, but I haven't given it a lot of thought.




Who is the first person you talk to in the morning?

Work when I call in late.

My best guy friend.

One of my pets.

It's random.




Who usually drives?

My best guy friend.

We usually just walk together.

The first to the vehicle.




How did you meet your best guy friend?

We bumped into each other in public.

Friends introduced us.

We met online.

We met in a bar.




How many days a week do the two of you hang out?

Once or twice.

We are always together.

At least four times a week.

Three times a week.




Are you dating anyone now?

I'm dating around, but no one seriously.

No, and I'm not interested.




Do you think your bet guy friend is interested in you?

I think he's interested in any woman.

Yes, I'm pretty sure he's crushin'.

I think so, but I don't know for sure.

I doubt it.




Do your other friends ever make comments about the two of you?

All the time. They just assume we're together.

Sometimes - jokingly.

Once in awhile, but it's not a big deal.




How do you feel when you see another woman hit on your best guy friend?

It doesn't bother me.

I want to pound her to the ground.

I get jealous.

I feel awkward, like a third wheel.




Do you think your guy friend is jealous when other guys hit on you?

I don't think he cares.

Yes, he's told me so.

I think he is, but he won't admit it.

He usually takes that time to hit on other women.




Do you call your best guy friend when you are sad?

No, he'll make it worse.

Yes, he always makes me feel better.


Sometimes, but not often.




How would you feel if your best guy friend moved away?

I'd move on.

I'd probably follow him.

I'd cry a lot.

I'd be sad but would get over it.




What kind of weather makes you think about your best guy friend?


When it's raining.

A bright sky.

I don't think weather, in general, makes me think of him.




What is the nicest thing your guy friend ever bought you?


An old book with an inscription.

A spa day.

Flowers when he forgot my birthday.




Why would your best guy friend make a good husband for you?

He doesn't take life seriously.

He wants to make me happy.

He's comforting.

He's a jokester.




What are you afraid of losing if you date your best friend?

Nothing really.


My best friend.

Someone to confide in.




Do your female friends like your best guy friend?

Not really.

They love him.

Most do and are jealous of our relationship.

I think they pretend to for my sake.




Do you like to push his hot buttons?

All the time.

No, that's mean.

Only jokingly.

Probably more than I should.




Have you and your guy friend ever talked about dating each other?


We joke about it, but it's not a joke.

On occasion.




Do you talk to your best guy friend about dates you went on?

Only if I want to see if he becomes jealous.

No, I try to stay away from that subject.

Sometimes, but I don't want to make it awkward.

All the time.




Do you fantasize about marrying your best guy friend?

I haven't.

All the time.

Yes, but I still think it's just playful thinking.

I have before, but not seriously.




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Best Friends Quiz: 100 Questions to Test Your Bestie in 2022

When I was in high school, 'How well do you know me?' or ' Best Friend Test ' was all the rage. People could test their friends to see who actually knew them best. Of course, this was at the time when ' knowledge of ' was your friend just memorizing his favorite color, birthday, and favorite member of One Direction

But hey, it's had a value of , and that still has a value of today.

More fun, friends quiz with AhaSlides

Want to test your friends how well they know you? Check out 100 questions below!

  • Fact questions
  • Favorites Questions
  • Image questions
  • Which questions do I prefer
  • Relationship questions
  • Have you ever… Questions
  • What would you do if… Questions
  • More ideas

Best Friends Quiz

Test your best friends for free! Take the interactive Best Friend Quiz from the AhaSlides template library 👇

Who knows me the best questions for friends!

get a free quiz

Best Friends Questions

If you're just looking for best friend quiz questions, we've got you covered. Check out 4 rounds of questions perfect for any best friend quiz. nine0009

Round 1: Best Friends Facts

  1. When is my birthday? 🎂
  2. How many brothers and sisters do I have? 👫
  3. What is my special talent? ✨
  4. What is my zodiac sign? ♓
  5. What do I mainly do in my spare time? 🏃‍♀️
  6. What do I dislike most about myself? 😔
  7. What is my daily routine? ⚽
  8. Who is my celebrity? ❤️
  9. What am I most afraid of?
  10. Who is my worst enemy? 😡

Round #2 - Best Friends Chosen

  1. What is my favorite place in the world? 🌎
  2. What is my favorite movie? 🎥
  3. Which Netflix series do I have? 📺
  4. What is my favorite food? 🍲
  5. What is my favorite genre of music? 🎼
  6. What is my favorite day of the week? 📅
  7. What is my favorite animal? 🐯
  8. What is my favorite topping for toast? 🍞
  9. What is my favorite piece of clothing? 👟
  10. What is my favorite possession? 📱
Questions to check friends! Jimmy Fallon goes old school with a quiz about his best friend.

Round 3 - Pictures of Best Friends

(These questions are best for pictures)

  1. Which of these am I allergic to? 🤧
  2. Which one is my first Facebook image? 🖼️
  3. Which of these pictures looks like me in the morning?
  4. What pet have I always wanted? 🐈
  5. Which of these do I need most in the future? 🔮
  6. What is my favorite breed of dog? 🐶
  7. What is my worst habit? 👃
  8. Which one is my favorite group photo? 👪
  9. What is a scene from my favorite movie? 🎞️
  10. Which of these jobs is my dream job? 🤩

Round 4 - What do I prefer?

  1. Tea or coffee? ☕
  2. Chocolate or ice cream?
  3. nine0023 Day or night? 🌙
  4. Go out or stay at home? 💃
  5. Summer or winter? ❄️
  6. Unsweetened or sweet? 🍩
  7. Pizza or hamburgers? 🍕
  8. Movies or music? 🎵
  9. Mountains or beach? ⛰️
  10. Early bird or owl? 🦉

These questions are in seconds. Sign up for AhaSlides for free to take the best friend quiz! 👇

More questions and answers for friends

Want to actually delve into your friendship? Here are a bunch more live Q&A questions that friends can ask each other.

You can even use the best friend quiz maker to turn them into quiz questions!

💑 Questions about relationships

The quality of relationships is determined by the people in them. Ask these questions to find out what your friends are really think about their relationship.

  1. When do you think it's time to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend? nine0024
  2. What do you think is the difference between "good" and "bad" relationships?
  3. Do you think it matters if I met a person face to face before I met him?
  4. How to understand that your relationship is going somewhere?
  5. What questions do you ask your partner?
  6. In your opinion, how can I tell if my boyfriend or girlfriend is emotionally healthy?
  7. What is the best way to know if I am interested in someone?
  8. How do you deal with breakups? nine0024
  9. How would you describe an ideal relationship?
  10. How many partners do you think it is normal to have before marriage?
  11. How do you know that you are in love?
  12. What is the first thing you do on a first date?
  13. When do you receive your first gift from your partner?
  14. How many romantic anniversaries do you celebrate a year?
  15. Where is the best place to take your partner on your first vacation together?
  16. Are you satisfied with the intimacy you share with your partner? nine0024
  17. How much do you enjoy spending time with your partner's family?
  18. How do you and your partner most often show love for each other?
  19. Have you or your partner changed anything for each other?
  20. What do you think is the best way to apologize to your partner?

🤔 Have you ever… Questions

We all need a little more fuel to play Never would I ever . These questions will help you learn about your friend's past experiences. nine0009

Have you ever…

  1. Lost your job?
  2. Was fired?
  3. Was in a car accident?
  4. Traveled to another country?
  5. Have you been to an amusement park?
  6. Have you been to a concert?
  7. Had a very bad dream?
  8. Was in a fistfight?
  9. Have you seen a UFO?
  10. Have you been to the Renaissance Fair?
  11. Quarreled with parents?
  12. Did you break something on purpose?
  13. nine0023 Wrote a love note?
  14. Was on the verge of death?
  15. Was your phone stolen?
  16. Did you ride a horse?
  17. Fell in love with a teacher?
  18. Have you seen a tornado?
  19. Tried to lose weight?
  20. Fight with a bear?

What would you do if... Questions

People behave differently in different scenarios, so who knows what your friend does when he orders pizza? Better ask these questions!

What would you do if…

  1. Did you win $50,000?
  2. You woke up as the President of the USA?
  3. Were you a child again?
  4. Every time you ordered a pizza, did someone yell "cheese" at you?
  5. Are you traveling to another country for the first time?
  6. Were you a character in a fairy tale?
  7. What would you do if there were no law enforcement agencies?
  8. You were in charge of the police department?
  9. nine0023 Was your friend kidnapped?
  10. Have you been asked to kill someone?
  11. Did you find the body?
  12. Did you know that everything in the world will end tomorrow?
  13. The government took half of your money?
  14. Were you a dog?
  15. Are you stranded on a desert island?
  16. Has the electricity been cut off in your house?
  17. Have you been transported to the Middle Ages?
  18. Did you find out that your best friend is dating your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend?
  19. Do you have a $100,000 scholarship to study at the worst university in the world? nine0024
  20. Were you a child in the 80s?

💡 Get more questions like this on the parade!

4 more ideas for best friend quiz

Best friend quiz game not always should be about scores and leader boards. There are so many ways to ask questions that really reveal what your friends think of you .

Try some of these ideas!

# 1 - Description in one word

Ever wondered how your friends would describe you in one word? And a living word cloud can do it!

Just ask your friends a question and then let them submit their one word answers. When they are ready, the most popular answer will be displayed at the largest scale in the center, and all others will become smaller the smaller they are submitted.

Fun questions to ask your friends! My friends seem to think I'm funny, kind and sweet (and also stupid 😲)

# 2 - Rate me!

We understand that you are a complex person, friends cannot be expected to sum you up in one word, of course?

Well, with scale slide , they don't have to! Zoom slides allow your friends to rate you on different criteria from 1 to 10.

Good questions to ask a friend! I need to improve my Fortnite skills 🤔

#3 - Our memories

Give your friends the opportunity to pour their hearts out over your memories together. nine0009

An open slide allows your friends to print whatever they want as an answer to your open question. In addition, they can write their name and choose an avatar so you know exactly who is writing what.

# 4 - Ask me anything!

We all love AMAs (Ask Me Anything) - they're great for finding out more about your favorite celebrities and also for letting your friends know a little more about you. Give them the opportunity to ask with live questions and answers. nine0009

Using their phones, your friends can send you questions from anywhere with an internet connection. You can answer them any way you like, pin them for later, mark them as answered, and if you have about 3,000 friends competing for the best friend spot, you can keep the thread of questions super-organized.

Ask the right questions

It's not always easy to know who your best friend is. The right questions can help, and we hope the 100 questions above will help you find yours! nine0009

If you're looking for an online best friend quiz maker, try AgaSlides. With this online tool, you can host free quizzes with up to 8 people and purchase more open plans at the best price in the market.

Image courtesy of the BBC

How well do you know me? Friendship test, questions

📖 Content:

  • 50 questions, how well do you know me?
  • 50 funny questions, how well do you know me? nine0024
  • How well do you know me? Questions for couples
  • How well do you know me? Questions for friends
  • How well do you know me? Questions for the family
  • How well do you know me? Questions for a guy

How well do you know me

The following two lists of 50 "how well do you know me" questions are the perfect conversation starters for any occasion. Whether you're chatting with classmates, friends, or family, these questions from completely different categories are suitable for any situation. The first list contains general questions, while the second is full of fun "how well do you know me" questions. nine0009

Best Friend Quiz

Want to test your friendship? Create your own quiz about yourself and see how well your friends know you:


Which House of the Dragon character are you?

Are you a fan of the House of the Dragon series? Then you need to find out which House of the Dragon character you are!

Start Quiz

Best Friend Quiz

50 questions How well do you know me?

  1. Who has had the biggest impact on my life? nine0024
  2. What is my favorite drink?
  3. What 3 things would I like to have on a deserted island?
  4. How many children do I want?
  5. What is my favorite movie?
  6. Did I have a favorite restaurant as a child?
  7. What is the longest book I have ever read?
  8. How much is my most expensive piece of clothing?
  9. Have I ever been to a summer camp?
  10. Who do I talk to most often on the phone?
  11. What was the best day of my life? nine0024
  12. Do I like to get up early or stay up late?
  13. What does my morning routine look like?
  14. When did I learn to ride a bike?
  15. Would I ever adopt a child?
  16. What was the last concert I went to?
  17. What languages ​​do I speak?
  18. What should I be thankful for?
  19. What is my favorite series?
  20. When did I start swimming?
  21. Have I ever tried drugs?
  22. What do I love most about myself?
  23. What did I like to do as a child?
  24. Am I for Android or iPhone?
  25. Do I have an addiction?
  26. What is my favorite TV genre?
  27. What do I really hate?
  28. Did I have pets when I was growing up?
  29. What is my favorite food?
  30. What was my worst breakup?
  31. Do I enjoy meeting new people?
  32. Do I have nieces or nephews? nine0024
  33. What is my deepest fear?
  34. What does my name mean?
  35. Would I like to be a famous musician or actor?
  36. What do my parents do for a living?
  37. What is my zodiac sign?
  38. What is my favorite book?
  39. Where do my parents live?
  40. What do I think about drugs?
  41. What do I think about equality?
  42. What would I name my first child?
  43. If I were to receive a Nobel Prize, what would it be for? nine0024
  44. What would my ideal day look like?
  45. What is my full name?
  46. Where am I from?
  47. Will I ever join the army?
  48. What is my favorite sweet?
  49. What color are my eyes?
  50. Where do I live?

50 funny questions, how well do you know me?

  1. What is my opinion about pineapple on pizza?
  2. Would I eat a chocolate bar or a bag of chips in one sitting?
  3. What is the most embarrassing moment in my life? nine0024
  4. Would I be: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
  5. What was the most illegal thing I have ever done?
  6. Which movie or TV character reminds me of me?
  7. Would I ever go on a blind date?
  8. Which Disney character am I?
  9. What always distracts me when I study?
  10. What is my favorite chewing gum flavor?
  11. How often do I use social networks?
  12. What am I doing that makes me look really stupid? nine0024
  13. What always makes me smile?
  14. How much money do I spend each week?
  15. What word do I use too often?
  16. If my life were a movie, which actor/actress would play me?
  17. What is my least favorite genre of music?
  18. If I could have any thing, what would it be?
  19. Do I play any instruments?
  20. What do I hate?
  21. My dream travel destination?
  22. What superhero would I be? nine0024
  23. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
  24. What kind of animal would I be?
  25. What kind of food can I eat every day?
  26. What is my favorite computer game?
  27. Did I have an imaginary friend as a child?
  28. Which alcoholic drink best describes my personality and why?
  29. When and how did I find out that Santa Claus is not real?
  30. What will be my complete opposite?
  31. What era would I like to live in if I could? nine0024
  32. What is my opinion about hairy legs?
  33. What was the dumbest situation I almost died in?
  34. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  35. How long will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
  36. When was the last time I peed/peed in my pants?
  37. What is my favorite board game?
  38. If I could live in a fictional universe, where would it be?
  39. What song would I choose if I had to sing in karaoke?
  40. Do I prefer swimming or running? nine0024
  41. Have I ever been in love with an animated character?
  42. Worst situation in which I laughed/laughed?
  43. Have I kissed anyone in the last five days?
  44. What do you think I was doing an hour ago?
  45. What strange habit did I have as a child?
  46. What do I love most?
  47. What fictional character would I like to marry / whom would I like to marry?
  48. Would I date a stupid or ugly person? nine0024
  49. What is my most annoying habit?
  50. What childish item do I still like?

How well do you know me? Questions for couples

Are you worried that your girlfriend doesn't listen to you? Or do you think that your boyfriend always forgets everything you said to him five minutes after the conversation? Or maybe you just think that you put a lot more effort and energy into getting to know your soul mate as opposed to him/her? Well, then these questions are perfect for you. Grab your partner and find out how well he or she knows you! nine0009

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for couples

  1. What was I like when we first met?
  2. Where would I like to spend my honeymoon?
  3. Are my parents still together?
  4. What always makes me smile?
  5. What was my least favorite subject in school?
  6. How do you know that I had a bad day?
  7. Name of my school where I went to primary school?
  8. What movie always makes me cry? nine0024
  9. What is my favorite place on earth?
  10. What is my mother's maiden name?
  11. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  12. What is my father's name?
  13. What turns me on?
  14. What would make me jealous?
  15. Where did we first kiss in public?
  16. How many brothers and sisters does each of my parents have?
  17. What job would I never do?
  18. What is your opinion on how I deal with difficult situations? nine0024
  19. Do I have brothers and sisters?
  20. Do you think I initially fell in love with your thoughts or your body?
  21. Have I ever lived with a significant other before?
  22. What is your favorite subject at school?
  23. Did/did I play sports when I was growing up?
  24. My opinion about open relationships?
  25. Would I like my parents to live with me when they get old?
  26. My darkest secret?
  27. Who is too selective in food - you or me? nine0024
  28. What is my favorite scent?
  29. Is my family religious?
  30. What was the worst thing I did as a child?
  31. What is my most embarrassing sexual story?
  32. How much honesty do I need in a relationship?
  33. Am I more like mom or dad?
  34. Where do I want to live in the future?
  35. If I could erase one thing from my past, what would it be?
  36. What would my ideal day look like?
  37. What will my dream house look like? nine0024
  38. Do I believe that love can last a lifetime?
  39. Did I have a favorite teacher?
  40. What is my biggest nightmare?
  41. In which city did I grow up?
  42. What did we do on our first date?
  43. How often do I talk to my parents?
  44. Do I consider myself creative?
  45. What is my favorite word?
  46. If our life were a movie, what actors would play us?
  47. Who is my favorite family member?
  48. What is my mother's name? nine0024
  49. What always makes me angry?
  50. When did I start falling in love with you?

How well do you know me? Questions for Friends

Whether you're talking to an old friend or talking to a new acquaintance you've just met, we all like to think we know our loved ones well. The following questions are about personal dreams and hopes, childhood, family and loved ones. Grab your friends and take the opportunity to learn more about each other! nine0009

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50 questions how well do you know me? Questions for friends

  1. How many countries have I visited?
  2. Would I live in a big city or on a farm?
  3. What makes me nervous?
  4. Who was my passion five years ago?
  5. How old do I look?
  6. What was my first experience with alcohol?
  7. Do I like to dress up (eg in costumes)?
  8. What makes me feel most alive? nine0024
  9. Have you ever suspected that I was gay?
  10. What is my dream job?
  11. Do I have weaknesses?
  12. Which celebrity do I like now?
  13. What does love mean to me?
  14. How do I spend a typical Saturday evening?
  15. How did I lose my virginity?
  16. What is my favorite song?
  17. What is my favorite winter activity?
  18. Who is the man/woman of my dreams?
  19. What is my greatest talent? nine0024
  20. The story of my first kiss?
  21. How different was my life a year ago?
  22. What was the last movie that made me cry?
  23. Would I kiss on the first date?
  24. What do I like to do on a hot summer day?
  25. Have I ever lost someone close?
  26. What was the name of my first pet?
  27. Who do I hate?
  28. How old was I when I started dating?
  29. Have I ever cheated on someone? nine0024
  30. Would I rather spend the day with my parents or your parents?
  31. How long was my longest romantic relationship?
  32. Do I have brothers and sisters? What are their names?
  33. Have I ever had to repeat a year at school?
  34. What is my favorite piece of clothing?
  35. The worst date I ever had?
  36. What do I think about politics?
  37. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  38. Have I ever dyed my hair? nine0024
  39. What is the length of my longest romantic relationship?
  40. Am I for dogs or cats?
  41. Which celebrity would I like to meet?
  42. Who was my first true love?
  43. Would I like to be taller or shorter?
  44. Am I right handed or left handed?
  45. Who was my first crush?
  46. What is my best solution?
  47. Where would I like to go?
  48. What is my favorite music?
  49. How did my last relationship end?
  50. The scariest moment of my life?

How well do you know me? Questions for the family

Are you close to your family? Not sure about the answer? Time to find out! The following questions are perfect for your parents, siblings, or even grandparents. Use the list and find out how well you know your family members and vice versa.

👉 We offer you: 250+ questions to get to know someone

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for the family

  1. Where do I want to live in 10 years?
  2. Will I date someone who doesn't like music at all?
  3. Who is my favorite actress?
  4. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?
  5. What is the most beautiful picture I have ever painted?
  6. What can I talk about all day?
  7. What do I think about climate change?
  8. How did/did I deal with my feelings and emotions as a child? nine0024
  9. Will I date someone who doesn't have books in the house?
  10. If I had to move to another country, where would I go?
  11. What am I afraid of?
  12. Name three things I did today.
  13. Do I take home leftover food from restaurants?
  14. How old am I?
  15. Would I like to lose or gain five kilos?
  16. Who is my favorite author?
  17. Am I satisfied with my life?
  18. How did I meet my best friend/girlfriend? nine0024
  19. How much do I earn?
  20. What is my favorite restaurant?
  21. When do I usually brush my teeth?
  22. What is your oldest memory of me?
  23. What is my favorite color?
  24. Where do I want to live when you retire?
  25. How late did I go to bed last night?
  26. Do I prefer jeans or sweatpants?
  27. Who is my secret hero?
  28. What is my favorite weather?
  29. What was my favorite toy as a child? nine0024
  30. If I had to change my name, what name would I choose?
  31. What took me too long to figure it out?
  32. How could I save the world?
  33. What would I order at McDonald's?
  34. What is my favorite city?
  35. Do I believe in the signs of the zodiac?
  36. What do I like to do on weekends?
  37. What are my hidden talents?
  38. Have I ever had a fight?
  39. Have I ever received awards?
  40. What do I like - rain or snow?
  41. If I could work anywhere, where would it be?
  42. What is my favorite sport?
  43. How tall am I?
  44. Who is my best friend/best friend?
  45. What was my favorite TV show as a child?
  46. What is my favorite restaurant?
  47. What is my favorite season?
  48. Do I believe in aliens?
  49. Who is my favorite actor?
  50. Who was my first best friend?

How well do you know me? Questions for boyfriend

Do you think that you and your boyfriend know everything about each other? Even every little detail of your life? It's time to find out.

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