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Take This Relationship Test And We'll Reveal How Long You'll Stay Together

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Are you tangled in a romantic pairing with a person you truly love? Or is your significant other starting to seem less and less significant to you as the days go by? Well, since you've navigated to our little digital hallway, we assume that you're looking for some answers. The unfortunate news is that there isn't a quiz out there that can solve all your relationship issues for you - only time can do that. What we can do, however, is point you in the right direction.

There are plenty of indicators when it comes to determining the health of a relationship. Some of these are much clearer than others. For instance, if you have a peanut allergy and your boyfriend decides to chuck peanuts at your face while you're watching Netflix, you should maybe not see him anymore. Other situations are more nuanced, like when you're in love with a woman but would really like it if she stopped driving until she gets a prescription for glasses, because she has the eyesight of a bat and almost smashes pedestrians on her way to work.

For sure, the situation in your relationship is wholly unique, and uniquely tangled. A bit of a light tangle can be fun, but a huge knot of a relationship is a stifling thing. If you're wondering whether you and your SO will last, let's see if we can help you find the answer.

Question 1

Are you best friends?

In a truly successful relationship, your significant other also plays the role of "best friend". That's not to say that you don't have other super tight friends outside of the relationship, but if you're meant to be together forever, then your SO is simply on another level.

Question 2

Do you ask each other for help without hesitation?

In the same way that a true soulmate is also a best friends, there should be no hesitation between soulmates asking each other for help. After all, you're both partnered up in life to face all of its heavy challenges.

Question 3

Do you have fun together?

Simply put, spending time with the person you love should be fun. Of course, no relationship is exclusively fun all the way through it - there are obviously some challenges as time goes on. However, for the most part, you two should enjoy spending time together.

Question 4

Do you make each other breakfast?

The very best days start with a good, healthy breakfast. The very best days between two people in love start in the exact same way. If you two make each other breakfast most days, you have a better chance of living happily ever after together.

Question 5

When you have bad news, is your SO the first person you think of telling?

Everyone receives a spell of bad news once in a gloomy while. This is never an enjoyable thing, of course, but at least you have support systems in place to help you deal with it. Is your SO the first person you think of to share your bad news with?

Question 6

How much do you enjoy spending time together?

We spoke about having fun in your relationship earlier, but there's different degrees to enjoyment. Hanging out with your SO might be a satisfactory way to pass the time, or it might be one of your favorite things to do. Which is it?

Question 7

How often do you question the relationship?

Don't think that questioning the relationship necessarily spells its eventual end, because it doesn't. Being in a couple is actually a huge, underestimated deal, and it's normal for us to question serious things in our life. The question is, how often do you debate whether to stay in the relationship?

Question 8

How badly do you want your SO to change?

No one's perfect - everyone can benefit from a few slight (or major) improvements. This certainly applies to your significant other, as it does to you. However, if you find yourself spending a lot of effort on getting your SO to change, something might be off.

Question 9

Do you have each other's backs?

When life backs you into a corner, all you can hope for is a worthy partner to help you push through your obstacles. In any star-crossed bond, both lovers have each other's backs, for eternity and no matter what the case may be.

Question 10

Are they a motivating factor in your life?

The person you spend your life with should be an agent that motivates you to be better and get ahead - they shouldn't be an ankle-chain anchoring you to your same old, standard ways. Does your partner inspire you to be better?

Question 11

Is there mutual respect?

At the very least, a bond between true lovers should hold a deep, mutual respect. If not, you won't even be listening to the end of each other's sentences, let alone live happily ever after. Do you and your SO respect each other?

Question 12

Is the relationship easy?

A relationship between true lovers should not be like a gruelling full-time job that's hard to keep up. It should flow smoothly and be effortless - not all the time, of course, but in general. Does that describe your current relationship?

Question 13

Do you still think he/she is the most handsome/beautiful person in the room?

When you first met your current partner, you probably thought they were the best looking person in the world. You wouldn't settle for anything less, after all. Now that some time has passed since you've met, do you still feel the same way?

Question 14

Do you often find yourself convincing your SO to do something?

No one wants to be part of a relationship wherein they're always on their partner's back, trying to get them to do something important. Conversely, no one wants to be constantly bothered by their partner to get up off the couch when they're just chilling.

Question 15

How often do you finish each other's sentences?

We believe that, within all communication between people, there's some subtle level of telepathy going on. What is language, after all, but telepathic exchanges made through small mouth noises? In a relationship between true lovers, the telepathy is so high that they often finish each other's thoughts.

Question 16

Does your SO help you become more successful?

In a good relationship, your significant other wants only the best for you, and helps you become the most successful version of yourself whenever they possibly can. In a bad relationship, they don't really seem to care. Which are you in?

Question 17

Are you honest with each other?

Communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and honesty is the cornerstone of all good communication. If you're constantly lying to each other, what are you even doing together. Why are you even lying in the first place? Come on, now.

Question 18

Do you have open lines of communication?

Back to communication, that stone on the corner of your relationship. If you're planning to spend the rest of your life with your SO, you need to get as many thoughts out of your head and out in the open as possible, as should they.

Question 19

Do you have shared ambitions?

We're not saying that every couple truly meant to last should be comprised of two people who share the same goals. However, if that is the case, then you'll only be helping each other to reach those goals. Unless you're being overly competitive, which is a no-no. Be healthily competitive.

Question 20

Do you have shared values?

If you and your significant other don't share some core values, you'll be constantly budding heads over every little issue throughout your relationship. After some time spent doing that, you'll have a huge headache. In the end, it's best to choose someone whose values look like they coincide with yours.

Question 21

How bothered are you by his/her flaws?

Everyone has flaws, because everyone is an imperfect ape. Our imperfections go a long way in forming our identities, though they can also deeply tick off our significant others. Think about your partner's flaws, then tell us how bothered you are by them.

Question 22

When you or your SO make a mistake, is there judgement?

Just as everyone has flaws, people also tend to make mistakes every now and then - or, super often. That's inevitable; what you do have control over, however, is how much judgement you lay on your partner when they mess up.

Question 23

How often do you praise each other?

We're not saying that you and your SO should have portable altars by each other's feet that you bow down and worship on every few minutes. That would be weird. Instead, we're saying that you and your partner should express how well the other is doing, at least once in a while.

Question 24

How well do you work as a team?

When you're in a relationship, make no mistake - you're in a team. Essentially, it's you and your partner versus the world. In that context, consider how well you two work as a team. Is there open, productive cooperation, or do you often bud heads and accomplish little?

Question 25

If you ever argue, are those arguments about proving a point, or proving each other wrong?

Some couples never argue, ever, and those are mutants that we won't offer much thought to. In normal cases, couples argue every now and then. Arguing is usually healthy, since it's our way of expressing pent-up negative emotion so we can get over it. Arguing becomes unhealthy when your only goal is being the winner.

Question 26

How well do you get along with your SO's parents?

If you two plan to stay together forever, and to eventually get married, then your SO's parents will eventually be your in-laws. Yeesh! Well, that won't be so bad if you can hang out with them as friends, at least to some extent.

Question 27

How well does your SO get along with your parents?

Of course, the flip-side of that question is how well your SO gets along with your folks. You love your parents unconditionally, but your partner isn't meeting them with that same mindset. The best that you can hope for is that they simply get along well.

Question 28

Do you feel lucky to be in this relationship?

At a foundational level, we're super, duper lucky to be alive. On a more surface level, we're also lucky when we find a person who we love and can spend some aimless time with. Do you feel that way when thinking about your SO?

Question 29

How often do you do the deed?

Alright, alright! We'll talk about hanky panky now. We know that you and your partner like to close yourself in the bedroom and put the fedora on the door handle every now and then. If it's not too intrusive, tell us how often you do that.

Question 30

How's that deed going for you?

Speaking of being intrusive, how's the hanky panky going for you these days? Are you usually satisfied after you've done the deed with your SO? Or, do you find yourself wanting more. This is an important aspect of a relationship, believe it or not.

Question 31

How's that deed going for your SO?

Since we're being ultra intrusive, let's keep going. After you two perform a mating ritual, do you think your SO feels good about the whole thing? Do they feel phenomenal about it? Or were they bored? Hopefully it's not the latter.

Question 32

Would you travel 6 months or longer alone with your SO?

They say that the real test of a relationship comes when the pair take a long trip together. In this instance, let's imagine that you took a trip across Europe with just your SO. You'd be spending almost every second of the day together for six whole months. Does that sound like fun?

Question 33

Is it easy for you to fall asleep together?

If you'll be spending the rest of your lives together, we presume that also means you'll be falling asleep together most nights. Since sleep is an important thing, it should be easy to fall into. Do you fall into a comfy cloud of sleep when your SO is there with you?

Question 34

How much do you love waking up together?

As important as sleep is, waking up is arguably even more important. You do it all the time, thank the gods. When you wake up happy, you set the stage for a good, happy, productive day. How do you feel waking up next to your SO?

Question 35

Do you feel like a star-crossed lover right now?

Remember, we are nothing but eternally humble quiz masters - or quiz gods, you might say. Outside of this quiz, you become the god. At the end of the day, only you know whether your relationship will last. If you feel like a star-crossed lover right now, that's what you are.

Am I in Love or Lust? I Psych Central

Relationship Quiz: Am I in Love or Lust? I Psych Central
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Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Psych Central Staff — Updated on May 23, 2022

Entering a new relationship can be exciting and bring up a bunch of positive emotions. If you’ve recently started dating someone, you may ask yourself: Is it love or just lust?

Lust is mainly sexual or physical, with no desire to bond with the person on a deeper level. Love, in contrast, involves feelings of intimacy, vulnerability, and putting in the effort to build a stronger connection.

Certain signs may help you figure out whether you’re feeling love or lust toward your new partner. This relationship test can help.

This brief questionnaire is designed for anyone who might be wondering whether they’re feeling lust or love for the person they’re now dating.

This love or lust quiz is meant to help you answer questions like:

  • Am I falling in love?
  • How do I know if I’m in love?
  • Is it lust?

This “am I in love quiz” is not meant to tell you if you should stay in your relationship long term or not. But you can use this lust or love quiz to find out how you might be feeling right now toward the person you’re dating.

Depending on your responses to this love test, you can also understand whether you’re in love with your partner or experiencing lust.

Keep in mind that every person approaches dating, love, and their unique love language differently. So be sure to trust your gut and deeply assess your emotions before deciding if you’re willing to commit to this person.

If you always ask yourself this question or you typically experience conflicting emotions in relationships, speaking with a therapist can help you navigate dating in healthier ways.


Answer the questions below honestly about the person you have feelings for, and we’ll score the quiz and let you know the likelihood of love.

This online screening is not a diagnostic tool. Only a trained medical professional, like a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you.

Ready to start therapy? Our Find a Therapist resource may help.

Last medically reviewed on May 23, 2022


Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Psych Central Staff — Updated on May 23, 2022

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Are you destined to be together? - Tricky - tests for girls

Are you fate or a mistake? You will learn a lot about each other. Answer the questions one by one, but most importantly - sincerely.

Question 1.

Question for you: who are you to each other?

We are in a relationship: a guy and a girl.

We just met!

We are friends: friend and girlfriend.

Question 2.

Question for him: what do you think you will do if you get jealous of your girlfriend? nine0003

I'll flirt with her best friend, even if she's jealous!

Pf! I will forbid her to communicate with this guy!

This cannot be. I am absolutely not jealous.

Most likely I won't tell my other half about it, I'll try not to think about it, because I trust my partner.

I will honestly talk to the girl about this and find out what kind of relationship they have.

I will silently harbor resentment and anger.

Question 3.

Question for her: what do you think you will do if you get jealous of your boyfriend? nine0003

I'll make a scandal, a tantrum.

I will stop being jealous after he admits that I am the best for him and that he does not need anyone else.

Most likely I won't say anything and I'll be sad.

I'll try to flirt with his friend, let him stay in my place!

I'll try to hint that I don't like it.

Pf! I won't let him see her!

Question 4.

Question for him: what features of her do you like best?

Kindness, friendliness.

Artistry, charisma.

Sincerity, courage.

Humor, positive.

Beauty, popularity.

Cleverness, cunning.

Good manners, cuteness.

Question 5.

Question for her: describe it!

He is my daddy!

He is smart and well-read.

He has a great sense of humor!

He is a soft boy and comfortable with him.

He's a bad guy!

He is enigmatic and mysterious. nine0003

He's a bit silly, but handsome!!

Question 6.

Question for you: what do your friends say about you?

They say that we complement each other.

They don't say anything.

My friends can't stand my soul mate.

They say we look great together!

They say that we are cute.

Question 7.

Question for you: do you often talk heart to heart?

We haven't talked about serious topics yet, everything is ahead! nine0003

Heart to heart? Pf, no, we don’t need this, why bother and discuss something?

We often discuss some issues.

Question 8.

Question for her: how do you feel about his hobbies?

He doesn't tell me what he likes.

His only interest is football. And I hate him!

Let him be interested in my hobbies!

I try to be interested in his hobbies.

I don't care about his interests. nine0003

Question 9.

Question of the day: how do you feel about her interests?

She has no hobbies!

To be honest, I don't really like her hobbies and I'm not interested in them.

I don't really know what she's into.

I try to be interested in what she likes.

We have very different interests.

I have her a little silly, I do not share her interests, because I think that she suffers from bullshit.

Question 10.

A question for you: what will you do if you have a fight?

Life is unpredictable..?

Let's talk calmly.

Let's ignore each other.

I don't know, but we'll try to make peace anyway.

Let's part right away.

Question 11.

Question for her: when did you realize that you had a crush?

It's love at first sight.

I missed the moment when I realized this.

When I dreamed about him.

Yes, I don't like him! nine0003

Your own answer.

When he smiled at me.

Question 12.

Question of the day:

When I dreamed about her.

I don't remember

When she smiled at me.

I don't like her!!

Your own answer.

Love at first sight.

Question 13.

Do you agree with the statement: "The man always has the last word!"

Both agree

One disagrees

Both disagree

Question 14.

Do you agree with the statement: "in every couple, one loves and the other allows to love"

Both agree

One disagrees

Both disagree

Question 15.

Do you agree

Both disagree

One disagree

Both agree

Question 16.

What is the most important thing in a relationship?




Common interests




Question 17.

How often do you lie to each other?

Don't remember

Sometimes, rarely



Question 18.

Do you have a lot in common, or are you completely different?

A lot in common

We complement each other

Question 19.

Question for her: do you often think about him? nine0003

Not a little, but not a lot.

No, I don't have time for that

Not very often.

I think about him all day.

Question 20.

Question for him: do you often think about her?


All day!

Quite often.

Not a little, but not a lot.

Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign Would You Like To Be With?

in Tests for girls

published nine0279 Test Lover

Do you want to get advice and find out which zodiac sign is best for you to date? This test will give it to you. The stars know the answer!

Find out more and share your result with your friends!

    • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

    • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

    • nine0002 Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

    • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

    • Stubbornness

    • Arrogance

    • Vengeance

    • Touchiness

    • nine0287


    • Aggressiveness and selfishness

    • Irresponsibility and carelessness

    • Suspiciousness and excessive drama

    • Pessimism and a bit of whining

    • Snobbery and arrogance

    • nine0002 Indecisiveness and coldness

    • Modest

    • Responsible

    • Loving

    • Witty

    • Devotee

    • Generous

    • nine0287


    • Creative

    • Strong

    • Complex

    • Good

    • Patient

    • Chocolate

    • Floral

    • Vanilla

    • Cinnamon

    • Harry Potter has never let me down

    • "Silent Hill" or any horror movie in principle

    • "Love Actually", I'm a fan of romantic comedies

    • nine0287

      In any incomprehensible situation, I review Friends

    • The Hunger Games, dystopias rule!

    • "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" I love action

    • Prince Eric ("The Little Mermaid")

    • Prince Adam ("Beauty and the Beast")

    • Prince Charming ("Cinderella")

    • Aladdin ("Aladdin")

    • John Smith (Pocahontas)

    • Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

    • Tarzan ("Tarzan")

    • Hercules ("Hercules")

    • Li Shang ("Mulan")

    • Flynn Rider ("Rapunzel")

    • Kristoff (Frozen)

    • Prince ("Snow White")

Did you like it?

111 Points

Yes No

for girlszodiac signrelationshiptest

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