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I picked this up because I've always enjoyed dialogue in RPGs. However, I can't really be sure that I'm making effective use of it. Most times, the conversation will plod along until I can activate pheromones, and the person I'm talking to gives in. But I'm a bit baffled as to the more subtle aspects of it.

Alpha, Beta, Omega types - these light up when the other person is speaking, but what specifically is it trying to tell me? Do they correspond to the 'best' response choice? Do they imply something else?

For some characters (like Sarif) I get a little info box describing his personality, and when I'm talking various animations pop on screen, like a heart, lungs, what I imagine is epidermis - but there's little indication as to what these mean. For others, I only get the Alpha, Beta, Omega boxes (like O'Malley).

In short, I feel like I'm getting results because I can just use the pheromones to get what I want, but I want to understand why.

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The heart/lung/skin temperature monitors are just frill, as far as I can tell - the same animation plays every time they show up.

However, the box at the upper right corner gives extremely useful information as to the target's personality type that will help you decide how to approach the topic, and the persuasion bar in the upper left will show you how effective your tack has been so far.

As for the alpha/beta/omega types, the various personality types react differently to certain kinds of pheromone influence. If you decide to use them, you need to make your choice of which pheromone to use based on which personality type the subject has demonstrated most strongly during the conversation.


The short answer:

Watch the squares. Go with the most squares. Alpha is left, Beta is middle and Omega is the rightmost choice. Many characters flash one alpha square but show the other types longer and stronger, earlier in the conversation.

The long answer:

It seems to be derived from dog training. If I ever do a second playtrough I'll check the game against this theory - I'll try to win the conversations without the CASIE mod. (And help poor Malik this time. ;) ). I agree with Shadur's answer. Except that it also helps to read the psychological fact sheets. It contains hints like: "Can be destabilized by emotional arguments."

According to this theory Alphas are natural charismatic leaders, with natural authority. Like Hugh Darrow and David Sarif. And I guess this politician too. They should be susceptible to real power and strong arguments.

Betas are noisy wannabe leaders. Like the terrorist guy in the first mission. You can bark them into place.

Omegas are the real underdogs. Lowest ranking, lacking in confidence. So according to the theory you can boost their confidence - in the right direction, that is. I'm guessing most scienctists are omega.

It's a funny choice of theory for human interaction. DISC, or MBTI would have been more appropriate.


Shadur's answer has the gist but I will add more details.

Basically it allows you to pick the dialogue choices that are most likely to convince the person you are speaking to. In short it comes with the pheromones and you can match those to the right person whatever the first high rating is the subject will be. For example, a guy who scores two alphas then two beta will be an alpha, but if they score three omega then they are omega.

Alphas are best spoken to either by Redirecting or appeasing they are actually the easiest to beat in social battles because the appease option will most always work though be careful not to use the other as you will end up losing out quickly.

Betas are harder because they often mix with either Alpha or omega and only listen to rational arguments Luckily there's a grand total of 5 betas in the game. Betas respond to the charm tactic and facts.

Omegas are easy to negotiate with like alphas but be careful as two omegas in the game can mess up later levels badly and others will cause a drop in potential rewards, they respond to the pressure tactic (aka hard speech tough love etc).

Two characters have all three classes: Malik And Zelazny. They cannot be negotiated with at all but you can get extra dialogue from them.

There are tips on one side about the social boss battles that make them easier (Sarif is very easy thanks to this) besides that there are small line next to the dialogue options that help there too they look somewhat like this: ///// ones with longer dashes are better options.

One pro tip: don't guess the type by appearance or character in the game, some are not clear cut and others are strongly one way when you would think they are the other just look at the boxes others can be a royal pain in the ass even with the mod (Taggart and Tong in particular) generally as a hard and fast rule though:

  • Appease/ redirect an Alpha
  • Charm/ Compliment a Beta
  • Pressure/ persist an omega.

Always choose the Dialogue with the most ///////////// on it and you will do fine.

Deus Ex Personality Types - Personality List

Deus Ex Personality Types - Personality List

What is the personality type of Deus Ex? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Deus Ex from Deus Ex and what is the personality traits.

Deus Ex ([ˈde.ʊs ɛks] ( listen)) is a series of action role-playing first-person shooter stealth video games. The series was developed by Ion Storm for the first two games and Eidos Montréal for later entries in the series. The series, set during the 21st century, focuses on the conflict between secretive factions who wish to control the world by proxy, and the effects of transhumanistic attitudes and technologies in a dystopian future setting.The series currently consists of six games: Deus Ex (2000), Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011), Deus Ex: The Fall (2013), Deus Ex Go (2016) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016).

JC Denton


Adam Jensen


David Sarif


Francis Pritchard


Paul Denton


Faridah Malik


Bob Page


Megan Reed


Hugh Darrow


Walton Simons


Morpheus (AI)


Gunther Hermann


Eliza Cassan


Ezekiel "Zeke" Sanders


Václav Koller


Zhao Yun Ru


Anna Navarre


Alex Vega


Viktor Marchenko


Yelena Fedorova


Talos Rucker


Delara Auzenne


William "Bill" Taggart


Tracer Tong


Jaron Namir


Lucius DeBeers


Daedalus (AI)


Morgan Everett




Hector Guerrero


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Mankind Divided - Gamedev on DTF

Alternate paths and attentiveness rewards.


The game world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided cannot boast of size. Virtual Prague is compact, but full of small details, secret passages and alternative routes. Level designer at Crytek Mikhail Kadikov analyzed the world of Mankind Divided and talked about how the game rewards inquisitive players for their attentiveness. DTF publishes analysis with the permission of the author. nine0003

Spent a few weeks immersing myself in the world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and it was very cool. Despite the small set of locations, the game takes on a phenomenal density of content that can be explored for hours.

At the same time, the developers do not limit the player to any one correct way to solve problems, providing him with a wide range of game mechanics and alternative ways. On my first visit to Prague alone, I spent about ten hours trying to get into every available room in search of something interesting. How did the developers manage to make the process of exploring the game world so exciting? nine0003

Game world

The latest reincarnations of Deus Ex are very lucky with their unique art style. Triangles in a black and gold palette can be found not only in the design of the interface and clothing of the characters, but also in every element of the environment (architecture, interior design, street furniture, and so on).

Most locations impress with original design installations. The last time I saw the same stylish and atmospheric interiors was only in Mirrors Edge and Remember Me. nine0003

Relatively small game world made it possible to multiply the quality of detail work. For example, the detailing of trays with chips on the market is no worse than in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The imitation of life outside the game world is done quite well - planes periodically ply in the sky, high-speed trains rush along the railway tracks, and boats can be seen sailing by on the river.

At first glance, the simulation of the social activity of the characters is in order - the citizens are dumb on their smartphones and take pictures of everything around, the police are checking documents, augmented homeless people beg and so on. nine0003

But if you take a closer look, you suddenly find out that the reaction of the characters to the behavior of the protagonist leaves much to be desired. The player can steal in front of the store owner with impunity, poking passers-by in the face with a gun, or throwing objects at them.

Throughout the game, the main character visits Prague three times, and each time the atmosphere prevailing in the city is transformed not only visually (time of day, weather), but also gameplay.

For example, during the second visit to Prague, the previously closed red light district is opened for the player to explore. And in the final Prague episode, a curfew is declared in the city, during which the police shoot all violators without warning. nine0003

The mythology of the game world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is reflected in great detail in the game environment.

Traces of segregation of augmented people are found on every corner in the form of numerous signs (the segregation in Colombia from Bioshock Infinite immediately comes to mind). Another telling detail is an abandoned augmentation implantation clinic standing in the middle of the city.

In the apartment of a fanatic of the God-Machine church, you can find a drawing of a structure that the player will meet in one of the secondary quests. nine0003

Note to the narrative designer - using the details of the environment, you can introduce the player to a particular character in absentia.

For example, the leader of the coalition for the rights of the argumented Talos Rooker can be seen on posters and TV screens long before a personal meeting. A similar technique was used in Half-Life 2, where we constantly see Dr. Breen on TV.

The developers very effectively complement the image of the characters in the game, decorating the habitats with objects that characterize their personality from one side or another. The realization that almost every inhabitant of Prague has their own skeletons in their closet motivates the player to explore their dwellings. nine0003

Not without classic mini-stories through the environment. For example, in one of the apartments you can find a pool of blood, and in another - a bathtub filled with acid. The conclusion about where the body disappeared suggests itself.

One of the secondary quests turns the main character into a real detective who must carefully study the crime scene, collect evidence and draw conclusions about the identity of the maniac killer.

The reaction of the environment to the actions of the player

The developers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worked out in great detail the reaction of the environment to the player's actions. In today's video games, few people do this.

For example, if you liquidate any of the owners of shops or drinking establishments in Prague, then, returning later, you can see that the entrance to the building is sealed by the police. After some time, the police cordon will be removed and the room will be locked with a combination lock.

In the event that the player arranges a shootout in the bank, then during the next visit, security measures will be tightened - where there was a camera, there will be a turret and so on. nine0003

The same applies to bank employees - if you shoot an IT specialist in a blue T-shirt in his office, then during the next visit to the bank, you can find a desktop with packed personal belongings of the deceased. But the injured concierge behind the reception desk will simply be replaced by another character.

Track variability

Level design in immersive sim games is always based on the principle of a variety of paths, each of which is represented by a certain type of obstacle. Thus, the player always has the opportunity to get to any part of the level - the only question is what tools he will choose for this. nine0003

The variability of paths allows you to create many interconnected spaces that are extremely interesting to explore. A similar principle of building the game world was used in Fallout 4.

Creative problem solving

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a wide range of abilities (augmentations) that allow you to overcome a variety of obstacles: crack combination locks and vehicles, break through walls with your bare hands, jump high, breathe poisonous gases, and so on. For those who like to explore every corner without pumping arguments, there is always an alternative way. nine0003

For example, gassed rooms can be ventilated by turning a special valve. The bare wires that spit current can be de-energized if you find and turn off a running generator. And passwords for many combination locks can always be found in electronic notebooks scattered everywhere.

In order to get the players to turn on the brain, the designers give them puzzles for which there is no single right solution. The out-of-the-box use of tools to solve an "unsolvable" problem makes players feel smart. nine0003

Hidden paths

The developers actively encourage the player to move vertically. Attentive roof explorers and fans of looking at the ceiling can easily find many ventilation shafts.

The entrances to ventilation shafts are often hidden behind heavy objects (refrigerators, garbage containers, boxes, etc.).


Hacking computer terminals and combination locks (doors, safes, gun lockers) can be done in three ways. The first is to explore the environment and find an electronic notebook with a password. The second is to take a chance and pick the lock in a mini-game with a decreasing timer. The third is to find, assemble from spare parts or buy a disposable electronic master key, which will allow you to crack a lock of any complexity. nine0003

The remote hack game mechanic can disable electronics (surveillance cameras, turrets, flying drones, and security bots), disable traps (laser sensors, frag and gas mines), and manipulate folding ladders and shutters.


All doors and ventilation shafts are necessarily equipped with small windows that allow the player to quietly look into the room to find out if there is any unpleasant surprise waiting for him there. nine0003

Indoors, high ceiling spaces (canopies) are used to create alternative acrobatic paths and vantage points (as in Dishonored).

In most office spaces, you can "shutter" the windows and thereby protect yourself from outside observers.

Search for caches

Level designers don't hesitate to hide items in the most unexpected places. To get them, the player not only needs to be attentive, but also interact with various objects (sit down and look under the table, open the locker door, raise a bucket, and so on). nine0003

Interaction with the most common objects of the environment can open a secret door leading to the cache. The mention of caches can usually be found in text notes.

Examples: hit a punching bag to unlock a door; press the button under the table to open the computer cabinet; interacting with the wall clock unlocks the combination lock


The streets of Prague are very easy to navigate due to the fact that almost every building available for research is equipped with some kind of expressive and memorable sign. nine0003

Crossroads, squares and subway entrances always have some kind of landmark (statues, installations and art objects).

At night, new landmarks appear in the city in the form of luminous screens the size of a building facade.

Due to the fact that the main character can jump very high, the boundaries of the level are marked with barbed wire and fences four times the height of a man.

Visual language

Weak sections of walls that the main character can destroy are marked with a special crack. nine0003

All interactive containers (furniture, boxes) have two readable states - closed (with items) and open (empty). Thanks to this, the player, even at a distance, can quickly determine whether the container contains any items or not.

To sum up - what exactly makes the exploration process in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so interesting?

Firstly, the presence of an interesting, stylish and atmospheric world with its own mythology, which is reflected in detail in the game environment. Secondly, the interconnected structure of locations with many alternative hidden paths. Thirdly, the obligatory reward of players for curiosity with plot information and useful items. Fourthly, this is a high density of game content in relation to the size of locations - even a small game world can be made extremely interesting if you approach the detailing of the environment with great responsibility. nine0003

If you love exploration games, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is definitely worth playing for the three coolest Prague scenes alone.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided side quest walkthrough

The main advantage of Human Revolution, many critics at one time called the presence in the game of well-designed side quests. Yes, they were few when compared with other role-playing projects (a little over a dozen), but they were damn exciting and interesting. Among the additional tasks, there were practically no “kill and bring” missions - they all had an exciting story at the core with an unpredictable ending. nine0003

Luckily, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follows in its predecessor's footsteps and offers players some incredibly interesting side quests that are unlocked as the main story progresses. Naturally, when you complete them, you have to make serious moral choices, make important decisions and meet a considerable number of charismatic characters. Some side quests may even seem more exciting to many users than the main ones. nine0003

In this walkthrough, we will tell you how to complete all the side quests in the game, as well as show how the choices you make will differ so that you can find the best option. We note in advance that most of the side missions can be found in the city of Prague, which is the largest location in Mankind Divided.

SM00 - Neon Nights

Neon Nights is a side quest in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In it, you have to explore the Neon trade in Prague, caught in the middle of a war between several gangs. There are a couple of points in this mission where you can easily get stuck, not knowing what to do next. That is why we have compiled this guide. nine0003

How to start: Listen in on the conversation of the drug addicts standing in the courtyard located west of the police post. They will talk about trading Neon. As soon as you listen to their conversation to the end, a marker will appear on your map, pointing to the dealer's house.

Flower Trade

Description: The yard right next to my house is a real marketplace selling a wide variety of drugs, including Neon. Bonbon and her gang sell drugs here day and night. According to the information I received, they use apartment 22 Zelen as their base of operations. It's just two floors down from my apartment. nine0003

We go to the building where Adam lives. You will need to get to the apartment at number 22, located on the first floor. There are several ways to do this. For example, you can use the ventilation hole located on the landing between the first and second floors. Or you can enter through the front door using the access code (code - 0310). Inside you will have to deal with 2 dealers. After you knock them out, go to the kitchen and hack the laptop lying on the counter - it has a 3rd level of security. Read the email to complete the current stage and move on to the next stage of the quest. nine0003

Behind our backs

We go to the apartment building located north of the Palisade metro station. The apartments we need are on the first floor. You can either hack the door (2nd level of security) or use the remote hacking device to open the curtains on the window and jump into the window from above. Once you're inside, go to the bathroom and pick up the pocket secretary lying on the edge of the tub. After that, a new target will appear.


Of course, you don't have to look for a special key card to get into the party. There are other ways to get into the right building. Go to the marker indicated on the map, and as a result you will find yourself near the entrance to the building. If you've already unlocked the Strength Augmentation, then drag the heavy steel crates on the left to open your way to the Staff Corridor. Let's warn you in advance that the floor is energized (you can just run across it and then heal yourself if necessary). nine0003

You can also blow up the door with a frag grenade. After that, you need to run away from the building and wait until the NPC's panic passes.

Once you're inside, find the closed door and break open it. Inside you will find a corpse. Search his pockets and take a portable secretary. Read the information hidden in it to start the next stage of the mission.

Perception door

Go to apartment number 84, located in the Libuse apartment building in the north-east of Prague. Go inside (you can either break open the door or go through the ventilation), and then find a secret room in the kitchen. To access it, you will need to use the hidden switch - it is a spray bottle lying near the sink. While in a secret room, find the safe and crack it (4th level of security). Inside you will find a pocket secretary, the information in which can open access to the next stage of the quest. nine0003

Where all colors come from

Go down into the sewers located near Adam's apartment. You will need to go through several locked gates (they open with the code 0311), between which there will be a turret. The place we need is guarded by half a dozen soldiers, a bunch of cameras and several turrets. The target is in the far right corner of the base, in the back room. If you manage to sneak inside, you can talk to the chemist in person. We tried to persuade her to help us, but we did not succeed - perhaps we should use threats. nine0003

If she still doesn't agree to help you, you'll have to get to the tanks yourself. You can either break open the door, or lower the ladder and climb it to the roof, where the terminal for turning off the lasers is located. Next, you should place 2 batteries in the tanks and activate the terminal inside the room to pour out the chemicals and thereby destroy them. After pressing the button, you will receive the Neon Nights trophy.

SM01 - Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is one of the side quests in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that can be completed at the start of the game. You can start it while in the Capek Fountain, Prague's starting location. In it you have to deal with extortionists and falsifiers who take the last crumbs from the weak and disadvantaged. If you can complete this task, you will receive the Golden Ticket achievement. nine0003

How to start: go to the police checkpoint located in the northeastern part of the Prague starting area and talk to one of the policemen. Tell him that you are interested in getting a special pass.

Meet the ID Agent

Description: A cop named Drahomir runs one of the more shady spots in the area. I should meet with his friend, the "document agent," to find out more about his affairs. Apparently, he will be waiting for me in the courtyard of a residential building located in Prekazka. I think I've been to the place he's talking about before. It used to be used as a toy factory. nine0003

You will find the agent in the yard behind the house where Adam lives. He will stand near the entrance to the toy factory. Talk to him and choose the answer option in which you do not agree to buy a pass for credit cards. This will open access to the next stage of the task.

Deal with the forgers on the top floor

You now have two options to choose from: you can either eliminate the agent and his bodyguard, or leave them alive and sneak inside using your stealth skills. For those who chose the second option, we advise you to use the nearby construction site and ledges on the buildings to get into the courtyard. The easiest way to get to the forger is through the use of ventilation shafts, which can be accessed from the storage room located to the left of the entrance. nine0003

If you agree to deliver the permits to the clients, the mission will continue. Milena will also give you the access code to the safe (2489) where the counterfeiters keep their money.

Meet Edward and Irenka

Irenka is hiding in the basement of the Vincent Van Aug gallery, not far from Jensen's apartment. Edward is located in the minimarket Prague (Minimarket Praha), located behind the metro station Fountain Čapek. The bandit will hold him at gunpoint, so you have to choose how to deal with the villain and at the same time prevent him from shooting Edward. You can, for example, sneak up on him from behind and knock him out with an instant knockout. nine0003

Deal with Dragomir

The easiest stage. You just need to go to the checkpoint and talk to one of the armored cops - a young girl. Tell her about all the black dealings of Dragomir. The police themselves will eliminate their corrupt colleague.

Activate passes

Now you need to confirm the permissions that Milena made for Edward and Irenka. Departure to Monumenta metro station. Once you are in this area, go to the State Registration Office, located south of the station. Go to the back room (access code - 6788) and use the computer to access the registration console. Approach one of the employees and ask him to confirm the permissions. After that, you will be given the Golden Ticket trophy. nine0003

SM02 - Cult of Personality

The Cult of Personality is one of many other side quests in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In it, you have to investigate a mysterious religious cult that operates in the sewers under the Czapek Fountain. You have to confront a powerful hypnotist, and as a reward you will receive good prizes. If you do not kill anyone, then you will have to face a lot of difficulties. After completing the mission, you will receive the "Cult of Personality" achievement. nine0003

How to start: Talk to Viznik in the sewers located under the building where Adam lives. Go to the hatch located in the lane south of the apartment building, and then go down the stairs. Next, you need to turn right. Go down the left tunnel until you find a man standing next to a locked door.

Infiltrate the restricted area

Description: The viznik looks worn out. He was greatly frightened by a certain person named Richard. I agreed to meet this man and find out what he was up to. nine0003

Viznik will give you a key card. Use it to open a large door and enter the place where the cult meetings are held. As soon as you get close to the pedestal, Richard will start his speech. Listen to it until the end so that the next stage of the task begins.

Find a way to reveal Richard

Get under the giant screen and find the crumpled poster on top of the container. The poster will point you to Libero, Richard's longtime partner.

Find Libero

You can find Libero and his magic shop in the eastern part of the square, where the Palisade metro station is located. Talk to him about Richard and he will tell you how to stop him. The Libero will ask you not to harm Richard, but the final decision will be yours. He will give you some signal jammers that are worth placing in Richard's lair. nine0003

Install silencers

It is necessary to find three emitters in the complex and install signal blockers on them. They are all located behind the podium, which can be reached by stairs. Emitters look like small metal boxes hanging on the walls.

Reveal Richard to people

Go down to the catwalk and start a dialogue with Richard. If you want to resolve the conflict peacefully, then you should choose the following answers:

  1. Pity nine0256
  2. Mitigation (Miltgate)

This way Richard will realize his mistakes and stop deceiving people. He will open the door to his room, giving you the opportunity to indulge your sadistic inclinations and kill him. However, we still recommend leaving him alive, otherwise your conscience will torment you later. However, this does not mean that you cannot rob an old hypnotist. In his little room you can find a lot of useful things, including the panel with the Breach Software. After talking with Richard, you will unlock the Cult of Personality trophy. nine0003

SM03 - Mysterious Augments

Mysterious Augments is a side quest in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, during which you can learn about the augmentations hidden in Jensen's body, which he had no idea about. It includes a lot of useful information. In addition, you will receive a good reward for completing this task.

How to start: it will start automatically after Jensen is examined by Vaclav Koller. nine0003

Talk to Sharif

Description: David Sharif designed my augmentation system. If I want to know where I got these strange augmentations that Koller found inside my body, then I need to ask Sharif about this.

Simply enter your apartment and use the remote control on your desk to initiate a video call. After talking with Sharif, you will have to wait a bit before the next stage of the mission starts. It will start after you return to Prague from Golem City. nine0003

Explore the scientist's apartment

Description: Sharif believes that my new augmentations were created by a scientist named Vadim Orlov. When Sharif tried to find Orlov, he discovered that he was now in Prague and living in an apartment not far from OG29. Something tells me this isn't just a coincidence.

After some time, Sharif will call you and advise you to visit Vadim Orlov's apartments, located in the northern part of the Palisade district. The easiest way to get to them is as follows: enter the Rose Garden cafe, go up the stairs to the top floor and exit to the terrace. Then jump through the open door to quickly reach the roof. Walk along the roof of the building where Orlov's apartments are located, and then move along the ledge until you reach the scientist's balcony. nine0003

Once inside, find the scientist's corpse and collect the Tai Yong Medical Storage Keycard from it. Hack the safe located in the wall (access code: 3608) and take the confidential medical report and the Breach Soft from it. Now you need to wait for Sharif's next call. It will happen during your third visit to Prague.

Contact Sharif

After you land in Prague for the third time, Sharif will call you again. Go to your apartment and call your former boss on the phone. After talking with Sharif, the mission will go to the completed section. nine0003

SM04 - The Calibrator

The Calibrator is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that starts immediately after you speak to Koller at the end of the third main story quest "Get in Better Shape". The task is quite straightforward, but it is interesting to have a dialogue with Otar Botkoveli, as it has a lot of answers. Depending on the chosen path, you will be able to get the achievement "We are united by honor." However, we warn you in advance that every choice you make has certain consequences. nine0003

You will need to go to the Palisade metro station in Prague, located in the northwestern part of the city. After exiting the station, go straight to the metro building and turn right. Go through the first door on the left, move past the subway building to the wall, and then jump over it. You will find yourself in a small courtyard. Look for a manhole cover. Open it and go down into the sewers. Go south to get to the Otar Casino.

Dialogue options with Otar Botkoveli

You can skip the conversation with Otar, but then you definitely won't get the "Honor Unites Us" trophy (required for the "Family Matters" achievement). After entering the casino, you will hear a conversation between Otar and his assistant - the old bandit complains about people, they say, they have ceased to be sincere and polite. This is a hint on how to behave when talking with the owner of the casino. nine0003

During the dialogue with the bandit, you will have to choose the style of conversation three times: Straight talk, Flattery or Evasion. At the end of the conversation (if you get to him) you will need to agree or refuse a deal with Otar. Even if you refuse, you will receive the "Honor Unites Us" achievement, however, in this case, you will have to steal the calibrator, and you will not be able to get the "Family Matters" trophy. Select the following options when talking to the casino owner to receive the achievement:

  1. Straight Talk
  2. Straight Talk
  3. Straight Talk - some players note that here you need to choose evasion, but in our case, the conversation was immediately interrupted by Otar.
  4. Accept

Spoiler: if you agree to help Otar, he will ask you to kill someone in Golem City. If you decide to go through the game without a single kill, or just don't want to kill an innocent person, you can warn the victim that a high price has been placed on her head. In this case, she will simply disappear from the city, and you will complete the mission and get the "Family Matters" trophy. nine0003

Steal the calibrator

If you don't like doing business with bandits or helping them eliminate debtors, then you will have to get the calibrator in other ways. One of them is related to theft. However, you can always turn on Rambo mode and simply kill all the thugs in the building. However, in this case, your resume will be replenished with twenty new murders. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the path of the thief.

As soon as you find yourself in the sewers of the Polisade, go to the casino, but before entering it, look up. There you will see pipes near the ceiling and a small niche where you can crawl. Jump on them and crawl forward to the entrance to the ventilation system. Climb inside and move on. As a result, you will find yourself in the casino toilet. nine0003

Exit the restroom and enter the first door on the left without attracting the attention of strangers. Then turn right and go down the stairs. Above the pipes, you will notice another ventilation grate. Climb into it and move forward (there you will find the Triangle Code) until you get to Otar's office. This location will be patrolled by three thugs, so either knock them out or try not to catch their eye. The safe is located in the northeast corner of the room. You will need to hack it to get the Calibrator. nine0003

This completes the mission. Koller will contact you and say that he doesn't have time to help you install it right now, but he will definitely look into it later (during your second visit to Prague).

SM05 - Self-Published

Self-Published is a side quest in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. During the execution of this mission, you will be able to help or, on the contrary, interfere with the work of a small group of journalists who do not recognize those in power and conduct their activities in the sewers. When choosing one of the quest paths, you have to solve a difficult mechanical puzzle. You can get the Samizdat achievement only if you help the young revolutionaries in their fight against the corrupt government. nine0003

How to start: to chat with an agent named Peter Chang, located in the OG29 building on the second floor.

Find the source of the hack

Someone began to inquire about the cover for OG29 - the shell company Prague Davoz. Cheng will ask you to find out who is behind this. He managed to trace the signal, so you'll know where to start. Go to the place indicated on the map and break open the locked door. If your Hacking level is not high enough, you can try to climb into the apartment through the window, using the ledges on the building. nine0003

Inside you will find a laptop, with which you can use the messenger to talk to a mysterious person hiding under the nickname "K". You need to play for a little time, and then, as if by chance, ask him about where the next meeting should take place.

Find Samizdat

You will need to go down into the sewers through the manhole located near The Music Box. Then turn right, go forward, turn left and go along the tunnel. In it, you will find a hole in the wall littered with metal boxes. Clear a path, use the access panel code you got from "K" and go inside. nine0003

Don't let Samizdat expose OG29

During the dialogue with K, you don't need to threaten him. Choose the following answer options:

  1. Persuade
  2. Work together

This way you will convince journalists to leave Interpol behind and do other stuff. However, in this case, you will have to help them get the information.

Note: if you wish, you can refuse the fighters for freedom of speech and simply kill them all, but in this case you will not be able to get the achievement, and your karma will also suffer (the sin of killing virtual men). nine0003

Search the office

The journalists will send you to the Palisade bank. You will need to get to the 3rd floor - this is where the chief's office is located. To do this, you need to go to the basement and break open the door to the room located next to the elevator. The pass will be on the table.

Just note that the 3rd floor is a restricted area, so you'd better not get caught by the guards. As soon as you exit the elevator, immediately go to the door on the left. Wait until the guard leaves his post and then go up the stairs. Pay close attention to the camera so that it does not detect you. nine0003

Next, you will need to break open the door. We advise you to use an electronic lock pick, as there is a possibility that you can be detected by the camera during manual hacking. Then you have to solve a very difficult mechanical puzzle. Instructions for solving it:

  1. Raise the first pillar by 2 cells.
  2. Lower the first pillar all the way down and then raise it 1 space.
  3. Rotate platform.
  4. Raise the second pillar 1 space.
  5. Rotate the platform again.
  6. Raise 2 pillars by 1 cell.
  7. Rotate platform 2 times.
  8. Lower the post all the way down.

The puzzle is solved, and you can safely get into the secret room. There you should find a picture hanging on the wall. Remove it to access the wall safe. Hack it, take the necessary documents, and then knock out the cameras using the computer on the table.

Note: If the puzzle is too difficult for you, you can get into the secret room through the ventilation passage. The necessary ventilation grille is located behind the large screen. However, in order to reach it, you must have an augmentation that improves jumping. nine0003

Return to K

We go back to the sewers and give all the found documents to "K".

Spread the information

The journalist will ask us to spread this information throughout the city, and maybe the world. To do this, we need to go to the Autodily store and use the lift to climb onto the roof of the building. There we use the City Server News Corrector. All task completed.

SM06 - 01011000

01011000 is a side quest in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Thanks to him, you will go on an unusual journey, get your hands on an important data disk and meet the mysterious Halle (Halle). This task is not difficult, but you can easily skip the starting point. After completing the mission, you will receive achievement 01011000.

How to start: it can be started after the start of the eighth story mission, when you leave the headquarters of OG29. There will be an explosion in the distance, and a strange glitch will appear on the nearest panel. It is possible that the task can start earlier, but we only managed to launch it on our second visit to Prague. In addition, a glitch can occur on various panels. As soon as you see a bug, immediately head to the panel. It should contain information that you need to come to a pawnshop located near the Chapek station. Go down to the basement and turn on the messenger on one of the computers. nine0003

Retrieve missing data

Description: A mysterious contact named Hell wants me to pick up a package and deliver it to a nearby tourist center. The access code to the office is 1591. Allegedly, he knows what I need to do with "old memories".

You should go to the tourist information center located near Adam's apartment. Enter it and go straight ahead. Ahead, you should notice a grate hidden behind a large metal container. Break the bars and go through the hole you made. Turn right and climb into the vent. After getting outside, deal with 3 well-equipped mercenaries. Then open the door located on the left using the code. Take the disc from the table. nine0003

Find the reader

Go to the antique shop near the Pilgrim station. Talk to the clerk - you must convince him to tell you the whole truth. Here are the answers you need to choose for this:

  1. Ask
  2. Future Last
  3. Customer question
  4. Suspect the clerk
  5. you are in danger
  6. You can leave

When you start to suspect the clerk, he will pick up a gun. The last two answers will calm him down and you can complete the quest without killing him. nine0003

Activate data

Go to Adam's apartment and use the reader on the table in front of the huge TV. Talk to Hell and help her figure out all the things she doesn't understand. After that, you will get the achievement 01011000.

SM07 - Fade into the Shadows

Fade into the Shadows is the seventh side mission in the game. If you agree to complete it, you will be able to find out what happened to one of the OG29 agents who was undercover. At the end of the task, a very unexpected twist awaits you. After completing this mission, you will receive the "Fade into Darkness" achievement. nine0003

How to start: The quest will become available on your second visit to the Czech capital. When completing the story mission "Who's in charge here?" after completing all the cases with NPC Miller in his office, you can meet Dr. Delara Ozen. She will inform you that an undercover agent named Vincent Blake has not been in touch for a long time, and therefore will ask you to find out what happened to him.

Search Vincent Blake's office

in the room where the workplace of Peter Chen is located. We hack into his computer (the second level of security) or enter the access code, which can be found on the first floor in the room with servers. Then we read his emails. You can also hack Blake's safe to get an extra silencer.

Interrogate informant Blake

Now you should go to the Red Queen nightclub, located in the Red Light District. We go up the stairs and talk to the blonde with short hair. You can pretend to be Blake or speak directly without evasions. Better choose the second option. In the latter case, you will also need to kiss her on the neck. She will then inform you that she will be waiting elsewhere. We're heading to the subway. nine0003

Go to a meeting

Meet Dobromila again in the backyard of the building (Neon Nights side mission started here). Those who refused to kiss the girl will have to deal with two bandits. We cut down the thugs, and then we talk with the girl.

The blonde will tell you where we should go next to find out Vincent's fate. You can pay her 350 credits.

Search Vlasta's warehouse

After the dialogue with Dobromila, open the inventory, go to the section with quest items and inspect the map that the girl gave us (it will be drawn on the other side of the receipt). We're heading to the subway. nine0003

The place we need will be located in the northern part of Prague. To enter inside you will need an access code, which we, fortunately, already have. Inside we look for a knife switch, hidden behind a picture hanging on the left wall. We press the switch and get access to the secret door. We open it and we pass into the corridor. We go forward until we get to the warehouse.

There will be a young girl, Olivie, in the room. We talk with her, and then we wait for the arrival of the owner of the warehouse and his two thugs. If you do not want to fight intruders, then you should pretend to be Olivy's acquaintance, and then convince Vlasta using KASI. You can deal with the bandits. To do this, we immediately cut down the leader with instant neutralization, and then we take on his henchmen. If reflexes are pumped and you have a large supply of energy, then you can knock them out just like the leader. Two more bandits will be waiting for you at the entrance. You can not fight them and exit through the ventilation (located behind Olivy). nine0003

Find Vince's apartment

The undercover agent can be found near the Red Light District in one of the buildings - he will sit in the basement. We speak with him and contact Delara. After that, you will receive an achievement.

SM08 - Fix

Fix is ​​an additional mission, access to which will open only if you have previously completed the side quest "Calibrator". It will allow you to remove the restriction from your new augmentations.

Getting started: During the second visit to Prague and after completing the "Robbery" story mission, you will be contacted by Koller, who will inform you that he has time to install the Calibrator in your body.

We go to Vaclav Koller and wait until he performs the operation we need. After that, we will be able to use our special augmentations without fear that they will overheat. Note also that the conversation with Koller will have a direct impact on the next mission called "All in the Family". nine0003

SM09 - Everyone in the Family

Everything in the Family is a side quest in this RPG that can only be accessed by fulfilling certain conditions and choosing certain choices that could be made in previous quests. In this quest, you will have to kidnap a man from Dvali's hideout. Upon completion of the mission, you will receive the achievement "Family Matters".

How to start: You will be able to access this quest if you agreed to help Batkoveli solve one problem in the Calibrator mission. When visiting Golem City, Otar will contact you and demand that you fulfill your part of the deal, namely: eliminate Luis Galois (you met him during one of the story missions). It is not necessary to kill the merchant - tell him that there is a reward on his head and then he will simply leave the city. When you return to Prague, Otar will call you again and ask you to meet Masa. nine0003

Talk to Masa Kadlek

This task can be considered the beginning of the mission itself. We are heading to the owner of the strip bar "Red Queen". You can find it on the second floor in the manager's office. We talk with her and agree to complete her quest.

Kidnap Dominik

You can find our target in the closed area of ​​Dvali, located in another district of Prague. There are several ways to get into the courtyard, but we advise you to climb the wall to the right of the gate, and then climb onto the lift and jump down to the balcony. nine0003

Inside you will have to face a lot of enemies. It is best to immediately neutralize them. Cudler will ask you not to kill people, so either knock them out or knock them out with tranquilizers.

Dominica can be found in the laundry room on the lower level. We send him into an unconscious state, and then we raise the body and carry it to the street along the same path from which we came. If the cameras are still activated, then we try to avoid them.

There is a warehouse in the same location as the lift. We take Dominic there and leave it inside, not forgetting to close the hinged door. After that, you will receive the achievement "Family Matters". nine0003

SM10 - The Reaper

The Reaper is a side quest in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, thanks to which you can take on the role of a local detective for an hour and find the killer of several Prague residents, while exonerating two suspects. In this mission, you will have to look for clues and talk to witnesses, thereby building a chain leading to the real killer. If you can justify both innocent people, you will receive the Reaper achievement.

Getting started: This task will become available to you only on your second visit to Prague, when you arrive in the capital of the Czech Republic from Golem City. You can immediately go to the alley located south of Adam's house to stumble upon the crime scene, or wait for a call from Aria Agento, who will inform you of the murder (the call will occur after completing the eighth side quest).

Examine all the clues

Before you begin to interview a suspect, we advise you to study all 7 clues presented at the crime scene, namely: "game", "bruises" and "marks" on the dead body; "electromagnetic cartridge particle", "ID-card" and "broken glasses" on the floor"; a bloody trace of "augmentation" on the wall next to the body. nine0003

We talk to the detective again, after which we will have two new targets.

Interrogate Johnny Gunn

We need to talk to the main suspect in the case to find out if he is guilty or not. Those who have KASI installed will be able to knock out more useful information from the boy, so we advise you to open this augmentation at the very beginning of the passage.

Examine the evidence Smolinski

We go to the police station. This area belongs to open areas, so you can easily enter the building. The place we need is located in the basement of the building. The door to the lower level will be protected by a lock. You can’t hack in front of everyone, so it’s worth waiting until the patrol leaves his post. The lock has a fairly high protection, and therefore, if you are not able to open it, then hack the computer system first of all, which has a password to the door. nine0003

We go inside and find name lockers. Hack the one with Smolinski's last name written on it. Although you can open all the other cabinets in order to pick up various useful things from them.

Return to the detective

Having collected all the necessary evidence, we go to the detective and tell him our version of what happened, indicating that both suspects are innocent. This completes the quest, but its continuation will be in the eleventh side mission.

SM11 - Last Harvest

The Last Harvest is one of the side quests in the game and the true ending to the previous quest. He will give you the opportunity to finally track down a serial killer who preys on augmented people in Prague. If you choose the correct answers in the final dialogue, you will receive the "Last Harvest" achievement.

How to start: If you completed the tenth side mission correctly, this quest will start automatically during your third visit to Prague. Daria will call you and ask for help. nine0003

Visit Daria Mouse

The girl lives in the same apartment building as the main character. We go there, not forgetting that the curfew is now in effect in the city. Near the door of Daria will be a detective. We talk with him, and then we go inside.

Search the apartment

We find a trail of blood in one of the rooms and follow it to the pantry. But do not rush to leave - first you should look into the girl's office, in which there is a carpet made of bear skin. Daria's computer should be hacked and her emails read. nine0003

Interrogate Nikolas Kirpa

You need to take the subway and head to another district of Prague, where the pharmacy of Dr. Nikolas Kirpa is located. We talk with the doctor and learn a lot of interesting information. If you have the KASI augmentation pumped, then you will even learn the code word, thanks to which you can stop the killer: “Hell hominem 2026”.

Follow the trail

You can now return to the trail of blood. He will lead us out of Daria's apartment to the ventilation grille. We climb into it and get into the place where we first found Angela Gunn. Next, we will find ourselves near the entrance to the sewers. You need to go down. There you will find Daria tied up. We advise you to resolve the matter amicably. To do this, select the following answer options in the dialogue (you will need KASI):

  1. Argue.
  2. Use code word.
  3. Hell hominem 2026.
  4. Persuade.
  5. Soften.
  6. Soften.
  7. Get closer.

Then we talk to Detective Montag and tell him everything that happened here. If you haven’t talked to the doctor and don’t have CASI, then the quest will end much sadder and you will eventually have to deal with the Reaper.

SM12 - "K" means every

"K" means every is the last side mission in the game. It becomes available on the third visit to Prague, when the curfew is introduced in the city. You will need to rescue the captured journalists working in Samizdat. This is a fairly simple mission, but it still has choices. Completing this side quest will earn you the "K for Everyone" trophy. nine0003

How to start: When you visit the Czech capital for the third time after talking with Alex, you will receive an SOS signal from journalists. They will ask you to help them and report to their base in the sewers as soon as possible. We go down into the sewers and find Lowercase K. We talk with her and find out what happened. She will ask us to find "K" and deliver him to the evacuation point so that they can leave the city. By the way, next to the girl will be characters from the side mission "Golden Ticket" (if you passed it). nine0003

Infiltrate the temporary police station

The targets we need are located on the other side of Prague. Don't forget the curfew. It is necessary to infiltrate the same police station that we were in during the side mission "The Reaper", but now it will not be so easy to get here. You should immediately knock out two cops, next to the entrance to the building, and then go inside. We try not to catch anyone's eyes, and we pass to the lower part of the site.

Find a way to open door

Next to the police lockers on the wall we find a terminal with which you can open the cameras. We hack it and free the prisoners.

You can either offer them to change into police uniform and go out quietly, or let them arm themselves and fight their way out into the street. There is a third option - ask them to wait in the cells and clear the way to the exit (kill all the cops or knock them out). The first option is the best, since in disguise, prisoners can easily leave the building. The second path is fraught with great risk, and the independent neutralization of police officers will take a very long time.

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