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The MBTI Of 10 WWE Legends

While there have literally been thousands of wrestlers who have passed through WWE's doors, most of these guys and gals lack much of a personality for people to remember them. However, the best of the best have personality to spare with fleshed-out characters that fans remember to this day.

A fun way of looking at these performers would be to analyze them through the MBTI© Personality Type System. The system has 16 different archetypes that these 10 WWE Legends fall into perfectly so let's see how they fare.

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10/10 Goldust: The Adventurer (ISFP)

One of the most daring and controversial superstars in WWE history, Goldust was never one to be afraid to break new ground and experiment with their artistic sensibilities.

From playing a heel to a babyface to an androgynous Oscar statuette come to life to a comedy act with Booker T, Goldust has done it all in WWE on a creative level. ISFPs are known for being curious and creative, but also can be very unstable and unpredictable. An apt description for the bizarre one.

9/10 Stone Cold: The Commander (ENTJ)

Despite never being known as the leader of any notable factions (the Alliance doesn't count, we prefer to block it out), Stone Cold absolutely falls into the personality type known as the Commander.

Never one to mince words or be subtle with his actions, Stone Cold Steve Austin fits the characteristics of having an amazingly strong will, self-confidence coming out of his pores and capable of inspiring the masses. As well, he has the stubbornness and impatience of a Commander along with cold nature who lacks compassion for others. His name is Stone Cold after all.

8/10 The Rock: The Entrepreneur (ESTP)

On paper, it seems like The Rock is a shoo-in for the Entertainer personality type but upon further examination, he's more of an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are often recognized as the life of the party anywhere they go and given Dwayne Johnson's charisma that's easy to see.   Entrepreneurs also can't stay put for long and are always look for a new project to sink their teeth into. Entrepreneurs though are often insensitive and anyone who's seen a Rock promo know what this is about as he holds nothing back in feuds with Stone Cold, Triple H and more.

7/10 Ric Flair: The Entertainer (ESFP)

Classified by many of his peers and fans as the greatest of all time, Ric Flair was born to be a professional wrestler. No other performer lived the gimmick for better or worse than Flair as his penchant for partying, womanizing and more made every fan hate him but also wanted to be him. As the MBTI official website says: "Every day is a performance, and Entertainers love to put on a show."

It's always a party when Ric Flair is around but alas, a weakness of the Entertainer personality is not having any kind of long term planning and being easily sensitive. Anyone who's seen a Ric Flair promo where he elbow drops his own jacket knows just how off the handle Flair can get when pissed.

6/10 Mick Foley: The Adventurer (ISFP)

Like Goldust earlier in the list, Mick Foley is easily one of the most creative minds in the entire world of pro wrestling. Even if he would cut a promo like no other, Foley is still more introspective as he can quietly observe a scene like no other.

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As stated on the MBTI website: "Riskier behaviors like gambling and extreme sports are more common with this personality type than with others." Do we even need to explain this one, or is falling off the Hell In A Cell not enough?

5/10 CM Punk: The Debater (ENTP)

"The Voice Of The Voiceless" is a wrestler who inspires more passionate debate and discussion among wrestling fans than any other of the modern era. It only makes sense that Punk falls into the "Debater" archetype.

As the MBTI states, "Debaters enjoy the mental exercise found in questioning the prevailing mode of thought. " When CM Punk exploded in popularity back in 2011, he did mainly by breaking the mold of what can and can't be said on WWE TV. But he was doing that his entire career via his intense feud with Jeff Hardy and the controversial Straight Edge Society faction.

Punk is also honest to a fault and doesn't care about who he upsets with his words. Much like his mentor Paul Heyman though, Debaters tend to be very argumentative and difficult to get along with. Not that Punk really minds though. He's the "Best In The World" after all.

4/10 John Cena: Protagonist (ENFJ)


One of the most morally pure superstars in WWE history, John Cena was the de facto "protagonist" of WWE programming from 2006 to around 2013. But that's not the only reason why Cena fits this personality type.

Known for his natural likability, charisma and ability to inspire little kids all around the world, Cena is a reliable leader of WWE in and out of the ring and is a true altruist. However, that's also a flaw of Protagonists as they can tend to be too selfless harming themselves in the process.

3/10 Triple H: The Architect (INTJ)

While his one-time protege Seth Rollins may hold the moniker of "The Architect", it's pretty easy to see that Rollins learned how to be that way from his mentor Triple H.

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Known for their foresight, determination and intense focus into their work, The Game has shown time and time again that he can plan out a scheme like no other in WWE. Nobody can ever question his strategic mind. However, the downfall of these people is usually their arrogance and intolerance of anyone disobeying them causing them to lose allies like when Evolution fell apart due to HHH's hubris.

2/10 Bret Hart: The Defender (ISFJ)

An icon of 90s wrestling, Bret "The Hitman" Hart was for most of his career a shining beacon of what was just and right in the WWE. When he was a babyface, Hart stood up for what was right at all times and that's what puts him in the ring as a "Defender".

Known for their loyalty and ability to empathize with others, there's nobody else you'd want in your corner than the Hitman. However, Defenders have a tendency to take things too personally and are reluctant to change with the times as they look so much to tradition and order. Hart's heel turn in 1997 was exactly the fuel for this as the character couldn't believe fans changing with the times by supporting the dastardly Stone Cold.

1/10 Eddie Guerrero: The Entertainer (ESFP)

Taken from this world far too soon, Eddie Guerrero nevertheless provided fans with tons of classic moments and matches for years to come despite his short time on Earth. His kayfabe characteristics also make a prime example of the Entertainer personality type.

Known for being one of the funniest wrestlers on camera and a charming son of a gun in general, Guerrero lit up any show he was on with his lying, cheating and stealing antics. He probably is one of the smartest wrestlers in terms of spontaneity often able to pull victory from the jaws of defeat in a creative fashion. We're certain Latino Heat would be fine with this judgment.

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CM Punk personality profile

“ If something sucks, I've always been completely vocal about it, and I've been punished many, many times because of that. But I don't think I'd be in the spot I'm in right now if I wasn't me. I've always just been me.”

Who is CM Punk? He is an American mixed martial artist, comic book writer, actor, and retired professional wrestler, best known for his time in WWE, where he was the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. He was born on Thursday October 26th 1978, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

CM Punk has a compelling sense of himself as a spiritual being who is the searcher and the seeker of truth. That said, Phil Brooks' life is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life. Monumental as it is, CM Punk is well-equipped to handle his mission. He enjoys a fine mind, and is an analytical thinker, capable of great concentration and theoretical insight. CM Punk enjoys research, and putting the pieces of an intellectual puzzle together, and once he has enough pieces in place, Phil Brooks is capable of highly creative insight and practical solutions to problems.

CM Punk enjoys his solitude and prefers to work alone. He needs time to contemplate his ideas without the intrusion of other people's thoughts. He is a lone wolf and a person who lives by his own ideas and methods. As a result, close associations are difficult for Phil Brooks to form and keep, especially marriage. CM Punk needs his space and privacy, which, when violated, can cause him great frustration and irritation.

When his life is balanced, however, CM Punk is both charming and attractive. He can be the life of a party, and enjoy performing before an audience. Phil Brooks loves displaying his wit and knowledge, which makes him attractive to others, especially the opposite sex. It should just be remembered that because he associates peace with the unobtrusive privacy of his world, intimacy is difficult for CM Punk. It is CM Punk's challenge to avoid shutting out the love of others and keeping him from experiencing the true joy of friendship and close companionship.

With his abilities to learn, analyze, and seek out answers to life's important questions, CM Punk has the potential for enormous growth and success in life. By the time he reaches middle age, Phil Brooks will radiate refinement and wisdom. More...

More flavors to Phil Brooks' personality

CM Punk is full of energy, always on the go, fidgety, and quite hyperactive. Life is in a constant motion for him and he devours it powerfully.

He has great ability to put thoughts into action, and there is no wait once he sets his mind on something. Where others tend to think or dream, Phil Brooks already takes action while radiating energy, enthusiasm, and livelihood around.

His physical stamina is strong, and he loves mental and physical exercise. CM Punk keep himself physically or mentally busy at all times, and he feels better spending time outdoors and eating natural foods.

Limited space is a major challenge for Phil Brooks, while exercise, proper diet, and rest are critical for his health. A good walk in the fresh air serves as an intellectual vehicle for him.

Tour Phil Brooks' menu and gain more insight into his personality traits, relationships, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, compatibility with you and with others, and much more.

We invite you to create your own free personality profile, in private and for your eyes only!.

During November 10th 2022, CM Punk's momentum slows. He faces disappointment in his career, mixed with emotional turmoil.

Phil Brooks is moody today, coupled with lack of drive and persistence.

For CM Punk, today is a good day for hugging and kissing, and focusing on people rather than on material things.

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[NonOfftop]: CM Punk 2014 - plot?

Hello to all of you from the not so distant past. I am writing this at the beginning of February, but the publication will take place on the eve of the RAW that I want to talk about. Why? Because I don't like to jump ahead of time, and if you are reading this text, then CM Punk has not returned yet and everything is bad.

A couple of weeks ago, while reading news and onolitegu from various sites, I came across an article that brought together several facts that made me think that this whole situation with CM Punk is really a plot. One big story.

In short, information that we can base a statement on, which, by the way, if anyone is interested, is the opposite of what I think.

Well, let's be precise, the opposite of what I think at the beginning of February.

So, base. Let's remember 2011:

- "The Same Promo" was read according to the plot and to a certain extent controlled by WWE (well, that is, the very thing that I then assumed in the podcast, and which turned out to be true: he read "from the heart", but on a given topic and with Vince's absolute permission. 0013 - Fight at Money in the Bank - CM Punk acted according to the plot (he let it slip somewhere (in my opinion, in a documentary) that he signed a new agreement directly on PPV)
- Appearance at Comic Con - according to the plot

It is logical to ask , so why now it's all not "according to the plot"?

Yes, initially the information from behind the scenes (the crumbs that we have to be content with) about the situation in 2011 and 2014 was different. Nobody believed that the promo was a 100% "jester". What is happening now is really presented as a "jester". However, questions may arise.

Speaking of "clowns". Remember, in one of the lines of that very-promo, CM Punk said that if something happens to Vince, the company will go to his idiot daughter and stupid son-in-law.

Don't you think that in the autumn of 2013 everything happened like that?

Moving on.

Do you remember last year CM Punk took a vacation? For several years they have been saying that he has an injury on an injury, that he works for wear and tear and without breaks for rest-treatment? And so he received it, but returned. Remember what for? He returned for PPV Payback. There, his match against Chris Jericho took place and, in general, the process of his reverse turn (to faces) took shape.

Do you remember in which arena and in which city it happened?

The notorious Allstate Arena in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont (Illinois).

Do you know what other show was held in this city and in this arena? Money in the Bank 2011.

Do you remember where today's RAW will take place?

We can't say but wonder if a vacation was granted THEN, why couldn't WWE now give CM Punk another vacation to put on a key show in a city where he's so popular.

Well, actually, why is it important to watch today's RAW. Because I will ask again, in which arena it will take place? Let's forget about the Chicago jaundiced journalists who have already planned Payback in Chicago Mytishchi. There will be another WWE show. And this show will be shown on TV! Moreover, it will take place today, on Monday, March 3, a week after the PPV Elimination Chamber. I don't know yet how it will end and who will leave it as a Champion. If you are reading these words, then I forgot to edit the text and write in who the WWE Champion is now.

And do you know why this is important? Because a week ago they launched the WWE Network.

Do you know why this is especially important? Because today is the end of a one-week free trial of the WWE Network.

With all the paranoia around the WWE Network, there's simply no getting around this fact.

Imagine today's show is in Chicago, in a city that has one of the best audiences in recent years. And the best without reservations: Chicagoans do not "break" the show, as they did in Jersey or recently in Pittsburgh. Chicagoans cheer for their hero to a frenzy. And what, the name of CM Punk will not be used in any way?

Any appearance of CM Punk can then be hyped and sucked for an infinite amount of time. Where? Of course, on the WWE Network.

I again climb into the future, which you, who read these lines, already know, but I, who write them, do not yet know.

Today's (already today, March 3) RAW may end with another appearance of CM Punk. Here are just, let's say, the next "bomb" he will give out not on the air of a TV show (like the management cut him out!), But after it. Where? On the WWE Network! Live! You see Punk on RAW. Do you want to listen to it? Pay bucks and listen.

Naturally, you can't do without fantasy booking. But I specifically divided FACTS, ASSUMPTIONS and POSSIBILITIES.

And I want to finish with this warning: the main flow of information that this is all a plot came from a resource called The Examiner. And I don't even want to discuss the quality of this resource. As joked in one of these articles, if you read the reviewers there, Dave Meltzer's (and Brian Alvarez's) great podcasts and stuff look like transcripts from WWE Creative Committee meetings. It's February 2, 2014, and I'm going to bed so I can wake up early in the morning and watch the Super Bowl. And I do not hope that the story with CM Punk is a plot.

Shows will be loaded with rated moments. Given that this is Chicago, they might call on Hogan, who is idolized there. Perhaps they will appoint a match that the audience wants so much. Maybe Brian will get a chance to get even with the Player. Everything will be done to make the viewer forget about CM Punk. But the viewer will not forget.

And I don't believe that these eerily promising managers of the new formation, presumptuous from joining the "promotion in WWE", will be able / were able to make a good story that will really capture the attention of the public.

I don't trust these guys.

Will they make me change my mind? Let's see. Today, in my opinion, is the last important stop before WrestleMania, where you can load the right passengers and unload the unwanted ones. That's just who is needed and who is unnecessary - WWE and WWE viewers, those who go to shows, buy tickets and merchandise, have a different idea.

UPD: I re-read everything on the eve of publication. And decided not to fix anything. A week ago, the RAW show just failed. WWE Network sales seem to be completely off the mark. The RAW shows were really "loaded" with importance. I still don't believe in the plot, or in these shits. But the show, nevertheless, apparently, I will watch.

Oh yeah, and I didn't wake up at the Super Bowl.

How much did CM Punk make during his WWE career? and why was fired | Tv-wwe


CM Punk is a prominent figure in the wrestling industry. He has worked for ECW and WWE. Before wrestling, punk also tried his hand at MMA.

Despite the fact that Punk retired from WWE, he earned a significant amount of money during his time there.

Given that he was the leading superstar in the company, he had a well-established contract that ensured that WWE would pay him his price.

CM Punk was reportedly making $1,000,000 a year in 2011. After that, his annual salary increased to $1,300,000 from 2012 to 2013. Between 2013 and 2014, Punk's annual salary leveled off to $1,700,000.

In addition, Punk was the cover star of the WWE video game WWE 2K13. He made about $200,000 from it.

CHICAGO, IL - June 9: CM Punk wrestles in the first round of his welterweight bout against Mike Jackson during UFC 225: Whittaker - Romero 2 at United Center 9June 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Jackson won by unanimous decision. (Photo by Dylan Buell)

Finally, the World's Best DVD helped him earn thousands of dollars thanks to the huge success.

If Punk had not retired from WWE, it is estimated that his annual earnings would have increased to $200,000.

CM Pans also made quite a bit of money during his short MMA-UFC career.

Punk earned a total of $500,000 for his first show. He earned a total of $503,000 as well as an additional $500,000 fee for his second performance. On top of that, he earned $3,500 as an incentive.

Why did CM Punk leave WWE?

CM Punk left the company after suffering several injuries and running afoul of management over his storylines.

One of the major health problems he had to go through was an infection on his back. When this first became known, WWE doctors only prescribed antibiotics for him. However, he found out it was a full-blown staph infection after visiting another doctor.

CHICAGO, IL - FEB 13: MMA fighter and former WWE Champion CM Punk and wrestler AJ Lee's wife celebrate after the Chicago Blackhawks scored against the New Jersey Devils in the third period during an NHL game at the Joint Center on February 13. 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Bill Smith)

Coming to his clash with Triple H and Vince McMahon, he approached them with the idea of ​​not reserving him against HHH at WrestleMania 30.

Initially, everyone thought that Punk had left the company. However, CM Punk was fired from WWE on his wedding day. While WWE claims this was a coincidence, Punk believes the company did it on purpose.

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 31: CM Punk attends the WWE Raw Monday Night Halloween Supershow at the Philips Arena on October 31, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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