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Dreaming of a broken tooth symbolizes the feeling of helplessness that you feel in dealing with everyday dilemmas. There is something in your life that makes you feel helpless when you try to control or avoid specific facts.

Your teeth seem to represent anxiety about the decision you made. A dream is an extraordinary and mysterious experience. It shows us strange scenes in our sleeping minds. It is a valuable experience that affects us and often gives us messages that are not absorbed by our conscious mind.

We get the meaning of dreams because we can interpret them. It does not mean that dreams have a purpose that is inherent in everyone. If you have anxiety or feelings of helplessness, dreams about broken teeth can help you understand them if you interpret them that way.

Dream of seeing broken teeth

The dream that you see broken teeth is a warning for you to participate more in the lives of people who matter to you. Seeing broken teeth is a sign that someone you love needs your help, but will not openly ask for your support. You must be aware of this need and offer advice because only you can help him/ her overcome difficulties.

Dream of broken teeth in the mouth

The meaning of dreaming of a broken tooth in the mouth is a powerful symbol of rebirth. It’s the same as you having baby teeth that change when you grow up. Dreaming about a broken tooth in your mouth is the stage of this change that you might go through. This dream also refers to the arrival of new members of your family. Maybe someone will get married or have children, or someone is you.

Dream of a broken tooth in the hand

Now, if you dream that a broken tooth is in your hands, it shows that you are a person of the changes that will occur or have started happening in your life. Now is the time to stop and observe the decisions you have made and where they are going.

The change that this dream represents is not entirely good or bad, and it only depends on you. Dreams, in this case, are merely a reflection of something done by yourself.

Dream of broken teeth falling out

This kind of dream usually represents arguments and disagreements in your family or group of friends. Nobody likes misunderstandings. However, they are part of life and must be faced, but mostly canceled. Pay attention to your words, but be sure to try to understand what other people mean, and dreaming of broken teeth falling from your mouth is a warning sign.

If you think that someone doesn’t understand what you mean, there’s no harm in apologizing and explaining it. And if you think someone is giving you indirectly, there is no cost to stop and wonder if what you interpret is correct or not. By talking, we understand each other. Read more dream of teeth falling out.

Dream of a broken tooth with an unpleasant smell

The meaning of this dream is a warning sign of falsehood and betrayal. Fake friends are hanging around you, and worst of all, association with this person can harm you. Please pay attention to people who approach you when they have an interest in gossiping and people who always talk bad about other people. If they speak ill of others to you, they positively speak sick of you to others.

Dream of someone breaking your teeth

It’s not a good sign. Dreaming of someone breaking your teeth is a kind of sign that something terrible is going to happen. Attention! It’s related to you or your loved ones, so stay alert. This lousy thing can refer to various situations.

Dream of some broken teeth

The dream meaning of many broken teeth is a sign that you need to pay more attention to how you act. Some people in lousy faith take advantage of you. Be sure to be yourself, but be careful that people don’t take advantage of your good intentions.

Dream of a broken tooth bleeding

This kind of dream usually represents disappointment. Dreaming about broken teeth becoming bleeding proves this, that someone is disappointed and upset about something you might or might not do. Try to identify this person and reconnect with them.

Dream of broken teeth when you eat

The dream that you bite something or eat, and then it breaks your teeth, this dream shows that your body is vulnerable to disease. Get medical attention, check it, take care of yourself. Take these warnings seriously and avoid further discomfort in the future.

Dream of broken teeth falling to the floor

The dream meaning of broken teeth falling on the floor represent quarrels and misunderstandings in your family or your group of friends. Dreaming about broken teeth falling from your mouth is a warning sign of disagreement with people near you.

Dream about someone breaking someone else’s teeth

If you dream that you see someone break someone else’s teeth, this dream represents a warning about bad health for the attacker. Dreaming of someone breaking someone else’s teeth, if you know the victim, this is a sign that you need to advise them to take care of their health better.

Dream of all broken teeth

The loss of teeth in the mouth signifies poverty and challenging stages in financial life. Dreaming of all broken teeth is a warning about debt, which can take a substantial proportion, or the risk of losing your job or the problematic phase of your business. The best thing right now is to be very conservative in terms of expenses and debt.

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DREAM ABOUT BROKEN TEETH - Dream Interpretation & Prayers


Psalm 56:1: “Be merciful unto me, O God: for man would swallow me up; he FIGHTING DAILY oppresseth me”.

Isaiah 41:15: “Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument HAVING TEETH: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.”

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Pslam 3:7: “Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God: for you have smitten all my enemies on the cheek bone; you have broken the teeth of the ungodly.

This is one of the most terrible dreams that most people face. The dream about broken teeth or tooth is a dream that has destroyed the reputation of people.

Teeth is used for chewing food substance and aid our digestion. Without the teeth, then our kidney or liver would have much work to do in trying to ferment our food substance.

The ability to have a stronger teeth makes our teeth structure active. It is important to note that our teeth can foster social relationship.

Dreaming about a broken teeth is a fallout of a faulty foundation. The danger behind this dream is a person working against the will of God.  Their evil effect may not happen instantly because the devil is waiting for the day such a person will be expecting breakthrough.

It is not a good dream to experience tooth breakage in a dream. The meaning of this dream can cause a person of his job when all his teeth are broken, falling out or rotten. One thing you must do as a Christian to fight against disgracing powers that want to disgrace on the day of your joy.

Some reasons why you remain in this position are:

  • Stagnation
  • Wicked foundation

The ugly outlook of a tooth can give a wrong impression to others.  For example, if a person has sensitive or painful teeth, brushing too hard or using the wrong toothbrush altogether can make symptoms worse.

Read: Dream About Walking Barefooted

Meanwhile, the benefits of a healthy teeth is greater. However, aside from those having the appearance of broken teeth in their dreams, there are probably few who really think that the symptoms are basically for disgrace and shame.

It is a true fact that we have three different types of teeth, these includes: Incisors, canines, and molars. But for the sake of this article, I want to talk extensively about teeth/tooth dream.

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A comprehensive details of dream about broken teeth

For example, if your teeth is broken in the reality, how would you feel? I am tempted to say that you are going to feel unpleasant, painful and sad. That’s the place of dreaming about broken teeth.

The Bible says, Matthew 25:30, ”And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” This verse clearly indicates a point that the wicked will be sorrowful. However, dreaming about a broken teeth can be a warning of emotional problems.


In order to go a bit forward, it is also important to outline this dream about a broken teeth/tooth through the following meanings:

  • Tragedy and calamity
  • Painful relationship
  • Marital disappointment
  • Attack of sickness and disease
  • Bad luck
  • Hatred and rejection
  • Loss of virtues
  • Disgrace and shame.
Dream About Broken Teeth


Dream Interpretation of broken teeth

Having your teeth or tooth broken, crumbled and fallen out is a great spiritual attack. This attack will show up whenever you want to do something important for yourself.

For example, if you lose your teeth means that you will be completely helpless and need assistance. These symptoms are usually severe and reports have shown that it has brought problems between a man and woman.

The evil effect of this dream may also be effective in planting the seed of mental disturbances and loneliness as the case maybe.  If you encounter pains in the teeth or tooth, it means that people will no longer trust you. That is, your loved ones or helpers will loose interest in you.

While crying won’t help you solve the tooth problems, but it will hinder you from enjoying the state of your health, joy and happiness.  A broken tooth or teeth is an avenue of exposing yourself to satanic attacks and which can make you to encounter marital and financial disgrace.

Dream About Broken Teeth: Falling Out

To dream about broken teeth or tooth falling out can also be interpreted as someone who has lost virtues or something important in life. This is a dream that is responsible for a person’s inability to gather successes because of the number of tooth that was falling down in the dream.

Know that our teeth can be visible to others and can explain the power of our interaction. Do you experience pains after the falling out of your teeth or tooth in the dream?

What areas or directions do you often experience teeth breakages in your dream? How do you feel when you woke up from this dream? Once you have obtained all these questions then you can properly put together the state of your emotion towards this dream.

The feeling of a broken teeth/tooth is embarrassing and can create an effect that all is not well. It is a situation where a person has painful experience to share concerning a person, thing, family, career, marriage but he or she doesn’t know who to share them with.

However if you constantly dream of a broken teeth or a broken tooth or even a falling out teeth this shows a level of insecurity, and instability in your life. Thought there is an important lesson to take away from thus article about teeth dream which is protecting your destiny from shame.

Dreaming about a falling out teeth shows that your voice will not gain authority. That is, you will not be impactful with your speech. This is serious when you are a public speaker. There will be no more power and confidence. When you feel that you are communicating to your audience, it can be very disappointing when they gain nothing. Its an attack!

There are many people that believe that when someone’s teeth are broken, crumbled, rotten, falling out in a dream is an instance of good health and longevity. It is a big lie from the pit of hell.

In my 10 years of dream interpretation, I’ve discovered from people that experience this kind of dream are always plagued with shame, sorrow, failed relationship and a sudden embarrassment etc.

This type of anxiety dream remind us of issues we may have in our waking life about self-esteem, decision-making, and assertiveness. The nature of the dream can point to negative meanings.

For example, dreaming about having bad teeth could be a sign of sin., or the way you use your mouth to gossip, lie and to curse people and also interpret a method to examine the way you show or assert yourself in public life, whether it’s at work or in personal relationships.


The front teeth are representation of ourselves. When a person laughs or speaks, the front teeth are those set that people see. So when it comes to this dream, the outlook is different. The Bible says something in Ecclesiastics 11:6, ”Many mighty men have been greatly disgraced; and the honourable delivered into other men’s hands”. This make us to agree to the fact that a broken front teeth in a dream can plagued people into the spirit of disgrace and shame. It also shows that the secret of your power or perhaps the edge pf your power has been stolen or hijacked by the enemies. I want to ask you this: Be honest with me. How do you feel if your front teeth are broken in the waking life? Whether you believe it or not, teeth broken are disturbing and its consequences can harm a person’s destiny from being noticed, loved and favoured by people. Proverb 6:3 says, ”A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.” However, if you also dream that the front teeth of another person (unknown) were broken then there is no cause for alarm. This shows the Lord is feeding all your enemies with the food of sorrow, reproach and mourning. Isn’t that interesting? In addition to this, if a woman always dream of broken teeth, she should gather her strength to pray against sickness, unstable relationship, disappointment, shame all rounds. A man had series of front teeth being broken and all his riches went down. The power of the father’s house or mother’s house can use this dream to weak a believer’s faith. This is a serious matter. We need to rise up and pray for God to restore our destinies – this is very important.


Dreaming of losing your teeth or tooth you stand a risk of losing your virtues. When you lose your teeth you will lose your blessings. When you lose your teeth in a dream, you will lose your joy. When you lose your teeth, you automatically lose your inner power.

When you lose your teeth, the source of your wisdom go dry gradually. This dream is usually influenced by the devil to rubbish the life of a person and make the person a mockery.

I pray that your life will not be mocked in Jesus name. So it is very bad as a Christian to witness loss in the dream. It is sad but truth that tooth/teeth falling out dreams are commonly experienced by people who have foundational problems.  The sad feeling that you get in the dream when your teeth are broken can represent a tragedy or even untimely death that may come in the future.

The Bible explains teeth in Psalm 58:6 when King David prays for God to destroy his enemies. He asks God to “Break their teeth in their mouth.” Teeth are needed to chew food, they represent power. To break someone’s teeth would be to reduce their power, reduce their ability to survive. So losing your teeth in a dream could also relate to a loss of power and wisdom.

ILLUSTRATION: A lady wrote me from Lagos, Nigeria recently that she had a dream that 5 of her teeth were broken into pieces and she was unable to pick them up from the ground. Unfortunately, the power of darkness has been confronting her through that dream to paralyze her marital plans with a guy whom she was planning to marry. By the time she realize what happened, the young man broke up with her. You could imagine a relationship of 10 years was blow off by the wicked at the edge of her marital destiny.

Point your hand to your forehead and declare this pray: Bad luck at the edge of my marital blessings, go back to your senders and choke them to death, in Jesus name.

So dreaming of broken teeth, rotten teeth, falling out tooth remains a sign of disappointment. Losing your teeth while in a crowd may indicate that the arrow of public shame has been fired against you. Perhaps you’ll be talking to people but all of a sudden one of your teeth was broken, painful or shaken. They are signs that you are likely to be programmed with a curse.


Psalm 58:6, ”Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth: break out the great teeth of the young lions, O LORD. ”

The Bible explains how the power of God can break the teeth of the devil.  To dream about teeth falling out means there is an agenda of the enemy to put you to shame and disgrace.

That’s why the enemy is employing every strategy to attack the power of your tongue. The Word of God is against the operation of the enemy in your life, and they will never succeed, in Jesus name. When a teeth is falling out in a dream represent a spiritual attack.

Check out the following signs of a biblical meaning of teeth falling out in the dream. .

  • Nakedness
  • To notify your spiritual weakness
  • To display those bad things that you have being hiding from people.
  • To reduce you nothing in the family
  • To bring problems between you and your loved ones.





  1. O Lord, touch my tongue with Your coal of fire!!! PURGE my iniquities by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  2. Power to decree a thing and it will be established, fall upon me now!!! in the name of Jesus.
  3. It is written (Psalm 58:6): “Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out, O LORD, the fangs of the lions!”
  4. Therefore, every teeth of the lion of darkness, assigned against me, B-R-E-A-K TO PIECES, in the name of Jesus.
  5. It is written (Job 29:17): “I broke the jaws of godless oppressors and plucked their victims from their teeth.”
  6. Therefore, every power swallowing my blessings, LOSE your teeth and VOMIT them now!!! in the name of Jesus.
  7. O God arise and save me from the teeth of the wicked! in the name of Jesus.
  8. Hammer of God, Arise and break the cheekbone of every enchanter assigned against my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Dark incantations designed to capture my glory, perish by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every power assigned to make me weep and gnash my teeth, you are a liar! FAIL by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  11. Every satanic boast against my destiny, collapse by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  12. Every ravenous beast compassing my life this year, ROAST by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  13. Terrible teeth! Fearsome teeth!! assigned to waste my destiny this year, bite your senders, in the name of Jesus.
  14. Every sharp and cursing tongue assigned against my family and destiny, ROAST!!! in the name of Jesus.
  15. Every mouth with satanic anointing cursing my life, receive seven-fold harvest of your curses, in the name of Jesus.
  16. Every teeth of anguish designed to to crush my destiny in sorrow, DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.
  17. Every iron teeth and claws of brass assigned to devour my miracles this year, melt away by Holy Ghost Fire!!! in the name of Jesus
  18. Every power chewing my destiny, your time is up! VOMIT me now and Die!!! in the name of Jesus.
  19. Every altar of enchantment raised against my breakthrough this year, S-C-A-T-T-E-R!!! in the name of Jesus.
  20. Swallowing powers working overtime to swallow destinies this year, I am not your candidate, therefore, DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.
  21. Cursing powers, hear the word of the Lord: let your power base dry up now!!! in the name of Jesus.
  22. Every curse issued against my life, GO BACK to your sender, CHOKE your sender to death now!!! in the name of Jesus.
  23. Serpentine tongues assigned to deceive my destiny, what are you waiting for? Die!!! in the name of Jesus.
If you have any dreams, please don't hesitate to share it with me on my Youtube. I will be happy to proffer solutions to your dream requests.
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Why do you dream of broken teeth? Let's find out!

Everyone dreams. Sometimes he does not remember them, and sometimes visions, on the contrary, are firmly imprinted in his memory. And it’s good if it’s a good rainbow dream about traveling to Bali, for example, or about buying a luxury foreign car. And if the dream is bad and left an unpleasant aftertaste? Do not rush to get upset! Sometimes the most seemingly terrible nightmares in real life promise wealth, fame and a successful marriage. Why dream of broken teeth, for example? Let's try to figure this out.

So, what does it mean to dream of a broken tooth?

Psychologists assure that such a dream signifies that a person has some problems that are difficult for him to cope with, or he cannot do it at all. That is, this or that situation turned out to be too tough for him, he is not able to resolve it and subconsciously worries about it.

A person who has seen such a dream should think about what worries him and try to figure it out. Maybe you need to seek help from close people whom he trusts. When a difficult situation is left behind, sleep will also go away.

Denise Lynn's dream book

Now let's see why broken teeth are dreamed of in Denise Lynn's dream book. He convinces that such a dream indicates that a person in real life talks too much - he chews on various topics, and it's time to tie it up. It is better to pay attention to your shortcomings, because everyone has them, and work on them. Also, such a dream symbolizes the waste of energy. This is a sign that you need to let her go in some more favorable direction.

And here is how the Mayan dream book answers the question of why broken teeth dream. Allegedly, such a dream means growth and spiritual development. Something new and better comes to replace the old.

Noble dream book

And what will the noble dream book tell us about this? A broken tooth in a dream indicates a loss of strength and that you need to close your mouth and stop gossiping. Also, according to him, teeth mean determination. If a person’s tooth is broken in a dream, it means that he does not have the courage to solve some kind of conflict or problem situation once and for all. You need to build character and learn to say “no” when it is required.

Why dream of broken teeth according to the dream book of health? According to him, this means that, most likely, a person has problems with digestion or the gastrointestinal tract. It might be worth visiting a doctor.

But the Russian dream book offers the following interpretation of sleep. Teeth broken or falling out during a night dream promise conflicts at work in real life, maybe even a quarrel with superiors. In the near future, after such a dream, you need to be more careful, keep your eyes open and carefully fulfill your labor duties.

Family dream book

And this is what the family dream book tells us. A broken tooth means that the person who had such a dream took on an unreasonable burden. Maybe the management saves on him, forcing him to do the work for three, so as not to spend money on new employees, or maybe he has too many household chores and is deprived of a good rest. One way or another, it is worth reconsidering your attitude to life, because you won’t earn all the money and you won’t redo all the things. It is necessary to slow down for a while, exhale and take a break to restore wasted strength.

According to the village dream book, if one tooth is broken in a dream, bad news should be expected. If two, then a strip of minor troubles is coming. Well, if three or more teeth are broken, a serious misfortune can occur. You need to be careful and careful, especially on the road.

The true dream book has a very voluminous interpretation on the topic of broken teeth. It all depends on which tooth is damaged. According to this dream book, the lower teeth symbolize a woman, the upper teeth symbolize a man. Next comes the specifics. The front teeth are children, the right eye tooth means the father, the left one means the mother. Molar teeth are good friends or close relatives. You need to remember which of the teeth broke in a dream. After all, this means that a certain family member is in for trouble, illness or a family quarrel.

Popular beliefs

According to popular beliefs, a broken or chipped tooth in a dream in real life promises bad luck, broken plans, awkward situations and unpleasant stories.

A person who has seen such a dream should keep himself in control for some time, not participate in scandals, not trumpet at all corners about his grandiose plans for the future ... In general, as they say, be quieter than water and lower than grass. Perhaps then the troubles will not touch him.

A small conclusion

These are the interpretations of dreams about broken teeth. To believe night visions or not is everyone's personal choice. However, whatever you dream about, you should not attach too much importance to it - you do not need to voluntarily become a magnet for trouble!

Why dream of a broken tooth?

I dreamed that all my teeth were loose, which means that the time of large financial losses is approaching. They will cause severe diseases. Prepare a financial cushion and try not to take problems to heart. No wonder they say that all diseases appear from the nerves.

To lose the front incisor without blood in a dream - to the sad news about distant relatives. The upper one fell out - to the death of a male relative, the lower one - a woman will leave their life, a fang - to a dead man who died of old age.

If the loss of the front teeth was accompanied by blood, misfortune will happen to parents, brothers, sisters or children. Milk incisors symbolize change, new plans, priorities. A dream where the sleeper lost his front teeth predicts not only death. A night dream means shame, undermining reputation, loss of influence. A woman's dream warns of a possible rape, the acquisition of a gynecological disease.

To interpret a dream, it is necessary to bring together all the details of the night's plot. Esotericists advise to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The place that appeared in the dream (for example, dentistry, house, street).
  • The presence of other dream heroes.
  • Participation of symbolic animals such as snakes.
  • Presence or absence of blood.
  • The occurrence of pain.
  • The presence of an object that caused the tooth to break off.

The main meaning of a dream in which a tooth is broken is deprivation and loss in the near future. People have always believed that teeth symbolize changes in relatives and close people, as well as changes in well-being.

Losing a part of a tooth means losing a part of yourself (in the physical or spiritual sense). At the same time, all specialists in the interpretation of dreams believe that anything can be dreamed of, but only what the sleeper himself believes in comes true.

Who broke a tooth in a dream?

  • At a friend's - to a quarrel with her;
  • In the dreamer - to discord with loved ones;
  • For the boss - a promotion at work;
  • The son has a sign of the dreamer's excessive love for himself;
  • In an infant - to groundless and empty experiences;
  • Wife - to useless chores;
  • Father - to make a serious mistake;
  • Daughter - to change the social circle;
  • For her husband - to rivalry and trouble because of ill-wishers;
  • At the doctor - to the collapse of hopes;
  • In a dog - to failure;
  • In a cat - to the loss of a means of income;
  • The snake - fortunately and well-being.


  • Black, foul-smelling teeth , dreams of quarrels, false gossip, worries about passing youth. Overcoming difficulties, you will bring yourself to nervous exhaustion, which will cause illness.
  • Night dream with a rotten smile warns of future failures in business, ruin, poverty. The death of a friend is likely. If one of the spouses saw the damaged incisors, a serious quarrel awaits them.
  • I dreamed of caries - there is an informer in the immediate environment.
  • The rotten smile of the enemy means victory in a lawsuit, a friend - his suffering.

Interpretation of dream books

Miller's dream book

According to Miller, broken teeth do not bring anything good. A broken or chipped tooth can be a symbol of a hurt ego. The resentment that the dreamer concealed in himself will not allow him to live in peace further. However, a dream in which a tooth was lost or broken while chopping nuts portends good luck to the sleeper.

Vanga's dream book

If the dreamer felt relieved when he saw a chipped tooth, then good can be expected. Perhaps he will solve an old problem or get rid of unnecessary worries.

Dream Interpretation of Z. Freud

A tooth broken for some unknown reason speaks of imminent significant changes in the life of the sleeping person. Changing your lifestyle will be painful.

Dream Interpretation of Tsvetkov

To the loss of a little thing that belongs to another person.

Loff's Dream Book

A broken tooth symbolizes trouble. For a man to see one broken tooth in a dream - to resolve controversial issues; two - to moral exhaustion; three - to an accident. A woman to see such a dream is an unsuccessful attempt to correct a mistake.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Dream of breaking a tooth to the division of property. Feeling a broken tooth in your mouth promises victory over rivals. The loss of a rotten tooth portends a decline in vitality and motivation.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

For a man to see a broken tooth portends the loss of a large amount of money, and for a stranger - to get a negative experience. For a woman, such a dream promises bad news.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

A tooth falling out of the mouth along with a crown portends a deceit on the part of a loved one, a tooth falling to the ground indicates an impending illness. To see one tooth broken - to unpleasant news, several - to the loss of a loved one, a lot - to a sudden deterioration in financial condition.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Loss of a tooth with blood warns of problems at work. To break a wisdom tooth for a man speaks of an imminent relationship with a jealous woman; a broken implant warns of health problems. A broken tooth for a woman - to worries, for a mother - for a quarrel with her, for a friend - for the appearance of envious people and ill-wishers.

Azar's Dream Interpretation

A broken tooth indicates a lack of help from loved ones. If a loose tooth is broken, then betrayal from those closest to you should be expected. If the tooth was extended, then they will gossip about the dreamer. If the tooth was inserted, then you need to be prepared for major troubles.

Dream Interpretation Kananita

Such a dream speaks of an impending disaster. Breaking a front tooth in a dream is a sign of poor health. Breaking a chisel - to financial problems and deprivation. A broken fang portends trouble at work.

Dream Interpretation Veles

The remains of decayed teeth portend happiness and good luck. If the damaged teeth were artificial or with fillings, then the dreamer needs to give up blindly following people. Someone from the environment has too much influence on the sleeper.

Aesop's dream book

A broken tooth symbolizes dissatisfaction with your partner. To break a white tooth dreams of a deterioration in relations with loved ones. For a married man, such a dream speaks of problems at work. Single portends a rivalry with someone close. He speaks to the elderly about grief in the family.

Wanderer's Dream Interpretation

A similar dream warns deceit on the part of relatives. For a married woman, such a dream speaks of difficulties in achieving her goal, the young one promises a humiliating act, the bride - jealousy and distrust on the part of her beloved, the elderly - to trouble.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

Such a dream warns of the betrayal of a loved one. For men, this dream speaks of troubles and misunderstandings. Women about the need to overcome many difficulties.

Dream interpretation of the healer Akulina

To see in a dream a broken tooth that began to rot, to health problems. It is worth expecting diseases of the oral cavity.

English dream book

A dream about a lost tooth warns of financial problems. If a lost tooth breaks, then you need to be prepared for injury. If the staggering one breaks down, then the sleeper will face some minor troubles. If the fallen tooth is broken, then one of the relatives will soon get sick.

French dream book

A broken and crumbling tooth indicates that the dreamer has a feeling of guilt for his misconduct.

Assyrian dream book

A tooth broken during a fight warns of trouble. A tooth broken due to a fall speaks of imminent tragic love.

Modern dream book

A fallen tooth portends the appearance of envious people. For a married woman to notice a broken tooth in her husband's mouth - to family troubles, for a child - to failures in endeavors, for a mother - to danger.

Phoebe's big dream book

A broken molar prophesies problems at work. Breakage of the front - at a loss. A broken fang warns of moral burnout.

Chinese dream book

Such a dream portends the appearance of a deceiver and a swindler in the circle of communication of a dreamer.

Islamic dream book

A broken tooth and blood speak of the dreamer's regret about his deed.

Russian dream book

A broken tooth warns of a bad deal. Trying to root out a tooth is a problem at work. Spitting out an already broken tooth - to physical and moral exhaustion.

Slavic dream book

For a woman, a broken front tooth dreams of cheating on her husband, a broken wisdom tooth - for a pleasant pastime, a root - for moral fatigue.

Ukrainian dream book

Such a dream speaks of a deterioration in the sleeper's well-being. During pregnancy, such a dream warns of financial difficulties.

Family dream book

Loss of teeth portends the division of property. For a virgin, such a dream speaks of health problems.

Noble dream book

Loss of diseased teeth dreams of solving problems.

Esoteric dream book

Broken or fallen teeth promise unfair accusations from loved ones. It will be extremely difficult to justify.

Dream book of love

Men dream of a broken tooth to a decline in moral and physical strength, breaking fangs - to a loss of status, a full mouth of rotten teeth speaks of serious problems.

For women, breaking a tooth in the process of eating promises trouble in achieving the goal, the loss of a diseased tooth is an empty chore.

Dream Interpretation for Women

For a young girl, such a dream speaks of the appearance of obstacles in achieving the goal, a virgin - to the betrayal of a loved one, a bride - to frivolous behavior, a married woman - to stress and worries due to the behavior of children.

Dream book for men

A married man dreams of such a dream to gossip and conspiracies, a single man - to an injury, an elderly man - to health problems.

Lunar dream book

A dream on a full moon promises the appearance of a serious illness in someone close; on the new moon - to deceive a close friend; on the waning moon - to the sadness of the departed; on the rise - to misunderstanding in the family.

Intimate dream book

For a married man, such a dream portends the need to work hard, for a single man - health problems, for an elderly man - unexpected expenses.

To a married woman - to worries about work, to an unmarried woman - to fear and stress, to a bride - to a worsening financial situation.

Village dream book

Loss of rotten and diseased teeth dreams of solving problems. Loss of healthy ones warns of illness.

True dream book

Problems with teeth are dreamed as a sign of a person's uncertainty in his words. It is worth becoming more self-confident and deciding what the dreamer needs.

Winter dream book

Dreaming of losing teeth means receiving unpleasant news. Men dream of breaking a tooth while eating to problems at work, while falling - to deceit and loss of money.

Summer dream book

Broken teeth in a dream promise problems and troubles in achieving your goals.

Autumn dream book

Such a dream speaks of troubles and conflicts with friends, relatives and former lovers.

Home dream book

A married woman has such a dream as a herald of a serious illness. This dream warns a young girl about large expenses.

Creative dream book

Such a dream speaks of the receipt of a laborious but significant task at work. For a married woman, the loss of a front tooth portends quarrels and misunderstandings in the family.

Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

For a single man, such a dream speaks of impending conflicts with his entire environment.

Dream Interpretation by Days of the Week

  • From Sunday to Monday - to family troubles;
  • From Monday to Tuesday - to fear of the future;
  • From Tuesday to Wednesday - to the disease;
  • From Wednesday to Thursday - to stop communicating with a loved one;
  • From Thursday to Friday - to prolonged loneliness;
  • From Friday to Saturday - to a difficult choice;
  • From Saturday to Sunday - to unexpected expenses.

The symbolism of the image

Teeth in dreams symbolizes a kindred beginning: close and dear people and events connected with them.

The anterior ones are connected with close relatives: the upper ones are in the male line, the lower ones are in the female line. Frontal - show younger brothers, sisters or children.

If the teeth interfere in the mouth, this is a source of contention. But if you dream of a broken front tooth that falls out without blood, this prophesies the death of an old non-blood relative.

If a married woman dreams of a piece of a tooth or a part of a root, she should take a closer look at her husband, since betrayal on his part is not ruled out.

When interpreting the image, it is important to take into account the dreamer's well-being in a dream, as well as many details of the plot. Please note:

  • which part broke off and where;
  • whether there was blood;
  • whether pain was felt.

Painless loss of the incisor can be interpreted in a positive way - perhaps soon you will find out some good news or what you dreamed about will come true.

Rotting often symbolizes illness. However, if you dream that a broken tooth has rotted completely, this may show a solution to an annoying problem or recovery from a serious illness.

If back eights fall out, this dream is connected with your relationships with other people - you will experience difficulties (perhaps even betrayal or deceit).

Artificial teeth (crowns, dentures) often indicate friendships. For example, losing a crown in a dream is a quarrel with a friend or a break with a good friend.

Is it necessary to be afraid of the consequences

Summing up, it is worth saying the main thing. Sleepers receive warnings through the subconscious and open energy channels for the sole purpose of being able to change something for the better. The stories listed above are not a cause for alarm and fear. This is an additional chance to meet difficulties in full combat readiness.

Dreaming about a broken tooth is not an inevitable loss. A dreamed trouble only warns of the possibility of waking tests, gives time to prepare for them. At the same time, knowledge of the nature of the tests, their source will help in overcoming. In addition, sleep may have one more, the simplest and most obvious interpretation: the sleeper was tormented by real dental problems.

Incisor position

It is also very important to remember which tooth is affected. If the root is broken, then problems will arise in elderly relatives. If the sleeper saw a fragment of the front, trouble can happen to a small child. If you see crooked teeth and they crumble a lot, this portends favorable changes and getting rid of the disease.

But if an even dentition is crushed into small pieces, perhaps the sleeping person will plunge into a romantic adventure. If ceramic, metal and other artificial crowns are broken, such a vision can promise a relative's illness or a sense of shame.

The most common meanings

In addition to the information that is indicated in the dream books, it is worth taking into account the actual meanings of dreams. Many people who dreamed of such plots in a dream note that that chipped teeth usually portend the following changes:

  1. The most common meaning of such dreams is the presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is worth checking the condition of the liver, intestines, stomach, biliary tract. And it is better for the representatives of the stronger sex to visit a urologist.
  2. In some cases, splintered teeth indicated real problems with teeth and gums. It is worth visiting the dentist, as well as getting a new toothbrush and a good rinse solution.
  3. Such dreams also remind you that you should pay as much attention to your health and inner balance as possible.


The situation is similar with relatives. It is in their presence that loss is often accompanied by blood. If so, then the danger comes from blood relatives. But in general, the interpretation of dream events is highly dependent on the behavior of relatives. For example, when there is no blood, and relatives are worried, trying to help, someone else will be the source of trouble, and relatives will help find a solution.

Breakdown in front of relatives, even without blood, can mean betrayal, treason. If a man or woman dreams that the loss happened with her spouse, it is worth checking her life partner for honesty.

But such an interpretation is valid only on the condition that suspicions did not visit the sleeper while he was awake. If a jealous dreamer dreamed of this, this is only a sign that suspicions do not let him go for a moment.

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