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The Real Reason Bill Maher Never Got Married

By Dylan Parker

It seems like when it comes to relationships, Bill Maher revealed alongside Howard Stern he's all about the single life.

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Bill Maher has never been shy about sharing his opinion. The man makes a living doing it, after all. While some of his interviews have gotten heated and he's unintentionally encouraged some to want to cancel him due to what they deem "controversial behavior", there's no denying he has a huge following. Most of these people, who are fans of his HBO talk show Real Time, find themselves in the middle of the political spectrum, disillusioned with what's happening on the left and the right. On top of this, Bill's stand-up career has built him an absolute massive fanbase that's contributed to his vast net worth.

Despite all of his financial success, notoriety, and his contributions to the comedic and political world, Bill has never married. In fact, the majority of his relationships have been under the radar. Many wonder why Bill hasn't been involved with someone seriously. After all, he has the charm, the money, the fame, and the intellect to basically be with whoever he wants. Even still, Bill won't settle down. Here's why he's never been married and isn't likely to ever get married.

Fans of Real Time With Bill Maher or his stand-up know that he's not shy about sharing his distaste for relationships. So many of his best comedy bits have been based around that. But even when ranting about politics on his HBO show, Bill has revealed the true reasons why he prefers to be single. In February 2021, Bill did a "New Rules" segment about how U.S. economic policies always revolve around families as opposed to single people, who are now a larger part of the demographic. In this informative and funny bit, Bill shed light on why he is happy to be among that latter demo.

"Do any politician get how insulting [this policy focus] is to such a large swath of people?" Bill asked. "You like kids and family? Great. You do you. But for millions of others, getting a good night's sleep, not sharing the remote, or changing dirty diapers, never having to have a relationship talk, or listen to a passive-aggressive sigh... priceless."

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In an old stand-up routine, Bill joked that marriage was a trade-off. For example, he joked that you trade "good sex for good food" when you get married. Ultimately, it's about a certain lifestyle that Bill wants to lead. He doesn't want to have all the commitment and the obligations and lose out on the "great sex". While he's also cited political reasons for not getting married and having kids (mostly to do with the fact that more children eat up more economic and environmental resources), the main reason why he hasn't gotten married is that he prefers to be single.

Bill Maher Just Doesn't Understand Monogamy

While Bill has talked about marriage and relationships on his talk show, as well as in his stand-up bits, the most honest he has been about the subject is while talking to Howard Stern. Not only because Howard is a phenomenal interviewer who gets that type of information out of his guests but because the two disagree on the subject of marriage so intensely. During Bill's 2019 appearance on The Stern Show, he explained that he believes he and Howard are alike in so many ways except for anything to do with relationships and marriage. Where Howard is monogamous and has spent most of his life with just two women, Bill is constantly meeting new partners.

"I never understood [marriage] -- I've tried to have relationships, I've been in love, I've known some amazing, a couple, women," Bill explained to Howard. "But I never understood how you can be with the same person just day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, I just don't get that."

"Oh my god, I find it so wonderful and relaxing and I don't feel that pressure and how weird it is to bring somebody new into your life," Howard said in response. "You love being alone?"

"Love it! Love it!" Bill stated. "I like all my time. To decide what to do with all my time."

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In an interview between the two icons on Real Time just a couple of months later, Howard asked if Bill had a girlfriend. Bill's response was "not in the traditional sense." While he did say that he does have someone in his life who he "adores" and makes him feel good, he also stated that there's usually more than one.

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Who Is Bill Maher's Girlfriend? Here's a Look at His Personal Life


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If you've ever seen a single episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, you're likely familiar with Bill Maher's hilarious (and sometimes heated) spats about current news and politics. Thanks to his illustrious career in Hollywood, Bill has become a respected and beloved voice in the industry, and someone that fans can turn to for a refreshing dose of candidness at any given time.

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One thing that Bill has made a hallmark of his persona is his brutal honesty about life, even personal issues that affect him. However, he hasn't spent a particularly large amount of time talking about the current status of who he is dating. So, who is Bill's girlfriend right now, if he does have one, and what else do we know about his love life? Here's a breakdown.

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Bill's girlfriend is a Canadian-born singer and they've been together for some time.

According to a 2019 report from Yahoo, the last time anyone checked on Bill's love life, he was dating Canadian singer Anjulie Persaud, known by her fans as Anjulie. The couple have reportedly been together since 2014, which would mean that this is one of Bill's longest relationships ever. 

For a man who has adamantly stated his aversion to settling down many times over the years, being with the same person for about seven years seems out-of-character, but clearly, Bill and Anjulie are happy together.

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A post shared by Anjulie 🇨🇦🇬🇾🇮🇳 (@anjuliemusic)

Anjulie is a singer and songwriter of Indo-Guyanese descent. She has released just one self-titled album but has an impressive list of collaborators on individual songs that have made her a pretty well-known artist worldwide. She counts stars such as Diplo, Zedd, Boombox Cartel, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, TheFatRat, Benny Benassi, and many others a part of her impressive discography.

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Bill has been with a pretty long list of women in the past.

Bill has consistently dated around for a large majority of his career. He's been rumored to have dated or linked to the likes of Tracy Richman, Adrienne Barbeau, Heather Hunter, Amber Lee Smith, Arianna Huffington, Karin Taylor Brook Lee, Vanessa Kay, Aiko Tanaka, Bai Ling, Kaya Jones, Rochelle Loewen, Thora Birch, and Ann Coulter.

Clearly, Bill has been with women from a variety of backgrounds in entertainment and fame in general. However, it seems as though he may have finally found his person in Anjulie, although he may be reluctant to admit it or actually settle down for real. Only time will tell how their relationship continues to develop if it does at all.

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Bill has an impressive net worth thanks to his years in the spotlight.

The television personality has accrued a pretty impressive net worth over the years thanks to his time on television. According to Wealthy Genius, Bill has made an impressive $150 million over the years due to a combination of his work on television, endorsement deals, and other personal business endeavors.

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He recently tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated.

Bill's name has been in the news as of late thanks to an anomaly far removed from his efforts as a TV host. Despite being vaccinated against COVID-19, Bill still managed to contract the virus. He shared the news that he tested positive for COVID on Twitter, telling fans that he is asymptomatic and feeling fine. 

People want to know what vaccine Bill received before coming down with the virus, but neither he nor his representation shared that information. Nonetheless, he is quarantining at home until the situation changes. 

HBO has shifted taping of its Friday, May 14, episode of Real Time pending Bill testing negative for the virus. No other members of the show's crew tested positive for COVID since Bill was diagnosed, meaning it was likely an isolated incident.


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    Bill Maher Biography, age, education, wife, net worth and live show,

    Famous People In The Usa

    Bill Maher is an American comedian, actor, political commentator, and television host on the HBO Real Talk Show. He is also known as the host of Politically Incorrect and Comedy Central on ABC Tv.

    Bill Maher Early life and education

    Maher was born and raised in New York to a Catholic family. Maher had just realized that his mother was from Hungary and was Jewish when he was thirteen years old. By that time, Maher did not agree with Catholic beliefs, and the father stopped taking them to Catholic services. nine0003

    Maher attended Pascack Hills High School in Montval and graduated in 1974. He then attended Cornell University and in 1978 advanced in English and History.

    Photograph of Bill Maher

    Bill Maher's Career

    Real Time Show

    Maher joins Real-Time Show as host, weekly political comedian with Real Time co-producer on cable television channel HBO. HBO renewed the series in 2016 and 2018, completing sixteen seasons. nine0003

    Maher prefers to invite elite people to his show than invite celebrities. Along with his previous show "Political Incorrect", Maher begins "Real Time" with a rising comedian. The monologue is primarily based entirely on the events of today and exclusively topical problems.

    what happened to kristen hampton wbtv

    He proceeds to an individual interview with the visitor, each in the studio or via satellite TV for PC TV for portable TV for PC. After the interview, Maher sits with or three panelists, usually next to experts, writers, activists, actors, politicians and journalists to tell you about the sporting events of the week. nine0003

    Bill Maher Age

    He was born on January 20, 1956 in New York, United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on January 20th.

    Thomas James Burris 2018

    Bill Maher wife

    Bill is currently dating Cara Santa Maria. He has been in relationships with Jasmine Boussem, Charmaine Blake, Aubrey Lemon, Karrin Steffans, Torah Birch.

    Bill Maher body measurements

    • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
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    9000 Bill Maher Clean cost

    Maher has an estimated net worth of $100 million thanks to a successful career as a TV presenter.

    Bill Maher shows

    • Live -2003
    • Politically incorrectly-1993
    • Charlie Juveri-1991
    • Hard shots (1987)
    • Amazon Fishbowl-2006
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      Maher ?

      Maher is an American television host, comedian and political commentator.

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      Maher ? nine0027

      As of 2019, Maher is 63 years old. He was born in 1956.

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      Maher ?

      He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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      Maher's fortune is estimated at 100 million dollars.

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      Maher lives in Los Angeles, USA.

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      Maher is alive and well.

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      Maher is a live talk show host.

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      Bill Maher Biography, age, wife, YouTube, politically incorrect and real time.

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      Who is Bill Maher | Bill Maher, biography and wiki

      Bill Maher is an American comedian, political commentator, and television personality. He is known for HBO's real-time political appearances with Bill Maher (2003–present) and a similar late-night show called Politically Incorrect (1993–2002), originally on Comedy Central and later on ABC.

      Bill Maher Age | Birthday | D.O.B

      He is 64 years old as of 2020 and was born on January 20, 1956 in New York City, New York, United States of America. He celebrates his birthday every year on January 20th. On January 20, 2020, he will turn 64 years old.

      Coco Vandeweghe net worth

      Bill Maher Height and weight

      He is about 1.73 meters tall. His weight measurements will be added soon. nine0003

      Bill Maher Education

      He graduated from Pascak Hills High School in Monval in 1974. He then went to Cornell University where he double-majored in English and History and graduated in 1978.

      Bill Maher's family

      He is the child of William Aloysius Maher, Jr., was a system news editor and radio host, and his mother, Julie Maher (née Berman), was a nurse. He was raised in the Catholic religion of his Irish-American father. Until his first teenage years, he did not know that his mother, whose family was from Hungary, was Jewish. Because of his conflict with the Catholic Church's prescriptions to prevent conception, Maher's father stopped taking Maher and his sister to Catholic community meetings when Maher was thirteen. nine0003

      Photo of Bill Maher

      Girlfriends of Bill Maher

      Maher never married. Regarding his marital status, Maher is quoted on his website as saying, “I am the rest of my mates who never married and their spouses, they don't need them to play with me. I'm like someone who escaped from a slave, I bring news of opportunity."

      In 2003, he started dating former Playboy Cyber ​​Girl Coco Johnsen. In November 2004, near the end of their 17-month relationship, Johnsen sued Maher for 9million dollars for "torment and patience" for "annoying, embarrassing and demeaning racial remarks". Her lawsuit stated that Maher vowed to marry her and father her children, support her financially, and buy a house in Beverly Hills. Johnsen's lawsuit also alleged that she quit her job as an airline steward and modeled with him infrequently.

      Maher's attorneys, in their response, recorded November 23, 2004, in Los Angeles Superior Court, stated that Maher is an "approved lone ranger and also open" who "never vowed to marry [Johnsen] or have sex with [Johnsen] young people" . Maher's entry states that after the relationship ended, Johnsen "launched a crusade to humiliate, humiliate and blackmail insane amounts of money from Bill Maher." Johnsen recently charged another ex-cavalier with assault and theft at 1997, and the charges were later acquitted due to lack of evidence. The suit was satisfied on May 2, 2005.

      In 2005, he started dating Karrin Steffans, an A-list creator and previous hip bounce model. At the point when reporters recommended an example of his dating in light of the fact that his better half and previous lover were black, Maher stated, “Some people say I like black women. Robert De Niro loves dark ladies. I just like real ladies and they are black.” Since 2009through 2011, Maher dated previous associate professor, science teacher and co-host of the current Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Kara Santa Maria. In 2014, Maher dated Ontario-based singer Anjulie Perso.

      Bill Maher Facts & Body Measurements

      Here are some interesting facts about Bill Maher that you shouldn't miss. }

      • Full name: William Maher
      • Age / How old?: Age 64
      • Date of Birth: January 20, 1956
      • Place of Birth: New York, New York, USA
      • Education: He graduated from Pascack Hills High School in Monval in 194.
      • Birthday: January 20,
      • Nationality: American
      • Father name: William Aloisius Maher Jr.0006 Katy Maher
      • married Comedian, political commentator and broadcaster
      • Net Worth: $100 million

      Bill Maher Live Show

      With Bill Maher, the talk show continues week after week on HBO, hosted by comedian and political satirist Bill Maher . Like his previous series Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central and later on ABC, Real Time has a group of attendees who talk about the latest political and media developments. Unlike the last show, attendees tend to have a better understanding of the topic, with more specialists such as columnists, teachers and legislators participating on the board, and fewer on-screen characters and famous people. nine0003

      how old is Marty Brennaman's wife

      True Time is a one-week, one-hour program with a studio audience that airs live on Friday nights at 10:00 pm ET. It starts at Studio 33 ("Bob Barker's Studio") at CBS Television City in Los Angeles. What's more, the 10-15 minute portion of "Extra Time" quickly follows the YouTube show (live) which responds to addresses posted by viewers on the HBO online site for the show. During the COVID-19 pandemicLive with Bill Maher has moved from Studio 33 to recording from Bill's home in Hollywood, where attendees currently appear remotely rather than face-to-face, starting April 3, 2020.

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      Starting with the scene on April 3, 2020, Real Time with Bill Maher briefly balanced its configuration. The scenes, despite everything, begin with a monologue and end with "The New Rules," but the show's running time includes three to four top-down visitor meetings rather than a long whiteboard conversation. Visitors show up remotely while Bill takes notes from his "man cave" or outside of his nursery. There is no overtime section. nine0003

      Larry King calls Real-Time "one of the best shows on TV." Maher was a regular attendee on Larry King Live and also co-chaired on various occasions and co-hosted the latter show along with Ryan Seacrest.

      The show was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Series each year from 2005 to 2014 and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series in 2016 and 2017.

      Real-time episodes of Bill Maher
      • The first season - 20 episodes
      • The second season - 23
      • The third season - 23
      • Fourth season - 24
      • The Fifth Season - Seventh 27
      • Seventh Seventh - 31
      • 9008 9008 Season eights - 25th - 25th season - 25
      • Season Ninth - 35
      • Season Tenth - 35
      • Seventh Seventh - 35
      • Season Twelve -35
      • Season Thirteenth - 35
      • Season Fourteenth - 35
      • Season Fifteenth - Fifteenth Season - 35 9 9 9 9 9 99 9
      • Season Sixteen - 35 + Special
      • Season Seventeen - 35
      • Season 18 - 35

      Bill Maher Tonight

      also previous years. Whether or not his crowd consistently agrees with him is an alternate history. Either way, it's undeniable that Maher and Real-Time are moving the needle and causing controversy. The show leaned towards the pandemic from every angle. The administration's reaction, media involvement, and China's work are easy to debunk. nine0003

      The show is additionally available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand, and Partner Stages. Maher presented his first unique spot on the system in 1989 and has appeared on 11 HBO independent specials to date. The official creators of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER are Bill Maher, Sheila Griffiths, Mark Hurwitz, Dean Johnsen, Billy Martin; co-producer Chris Kelly; producer, Matt Wood; chief, Paul Casey.

      Bill Maher HBO

      The show is also available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand, and partner streaming platforms.

      Bill Maher Events & Tour
      • Boch Center Wang Theatre, Boston, MA - May 30, Saturday
      • Reno Ballroom, Reno, NV - July 12.
      • Borgata Casino Event Center, Atlanta City, NJ - August 2
      • Tulsa Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma - August 29

      Bill Maher and Howard Stern

      Maher himself gave an incredulous explanation, a lack of vulnerability, as his confrontation with Stern for a significant period of time was acrimonious, as both veterans who relayed it were clearly aware of when the meeting was starting. The battle apparently ended when Stern offered compensation for significant periods of treatment, which helped him overcome the envy-induced antagonistic mood he felt towards his rivals. In April, at Jerry Seinfeld's birthday celebration, Stern even told an incredulous Maher that he would visit his show as a guest. "You are the man of your announcement," Maher told Stern Friday night. nine0003

      Ruthless and Maher are local New Yorkers and all counted in the Eisenhower era. Both had fathers who also worked in radio. So the couple shares a ton for all plans and reasons, just like a fighting fish, though. The two artfully provocative interlocutors had some sandpaper inclinations they could pass on to each other. Criticizing the lone officer Maher about his lack of commitment to genuine connections, Maher taunted Stern's patient about his frankly fulfilled promise of psychotherapy in what was in any case a truly friendly bust of the ball (and in no way like a screaming duel for the last time when Maher facilitated the conversation). critical popularity hot button). nine0003

      Instead of Molotov cocktails, Maher and Stern used to greet each other. Cruel called it a betrayal from within and without that Maher kept losing Emmys for his on-air work (he won one as an executive producer for Vice), and mused on Maher's temptation during his visit to the Stern show. "I thought you were stunning," Stern said, "you really were," Maher asked Stern how he figured out how to be such a talented examiner and soon applauded Stern's new book Come Again. "That's great," Maher told his guest. nine0003

      Is Chris Berman Jewish?

      Bill Maher Vegan

      He went to Larry King Live and said he doesn't like vegetables, he just doesn't eat meat much. He doesn't eat anything from the "grocery store" or anything that comes in cans or boxes. A member of PETA's leading group, Maher doesn't like vegetables but eats little meat.

      Bill Maher Podcast
      • Ep. #529: Rep. Justin Amash, Amy Holmes
      • Ep. #528: Eric Holder, Bret Stevens
      • Ep. #527: Nancy Pelosi, Dr. David Katz

      Bill Maher Quotes
      • Men are as loyal as they can get.
      • Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease.
      • Women can no longer complain about men until they start treating them better.

      Bill Maher is politically incorrect

      Politically Incorrect is an American late-night, half-hour political talk show hosted by Bill Maher that ran from93 to 2002. It debuted on Comedy Central in 1993, moved to ABC in January 1997, and was discontinued in 2002.

      The show previously started in New York, but soon moved to Los Angeles. Scenes in New York were filmed at the CBS Broadcast Center and scenes in Los Angeles were filmed at CBS Television, where they remained after the switch to ABC.

      The main stage featured comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern co-host Robin Quivers, GOP strategist Ed Rollins and comedian Larry Miller. Visitors included Dave Matthews, Arianna Huffington, Michael McKean, Ann Coulter, Carrot Top and Christine O'Donnell. nine0003

      The show began with a short thematic monologue by Maher. At this stage, Maher introduces visitors separately, promoting their current tasks. There are usually four attendees who are a mixture of people from show business, popular culture, pundits, political advisers, and the occasional regular news person who discuss the news topics chosen by Maher. Maher described the program as "McLaughlin's Acid Group".

      Bill Maher: political net worth

      He spent a long career in the media industry during a quiet time. Through the income from his work as a media personality. He managed to amass a modest fortune. Bill's fortune is estimated at about $100 million.

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      Who is Bill Maher?

      He is an American comedian, political commentator and television host.

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