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This is a little helper for our Four Temperaments page. This short test was designed to help you figure out your classical personality type: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric or Melancholic. The test consists of only eight questions; to avoid errors, think of your most typical behavior and answer accordingly. Your predominant temperament is the one where you have the highest score; your secondary temperament is where you have your second highest score (obviously!).

1. How do you feel about unpredictable situations?
I absolutely love them. They energize me and make me feel alive!
I am not sure. It depends.
I am neutral. They don’t make me feel uncomfortable but at times I get annoyed by unexpected surprises.
It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I love routines and enjoy planning everything ahead.

2. Are you spontaneous?
Yes! I enjoy doing things at the spur of the moment!
I wouldn’t describe myself as spontaneous. I am an emotional person which means I change my mind often.
I am not spontaneous but I can take a fast decision when I have to.
I am not spontaneous at all. I enjoy careful planning and preparation.

3. Are you getting bored easily?
Yes, I get bored very fast. I can’t take routine and familiarity for very long. I need to see new places, get to know people and do new things or I will go insane.
No, not really. I tend to get attached to people and places. This keeps me from getting bored.
No, I always do something interesting. I don’t depend on other people or circumstances to make me feel happy. I have my own goals and plans – there is no place for boredom in my life.
I never experience boredom. I can easily stay in a remote place with no entertainment without getting bored.

4. Your interests:
I have a wide range of interests. However, I don’t get deeply involved in any given subject.
I am really into communication and relationships. I am interested in people around me.
I have many interests but it’s hard for me to concentrate on many different subjects at once. I tend to study one subject in detail and then move on to the next one. I am especially interested in technology. I like to figure out things and understand how everything works.
I can’t say I have many interests but I am an educated person.

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5. How emotional are you?
I am emotional, but I am not too sensitive to other people’s feelings.
I am very emotional and very sensitive.
I remain calm on the outside, even when I’m upset. In general I tend to hide my feelings and I am proud of my ability to solve problems without emotions getting in the way.
I am not emotional.

6. What’s your energy level?
Extremely high.
It depends on my mood and what’s going on in my life.
My energy levels are steady. If I feel down I can force myself to carry on as normal.
Energy level? What do you mean?

7. Your ideal weekend:
Do something new like traveling.
Have a quality time with my partner. If I am single I will read romantic books or watch romantic movies.
Take an advantage of this extra time to learn new things or acquire new skills that will help me achieve my goals.
I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

8. How do you spend your money?
I love luxury and special experiences. I tend to spend a lot.
I enjoy buying gifts for people I love.
I am good at money management. However I don’t mind spending for things that have a real value.
I always plan my spending and at times tend to be a little stingy.

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You can find detailed profiles for each pure type here:

  • Sanguine
  • Phlegmatic
  • Choleric
  • Melancholic

It’s very rare to have one pure temperament. If you are like most people, you have one predominant and one secondary temperaments, in which case you should read both profiles. Another thing you can do is to translate your temperament combo into a four-letter personality type Myers-Briggs style. For example, if your predominant temperament is Sanguine and your secondary temperament is Choleric, you are a Sanguine-Choleric. Sanguine-Choleric profile is very similar or close to the ENTP personality type. You can find all possible combinations and how they translate to 16 personalities theory on the main temperaments page. Happy reading!

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Choleric Personality – Testosterone Rules!

The Choleric personality type is associated with testosterone, and although every temperamental makeup is represented by members of both genders, most choleric people are men.

Generally, Cholerics are money- and success-oriented people. They are fascinated by stocks, investments, money markets, and all kinds of revenue generation methods, just like others are fascinated by art and poetry.

These people are very practical, and they make for naturally gifted businesspeople.

Continually looking for opportunities and always working on themselves, they build successful businesses that thrive and benefit others.

That doesn’t mean that these people are greedy for money by any means!

From their perspective, work is fun.

However, they never do well in a subordinate position – they are all about independence, financially and otherwise.

It’s About Exact Sciences!

Another unique quality of choleric people is their ability to systematize everything.

That is why they usually enjoy math and other exact sciences.

They have a hard time trying to understand why the approaches they use for solving a mathematical problem cannot be used when addressing relationship issues.

Testosterone also contributes to their spatial skills.

Their spatial skills can be reflected in musical and athletic ability, particularly sports that require spatial skills, such as soccer.

Don’t Bug Me; I’m busy!

People with a choleric personality are good at math, geometry, and engineering, which often affects their professional choices.

They are goal-oriented and have a sharp focus as they work.

Their concentration is deep and narrow. When they are busy with something, Cholerics are simply not capable of noticing other things that are going on around them.

You could think of them as kind of “one-trick-ponies”.

This type of people is very analytical and logical.

These people are kings and queens of figuring out things.

High testosterone activity in these men and women makes them very straightforward.

Generally, Choleric people don’t strive to be polite, respectful, or friendly. They do stuff according to what is convenient to them and, most importantly, is in line with their goals.

Wasting words and repeating the obvious seem pointless to them.

Forcing them to do so is a surefire way to annoy them!

Choleric personality is characterized by pragmatism, and it is typical for them to take their decisions fast and act immediately.

Unlike many others, they don’t have a problem when offered multiple choices.

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Extremely tough-minded, they act under their motto: “Talk is cheap”. It means that they rather prefer to prove themselves with action and put the talk aside.

You will hardly hear a choleric going on and on about what he is planning to do like it often happens with sanguine-phlegmatic.

This kind of behavior is extremely annoying and embarrassing to Cholerics.

Although you might think Cholerics are boring and have nothing to share, the fact of the matter is that they often are the ones who have the most fun (alone).

Years pass, and you may be amazed at what they have achieved.

It is no wonder why they are how they are. Choleric people have everything they need to excel in business, sports, or science.

They are naturally predisposed to set goals then reach them and believing in reasoning, logic, and investigation.

They are skeptical and do not trust easily. Cholerics need to investigate the facts on their own, then analyze them.

Testosterone Rules

People with a choleric personality have excellent problem-solving skills – as long as they are satisfied with the reasoning behind their strategy, they act bold and self-confident.

Both confidence and daring arise from high testosterone activity.

They have no problem with tolerating long hours of work, isolation, and discomfort if only this takes them to their goal.

Highly independent people with not much respect for diplomas and other credentials, they are armed with their autonomy and independence.

Both Choleric men and women are likely to be highly competitive, almost to the point of being aggressive, which is another sign of high testosterone activity.

People with this temperament are determined to succeed. They set high standards and work long and hard. However, they are rarely satisfied with the time and effort they spend on their projects.

They keep on raising the mark to the point where many of them live with the constant worry that one day, they will fail.

Once they disappoint themselves, they will blame themselves ruthlessly.

However, Choleric people never give up their attempts to succeed and continue striving to the goals.

They love knowledge and look for intelligent partners. Otherwise, they generally avoid socializing unless they are interested in the conversation, which of course should be somehow related to their goals.

This temperamental makeup is typically characterized by detachment from their feelings because they admire emotional control.

Cholerics strive to be logical, analytical, competent, just, and convincing.

These people usually appear calm and collected.

They don’t smile much and avoid eye contact, and despite their best efforts at total self-control, they might “lose it” sometimes and explode into rage.

Find out all about Choleric people in love and relationships.

Not sure? Take a free personality test, or go to the main page (The Four Temperaments).

The Choleric personality type is very similar to the ENTJ type, according to the 16 personalities theory.

Jung and Briggs-Myers Personality Test

This free personality test will determine your personality type in four letters using Jung's typology, which was perfected by Myers, Briggs, von Franz and van der Hoop. Our test is one of several ways to determine your Jungian personality type, which is similar, but not identical, to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) ® MBTI test), the Jung Type Indicator and similar materials.

The IDR Labs Personality Test is the property of IDR Labs International.

Our test is one of the few free tests of this type that is statistically controlled and reliable. Despite this, please note that the test is only a kind of indicator that can only roughly determine your inherent qualities.

The Myers & Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI test trademarks are owned by the Myers & Briggs Foundation, the United States of America and other countries. The MBTI test was published by The Myers-Briggs. The Young Type Indicator is owned by Psytech International.

All personality tests, whether they are official tests such as the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Jung Type Indicator tests, or free online tests such as this one, are merely indicators that can only tentatively determine your personality type. None of the tests can determine your personality type with absolute accuracy and reliability and replace a detailed study of the works of Myers, Briggs, von Franz, van der Hoop and Jung.

As the publishers of this free online personality test by Jung, Myers, Briggs, von Franz and van der Hoop, we have made every effort to ensure that this test is accurate, complete and reliable.

Like the "official" Jung typology tests and other professionally designed tests, our free online test has been statistically controlled and extensively reviewed to ensure maximum accuracy of results.

To create this test, we used the typology of C. G. Jung's psychological types presented in his work Psychological types and the typology of Isabelle Briggs Myers, co-author of the MBTI® test, which she published in her work Everyone has their own gift . In addition, van der Hoop's works Orientation of consciousness and Character and subconsciousness also had a significant influence on the creation of this test.

This test is based on widely accepted theories, namely the confirmed personality type theories of Jung, Meyers, von Franz, and van der Hoop, and not an approximate version of Jung's typology.

Our free online test also uses van der Hoop's work and tries to pinpoint psychological personality types according to his work.

The developers of this free online test are graduates who have experience with numerous personality tests and have also worked professionally with personality typology testing. Before taking our free online test, please note that while the four-letter result may be consistent with other official test results, it should not be confused with the Briggs-Myers, Gray-Wheelwright, and Young Type Indicator. The results of our online personality test are provided "as is" and should not be construed as providing professional or certified advice of any kind. For more information about our online personality test, please see our Terms of Service.

Test for temperament with more than 98% accuracy

The test consists of 40 questions that simulate standard situations of human behavior. Remember, there are no "correct" answers here , try not to think long about the answer, note what came to mind first.

Our test is based on the classical Eysenck method, but with modern questions and shows not only an absolute result: phlegmatic, melancholic, sanguine or choleric, but also displays it on a coordinate scale. It helps to understand how strongly a person is inclined to one or another type of temperament , as well as whether he is an introvert or an extrovert.

1. Do you often have nightmares or dreams with a tense atmosphere?


Sometimes there are

Not at all

2. How do you most often feel before an important event, it doesn't matter - good or bad?

I am very nervous, I can break loose

When I do

I remain calm or a little nervous, but I believe that everything will be fine

3. Would you describe your life as happy and satisfactory?



4. How well do you remember the harm done to you by other people?



5. Do you usually plan your affairs in advance?


Only the most important


6. You were invited to a wedding and unexpectedly asked to make a toast. Will it be difficult for you to come up with a speech on the go?



7. Do you like being the center of attention?




8. Are you afraid of elevators, tunnels or confined spaces?



9. Do you find it difficult to be talkative with new acquaintances?



10. If you have a problem that is up to you to solve, would you tell a friend about it?



11. How would you most likely react if you were yelled at?

I will leave

I will start shouting back

12. Do you often check to see if you have turned off the lights, water or appliances before you go somewhere?



13. Do you find it difficult to find interesting activities when you are alone?




14. Do you have a personal diary, to-do planner or just a notepad?



15. Do you worry that you are worse than other people in some way?



16. How many tasks do you usually focus on?

I find it difficult to concentrate in general

Several, but superficial

One, but deep

17. Do you find it difficult to ask strangers something?



18. Do you suffer from insomnia?


Only if I am very nervous


19. Do you worry about your mistakes for a long time or do you often remember embarrassing moments from the past?



20. Are there times when you feel unexplained trembling or a very rapid heartbeat?



21. Do you find it difficult to openly and actively express your emotions?


Only with strangers


22. How do you find it easier to share news with other people?

Correspond through e-mails or messages

In conversation

23. Do you easily endure life's failures?


It depends


24. Do you often change your mood without good reason?




25. Can you call yourself a nervous person?




26. Do you dream or fantasize a lot?



27. Do you often interrupt others or do you really want to do it?



28. Do you have a strong need for recognition, approval, or empathy from other people?




29. Do you enjoy directing or organizing people's work?



30. Can you call yourself a creative person who creates under the influence of emotions?



31. What do you usually do in new places?

Making new friends

Watching others, examining interiors

32. Can you successfully handle multiple tasks at once?


Depending on what kind


33. Do you have more than 3 close friends?


Exactly 3


34. How do you usually take criticism?




35. Do you get angry easily?



36. What type of speech do you prefer?

Loud, fast, with active facial expressions

It happens differently

Slow, with weak facial expressions


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