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As a Leader, Do You Comprehend the Power of Personality?

Artists, painters, clothing designers, web designers, and many other professions need to understand the color pallet to be terrific at what they produce. Carolyn Bendall (be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn), editor in chief of Your True Colours Fashion Magazine, is a total image consultant who teaches an understanding of your complexion and what color and style of clothes look the best on you. This helps you avoid purchasing something you really like but is not one of the best colors or styles for you to wear.

I didn’t follow her instruction and purchased a blouse I loved but it was not one of my best colors and every time I put it on, I take it off because it doesn’t look right. I should have taken Carolyn’s advice.

Just as an understanding of color helps you look your best in the clothing you choose, knowledge of your personality color helps you be the best in all life situations. Knowledge of your personality color helps you play to your strengths and information about the personality of those you manage, work with, or live with helps you increase your influence and impact their behaviors.

This knowledge adds a magical edge to your personality and gives you additional behavior options as you interface with people every hour of the day. An understanding of personality strengths and limitations is critical information for leaders and managers at all levels of the company in order to provide a stimulus for positive behaviors, increase morale, and move employees forward, meeting objectives and deadlines.

There are four basic personality types, each with a color that reflects their main characteristics: Dominant Red, Planner Blue, Charismatic Yellow, and Stable Green. All can be exceptional leaders if they work from their strengths. Study some of their characteristics in the graphic below.

Most humans, however, are a blend of the colors as shown in the ring of puzzle pieces, but even though they are a mix, it is normal for individuals to have onedominant color. Keep in mind there is no superior color. Each color has incredible gifts and plays an important place in our world and in your company.

In this article, I’m going to describe each color and use humor to emphasize some of their characteristics. At the end of the article, I’ll give you a link so you can download a sheet of each color’s strengths, limitations and behavioral cautions. As I describe each color, take notes and decide which color or mix of colors define you the best.

Introduction to the 4 Personality Types

High D, RED – The Intensity of the Burning Fire

Red individuals are the power brokers of the world. They have dominant personalities and every day they burn brightly like a fire with the drive to succeed, to be the best.

If you are a Red, you are a natural leader, can take responsibility, and have the ability to push others to meet common goals. You have a vision for the future and know exactly where you want to be in one year’s time. You love and live an action-oriented life like James Bond, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, or Ethan Hunt.

When you were two years old, you were peering through the crib bars thinking, “When do I take over?” At 14 you were ready to leave home and when you got to college you said, “Don’t worry about the education, I’ve got that covered. Just give me the diploma and let me outta here.”

You often eat at the sink and your bumper sticker might say “Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here on earth.”

When you enter any competitive situation, be it tennis, basketball or a sales competition you might not say it, but you think to yourself, “There can only be one winner. Do you still want to play?”

Conversations that get to the point are your preferred type of communication and you quickly get bored with artificial small talk. You prefer discussions that move projects forward to successful conclusions and you have a plethora of techniques to move people to the heart of the matter so you can make a decision and move on to the next item calling for your attention.

The Red personality is a strong leader. They are have solid skills for setting a target and moving people into action with visible results. Serial entrepreneurs frequently have Red personalities.

High I, YELLOW – The Brilliance of the Sun

If great verbal skills, good old fashioned charisma, and a love of social events describe you, you have a Yellow personality. As the sun warms the world, you warm others with your cheerfulness and optimism. One word of caution: Other colors may find you annoying in the morning when you are overly alert and vivacious. Your happy attitude can irritate them.

Funny lines and telling humorous experiences are your forte. You forget how long you’ve been on the phone and superficial chitchat is no problem for you.

Details, however, are a problem for you – they are like putting your mind in Spanix shape wear. People should never give you the original of anything (you might misplace it) and if your check book is out of balance, you will change banks.

You love life except for work — when you get to Heaven, you are going to ask God why he invented work. One yellow teenager noticed the garbage was picked up only once a week. He told his mom, “I decided what I want to be when I start work: a garbage man – they only work one day a week.”

All kidding aside, if your main color is Yellow, you will probably look for jobs like life guard, zoo keeper, retail clerk, entertainer, beauty councilor, sales or motivational speaker – jobs that are active with freedom of movement and tons of interaction with people. Some advice? Never take a job that requires you to stay in one place for long periods of time such as working in the computer room. You will have a hard time staying there because you crave interaction with people, not your computer.

And funerals? You will talk about and plan yours. One Yellow friend told me this about her funeral: “I want a glorious obituary lightly spiced with irreverent anecdotes about my life. I want laughter along with the tears. I want everyone to know that I had a whale of a great time walking about God’s green earth.”

Your bumper stickers probably say, “Surf Naked,” “Party Animal,” “Don’t worry be Happy” or “Gone crazy, be back soon.”

You believe as the song-writer and guitarist Roger Miller sang “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you’ve a mind to.”

When Yellow individuals lead, they do it from a warm, friendly and motivational position of strength. People follow them because they like them and enjoy working for them. They are good at surrounding themselves with the other colors and building a strong leadership team.

Sometimes the Yellow is combined with the Red and this combination makes a charismatic and goal-directed leader.

High S, GREEN – The Strength of the Mighty Oak Tree

The Green individual is stable and collaborative with a quiet confidence. They are calm amidst turmoil and silently strong and powerful, like a giant oak tree.

If your main qualities are Green, you are a person of few words and need to be asked for your opinion but when you speak, people listen. You are kind, patient, relaxed and non-judgmental. You observe what is happening around you and can give valuable insight to any discussion.

I learned the Green perspective of being non-judgmental from my son when he was about 10 years old. He and his friends wanted to go into business fixing and selling bicycles. They gathered broken bicycles from all the neighbors and soon my carport looked like bicycle graveyard.

I said, “Mark, you’ve got to clean this up. People will drive by or come to see us and they will think we are junky people.” To which he replied, “I don’t think you should judge people by what they look like.” This is a core belief of the Green person and their motto is: “People should live life in no particular way but their own.”

You are fine working alone in a computer room or the back office, you are a methodical thinker and you enjoy the calm of nature. Your bumper sticker might say, “The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work!”

If your dominant color is Green, you have a gentle touch about you, much like Clint Eastwood developed as a movie director. John Balzar in the Los AngelesTimes reports that Eastwood doesn’t yell, “ACTION” when he is ready to start a scene. Instead he says a casual, “Okay.” Eastwood explains he learned when filming Rawhide that when you yell “ACTION,” it sends adrenaline not only through the actors, but through the horses who end up jumping out of the shot, making you start over again.

Green individuals are collaborative leaders. Their Green is often combined with Red which makes them a strong person who can push through difficulties regardless of the obstacles. Once their mind is made up, they stand firm in their position.

High C, BLUE – The Persistent, Always Running Living Water

Blue individuals have a productive, planning orientation to life. If you are a Blue individual, you are part of the detail brigade and just like life-giving water that is always running and filling the crevices around the river bank, you are constantly moving to make sure all the pieces are in place and nothing is overlooked for projects, assignments and events.

Persistence is part of your toolkit. Success comes to you because of your perseverance and you claim success over the long haul just as over time water breaks down massive rock formations and forms natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon.

Because of your detail orientation, you have a place for everything. Your shoes are in neat rows in your closet and your pictures from every vacation for the last 20 years are meticulously placed in carefully named folders on a backup drive or in an online storage program. You love making to-do lists. volunteering and working for perfection in whatever you decide to do.

Some of your mottos are “Zero Defects” and “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

You are the moral conscience of all humanity much like five-year-old Timmy shopping with his mother for groceries. He wanted some red grapes. However, his mother had purchased sour grapes before so she tasted one and gave one to Timmy. Finding the grapes were delicious, she put two big clumps in their shopping cart.

They reached the checkout counter and after the mother had paid for the groceries, little Timmy tugged on her jacket and in anything but a timid voice said, “But Mommy, you didn’t pay for the two grapes we ate.” The mother looked at him for a second, rummaged through her purse, found two pennies, laid them on the counter and said, “That is for the two grapes we ate.”

The Blue personality often plays the role of librarian or curator in a company. They keep track of everything, storing valuable information and documents in well-organized folders on an external hard drive or in their filing cabinets, or in in cloud-based storage facilities.

When they lead, they do it with a project management mindset. Often a leader is a combination of Blue and Red. This makes a very focused and organized person capable of leading any company.

Your Color

Were you able to decipher your true color or your mix of colors? Probably so. I
find the study of personalities fascinating. The knowledge helps me every day as I interface with my family, friends, co-workers and employees.

Every personality contributes in valuable ways to the success of your company and you can access their incredible gifts as you learn how to flex and motivate them in ways that speak to their personality color. To learn more, I have prepared a worksheet for you on the strengths and limitations of each color. Be sure to download it below.

Best wishes for your future success in your field of endeavor as you learn to work with all personality blends. 

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Karla Brandau is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), and a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA). Through Workplace Power Institute, a variety of purposeful assessments can be evaluated and after a discussion with Karla, you can choose the most appropriate assessments for your company. She is available for keynotes and workshops on improving leadership and communication processes by focusing on the development of personality. Learn more about personality factors by going to her web site at karlabrandau.com/4-quadrant-personality-philosophy. While there, check out her book, “How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort”.

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Download the free “Strengths & Cautions Overview” that illustrates why and how personality type identification can benefit your team!

How to Recognize the Four Personality Types and How to Sell to Them

Michelle Macievic is the owner and founder of Out of the Box Consulting, and she is a sales pro. In her consulting business, she helps business owners by coaching them on how to close sales. 

Michelle sat down with Darryl Evanetich to discuss her consulting business, as well as to pass along some helpful tips for business owners and entrepreneurs who are getting started. She shares some of the common mistakes that business owners make, as well as how to communicate and sell to different personality types. 

When a business owner is ramping up, they have a tendency to wear a lot of hats. For many of them, this is a necessity. They don’t have the luxury of hiring staff for every position yet, so they have to tackle things that they may not be familiar with. 

For many businesses, making sales and gaining clients is essential to their success. However, not all business owners have a knack for sales. If they aren’t in a position to hire a salesperson, that can be a tricky situation. 

While Michelle has many years of experience in sales, her degree is in Psychology. She was always fascinated with the subject, and studied different personality types. A large part of her success in sales was because she figured out how to communicate with people, and what makes them “tick”. 

While there are many different personality tests out there, Michelle shares a quick and easy way to identify the personalities of people. Essentially, there are four “color” personality types. She goes into how to recognize each type, as well as how to effectively sell to each one. 

The four color types are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Let’s talk more about each one. 


Identifying traits

This personality type is an easy one to spot. Reds are the movers and shakers of the world. You won’t have to tell a red what to do, because they are probably already doing it. They like the spotlight, and have loads of confidence. A Red will have no issues directing people. They are competitive, and like to be on top.  

Communicating with them

When communicating with a red, you should be direct. However, you don’t want to be pushy. It’s important to earn their respect, so be sure to know your facts. Because they are direct, they appreciate when you are as well. 

Selling to them

Having confidence will help you close a sale when working with a Red personality. You can’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Let them know what you are offering and why they want it. Because Reds like to be the best, you should try to appeal to their ego. Explaining how a product or service can set them apart from their competition will get their attention.


Identifying traits

Blues are the extroverts - the life of the party. Generally, Blues have a large social circle with lots of friends and connections. They are naturally friendly and outgoing, and it’s easy to build a relationship with a Blue. They value fun and friendships.

Communicating with them

Truthfully, a Blue will probably do the majority of the talking, and that’s ok! The best way to build trust with a Blue is to build a relationship with them. Treat them like a friend, and keep the conversations light and casual. 

Selling to them

Because Blues like to be trendy, you should try to show them that what you are offering is the latest and best. For a Blue, it’s helpful to talk about who else is using the same product or service. Be enthusiastic in your pitch, and treat them like a friend. Focus on the fun stuff, and assume the sale.  


Identifying traits

The Yellows of the world are the sensitive types. They are usually soft-spoken and have a warm and friendly personality. A Yellow will care deeply about others, and they have a great deal of empathy. When you think of animal lovers, people who love mediation and yoga, and who connect with the outdoors, those are the Yellows.  

Communicating with them

With a Yellow, you don’t want to come on too strong. Being very empathetic people, they pick up on body language and tone easily. Be honest and up-front with them, and keep topics positive. Having a reassuring attitude, relaxed posture, and a calm tone will help with communication.

Selling to them

A Yellow will want to know the positives and “feel-good” features. If there are selling points you can make that show a benefit to others, you should focus on those. Testimonials work great for Yellows, and they love to see how your products and services can improve the lives of others. 


Identifying traits

When you think of the type-A personalities, those are likely Greens. They are organized and need order. They can’t handle chaos, and they love to do their research. Greens prefer crunching numbers to building relationships, and they value the facts.  

Communicating to them

Of all of the colors, it’s very important to be honest with a Green. Their relationships are built on facts, respecting boundaries, and trust. Be direct with a Green, and stick to the facts. Telling personal stories likely won’t get you any brownie points. They like efficiency, so try to cut out the “fluff”.

Selling to them

It will be critical to give a Green the facts of your products and services. They will want to do research and think over a decision, even if you give them all of the details. You do not want to push a Green to close a deal, and you need to respect any boundaries they give you. Stick to their timeline, and if they ask to think it over, let them. Not allowing them time to make an informed decision will almost certainly cost you a sale. 

These tips should help not only identify personalities while selling, but also help you in closing the sale. 

It’s important to note that your “color” is important as well. A Green may have a hard time being bubbly and friendly with a Blue. They may spend too much time talking just about the facts and not enough time building a relationship, which is not of value to a Blue. If you are a Yellow, you could have a hard time working with a commanding Red. Being aware of your own personality and communication style can help you work through the differences, and focus on what’s important to your potential clients and customers. 

Here are some other tidbits of advice from Michelle when it comes to selling:

  • Set the expectation early. Be clear about what to expect, and if there are potential pitfalls, be sure to share them. It’s always a good thing to try to treat others the way you would want to be treated. 
  • When in doubt about how to interact with a person, you can try to mirror their behavior and language. Don’t be phony, but when dealing with a personality that’s very different from yours, you can try to match their body language and tone.
  • Life as a business owner can get lonely, but it doesn’t have to be! Surround yourself with like-minded people who have also started a business and who understand the hustle. Find mastermind groups and networking groups, and socialize with people who can relate to your lifestyle.
  • If you have staff, use them to the best of their abilities. Be sure that you have the right people in the right seats. In general, people like to do what they are good at. Make the most of the natural strengths of your team. 
  • Not all consulting services are made equal. Many will help you come up with a plan, but make sure it works for you. If you notice that you are not being actionable when your consultant is not around, consider partnering with someone who can offer you a more hands-on approach. 

At the end of the day, selling is not for everyone. While it comes naturally to some, it is a challenge for many others. It’s a skill, and that means it’s something you can work on. Michelle’s advice should help anyone at any level improve on their communicating and selling ability. Take these tips and use them to help gain more clients and customers!

4 colors of people according to Schrider. How to use this segmentation for advertising campaigns?

According to Tom Schreider's classification of people by 4 personality colors, we are all red or blue, yellow or green. How do these psychotypes differ, and how can the understanding of this segmentation be used in advertising?

1. Yellow, or, as T. Schreider calls them, "professional huggers." They do more for others than for themselves, and they want to help everyone. Very quickly they converge with people, they are ready to hug, warm and caress everyone, if only no one around them was lonely and sad. At the same time, it is very difficult for them to make important decisions on their own, they do not want to lead, because they do not like to tell others what they need to do.

2. Reds are the complete opposite of yellows. Born organizers, speakers and leaders. They are always guided by the principle “What will I get for this?”. It is important for them to be the first in everything, they love contests and competitions. They love to command and always know what needs to be done.

3. Blue people are a holiday. They love to travel and have fun, they need adventures, parties, hangouts all the time. They love to be the center of attention. They talk a lot and hear no one in response. Open to everything new, adore new gadgets. At the same time, they are scattered and inattentive, as they very quickly switch from one thing to another, from one thought to another.

4. Greens - analysts. These people are always questioning and analyzing everything. They need to collect enough facts and get a representative sample to draw any conclusion for themselves. They love numbers, graphs, tables. Decisions sometimes take a very long time.

Have you recognized yourself, what psychotype do you belong to?

And now let's talk about how this segmentation can help you - business owners or advertisers to speak the same language with your target audience.

The language understood by red is the language of money, benefits, a challenge to competition. The language that green understands is facts and figures. A language understandable by yellow, kindness, charity, pity. And, finally, the language understandable by blue - partying, extras, fun and a lot of communication.



  • For the Reds: “The best hits of all time performed by the Orchestra. Only one concert in Yekaterinburg for sophisticated connoisseurs of classical music.”
  • For yellow: “The charity concert invites connoisseurs of classical music.
  • For blue: “Fans of Depeche mode, Massive Attack, Portishead, Nirvana, ABBA, we are waiting for you at KKT Kosmos. We promise it will be hot!
  • For the Greens: “15 cities, 300,000 tickets sold and only 1 day in Yekaterinburg. 30 best compositions of the 20th century performed by the orchestra.


  • For Reds: “Choose the online services of the No. 1 bank in Russia for efficient business. Only for successful entrepreneurs!
  • For yellow: “Our online services help you run your business even more successfully and efficiently. Test it for free and help us make them as convenient as possible."
  • For Blue: "Attend free seminars on how to use our online services, we want to hear your questions, comments and suggestions on how to make them as convenient as possible for your use."
  • For the green: "More than 30 online services for your business, including business analytics, counterparty verification service, electronic turnover and others."
By placing 4 different ads targeting the same audience, you will see how the conversion of traffic to the site into targeted leads will increase. Let each representative of the target audience see all 4 advertisements, believe me - he simply will not notice and reflect 3 of them, since they are written in a language that he does not understand. But when they see the fourth – their own – a person will think: “This is just what I need” and will gladly go to the site to perform a targeted action that will benefit you or your client.


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Schreider's 4 colors of people. How to use this segmentation for advertising campaigns?

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Search, networks, target — take regularly

What is SSO: we understand together

Psychology of color. How to determine the color of your personality.

  1. Color psychology - what kind of science is it?
    1. Color psychology: what signals does each color give us?
      1. Personality type - red
      2. personality type - blue
      3. personality type - yellow
      4. Personality type - green
        1. 4 Colors of people according to that shreider or 4 secret languages ​​

“Show me, what kind you like the color, and I’ll tell you who you are” – this way you can paraphrase a well-known saying and get the first impression of a stranger. Probably, you have often thought about why you like certain colors, and why you do not tolerate others at all?

So, our preferences in choosing colors are a kind of signals of our personality, with the help of which we demonstrate ourselves to others and achieve their appreciation. Most of us do this unconsciously, but if we learned to understand the language and psychology of color, then such knowledge would be useful to us not only in everyday life, but also in our professional activities.

Psychology of color is a science in psychology that studies the influence of the psychological impact of color on a person. The way we relate to something reflects our inner world, and color, in this context, is no exception.

According to the famous psychologist Max Luscher, famous as the author of the "Luscher Color Test", a person's choice of a particular color can tell a lot about a person and what type of personality he belongs to. I must say that scientists and psychologists have already divided us, as human beings, into so many types, species and subspecies that the animal world is resting. It is very difficult for an ignorant person to understand and remember this. Therefore, I will try to explain the most important points in a very accessible way, as for myself.

By the way, in my last article “Which is better? To be an introvert or an extrovert?” you can not only read, but also determine your personality type, however, without the color preferences of a person.

In various sources, you can find information about 7 or 4 colors, according to which Max Luscher classifies personality types. Let's start with the smallest, so as not to get completely confused, and to understand the most important thing.

Imagine that colored cards of red, blue, yellow and green colors are placed in front of you and you are asked to sort them out in the following order: first you choose the one whose color makes you feel good, then the one that makes you feel less good, and so on. etc. Which card will you choose first? I am red.

Lüscher developed a method according to which each color - red, blue, yellow and green - corresponds to a certain type of personality. To make it clearer, let's look at the psychology of each color. By the way, specialists in the field of sales, science, medicine and psychology, in the world of beauty and fashion, in the advertising field professionally possess such knowledge...

Color psychology: what signals does each color give us?

Red color corresponds with love, eroticism, excitement, strength, appetite. Red is a vibrant color, the color of energy, excitement and anxiety.

The blue color is associated with relaxation, peace, seriousness, efficiency, fidelity. It is a symbol of maternal affection, dedication. This is the ideal of harmony and unity.

Yellow color corresponds with dynamic energy, the color of spiritual development, energy. It is the brightest and lightest of all the colors of the rainbow. It evokes a feeling of spaciousness, enlightenment, relief and liberation.

Green correlates with perseverance, constancy, strength, willpower, self-respect, conservatism. Green is the color of balance, passivity.

It is important to mention here that in general, the article does not claim to be a scientific work, and of course, if you study this topic in depth, you can learn much more about the psychology of not only color, but also its halftones. It's pretty entertaining. In this case, it will be more difficult to determine which color you like in the first place, since you will no longer have to choose from four colors.

And now the most interesting part. All of us have already determined which color of the four cards we like the most first, second, third, and generally dislike. And I really want to know how color affects us and what qualities and traits the scientist endowed representatives of each personality type corresponding to a particular color.

Personality type - Red

A distinctive feature of this personality type is the desire to conquer, to be successful and constantly confirm it. We can say about such people that they are omnivorous and want to explore the world in all its manifestations. Sometimes such desires do not come from the breadth of nature, but from a feeling of emptiness. And escaping him, a person can put on various masks from a womanizer to an extreme. By the way, this type needs a constant dose of adrenaline more than others.

Red type people are usually very enterprising. Action, movement. solving complex problems at any cost is their element. Sometimes people of this type put themselves under severe self-control, thinking that they are in complete control of the situation.

Outwardly, such people manifest themselves brightly - he must necessarily attract, annoy, excite himself and others. It can be bright jewelry, sparkles, tattoos. Clothing can be extravagant and original.

Personality - Blue

Like a fish in water, people feel better in an atmosphere of entertainment, sex, alcohol, delicious food. Everything that brings peace and relaxation, bodily satisfaction, closeness to nature is ideal for Blue people. It doesn't matter where, as long as in a horizontal position (in a bathhouse, in a deck chair, on a sofa) - a favorite form of relaxation. In intellectual activity, solving crossword puzzles is the limit for him, a carefree life is better.

They are not fond of jewelry, they prefer decency in clothes. A distinctive feature of this type is a passion for everything magical, mystical and unknown. Such people often become lovers of astrology, magic, divination and rituals.

In their home, Blue type representatives love natural materials, everything that is closer to nature: wood, stone, textiles, natural materials. They like to collect everything that can be considered and concentrates attention.

Sometimes they are distinguished by increased touchiness, distrust and anxiety. They often hide their emotional life from others. At the same time, they feel a great need for trust from other people. Blue type people are more than others looking for a calm environment, without disagreements, sorrows and worries. They always try to establish and build family, professional and friendly ties that meet his high requirements.

Personality type - Yellow

They love to create their own world of inventions, illusions and fantasies. Curiosity for everything new, passion for travel, change, dreams of a miracle, expectation of the future are the hallmarks of this personality type. They do not like static in all its manifestations. If they have to choose between the familiar and the new, they will definitely choose the new, the unknown.

The desire for independence and freedom will not be exchanged for anything. They don’t try to build relationships, it’s better to wait until others do it. People of the yellow type are afraid of being misunderstood by others, they are afraid of a feeling of emptiness.

They have a very developed sense of helping another person. Instead of setting the task to such people, it would be best to turn to them for help. And they do an excellent job with this task.

Choosing clothes, people of the Yellow type, first of all, want to be different from others. They have a noticeable narcissism, like to impress.

Personality type - Green

A distinctive feature of Green type people is the desire to own and have material stability. More than others. This can be achieved by any means. They value very much what has a brand of prestige: a house, a car, a wife, friends, a tie.

Striving for power, manipulation, categoricalness, criticism - manifests itself in any relationship. They can demonstrate their superiority in various ways: care, mercy, showing interest.

Green people have a special predisposition to scrupulous precision. They possess analytical thinking, good memory, clarity of presentation of thoughts, and the ability to analyze. They feel a sense of pride in themselves and in their ability to manage events. Often demand recognition of their merit and expect other people to respect their world of values ​​and way of life.

Conservatism and a buttoned top button are preferred in clothes. Outwardly, they look very restrained.

Now, dear readers, having studied the psychology of color and the personality types corresponding to each color, you may well choose the most suitable for yourself. I'm kidding, of course. In fact, when the classification of personality types is considered, it is always implied that in each of us there are features of all types at the same time. The only question is, in what proportion?

Some of you, after reading the article, may ask the question: why do I need to know all this - color psychology , personality types… In order to better manage our lives and our relationships, and interact more effectively with people around us. Suppose you now know what type of personality you belong to, and what type of personality your wife (husband), girlfriend (friend) belongs to. You can understand what you can expect, ask and demand, and what, due to the natural qualities of a partner, you will never wait for. And vice versa.

It is very interesting to consider the Luscher color test in relation to the business area. This is much closer to me than, for example, medicine. It's not that even interesting, but very curious. Because, armed with such information, it will become much easier to build a team, business, relationships.

Tom Schreider's 4 Colors of People or 4 Secret Languages ​​

I have prepared a gift for you - this is a text recording of Tom Schreider's 4 Colors of People's Workshop or 4 Secret Languages ​​by Tom Schreider. The speech was prepared for the network business, therefore, for those who are allergic to the network business, just try to transfer it to yourself - your place of work or your business. You will see so many useful tips there, which Tom explains in a very simple and accessible language for ordinary people, that you will be surprised and a little concerned that you did not know this before. A couple of days for sure, you will evaluate your circle in terms of red, blue, yellow and green people.

Learn more