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Famous Quotes & Sayings About My Birthday Is Around The Corner

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Top 14 My Birthday Is Around The Corner Quotes

#1. Life didn't have to be perfect . . . for true love to exist in it. * - Author: J.R. Ward
#2. A friend of mine once sent me a post card with a picture of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back it said, 'Wish you were here. - Author: Steven Wright
#3. We are never aware of the present; each instant of living becomes perceptible only when it is past, so that in a sense we do not live at all, but only remember living. - Author: Rose Wilder Lane
#4. Blessings available in the temple. He said: I consider that the building of temples is one of the important things required by the Lord of the Latter-day Saints in the dispensation of the fulness of times, that we may go into those temples and not only redeem the living but redeem our - Author: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
#5. In any case, I would prefer to read something I don't enjoy than do almost anything else. I like the act of reading itself. Following the line of something - not just the story but the rhythm, the tone, the feel of what has accumulated from before and what is beginning to impend ... - Author: Nuala O'Faolain
#6. My birthday was right around the corner. I'd be seventeen and have my full power, and then I'd see that Narco hothead again. Treaty Act my ass. ~ Dez Harkly - Author: Trisha Wolfe
#7. I hope that we will learn from each other, but most of all that we would learn from God's Word, which equips us for every good work, including our calling to suffer for the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom. - Author: R.C. Sproul Jr.
#8. If we have to go to war, we will. - Author: Andrew Card
#9. You are not dead until you are in that grave, so don't close the book. Don't give up. - Author: Lillete Dubey
#10. We're in conversations with brands worldwide for a variety of artists every day. - Author: Patrick Whitesell
#11. Anyone who has been to India - specifically Rajasthan, the rich and kingly region in the country's northwest - knows that when it comes to adornment, Indians do not think like other people. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
#12. Fame is a fickle friend, Harry. Celebrity is as celebrity does. Remember that. - Author: J.K. Rowling
#13. The private sector is growing so incredibly in India, in every city you have industries for whom building a concert hall would be nothing financially. But they just don't do it. - Author: Zubin Mehta
#14. I believe that there is a God's plan for this world, and that plan for this world is for good. - Author: Sarah Palin

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Happy birthday greetings to brother from sister, page 7

Greeting type: All / sms / in verse / in prose

My dear, happy birthday! They often like to say that men and women have so little in common, as if they are aliens from different planets, and even galaxies. But since childhood I have had you: an object of constant observation and study. Perhaps that is why I began to understand the intricacies of male psychology earlier than my peers. My most important discovery, made thanks to you, is this: despite all the differences, something unites us. Men also have a heart, brave and loving. I wish you, brother, that love be constantly present in your life! I wish you always had someone to protect and protect! Good health and happiness to you!

Dear brother! My beloved brother! I congratulate you on your birthday! Thank you for always being by my side. For the fact that I can call you day and night. For the fact that I always invisibly feel your support and support. On your birthday, I wish you that your kindness does not fail. And so that all your good deeds return to you a hundredfold! Let only good people meet on your way! Let your friends be faithful and reliable, children smart and healthy, and your wife beloved and loving! Health to you, brother, prosperity, good luck! May all your wildest dreams come true, may there be no barriers to your desires! May harmony and peace live in the soul and heart! Shine on us like the sun for many, many years! Happy holiday!

Accept congratulations from your sister
On this wonderful holiday - your birthday,
Let your dreams come true,
Not far off their realization.

I want to wish you good luck,
May you always be happy.
Remember, brother - do not lose heart,
After all, those are lucky who never gave up in life!

Please accept my most sincere congratulations
Happy Birthday, my dear brother!
I wish you great luck in life,
Happy longevity and joy, my dear!

Consent, peace and harmony in your soul,
Good health, bright Love and kindness.
Let the heart sing more often about the wonderful spring.
So that cheerfulness and youth are always with you.

Many joyful and happy events for you,
More good and beautiful words in your honor.
May only good things continue to multiply.
Stay longer as you are.

My elder brother has become more mature today,
Even more beautiful, more experienced, wiser,
I am proud of you, I admire you,
I love you, I kiss you, I hug you tightly,
I want to congratulate you to the clink of glasses,
And wish you success and great love,
May all your undertakings come true,
Which you have conceived in this life.

I am the happiest in the world —
I have a little brother.
And today
is a great honor for me this morning.

He has a holiday today -
The whole family celebrates.
And since the lot has fallen,
I am speaking today.

We wish you all the fun
Every day and forever.
Let every trouble bypass

Let them be accompanied by
Joy, happiness and love.
Positive emotions
Hurricane excites the blood.

If something doesn't stick —
Be always on top.
Even if there are people nearby
Suddenly they will be the wrong ones.

My little brother, a swirling miracle,
Is it already **?
I've been proud and boasted of you since childhood.
Brother is better than awards.
My only friend, granted by God,
You are also separated from me.
I am not afraid of severe trials -
I know - there is you, dear.
Loving speed, work, comrades,
A devoted friend, a family man,
You are from a breed of endangered people -
From real men

I heartily congratulate you on your birthday,
My brother, glorious, beloved, kind and dear!
I sincerely wish you great success in everything and everywhere,
The most caring, irreplaceable and dear!

May the days of your life be joyful and bright,
Loyal, reliable, open friend next to you.
Fate will bring you the happiest gifts,
Harmony, harmony, peace will certainly be in your soul.

Real love, lasting happiness and prosperity,
Beautiful, festive mood.
Heartfelt participation, care, understanding in everything,
Firm Faith, Light Hope, inspiration. ©

Today we are celebrating not just my brother's birthday, but his anniversary, a round date, undoubtedly very important for an adult, respectable man! I am glad to see that my brother is happy today and to recognize in him the same restless and kind boy! Brother, stay like this for another hundred years, live happily and do not be sad!

A sister is not a mother, not a friend,
But believe me: there is no closer friend in life,
After all, you and I are one flesh and blood,
And sisterly love is so strong!
I wish you, brother, on your birthday
So that you live your life without regret,
So that only happiness, joy and success
Be with you in all endeavors!

Congratulations to the best friend.

Poems happy birthday to a friend

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a best friend, then you are very lucky. True friendship is disinterested, sincere, it is a rarity, it must be valued. A devoted friend is a firm shoulder. He will always support, come to the rescue, will be there in difficult times, but on any holiday he will become the most wonderful companion.

And now, the day is not far off when you have to come up with something unusual for him. After all, his name day is coming soon. On this significant date, out of a thousand banal phrases, I want to choose such birthday greetings for my best friend that will touch him 100 percent.

We are in Mir collected the most interesting pictures, wishes in verse and prose, with warm, sincere words. Any of them will surely please the birthday man and will be a success.

I want breaks
For lunch, for tea, for beer,
That the salary was raised -
Didn't fit in the wallet,
So that everyday work
Flew like a rocket,
The weekend didn't end,
Well, vacation - only in summer!
Let it be
Health - good,
Any day - fine,
Your house - cozy,
And the wind - fair,
Luck - habitual,
Dream - unusual,
Smile - carefree,
Love - endless!
What can we say about our birthday?
His face is courageous,
His heart is noble,
Intellect is mighty,
Character is persistent,
Eyes are clear,
Look is piercing,
Head is cooks,
Rules the wheel,
Can do everything,
Does not spare money.
Everyone is thrilled by him!
Here he is!
I will not wish beyond the clouds,
Executive chairs and dachas in the Maldives,
And I just want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
So that you have everything that is so necessary: ​​

Health that would not fail,
Love, so that the family hearth would be protected,
Friends, for a conversation with a glass of beer.
So that life is interesting and long!

Let difficulties not bother you,
All problems are solved at once.
My friend, happy birthday,
Let everything be the way, without unnecessary phrases!
It can be too difficult to prepare a congratulatory speech on your own. Therefore, you should not waste time where it can be saved by using ready-made, carefully selected original wishes.

They do not have to be strict and long, many will like cool pictures or short SMS birthday greetings to a friend sent to their mobile.

And it doesn't matter which option you choose - you will find serious phrases or comic ones with humor, say them in verse or express them in your own words, the main thing is sincerity and honesty. Well-chosen warm heartfelt phrases will help a friend understand how much you value friendship with him.

Childhood friendship grew with me,
I was able to carry through the years,
Our smiles and joyful laughter,
Even after several years.

Hello to your best friend from childhood,
Your birthday is like sunlight,
It warms us, there are no barriers to it,
May the Lord save us from troubles.

We know you from the sandbox,
To this day, best friends,
You and I, like brothers, though not by blood,
Years have tested our friendship.
On your birthday, accept congratulations,
May life give you only inspiration,
May life flow like a full river,
May youth always live in your soul.

We ate blackberries by the fire,
The pine trees creaked and the stars twinkled...
And at that moment I realized sharply,
That you are my best friend in the world.

And feel your shoulder with your back
Suddenly it became unbearably hot,
And in the reflections of the autumn fire
You and I were silent until the morning.

Why words? Everything is clear without words -
My Friend and First Love.
I will keep my secret in my soul,
I wish you happiness and live a hundred years.

You are in any situation
You will hold me and understand,
I am always calm with you:
You will never let me down!

Let every turn in life,
No matter how cool it is,
Always leads only to the best!
Be happy and be loved by fate!

Freaky birthday
And a clockwork gift,
To wind it up with the key
And choke on the gas with your foot.

In general, life on wheels,
Without traffic cops questions,
No wand, no nail!
Happy birthday!

I wish you on your way
Great welcome to find.
To be happy and healthy,
To develop hidden talents.

My friend, let your destiny,
Dispel the clouds in life,
And bloom on the way
Flowers of luck and love!

Who is always ready to support your craziest plans and cool ideas? Of course, the best friend. He loves to joke and laugh, he is always cheerful and positive. What could be more interesting on a name day than funny birthday greetings to a friend?

Give him a prank on the phone, make him happy with a comic wish in verse or send him funny incendiary pictures. This will add variety to an ordinary holiday, charge the hero of the occasion with energy, make him smile. He will be grateful to you for creativity, grateful for the excellent mood.

If you want - believe, if you want - do not believe,
An animal is roaming somewhere nearby.
Lives not in the dense forest,
In the mighty Russian language.

This animal is called "moose"
- It has long been so customary.
May “ELSE” be with you,
For three to drink,
To wish and be able,
So that happiness does not end,
To dream of good things,
To succeed,
So that everything always comes true

I wish that you were always
Slightly drunk with happiness
And so that your wallet was
It looks like a suitcase!
If I were a crocodile
And I knew how to sing at least a little,
I would come to you
For a birthday with an accordion -
I would sing about puddles now ...

It's a pity, there is no such skill!
And since I'm not an ace in songs,
I'll just say: happy birthday!

I wish you a whole universe of beer
And a year-long weekend.
Salary to be beautiful,
Wife - great! Kidding. Vice versa!

For the fifth point of adventure
And "all inclusive" for the soul,
Pleasant dreams and awakenings
And sometimes pump oil in silence...

So that you can disperse the clouds with a word,
So that the brain is not tormented by garbage.
I wish to be the best everywhere.
And happy birthday to you!

I want beer in the sauna
At the bar, at home on the couch.
Beer in mugs, beer in cans
With breadcrumbs and ram,
With spicy cheese, with kebabs.
But it's best with friends!
As a child, there were automatic machines,
Both cars and pirates.
Hide and seek, racing, chasing,
Running and swimming, and tag!

And now we are all big:
Very bald, gray...
I wish you a birthday
A childhood friend of repetition:
Rolling downhill without brains,
Fight like evil orcs.
And clamor vying,
Who is the fool and who is cool!

Even the most beautiful verses will not reflect everything that is hidden in the soul. Therefore, birthday greetings to a friend in prose will be the most successful way to convey emotions and feelings. They are the most sincere, deep and memorable.

You can surprise and please much more with your wishes - comic or deeply sincere, said in simple colloquial speech, than memorized quatrains.

My friend, I wish you a happy birthday! I want to wish that today will bring you maximum positive and as many fun moments as possible, which I would like to remember later. I wish you to remain the same excellent, sympathetic friend, and also never lose those who are dear to you! Happy holiday!
Happy birthday to you my friend. I wish that every step in your life be successful, that all your affairs be successful. Let your beloved woman illuminate your every day and make you the happiest person of all, and the house will always be warm and cozy. Be happy, friend!
Today is a unique holiday, a day who gave the world a man whose importance in my life cannot be overestimated. Believe in yourself - and everything will definitely work out, believe in friends - and they will never leave you in difficult times, believe in love - and it will gently touch you with its wing!
Happy birthday! You are a wonderful person - sympathetic, kind, courageous! I wish you to remain so throughout your life, and then Lady Luck will be your faithful companion for many years, Her Majesty Love will always live in your heart, and Her Highness Happiness will never leave you!
A very wise man said that a friend is the first wealth. In that case, I am richer than any person on this planet - because I have such a wonderful friend like you! Happy birthday! May you always be lucky in this life!
Dear friend! On your birthday I wish you to choose the most delicious piece of the birthday cake and always choose all the best in life with the same appetite! I wish you easy, fruitful everyday life and a fun, exciting weekend! Let any business go well with you, and your success exceed all expectations!
True friends understand each other at a glance. They do not need to say a thousand words to convey their thoughts to each other. Even on a holiday, there is no need to change this good tradition. To wish the best for the birthday man, it is enough to pick up unusual short birthday greetings to a friend.

It can be pictures, text messages, postcards or even a couple of original words in poetry. This will be enough for a friend to appreciate your care and sincerity of wishes. After all, this little congratulation has a huge deep meaning.

I will try briefly now, my friend,
To voice your wishes:
Let your birthday be sunny,
Not a cloud in the soul and in the sky!
And no matter how old,
And no matter how many troubles
Important - there are friends nearby!
Happy birthday to you!
Friends are different -
Beautiful, terrible,
Touchy, kind,
Calm and cheerful,

But we are looking ahead,
Others, real!
And on this birthday
I wish you good luck!

I wish you a long life
So that you forget about doctors.
So that it is deep, so that it is wide
And the wallet is full of money!
As soon as it hits 12, I'm writing you a message.
Congratulations, my friend, on your birthday.
You are brave, brave, but remember about luck.
And I hope I mean a lot to you too.
My best friend!
I want you to become the happiest person.
Find yourself in this life and fly up the career ladder.
Your birthday is a great occasion to tell you,
, that you are an excellent friend.
Remain a bright and reliable person.
Good to you, happiness and health.
How to make your best friend's birthday the brightest and most memorable day? What congratulations to choose to once again prove true friendly feelings? First of all, sincere, those that you personally like. Let them be cool, comic, funny, or vice versa serious, solemn, businesslike, it does not matter. The shape and volume are not so important.

In verse, in prose, short or long - if the wish is chosen from the heart, it will definitely become the best and unforgettable for a friend.

It is logical to congratulate your best friend with the best congratulations, right? There is an opinion that it is easy for such a friend to come up with birthday wishes. After all, you know your closest friend better than all other friends and acquaintances. However, a paradox happens when a person is lost in solving such a problem. Even with a gift, things are easier, because you know what your friend likes, but finding the right words is problematic. And as the holiday approaches, the excitement intensifies. But it is possible, for example, in a congratulation to designate some detail from the past. The circumstances of acquaintance, on the basis of which they became friends, and so on. If a piece of jewelry acts as a gift, then on such an occasion it should be with a solid name. Happy birthday greetings to the best friend are present in abundance in this section of our congratulatory site.

We have known each other for decades,
I know that you have a lot of victories,
I also know your defeats,
I never leave my friends in trouble.

In conscience, you always do the same,
You do not regret words, you do not count money.
I wish to call you the best friend,
From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you.

Accept the wishes to live first class,
Be a strong man, do not live in vain.
Keep all enemies close, don't betray relatives
Meet this day with enthusiasm and fun,

Let congratulations flow like a waterfall today,
Let your relatives be by your side,
All your friends are trying for you today,
Among them, of course, there is also me!

I wish you an easy attitude to life,
I wish you understanding and respect,
The sky is pure and clear above your head,
Continue to be friends with me always.

I call you the best friend,
And I wish you to avoid longing,
I wish you to be wise and not know troubles,
Do not run your health.

I want to always look sporty
And make creative decisions
Follow the path that others avoid
Achieve everything that many dream of.

Share wealth with your family,
Always come home happy
And take care and love,
And get prettier again and again!

I wish you to rest in good company
And accept sincere congratulations soon,
Pour the Elixir of Health into glasses,
Live your whole life as a restless optimist.

Fulfill the dream that haunts,
I will drink for you, my best friend, standing,
So that you are not afraid of harsh changes,
Happiness and good luck will come in return.

Cheerfulness to you, strength, perfection,
Let life be chic,
Only one bliss, accept a fiery hello soon,
There is simply no better friend in the world!

My best friend, you were born on this day
And made all your relatives happy.
The whole world seems to have changed,
Today you are more important than the rest.

My faithful friend, I want to congratulate you
And wish you many years of success,
Leave all failures in the past,
There is no need to worry about anything.

My good friend, I wish you only happiness,
May good luck echo in everything you do.
Let love be the most passionate,
To warm in gentle warmth.

May evil obsessions not overshadow,
May health always accompany you.
My dear friend, once again happy birthday,
May the star always burn for you!

My friend, I wish to be one of the first
At the crossroads of life,
I wish you loyal and faithful friends,
So that you are never alone.

You are the best friend! And happy birthday
I hasten to congratulate you.
And wish you good luck,
Health, happiness and warmth!

Let your house be - the cup is full:
Family, comfort, friends and light.
And, of course, our friendship
May it last for many long years!

My best friend, love you,
Wishing you happiness and health,
Happy birthday!
Love, success, inspiration!

May this day and this year,
Yes, and you are lucky all your life.
With all my heart I wish you
Health, happiness. Hugs!

Know that you are my best friend,
You are already almost my relatives,
And you are always very happy to help me,
You are not just a friend, you are like a brother to me!
I will raise a glass to you,
So that you become even happier,
I want to wish luck in life,
And the cherished dream of achievement,
And let it always be waiting for you
Up the career ladder, take off,
In general, in a buzz, brother, live,
Well, if suddenly something happens, then call,
I will always come to the rescue,
We will deceive trouble together!

Best friend like you
Not many, you can trust me.
Do not embrace and measure
The breadth of your soul.

You will always help me,
No matter what happens in life.
Even if suddenly trouble
happened in my life.

Happy Birthday
And with all my heart I wish,
That success awaits you,
And that you are the best.

Happy birthday, bosom friend,
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
And I wish you great
You lived, and loved, and sinned.

Such a path in Russia
From birth leads a man:
You have to be a little hooligan.
Yes, and the righteous - also slightly.

Therefore, live with all your might,
Healthy, grow rich, make us happy!
So that happiness lasts until old age
And there is still more in reserve!

Fate brought us together not in vain,
We are best friends.
Significant date -
Your birthday!

I want to wish a lot:
So that you succeed in business,
So that wealth arrives,
And the family only prospered!

Let happiness not leave,
And let love inspire,
And everything is fine in the career.
Let your eyes shine with happiness!

Thank you for adding to:

Friend, buddy, for me
You mean so much in life.
Happy birthday to you!
May good luck accompany you!

Stay for life
You are the way you are now.
Always keep up the good work,
Please us with positive!

Friend! Accept congratulations from me
On your wonderful birthday!
Let everything in life change for the better
And all things turn out easily!

Live more interesting, more fun,
Never regretting anything!
And I also wish you,

* * *

Friend, this day is beautiful,
When you celebrate a holiday,
I wish you cool everyday life
And different pleasures!

Go on vacation more often
Together with a bright beauty.
Live to the fullest,
Don't listen to gossip!

I confess to you, as a friend,
That I am proud of you.
Looking at your merits,
I am learning something myself.

On your example you need
Making my steps...
It's good that we are so friends,
We share weekdays!

You know how to make friends and appreciate
Everyone who helped you in life.
I won't get tired of praising you...
And I don't feel sorry for your praise!

Since the hour of your birthday has come
In your bright and good destiny -
Celebrate it magnificently now,
Do not deny yourself this!

I really need friendship with you,
It is so important to me in life.
With whom would you share your dreams?
Only with friends like you, like this!

I wish you a birthday,
Live on earth as if on a cloud of paradise...
May all dreams come true soon,
The main thing is to believe in it with all your heart!

My friend, I congratulate you on your birthday.
This is really your day: close people, gifts,
smiles - all this is only yours.
At such moments, you probably don't want anything more

and everything seems to be within your reach.
I want you to never leave
this self-confidence,
which consists not only of successful deeds

accomplished by you, but also of the environment,
which is always ready to help you.
And you can rest assured that I will be one of the first

who will lend a hand in a difficult situation, which,
I am sure, will be very few in your life.
Once again: happy birthday!

My dear friend!
All the colors of the day today are just for you!
And the sun's ray, and the breath of the wind,
And the touch of gentle hands!

Beloved friend!
I hasten to congratulate you on your birth!
And wish you health, happiness,
Love, available only to two!

A wonderful friend!
I wish you to shine brighter every day!
Let your beauty sparkle
Magic, colorful fire!

My faithful friend!
Let your birthday fulfill all your dreams!
And on the way to your aspirations
The light will turn on and all bridges will collapse!

* * *

Here comes your anniversary,
You gathered all your friends.
And I am glad to congratulate you
With such a wonderful date!

Best friend, there is always a reason,
Congratulate and shake hands.
You are a real, reliable man.
I got to know you well.

I definitely appreciate it, I don’t need another,
They don’t find such people, but fate gives them.
And friendship, of course, is a great reward.
Though not even the price of gold!

On your birthday, I wish you vivid emotions, unforgettable meetings and the flight of the soul, because life is measured not by the number of breaths, but by the moments when you take your breath away!

Happy birthday! You are a wonderful person - sympathetic, kind, brave! I wish you to remain so throughout your life, and then Lady Luck will be your faithful companion for many years, Her Majesty Love will always live in your heart, and Her Highness Happiness will never leave you!

Spaniards like to wish their friends and relatives on their birthday good health, great love, beautiful women, and most importantly - longevity, in order to have time to enjoy it all. I wish you the same! Happy birthday, amigo!

Friend, hello! Today is your birthday, which I wish to celebrate well. And also I want to wish a kilogram of money, 10 kilos - good luck, a centner - happiness and tons of love! Happy holiday!

You never know who you will meet on the path of life. Will this person bring sadness or give joy and warmth. Therefore, I am immensely happy that it was you that I was lucky to know. After all, such a wonderful friend is very difficult to find in our world! And I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! Be happy!

Friendship is a 24-hour concept, because at any moment you may need advice or help! You are a real man and a great friend, together we can handle anything! I shake your hand and sincerely wish you health, happiness, a pleasant atmosphere in the house and great luck!

Do you know, my friend, how dear you are to me? So much so that I just can't put it into words. And today is your birthday and I wouldn't be so happy even if it was my own birthday. May the wish you make today by blowing out the candles come true as soon as possible!

Happy birthday! To you, my friend, I wish to live without knowing grief, troubles, misfortunes. May your undertakings always end well and successfully, and may your dreams come true, giving joy and happiness! Be an open and honest person and then only worthy people like me will meet on your way!

Oh, if you remember how much we had during our friendship! There are not enough words and fingers to count and describe everything. Today, my friend, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you only positive, good luck and success! You are a worthy and strong person, and I am sure that you will achieve everything in this difficult life!

My dear friend, I want to wish you a happy birthday and wish you courage and perseverance. Take everything from life that you can, because all this is not in vain given to us. And remember that life is not given twice and live cheerfully and carelessly, but do not forget about business. Happiness to you.

Friendship is the purest and most holy word Happy is the one who has a reliable, faithful friend. Probably, I am also among the lucky ones, because I also have a true friend. We have been friends for a long time, and our feelings have been tested. Dear friend, from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on your birthday. May luck always be by your side, may fate be favorable to you. All the best to you in life, prosperity and well-being. May you always be lucky in everything, be confident in yourself and be happy. May the angel protect you.

Shoulder to shoulder, you and I have been walking along the same path for many years. You are my best, most true friend. We ate more than one pood of salt with you. We divide all sorrows and joys in half, help each other with advice and deed. Today is your birthday. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on your personal holiday. I wish you a great mood, great happiness, good luck in all matters and all the best. May beautiful love meet you, may all your cherished desires come true.

Only true male friendship gives us confidence in life. If a reliable friend is nearby, no problems are terrible. I am fit as my friend, and on my birthday I want to wish you great luck, cloudless happiness and all the best. May all your wishes come true, may every day bring joyful news. Be always energetic, fair and honest. I wish you good health, all earthly blessings. Let friends visit your house, let all bad weather bypass, let everything turn out for you as best as possible.

My friend, accept the warmest congratulations on your birthday. I wish you great success in everything, good health, a peaceful sky. May fate be favorable to you, and fortune often smiles. May reliable friends surround you, may dreams come true, may all problems be solved easily and simply. Let life be pure, like spring water, let all doubts go out of life. Good health to you, real luck, a peaceful sky and all earthly blessings. May the Lord bless you and protect you from all failures.

Birthday is an occasion to come to a person and tell about what is in the heart. So, I declare with a clear conscience: I have joy in my heart because you, dear birthday man, are in the world. That you decorate our lives, come to the rescue and just love to live. Thank you for everything and for bringing us all together.

I will never stop thanking fate for the day when we became friends. There were not many gifts in my life, but the gods were generous when they gave me such a comrade. I can always count on your understanding and your support, and you know that I am ready to come to your aid with just one call. And yet I want there to be as few such situations in your life as possible - let only happiness and good luck warm it!

My friend! I wish you a little, let there be a bright road so that you go through life without interference. So that the love that you meet in life is forever one and forever. I also want to wish you creative success on the path of improvement and creation.

Happy birthday! I wish you good Siberian health, crazy love, reliable and loyal friends - people like me - and remain the same wonderful person!

I wish you unbridled fun, joy and a smile on your lips every day. Let those around you please, and close people will pleasantly surprise you. Let life be rich, full of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions captured on camera film. Let more often you manage to do what you want, and less often - what you need. Well, and, finally, as they say, let us only dream of peace! Live life full!

Today I congratulate you - from the bottom of my heart, I fly to you with my kindest thoughts, the brightest feelings. I wish you great luck and luck - these capricious "ladies" are simply obliged to understand that they cannot find a better companion in life than you! I want all your plans to work, all your dreams to come true. And most importantly - that you never be afraid to set great goals for yourself and achieve the impossible!

I know that I will never meet friends like you again in my life - they don't "make" such unique people anymore. On your birthday, I just want to say a few simple words to you - sincere, kind, just like you. Worthy of you! Just be happy - and do not be afraid that luck will decide on treason. Just believe in yourself - and everything will definitely work out! Just hurry to love - and never forget that in this world you are also loved!

Here we have arranged birthday greetings to the best friend. When it is difficult to put into words your most favorable attitude towards a good friend, this page comes to the rescue, which will help you find the right verse. All the best and positive intertwined into a beautiful wish for a childhood friend, which you will definitely find here! We have selected both short poems and long works.

Happy birthday verse to best friend

My best friend! You are congratulations,
Written from the heart, accept!
You won't find people like you on the planet!
And we became friends when we were children!

I wish you one thing - health!
Doubt, friend, you know no fear!
You are not deprived of friendship and love!
And you will give a hundred points ahead to others in business!

How many people are around -
Close and not very close.

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