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Cool fidget spinners are one of the best toy trends from the last few years. After making their way out of fringe Instagram meme accounts and into mainstream stores, these cool fidget spinners are now frequently found to be an everyday carry for kids and adults (and pets!). 

It’s easy to think that fidget spinners have passed their prime time and are no longer relevant. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Trust us, these little gadgets are timeless. Wondering why? Here are a few of their benefits:

  • ADHD – Many parents have found that a fidget spinner has helped children to control their ADHD and helps kids concentrate for longer. This has also been known to lead to a decrease in stress levels for kids with ADHD. 
  • Concentration – Even when your mind, ears and eyes are otherwise occupied, your hands might be wondering what to do. A cool fidget spinner can be your stylish little gadget companion while on a Zoom call or binging Netflix.
  • Entertainment – When you’re bored, they’re something to do. There’s also no limit to them, so you can just keep on spinning and spinning.

A fidget spinner features a central bearing that enables smooth rotation. Arms are attached around the central bearing and are weighted to increase the centripetal force. This, in turn, increases the spin time and keeps the momentum going. 

Stop twiddling your thumbs and start spinning a cool fidget spinner. We’ve rounded up the 27 coolest fidget spinners to order online and straight into your hand. Not only are they all top quality, but they’re also more fun and creative than the traditional style. And if you’re looking for some general stress relief, be sure to check out our post on the best stress balls.


1. Pure Brass Gear Fidget Spinner


This cool fidget spinner is heavier than it looks thanks to its brass construction. It’s also endlessly entertaining, with a series of interlocking gears that all spin in different directions.

Courtesy of Amazon


2. Kangaroo’s Emoji Fidget Spinner


Combine fidget spinners with a good laugh and you get a recipe for solid de-stressing. This Kangaroo’s Emoji Fidget Spinner does just that. It’s shaped like the notorious poop emoji, but the face makes up the center bearing of the fidget spinner. It’s also very affordable right now at under $5, so you can grab a few for your family or roommates.

Courtesy of Amazon


3. Zoocm Metal Fidget Spinner


This rainbow-hued Zoocm Fidget Spinner is constructed from ultra-durable stainless steel which gives a satisfying weight in your hand when spinning. As the floral pattern spins, you’ll see a beautiful swirl of color, especially when the light hits it. Each section also features a silicone that can be popped to create a decompression effect.

Courtesy of Amazon


4. Pure Compression Fidget Spinner


Evolved from the original design, the Pure Compression Fidget Spinner features a popping bubble in each tri-section. Each bubble can be popped up and down, adding an additional fidget fix to this toy. Both the frame and bubbles are made from durable materials, so you can be popping and spinning the stress away for hours on end.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon


If the one-way motion of a traditional fidget spinner isn’t enough for you, then get yourself a DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon. With 12 sides of fidget fixtures, this clever 3D shape will have your fingers busy for hours. All the surfaces are smooth to ensure no dangerous catch or interruptions to your play. It’s also pocket-sized, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Courtesy of Amazon


6. Wizardry World Fidget Spinner


This spinner is (unofficially) modeled after a golden snitch which is the most important ball in Harry Potter’s game of Quidditch. The wings are set on a self-lubricating bearing, allowing you to spin the game-winner for up to one minute with a single flick. It’s made of a rainbow metal-alloy (sorry, not golden) and comes in a travel case for safekeeping.

Courtesy of Amazon


7. FIGROL LED Fidget Spinner


Fidget spin by day and by night with the FIGROL LED Fidget Spinner. Made of durable acrylic and available in a range of five different colors, this spinner is a durable toy with an option to suit everyone. Each spinner contains LED lights that glow as you spin. The spinner also has six preset modes to choose from which each display different light shows. Furthermore, the batteries are easily replaceable, so there’s no need to worry about running out of juice.

Courtesy of Amazon


8. AAkron Fidget Spinner Pen


There’s no reason to add a device to your workspace when you can simply upgrade your writing utensil with this fidget spinner pen. The two-arm spinner doubles as a pen on both sides, allowing you to spin while you take notes, write or draw. This makes it great for staying focused during lectures or meetings and doesn’t require switching between a dedicated spinner and your pen.

Courtesy of Amazon


9. HoneyBadgerArsenal Fidget Spinner


Inspired by the design of a wind turbine, the HoneyBadgerArsenal Fidget Spinner is an industrial-looking fidget spinner. You can choose from whether you’d prefer a heavier stainless steel finish or are happy with the lower cost and lower weight aluminum option. Whichever metal you opt for, your spinner will contain an R188 bearing for a smooth spin and enjoyable user experience. These spinners also come presented in a metallic case, making them a great gift.

Courtesy of Etsy


10. JKCreativeSG Fidget Spinner


If you’ve ever seen a western movie, chances are you know the oh-so-cool spinning action of a revolver. This fidget spinner replicates that movement between your two fingers with a revolver-like cylindrical shape. It even boasts removable bullets so you can load, aim and spin like a real outlaw.

Courtesy of Etsy


11. Anzmtosn Hammer Fidget Spinner


The clever design of the Anzmtosn Hammer Fidget Spinner allows you to choose from two styles of spin. By removing the hammer handle, you can focus on spinning the heavier head alone. Alternatively, you can use the handle to spin the head for a less intense experience. Whichever way you choose, this is one cool fidget spinner.

Courtesy of Amazon


12. Superhero Fidget Spinners


Themed fidget spinners are a bit of a grey area as major corporations haven’t licensed anything, but you can find spinners that non-officially rep your favorite movie, novel or comic book. This three-pack of “superhero” spinners features designs that look very close to Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America, making them a great choice for any Marvel fan.

Courtesy of Amazon


13. ATESSON Metal Fidget Spinner


This spinner from Atesson is a great option if you’re looking for an upgraded version of the basic fidget spinner. It has the classic shape that you’re familiar with (three rounded arms mounted on a central bearing) but takes things up a notch with high-quality metal construction and a premium bearing for fast, steady spinning. It comes in blue, pink or silver, but we’re partial to the sleek silver color linked below.

Courtesy of Amazon


14. D-FantiX Fidget Spinner Cube


This fidget spinner incorporates a Rubix cube-like function, adding a fun new element to the mix. It’s made up of nine cubes, with the bearing in the center and floppy rotatable outer edges for extra fidgeting. It boasts great ratings with 4.6/5 stars and just over 1,900 reviews, as users say it’s very fun and runs well.

Courtesy of Amazon


15. TheTwistedBrain Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner


Ideal for playing games and passing time, the TheTwistedBrain Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner is a uniquely designed toy. It has a sturdy, triangular frame in which the central bearing and surrounding spheres are mounted at the top when it’s sitting tall on a flat surface. Available in two color options and handmade from top-quality stainless steel, this spinner can comfortably rotate for three to five minutes. Or, if you master the correct force, you might be able to beat the five-minute mark.

Courtesy of Amazon


16. Lifidea Fidget Cube


The moves are never-ending with the Lifidea Fidget Cube, as you will continuously be able to flip from one side to the other. The cubes are made of aluminum and held together by brass hinges. Whichever of the six color options you choose, your fidget cube will come presented in a durable carrying case to ensure it’s protected when going from A to B.

Courtesy of Amazon


17. Fidget Spinner Assorted Pack


If you can’t decide on a fidget spinner, want one for each day of the week or want to match your spinner with your outfit, go for this 12-pack of assorted fidget spinners, each with a different colorway and design. This 12-pack makes for great gifts at parties, too.

Courtesy of Amazon


18. INNÔPLUS Fidget Spinner


The INNÔPLUS Fidget Spinner might look like a fancy spy gadget that Q would give James Bond, but it’s actually a functioning fidget spinner. It’s made of metal, providing a high-quality feel and some weight, and features lights on the tips of each arm that create a cool look while spinning. The lights aren’t battery-powered, but absorb light from the environment and re-emit it. The whole thing comes in a sleek box, so you might actually feel like a spy when opening it.

Courtesy of Amazon


19. FREELOVE 2 Sided Metal Spinner Fidget Toy


Inspired by the Vikings, the FEELOVE Fidget Spinner has a cog-like edge and features the symbol of Odin in the center. There are also runes printed in the outer circle of the spinner and ancient text carvings. Two-sided, this spinner is silent, and adjustable with a spinning time of four to six minutes. 

Courtesy of Amazon


20. FidgetGear Rotobow Fidget Spinner


Handmade in the USA, the FidgetGear Rotobow Fidget Spinner is a well-crafted desktop toy. At 63 grams in weight, it’s made of solid brass and features an R188 bearing for a premium finish that’s able to spin for over three minutes. As this cool fidget spinner is not mass-produced, it makes a unique gift for yourself or a friend.

Courtesy of Etsy


21. aPyroDesign Mario Fidget Spinner


Once the aPyroDesign Mario Fidget Spinner is in motion, you can create a homemade spinner video. The fun Mario-inspired character will seem to be running around the spinner when filmed on your digital camera or phone. Full instructions for creating a mini-film are included with each order of this cool, 3D laser-cut polystyrene fidget spinner.

Courtesy of Etsy


22. Duomishu Fidget Spinner


Uniquely designed with a double-pendulum spin, you can choose to spin just one arm of the Duomishu Fidget Spinner or both. It features safe, rounded edges and an R188 central bearing, making it a quality spinner that will never catch. This toy is also extremely lightweight at only 3.2 ounces, so it’s ideal for taking with you on the move.

Courtesy of Amazon


23. Wewinn Brass Fidget Spinner


This cool fidget spinner from Wewinn is one of the most high-quality options out there. The frame is made of premium aluminum, while the gears are made of brass. Ten of the 13 gears have bearings inside, which distributes the spin around the gadget. This allows the Wewinn to spin for minutes on end with a single flick. The upscale spinner costs much more than average, but if you find yourself twiddling a fidget spinner often then this is a great buy.

Courtesy of Amazon


24. JKCreativeSG Gyro Sprocket Fidget Spinner


Handcrafted to precision, the JKCreative Gyro Sprocket Fidget Spinner is a uniquely cool fidget spinner. This premium product comes pre-assembled but also includes a micro tool kit, enabling you to disassemble and reassemble it if you’re interested in how they’re made. Available in multiple metallic tones as well as black, this double-weighted fidget spinner is as cool as they come.

Courtesy of Etsy


25. TRACYCY Fidget Rotating Ball


This basketball design offers a rotating design in a small, compact toy. It rotates 360 degrees and also has a decompression effect to offer spinning and massaging satisfaction  — the best of both worlds when it comes to fidget toys.

Courtesy of Amazon


26. DMaos Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner


Made of stainless steel, this Ferris wheel fidget spinner offers high-speed spinning that lasts for up to six minutes. The two-in-one design can be used with or without the stand for a bit of variety. The set also comes with five marbles that fit into the space holders and a screwdriver so you can tighten it when needed.

Courtesy of Amazon


27. Phoenix Dragon Wing Fidget Spinner


This gorgeous rainbow-hued dragon fidget spinner is a sight to see. When spun, the iridescent colors make a beautiful display that is sure to bring calming pleasure. it’s made of 100% high-quality metal copper that’s strong and durable enough for long-term use.

Courtesy of Amazon


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Best Metal Fidget Spinners [2022]

By Bill Wilson January 25, 2022

4 minutes read

Fidgeting,  a basic human behavioral anomaly and some might hold it to be problematic or annoying but for the people who experience this, this is commonly known to occur when people are anxious or nervous. This is considered to be the body’s biological mechanism to counteract that feeling. Speaking of biology and human behavior, according to numerous scientific facts that have been gathered and the accumulated researches, this has been known to be quite an effective antidote for stress and anxiety. Along with some reasoning which implies its health-oriented benefits.

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The best and most fun way to contain this cognitive dilemma is fidget spinners. And they can be awfully helpful to reduce the socially awkward aftermath of odd public encounters or behaviors which might be involuntary most of the time. Below are some of the best options that you can get today.

#PreviewProduct NameOur RatingDetails
1FREELOVE Russia Z Triangle Design Fidget Spinner Toy9/10
355 Reviews
Check Price
2FREELOVE 9 Series Gear Pure Copper Brass Fidget Spinner8. 5/10
281 Reviews
Check Price
3Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner Focus Finger Toy Stress Reducer7/10
6,830 Reviews
Check Price
4Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series8/10
2,414 Reviews
Check Price
5ATESSON Fidget Toys Tri-Spinner Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed6.5/10
4,704 Reviews
Check Price
Product NameFREELOVE Russia Z Triangle Design Fidget Spinner Toy
Our Rating9/10
355 Reviews
Check Price
Product NameFREELOVE 9 Series Gear Pure Copper Brass Fidget Spinner
Our Rating8. 5/10
281 Reviews
Check Price
Product NameMaxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner Focus Finger Toy Stress Reducer
Our Rating7/10
6,830 Reviews
Check Price
Product NameTrianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series
Our Rating8/10
2,414 Reviews
Check Price
Product NameATESSON Fidget Toys Tri-Spinner Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed
Our Rating6.5/10
4,704 Reviews
Check Price

Last Update on 2022-12-05 at 13:55 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


FREELOVE Russia Z Triangle Design Fidget Spinner Toy

Our Rating: 9/10

  • German CNC Sandblasted
  • Metal Body for Durability
  • Great Spinning Time
  • Premium Rugged Feel
  • 6 Tracheas might pose to be a hindrance while carrying

355 Reviews

Spokes: 6 Tritium Trachea | Build Material: Aluminium Alloy Metal | Bearing: Stainless Steel R188 Bearings | Spinning Time: 3-5 mins

Check Price

FreeLove Russia Z is a top-notch competitor when it comes to spinners. Because of its ergonomic design and premium build quality. It is forged with an Aluminium Alloy to ensure a well-distributed weight with equally significant performance.

The R188 Steel bearings perform quite well with high output and low noise, this not only improves the spinning speed but the overall spinning duration of the product as well and can produce a max spinning time of 5 minutes. The 6 Tritium Tracheas are the spoke-like structures protruding from the sides and this gives this spinner a very aggressive look and complements its appearance.

Another crucial feature to notice would be the German CNC process, which means that this item was sandblasted to ensure trimmed down and refined corners along with a specific anodization process. Yes, iPhones also go through an anodization process which gives them a seamless and smooth look.

This spinner is no exception and provides the same kind of feel which makes it an easy purchase for most of the adults looking for an aggressive fidget spinner that exhibits classy aesthetics.

2. FREELOVE 9 Series Gear Pure Copper Brass Fidget Spinner

Our Rating: 8.5/10

  • R188 Silent Stainless Steel Bearing
  • Copper and Silver Outlook
  • 6 Gear Wheel Concept
  • Better Grip due to Premium Weight
  • Not suitable for children

281 Reviews

Spokes: 6 Piece Design | Build Material: Copper Brass Build | Bearing: R188 Stainless Steel Bearing | Spinning Time: 3-5 mins

Check Price

Freelove 9 Series Gear Pure Spinner is like a spinner and clockwork with all the cogs and spinning action that is packed inside. The exterior design features a 6 piece R188 Stainless Steel bearing for smooth and noiseless spinning. It features an aesthetically pleasing build quality from a copper brass alloy which adds a silvery finish with a copper hue.

The interesting thing to notice about this spinner is that it comprises of 6 gears including the one in the middle, the gears are locked down among each other to procure more precision for spinning. The two gears situated near the center spin in sync with the outer three spokes. This odd choice of design adds more grip to the product and makes it friendlier for usage up to longer periods of time.

The stainless steel bearing along with the body forged from copper declares it to be one of the most reliable and durable spinners that you can get. With that being said, this is the spinner to choose if you’re into innovation.

3. Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner Focus Finger Toy Stress Reducer

Our Rating: 7/10

  • One year warranty
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic Style for better handling
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Bland Design

6,830 Reviews

Spokes: 3 Spokes | Build Material: Aluminium| Bearing: Steel Ball Bearing | Spinning Time: 3 mins

Check Price

Maxboost Tri-Spinner proves to be a very decent fidgeting solution. This is different from the normal spinners that you would get out there as it comes with a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty which futureproofs your purchase for the first year so that you never go wrong with it.

It features a Steel Ball Bearing which results in a Spinning Duration of 3 minutes max. The overall aluminum build gives it a robust feel while using it and adds to the ergonomic design for better grip.

3 spokes with rounded corners give it a safer and more reliable chassis which makes it easy to use for longer periods of time without straining your fingers or your palm.  The size makes it ideal for you to fit in in your palm or your pocket for safe keeping. So if you are on the lookout for a small yet precise spinner then this is the one to go for.

4. Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series

Our Rating: 8/10

  • Attractive Color Scheme
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic Style for better handling
  • The design is not captivating at all
  • Suitable for kids over 10

2,414 Reviews

Spokes: 3 Spokes | Build Material: Metal-Alloy | Bearing: Steel Ball Bearing | Spinning Time: 4-5 mins

Check Price

The Trianium Fidget Spinner comes with a metal alloy material body. This not only gives you the perfect feel but also the confidence to hold it out in the open without the fear of any breakage. The metal alloy build paves the way for a more secure exterior along with a firm grip and subtle design.

This also features a Steel Ball Bearing at its core which is engulfed in an anti-corrosive pre-lubricated oil for an overall impressive spin time of 4-5 minutes. This lubricating oil is the game changer which allows room for a quieter and more durable spinning experience.

It also consists of protection caps at the top and bottom of the spinner to prevent the bearing from falling off and to prevent the lubricative oil from leaking. This not only adds to the aesthetics of the spinner but also conceals the bearing and makes the product more appealing to the buyer. The overall layout and impressive output of this spinner can easily make this an easy purchase for anyone.

5. ATESSON Fidget Toys Tri-Spinner Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed

Our Rating: 6. 5/10

  • Anodized Chrome Feel
  • Subtly Portable
  • Tri-Spinner Design for Convenient Spinning
  • 60 days money back and 6 Month Warranty
  • Very Basic Design

4,704 Reviews

Spokes: 3 Spokes | Build Material: Aluminium | Bearing: Stainless Steel Bearing | Spinning Time: 2-5 mins

Check Price

What Atesson offers in this package is quite interesting and might spark the curiosity of a lot of buyers as it is one of the only resellers that offer a 6-month Manufacturer’s Warranty along with a 60-day money back guarantee from Atesson itself. This is pretty much a steal considering the price and the aftersales support that it offers.

The outer chassis is aluminum along with a Stainless Steel Bearing at its heart which provides a good spinning time of 2-5 minutes. The aluminum is again anodized through the CNC process to provide a precise finish to the final product and feels incredibly good in the hand.

The 3 spoked concept is quite minimal as it is the basic founding design of most spinners. The less the spokes, the better the handling of the spinner along with less mass which sums up to more speed and less friction.

The minimalism along with the portability that it has to offer, this easily makes its way among its top five contenders in the list but fails to keep up in the list because of the very basic design, and if you’re not that fancy then this is what you might want to get.

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    By Bill Wilson December 27, 2021

10 most expensive spinners that are scary even to take in hand ᐈ

10 most expensive spinners that are even scary to take in hand ᐈ

  • Home
  • All news

Zakon. kz

Psychologists say that the spinner is the most popular toy in the world that will distract children from gadgets.

Spinner fashion has literally taken over the world. Surely, everyone has heard about these rotating toys, and someone is still spinning it on their finger. Psychologists say that this is a great opportunity to relax and recover in a stressful situation. As a rule, spinners are very inexpensive, but it turns out that there are instances whose price just rolls over. Writes about it

1. Torqbar Fidget Spinner

$ 199

Torqbar fidget spinner is a real toy for the rich. There are several varieties of it, the most expensive of which is made of titanium and costs $199. However, this is the cheapest spinner on this list. Other, cheaper Torqbars are made from copper, stainless steel, and brass, but titanium has the longest spin time because it is the heaviest.

2. Alpha EDC Spinner Fidget Multi toy

$ 200

Alpha EDC spinner is a unique and creative spinner with multiple functions. This toy is made of 954 bronze and can spin up to 3 minutes. It is also interesting that the spinner has a replaceable central part, which can be easily changed with a button. Initially, Alpha EDC was just another Kickstarter project, but the number of people who decided to buy a new contraption, and for a lot of money, exceeded all expectations.

3. Crusader


Crusader fidget spinner is made by Kasfly in titanium or bronze. The titanium spinner can spin for 3 minutes, while the bronze spinner can spin for as much as 4. It is noteworthy that the Crusader is decorated with crusader-style religious symbols, and you can buy it in the Kasfly Facebook group.

4. Metal Worn Turbine Hand Spinner v2 and V3

$ 299

The name of the Metal Worn Turbine Hand Spinner v2 and V3 is translated quite unusually – “metal worn turbine blade”. Such spinners are made of pure titanium and a ceramic bearing, which gives them a smoother rotation.

5. Black Lotus Tri Spinner Sterling Silver


Black Lotus Tri Spinner Sterling Silver is made in silver by special order only. The bearing in this spinner is made of polished hybrid ceramic. The company, HouseofYurich, also sells other variations of this spinner at various prices starting at $150. But this particular model has a great design, and it is made using a high-tech 3d printer.

6. Pepyakka-S

$ 425

Pepyakka-S is a Russian With Knives spinner. It is made of 20 parts and equipped with a double bearing. You can only buy it on the site. In fact, the Pepyakka S resembles some sort of action ninja weapon.

7. Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner

$ 459

The following spinner has such a great shape and design that you can even just hold it in your hands. Such a high price for the toy is due to the fact that it is made of sterling silver. This is really a great gift that will help dispel nervousness and boredom.

8. Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand

$ 525

Superconductor Stubby is not just a toy, it can also be used as a cigar stand. Its delicately patterned case is available in stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium (which is the most expensive). Since the spinner has a very smooth rotation, it is ideal for relaxing. The manufacturer of this expensive toy, Rotablade, also offers spinners made from exotic materials such as zirconium.

9. 9 Gear Fidget Spinner

$ 600

The 9 Gear mechanism is completely made of brass. But if you add $140 to the original price, the customer gets a custom-made spinner that looks like some kind of alien contraption from the movie.

10. Batgate Artifact Spinner

$ 700

Batgate Artifact Spinner is perhaps the most expensive spinner in the world. It was designed by mechanical sculptor Chris Bathgate in collaboration with Mike Hogarty and Cully Keane. The toy, which attracted the attention of the whole world, is made of stainless steel and brass.

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10 most expensive spinners - Lifehacker

July 20, 2017 Relaxation

What spinners have not been produced on the wave of popularity of these anti-stress toys. There are even models made of solid gold and pieces adorned with diamonds. However, not every spinner has a merchant. Lifehacker shares the rating of the most expensive fidgets that people really buy.

10. Crusader Spinner - $260

Crusader is produced by KASFLY, orders are only accepted in a closed Facebook group*. The spinner was created for lovers of medieval aesthetics and is decorated with the symbol of the crusaders. Two spinner models are available - titanium and bronze.

9. Turbine Version 3 spinner — $299

Titanium alloy fidget from Metal Worn. It features a long and almost silent rotation.

8. Tispin Prop Spinner - $425

Tispin Prop not only looks like a propeller, but is made from real aircraft titanium.

7. Pepyakka-S Spinner - $425

Produced by From Russia With Knives, a Russian knife company. Brutal design in the tradition of the company makes the spinner look like a bladed weapon.

6. Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver spinner - up to $445

The spinner was made by craftsman Ben Richardson, founder of House of Yurich. In the line of lotus spinners, the sterling silver model is the most expensive. Cheaper versions are made of steel and bronze.

5. Customized 925 Silver Spinner - $459

Sterling silver model that keeps wearers happy with long spins. Amazon offers two versions of this spinner - from Sunnytech and from Weiheng. The fidgets are identical and cost the same.

4. 9 Gear Spinner - $600

One of the most popular expensive fidgets. There are a lot of replicas of this spinner on the Internet, but the real one can only be bought on the official website. The model is completely handmade.

3. Rotablade Superconductor Spinner - $665

A small spinner that can be used as a cigar stand. Several versions have been made, the most expensive being made of pure titanium.

Learn more