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Will Hunting - INTP Math genius Will overanalyzes everything to a fault. He is gifted at solving mathematical equations in his head, and also analyzes the costs and benefits of having a relationship. He lives in his head, always five steps ahead, brainstorming future negative possibilities. His strong memory allows him to retain complex formulas and theories he has studied, but it also keeps painful memories of abuse and abandonment fresh. Will is afraid to love others and let others love him. When he expresses his emotions, it’s in a violent, unhealthy way.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Sean Maguire - INFP Sean lives according to his strong values and convictions. He is individualistic, romantic, compassionate, and insightful. Just as Will is able to dissect Sean’s life through a painting, Sean is also able to see straight through Will’s cocky bravado. There’s a lot of residual pain in his life, but he knows his past experiences give him the credentials he needs to be a good counselor and impact Will. Though he is a gentle person, he’s not afraid to get in someone’s face when he has to. He calls out Lambeau for being an arrogant, judgmental prick and slams Will’s disrespectful attitude.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Gerard Lambeau - ENTJ When arrogant, charismatic Professor Lambeau discovers Will’s superior intelligence, he capitalizes on it to further his work in mathematics. Lambeau is overly ambitious and pushy when it comes to Will. He sees great potential in him and doesn’t want it to go to waste. He can’t sympathize with Will wanting to live a life outside of academia, because it’s not what he himself would do.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Skylar - ENFJ Skylar is popular, outgoing, and funny. She’s the first to say “I love you” and is eager to get to know Will’s family and friends. She is focused in pursuing her academic and career path. When Will refuses her invitation to move to California with her, she knows he’s hiding a deeper issue from her. She seems to fit in well wherever she goes and adapts well to whatever situation is in front of her. She works hard to learn her course material and envies Will’s natural ability to understand complex mathematics.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Chuckie Sullivan - ESTP Chuckie lives his life impulsively. He’s the first to jump into a fistfight with Will and openly flirts with girls at the bar. He’s grounded in reality and has observed how intelligent Will really is. He holds Will responsible as a friend and one of the guys. If Will doesn’t move forward when he has the chance, it’s a disgrace to Chuckie and their friends who will never get a golden opportunity. Chuckie looks forward to the day when Will is no longer around.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

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An Archetypal INTP? : INTP

Out of recommendations from a few friends (including Netflix), I finally got around to watching Good Will Hunting in 2019. One of them had told me on multiple occasions that I'd "really like it" (I've tested exclusively as INTP for years, but they're not acquainted at all with MBTI or my awareness of it, to my knowledge at least).

I just finished the movie about an hour ago and I'm only beginning to digest all of the thoughts I have about the film and its main character. In many ways, I feel I relate extremely well to Will and that many INTPs (as well as any other person/personality type that feels like they're an outcast, alone, or not "normal") may feel the same as well.

Friends and (especially) family are always telling me how smart I am and how much pOtEntIaL I have, and I know this a common (lighthearted) gripe of being an INTP you'll often read about online. We have so much potential and intellectual capacity, but we just don't always know how or where to channel it, and we prefer to do so outside of the limelight and for the sake of the theoretical knowledge itself. Will's character was obviously an outlier case (I know it's a fictional story), given he was an orphan and never had strong ties with a family or a financial support system in place enabling him to pursue higher education, higher standards of living, and other opportunities all us middle-class-and-up folks take for granted. This not only led to him developing a personality conducive to getting in trouble with the law, but left him with no choice but to settle for a low-paying blue collar job as a janitor in a university he may've once dreamed of attending when he was younger. This ultimately culminated into, in my opinion, an unhealthy INTP with an underdeveloped Ne and probably Fe as well.

His interactions with his girlfriend Skylar rang eerily similar to my own personal feelings about love and relationships. He decides (initially..spoiler alert) not to move to California with her, even though she's so clearly (and rather spontaneously) confessed her love for him, because he's worried he might change his mind about his feelings for her (key word = mind). I've always seen pre-college relationships as silly and pointless (as well as haughtily laughed and scorned at my peers in such relationships) because I see it like this: you either get married, or you don't - you'll likely break up and may very well never want to see them again. Basically, he attempts to view all situations typically eliciting "normal" peoples' emotional decision-making faculties through an objective lens, using logic and reason to eliminate all risk. I only want to date someone who I'm extremely confident will want to be together for the long haul. I'm a "sapiosexual" as well.

His rationale for declining the NSA job felt uncannily relatable too. Yeah, the position would've capitalized on his superhuman mathematical powers, but ultimately to an end that would've/could've resulted (albeit quite indirectly, but perhaps not as much so to INTPs) in the deaths of innocent people as an employee of an intelligence agency tasked with destroying threats to America in the sole interest of political and financial (oil) gains. He also has no reverence for titles/awards (namely those of the MIT math professor). We NTs always have to make decisions from a big picture perspective and think about how they'll pan out down the road (don't remember it verbatim, but there's even a quote from the therapist summarizing just that, minus the NT bit).

The movie's final scene corresponds to the last function in our stack, perhaps signaling Will's Fe has finally began to develop. He decided to drive to California to reunite with Skylar, presumably on the basis he's concluded, after much introspection and therapy, that he really does love her. I must admit...I think I teared up a bit while Afternoon Delight played over the credits/this scene (the Netflix info screen for the film reappeared afterwards, revealing "tear-jerker" as one of its genre descriptors...dammit, the director successfully tricked my Fe into actually working! 😂 I guess that's the power of movies, or something).

I'm about to graduate from college (BA in Philosophy) and know I want to travel a while afterwards and have a few ideas regarding employment, but nothing concrete. Grad school is on my radar too. In the end, I just want to do something that's challenging (ie. fully utilizes my brain and ability to think through complex issues and devise logical solutions) but is also worth more to humanity than just crunching numbers for an insurance company.

What are everyone's thoughts about/reactions to the film, Will's character, and these INTP traits in general?

Who is who. Hunter type. Part 2. Management School Yin

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Beginning of the article “Who is who. Warrior type. Part 1

From the dialogue with the Warrior:
— I need to have a conversation with the Hunter. In general, I was going to run into him for slowness. I know that I rub off my shoulder. How can I talk to him so as not to "kill" him by accident? I get excited and on a grand scale, in the heat of the moment I can not calculate my strength. nine0008
- Well, what are you! You can't kill a hunter. He will hide and wait. And you, dear Warrior, will only waste your time and energy in the heat of educational work. You are more likely to run out of steam than the Hunter's defense against your raids will be weakened...

If you have already read the first part, then you probably guessed that the second type will be the exact opposite of the Warrior. And your guess will be correct.

If you “cross the road” to a Warrior or step on his “tail”, he, like a dragon, will spew fiery flames, make noise with his wings, fly over you, intimidate. Fight with you not for life, but for death. nine0003

If you step on the "tail" of the Hunter, he will behave like a lizard: he will drop his tail and you will be left with nothing. It will slip out from under your feet to a safe place to grow its tail back. You will be at a loss, twisting the stump of the tail of a small beast in front of your nose: either you defeated him, or not? The tail has been torn off! Do not rush to rejoice if you yourself are a Warrior ... In the view of the Hunter, victory remained with him. Let it not be obvious and without fanfare. But with a nose, or rather, with a tail, you are left. And the Hunter will continue his hunt for victory... And the Warrior has already put an end to it and relaxed. That is what the Hunter is waiting for. nine0003

Dragon and lizard. These are completely opposite behavioral strategies of two types of people, examples of their interaction with the outside world.

What is especially important: the second type "Hunter" is not only the exact opposite of the Warrior. The Hunter is a stumbling block for the Warrior. A stone that the Warrior always stumbles over and becomes terribly annoyed, and sometimes feels helpless with "this mumble." Here is how the Warriors characterize the Hunters:
"This is a slow and unresponsive employee." nine0009 "It won't fly until you kick it."
"The type of person from whom it is impossible to get any specifics."
"Feeling like talking to an empty place."
“We talked. He smiled, nodded his head and left. And what about the dry residue? But nothing. Emptiness!"
Like the tail of a lizard...

You will easily notice the Hunter in any team. The silent, inconspicuous, reflective, little emotional, secretive Hunter always keeps his distance from the noisy Warrior. He is always on his own mind. Distance and peace, a lot of information and maximum security - these are the main things that this type of person preys on. nine0003

The Hunter observes a lot and his main habit, developed from childhood - to keep an invisible distance - allows him to avoid situations where the Warrior "cuts everyone into small cabbages."

You will never see a Hunter screaming loudly. Looking closer, you will notice a silent or speaking person in a lowered tone, “through his teeth”. Worried, but not in a hurry to express his opinion about the fact that someone pissed him off. Carefully choosing words, non-specific answers, pauses and withdrawal into oneself. The hunter seems to live in his shell, shell. Hiding in a shelter, not attracting attention to himself, but vigilantly observing everything that happens around him. nine0003

This is a person who has a lot of information in his head. He collects it, systematizes it somehow in his own way, selects it with the main goal - to use it, so as not to make a mistake and not fall under the hot hand of loud and harsh people, in a stupid situation or in one where he knows very little.

Hunters really don't like making mistakes. They say about such people - silent or modest.
Their “I want” has huge dimensions, but few people know about this “I want” because. The hunter carefully hides his desires. In order for his “I want” to turn into “I can”, the Hunter needs to collect a lot of information, which, like a straw, he will put at every step, so as not to flounder, not to disgrace himself and quietly become a winner. nine0003

Hunter's "I want" takes a long time to ripen to become the fruit of "I can", and everyone who is not a Hunter may not live to see large-scale activity. Yes, and it does not matter that he will not survive. Most importantly, he was safe.
With a Warrior, everything is simple: from “I want” to “I can” in one moment, which immediately turns into vigorous activity.

It's no longer a secret that Hunters annoy Warriors. But Hunters are also annoyed ... Warriors. Warriors for them are superficial, not prudent, they cannot detect all sorts of different dangerous little things that can spoil the project. They risk in vain and stupidly. To the Hunter's suggestion "We need to think", the Warrior replies impulsively "We need to act." In general, the Hunters feel that the Warriors are a little lacking in control. And the Warriors think that the Hunters are bad with achievements (results). Both of them are right in their own way. nine0003

At meetings and parties, Hunters are unlikely to get into the thick of things. Their place is in the gallery, in the bushes where the piano is hidden, where people do not look. Everyone at the party "takes on the chest." You too? Be sure that the Hunter will see every little thing about you. If he cannot understand what it means that he saw, he will simply put the information on the shelf, so that later he can think and use it when necessary. He always notices everything. It's his nature, his habit.

Hunt, hunt, observe, gather information, get out, confuse, obfuscate, talk and hush up. nine0008

He seems to be hunting his prey: slowly, patiently and unerringly makes a throw at the most unexpected moment for the victim. Or slowly weaves an inconspicuous web. He can sometimes “kill” with the facts that he has collected and tied together, into a strong network, into which you will fall. Caught in the Hunter's net, it will be difficult for you to get out, especially if you yourself are a Warrior. The Warrior twitches too sharply and demonstrates his heroism, becoming even more confused ... The facts hit on the spot, and the slowness and leisurely manner with which the Hunter gives them out will test the patience of anyone caught. The Hunter's facts sting like a scorpion's sting - exactly, a little, almost imperceptibly, but to death or forever. nine0003

The effect of the Hunter on the Warrior is sticky, tangled, viscous.

"Going into the shadows and staying there" is the main characteristic of the Hunter.
In this patience and secrecy, the Hunter is seriously superior to the Warrior. The hunter needs much more time to prepare for something and even more so to make a decision. He will study the “glade” of the problem with the care and subtlety of a jeweler, watchmaker or microsurgeon, he will not miss anything. His task is to detect everything that can be dangerous ... and delay the time of decision and action in order to find a safe exit. nine0003

Warrior wants to do something faster? Hunter has no such desire. If two such opposites meet, then from the outside it will resemble a frisky fly circling around the jam. But as soon as a fly approaches the jam, the fly will hopelessly get bogged down in this sweet yummy. As you may have guessed, a frisky fly is a Warrior with a purpose and ready to act. And jam is a Hunter who is in no hurry and collecting everything that comes in his way ... Even Warriors.

nine0002 Warriors stuck in communication with Hunters - trophies of Hunters.
Enraged Warriors from the slowness of the Hunter - the highest reward of the Hunter.

The hunter will easily bring the Warrior to the white knee: the fighter will not be able to move even a millimeter from the place of the one whose goal is not to leave the place, not to appear from the shelter until the victim or target is maximally achievable, and for him the movement towards the goal will be safe and win-win. The best option for the Hunter is to sit and wait on the bank of the river until the corpse of the enemy floats by. Safe, secure, achievable. nine0003

Does the warrior criticize and evaluate you without your asking? You shrink from internal discomfort, try to talk less so as not to get caught on the tongue of the Warrior.

The hunter is silent and smiles, encourages you to communicate and nods his head, does not contradict. You, feeling safe, “untie” your tongue and start to give out a little extra “on the mountain”. No, no, right now the Hunter is not going to run to tell this to anyone. This information will pop up unexpectedly and at the most inopportune moment. And you won’t even be able to understand when it was the Hunter who managed to betray her so imperceptibly to your detriment. And to your advantage. And of course, this is not from evil ...

The hunter always does everything for the maximum benefit. Just like the Warrior. Only their methods of achieving their benefits are completely different.

Is there a gray cardinal in your company? Be sure - this is a Hunter, a person who can hunt and wait, collect information and "inject" it, like poison, at the right and most unexpected moment. This is the person who can wait patiently for the right moment for a long time. He does not need a "revolt on the ship" or a revolution, these are situations and elements for the Warrior. The hunter needs everything quietly, slowly and surely. So, it is safe and forever. nine0003

The warrior is ready for change. Hunters can't stand them. Everything should be stable, clear and familiar.

Hunters rarely form groups. They are scattered among the Warriors. Should someone actively move this world, make mistakes a hundred times, make decisions and fuss? And it's definitely not the Hunters.

To be continued…

Author: Elena Romanova

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