Why does my birthday make me sad

Why Birthdays Are So Hard

It’s my birthday today! (pause for celebration, confetti, and cheer.) And while I love birthdays, I also know that birthday depression can be hard, anxiety-inducing, and full of pressure. 

Have you ever been asked any of the following questions on your birthday?

  • What are you going to do today?
  • How are you celebrating?
  • Aren’t you excited?
  • What should we do?
  • Where do you want to go to celebrate?

The Peculiar Phenomenon of Birthday Blues

I’ve noticed a very particular pattern with certain people right around their birthday. Their behavior starts to change, and they get nervous or even sad. They have the birthday blues,

Does this sound like you? If so, I want to tell you…

You are not alone.

What is birthday depression?

Urban Dictionary defines “Birthday Blues” or “birthday depression” as “a general sadness or feeling down by a person on or around his or her birthday. ” A person feeling birthday blues should know that it is normal to feel this way and should be supported by his or her family and friends.

But what if the person with birthday blues doesn’t have any friends or family? This is especially common in the elderly, who often spend their birthdays alone. One study of persons aged 75 and over found that in the 30 days before and after a birthday, the rate of self-inflicted deaths increased. 

Why is that? The study suggests that people’s morale are greatly affected during their birthday season. 

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Why are Birthdays so Hard?

While there may be many reasons someone feels down on their birthday, some of the most common reasons include:

Aging. Birthdays can remind us that we are aging another year. It’s the “official” day that we are one year older, even though the day before our birthday we feel virtually the same. And unfortunately, getting older isn’t exactly something to look forward to.   A birthday is just another reminder that we’re not getting any younger. 

High expectations. Sometimes we are disappointed by not having expectations met by a birthday party, celebration, or gifts. I’ll cover more of that below.

Lack of accomplishments. Feeling unsatisfied with accomplishments since the previous year or previous birthday is a common cause for birthday depression. 

Social pressure. Have you ever felt like all the birthdays in movies look really good? Or maybe you see your friend’s Instagram picture and see how cool their birthday parties are. So if we decide to spend our birthday alone or with a few close friends, we might feel it’s just not “good enough.”

Less excitement. When we are kids, birthdays are awesome. We get to party, go to the movies, and eat cake. When we are older, birthdays are, for some, ehhh. When our adult birthdays aren’t as exciting as our kid birthdays, that mismatch can cause the birthday blues.

Milestone birthdays. Have you ever heard of Sweet 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60? These are the “milestone birthdays” that are celebrated throughout our culture. Some people may feel sad if they don’t have a huge party to celebrate their milestone birthday.

Less love. You’re 4 years old? Wow, great job! Turning 18? Finally an adult! It’s your 45th birthday? Umm…congratulations? As growing adults, you may notice how people pay less attention to you—especially the older you get.

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Who Can Experience Birthday Depression?
  • People who don’t have many friends or family members. These people may face birthday blues because there’s simply nobody to spend their birthday with, and they feel like birthdays must be celebrated with close people.
  • People with fake friends. Even though these people might have friends over for their birthday, they might feel empty inside because they have fake or toxic friends, and not real ones.
  • People struggling with anxiety. If you have anxiety, you may have fears surrounding the birthday itself. Who to invite, how to handle yourself in social situations, what other people think about you—all these things can lead to increased anxiety, or even depression. 
  • Introverted people. Introverts might feel the most comfortable spending time alone, but feel like they have to socialize with others during their birthday.
  • People who have high expectations. There’s a long list of expectations surrounding a birthday. If these expectations are not met, it can lead to the birthday blues.

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Birthday Expectations

There’s this unspoken idea surrounding birthdays that they have to be big, exciting, and EPIC. And this expectation alone can cause birthday nerves and anxiety. There are also a ton of other birthday expectations that don’t come close to reality:

Expectation: I’m going to invite all my friends over!

Reality: Does anyone want to come to my birthday party? *Crickets*

Expectation: I’m going to look fabulous on my birthday with the new makeup and dress I got for Christmas!

Reality: Oh shoot, did I gain some weight? It doesn’t fit anymore! And I totally overdid the eyeshadow. Well, time to go to Plan B…plain top and pajamas. 

Expectation: My birthday party is going to be at 7:00. I’m sure everyone will arrive on time!

Reality: 7:30. Empty room. *Checks phone* No new messages.

Expectation: I know exactly what kind of birthday cake I want!

Reality: Vanilla, for sure. No, chocolate. No wait, vanilla. Can we have both? Okay, we can do a fruitcake. Wait no, vanilla. But what if I want chocolate? Ugh, fine. Two birthday cakes.

Expectation: Wow, I can’t wait to see what kind of gifts I get!

Reality: Oh, thanks grandma. I really wanted those socks. They’re very… comfortable.

Expectation: I’m going to book the best pizza venue in town!

Reality: Sorry, all booked until 2030. Can we celebrate my 35th birthday a decade later?

Here are a few tips if you’re feeling the Birthday Blues on your next birthday:

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4 Unique Things to Do on Your Birthday:

What if I told you that your entire birthday mindset could shift by doing four things.

Well… not quite things, but, rather, answering four questions.

There are 4 specific questions I ask myself to deepen my learning and grow my understanding of myself. Every birthday, I take out my journal and write my answers down. And every birthday, I learn something new about myself and feel a little more cheerful and grateful. Here are the 4 questions you should answer in your birthday journal.

  1. What was the best thing that happened last year?

There are so many things that happen in one year of our lives. But what was the ONE thing that stood out to you the most? Review your year and choose your favorite thing… it could be something big, such as:

  • Going on a travel vacation
  • Getting a raise at your job
  • Finding your soulmate

Or even something small:

  • Making a new friend
  • Playing a really cool board game
  • Having an amazing conversation with someone
  • Setting a good habit or breaking a bad one

Whatever it is, cherish that moment and feel grateful for the best thing that happened last year!

Write it down: The best thing that happened last year was _____.

  1. What did you learn last year?

Every year comes with its ups as well as downs, but I believe we should reframe these negatives as challenges. Ask yourself: what were some of the biggest challenges I faced last year?

After you have a mental list, write down the lessons you learned from those challenges. And if you are still facing a challenge, write down what you can do to make it better!

Write it down: Last year, I faced the challenge of _____ and learned _____.

  1. What do you hope will happen this year?

Let’s take a look at the future now! This question aims at what do you want to be celebrating in the future? Imagine sitting down at your birthday next year— if I handed you a glass of red wine, what would we be celebrating about? 

It could be something goal-oriented, like getting new clients or a bonus. But it doesn’t have to be—your hope for this year can simply be an inner change within yourself, like becoming more compassionate, more patient, or controlling your negative emotions.

Write it down: I hope to _____ by my next birthday.

Pro tip: Research shows that people who set goals are more successful. Read our article on goal setting to make your goals more achievable!

  1. What do you want to learn this year?

Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck came up with a term called the “growth mindset.”

What is a growth mindset? A growth mindset is a belief that one can develop and increase their basic abilities and skills through hard work and dedication. This mindset is opposite of the fixed mindset, in which people believe their qualities cannot be changed. People with a growth mindset often learn and achieve more compared to those with a fixed mindset.

People with a growth mindset are:

  • Happier
  • More successful
  • More fulfilled

Do you have a growth mindset? When you truly believe you can learn, new skills and abilities will come to you SO much easier! Here are some skills and abilities you can work on by your next birthday:

  • Learning people skills
  • Learning how to program
  • Becoming good at drawing or painting
  • Becoming a public speaking wizard
  • Becoming conversational in a new language
  • Starting a new Youtube channel

And sometimes we truly forget how much we can accomplish in just one year! Do you have one big lofty goal, or multiple smaller goals?

Write it down: I want to learn how to _____ by my next birthday.

  1. BONUS: What happened in the past few years?

Here’s a fun bonus question you can do when you have a few years’ worth of Birthday Questions already done! Look back on your previous years and see how much you have changed:

  • What were the highlights of the past years?
  • What were some of my biggest life lessons?
  • What were some of my goals, and did I accomplish them?
  • What new skills did I learn?

When you look back in your journal, you can truly see how much you’ve changed! And it makes your birthday feel that much more special.

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How to Beat the Birthday Blues:
  1. Birthday Blues “often simply are part of getting older.” Remember, you are not alone in feeling this way.
  2. The hard truth: People can’t read your mind. If you want to celebrate small, big, or not at all, it’s on you to plan it or at least verbalize your own expectations for your day.
  3. Be direct about gifts. People also don’t always know what you like, so give friends and family ideas about what kind of gifts to get you.
  4. Have compassion. Be kind, easy, and non-judgmental on yourself. Realize you are more than your birthday.
  5. Your birthday comes once a year. So take charge and do it right—for you.

Special Note: If you are dealing with someone with the Birthday Blues, or suspect that they are, please show them they are loved and appreciated. Send them a funny video. Gift them the perfect gift. Or simply say “happy birthday.” A small action from you may mean the world to a person who is alone on their birthday.

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Things to Do On Your Birthday Alone:

I have some rituals I do on my birthday, whether I am spending my birthday alone or with close friends and loved ones. Here are some of my favorite things to do alone on my birthday:

  • Donate to a non-profit. Every year on my birthday I donate to KIVA, my favorite charity, and pick female entrepreneurs to sponsor.  I also ask friends and family to donate to them instead of getting me gifts. You can even volunteer if you want. Do you have a favorite charity? Find one you love on your birthday!
  • Go on a journey. It’s always really fun to go somewhere new for your birthday. If you can’t do it with others, why not go yourself? You can travel somewhere far, or browse Airbnb and find a home close by—whether it’s a treehouse in the middle of a forest, a cabin up in the mountains, or a seaside hut, find a unique place to stay and live it out!
  • Treat yourself to the spa. At least once or twice a year I try to treat myself to a massage at the spa. It definitely helps relieve stress and removes tension in your muscles. It’s the perfect relaxation activity on your cake day!
  • Take a class. You can also try a new class on your birthday—cooking classes, fitness classes, a writing class; you name it, and there’s probably one available.
  • Eat some cake. Even if you can’t enjoy it with others, there’s no reason not to make a cake! You can even make some brownies, buy a donut, or enjoy your favorite food as an alternative.
  • Reflect on learning. Every year I sit down with my birthday journal and self-reflect on the 4 questions above. Last year I even wrote a post called “20 Key Lessons I Learned in My 20s.”
  • Set smart goals. Not all goals are equal, especially if you make them but never achieve them! I found the best way to set achievable goals. Check it out:

How To Set Better Goals Using Science

Do you set the same goals over and over again? If you’re not achieving your goals – it’s not your fault!

Let me show you the science-based goal-setting framework that will help you achieve your biggest goals.

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You are Not Alone

Remember, there are a lot of people who spend time alone or who feel birthday depression. You are not alone. But it is up to you to cherish it and spend your birthday however you want!

And if you need help, please DO reach out to someone! Here are some crisis services worldwide that are trained to provide support, courtesy of Reddit:




http://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help-you [UK]

https://www.lifeline.org.au/Get-Help/ [AU]

Finally, here’s a little birthday gift for you, from the team here at Science of People.

I hope you truly own your birthday, and do what makes YOU feel happy!

Happy birthday!


Why You Cry On Your Birthday

I didn't always hate my birthday. As a kid, birthdays were met with giddy excitement, in anticipation of 'The Best Day Of The Year'. In true Leo moon fashion, I adored that all the attention was showered on me — I'd take some of Coles' finest cupcakes to school, everyone would sing to me and I'd come home to one of my mum's home-baked cakes that she'd chosen from the Women's Weekly cookbook (usually Dolly Varden cakes, IYKYK). Life was good. Until it wasn't.

As I got older, the blues began to set in. When my birthday approached, I found myself feeling uneasy and I perpetually nauseous. I couldn't leave the house without a pit in my stomach, and you could practically feel the anxiety living it up in the back of my throat. The idea of planning a birthday event was panic-attack-inducing. I skirted around any birthday conversations, hoping they would just go away. They didn't.


For me, and so many other people, birthdays are meant to be a time of celebration. They're practically a big love letter — a time when the people you love have an opportunity to really show up. Because if they don't make you a homemade cake for your birthday and text you at midnight, then how much do your friends really love you? Social media has intensified these unrealistic expectations — scroll through your Stories and you're met with grand declarations of love (usually in the form of photo montages), surprise flower deliveries, cute gifts, homemade cards and nights out with tables full of friends. Cool, that's great and all. But what if your birthdays never look like that?

By the time August 27 rolls around, my anxiety morphs into pure sadness. These days, the melancholy is almost as certain as my birthday. A standard birthday goes something like this:

I wake up, hoping to see text messages from all my friends. Then reality comes cruising through, gifting me with messages from only one or two people (but always my mum). That's okay, they're probably still sleeping. I wait for that special birthday 'buzz' to fill my body — as if when I go into a cafe, everyone would miraculously just know it was my birthday and buy me free brunch. Unsurprisingly, this never happens. As the day goes on, there's a cloud that follows me everywhere; a perpetual anti-climax. By mid-morning, I inevitably retreat back to my bedroom, cancel my evening plans ("Sorry, I'm sick"), close the blinds, wrap myself up inside my doona, and binge-watch whatever shitty show comes up on Netflix. I've always hoped that that the next birthday would be different. Special, even. But after a few years of unexplainable sadness, I've begun to just brace myself for the letdown.


I'll admit that sounds a little melodramatic, but it's a sentiment that even has its own name — the Birthday Blues. It turns out that I'm not the only one who prefers to stay inside and cry every birthday. There's a whole bunch of us! How good! But is birthday depression actually a real thing? And how can we combat its effects every time we blow out the candles? We spoke to psychologist Ash King to find out.

What Is Birthday Depression?

It's exactly what it says on the tin. Birthday depression, or birthday blues, refers to that feeling of sadness, anxiety, or apathy that surrounds your birthday. "People who have birthday depression often spend their birthdays with a low sense of energy and feel gloomy, with thoughts that often focus on their past," King tells Refinery29. It's a phenomenon that is extremely common (seriously, ask your friends), but despite this, there's still very little research surrounding it.

Why Do We Get Birthday Depression?

"A birthday is usually a date that's quite significant in people's lives," King says. "Its significance is also impacted by the person's age, gender, culture and the history of what birthdays have meant to them."

While there hasn't been much research into birthday depression specifically, anecdotally, the birthday blues are becoming a common feeling that people experience each year. Ella*, 30, tells us about her own birthday depression. "Social media really affects me. I see people making birthday posts claiming it's their 'birthday week'; people who are spoilt all week by their friends and family. I get depressed because I don't get that," she shares. "But when I do get spoilt, I feel like I don't deserve it. So I tend to not want to make my birthday a 'thing', even though deep inside, I think I do. "


Beth, 31, has similar sentiments. "I feel behind on life's plans, or at least what is expected to be achieved by a certain age," she says. And she's not alone.

"People who get down on their birthday might be confronting fears of getting older and facing their own mortality," King says. "For others, it could prompt reflection on unrealised hopes, vanished expectations and past failures. People might feel like they’re not where they thought they would be or wanted to be at this stage of life. People might also feel overwhelmed by the pressure to feel happy and joyful on this day that is routinely dedicated to celebrations (at least in Western cultures). For some people, it might also activate traumatic memories — particularly if birthdays are a reminder of sad, overwhelming or tragic experiences."

How Can I Keep The Birthday Blues Away?

Whether it's your birthday (and hey, happy birthday, you good thing!) or you're mentally prepping yourself for the day, King shares a few clever strategies that you can employ to make the day a little less sucky. And who knows, you might even enjoy it.

1. Get Reflective

Get your journals out; it's time to get deep. "Consider what thoughts are feelings are showing up for you around this time of year," King says. "Why might this anniversary prompt challenging feelings?"

This could be anything from a fear of ageing, loneliness, past trauma, or even a friend flaking on your birthday plans. The important bit is to sit in these feelings and really interrogate why you're feeling the way you do, says King. Maybe you feel like you're behind in life with the approach of a milestone birthday. Maybe birthdays make it clear that your social network isn't as strong as you'd like it to be. Maybe it just brings out your fear of rejection. Whatever it is, really get into the weeds with why you feel the way you do.


2. Practice Self Compassion

Yes, I know you've been told this a thousand times already, but consider this to be another reminder. Be nice to yourself! Give yourself a bit of credit for how far you've come, where you're at now, and where you're going. If you don't have the energy to celebrate your accomplishments, at least treat yourself with kindness. Take yourself out for a nice lunch, have a bubble bath, or buy yourself something nice — go wherever your love language guides you.

King says it's important to "respond to these thoughts and feelings with kindness and compassion. After all, it’s human to feel sad and to experience disappointment and regret."

3. Lower Your Expectations

"It's tough to be harbouring these feelings on your birthday when others (and perhaps even yourself) feel like it's time to be happy and celebrate", King says. "Your emotions don’t follow some appropriate, socially sanctioned calendar. They manifest spontaneously and sometimes at less-than-ideal times. Don't put pressure on yourself to feel a certain kind of way just because it's your birthday. And if you know that you tend to feel low around your birthday, perhaps go even more gently with yourself."

4. Be Honest

As always, vulnerability is key to having a good time. "Tell the people around you how you might feel around your birthday," King says. "Let them know that you might need something more gentle and nurturing than a big birthday hoon, given that this day is something challenging for you."


Not only can this help you relieve stress and anxiety leading up to the big day, but you might also find that your friendships benefit from this kind of honesty. After a candid conversation with a friend of mine about my birthday anxiety, she now makes a clear and concerted effort to make me feel special — Every. Single. Birthday. Usually in cake form. It's fantastic, and something I might have not been gifted with if I hadn't had those conversations with her.

5. Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good 

"Even though you might be used to experiencing some challenging emotions on your birthday, that’s not to say that you cannot do things that offer you the opportunity to feel good, relaxed, grateful or connected", King says. "Perhaps consider what you might curate for yourself to help make this happen. Maybe it's a low-key dinner with close friends, a walk in nature, a massage or a dance class."

But Beware — The Birthday Blues Can Be A Sign Of Something More Serious

Because there hasn't been a lot of research into birthday depression, there are also a lot of unknowns out there. It can be easy to shrug your sad day off as just a one-off, but the birthday blues can also be a symptom of something more sinister. "It's a good idea to understand if your symptoms are a manifestation of a larger depressive disorder," King says.

King speculates that it's more likely to impact those with a history of depressive disorders or those who have traumatic or difficult memories associated with their birthdays.


"Birthday Blues" isn't a formal diagnosis, so if it creeps in around your birthday and then disappears soon after, it's probably something that's just 'anniversary'-dependent, King says. But if it sticks around longer, it might be time to chat to a GP or psychologist as there might be something bigger bubbling beneath the surface.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing depression or anxiety, please contact MIND on 0300 123 3393


"My birthday is always a disappointment"

Ask an expert A man among people

I'm turning 22 in a couple of weeks. Cleaning and cooking before the arrival of the guests, and then not the gifts that I asked for, not the toasts that I would like to hear at my holiday ... It got to the point that I saw off the guests with a smile, and then quietly sobbed for a couple of hours in soul so that no one can hear. I do not know why. nine0003

And now I understand that I don't want to celebrate anything this year - not at home, not in a restaurant, not in a club. I want to spend this day alone, but I know that it will not work. Colleagues will give money, you will need to "put down". The young man is up to something. I will have to smile again and thank them for their congratulations... but I just want to run away so that no one knows that I have a holiday.

Vera, 21 years old

Run away from people, hide and not tell others that they do not guess your desires - this tactic will, unfortunately, lead to disappointment and anger. nine0003

If I understood you correctly, the problem is that your holiday is not going the way you would like. I have two questions for you.

  • Have you ever told people exactly how you want and like to spend the holidays, what are your wishes and preferences?
  • How do you build your relationships? Those who communicate with you have the opportunity to find out who you are, what you like and what you don't like?

If you are open to communication, but people simply ignore your wishes and do not consider it necessary to take your opinion into account when planning your holiday, then this is one story. It has to do with building your boundaries, with standing up for yourself. nine0003

But if your relatives, friends and colleagues don't understand exactly how you love and what, then it's more about you and your desire to express yourself and present to people. They may not know you at all or misunderstand you.

Pleasant, joyful surprises and gifts can be received from those people who care about you and with whom you spent time in conversations and stories about yourself, about what you are. In the situation you are describing now, there is room for misunderstanding and perhaps ignorance.

Why don't you show your annoyance and disappointment? If you pretend that you like everything, and then cry quietly and bitterly, then you are misleading both yourself and others. And it only confuses you more and more. If you try to talk about your feelings, then there will be more clarity.

We don't usually need the approval and attention of everyone around us. There are people who are especially close to us, it is high-quality communication with them that makes us happy in moments of mutual understanding.

Probably not the most thoughtful, but kind congratulations from colleagues will no longer disappoint you so much. But hitting the target and even exceeding expectations, congratulations from relatives and friends who understand what makes you happy can truly create an experience of joy, happiness and celebration for you.

Photo Source: Getty Images

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12 reasons to start celebrating your birthday and make it unforgettable

There are many people who don't like their birthday. Someone has unpleasant memories from childhood, and someone cannot survive that he has become one more year older. More and more people refuse noisy celebrations and fun parties, close in on themselves and for some reason deprive themselves of the joy of celebrating the best day of the year. If you too are ignoring your name days, Gala Center will provide you with at least 12 reasons to celebrate your birthday this year. nine0003

#1. Celebrate your birthday - the best opportunity to feel important . In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to tell our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them. Everyone is in a hurry, decide things, build careers ... Birthday is the perfect time to understand how you are loved and appreciated by the people around you.

#2. Celebrate your birthday - a great opportunity to spend time with your parents , siblings. Do not forget that this is not only your holiday, but also mom and dad. Let them once again thank God and the Universe for such a wonderful child. If you live in another city, leave your business and go to your parents' house to feel the tender embrace of a loving mother.

#3. Celebrating your birthday - means having fun with your friends from the heart. In the frantic pace of life, we meet less and less. We communicate on the phone and correspond in Viber. Gather your best friends on your birthday and have a good time. Let them celebrate the name day of such a wonderful person as you. nine0003

#4. To celebrate your birthday - means to be grateful . We often complain about the injustice of life. Something went wrong, something went wrong... But there are many things you can be grateful for. Get in the habit of writing a thank you note on your birthday. Remember all the wonderful moments that you experienced over the past year and say “thank you”.

#5. Celebrating your birthday - means making new plans . Thoughts are material, but it is even better to write down plans and desires on a piece of paper. Better yet, create a visualization board. As they say: what is written with a pen cannot be cut down with an ax, which means you will define clear goals for the next year. Even if you don’t believe in it now, in a year, re-reading the Wish List, you will be convinced that the wish list works, because you are subconsciously programming yourself to achieve your goals. nine0003

#6. Celebrate your birthday the best opportunity to give yourself a gift. Someone saves up for a car all year, and someone pays off loans or saves for a "rainy day". We love to give gifts to others, but we often deprive ourselves. Make it a tradition to spoil yourself on your birthday. Once a year, buy a thing that you dreamed about, but spared money on it. Say thank you to your loved one for being yourself. Treat yourself and feel: no matter how it is, life is beautiful. nine0003

#7. Celebrating your birthday - is an opportunity to do something stupid and crazy. Being a little silly from time to time increases endorphins, relieves stress and improves overall mental health. Even if you are the boss at work and the ideal wife/husband at home, relax on this day. Feel like a teenager, fool around and have fun. Maybe this is the best time to skydive or go bungee jumping? Do something crazy and make this birthday one to remember for a lifetime. nine0003

#8. Celebrate your birthday an opportunity to make a childhood dream come true. If as a child you dreamed of a huge teddy bear, but you never got one, give yourself a teddy bear for your birthday. And it doesn't matter how old you are. There are millions of people in the world who fulfill childhood dreams in adulthood. Guys enjoy radio-controlled helicopters, and girls enjoy armfuls of balloons and toys. For one day, return to your rainbow childhood, with the difference that now you have money and you can afford everything - lollipops, amusement parks, toys, ice cream and fun with friends until the morning. nine0003

#9. To celebrate your birthday - means to do what you have always been afraid of or forbid yourself. You have matured for another year, which means you must be even bolder. Do what you really wanted to do, but were always afraid of. For example, you can get on a plane or drive a car for the first time, ride a rollercoaster, fly in a wind tunnel, or overcome your fear of heights.

#10. Celebrate your birthday - means to shake things up. If routine and boredom stuck, you no longer feel young and perky, it's time to shake things up. Give yourself a big dose of adrenaline on your birthday. Extreme entertainment will help you with this. Visit the ropes course, karting center or zorbing terminal. Go on a quad bike safari or enjoy the trolley park. After this extreme day, your life will be divided into “Before” and “After”. You will feel alive again, young and vigorous. nine0003

#11. To celebrate your birthday - means to let go of yourself and allow whatever you want. Yes, yes, once a year you can. Even if you are on a strict diet… Even if you adhere to the correct daily routine and go to bed at exactly 21.00… On this day, you can do everything - treat yourself to your favorite cake, a bottle of expensive champagne and incendiary dances until the morning.

#12. Celebrate your birthday - means not to stay at home and even in your city. Plan a weekend in another city or country and leave. Embrace the tradition of celebrating a name day every year in a new country and see how much you love this holiday. For 12 months you will be looking forward to it just to pack your bags and go on a new adventure.

Why it is necessary to celebrate a birthday from a Christian point of view

Your birth was your beginning. Your birthday is the day that God allowed you to come into the world to fulfill certain purposes in this world. Every year your birthday comes - a sign that you still have to work for the good of the Kingdom of God. You have one more chance to complete your unique mission on Earth. nine0003

When you celebrate, you express gratitude. Birthday celebration is not just an opportunity to receive gifts, but to thank God for your birth, to rethink actions, values ​​and life in general. This is a unique moment when the past intersects with your present and future. Your birthday is an important transition from what was to what should be.

Birthday is a chance to start over. Yes, often things don't go according to plan, and you wake up, you're 30 years old, and you don't have a dream job, a dream family, or even a dream apartment. It's never too late to rethink your life and start over. And even though everything went upside down until this day, a birthday is a great reason to stop and start a new life right today. nine0003

To celebrate means to acknowledge your existence on Earth. Regardless of who your parents were or how your childhood went, you are here and now on this Earth to live your life to the fullest. Do not look back, move only forward to meet happiness. Celebrating a birthday is the best way to thank God for allowing you to be born and live to see your next name day.

Celebrating a birthday is a great opportunity to meet people dear to your heart. Finally, everyone quits their business and gather at the same table to wish you all the best. You are the center of attention and surrounded by the love of relatives and friends. Well, isn't that a reason to celebrate a birthday every year? nine0003

9 things to do on your birthday to make it worthwhile

"I hate my birthday" - this phrase can be heard from many people of different ages. Someone really upsets an important date on the calendar and even makes them depressed. There are people who turn off their phones so as not to hear congratulations. Surprisingly, there are people for whom name days are a real emotional torture. We hope that after this article your opinion about this day will change, and even if you do not want to see anyone, you will be able to come off to the fullest in splendid isolation. Here are 9things you can do on your birthday to make it worthwhile:

#1. Leave. There is no better time to travel than the day you celebrate your birthday. Psychologists advise doing what will push you out of your comfort zone and help you overcome fear. If you don’t want to celebrate name days, buy a plane or train ticket and go to another city alone. You can get into the car and go on a trip around your country. Even a distance of 100-200 km from your home will do you good. nine0003

#2. Drive to the sea. No matter how much you love your birthday, spending time on the beach is much better than on the couch watching TV. The sea heals wounds, raises morale and makes you realize how beautiful this world is.

#3. Gather with friends in nature. Throw a party in the woods or by the river. Take portable speakers and microphones. Dance, sing karaoke and grill. Enjoy heartfelt conversations and fresh air. nine0003

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#4. Go hiking. Better than a holiday in nature, maybe only a week at the campsite. If you are celebrating name days in the warm season, gather your friends and go hiking. Wake up at dawn, listen to birdsong and cook on a campfire. nine0003

#5. Head to the amusement park to remember your childhood and get an adrenaline rush. Take a ride on the scariest rides and feel the full gamut of emotions that you don't experience in everyday life. Eat ice cream, hamburgers and cotton candy. Take funny selfies and fool around like you were a kid.

#6. Try extreme entertainment. Why celebrate your birthday? To do crazy things that you won't do any other day. Because on Wednesday you teach poetry with your children, and on Saturday you clean the house. And so on in a circle without stopping. But only on your birthday you can enjoy extreme sports without thinking about housework and work. Here are some leisure options:

  • rope jumping
  • airsoft game - war games for guys
  • realistic quests - you need to complete all levels of the game
  • walk on an SUV or ATV
  • master class in shooting from a pistol or machine gun
  • trike flight
  • Extreme Airplane Flight
  • ride on a historical tank.


#7. Climb up the mountain. Don't you want to feel successful and strong on your birthday? When you stand on top of a mountain and look beyond the horizon, you will feel ready to enter the new year of life.

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